Write to Congress and the President: Congress Bows to Wall Street

I think it is time for the Office of Management and Budget to get authority to investigate systemic schemes like “securitization” and report back to the Public, Congress and the President on the actual effects of letting the Banks get away with this behavior. Most of the shift of wealth from the middle class has been courtesy of the banks. Even if we are inexplicably resolved to let it happen, we should at least KNOW that it is happening.

Neil F Garfield, livinglies.me

see http://www.ibtimes.com/lawmakers-attach-wall-street-deregulation-omnibus-bill-1747742

“Republicans can still relent and remove the changes to Dodd-Frank. The Rules Committee will meet Wednesday afternoon to set the technical requirements for the passage omnibus bill. During that process, the bill can be quickly amended before it heads to a full vote in the House on Thursday. But doing so will require a signoff from House Speaker John Boehner.

“This is a defining moment,” said Jeff Connaughton, a former top Senate aide and the author of the book “The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins.” “Senators who say they are serious about reforming Wall Street should use their power to block this bill until these provisions are removed.”

Some years ago the banks almost got a bill through that would have validated defective and illegal instruments fabricated for purposes of foreclosure. It actually passed Congress but Obama refused to sign it. That was because many of us in media alerted everyone when the surprise bill came to light.

Now they are doing it again — only worse. Congress has now passed a budget bill which contains, deep inside of it, provisions that will allow the banks to continue controlling transactions that were designed to their sole benefit at the expense of both depositors/investors and homeowners. It virtually guarantees that there will be another crash and ANOTHER BAILOUT OF THE BANKS.

The really crazy thing about these bailouts is that it implies we are saving the banks from destruction. But the truth is that we are preserving their expected profit from completely illegal activities at the expense of the victims and at the expense of the American taxpayer. This is nuts.. Congress, at the bidding of their owners — the Banks — has now institutionalized it. It is still possible to have that provision carved out if you act fast and send letters to your Congressman, Senator and to the President. Obama doesn’t have a clue about finance and has been relying upon the advice fo people whose sole interest is to protect Banks at the expense of the American people.

In addition to all of the new provisions in this year’s budget bill, one of the worst riders from the 2014 “omnibus” bill that deregulated derivatives trading on Wall Street will remain in effect. They have now reversed essential provisions of the Dodd-Frank financial reform act of 2010, and allows big banks to get away with the illegal, wrongful and anti-American practices that caused the weakening of the American economy over the last 40 years and in particular the 2008 financial crisis. While CitiBank lobbyists wrote the bill, it was designed to give cover to all the major banks who are continuing to pursue illegal foreclosures on behalf of phantom creditors.

Mother Jones published an article about this. Wall Street has been submitted bills on the sly for many years. This one was proposed in 2014 legislation and vanished because Citi lobbyists wrote it. Not even members of Congress would support it because everyone knew that nearly every word was written by Citi lobbyists.

But now, it suddenly reappears and Congress passed it! — enabling past abuses to continue and now enhancing those abuses so that as a matter of law, the banks can used FDIC insured money to slide around into various nefarious schemes.

Here is the the link to the Mother Jones Article entitled

Citigroup Wrote the Wall Street Giveaway The House Just Approved


the legislation was left on the table for corporate-friendly lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to now sneak into the pending spending bill. But Democratic leadership is raising concerns about the Wall Street-friendly provision. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) blasted out a statement Wednesday morning slamming the provision for allowing “big banks to gamble with money insured by the FDIC.” And Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is calling on the House to strike the Citi-written language from the spending bill.

“I am disgusted,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), the ranking Democrat on the House financial services committee, said in a statement. “Congress is risking our homes, jobs and retirement savings once again.”

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) issued an even more dire warning, calling the bill “a good example of capitalism’s death wish.”


45 Responses

  1. The worst part of their unlawful decision to deny I have LEGAL RIGHTS because I’m CATHOLIC is i’m no religious zealot & I never was.

    I’ve never pushed my religion or religious beliefs on no one ever.

    However, the devil worshippers have the nerve to want to use me for their PAGANIST SATANIC RITUAL ABUSIVE practices in OPEN SECRET.

    That’s RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION, you usually never know why your being targeted by the evil & incentuous ones.

    It’s becsuse they have NO MORALS, & if you do, they despise their own guilty consciences because they have none.

    Everything they do to try & victimize their target is done behind their back.

