Massachusetts Institutionalizes Theft of Title

Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending


January 20, 2015                                            Contact: Grace Ross, MAAPL Coordinator

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Attorney General denies Ballot-Challenge to Law gutting Courts’ Powers.

Voters pledge to still enforce Constitution and right to their property.


January 19, 2016 – The Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL) regrets today’s decision by the Massachusetts Attorney General. Maura Healey turned down a “Ten Voter” petition to put the legislature’s hurriedly passed Chapter 141 of the acts of 2015, “An Act Clearing Titles to Foreclosed Properties,” to a voter referendum on the ballot. Healey will not permit voters to revoke the legislature’s passage of the Financial Industry’s recent law which reversed SJC decisions that affirmed illegal foreclosures were void by law. Practically, this law will deny the majority of state residents’ right to sue to regain their illegally foreclosed homes.


“What is shocking here is having run as she calls herself the chief consumer enforcement officer of our state, the Attorney General did not even let the voters address the unconstitutional taking of our people’s property rights. We can only hope that, having denied the Voters’ powers to protect our own constitutional rights through the ballot, she has plans to take the law directly to the SJC herself as her oath of office requires – the explicit purpose of her office under article 10 of our constitution,“ said Grace Ross, MAAPL’s Coordinator.


“Our Massachusetts Constitution protects our right to own property. Yet, unless more than 60,000 illegally-foreclosed families get into court by December 30, 2016, this discriminatory law wipes out that right so they’ll never recover their homes. Massachusetts must do better!” says Sarah McKee, a former federal prosecutor who has experienced the life-long impacts of family losing their home to foreclosure.


“”Not since just prior to the American Revolution have the elite had similar ability to illegally confiscate citizens’ property, knowing it would be ratified through the Legislature,” said John Schumacher, a Massachusetts resident whose ancestors mustered at Lexington and Concord, and who is fighting an illegal foreclosure. “This new law steals my Constitutional rights!  It presumes to rewrite private contracts retroactively and to interfere with my constitutionally protected, judicial remedies.  It does not fix a single title, but instead guarantees the bets banks have placed with their powerful and wealthy hold over our political system. This is not what we are about…. We are supposed to be a Commonwealth, not a Common-theft.”


MAAPL will turn to the courts to address constitutional, discriminatory and practical implementation problems with Chapter 141. MAAPL continues to call on the Attorney General, other Constitutional Officers and the Supreme Judicial Court itself to address the unconstitutionality of this new law.


“Through this bill, the Financial Industry had the legislature usurp the judiciary’s powers to determine the outcome of disputes between private parties. The Industry’s stated purpose of this law is to overturn numerous, recent and hundreds of historical top court rulings enforcing hundreds’ years old law enshrined in our state Constitution, such as the 2011 Ibanez, 2012 Eaton, and 2015 Pinti decisions,“ Grace Ross, MAAPL’s Coordinator expressed with grave concern. ”We get it that the last foreclosure crisis and illegal takings were pre-revolution and too long ago for most of us to remember and understand. However, the AG’s office as our primary protector needs to take the time to understand or let the voters act.”


MAAPL agrees that, constitutionally, statewide ballot referendums cannot be used to substitute legislative fiat for our Massachusetts judicial powers. But the Attorney General must realize constitutionally, the Massachusetts Legislature also does not possess this authority. However, the Attorney General should not block people’s attempt to re-instate the constitution’s separation of powers while supporting the legislature’s dismantling of it.

“”The government should not want anything to do with this. Healey, we voted for you to be our protector of our constitution rights to our homes. You promised us, the people of Massachusetts. You did not promise the bankers to help harm more families. Stand up for the people!” urges Mildred Collins, a Worcester resident who was foreclosed in January, 2011. Housing Court has twice ruled her foreclosure was illegal.

“This situation with our Attorney General, The People’s Advocate, is akin to looking around my Whist game and realizing I’m playing against three people. This law re-enforces the massive illegal land grab from people of color – in 4 years Blacks lost over half our wealth on average. Latinos lost 2/3s. We The People need a partner to face the title insurers and the financial industry – those guaranteed the winning cards under this new law. We expect the Attorney General to now take direct action from her office to stop this law,” insisted Zakiya Alake, who has rejoined the fight for restitution from her illegal subprime mortgage and loss of her home in 2002.


Homeowners across the state and attorneys available for comment upon request.


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  1. I addressed this I sent to Neil with a Massachusetts State Senator Ryan Fattman (cosponsor of the bill), and this is his response.

    ” I think you’ve spoken with the wrong individuals or misread the legislation your referencing.

    The bill was put forward five years ago to resolve potentially thousands of land titles which were rendered defective and un-transferable after the SJC’s landmark ruling in U.S. Bank v. Ibanez. The Ibanez ruling invalidated thousands of foreclosures across the Commonwealth due to lenders’ paperwork errors. This was due to mortgage granting with no documentation or income verification, which helped set the stage for the 2006-2010 housing crisis.

    The problem addressed by the legislation is that scores of innocent buyers purchased foreclosed properties, fixing them up, renting them out, etc., but they were unaware of the title defects — only to discover them once they went to refinance and sell. Title insurance companies have been bogged down trying to solve these defects, and in the meantime, many of these innocent folks are left with homes which cannot be sold or refinanced. The same bill passed the Legislature last year, but former Gov. Patrick, bowing to housing activists, vetoed it. After several amendments addressing housing activists’ concerns, a new bill was again passed, and just signed into law by Gov. Baker on November 25, 2015. It was bipartisan, and nearly unanimously supported by both House and Senate members.

    The bill, which is effective on Dec. 31, gives foreclosed owners a three (3) year statute of limitations to file a challenge to a foreclosure, after which the foreclosure is deemed to have been conducted legally. For foreclosures which have already been concluded, the new law has a one year waiting period, so that a defective foreclosure would be considered non-defective on Dec. 31, 2016. The bill does retain a homeowner’s right to seek compensatory and punitive damages for a wrongful foreclosure, provided it is within the statute of limitations. The bill also requires the Attorney General’s Office to spearhead more robust foreclosure prevention solutions with the HomeCorps Program and housing activists groups.

    In essence, the bill protects both those trying to be foreclosed on and those who bought a house they believed to be legally foreclosed, but that the Ibanez ruling rendered wrong.”

