Bankers going to Jail; Iceland – 26, U.S. – 0

So for those of you who think that Bankers can’t go to jail for lying and market manipulation — the very basis of the way securitization was practiced — I present Iceland.

Eleven former bankers have been sentenced to four and a half years or more in prison. The former top bosses of Kaupþing have received the longest sentences to date. Hreiðar Már Sigurðsson, the former CEO of failed bank Kaupþing and Magnús Guðmundsson, the CEO of Kaupþing Luxembourg, top the list, having been sentenced to a combined six years in prison for extensive market manipulation, embezzlement and breach of fiduciary duties.[e.s.] The maximum combined sentence for financial crimes according to Icelandic law is six years.

Courts can sentence people to longer prison terms than six years in cases where the crimes are systematic and repeated, and in cases where people make a living from engaging in financial crimes. Future cases against Magnús and Hreiðar Már will determine if the courts consider the two to have engaged in financial criminality of a scale which justifies expanding on the maximum sentences.

So what deal was made with Bush and Obama to not prosecute because the politicians who didn’t have one clue about finance were scared the world would end if they didn’t protect the criminals who undermined the U.S. economy and the world economies. Why were they scared? Answer: because they trusted the criminals who told them that is what would happen.

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  2. Thougj the link below says ARTHUR ANDERSON is no longer in business they disappeared & came back like the incredulous usually do.

  3. They comprise themselves of AUDIT FIRMS who never get AUDITED which makes them uncredible & reeks of criminal injustice.

    When ENRON went down for their CRIME SPREE they got AUDITED & their CORPORATE HEAD HONCHO went to prison but ARTHUR ANDERSON is still in business.

    It’s like one bad knock knock joke.

    Why do the likes of GRANT THORTON & others never get punished?


  4. The truth of the matter is, they’re criminally ignoring our LEGAL RIGHTS like CRIME SYNDICATE HOODLUMS.

    So if you vote, you’re voting for which DRUG DEALER you want elected.

    Therefore I won’t vote for no one.

  5. That’s because the fraudulently induced SRA SPY GOVERNMENT is destroying evidence they’re the main culprits in their own manufactured crises.

    They’re PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING is criminal & is what they’re using to unlawfully ignore our LEGAL RIGHTS.


  6. I have high hopes this movie will expose this crime to the masses ignorant of the truth, that will come together to demand justice. Many just walked away not knowing what happened. Perhaps this movie will enrage them and they will begin to litigate, vote out the bad politicians and take part in stopping this crime.

  7. My opinion is the politicians are in bed with them and don’t want the truth to come out.



    Fellow citizens of this country have been dehumanized, stripped of their rights and falsely accused- in the midst of any number of fraudulent behaviors- by these criminal, banking FILTH!

    What? In this WORLD? Does the Investigative Community NOT understand at this late, stage of the game?????

    Criminal PIGS took other People’s money and paid groups of loans off.
    Those criminal PIGS then put those fully-paid “loans” in their own pockets and collected the monthly payments for themselves.

    Our Judicial SYSTEM is a FARCE!

    If the criminal cartel, presently masquerading as our court system takes your property in fraud-closure, move back in after you get out of jail.

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