Stephen Wright, Esq. On Rescission and Drilling Down to the Truth Tonight on the Neil Garfield Show

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Steve Wright and Neil Garfield  will be discussing and allowing time for questions in a 45 minute broadcast. The topics are Rescission, the time limits for sending, recording the rescission, the time limits and the rules restricting the right of so-called lenders or creditors from filing anything that challenges the effect of the rescission, Standing, Drilling down on Standing and driving down beyond standing, Judicial notice of the Trust instrument, and the difference between the strategy of trying to enforce the PSA, which most courts are saying you can’t do, vs the strategy of attacking whether the REMIC Trust ever purchased the loan and therefore whether the alleged trustee or servicer has any relationship to the loan. If the loan doesn’t own the debt then the Trustee and Servicer are just padding. 
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  1. BLD,

    Great information. I’m currently investigating a pretender Trustee. Could you provide a specific contact number of someone who could assist me within the NY Secretary of Sate Dept?

  2. Thank You, BLD. Now kindly contact Mr. Garfield and tell him “iwantmynpv” is the “trouble-maker” and that I am the one that always stays focused…

    Only kidding. But, no one here really likes “iwantmynpv”.

    But seriously, I agree. David Belanger is fierce and he is correct: the “Trusts” don’t exist.

    I proudly wear the scarlet letter “F” and I introduce myself to strangers asking if the think they have a “mortgage”… as We now know: they don’t.

    I have two lawyers I can hardly wait to show my letter to and, for them, it doesn’t mean “foreclosure”, it means: “you Sissy Marys “FOOLED” with the wrong guy.

    I am trying to find a way to join them in jail, when the time comes, so I can sell them for packs of cigarettes…

    But, I digress.

    For those I have yet to offend, that still may be reading along:

    The PSAs all contain contractual obligations. In other words: any company signing the contracts that govern the pools of “loans” your “loan” was “entered” into (aka, “The Trust”), are given rules…

    Those “rules” are designed to govern the “Trusts”. I have read a bunch of those “Rules”, so far, thanks to David Belanger, and I have yet to see where any of those rules allow for “predatory lending”, “fraud”, “violation of TILA, HOEPA or RESPA”…

    In fact, the words, in parentheses, above, are the things the rules actually list as a violation within the PSAs…

    So… if you have these violations and you have evidence to prove these violations, it is incumbent on the “Trust”- THROUGH CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION- TO SELL THE “LOAN” BACK TO THE ORIGINATOR.

    In other words, in the verbiage of one of my highly-esteemed counselors- one that will likely, NOT be joining me in prison- to be sold for cigarettes- when the time comes: “The Trust has rights”.

    In other words, why would ANY “LEGITIMATE TRUST” be attempting to foreclose on me when I have PROOF OF FRAUD? …

    In other words: they are “contractually obligated” to return the loan to the originator and then return the money paid back to their client.

    Of course, none of the lawyers for the phony “Trusts” are following this particular “train” … eh … ehem, of “thought”, just yet…

    I don’t smoke, but I know, for a fact, when the time comes, I am going to be the owner of packs-upon-packs of cigarettes…

  3. Michael,

    You are extremely helpful to home owners. If you dig down really deep due to the fraud and criminality of what was done at ‘closing’…not only do the trusts not exist…but many Amrikans are mere renters.
    Stay the course.
    Everyone…if a ‘trust’ is foreclosing on you, contact the Secretary of State in either NY or Delaware. They can substantiate the trust does not exist. For ten dollars, get a letter attesting to the FACT the trust is no longer in existence…I.E. No longer accepting payments to investors.
    The ‘trust’ has been and is closed.
    The pretender ‘Trustee’ is a criminal and should be put in prison.

  4. @ steven Wagner, go to the search line at the top of Mr. Garfield’s page and type in “rescission letter”. You will find examples. Do you have an attorney? Probably a good idea if you can find one.

    sounds like forgerys on QWR responses, probably photo-shopped.

    Do you know: “The Burning Platform: Who’s your Lender”? I suggest you visit and follow the prompts.

    Do you know who claims your “loan”? Which “Trust”? They are all phony.

    Find the “Trust”; contact the sec and see if it exists… spolier alert: it doesn’t.

    Google “1200 Trillion Dollars”. That is the number owed to “Notional Derivatives”. The 1200 trillion is an impossible sum- 20 times the GDP of every country combined.

    Your “mortgage” was used as collateral for a securitization. Nobody can use your “mortgage” to securitize anything but you.

    The “Trusts” are a Fraud.

    Today, UBS, the French Branch, was discovered concealing 38,000 private accounts all ending in the number 111.

    The bankers took money from others and paid your “loan” in full. Then they put those “loans” in in their private accounts to swindle the taxman.

    The 38,000 UBS loans discovered today are valued at 24 Billion US.

    Of course, I am not a lawyer. These are just my “opinions” lol. Only lawyers are smart enough to figure this h8rsesh*t out- or, at least that what these criminal banking PIGS thought.

    Every case has different fact patterns. You have found Mr. Garfield’s site. You now have much to do.

  5. Thanks, Deb.

  6. Can’t help it yes Sanders

  7. Oops off topic. Love the blog talk though I’ll be listening

  8. I honestly wonder if miss Hilary put Monica up to it as a political move 😑 ( that’s for you Aman and MK) they sink as low as s human can IMHO

  9. Is this call being recorded so I can go back and listen to this and have my attorney listen too. I refinanced my house, I never received 2 copies of my Right to cancel. in fact I signed my documents on Nov 4, 2005
    and when I went back to review this I noticed there was a predate of Nov 9, 2005.. another words they never came back to have me sign the Right to Cancel it was post dated. Were do I find a recession letter or do you offer to send this. Also in my Truth and Lending there was No income listed, no employment, no assets, the only asset was the house and I have 4 letters from American Service company stating 4 different entities own my note, in 2 letter they say they do not know who owns my note because it was sold to a pool of investors. Each note they included in response to my QWR letter I sent is different. For example on one Note there is an Authentic Seal from Irwin Mortgage and on the 3 page there is no stamp Paid to the order off, on another note there is no Authentic Seal on he first page but on the 3rd page 2 stamps paid to the order of, with one having an endorsement and the other no endorsement. Again were do I find a recession letter?

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