Chart Shows Progression of Alleged Mergers of Banks

We don’t actually know what was in the merger agreements but we do know that Chase, for example, always left their options open as to whether they were going to assert ownership over a loan as a result of a merger. The “schedule” that was supposed to be attached to the 9/25/-8 WAMU-Chase-FDIC-BKR Trustee agreement never materialized. This was left to Chase to fill in after the alleged merger.

We also don’t know which subsidiaries were included in the alleged mergers, so keep digging.

see bank-chart

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  1. Beryl call me at 206-255-6324 so I can help you. I have a WA WaMu case.

  2. I need to know for our case in Superior Court in Washington state–for use to void the judgment and order granting summary judgment, with plenty of facts in dispute against JPMCh Bank, N.A., etc.–what really happened to the assets of WaMu when it was taken into receivership. It has never been proven that Chase obtained anything from FDIC related to our alleged “loan”, or to any other. Yet, the judge testified on behalf of Chase from the bench that the attorneys didn’t need to prove up!!!!! Do you have any information of this nature?

  3. Consider these controversial issues

  4. Any Idea where U.S. Bank is in all of this? I do not see them on the chart…

  5. Ned’s brother

  6. MERS is industry owned getting that warrant more chance of finding Ed Divine 😘

  7. Dangeroosdave. . DYNOMITE !!!


  8. To see what happened to all the assets of all the collateralized debt obligations you will need to go get the Electronically Stored Information detailing each receipt from each mortgagor and each payout to each investor at each pay date. The federal marshal and his minions will go with you to get a forensic copy of the hard drives, then you can examine all the transactions. You’ll need a warrant. 🙂

  9. Please check your email at Thank you.

  10. I want to know what happened to all the assets in all the bankruptcies of these banks and mortgage companies.

  11. I love seeing my old reference materials showing up years later….

  12. To make this chart even more interesting to a jury, you could follow along with your laser pointer on the wall and say Mr. Terwilliger, I believe in june of 2004 you and your friends bought a batch of these properties at $0.32/$1.00, is that so? Ms. Leftwich, I believe in Feb of 2006, you bought all of Mr. Terwilliger’s property at $0.11/$1.00. Did the United States subsidize your purchase at +$0.85/$1.00? How much have you earned on this particular property while it was in your possession? 🙂

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