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Tonight on the Neil Garfield Show, I am joined by attorney Charles Marshall (CA), Dan Edstrom, chief forensic analyst for livinglies, and Jim Macklin who has guest hosted our program and been creative voice in the fight against illegal behavior by the banks.
While we be covering a few issues, the main focus tonight is to discuss the impact of the Yvanova decision by the California Supreme Court. If Jesinoski was the first punch that the banks can’t recover from, Yvanova is viewed by many of the bank attorneys as the second. I agree.

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  1. Thank you…Great show

  2. Neil ,

    Funny you mentioned the rumored OCWEN bankruptcy and investigations… I cannot comment on the the SEC investigations as I have no firsthand knowledge but I myself turned OCWEN in to the IRS over their fraudulent acceleration of tax loss benefits related to “cancellation of debt” ,, in my case they claimed a loss of $128k in TY2015 when In fact the cancellation of debt is not finalized until after I perform (make payments) for 3 years.. If they are doing this to everyone who has a hamp mod that means multiple $BILLIONS$ in unrealized losses that they are not legally entitled to claim. BTW I do not think that they’re angling for a BK ,, I think because of the fraudulent tax losses that they are attempting to “create value” in the form of tax loss credits that are worth a great deal to a potential buyer for OCWEN that has tax liabilities..

    P.S. I found a way to force the unwinding of my “Confidential Settlement and Release” based on their misrepresentations… This year is gonna be FUN!

  3. If an unlawful detainer in favor of homeowner deems a deed of trust void because of a failure to provide a recorded substitution of trustee, yet only deals with the issue of possession in California, and a homeowner hasn’t started a civil suit or anything for lack of best strategy, would a civil action consider this proof of wrongful foreclosure and a void instrument? If I were to do nothing would bank be able to reforeclose without first taking self to court for wrongful foreclosure? I found great info on this site and everywhere that got me here, but once a defendent wins a post foreclosure eviction the advice seizes to exist and honestly dont have faith in many attorneys cause if I had listened to any of them here in Sa Diego I would have lost this case. I need real advice like I got here that enabled me the guts to go to eviction and perfect timing cause now I can challenge as plaintiff, I assume, thanks for the radio broadcast.

  4. Thank you Lauren…I found the link and was able to listen…

  5. One of the best calls to date
    Thanx to all of you


  6. Yes Sheri. If you click on the the link to blog talk radio above, there is an archive of all this great information

  7. Are these recorded so I can listen later? I must be with clients at 6pm eastern tonight.

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