  2. Well, Once again we have been duped by the complete failure to actually read the damn thing!!!
    As “Trespass Unwanted” so properly wrote “Again, I haven’t read it, but most people only read titles, and then when they get an idea of what’s inside, they do not know or pay attention to the fact there are specific words are defined in the legislative act, and the remaining are legal words, not Merriam Webster words”
    It appears he/she was right!!!! In any event as always any disadvantage must be turned into an advantage. And Michael Keane and “mn” and the rest of you smart people .. Shame on you for not staying focused on the goal… to stop fraudclosures and judicial fraud in general.!!! Teach and Share the how to’s especially the writings of motions and strategies that win. Is it not time to get off our “I know more than you do” soap boxes and arm the people to defend and even attack these criminal enterprises? RICO sounds great but how does one actually go about doing one?
    We (Yes me too) have spent so much time on these sites and others and skype and chat rooms telling others how smart we are and yet not garnering any more support or action that will CAUSE a change for all of us. I got it, I get it and yet it is like pulling teeth to get me to put together any motion, action of any kind. I distract myself by helping others but the real suit that will help break the chains goes unfinished… I keep looking for help and get none.
    We argue and fight and write a lot of stuff, some true some misleading and mor often than not useless to anyone in fraudclosures or being raped by the non judicial system.
    Let’s look at the alleged Legislation being discussed: Before reading the entire proposal I first see these safeties in place:
    “ (d) Subsection (c) shall not apply if: (i) an action to challenge the validity of the foreclosure sale has been commenced in a court of competent jurisdiction by a party entitled to notice of sale under section 14 or a challenge has been asserted as a defense or a counterclaim in a legal action in a court of competent jurisdiction…”
    And : “(e) The recording of an affidavit and the expiration of the deadline shall not relieve an affiant or any other person on whose behalf an affidavit was executed and recorded from liability for failure to comply with this section, section 14 or any other requirements of law with respect to the foreclosure.
    (f) A material misrepresentation contained in an affidavit shall constitute a violation of section 2 of chapter 93A.”
    The “affidavit” it refers to is ““Deadline”, 3 years from the date of the recording of the affidavit.
    (b) The person selling or the attorney duly authorized by a writing or the legal guardian or conservator of the person selling shall, after the sale, cause a copy of the notice and an affidavit fully and particularly stating the person’s acts or the acts of the person’s principal or ward which shall be recorded in the registry of deeds for the county or district in which the land lies, with a note of reference thereto on the margin of the record of the mortgage deed if it is recorded in the same registry. If the affidavit shows that the requirements of the power of sale and the law have been complied with in all respects, the affidavit or a certified copy of the record thereof, shall be admitted as evidence that the power of sale was duly executed.
    (c) If an affidavit is executed in accordance with this section, it shall, after 3 years from the date of its recording, be conclusive evidence in favor of an arm’s length third party purchaser for value at or subsequent to the foreclosure sale that the power of sale under the foreclosed mortgage was duly executed and that the sale complied with this chapter and section 21 of said chapter 183. An arm’s length third party purchaser for value relying on an affidavit shall not be liable for a foreclosure if the power of sale was not duly exercised. Absent a challenge as set forth in clause (i) or (ii) of subsection (d), title to the real property acquired by an arm’s length third party purchaser for value shall not be set aside.
    (d) Subsection (c) shall not apply if:”

