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I don’t know what is different, but it looks like we are making progress at building an effective team to help lawyers, accountants, homeowners and others with consumer debt. Perhaps it is because people started looking back at my original writing starting back in 2007 and realized that I correctly analyzed and predicted the progress although I missed the timing. Still looking for accountants, but we have at least one now. The timing is good because we no longer need to convince people that the flaws in “securitization fail” are fatal and not correctable. That means we have a real shot at (a) stopping these foreclosure and (b) seeking paths to redress for the millions who were victims of illegal foreclosures.


The goal is to create a self sustaining easily accessible resource for both experienced attorneys and people who are like deer caught in the headlights. We are getting closer now to bringing together a national effort. AND I am looking for ways to introduce accountants and auditors to this effort. IN the end it is all about money, allocation and real transactions that can only be proved or disproved by entries on a general ledger that relate to the creation of the balance sheet and income statement of the entities that supposedly are lenders. I believe it is the CPA’s that are going to help turn this page. When they realize the income potential, they will come.

I want to emphasize that although I put out the call, this really about succession, so there is room at the very top as well as all the others who are needed to manage this effort. Don’t worry I’m not dying. But at 68+ I need to face the reality that I might not be as effective later as I have been in the past. In order to fulfill my commitment and not leave people hanging, we need a coherent, well organized group with a common message that will be broadcast in courtrooms, media and meetings across the country. Hopefully this will be the Homeowners War 2.0, where new faces and new ideas bring this to the next level.

If you think you have something to contribute, then you are probably right. Send your contact info and bio to

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  1. a gentle reminder that there is a follow up call to Neil tonite…

    Garfield’s Goose & Friends with your host, greg

    (every Thursday night starting 15 minutes right after Neil’s show)

    Call in at (724) 444-7444 (then use Call ID: 139335) then “0” for guest
    and/or use your computer to blog/type at
    6:45 PM Eastern Thursdays (for 60 min)

    please use the phone line to speak and ask questions
    computer access will only allow you to hear and type into the blog…

  2. They’re hiding the date of the CREDIT CHARGE OFF.

  3. They’re DRUG PUSHERS & that’s the problem.

    They’re spoiled rotten brats who think they can force everyone to do what ever they want to control their own fraud.

  4. Process Clause Warrants Summary Reversal, Says Chamber Of Commerce In Mayer Brown-Authored Amicus Brief

    By Richard B. Katskee on May 11, 2015

    Posted in Amicus briefs

    As readers of this blog and litigants and their attorneys in punitive damages cases well know, the U.S. Supreme Court gets the final say on matters of constitutional interpretation, including the due-process requirements for punitive damages awards. Except if you happen to live in West Virginia.

    It turns out that the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has made it something of a habit in recent years to ignore, sidestep, or outright reject controlling principles of federal law by, as the U.S. Supreme Court itself pointed out in 2012, “misreading and disregarding” Supreme Court precedents. This trend has been particularly noticeable in punitive damages cases, in which members of the West Virginia court have openly expressed their hostility toward the Supreme Court’s due-process holdings in State Farm v. Campbell, BMW v. Gore, and Philip Morris USA v. Williams.

    To take just one notable example, a member of the West Virginia court justified the court’s refusal to follow Supreme Court precedent with the charge, in a published opinion, that “the majority of the nine justices [in Campbell] did not focus on ‘the degree of reprehensibility of the defendant’s conduct,’ but instead chose to substitute the jury’s judgment with their own.”

    In response, the former chief justice of West Virginia was equally frank: “I fear that the majority of this court rejected [legal principles advanced by the defendant] because it does not like Campbell. I fervently hope that the next time a punitive damages award is reviewed by this Court, the majority will abide by the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Campbell, even if it does not like or agree with Campbell’s holdings. The rule of law demands that ordinary citizens follow laws with which they do not agree. Likewise, we as judges are bound by controlling legal precedent. Campbell is the law of the land, and it must be applied everywhere in the United States, including in West Virginia.”

    Yet the West Virginia court as a whole has not taken that rebuke to heart. Instead, it has continued resolutely to ignore Supreme Court precedents that it does not like. The most recent illustration of this pattern is Quicken Loans Inc. v. Brown—a November 2014 decision that is the subject of a pending cert. petition by the defendant.

