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Apparently there has been an “after hours” segment being run by some people who have joined the coalition to create a nationwide association for lawyers and homeowners. The views of those people are not necessarily my own and they in no way reflect the strategies or facts that I have advanced on my blog. The fact that their show is right after mine was their choice not mine. Garfield Goose is some fictional character that was once popular in the Midwest. If you are looking for fictional characters, go read Death Wish, written by my cousin, Brian Garfield, or one of his dozens of other novels.

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  1. Let me restate that……
    If the Property Owners Convey by Warranty Deed to the Capital Asset Company………who is the depositor…

    The problem here lies …. the fact that I can Not convey.,..
    What I don’t have!!!

    Open Escrow?

  2. So…if the property owners deposit a Warranty Deed with the Capital Asset company….and the Capital Asset Company is the depositor…..
    Why does none of this show up in the chain of title?

    Where are the missing Deeds?

  3. Greg?

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