    So, the “affidavit” must be done properly and by a proper party authorized to do so…. hmmm
    Who could possibly be authorized to do so? A “substitute trustee” NO! Because there is n provision for a “substitute trustee in the deed of trust, which is the instrument which they are allegedly enforcing!!!
    How many FuKin times do I have to pound this home till people get it? The Deed of Trusts/Mortgage is the law, the very “THING” that they are allegedly enforcing!!!!!! Thus one must Fukin READ the DAMN thing!!!!!!!! What does “IT” say? Dictate, rule, allow, authorize (that which is not expressly included is expressly excluded!!) It only provides for the “removal” of the original trustee and the “appointment” of a “successor trustee” by “the Lender” and that “removal” and “appointment of successor trustee” by “the Lender” (not “Lender and or assigns!!!!) Must be “recorded” in the same place as the original mortgage/DOT!!!!
    First off there must be a “removal of the original trustee” and that is challengeable by all parties, you, the trustee and anyone who may be able to show interest. Second there must be a “transfer” of the obligations, powers and acceptance thereof by the “successor trustee” (no one can just “appoint a trustee” unless they are already in a position of trust and obligated to do so such as a public official is already obligated as a trustee of the public (but not in private contract!! Such as this) without their acceptance of those obligations and compensation thereof for such service (yet another reason to attack the original alleged trustees existence in the first place and an incomplete trust is not a trust)… incomplete contract, non acceptance of or lack of equitable consideration is VOID!! (AND one more time: when a trust is without a purpose it does not exist. These trusts do NOT secure the alleged NOTE, it secures “the debt evidenced by the Note” Thus without “the NOTE” there is no “evidenced by the Note” as required by the DOT!!!!!! the “thing they are presuming to be entitled to enforce.)
    So, without first “removing” the first original or previous trustee (although upon this consideration I wonder if there is opportunity to do more than one because one can only “remove” the “original trustee” once…. hmmm) there can be no valid “appointment” of “successor trustee” (so such thing as substitute trustee because a “substitute teacher can not give a final grade, nor can a substitute trustee have any authority other than to substitute for a moment or two while the true trustee is ill and would only represent the true trustee for a moment but has no actual authority to Do anything lawful).
    So then the alleged “affidavit” which would fulfill the requirement of this Statute is the same imposter who signed the alleged “trustees deed” which in and of itself is required to state “no warrantee expressed or implied” so that any “buyer” arms length or other wise (this statute actually has a wonderful requirement which Fuks them over too as to “Arms Length” purchaser goes) has full notice that this “NO Warrantee” “trustees deed” is taken without any “warrantee expressed or implied”.
    “No State shall make or enforce any law,…. which impairs the obligation of contract” (Art I section 10)… So, does this legislation do that? Hmmm perhaps and that is when one would file a “non frivolous” suit challenging the Constitutionality of it along with one case.
    I would say in reality.. NO… because the “affidavit” that fulfills the statutes requirement is the same as the DOT/ Mortgage requirement and as usual if one does not challenge it, it stands, just as we want to use our Affidavits that go unchallenged to be held as true. (Can’t have it both ways “equal protections of the law).. Now as to your “discovery” of the fraud goes this statue actually extends its opportunity to a full three years and possibly three years and 90 days if I read it correctly… so that is good not bad!! But that also can be extended by the doctrine of “equitable tolling”… though that has not bee very successful so far it is like everything else someone who is smart enough to “BOX THEM IN” with the law could make it stick and then share it with the rest of us to use properly and begin the creating of a “Pattern of activity” that is actually lawful and “unwind” the prejudices and “this is the way its always been done” attitudes.
    Just because one can win a case for themselves in the end does little to nothing if one does not share it with others to use, simply because it does not stop the criminals from destroying the economy, the laws, the judicial system and thus anything you may lawfully “won” before will meet with a bulldozer or a tank in the end as they run over all people and their rights. (I know they did it to one of my properties I won the battle and 9 months later came to find it (three story brick building) under a huge machine with a bucket arm and then sent a bill for 15k for the service.
    And the recent win in the Supreme Court of Oklahioma (published) in which the treasury even though a defendant of the case and a les pendence in place sold an instrument alleging the sale of the property by tax sale…. or the home in Maryland I have managed to fight eviction of for five years after the fraudclosuer which got a large red Notice to vacate by the State because it had determined upon trespass that it was “uninhabitable”.
    Knowing ahead of time is very helpful so that we can “BOX THEM IN” and keep accurate records of their abuses and the connections to the same “criminal enterprise” which is ongoing for over a year… the State, the Principle of all these business entities and due to negligence or gross negligence has allowed, created and promoted what amounts to a “policy” and “practice” by it to deprive the people of their Rights, Lives and Prioperty under among others “Color of law” activities. (42 USC 1983, 18 USC 241, 242 by and use of 18 USC 471, 472, 473, 474 and in violation of each along with violating the State Constitution and its protections, the protections secured by the Constitution and laws of the United States, including but not limited to Art. I sec 10, Art. III sec 1, 2 and 3, Art. IV sec 1, 2, 3 (“The State of Corruption” is acting as a State and is not lawfully “admitted” into the Union) and 4
    “Section. 1. Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.
    Section. 2. The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.
    Section. 4. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government
    Art VI: This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.
    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution;
    Amendment II “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (Arms of the Law)
    Amendment IV: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,”
    Amendment V: “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Bail outs is a “taking of property without compensation as is any Property taken for alleged “property Taxes” which are by definition “for public use”.
    Amendment VII: “In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved,
    Amendment VII: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. What else can it be when the State imposes the loss of entire homes, rights, title, interest, usufruct, and privileges and immunities??
    Amendment IX: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”
    Amendment X: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    Amendment XIII: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” What else is it when it is against our will and the laws??
    Amendment XIV: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Now remember it only takes one!!! Just ONE…. each and every one of these breaches is a million dollars a day per… A deprivation of any right is so far established in law as worth aprox. $700 a minute… depending upon the severity of the activity (this is based upon an unlawful detention/arrest case in Tampa v Trezevant case.. An interesting read of the actual case and how it went, we need more of them to study)
    So, lets learn from this and next time “READ” FIRST. Here is the last part which I find pertinent and useful.. What do you think? It sounds a bit like the dispute over the 16th amendment which the supreme court said, “it does not give any more power than it had before” or something like that.. Same here in fact it kinda makes it better than the present statutes because it is definitive and has elements that must be adhered to. Attack one of these elements and it is VOID.
    “If the final judgment does not determine the validity of the foreclosure sale and the deadline for the affidavit to become conclusive has not expired, any party entitled to notice of sale under section 14 may file or assert another legal challenge to the validity of the foreclosure sale under said clause (i) or (ii).”
    Remember (f) above:(f) A material misrepresentation contained in an affidavit shall constitute a violation of section 2 of chapter 93A
    Section 2. (a) Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce are hereby declared unlawful.
    (b) It is the intent of the legislature that in construing paragraph (a) of this section in actions brought under sections four, nine and eleven, the courts will be guided by the interpretations given by the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Courts to section 5(a)(1) of the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. 45(a)(1)), as from time to time amended.
    So what ever idiot signs the affidavit is doing so falsely! Either they have no knowledge or they are with full knowledge stating what it false because if they know the truth then they know that there is no “entitlement” to anyone except the maker. And guess what all you need do is file an affidavit which contradicts their assertion and produce a tiny bit of evidence and/or do a admissions and interrogatory on them and you now have shifted the burden. A simple statement like “I have not knowledge of….” Do a negative averment and require them to produce evidence that they rely upon for there affidavit, the position they held at the time and so forth.. Pin them to the details.. Pixels, people Pixels. It is the details that will get them. The tiny inconspicuous details that you slowly and with a smile for “other purposes” acquire. (My favorite is for my tax accountant… needs this and that to file the proper papers on the interest payments and tax deductions… etc be creative go under cover, get the documentation… go as an investor who wants to invest in the REMIC, That is how I discovered from that “handler” that they only have copies of the DOT’s and no clue as to the Alleged Note. OOOPs.. The I have a letter on letterhead (something you do not see in the fraudclosures which is a huge clue that so and so is not the VP of a big bank else it would be on their letterhead after all that is what they live for (giving head to the letter of their position), which stated that my alleged loan and docs were still in the REMIC three years after the fraudclosure….??? Yup the same REMIC that allegedly accepted the Mortgage DOT two years after its closing…
    And last but not least the Rescission will VOID the DOT and the NOTE once and for all so that there can not be a successor or any other trustee of any trust to create a trustees deed so now the only thing needed is to file a 42 USC 1983, depravation of rights suit in federal court because the State policy clearly has deprived you of the equal protections of the law and all the others above. Get the millions from a settlement and keep going after them for breach of the trust which requires them to return the note and DOT and violations of TILA which requires them to return everything!! Keep filing keep perfecting your writing and presenting skills to win and win and win and cause them to negotiate settlements so no one will go to jail. Break them down, do not stop and teach other to do the same!!
    Anything and everything else is a distraction and a waist of time… I question the validity of this group as a result of this crying wolf and taking our attention off the ball instead of showing the how too’s to bring a good prima facia case and win under 42 USC 1982 and RICO (trebble damages)

  3. Totally agree with you, but it may take a lawsuit to fix it.

  4. First if your assertion of this law is true, it is simply VOID as a matter of law and is evidence of collusion to circumvent the Constitution. Article I section 10 is clear, that no State can make any law imposing the obligation of contract. That simple. Also read Hale v Henkel page 74… “his power to contract is unlimited (thus so is his power to not contract also unlimited) and as much as people may not like the 14th it still prohibits the States from making or enforcing any law which infringes on the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United States nor deprive any person of life liberty or property without due process not deny the equal protections of the law.

    Now as to the States attorney General.. it has been my experience and many others who have tried to sue any officer that the States attorney general is just that the States attorney and they will defend their crooks and do all they can to protect them and violate as many of the people necessary to accomplish it.
    Thus one must not sue the attorney general but the State for not training him/her properly and allowing one of its agents/officers to conspire to deprive the people of such rights “which existed long antecedent to the organization of the State”

    Thus an action of injunction would be appropriate and to even freeze the office subject to a grand jury investigation.
    Remember.. “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
    And any law, Statute or Code may be challenged by a “non frivolous suit” as to its constitutionality. FRCP 11

    So lets get busy taking back our country, our States and our United States all branches of them and every form of them which is ours , servants of our laws and not the other way around.!!!
    Convening the grand jury and bring an investigation along with charges of sedition among others.
    Look too to article VI and IV section 1, 2 and 4. Especially section 1.. they are violating it and congress has the authority not the State to alter or say how records are kept!! also, there is case law which states that the establishment of land records was established long before the institution of the State and the state can not alter it nor its purpose!!!! Nor can the courts or any branch of government!! Period!! Amendment X tells us that the power NOT delegated to the United States …. well the powers of the records was granted to the United States and Congress has the power to regulate it not the States for just this reason!!
    Perhaps they need a reminder and to strike it down and bring suit against all those who are perpetrators of it for the obvious reasons to alter the protections of the people and their property!! Circumventing the very purpose of every “Form of Government”!!!
    It is prima facia evidence of their participation of color of law in violation of the office and to undermine the security of the Nation .. terrorists and sedition making war against the Constitution the United States and the People.
    Lets get busy people

  5. Speaking as an Investor Point of View.
    Everytime a foreclosure is allowed I take losses on that Triple A rated crap . If there is no foreclosure…as a tax payer I’m liable for the 1/10 losses on the Winning Horses who were supposed to lose?
    And …. As a Homeowner, the REAL Estate ….

