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Tonight, Connecticut attorney Stephen Wright discusses the specifics of Ct Foreclosure Law in layman’s terms.  There is very little education for the Connecticut consumer to go to and learn about the foreclosure process in this state.  Probably because this is a banker’s paradise.

The topics would include:

1) Mandatory pre-conditions to commencement of a foreclosure action

2)The foreclosure complaint and homeowner’s right to court sponsored mediation;

3) Foreclosure Defenses and rescission;

4) Use of Bankruptcy to prevent foreclosure;

5)Types of Foreclosures and the differences;

60 Deficiency Judgments;

7) Short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure and the next phase; increase in foreclosures due to expiration of short term solutions

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  1. Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2015 21:40:51 +0000 To:

  2. esther9

    when and where did the break-in happen? (city/state)

    before foreclosure judgment?

    i had this happen in 2013 and it took police 2 years to identify the parties through DNA analysis of evidence left behind

    an arrest was finally made this summer 2015 of a known felon

    she was released after 4 hours of questioning because State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez’ Office decided the suspect was a drug addict and could not be relied upon for testimony! even after she admitted to being part of the break-in and doing it on a regular basis for cash!

    imagine how pissed off the great cops were who took the time to stay on the case for 2 years!

    this is the same State’s Attorney who’s resignation is being demanded for dragging her feet in the prosecution of Officer Jason Van Dyke who chose to shoot an unarmed Laquan McDonald 16 times in October 2014 – instead of just dropping him with a taser…


    my Spider-Senses tell me there is something going on in the background

    what do you think?


    check out the stark case in missouri – they had the same thing happen and won $6 million –

  3. I have a concern, in comment to lousie above me, I have been earnestly and deliverately involved n the administrative process, for quite some time and have called each entity to verify and validate whoe they are, PHH Morgage Servicer behind Safeguard Properties Buglurized and forced tresspassing and entry destoryed my steel doors and expensive but good deadbolts. The police responed to this, and I found out later that calls were made from an agency that is over the poice dept, the officer and offices called my burglary and destruction an event, and thus falsealarm reduc unit sends me this notice to pay, and thus validate the lie. So Safeguard Property person, resigned after agency called person. Just quite. I was to call and safeguard would “work to restore and repair the excessive damages they left in their wake.

    What I have learned since. There is a real estate business working with some, to Embezzle and conversion to steal my property and unlawfully and illegally Seize my property and steal title. Look up Secureguard Properties, numerous articles. The Seizure and trash out of peoples property. People did a thousand deaths, ALL is DONE ON AMBUSH! Be Aware!

    Homeowners need to be aware of this they circle your property, and ask neighbors, looking for an excuse, Owner Occupied, oh we made a mistake, too many. I like many am not in foreclosure and have letters documenting that there is no active case, much less foreclosure.

    This predatory tactic and strategiy is marked by Mortgage Serivice mainly who want to go around the lenders, much less the banks and then Lenders ever so decreetly , inflalte the value of stolen property and put it on thier books, Morgage Servicers cannot. But the Morgage Servicers are Empty uhaul 9am dec 4 8am morn vans other. a lying, cheating, dishonest, stealing, or simply shadyMorgage Servicers are
    Top Definition

       

    sheist/ sheisty

    a lying, cheating, dishonest, stealing, or simply shady

  4. Fair and balanced. Too many homeowners were not lent one penny from the pretender lenders. They are operating through criminal tactics to steal homes. The ‘trust’ no longer exists which they claim holder, assignee, etc,
    Forensic examination…any crime site would require.

  5. Good show, Mr. Wright. Look forward to another one and maybe you can get to bankruptcy next time.

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