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Patricia Rodriguez returns tonight to talk about her Seminar on October 31, 2015.. Patricia is a good lawyer and particularly good at organizing cases. She will be talking about Foreclosure Defense, Rescission, Intakes of Clients, and of course the latest in what is happening on the ground in Southern California. One of her strong points is organization — something that most lawyers are not so great at doing. Her seminar will focus on the bricks and mortar of setting up a case for litigation or modification.

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  1. Patricia Rodriguez committed Foreclosure Fraud!
    I hired the Patricia Rodriguez law firm 24 hours prior to a the sale of my property. The Rodriguez Law Firm promised to help me save my home from the foreclosure sale. I paid a set monthly payment for several months in exchange the law firm’s verbal promises to help save our home. The Rodriguez Law firm filed poorly constructed complaints to the Los Angeles Superior Courts and offered no real help or relief from the foreclosure of our property. I have asked many times for my money back, I have been told they were paid fairly for work completed. The Patricia Rodriguez Law Firm stole my money and did absolutely nothing to help our family save our home. We hired another attorney who was able to help us in the end. The Patricia Rodriguez Law Offices stole over $16,750 from me and my children.

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