    Open Escrow …
    Reverse Purchase & Sale
    Where are the Deeds?

    I understood how they got away with it in DOTs. ..but in Mortgage lien theory states .. They had to be forging the deeds!
    Unless they had patented your signature .?

  6. In this transaction who is the Strawman/Place Holder?

    “I” meaning the Borrower ; You Name
    “You” meaning the Lender; Bank & Trust

    Who is the Strawman?
    Take Out the Strawman and Who is left ?

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    Palin say:: Its all Obama Fault that her son beats women and her daughter jumps on penises and gets pregnant.

    You should hear my views on the Clinton’s! Dangerous !!

    Now..Stop Jumping to Conclusions and Get Your Facts Straight!

  8. I admit….I have Trump & Palin all over my Facebook page..
    But Not the way you think!!!! LOL!!!

  9. Go Bernie! You need Elizabeth Warren as a running Mate!

    I Like Ellen Brown & Jim Willie too!!!!

  10. @Shadowcat,

    You have called me “boy” before. You are so full of nonsense and self-serving bunkus I find you appalling.

    As regards yourself and Bob Hurt: I am not in the habit of talking to the bottom of my shoe; why, therefore, would I bother conversing to the human equivalent of what passes for what is likely to become stuck to the bottom of it, should I be so foolish as to bother with either of you.

    Shadowcat: “President Obama is gonna invade Texas through Jade Helm”.

    OMG ROTFLMFAO. Tell trump and sarah hello. And, for the record:


  11. I Own Everything! I Owe No One!
    I Hold hands on Assets and very little paper these days!

    Now tell Me … Who the Funny Boy is Now?


  12. I wonder if Ellen Brown and the “always excellent”, Mr Neil Garfield, haven’t foreseen this conversation and have managed to deliver these commentaries, thereby, in a timely manner.

    In short, the banking class contributes double-talk and little else to the discussion. A “Populist Uprising” is presently in the works, internationally, and while long overdue, the days when the dummies from the banks will continue to dominate reality are on the wane.

    Senator Sanders 2016

  13. MK. . your jumping to conclusions there boy! I would be becareful if I were you, I Bite Back!

    Now listen up….investors in SS & Medicare, Pensions, 401ks, …
    When the ponzi scheme blows…who do you think are going down 1st?
    What happens when the 50% recieving those benifts get cut off?
    Oh and lets not forget about public aid reciepents?

    No more tax payer bail outs…so they plan to do a bail in and that makes us unsecured creditors. They will suck every last one of us dry 1st!!!!

  14. Shadowcat another of Bob Hurt’s chicken littles, self-proclaimed “investor” and Trumpeter of President Obama’s intention to…


    Another of Sarah Palin’s imbecile army.

  15. The National Banks will Fail, they have been under conservatorship awhile. We will get our Wish, but it will come with a Price!
    Currency Reset is underway,..The United States minus the Federal Reserve,

    Its not going to be pretty!

  16. Illegal Illicit Reverse & Sale transaction

    Where did my money go?

  17. @ iwantmynpv,

    Good analysis. As usual, I agree.

    The point I am trying to make is: “Accountability”.
    As a believer I am under the protections and restraints of the Constitution, I consider myself one of: “We The People”.

    As such, therefore, I have recourse to history and what I have come to expect as my position and those that share it, as: “We The People”.

    “M3” is supposed to be an “Accounting”. The fact it is a “Scam” is due to the fact it is, at the moment, “unavailable”…

    Even as the same may also be said of “OUR (as a member of “We The People”) RIGHTS”, under the rule of LAW” (particularly, those of “US”, or, “We The People” that are facing banks that are not held “Accountable” for criminal behavior).


    Once, upon a time, the US Dollar ($32.00, actually) was susceptible to redemption in gold (one ounce).

    It was held: “Accountable”.

    Countries that participated in this Agreement (Bretton Woods, 1942), became signatories to a “commodity-based” (gold) system with US Dollars held “ACCOUNTABLE” ($32.00) for purchase of same.

    Of course, sensing a lack of that commodity (gold), “OUR (as a member of “We The People”, aka, “Americans”)” ally, France, began to “corner-the-market” on that commodity (gold).

    So, France tried to debase the American Dollar because “We The People (Americans)”, foolishly became involved in Indo-China- Korea, then Vietnam.

    Of course, Vietnam has been wholly-discredited as a bogus causus belli predicated upon FRAUD (the Tonkin Gulf).

    The Tonkin Gulf is now a proven LIE.
    Gulf of Tonkin incident
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    the August 4 Gulf of Tonkin attack never happened.[4]


    There are RULES to force “Accountability”. They are called: “LAWS”. One LAW, for example, as it relates to “… the United States military…”, forces “Accountability” for WAR CRIMES…

    Things like torture.

    Nowadays, the US, “We The People” are perceived by our enemies as not being held “Accountable” for torture as per “OUR (American) Agreement” (the Geneva Conventions), because a Republican Administration water-boarded captives in OUR (American) CUSTODY.

    So, OUR AMERICAN ethical and moral “COIN” has been degraded and it is inevitable American Soldiers will pay the price of that infidelity.

    Facts are available. “M3” is supposed to be the unit of measure for OUR AMERICAN currency system. The fact it goes unreported does not make it any less so and the banks must be held …

    … Wait for it…

    The banks must also be brought to book for multiple FRAUDS. You guessed it: “They must be held ACCOUNTABLE”…

    HMMM, Oh yeah, FRAUD: you know, like, foreclosures… stuff like that.


    So, those “NOTES” must also be held, ACCOUNTABLE.

    The investment classis right to be terrified.

    The “Straw Man Nonsense” is their intended “escape hatch”; things like the “Lieber Doctrine”; the teachings of Winston Shrout, etc.

    But, those things are “half-measures” and they lack …

    What is the word… Hmmm … “Agreeability”? … Nope …


  18. I LIKE BOB!
    He knows you attack the unconsiable contract ….

  19. Borrowers were seised of the Estate too…
    Bare Legal Title Irrevocably into Trust.

    Land Trusts: Rights & Interests

  20. KC was seised of Estate.
    KC HUBBY/Borrower Estate is not Consummated till when?

    Its all about how you hold ownership of the…REAL ESTATE


    Banks just love using that term,

  21. I told’em they would take tender or I would cram it down their throats!
    Steal my assets and over leveraged them,..ehhhh?


    Steal my assets and gamble with them on WS. .. ehhhh?

    My perfectly sized 10 crammed into the gr’ss !

  22. After MSJ, I was told the house was mine.
    I responded … But I CAN’TSELL IT!
    And she responded …SELL IT ON A 30 YEAR CONTRACT .