    The decision arose out of a suit against a mortgage lender, Quicken Loans, that had initiated foreclosure proceedings after the plaintiff, Brown, defaulted on a $145,000 home loan. Brown alleged that Quicken had defrauded her and violated West Virginia consumer-protection laws by lending her more money than her house was worth. After a bench trial, a verdict in Brown’s favor, a partially successful appeal by Quicken to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, a revised judgment by the trial court, and a second appeal, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ultimately upheld compensatory damages of $17,500, attorneys’ fees of nearly $600,000, and punitive damages of $2.17 million against Quicken.

    In upholding the punitive damages, the West Virginia court, perhaps uncharacteristically, did not misapply or disparage Campbell, BMW, and the rest of the controlling Supreme Court precedents. Instead, it circumvented the constitutionally required excessiveness inquiry entirely, by finding that Quicken had not mentioned the unconstitutional-excessiveness issue in its first appeal to the court, and therefore had failed to preserve the issue for the second appeal. This despite the fact that two of the five justices on the court—including, bizarrely, the author of the majority opinion—wrote that they had each independently reviewed the record and determined that the issue had been fully and repeatedly raised in both appeals. As one of those justices wrote in dissent, the court “chose[] to brazenly ignore the United States Supreme Court’s jurisprudence” by “stubborn[ly] refus[ing] to review the punitive damage award in this case against the edicts of” BMW and State Farm. In the dissent’s words, the majority thus engaged in a “contumacious refusal to heed the United States Supreme Court’s holdings and … insiste[d] on a result-oriented analysis to uphold plainly-excessive punitive damage awards.”

    Quicken’s pending cert. petition raises two questions. It first asks whether a state court may evade its obligation to apply Supreme Court precedent by finding waiver of federal constitutional claims that were expressly and repeatedly raised. And second, the petition asks whether, under State Farm and BMW, attorneys’ fees should or should not count as part of the plaintiff’s compensatory award when calculating the ratio of punitive to compensatory damages.

    The second question—on the calculation of ratios—is certainly significant. It addresses a basic issue about how reviewing courts should apply the BMW guideposts. And the issue matters: In the Quicken case itself, if the attorneys’ fees are considered part of the compensatory award, then the ratio of punitive to compensatory damages is 3.5:1—higher than State Farm would appear to permit, given the size of the resulting compensatory award, but perhaps not wholly beyond the pale. If, however, the fee award is not counted as compensatory damages, then the ratio is an astounding 124:1, far exceeding what State Farm allows. The latter approach to calculating ratios is the view reasonably taken by many courts and legal scholars, both because attorneys’ fees are not a measure of the actual harm to a plaintiff—as the $600,000 fee award on the $17,500 restitutionary award in Quicken shows in spades—and because fee awards promote deterrence and retribution in their own right, making substantial punitive damages duplicative and therefore unconstitutionally excessive.

    But as my colleague Andy Pincus and I explain in an amicus brief that we filed in support of Quicken’s cert. petition on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America, what’s most important and most worrisome about the case is not the substantive issue of the proper calculation of ratios. Rather, what matters most is the first question—whether a state court may insulate its rulings against Supreme Court review by using sham findings of waiver or other procedural default to deprive the Supreme Court of jurisdiction to hear federal constitutional claims. That issue, which at first blush might be overlooked as a dry and relatively commonplace matter of state-law procedure, has far-reaching implications not just for the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence, but for the supremacy of federal law across the board.

    Federal claims and defenses routinely arise in state-court proceedings, and the state courts have, since the founding, been deemed competent to decide those matters. What is more, the Supreme Court generally respects state-court determinations that a federal claim was not properly presented, treating a state court’s waiver ruling as an independent and adequate state-law ground for the decision that deprives the Supreme Court of jurisdiction to review questions of federal law in the case. That is as it should be to preserve our federal system.