    You might be being framed for their crimes & you won’t know it because the evidence of their crimes to criminalize the innocent, is never disclosed.


    FORCED DEPRIVATION by FORCED COERCION is their handle & it’s DOMESTIC TERRORISM by forced denials by the SECRET SATANIC CULT who thinks they own WE THE PEOPLE.

  2. By the so called TRUSTED CREDENTIALS of those who I never did business with but intruded themselves upon my white BLU cell phone, I think they’re WAFFEN BUNDESBANK S.S. GANGSTALKERS who work for DEUTSCHE BANK AKA the DVD.

  3. Moreover, I cite the same LEGAL IMPROPRIETIES by OBAMA, through the sitting ILLINOIS STATES ATTORNEY, have been brought upon me unlawfully because they have been using forced PRO SE FRAUDCLOSURE LEGAL DEFENSE to PERSECUTE THE INNOCENT to undermine the VATICAN BANK to cover up TBTF BANK FRAUD by WALL STREET EXECS.


  4. The unlawful $85 billion dollar bailout of AIG by BUSH is evidence of HUMAN TRAFFICKING of U.S. CITIZENS by the POTUS.

    No criminal prosecutions of the 9/11 hijackers means BUSH bailed out the 9/11 hijackers unlawfully & STATES THE CLAIM of FRAUD PROFITEERING to undermine our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC by GEORGE W. BUSH.

  5. Furthermore, I think the former ILLINOIS STATES ATTORNEY was channeling dead people when he said on live tv that LINCOLN IS CRYING OUT FROM HIS GRAVE because of BLAGO.

    Because LINCOLN freed the slaves & the former ILLINOIS STATES ATTORNEY was behaving like one by publicly presuming guilt of the innocent.

    Maybe he hung out in BOHEMIAN GROVE with the BUSHES & thinks conjuring the dead behind AIG BANK FRAUD BAILOUTS is the PROPER VENUE for LEGAL IMPROPRIETY because AIG doesn’t lend money.

  6. The only thing standing in the way of their evil FREEMASONIC PLAN for one world satanic government is ROMAN CATHOLICISM because we reject the MICROCHIP MARK OF THE BEAST hidden in page 1003 of the HEALTHCARE SCOFFLAW under the guise of the MEDICAL DEVICE REGISTRY.

    Furthermore, they’re not tatooing me to their FRAUD IN THE SALE OF FRAUD.

  7. The conspiracy that is being covered up is the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY/FREEMASON war on the hierarchy of the CATHOLIC CHURCH IMHO.

    L RON HUBBARD the 33* FREEMASON was their cult leader & they’re one in the same with the CHURCH OF SATAN because they idol worship themselves.

    Clearly they want something money can’t buy, our LEGAL TITLES.

  8. In fact, I think it would be safe to say the BANKSTERS don’t like CATHOLICS because they despise the VATICAN BANK.

  9. This mob war on my freedom began when I looked up the GENEALOGY of my Grandfathers mothers maiden name SALTILY, & I found out it is the SURNAME for the DI MEDICI BANKING DYNASTY.

    No coincidence I’m sure that’s why I was targeted by the non-religious sector of society.

  10. The proof OBAMA’S TBTF RECOVERY & REINVESTMENT ACT was meant to fail is what talk radio show host MICHAEL SAVAGE calls the JOBS WITH THE FUNNY HATS.

    Those J.O.B.S. represent nothing but COMMUNITY SERVICE WORKER DEBT BASED INCOME that cause more FINANCIAL HARDSHIP because people starve on that subserviant type of DEBT BASED income caused by the UNLAWFUL $60+ TRILLION DOLLAR TBTF BAILOUTS.

  11. Merry Christmas Eve to everyone & especially to those fighting for their LEGAL RIGHT to defend their TITLE from COMPLETE GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION by the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

    One retired CHICAGO NEWS REPORTER talk radio show host in CHICAGO said the RUSSIAN MOB is protecting their own racket on U.S. soil so no one can debunk what I say is true.

    The proof is in the fact they’re trying to make upstanding U.S. CITIZENS defenseless by COLOR OF LAW theories based upon nothing LEGALLY FACTUAL.

    The LEGAL PROOF of what I say is true is in the FACT one LAWYER said to me in the COURTHOUSE he’s no BOUNTY HUNTER.