    Renter & Landlord

  23. Make New Friends and Keep the Old!
    One is Silver and the other is Gold!

  24. NPV nails it! HTM. .. Yes!
    LOL, ., me too!!!!!!

    TU. ..Exactly! Otherwise, Everyone is going to court!
    Quiet That! Reconveyance Bound.

    The rest of you boys Behave!

  25. if the US Dollar is not a commodity based currency, why is it that the FOMC policy of easing (more credit dollars in circulation) lessens actual purchasing power but creates a stronger economy through easier credit (availability) and vice versa.

    People also value gold from the availability argument… When is the last time you purchased a loaf of bread with bar of silver or gold. Likewise, when less dollars are available… other nations hoard the dollars strictly believing its availability may continue to decrease.

    There are just over 1 trillion physical paper dollars on the entire planet. Commerce trades trillions daily, most of which settles in dollars. The paper is irrelevant, the access to borrow or trade the currency is all that matters today… the rest are balance sheet entries on some corporate book of records.

    Finally M3 is the biggest scam in the world. Stop mentioning it if we never intend to utilize it in practice. One thing is for sure, I would like to manage my debt the same way banks do.

    For example, I would like to refinance my house as HTM. When they tell me that my house is only worth 800k, I can tell them that they should lend me 1 million because in 30 years it will certainly be worth that if not more, and I carry the asset on my personal balance sheet as HTM. LOL

  26. At michael and edgetrade… to avoid a dispute about whether it is the dollar or a federal reserve note… I will simply skip that debate.

    As far as commodity or fiat… Neither is relevant. the Federal Reserve Dollar is clearly a commodity, backed only by the power of the United States military.

    The strength of any form of value must be backed by something… perception, weapons, scarcity or rumor. in the case of the world dollar; it is a simple analysis… If not for the US military, do you feel that Libya, Iraq etc… would be accepting dollars for oil?

    If currency were not a commodity business, would we trade its value in contrast of other commodities.. i.e precious metals, or is that perception of anticipated events. In the end, the currency is just a myth. The value of currency is determined strictly by supply and demand, and thus it is a commodity. Just because we perceive its value to purchase goods, barter or its ability to facilitate exchange, its true backing comes from the ability to enforce its use.

    It could be tulips, chocolate covered crickets or bitcoin. Once the US government claims it is not a store of value.. it is worthless, and if you believe different ask Kennedy, Saddam and Mohamar how the silver certificate and Dinar worked out!

  27. @ edgetraderus,

    Your slip is showing. You are supposed to be blathering your nonsense and word games under the heading “mn”.

    How many knuckleheads does Bob Hurt have trolling this site anyway?

  28. Tuesday 26 January 2016

    Point of clarity in my post to Michael Keane:

    >I do not know of any central banking system that has ever followed a
    >“commodity-based” form of money. If you know of one, I am interested
    >in learning about it. In the history of the world, EVERY fiat money system
    >has failed. That is a fact.

    The Federal Reserve did start out using gold and silver-backed FRNs
    as a part of their bait-and-switch agenda over a period of decades. It
    was done for a specific purpose, and that purpose not to have a central
    bank commodity-based system, in and of itself.

  29. Monday 25 January 2015

    Okay, Michael Keane, I will apologize if you found my tone harsh, but I
    was not being argumentative, [nor was I trying to be harsh, but I
    understand your point.] I have little patience for those who dispense
    misinformation under the guise of some mistaken voice of authority.
    Those points I made in response to what you contributed fell into that
    category. Point out where I was unfair or wrong, and I will deal with it.

    To your response who are WE, you reiterate “We The People.” That is a non-answer, and I can assure you, I know many who would take
    offense at being considered included in that nebulous term that many
    believe to have meaning according to a set of imagined beliefs. Plus,
    you leave “We” undefined, except by defining it by itself.

    I would have been more accurate to also ask, who are the People, but
    it gets complicated.

    >Well… if you are a citizen of the US you are one of “We”… If you use >an instrument encompassed by “M3”, you use “Our” currency.

    Sorry. IF a frog had wings, it would fly. Your supposition “if” I may be a
    “citizen,” as the federal constitution dictates, is without foundation, for I
    am not, even though, at times, I am so considered or presumed. It does
    not go uncorrected.

    >-“What do you mean by “OUR CURRENCY?”
    > All banking assets v liabilities as per “M3”.

    Your answer does not define “currency,” and “OUR” is once again also
    undefined. Exactly who comprises your “OUR?” Do you find that
    unfair to ask? You used the expression, and I know for a fact it does
    not apply to me. I know it is not my currency, nor is it yours, even if you
    believe otherwise.

    >”You are interested in the “FIAT v Commodity” discussion? … although >you seem to want to have an argument.

    No. I am interested in accurate information, and you switch word horses
    by referencing “FIAT v Commodity,” although I do not know why. If you
    can state what fiat is v what a “dollar” is, there is no need for, nor room,
    for “an argument.”

    >”You wrote the “Geenback” … is “backed by nothing…”.
    > I disagree. It is backed by the rule of Law.

    Did you know that the fiat FRN is also backed by so-called law, labeling
    it “legal tender?” Backed “by the rule of Law” still left the Greenback
    backed by nothing. One not so minor difference in the Greenback fiat
    v any other fiat issue is that no interest was due on use of the Greenback.

    >”You are right that currency is intended as a unit of measure.”

    See? You call me disagreeable and argumentative. I never said that.
    What I said, Michael Keane, is that the dollar is not a noun, and IS a
    unit of measure. I never said otherwise, nor did I say it was “intended.”
    You just attributed things you assert I said, that I never said, and you
    take exception to my pointing out other things you said that I found were

    >”I can suggest you read Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.”

    I am familiar with it, and your point would be?

    >”The “Continental” is THE ORIGINAL US DOLLAR.”

    Wrong. It was as much a fiat issuance as is the FRN. There has been
    only one lawful definition of a dollar, and it remains on the books to this
    day, but totally ignored by the de facto federal government, for a dollar
    has no place in the federal government.

    Question. If the Federal Reserve Note is not a dollar, why does
    everyone refer to them as dollars? In truth, a FRN is nothing more than
    a debt instrument. Debt is the antithesis of and can never be “money.”
    Yet, almost everyone calls FRNs money and dollars.

    How am I being disagreeable or argumentative when you have your
    “facts” wrong? The burden of proof is on you, asserting all of these
    suppositions, for I know not what else to call them.

    >”In the meantime, people that cast about flinging insults and what-not cheapen the conversation…”

    I do not know if you are insinuating me in that sentence, which is of no
    consequence, either way. My thought is, how can misinformation or
    outright wrong information do any more to already have cheapened
    “the conversation,” as you suggest?

    If you thought I am flinging insults, point them out, if you will. Asking for
    accurate information is not flinging an insult.

    >”Therefore, I will admit to the following: a “commodity-based” central >banking system will, ultimately fail as surely as a “FIAT-Based system…”

    I do not know of any central banking system that has ever followed a
    “commodity-based” form of money. If you know of one, I am interested
    in learning about it. In the history of the world, EVERY fiat money system
    has failed. That is a fact.