    But there is an old and ugly tradition in the state courts of exploiting this exception to the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction by manufacturing sham state-law grounds to evade Supreme Court review of federal questions. The tactic was particularly popular for attempting to skirt the Supreme Court’s equal-protection rulings in race-discrimination cases after Brown v. Board of Education and the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But the Supreme Court has recognized the impropriety of the tactic for well over a century and has repeatedly refused to tolerate such subterfuge. In this same spirit, we argued in the amicus brief that the Court should grant review and summarily reverse the decision of the West Virginia court. In our view, the Supreme Court should send the case back to West Virginia for consideration of the substantive federal question, with a stern reminder that when the Supreme Court interprets federal law, it means what it says, and the state courts are bound to apply its decisions in good faith.

    What is at stake in Quicken is not just the proper application of BMW and State Farm but the integrity of federal law itself. Supreme Court review is a critical mechanism to ensure the uniform, consistent, and accurate application of federal constitutional and statutory requirements.

    this is the most important part of whole statement.

    If state courts are able to thwart Supreme Court jurisdiction and insulate their decisions against review by disingenuously declaring federal claims to be waived, there will no longer be any effective mechanism to ensure that federal law as interpreted by the Supreme Court remains supreme. That result is one that our legal system cannot tolerate.

  5. One example of FRB SPECULATION is the so called ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE.

    That’s LEGALESE by their ATTORNEYS for hey, screw you, we don’t have no stinking notes.

    We know this because they don’t have no stinking notes.

    To those who say it’s leading towards A NATION OF RENTERS when people won’t cooperate, conform & comply with tyrants & their fraud, work for them, not us.

  6. So when the FRB redistributes missing legal ASSIGNMENTS they call it QE which is QUANTUM PHYSICS & has nothing to do with the MECHANICS of MONEY.

    They’re jumping into the future with CRYSTAL BALLS & they’re CHANNELING SPECULATION in regards to how much of their bs we’re going to believe.

    The devil worshipping cult of demonc entities AKA THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, wants to rule over their own fraud & dictate their own WARANTLESS SPECULATION.

    So the satanists who say they reject tyranny & oppression, use SLEIGHT OF HAND & THREE CARD MONTE to cause it.

  7. Question : should an Assignment of Mortgage be deemed void if it is created and executed more than 3 months AFTER the borrower rescinded?

    This is what happened to me, the servicer ignored my rescission and eventually had an Assignment fabricated with a forged notary and known robo LPS names ..

    Shouldn’t a TILA rescission freeze the players in their place?

    Like the children’s game “musical chairs” …

    Once the borrower rescinds under TILA.. nobody should be able to execute an Assignment of Mortgage …right?

    How can they assign a void mortgage?

    Doesn’t that make the assignment void?

    The foreclosure case and servicer standing to foreclose was based on them showing the judge they had been assigned the mortgage and we’re sent the note after I had already rescinded.

    Doesn’t my act supersede their later act ?

  8. Okay Michael .. I will send you an email .. Thank you.

  9. In this completely corrupt environment there is nothing that is not possible.

    That’s what evill thrives off of is the unpredictability factor.

    The fact you would would never believe the GOVERNMENT would want you dead.

    Like how CONDOLEEZA said who would have imagined someone would fly planes into buildings.

    Failure of imagination by them is highly improbable.

    In fact, in the book THE THUNDER OF JUSTICE by TED FLYNN he said years before 9/11 happened, some TURBANED MUSLIM would start WWIII by striking NEW YORK CITY & there would be big buildings falling down.

    So SECURITIES FRAUD is the real issue because “they don’t have the notes up on WALL STREET.”

    Because they destroyed the evidence on 9/11 they were destroying evidence.

    The German people underestimated Hitler & that did not end well for them.

  10. It’s really not that mundane.

    It’s SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE & it’s quite deceptive.

    MICHAEL SAVAGE could really be the PRESIDENT in this demonic environment & you would not even know it.

    The way he talks dirt & stays on the radio makes me wonder what’s really going on.

  11. Nothing like criminals telling their victims you have options that cover up their crimes.

    It’s the BANK ROBBER telling the victim I’m not going to kill you while they do it.

    They send in MA & PA BARKER posing like whoever they want them to be to hide AL CAPONE is running the country.

  12. “Responses Coming in from My Call to Arms!”

    “…it looks like we are making progress at building an effective team to help lawyers, accountants, homeowners and others with consumer debt.”