  12. So when you talk COMPLETE CORRUPTION in ILLINOIS POLITICS it’s because the GOVERNMENT in the STATE OF ILLINOIS is being fraudulently controlled by the RUSSIAN MOB.

    The NOTES ENDORSED IN BLANK I have in my possession prove the RUSSIAN MOB CONSPIRACY is CRIMINAL & it was INTENDED to try & CRIMINALIZE the innocent by FORCED PERSUASION.

    it’s full intention was to do so by GOVERNMENT UPHEAVEL.


  13. They murdered my beloved dog & the RUSSIAN MOB has KGB AGENTS embedded everwhere in the STATE OF ILLINOIS.

    Those JAG judges OBAMA has placed everywhere protect the RUSSIAN MOB & CONTROL their own BANK FRAUD by spying on U.S. CITIZENS.

    Security in the COURTHOUSES is obviously run by the KGB SPY RING who monitor our PRIVACY RIGHTD UNLAWFULLY.

    They use the SOFT KILL STRATEGY with DEWS & SEVERE PSYCHOLICAL ABUSE to try & destroy the CREDIBILITY of their victims.

    They’re going to kill my two little dogs with their DEWS trying to destroy me.

  14. They want the evidence of the RUSSIAN MOB BANK FRAUD I have in my BROWN, BEIGE, & RED PLAID ABERCROMBIE bag that i have been carrying with me every place I go for over one year now.

    The ILLINOIS STATE COPS stole it from me out of my SUV the night they CRIMINALLY ASSAULTED me & UNLAWFULLY went though my private papers & my private JOURNALS.

    They stole my SUV KEYS with my 3 gold baby bracelets I had on them for good luck.

    They gave me back my bag disheveled, & my baby bracelets & key ring but stole my SUV KEYS, the contents in my SUV & my SUV with no TITLE to it.

    They locked me up UNLAWFULLY in the WILL COUNTY ADULT DETENTION CENTER for 12 days with NO JUST CAUSE & terrorized me because I refused the SEXUAL ADVANCES of the MOKENA COP who was out of his LEGAL JURISDICTION the night he pulled me over to sexually harass me & he threatened to kill me.

  15. Correct typo: COOK COUNTY CHANCERY _COURT_

  16. Furthermore, I think the U.S. GOVERNMENT is using my subdivision, THE LANDINGS in OAK FOREST ILLINOIS, for FEMA NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMP type terrorism with DEWS & foreign espionage spies guarding the subdivision because they’re hiding criminal things in here.

    For defending my TITLES PRO SE in COOK COUNTY CHANCERY COURY, the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION had me FORCIBLY dragged from my house UNLAWFULLY by who I think were KGB AGENTS, in NOVEMBER of 2014 & tried to FORCE DRUG me to death because they hate CATHOLICS for my 51st birthday.

    The ILLINOIS STATES ATTORNEY is obviously OBAMA’S AGENT & the U.S. STATES ATTORNEY should investigate their LAWLESSNES ASAP.

    I see evidence OBAMA is PUTINS AGENT on U.S. soil & they’re covering up for BANK CRIMES of the RUSSIAN MOB under fake identities like LNR.

  17. I’ve been being held hostage in my house by FALSE IMPRISONMENT by the ILLINOIS STATES ATTORNEY/ FBI for over one year now for being forced to defend 2 FRAUDCLOSURES PRO SE for 5 years that were brought upon me UNLAWFULLY.

    They set me up last year by tagging my MITSUBUSHI ENDEAVOR to DESTROY EVIDENCE they’re GANG STALKING me unlawfully for te RUSSIAN MOB & have nearly killed me many times.

    The ILLINOIS STATE POLICE blew my tires out for no reason & nearly beat me to death on the highway. They didnt stop hittimg me until I started praying the HAIL MARY.

    They stole my SUV with no TITLE to it because I never signed it & my ILLINOIS DRIVERS LICENSE.

    The OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is one vast MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD terrorist organization who is behind the scenes of it.

  18. “Government Criminal Investigation Division”

    Mr. “William Bennett,” please present your credentials proving you are a “former agent” for the above-mentioned, non-existent organization.

    There are many commenters on this blog who’ve had their identities and/or homes stolen. Much of this has been done with falsifed documents. We’ve little patience for any more “false personalities” who are agents or “vice presidents” of questionable organizations.