    >”You also wrote : “A dollar of what”?
    >I find your criticism of me less than honest so I have given you my >“two cents”.

    In what way was I critical of you? I dealt with the issues you presented.

    Michael Keane. I do not know you. I can say, even to strangers, I do
    not act or conduct myself in a less than honest manner. Your assessment
    is one of your mind, no insult intended, for you do not know me.

    To provide an answer not found in your posts, a dollar of silver is and
    has been the only lawful definition of a United States dollar, still on the
    books after a few hundred years. A dollar is a measure of silver. None
    exist in circulation.

    Most of the last half of your post need not be addressed.

  30. ———

    Clear Title
    Unencumbered or unrestricted legal ownership that is free from doubt as to its validity.
    The phrase implies that ownership is not subject to claims by anyone but the person holding title. It is also called marketable title, or title that can be easily transferred or sold because of its lack of encumbrances.

    clear title
    n. holding ownership of real property without any claims by others on the owner’s title and no history of past claims which might affect the ownership.
    The grant deed is still has my identifying information.
    The Warranty deed still has my identifying information, and my property was sold ‘as is’ no warranty.

    That means whoever thought they were purchasing the property took the risk that they were not!

    After looking at the movie, 99 homes, some of these homes have been in people’s families for generations.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, People, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  31. I haven’t read the act, An Act Clearing Titles to Foreclosed Properties, yet wouldn’t it be nice if it cleared the title to the one who was robbed by the illegal process?

    The title was clouded by theft, after the illegal process, and it is not an act to quiet title foreclosed properties, if the title has some fact to the intent of the act.

    Again, I haven’t read it, but most people only read titles, and then when they get an idea of what’s inside, they do not know or pay attention to the fact there are specific words are defined in the legislative act, and the remaining are legal words, not Merriam Webster words.

    Let’s hope the clouded gets cleared; without moving the clouded title to quiet.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, People, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  32. @mn,

    You wrote : “Who are “they?”

    The Central Banking Elites; “the Fed, IMF, World Bank”.

    -Who are “We?”

    We The People.

    -“What do you mean by “OUR CURRENCY?”

    All banking assets v liabilities as per “M3”.

    Of course, “M3” has not been reported since 2006. As you are on a site dedicated to foreclosure fraud and the on-going investments to expose it, I hardly need explain to you “why” the banks are hiding their books.

    You also wrote : “Surely you do not include me in “We” or “OUR,” for neither apply to me.”.

    Well… if you are a citizen of the US you are one of “We”… If you use an instrument encompassed by “M3”, you use “Our” currency.

    You are interested in the “FIAT v Commodity” discussion? … although you seem to want to have an argument.

    I suggest, Ellen Hodgson Brown’s, “The Web of Debt”.

    Lincoln issued the “Greenback Dollar”.

    You wrote the “Geenback” … is “backed by nothing…”.

    I disagree. It is backed by the rule of Law.

    You are right that currency is intended as a unit of measure.

    I can suggest you read Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

    The “FIAT v Commodity” Argument you wish to have is one of semantics and it emanates from the verbiage, “Congress has the power to COIN Money … and … establish the value thereof…”.

    Of course, paper is not “COIN”… so everybody’s panties got bunched up.

    Particularly given British espionage in the wake of the Revolutionary War and British counterfeiting while disparaging “The Continental”.

    The “Continental” is THE ORIGINAL US DOLLAR.

    Thomas Paine called it : “The cornerstone of the Revolution”.


    It would be pleasant if you could disagree without being disagreeable. I find your “tone” somewhat harsh.

    There are currently… “currently”, get it? … 1200 Trillion hyper-inflationary US “Federal Reserve Notes” owed to international speculation in “Notional Derivatives”…

    Those “Derivatives” are owed to foreclosure fraud, short-sale “bets”, that are, in turn, predicated upon bogus paperwork (forgery, fraud, counterfeiting etc.).

    I wrote a petition. Feel free to take a gander. You don’t need feel compelled to sign unless you like:

    Sign the petition: Counterfeit Fortunes for Criminal Fraudsters and the Wicked…

    I also signed an affidavit I destroyed thousands of mortgage documents… you know why?

    Because I did.

    In the meantime, people that cast about flinging insults and what-not cheapen the conversation…

    For it must remain a conversation- NOT an argument.

    Therefore, I will admit to the following: a “commodity-based” central banking system will, ultimately fail as surely as a “FIAT-Based system…

    Simply put, if one group holds the “most” of ANY commodity, that group will dictate terms to the rest.

    This is called, variously: “The Golden Rule”- he that has the gold, makes the rules.

    So, any mutt that manages to amass more than any other can manipulate the game.

    To defeat this sort of predation, there is “The Rule Of LAW”.

    BOOBS AND BUFFOONS such as the “PAULS”; “Pappy and Slappy” wish for a currency system based on gold. Or, so they say.

    I find them tedious and less-than-honest.

    There isn’t enough gold on the planet right now and Humanity adds some another 100,000 or so on a daily basis.

    You also wrote : “A dollar of what”?

    I find your criticism of me less than honest so I have given you my “two cents”.

    You also wrote : “You are full of misinformation and disinformation.”.

    LOL, Sarah Palin, is that you? Or maybe you are one of the investment class?

    Whatever the case may be you aren’t gonna like one bit of what is coming and I couldn’t be more delighted.

  33. Thanks Kalifornia—
    -more verbose than i intended and well stated in your own words – good for those who need it – i am certain it is appreciated…
    -i have no axe to grind with mn… which was my simply pled point
    -i just wanted to state non-existent presumptions were being applied to me
    -you do us all well for being here!


    JUDICIARY — not judicial.

  35. @ greg; @ mn

    Until further elaborations occur, I hope you both will take a breath, for now: agree to disagree agreeably. This is because I suspect both of you are more likely to ultimately agree on the issue of a federal “citizen,” and the pervasive implications. Both of you are right and I believe will have a convergence, but are presently doing so inarticulately.

    Without further muddying of the water on the issue of “citizenship,” the judicial has opined in 2011, 2012, and 2015 affirming well established property law. In this instance it certainly appears that the MGA (Massachusetts Attorney General) is acting ULTRA VIRES — without or in excess of authority/jurisdiction — yet doing so under the color of office (authority).

    IF the MGA has any DISCRETION in the matter, then a case should be mounted under a WRIT OF MANDATE on the basis of ABUSE OF DISCRETION UNDER COLOR OF LAW that the MGA’s “decision” to deny a public referendum deprives each NATURAL PERSON their right to judicially challenge the deprivation of property

    IF the MGA has no discretion to deny a “Ten Voter” petition, then a MINISTERIAL DUTY exists and case should be mounted under a WRIT OF MANDATE to COMPEL PERFORMANCE OF A MINISTERIAL DUTY on the basis of ABUSE OF OFFICE UNDER COLOR OF LAW.