    Progress is quantifiable. So… quantify the success of those joining that “winning team”:

    !) Lawyers with wins? (Case law, please)

    2) Accountants whose work product has been deemed admissible by the court and helped win cases? (Case law please)

    3) Winning homeowners (Case law, please, please, please)

    4) Other consumer debt…? (??? Is there case law there LL was instrumental in winning?)

    “But at 68+ I need to face the reality that I might not be as effective later as I have been in the past”.

    Being 68 is nothing (it does happen to the best of us). Being 68 and having never fulfilled one’s LLC Ever-so-non-committal-and-sloppy Mission statement is… well…

    … indicting?

  13. Eenie meenie chili beanie you will obey our command & control b.s.

    Like how they tell us we have options that reek of FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT to the high heavens.

    It’s DELENIATION of the FACTS to DESTROY EVIDENCE to hide we have CRIMINALS telling us what to do.

  14. bob…

    what you should consider doing for “this crowd” is to pick a blogger you want to help and do it all pro bono – from the mortgage analysis to using one of your “in-the-know attorney pals (who drinks your kool-aid) and take it all the way through a victory in court…

    post every step of the way…

    then, after seeing it with our own eyes, we may elect to bow down to your holy volunteer ministry of truth…

    until then, it is just a discussion of different opinions voiced by different people… fighting a very tough david v goliath fight (actually if david had to have asked permission from a judge to kill goliath, the world might be a very different place…

    i need to mention that when a homeowner gets a banker over the barrel – private settlements occur which include non-disclosure agreements – and such cases are not just dropped, they are removed – which may be a part of the reason that it is hard to find supporting case law judgments…

  15. We have to many rich politicians & SUPREME COURT JUSTICES & their cronies dictating the RIOT ACT to us.

    Why do we care what they think? That’s the real question because that’s not their job to tell us their thoughts & views. That’s how they make their own rules.

    Obama is clearly wealthy & well connected or he wouldn’t have his HYDE PARK HOME he got the deal on from TONY REZCO.

    So keep voting for the rich jerks because they sure know how to screw everybody out of everything.

  16. We did pay the money in but, we got CORPORATE FASCISM in return & that’s treason & it’s criminal on many levels.

    The politicians violated the PUBLIC TRUST thats wjy we have TBTF & HOMEAND INSECURITY.

  17. The U.S. was never socialist because we never signed no social contract.

    This is one IMPOSTER GOVERNMENT who has become MONOPOLOSTIC & therefore, TYRANNCAL in their own DICTORIAL views AKA TOO BIG TO FAIL.

  18. By denying our requests for the TRUSTEES RECEIPT, that is psyche war by this corrupt LEGAL SYSTEM. It is our legal right to DEMAND the LETTER OF CREDIT/BILL OF LADING, that would prove DELIVERY & ACCEPTANCE to the DESTINATION STATION. More specifically, the BILL OF PARTICULARS that would prove the CARGO wasn’t only TRANSPORTED & then left laying to rot on the railway. The BILL OF LADING would describe what type of transaction supposedly occurred.


    They can’t now try & say these were LEASE CONTRACTS under ARTICLE 2 when they never PERFORMED their DUTIES under ARTICLE 1.

  19. Socialism works.

    It did a fine job for the bankers.

    When they took American Taxpayer money as a “Socialist Bailout’ for “Privatized Gain”, they already ruined themselves.

    Capitalism only works under the auspices of the RULE OF LAW.

    People used to be afraid of the devil and that was enough to restrain most of them.

    Nowadays the devil is back and doing better than ever.

  20. @Ivent,

    Thank you.

    “Fascism” = “Corporatocracy”

    The original TEA PARTY took place in Boston Harbor to defy the “Tyranny” of a foreign “Corporation”; namely, the British East India Company.

    The colonists had fled Europe to escape the corrupting influence of organized banking directed by the concerns of “Oligarchy”.

    The treaties that have ensued, often behind the backs of the American Populace, can no longer be allowed if We The People are to preserve our birthright.

    Presently, visitors to this site may embrace the seemingly antiquated notion We The People should rebel against “No Taxation Without Representation”.