    We can do with one less pseudonym here casting useless bits of “informative information.”

  19. Moreover, isn’t it FALSE MISJUDGMENT for WALL STREET EXECS to judge the living like their dead by bailing themselves out by PRE-ARRANGED CONDITION PRECEDENTS that were never lawfully established?

    There should be UNLAWFUL GAINS TAX on the WALL STREET SIPHON who uses DOCSX to manufacture their own factless, baseless STOCK PORTFOLIO INNUENDOS.

    Then the truth will be revealed that the NYSE is one huge fabrication that hides the CRIME SYNDICATE in CYBERSPACE.

  20. What was reconciled with the FAILED BANKS that brought them back from out of those UNSECURED TRUSTS that failed to document their undocumentation?

    I think that’s the outright theft of our LEGAL RIGHTS to sue them legitimately for FRAUD IN THE FACTUM because that’s FALSIFICATION OF EVIDENCE by PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY they ever existed DBA the same PLAUSIBLE DENIER.

    What’s the COST RATIO on the PAYOUT for those DENIALS that were FALSIFIED by EVIDENCE TAMPERING?

    Subpoena the NOTARIES who now work for JACK IN THE BOX & have msssive memory loss from the TBTF transition because the only perk to that financial hardship is FREE SUPER TACOS.

  21. Pardon moi but, OBAMA doesn’t resemble those REMICS he portends to be.

    So what is he really trying to represent by FALSE REPRESENTATION of the LEGAL FACTS of MORTGAGE BROKERING FICTION?


    Furthermore, I want to see the written receipt for that $60+ TRILLION DOLLAR TIARA & I would request FOIA produce that TIARA.

  22. Neil.  This is William Bennett the former Agent for the US Government Criminal Investigation Division and I am amazed that a Bill like the one passed ref to the Banks and Wall Street. The crime that has been exposed that the banks, loan servicing agencies and their crooked lawyers have been committing for more than  8 years in their historical Ponzi scheme where they are actually stealing properties from home owners through illegal, criminal methods and our courts are allowing these crooks to submit false, fraudulent, robo-signed and forged documents into court records. The major banks, including BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, Nationstar and of course OCWEN Loan Servicing, just to mention a few, have been detected and there is proof that bankers and their associates, including not only the bank executives, but also bank employees, loan servicing agency employees, so-called Trustees andforeclosure mill operators must be named as co-conspirators inboth civil and criminal actions. My office has investigated over one hundred cases for home ownersand have found criminal law violations in every case. Another case that involves OCWEN Loan Servicing, LLC, where they provided a home owner with a modification only to cancel it as DENIED after the home owner paid the trial payments, and filed a foreclosure notice against the 75 year old senior citizen.  SENIOR ABUSE against the home owner who lived in the home for over thirty years. One such case with Countrywide Home Loans, taken over by BofA where they loaned $1,130,000 to a young lady 20 years of age who worked as a waitress for a restaurant in the Los Angeles area making a salary of approximately $2,000 monthly, but the loan processor who drew all the documents, inserted on her statement her salary was $17,000 monthly, unknown to the borrower. She paid NO down payment, and thought she was doing the right thing as she was going to have her parents and other family members plustwo homeless seniors share rooms.  When she went into the bank to execute mortgage documents, the mortgage specialist in the bank office, presented a package for the young lady to initial on every page and sign on the final page, but never allowed time for the borrower, who had never purchased or owned a home until this time, to read or review the documents she was executing. Yes, she should have known better, but in those days you were supposed to trust your banker, your priest or church minister, your doctor and your lawyer.   In the take over of Countrywide by BofA, it did not take long until BofA talked the borrower into doing a short sale, which the bank approved and the property was sold for $750,000, but a short time later, was re-sold for $1.3 Million. Where do you think the fraud started and who, if not the bankers and bank employees, were the thieves? And we may find some mortgage brokers and lawyers directing the fraud and misrepresentationsto the borrower as well as to the court. Your recommendation for home and property owners to write to Congress and to their Senators , Representatives in their area as well as to Elizabeth Warren, Senator Chairperson for the US Senate Sub-Committee on Bank Fraud, and should also copy the United StatesDepartment of Justice and they must alert these people that if this particular Bill is not stopped, our country will see another recessionlike never before. Whoever is going to be elected our President in the coming election,or those looking to gain Senate or Congressional seats,should be aware that there may be an up-rising by our citizens becauseenough is enough and if they are the one to initiate the brakes on theforeclosure epidemic, they just may find that they will have a few million extra voters on their side. I have followed your Blog for years and what you have predicted and the fraud and criminal actions you have exposed, is starting to be seen by the public as well as by certain law enforcement agencies and judges. It has all been too slow, as millions of our citizens have been placed in the street by greedy  banker thieves who have no conscience or feelings for their fellow man, however, I see and predict as you have, that we are about to see some heads of bankers, bank employees and lawyers roll and when they do, we will enjoy reading about these thieves being sentenced to ten, twenty or more years on FREE vacations where they will be identifiable in their orange jump suits. I now see many RESCISSION notices being sent to banks and Loan Servicing  Agencies, but I see no responses as per the statue where thebanks have 20 days to respond with a law suit with the presentation of the ORIGINAL NOTE and release of the security instrument, (mortgage or Deed of Trust) as per the US SUPREME COURT Statute. I have seen banks write letters back stating they nmever received any Notice of Rescission therefore they are not required to answer, but how do they know a rescission was mailed to them if they state they never received one? Neil, keep the faith as we will eventually win out and if the Congressof the United States fails to recognize how our country is being takenover by a bunch of banker and Wall Street hoods, we must be electing the wrong people that are not protecting the citizens or are on the take from these hoods. Hopefully you will enjoy a great Christmas and New Years Celebrationand lets keep up the fight. My regards to your readers and those who are supporting your definitely needed information. WB


