Oregon County Enters Into Illegal Setlement with MERS, BOA et al

see MERS Settlement OR

A contract to commit an illegal activity is void or unenforceable. Here a county in Oregon sued the big banks and MERS and then accepted a few million dollars in exchange for saying that they would accept MERS recordings. This by-passes the Oregon legislature which determines what documents can be recorded and how they must be recorded. This county is putting its own stamp of approval on fraudulent documents. No county is authorized to make policy decisions like that.

Once again the banks have purchased government action and inaction.

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  2. Seems like a wonderful 42 USC 1982 class action suit where you have substantial real evidence of collusion, counterfeiting, embezzlement, fraud, impersonating and a bunch of others. Prima facia evidence…
    Now check out the good guys at this site, shows List of Robo Signers and robo notaries and Obrien will send you an affidavit too to help. Lets support those that do the right thing, send them thank you notes, and lets make a list of those and publish it so that others can appreciate them.. stick and carrot!!!! Social pressure is very powerful…
    and there are good Judges, like Shack in NY… if you get a list together I’ll publish it on my website and we can get links on this site and others..
    Lets be winners instead of whiners or wieners. :-} Positive reinforcement and charges for those who are acting like criminals. Blessings…
    http://salemdeeds.com/ it may take a bit for the new sight to sinc up they just got a new server.. if not there in a few days give a call see links on left side..

  3. @Ian,

    The word, “Lobbyist” comes from Lincoln’s disdain, during the Civil War, of cowards and “Flim-Flam” men selling attempting to sell him useless things in the Lobby of the Willard Hotel.

    Nowadays, if the dip shiss we call our representatives were to wear the labels of those that have stolen our votes, they would need a wardrobe that would rival the “Outlaw, Jersey Whale”, Chris Christie

  4. Michael keane- not sure where i read this, but I think that in CA there a movement underway to have state representatives wear logos of the companies from which they have received campaign contributions. These would be badges affixed to the clothes they are wearing while speaking on the House floor. For instance, it they received money from BOA, then that logo would be pinned to their suit jacket.
    My only concern is that some of these dirtbags have taken so much money from so many corporate donors and would require so many logos to be affixed to their bodies that they would keel over from the weight.

  5. @Terri Stansberry, on January 7, 2016 at 11:39 pm said:

    “OMG!!! We are all doomed with idiots like this drawing breath…”

    Respectfully, I am assuming you don’t agree with Dylan Ratigan and I am curious as to why that is.

  6. @Ian,

    “He was always in the know and right on all issues.”

    I couldn’t agree more… with one caveat, he advocates “not voting” as he is correct in his assessment, both political parties are in the pocket of the corrupt central bankers.

    While it is obvious both political parties have been corrupted, “not voting, I feel, is NOT an option as it is exactly what the banking pigs are counting on.

  7. See 42 USC 1983 and 1988, the 5th and 14th Amendments being done away with…I guess we don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution…The Rothchilds are no doubt very proud…

  8. Michael Keane- the guy is Dylan Ratigan. Formerly of CNBC i think. He “resigned” after a number of his infamous rants made certain people uncomfortable. I watched him for years. He was always in the know and right on all issues.

  9. OMG!!! We are all doomed with idiots like this drawing breath…

  10. Story, such as it is, can be found here –

    Portlandia … land of the ?!

  11. After We The People make Senator Sanders President, I am gonna run next and this guy is gonna be my banking CZAR.


    Senator Sanders 2016.

  12. Seems like a contradiction of last months decision by the Oregon Court of Appeals: http://www.publications.ojd.state.or.us/docs/A150421.pdf

  13. where is the authority of the county to enter into such an agreement.

    does the county recorder violate his oath of office.

    separation of powers issues significant.

  14. Elaine, All settlements exclude your Private Right of Action.

    When a Con steals your identity and assets, then turns around in its Pretense capacity to Act for you …YOU SAY NO NO NO NOOO!!!!!

  15. Wait! A county in Oregon took money from BofA and MERS to say that what they did was ok, that’s it was acceptabl? Where did the few millions go? Did any of the homeowners receive restitution? And finally who is the dim wit who took the money in exchange for excusing their flagrant behavior. What a dumbass! They have a huge problem in the next state from them -Washington. This person hasn’t heard that?

  16. “Where MERS is the Grantee or Grantor ” ?
    Oh My …. That my Friends is a Mouthful.

  17. Let’s try to look at the light in this tragic decision by the county recorder

    At least Mers et al. Decided to settle. And in today’s climate some people might go to


  18. I can attest that going around the end zone in county recorders, register of deeds and/or real property tax collector is big illegal business across the country in county government.

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