    On its face, as a governmental agent it appears the MGA is abusing the COLOR OF OFFICE in order to engage in a USURPATION of the protection of right(s) to property, with the ultimate intent of a deprivation thereof, in violation of the Massachusetts Constitution, let alone Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States of America (if there is either) — 14th Amendment citizenship notwithstanding.

    I hope that vigorous and compounding litigation against the MGA and the Massachusetts Legislature ensues. Otherwise, other state legislatures and AGs will follow the route, leaving no other option than to take up arms.

  36. There is a great book, titled, “Operating in the Courts of Heaven: Granting God the Legal Right to Fulfill His Passion and Answer our Prayers” written by Robert Henderson. Anyone who has ever struggled with these entities, eventually comes to understand the Spiritual Warfare that this battle is really all about…we have to fight these banks, courts, & the entire judicial system…. Spiritually!

  37. mn
    i left that paradigm about 15 years ago…
    so your “spank” is intended for the rest of the audience…

  38. Monday 25 January 2015


    Where do you get your information, or do you just draw conclusions based
    on conjecture? The entire federal government, of which you are
    unwittingly a 14th Amendment citizen, for I doubt you have awareness
    of that fact, the entire government is a “de facto” government operating
    under color of law.

    Do you even know what an “organic Massachusetts constituent is, and if
    you could find one, he or she could never seek any redress with the
    de facto elected representatives who represent no one.

    -unconstitutional? On which constitution are you basing your supposition,
    for you labor under the federal one, and equal protection under the law is
    a slippery slope to enforce.

    -you undoubtedly misapprehend the nature of what due process means,
    and fairness ain’t a part of it.

    – “everyone has the right to have their case re-evaluated up to SCOTUS
    if need be…” That simply is not true. Are you aware of any of the
    requirements that must be met before any case can even be considered
    to be presented to the supreme court, and if any are not met or are
    waived, forget any such hearing. Can you cite any source that says
    everyone is so entitled? [Legitimate source]

    Use of any state abbreviation with two letters, “MA” admits to being in
    federal jurisdiction, that de facto one, and the two letter designation
    may have come from the IRS, but it has been too long ago for me to

    Do you really know of what you try to speak when it comes to law and/or
    government? Your “IMHO” says no.

  39. AOK….great news for the U.S. Attorney General and its division – Office of the U.S Trustees in bankruptcy…big windfall for them….and a great relief for the big banks!

  40. No wonder the judges and cops will break any law to help the banks. 2 years ago they had $680 million in their retirement, now they have $260 million. They know if the banks lose there will be nothing left for them. The pensions were so vested in real estate mortgages, both US and foreign, the pension fund is going down almost twice as fast as the rest of us.

    They are backed in a corner and must either rip us off or go broke.
    The attached documents just scratch the surface of what we need to discover. Once we can verify the judge is writing orders in violation of state law AND protects his investment, we have sufficient grounds for Qui Tam, Whistle blower, RICO and HOBBS on the judges.~ John Stuart

    Interesting tidbit.

    Here are some websites that correspond to the attachments

  41. IMHO
    -this is an ultra vires act
    -it is using the color of law/office to impair rights of the organic Massachusetts constituents to challenge the wisdom and lawfulness of their elected representatives
    -this is unconstitutional as to equal protection under the law
    -this is a violation of due process as everyone has the right to have their case re-evaluated up to SCOTUS if need be…
    -this constitutes possible misprision of felony on the part of the AG
    -a class action MA citizen suit to SCOTUS (in original jurisdiction) must be filed ASAP!

    i’m sure you can all add more…

  42. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the currency reset is in transit to your neighborhood. Buy silver and gold and bury it.

    Somebody needs to sue the Attorney General in Mass. for violating the Constitution. should be a great read.

  43. I purchased the primary first in 2001….but I did a refi in Jan 2007 to pay for a lawsuit …..the builders wanted my lot to build mcmansion……and the new neighbors who bought some of the large new homes wanted me out so they sued me in 2006. Never went to trial..but they cost me many thousands of $…..

  44. Yes MN! Liquidity !
    And the Liquid has run dry!
    Biggest Ponzi Scheme in World History!

    Brace Yourself, the Restoration of our Constitution comes with a Price!
    The Global Currency Reset is underway!

    And it ant gonna be a worthless greenback or fiat money.

  45. Monday 25 January 2015

    Michael Keane:

    Who are “they?” Who are “We?” What do you mean by “OUR CURRENCY?”

    Surely you do not include me in “We” or “OUR,” for neither apply to me.

    A Greenback is not a dollar. While issued by the US, it was as much
    fiat as the FRN, backed by nothing.

    There has only been one true dollar in this country, but it is not a noun.
    A true US dollar is an expression of measure of something, just like the
    word quart is an expression of a liquid measure: a quart of milk, a quart
    of oil, etc.

    A dollar of what”

    You are full of misinformation and disinformation.

  46. Sheri, what property did you purchase 1st?
    The rental or the primary residence ?

  47. Abandonment my Gr’ass! !!
    State A Claim for which Relief can be Granted!
    I prefer PROs over TROs myself .

    It keeps them from coming back from the dead.

    Motion for SJ

  48. @BLD @shadowcat Let me explain again. There are two houses…one primary residence, one rental property. Wells is servicer for both. The Primary Residence is the one I was led to believe was owned by BOA. I have nothing to believe that it was ever put into a trust. I originated the loan with First Savings Mortgage who confirmed they transferred it to Wells. There is an assignment and endorsement on the note showing this transfer. The only other assignment/endorsement is from Wells Fargo to Wells Fargo. It is not blank. It is to Wells Fargo. The endorsement is by a long time employee of Wells (googled her). That’s it. No indication of a trust. No indication on the note it was ever conveyed to BOA before OR after the foreclosure. The only indication that BOA has anything to do with the house is an Appointment of Substitute Trustee (before foreclosure) and a Substitute Trustee’s Deed (after foreclosure) created and recorded by the foreclosure attorney. And now I have this letter from BOA saying they have no record of my property. The Wells attorney refuse to answer any questions, simply stating “I don’t have to”…..and the court wouldn’t compel them to do so…..

    The rental property is different. It appears it was put into a Morgan Stanley Trust with US Bank as trustee (cut off date July 2006) and Wells as servicer.. At issue on this house is the loan mod (2009) which shows Wells is “lender” on all the paperwork including the Truth in Lending forms. Docs do not indicate Wells is acting on behalf of anyone else. They only did that when they did the foreclosure. They did a similar false loan mod on the Primary Residence.

    Most discussions focus on trusts. The primary house is not a trust. (as far as I know) but after years of doing this I still don’t really know who the lender is for the Primary Residence…. so when I filed the Complaint I named the defendant as Bank of America or Unidentified Investor.


  49. The Contract is back dated (or undated) under an illicit & Illeagel reverse purchase and sale scheme ;
    The contract was later charged off to a 2008 loss and written off the Creditors Books;
    The 2007 contract was Not one in the same as what was sold at the time of origination;
    The timing and the dates set forth from origination ;and up to the time of the charge off include reconstitution and ththe subsequent 24 months from the time the charges taken by Creditors debt collectors are required recognition purposes under GAAP FAS 140 AND SFAS 140-3.