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  24. It’s no chicken little thing Greg.

    I’ve witnessed their horror show first hand & it’s no joke.

    What we have here is complete corruption by high level satanists.

    The FREEMASONIC CULT of human sacrificers & they’re the CODERS, not me

    Just like RON PAUL said they CODIFIED the U.S. CONSTITUTION.


    Look up the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. They’re the most prolific haters of the CATHOLIC CHURCH in the world.

    Where is the FBI’s RETIREMENT FUNDS invested.

    $10 bucks says in the GSE’s.

    When I went to the MORTGAGE FRAUD OFFICE of the COOK COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS IN CHICAGO’S CITY HALL to complain I told the clerk I called te FBI WHITE COLLAR CRIMES DIVISION to complain. He said what did they tell you. I replied they said it’s the GSE’S & he laughed. He said call them back & tell them you want the MORTGAGE FRAUD DIVISION & don’t let them tell you there isn’t one.

    He said he would look into the fraud & call me back & he never did.

  25. And they will simply keep printing money
    Unless the rest of the world stands up to the US Govvy
    If their own economy depends on the strength of the US dollar then thats not happening anytime soon, question is, is the US too big to fail? Would it not be better to break up the big banks and allow community banks and communities to soak up the business and be small enough to manage and oversee, the tryst could then return, i do not understand why its not a better way, but the powers that be control obviously do not see , no balance, and so it will take a while to restore balance, with a few moves on the right direction starting with the 2016 election then the proverbial ripples on the ocean will commence, if the intention is good it will move fast.
    Who will start the change, well it starts with one, self. Can only be responsible for self and what you believe is being who you truely are, the rest is out of your direct control, think about direct and then think about indirect. Starts with self.

  26. A New Glass-Steagall Would Be Too Good for Banks to Pass Up



    “Proponents of a new Glass-Steagall law correctly point out that it would reduce speculation, hyper-liquidity and profiteering in banking, thereby benefiting the broader economy. But the re-imposition of that law would also benefit banks themselves.

    First, a Glass-Steagall firewall would make banks safer by eliminating perverse incentives for profiteering. Under the firewall, commercial banks would be prohibited outright from speculative activity. And divested investment banking units would become more judicious about risking their — or their clients’ — capital since those units would no longer have any recourse to trillions of dollars in Federal Reserve largess (or insured customer deposits).

    Second, the Glass-Steagall standard would reduce costs for banks.”

  27. no Ivent – that’s not it at all…

    i and others tire of your Yoda-like code-talker jargon and wish you would write in plain American English and not Planet X doubletalk…

    What good is it if your vent your ideas to us if we can’t get past your double-entendres and secret metaphors….

    Plain, detailed statements without ALL CAPS YELLING would be a good start… If you want help from other human beings in your cause, start by speaking their language, please.