    It used to be a quaint notion for the school books; nowadays it defines the existence of those of US that will fight when the time comes.

    The courts are the mechanism of our present oppression.

    Our numbers will swell when the central banks change the interest rate.

    The cat is out and it will not re-bag any time soon.

    We must force the insolvency of the banks into the mainstream dialogue.

    Always bear in mind the answer already exists in the form of the “Greenback” should our currency, the American Dollar, become threatened.

    The central bankers must be repudiated along with their phony debts and the central banks must be turned into PUBLIC UTILITIES THAT ENRICH PUBLIC COFFERS- NOT PRIVATE POCKETS.

  21. They think we’re prisoners of their psyche war on our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

    The FEDERAL RESERVE DEBT CARTEL is in direct violation with PROTOCOL 45 of the GENEVA CONVENTION.

    Moreover, FC is FORCED COERION by some foreign third-party we never signed contracts with who is unknown, unregistered & not AMENABLE TO SERVICE OF PROCESS. We never signed contracts with WALL STREET EXECS or the STOCK BROKERS they used to sell their DERIVATIVES FRAUD ELECTRONCALLY & INTERNATIONALLY.

    They FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED & UTTERED their own DERIVATIVES FRAUD evidenced by the FORGED & COUNTERFEIT DOCS they entered upon the courts upon the inception of their own FRAUD SUITS.

  22. @DwightNJ,

    You may reach me at

    I have been trying to get you to respond. Please do when you have time.

    Mike Keane

  23. Michael or anyone else reading this blog. .. Have you or anyone else begun a movement to bring our grievances forward in a lawsuit or anything?

    We have judges refusing to follow the rule of law, they are providing cover for a criminal enterprise guilty of RICO crimes against the citizens, denied our due process, equal protection, TILA, etc.

    Let’s make this happen…

  24. The lesson is this: the servicer and pretender lender should NOT sleep on their 20 day window to comply.

    They deserve to lose the house if they cannot prove who owns the loan in 20 days.

    In a 3 day rescission they get no days to contest it.

    In a 3 year rescission we are being very generous allowing them 20 days to fabricate documents showing who purchased the loan.

    But like the spoiled rotten little dime-store hoods that they are, they don’t think the rules and laws apply to them, so they ignore it.

    Well then they deserve to lose. We the people already bailed these thieves out …they don’t deserve anymore breaks from us or the courts.

  25. When the borrower mails his TILA rescission letter, the statute says that borrower is not liable for any further payments, etc.

    Now the ball is in the lenders hands … They have 3 options :

    1) comply ..initiate the unwinding process by taking the steps stated

    2) contest the rescission by filing an action inside the 20 days

    3) violate the statute by failing to comply or act inside the 20 days

    *The lender will not be receiving anymore payments regardless of which option they choose. No default occurred because TILA states that the borrower is not obligated to make any payments after rescinding.

    ** The Servicer filing a foreclosure complaint against a void mortgage is not proper and lacks standing. If done within 20 days they might have an argument to be heard ..

    *** The Servicer obtaining an Assignment of Mortgage after the borrower has already rescinded, as in my case, shows they truly lack standing because the assignment attempted to assign a void mortgage. The timeline is critical. If the borrower rescinded before the servicer obtained an Assignment and Note in order to file a foreclosure complaint , it constitutes a fatal flaw in their complaint.

  26. This country is at a crossroads… again.

    The investment class don’t want to upset the apple cart and that is why the stock market isn’t about “free markets” and it is now a useless SHAM.

    Of course, if a person has money in the markets, they don’t want to face penalties for taking it out- so.. they aspire to “business as usual”… “nothing to see here” … “move along folks”…

    The Plunge Protection Team is real and it centers on manipulating the market in favor of the gamblers on Wall Street. It is an insider trader mechanism.

    The Counter-Party Risk Management Group also bows and scrapes to an insider-trading paradigm.

    Instead, how ‘bout this: “Why don’t We The People round these criminal pigs up and put them in jail?”????

    It is now a fixed game with the majority held hostage to the Chicken Littles that wish to keep us in perpetual fear.

    I say end these people yesterday.




  28. So if the loan is not consummated…would the mortgors sue for breech of contract and damages or rescission .?

    RTC runs from consummation.

