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California Attorney Charles Marshall Returns for Talk on Rescission and Foreclosure

Charles Marshall returns tonight to delve deeper into the non-judicial cancellation of loans (TILA Rescission). We are getting reports of seminars across the country devoting a large part of their presentation to rescission. The Banks know they are in trouble — rescission levels the playing field and will force the disclosure of the identity of the true creditors. The answer is likely to be they are unknown because investor money was (a) never delivered to the trusts that issued the certificates that investors thought they bought and (b) investors money was never segregated into separate accounts, never subject to the control of the trustee or its trustee, and was all mixed together from thousands of trusts. There is most likely no way to determine whose money was used to fund any loan.

Rescission could clear the path to solutions for homeowners and Federal, State and Local governments deprived of revenue by entities that existed only on paper to obscure the real transactions and avoid taxes, fees and costs.

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  1. Christine, you are no bank shill. Even Neil makes mistakes.
    Congrats on a Kick’ Gr’ass..job!
    Well Played!

  2. Friday 2 October 2015


    If you have been given direction, as you state, you make your own path.
    The direction you mention, the information provided, is the entire value
    of this site.

    I could care less if Garfield has never won a single case. It does not
    matter if he is a solid attorney or an inept one. There are a sufficient
    number of other case cites providing pertinent points being made in the
    accompanying article[s], for the most part.

    All one need do is to mold and shape the direction/information
    provided and create one’s own path. If you do not know how, do not
    blame the messenger. In that case, seek professional advice.

    The wealth of information here is outstanding, although not all of the
    information is, admittedly, but there are enough gems to guide one
    along their own chosen path. A recent and easily overlooked example
    is Garfield’s guest on Thursday’s radio program. Near the end, almost
    in passing, he dropped some important information. Maybe no one else
    would think so, I do not know, but for me, it was a great piece of advice
    from someone actually fighting the fight, as an experienced attorney.

    This is how anyone can draw on someone else’s qualified experience,
    including information form case sites, to craft and forge their own path
    and become a formidable opponent.

    Always remember everyone, [not just you]…the odds are heavily stacked
    against the individual opposing “a” lender, and even when the opposition
    is inept, as many are, the highest and strongest hurdle is the judge. Even many so-called qualified defense attorneys…”qualified” by virtue of
    having a license to practice, will fold against a judge, one’s own attorney being obligated to the court over one’s own interest.

    It ain’t easy, but no one should expect Garfield to also do the work for

    Just my POV…


  3. @Melissa

    My gripe all along. Until I was officially called “a shill for the banks” and kicked out by Garfield himself, on or about June 6 or 8. My fault? I was telling people what works for experimenting with it myself and winning and… it wasn’t his play. In fact, it was everything but his play. Garfield is not about what works for homeowners. He is about what works for him.

  4. David,
    I don’t understand your post. Also have you been to court over your recession. In my opinion you should have a slam dunk win, but you haven’t . Why

  5. Notice Recipients with questions regarding this notice or other related matters may direct their inquiries in writing, with evidence of their respective holdings,
    to the Trustee at: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 625 Marquette Avenue, 16th Floor MAC N9311-161 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402 Attention: Mary L. Sohlberg, Vice President E-Mail:

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  7. Neil,
    I don’t understand why you are not taking questions about all of your post. I have followed your blog for eight years and now I don’t understand your pace. You give us direction, but not a path to get there.

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