    Accounting 101

  50. BLD asks do you know who your lender is?

    KC asks who is the Oigional Creditor and How much is owed to the Original Creditor?

    When a mortgage is an encumbrance ….
    Illicit & Illegal reverse purchase & sale scheme
    The note was lost to annuities

    Buyers of foreclosed properties are not the only parties in need of legislation to fix our titles. Right Neil?

    Corporate Ownership….50/50
    One half of the Estate

    How much does KC owe?

  51. That’s Part I of my fraud complaint…..the foreclosure, eviction and prior litigation was all done in the name of Bank of America. In 2015 I got a letter from BOA stating they have no record they are the lender…the note was never assigned/endorsed to BOA….Wells is the servicer…….part II of the fraud complaint has to do with the loan mods that were done in the name of Wells Fargo when Wells was not the lender for either loan (2 houses involved) False loan mods used to do foreclosures….

  52. Are you able to name your ‘lender’? Maybe numerous complaints have been lodged after your initial contact.

  53. @bld I’ve contacted his chief attorney in the consumer protection group years ago and periodically again as things progressed….they have failed to answer me….the silence from this office has been deafening.

  54. Call Mark Herrings consumer protection group…on his website. See if they can help.

  55. @bdl I’ll check out housing wire….maybe they were too busy getting for themselves to worry about me.

  56. @elaine in Baltimore….I know I am, by far, not the only one….I have already filed the petition for rehearing with the Supreme Court of Virginia…..I really think they just want to sweep it under the rug…’s so frustrating…and blantantly wrong…………
    and to @Chris Winsey I am not finding this wording on the cornell law school site for 18 US Code 2381…..though it may sound good….it’s not accurate…….

  57. Housing Wire…Virginia Attorney General settles for 64 million against eleven banks for falsely representing loans.

  58. @Sheri Daniel – we lost everything, house, property, 401k in our 5 year struggle that all started with the crash. Builders stopped building, contracting dried up. We tried in vain to get a modification even before we fell behind. It was no use. HomeEq took $10,000 from us for back payments, penalties , etc. and immediately closed up shop and sold our loan without applying the $10,000! Plus we had to pay $4,000 a month ‘rent’ into an escrow account to live in our house while we were on appeal. And yes it is time to find a new country. Sometimes I feel like we live in China – we have no rights!

  59. Listen Up!
    The stripped title was used as a transfer and sale into trust.
    (Deferred taxable gains).
    They substituted out the original agreements & note with purchaser seller “Installment Sale Contract”.
    Deferred taxable gains due upon transfer or sale of corporate estates assets.

  60. To defeat a problem, it is necessary to identify it.

    Most posts start with the outrage and that is fine, too.

    I will start with the solution: The American “Greenback Dollar”.

    The “Greenback” was created by President Lincoln.

    President Lincoln recognized the international central banking filth.

    Those filth were funding the Confederacy…

    But, President Lincoln needed gold.

    So, he went to those filth and they attempted to loan the gold at 40% interest.

    President Lincoln said, “NO”. He then created the “Greenback Dollar”.

    The “Greenback Dollar” is a viable alternative to “Federal Reserve Notes”.

    The “Greenback Dollar” is currently awaiting the American People…


    The Clintons are STOOGES of Wall Street.

    Bernie Sanders has consistently identified the banks as our OPPRESSORS.

    President Lincoln would be PROUD.

    Look in your wallet. The top of your “dollars” shows: “Federal Reserve Note”.

    The “Federal Reserve” is neither “Federal”, nor does it have any “Reserves”.

    OUR CURRENCY is created, OUT-OF-THIN-AIR on computer screens.

    The “Federal Reserve” is one of several, PRIVATE, internationally-owned BANKS.

    The IMF and World Bank are also central banks. They are owned and operated by the same international, banking Filth.

    Right now, according to their own rules, the central banks are INSOLVENT.



    That means: It is the BOSS.

    (Google : “Breton Woods Conference, 1942”).

    A Bank has books. Those books show ASSETS VERSUS LIABILITIES.

    Right now, the international, privately-owned, central banking CARTEL owes “1200 TRILLION DOLLARS” to the multiplicity of FRAUDS they created on WALL STREET.



    They refuse an audit of the “Federal Reserve”.
    They refuse an audit of the “DTC” and the “DTCC”.

    The “DTC” and “DTCC” will show the world the FRAUDS they now owe 1200 Trillion Dollars to, as DERIVATIVES.


    (Although it only tells part of the story).

    The Derivatives are “BETS” people across-the-world, will default on their mortgage.

    The whole thing is a SCAM.

    It was cooked up after Slick Willy Clinton went on a double date with Monica Lewinsky and 3 republican senators.

    While they were on their date, this odd assortment suppressed “Glass-Steagall”. Hillary is now serving refreshments.

    Both Clintons are serving their daughter. Chelsea is serving LIES.

    Both political parties are STOOGES of WALL STREET.

    Wall Street created the “Mortgage Crisis” and the whole thing is a deliberate SCAM. Google: “Securitization Fail”. The “Trusts” are EMPTY.

    The “Trusts” have no “RES”. “RES” means “loans”.

    The bankers stole the loans for their own personal use.

    In other words, the bankers took “loans” somebody else already paid for, in-full (the Pension Plans), and they hired a secretary to help them conceal their theft.

    The “Lending Banks” stole the NOTES. The “Servicing Banks” are stealing the “Mortgages” that belong to those NOTES.

    It is Forgery and Fraud. Hillary is serving refreshments.

    “Robo-signing” is “FORGERY”. “FORGERY” IS ILLEGAL.


    “HSBC BANK” stands for “Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation” and they are parasites, now found, in the intentionally mislabeled, US, “Federal Reserve”.

    That will get you started. Oh and the answer is:

    We The People, are being used by criminals, that hijacked our money and way of life.

    So… since they are now INSOLVENT (1200 TRILLION? I mean, are you guys kidding me?).

    Let’s define their problems (1200 Trillion owed to fraudulent DERIVATIVES).

    Then claw back their “FED NOTES” and replace them with fresh


  61. Our forefathers really did get it right!

  62. Got this from someone who saw me post your article. Not making this up, it’s a law: Title 18 U.S. Code section 2381
    When in the presence of two witnesses to the same overt act or in an open court of law if you fail to timely move to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and honor your oath of office you are subject to the charge of capital felony treason, and upon conviction you will be taken by the posse to the nearest busy intersection and at high noon hung by the neck until dead…The body to remain in state till dusk as an example to anyone who takes his oath of office lightly.

  63. This is depressing……today I am trying to find the strength to continue to fight….Supreme Court of Virginia refused last week to hear my appeal… it time to find a new country? Is this one broken beyond repair?

  64. the biggest investment of our lives is a home to call our own. nOthing is sacred anymore under this ” watch”

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