    Remember…If the um…can’t tender….
    Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.
    The judge can not order rescission.

    Original. …

  29. Moreover, I would tell their CPA’s to bring in their ACCREDATIONS, CREDENTIALS & LEGAL CERTIFICATION that would qualify them to be SUPREME COURT JUSTICES, JUDGES, LAWYERS, ATTORNEYS, D.A.’S, PUBLIC DEFENDERS, COPS & so on.

  30. Let’s ID those BANKSTERS shall we?

    Who do they really work for is the real question?



    The FEDERAL BANKING REGULTORS should drop AFFIDAVITS on DEAN WITTERS CPA’s for starters & tell them to bring in their DAY BOOKS LOL.

  31. Many have specuated on what underlies the fraud.


    The MARKET MANIPULATORS who set the EXCHANGE RATES by SUBJOGATING the legal rights of WE THE PEOPLE think they’re the law & they’re wrong.

  32. Their brokers do not want divulged what they were buying, selling & trading up on on WALL STREET was MARKET MANIPULATION.

    That way their evil secrets don’t get revealed they think the American people can be COMMODITIES BROKERED.

  33. Ultimately, it will be proven that bankers with ties to foreign enterprise infiltrated our government… (can anyone say England?)

    And those foreign private bankers act in unison as a group… (Can anyone say cartel?)

    And that group created an intentionally hyper-inflated dollar so they can swoop in and pick up US assets at bargain prices. WHEN THE HYPER-INFLATION GOES… POP!

    The trick is to alert law enforcement to the danger before it is too late (before We The People must abandon the dollar and then go “greenback”).

    If people were defrauded… and their homes were used to place derivatives bets… and those bets are owed in the TRILLIONS…


    Then we the people can regain our national sovereignty.

  34. The US Supreme Court in Jesinoski confirmed that TILA is a unilateral action that takes EFFECT when the borrower mails the letter.

    No law suit is required.

    If a law suit was required, TILA would have said so.

    If a law suit was required, then the US Supreme Court would have said so.

    The only law suit a borrower might want to consider is the enforcement, where he is looking for his payments to be returned and damages for violations. The rescission is still effective without an enforcement suit.

    The TILA rescission would make no sense if a court was needed. The statute would have simply instrucypted the borrower to file suit in order to rescind ..but it doesn’t because it is a unilateral action by the borrower.

    If the lender disagrees …they have 20 days to file their own action.

    The same way it works in non-judicial foreclosure ..either you step up and file an action to contest it, or it happens by operation of law.

    Justice Scalia said it makes no distinction between disputed or non-disputed …because the rescission is unilateral happens because the borrower makes it happen. Not because a judge agrees and orders it.

  35. The “deficit” is merely the “interest” owed on America’s credit card.
    The “deficit” is 17 Trillion.

    The “Principal” owed on America’s credit card is astronomically higher.
    The “Principal’ hasn’t been touched since President Andrew Jackson.

    President Jackson threw the bankers into the gutter.
    His main adversary, Nicholas Biddle died in jail.


    President Clinton NEVER paid ANY “Principal”.
    Instead, he merely kept pace with the “interest”.

    When the central banking pigs pull the rug from under the US-
    We The People have recourse to the “Greenback Dollar”.

    The “Greenback Dollar” was created by President Abraham Lincoln.
    President Lincoln created the “Greenback” to defy central banking pigs.


    There is no mystery here. This is history. It has facts. You can look them up.


    Money isn’t confusing. The lying pigs that confuse you on purpose are confusing.

    They don’t use facts.

    The intentionally mislabeled “Federal Reserve” is neither “Federal- because it is owned by private banks”, nor does it own any “Reserves- because our currency is based on debt, created out-of-thin-air on computer screens”.

    The politicians that refuse to expose this intentional FRAUD are suitable for trial and execution.


    I checked; it’s not in there.

    The same banking filth that are fixing to take your homes created this nonsense in the first place. They owned F&F before it was taken into conservatorship.

    They own the DTC and DTCC the same banking filth. The DTC, DTCC are supposed to report on the 600-plus in derivatives… they refuse.

    The same banking filth refuse to “AUDIT THE FED”.