    Your “Chicken Little” thing you do has run its course in this audience and we don’t care anymore… We want to find answers and create solutions, not hear a female version of Alex Jones’ “the sky is falling” rhetoric…



  28. Hospice is so evil I taped some of their SATANIC INCANTATIONS they did over my dying IRISH CATHOLIC Grandmother who was extremely religious.

    They blasphemed God & cursed the CATHOLIC CHURCH right in front of me.

    They’re evil incarnate RELIGIOUS PERSECUTORS. The same with the demons in FRAUDCLOSURE.

    In fact I see evidence the FBI is the main culprit in the entire evil SATANIC PLOT.

  29. What’s the matter matter Greg the truth is to much for you?

    How dare you say someone should be FORCE DRUGGED for telling it like it is regarding the BLACK HAND of SATANISM murdering U.S. CITIZENS with their HOSPICE LEFT HAND PATH DEATH DRUGS. It’s SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE & HOSPICE is staffed by PATHOLGICAL PSYCHOPATHS who use HALLUCINOGENIC DRUGS to torture the minds of their victims.

  30. Screw you Greg you’re NAZI devil worshipping scum.

    When the BLACK HAND comes for you I hope youre not sedated jerk off.


  32. They’re who send their hospice comrades in to murder their victims unlawfully by FORCED COERCION under manufactured circumstances.

    They tell their victims go to the light but the DEATH DRUGS the HOSPICE DEATH CULT uses induces hallucinogenic psychosis so they can’t see the light.

    They did it to my grandparents unlawfully & that’s what SATANIC DEATH CULTS do.

    My grandma was dead, but her heart kept on pounding in her chest & I was horrified by that & more horrified by the ones who did it to her.

  33. I don’t believe the WALL STREET FRAUD BROKERS because they’re CONTROL FREAKS pushing POPULATION CONTROL poison like everyone is their possession.

  34. If the DRUG PUSHERS can’t force subjogate their victims into FORCED COMPLIANCE with their SUBVERSIVE MURDER PLOT, they will use their AGENTS to try & sabotage them.

    FORCED COERCION is criminally subversive & that’s because POLITICAL CENTRISM is TOTALITARIANISM.

    That’s why we’re being told what to do UNLAWFULLY & being politically STRONGARMED by IMPOSTERS who think they own us.


    That’s why the LOAN MODS were denied because SRA is their main objective & FRAUDCLOSURE gives them that opportunity.

    Proven by the fact the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT refuses to honor the TITLE INSURANCE POLICIES they issued.

  36. It’s really not gambling up on WALL STREET it’s MURDER, INC & how to cover up they’re devil worshipping HUMAN SACRIFICERS.

    That’s wjy the LUCIFERIAN OBAMA ADMINISTRATION wants everyone on DRUGS by FORCED COERCION under his HEALTHCARE SCOFFLAW to sneak in the poison & make murder look like natural causes or cause people to get things from the SIDE EFFECTS of their DEATH DRUGS.

  37. My fatherr who is retired from the FBI DRUG ENFORCEMENT DIVISION one said to me they only give you so long to live.

    I was shocked to hear that but I never said nothing in response.

    Who is playing God is the question & now I know it’s the MOB KINGPINS who run the GLOBAL DRUG RACKET like the CEO of MERCK & their criminal mastermind investors.

    They would rather kill off their victims than have their SHAREHOLDERS eat their own buy here pay here fraud shares backed by BONDSHOLDERS who invest in their own CRIME RACKETEERING.

  38. They’re both WALL STREET because they invest in the CORPORATE CRIME SYNDICATE.

    Who pays the MOB ENFORCER SERIAL KILLERS to subjogate the innocent victims of their CORPORATE CRIME SYNDICATE to cover up WALL STREET HUMAN TRAFICKING under many guises?

    The DRUG CARTEL LEADERS who work for various MOB OUTFITS & TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS who procure the killing of the innocent in their DEBT FRAUD STOCK PORTFOLIOS.

  39. Respectfully, I disagree in that “willful blindness” rules virtually all of the politicians and bureaucrats of the municipal corporation that is the “United States” in the District of Columbia.

  40. After all Donald Trump is against the establishment and his followers are middle class. Not only White. He can differentiate himself from the other Oil banksters Candidates.

    Ted Cruz wife works for Goldman Saks I think.


  41. Donald Trump supporters can lead the charge


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