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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Thank you for staying in the battle! May 2016 bring you perfect health,provision, wisdom, favor and protection!
    We have been in since 2009 and heading to Fed court in two week.
    Bruce N Judy

  2. I Hope you had a Happy Birthday Neil! 📦

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL🎉🎁🎉. May you
    be Blessed to celebrate many, many….more!!🙏🏿🙏🏿

    Michael Bazemore
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  4. Happy birthday, Neil. Thank you for helping the helpless. You’re responsible for many victories by homeowners small and big over the past 8 years. I discovered this website in September 2008, and the rest is history. Watching TV last Saturday afternoon to learn of Justice Scalia’s death, moved me emotionally. This was the man who wrote the majority decision on Jesinoski and he was very unforgiving of the banks in doing so. Reading about him the past week, led me to a statement he made on his approach to interpreting the law. He said he is a ” textualist.” He interprets the law as it’s written. May his soul rest in peace.

  5. Happy Birthday, Neil Garfield. The torch bearer for the American homeowner.

  6. Happy Birthday Neil Garfiled. I have followed you since 2008. Thanks for all your wisdom sharing them with us who much needed them. Aloha and may God bless and prosper you always. Aloha Nui Loa.

    All your Ohana in the islands of Hawai’i.

  7. Happy Birthday Neil. Please enjoy this day and stay healthy. Thank you for all the help to me and everyone.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL!!!! so grateful for your brilliance, knowledge and continuing willingness to fight for justice! Have used so many of your arguments in the 5 1/2 years of pro-se litigation. Now challenging the court on TILA rescission on motion to vacate order. Judge thinks she can overrule the US Supreme Court?? I don’t think so! If she doesnt vacate prior order I motioned the court to enter an Interlocutory appeal and pose 1 question to the Appellate court” Do the lower courts have jurisdiction to rule on TILA rescission?” Notice was sent within 3 years… BOA is time-barred. Love the Supreme Court!

  9. Happiest of Birthdays Dear Neil. You do not know me but I am a first time homeowner that became a Countywide poster child. I kept all the info from your website since 2007 i believe. I saw a colleague of yours in Miami but everyone said the same thing at that time…..your a sweet lady but nobody is going up against BOA honey// Well I think the tide has changed and I am ready for my day in court….and hopefully you can be a part of that….that would be a great honorable day ……in the meantime……make a wish ……I’ll say a prayer in advance for you and your wish…..have a healthy happy year Sir. Lisa Renner

  10. Van Perkins

  11. Happy

  12. Happy Birthday! And thank you for trying to shed light on the fraud. It just seems hard to get lawyers here in North Carolina to pay any attention to it, it is so vast and naturally would be unbelievable, except that I know there really ARE people who are as greedy as the banks and brokers. So I can personally believe it myself. It is so hard to have to fight to keep criminals from stealing my house while lawyers and the judiciary in our state want to just allow the criminals free reign. It is either that the lawyers don’t want to have to work that hard, cannot believe they might win and so won’t take contingency cases either for foreclosure defense, or the lawyers, judges and state Bar have maybe been paid off? Or would “look bad” to their peers? No fighting spirit amongst lawyers here in our state, unless you have big bucks to fight with. And if you DID have the big bucks, you would probably not NEED the lawyers or this fight.

  13. Happy happy birthday and many many many healthy more

  14. Happy Bday! And thanks again for all you do…

  15. Happy Birthday to you Mr. Garfield and many thanks to enlightened me through your blog what securitizations is all about.

    Now, I don’t know how to stop deficiency judgement if the house is foreclosed as according to some lawyers in my state, the judges are not giving favorable orders to home owners. What do we do !

  16. Well have a happy birthday. Hope you can achieve your lofty goal of shinning light on the fraud of the banks. I need some help or advise on my situation.(willing to pay for advise or direction) Chase and Fanny Mae are pulling a fast one on me with the summary judgement I just went thru. Got 70 or so days to come up with 15 k and now they want to refi me. Dont trust any of my financial situations anymore. I’ve been self employed since 1975.

  17. Happy Birthday to a great man!

  18. Happy Birthday to you! May more blessings come your way for helping distressed homeowners!

  19. Wish you lots of health, happiness and prosperity dear Neal You are a very good man

  20. Happy Birthday 🎂

  21. Happy Birthday Neil God Bless and to a great next year

  22. HAPPY BDAY!!!!Mr G!!Keep up the GOOOOOD work..I phoned lately and someone took my number on the Legal Impossibility of the REMIC owning the note…I may need a doc to clock in for my appeal??So,,,lets talk…That is if they dont sell it…They are sooo afraid I may win,,,they,,,the judge has IGNORED,,,AND THREATED TO STRIKE A LIS PENDS,,,,from the record of the case,,,that I served all wrong doers lately and clocked in!!!!!!!Lots of fun going on here in PaSome of the most corrupt courts in the nation in northeast Pa,,,and home of the kids for cash caper recently with nationwide publicity tooMark 570-207-2720 

  23. Happy, healthy birthday, Neil! I am an avid reader from the Northwest who is fast-approaching our statute of limitations deadline and am under the guidance of a non-profit legal aid organization. I am ever grateful to you and your Livinglies web page for citings, clarifications and commentaries on the laws, analyses, state differences and proceedings concering foreclosure. I am struggling to keep my house and value your insights, caveats and expertise. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, efforts and time. I have learned a lot and feel wiser and less afraid than I did six years ago when I first discovered you!

  24. Happy Birthday, Mr. Garfield and many more. Thank You for generosity of spirit and willingness to meet evil with selflessness, given, in service to Truth.

  25. Happy Birthday Neil…your blog is an island of information in a sea of chaos…..and your help is much appreciated…..


  26. Happy Birthday neilSent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

  27. As one that has studied law for over 40 years (I am NOT an attorney),
    I find Mr. Garfield extremely knowledgeable and compassionate about his mission to learn, teach and share. I truly appreciate his intelligence and ability to articulate concepts and theories. If I were a younger man, I would become a lawyer and seek association with Neil’s law firm.
    Happy Birthday! May you continue to be blessed as you are a blessing. Dr. James Chappell

  28. Yes happy birthday to you

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL! To celebrate, we just retained Jeff Barnes and Barbara Forde (Steinberger, Gardner) to represent us in our TILA rescission enforcement in AZ. We miss you! Andrew & Connie

  30. Happy Birthday Neil! Thanks to your great legal mind- I am still in the fight despite overcoming great odds. The bank has now probably spent more on legal fees than the value of my home. Without your blog I wouldn’t have had a clue what my “lender” was up to.
    Thank you!

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