    The same banking filth refuse to report “M3”. “M3” is a total reporting of all of the assets and liabilities all of the banks presently own.

    If an accounting were reported. The banks would BE PROVEN INSOLVENT!


    IT CAN’T.

    Senator Sanders is an Independent. Clinton and three Republican Senators brought you into foreclosure…

    Wake UP!

    Oh, never mind, Donald Trump is gonna turn on his rich playmates…
    yeah… right.


    Likewise, borrowers who have legitimately rescinded, ONLY TAKES A LETTER, BOB. IF THE BANKS WANT TO FIGHT THE LEGITIMACY OF THE ACTION THE HOMEOWNER DID, THEY MUST SUE THE BORROWER, THEN IF THEY DONT COMPLY , BORROWER HAS RIGHT TO SUE TO ENFORCE. must sue the lenders for not tendering and not removing the lien,


    , but they must also remember that they have the obligation to tender,AND AFTER ALL SET OFF,DAMAGES, LENDER WILL OWE BORROWER MORE MONEY THEN THEY THINK, LOTS MORE MONEY. and if they cannot do it,AND EVERYONE CAN TENDER, BECAUSE WE THE BORROWER , HAVE A FREE AND CLEAN TITLE TO OUR HOMES, AND ANY GOOD BANK WILL GIVE A HOMEOWNER A LOAN . the court will not order the rescission. For that reason, most borrowers suffering a TILA breach would become fools for rescinding.


  37. I like your idea David – see wwwDOTbrockovichDOTcom


    erin brockovich (@ErinBrockovich) | Twitter


  39. I wish you nothing but success on this idea Neil. There are TONS of us who want & need to be compensated for the financial injury we’ve endured, not to mention the emotional toll it’s taken on us and our families.
    I can’t wait for the movie “the BIG SHORT”. (saw a preview a week ago) I will be shouting off the rooftops for mainstream to watch it.

  40. “The Big Short” will be out in the movies around December.

    One line I don’t recall from the book version, has, I believe, the character of Steve Eisman, as portrayed by Steve Correll saying, “The banks have screwed up and now its our turn to kick them in the teeth”.

    In the meantime,

    Martin O’Malley would like to spit the marbles out of his mouth, he just doesn’t know how.

    In the debates he took a run at Clinton’s wife over “Glass-Steagall” but he failed to mention HillBillary’s husband conspired with three Republican senators to destroy the financial centers of the entire financial universe.

    HillBillary is a Wall Street STOOGE!

    Facing impeachment, Slick Willy Clinton acquiesced to the demands of three Republican Senators and together they destroyed Glass-Steagall through the “Act” that will forever Bear their name: “Graham, Leach, Bliley”.

    The G,L,B Act, through suppression of Glass-Steagall, opened the door to epic FRAUD perpetrated through the mortgage industry, brought to We The People courtesy of the criminals on Wall Street.

    In the wake of subprime lending, the criminal banking industry speculated on cdos and cds, more commonly known as “derivatives”.

    Currently, those “derivatives” represent an international financial shortfall to the system described as in excess of 682 Trillion Dollars- that We The People know of…

    It is also said an additional 600-plus Trillion is not recorded as part of the public record.

    600 Trillion is 10 times the GDP of every country on the planet and those Trillions are described as “Notional Derivatives” that are best described as bogus bets predicated upon foreclosures that are, in turn, predicated upon FRAUD.

    There are MILLIONS OF AMERICANS that have been defrauded in foreclosures based on criminal intent.

    The “quadrillion” – look it up- of dollars “owed” to “NOTIONAL DERIVATIVES” based on foreclosures that are based on FRAUD have created a voter base of MILLIONS and those millions are waiting for someone to tell it like it is and spit the marbles out of their mouths.

    Senator Sanders is likely the best candidate to do so.

    Michael Lewis’s, “The Big Short”, is due out in theatres around Christmas; watch it and WAKE UP!


    HillBillary is a national security threat… but, not because of Benghazi… Instead, it is because she and her husband and the international, central banking SET are fixing to destroy the American Dollar as the international RESERVE CURRENCY!

    Put these criminal pigs in jail.

  41. heyhey rock on.

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