The Real Problem in the Wall Street Crisis

see Anh N. Tran, et al. v. Bank of New York COMMENTARY Mortgage Securitization and Lender’s Ability to Foreclose_SRCH

A fairly well written and well-reasoned article. But absent from the article is the fact that homeowners are not just asserting some technicality. If the Trust actually paid real money for a legally binding loan contract with an enforceable promissory note and enforceable mortgage then it would seem to be the kind of internal affair that some courts have tried to fashion by reading the word “voidable” into a statute that clearly says “void.”

But if there was no transaction and the Trust stands to lose nothing by losing a case in which it had no standing, ab initio, then you would find the same courts — that are looking for a way out of the void transaction — instead accepting the idea that the whole thing was a sham transaction. Yes, the cutoff date is important, but more important, especially in a court of equity, is whether the Trust can prove it paid consideration for the alleged “loan” transaction. It is ONLY THEN that one argue the “free house” myth that the banks have been advancing against the homeowners. The truth is the reverse; if the Trust never paid for the contract, then why should it get the house?

The real problem is that nearly everyone is still drinking Wall Street Kool-Aid. Wells Fargo and the remaining mega banks have successfully convinced almost all the people that there was a lender in these transactions who consented to put their money into a guaranteed losing proposition. Worse, Wells Fargo and the other mega banks have convinced almost everyone that somehow the bank lost money on defaulting loans and the bank lost money on “defective” mortgage backed securities. The banks were not funding or buying mortgages or mortgage backed certificates; they were SELLING them.

As long as the current myth is perpetuated, we will never drill down to the real solutions. We will continue to process and handle solutions to nonexistent problems. Wall Street traders are laughing all the way to their employer banks. They have actually succeeded in making enormous “profits” based upon intentionally induced losses incurred by the use of Other People’s Money. It is the ultimate con game.

These transactions cannot be explained as loans. They can only be explained by theft and dumping some of the proceeds on disadvantaged people, waiting patiently for the rolll-back. The banks made money coming and going while the rest of the world went into a tailspin, deprived of cash liquidity that was siphoned not only out of our economy, but every economy.

Think of it this way: if the “loan” transactions were real, why did the banks need to resort to fabrication, forgery, perjury, robo-signing and robo witnesses? Even defective loan documents can be cured through a variety of legal procedures. Why did the banks need to resort to illegal means?— unless the transactions they were claiming to exist were in fact absent?

Homeowners didn’t receive loans; they received the proceeds of an illegal scheme, and then were prevented from being in communication with the pension funds whose money was stolen. The banks created a vacuum and then stepped in to fill the void with false representations to the U.S. government, to the public, to the investors and to the homeowners. There is no creditor or debtor in these transactions — only victims.

The real solution must include as a core principle that the current group of “servicers” and “trustees” have no standing to service anything nor any right to represent the investors. That right could only have come from a Pooling and Servicing Agreement, which doubles as the Trust instrument for REMIC Trusts that never entered into any transaction in which the Trust acquired or originated a loan. If the transaction with the homeowner did not result in a loan contract that was acquired by the Trust then it follows that the Trust lacks any legal standing to assert any rights.

If such a transaction did not occur then there is no loan, there is no loan in the trust, there is no servicer, and there is no trustee.  Without a disclosed lender there is no loan contract. If the Trust owns nothing, the Trustee of the REMIC Trust has no authority or rights to the so-called loan. And it follows logically that a “substitution of trustee” on a deed of trust cannot be valid because it was authorized by persons who neither owned the loan nor had any rights to represent the victims who are called investors. None of the successors qualify as beneficiaries under a deed of trust except by self-proclamation. And the same logic holds true for successors who try to cast themselves as mortgagees through the use of fabricated illegal documents.

The real solution should be cast as restitution bringing the pension funds and the homeowners together under a new infrastructure that excludes any of the mega banks or their current army of “servicers.” We should not be looking for creditors. We need only find the victims and the perpetrators.

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  1. That’s why when you want to see some DISCOVERY in FRAUDCLOSURE they want to kill you because youre really requesting the date of the CREDIT CHARGE OFF.

  2. What about the Koch brothers?

  3. Then you’ve got the ROYAL CROWN COLA PRITZKERS taking in “investors” to fund these VICTIMIZERS.

    That’s why you can’t trust no one because we don’t know who invests in their fraud but we know OBAMA does.

  4. Yes it is total corruption in the LAND OF LINCOLN.

    You have two WEATHER UNDERGROUND TERRORISTS, BILL AYRES & BERNADIN DORN who never went to jail for their crimes holding professor jobs in UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY.

    BILL AYRES is OBAMAS comrade & there you have it, the commie cabal.

    We’re beng victimized by unknown ASSAILANTS bevause of it.

    Every prisoner should be released because you don’t know who is the real criminal because BILL AYRESPRAY & his wife helped OBAMA get in.

  5. In ponzi case below no plaintiffs and no settlements. Kind of like no “lender” and no trusts, loans. But that’s ridiculous!

  6. on 2015-10-08 i sent an inquiry to “” asking:

    Quick question… looked for status on 15-260 certiorari… no matches…
    Is there anything indicating if/when to be heard?

    it pertains to the securitization question in Anh-N.-Tran-et-al.-v.-Bank-of-New-York-SCOTUS-Certiorari

    they answered today:

    It will be before the Justices in a couple of weeks; the electronic docket will say when that will be. The key thing to watch for is whether any of the Justices order the respondents to file a response; the Court will deny review without requiring a response, but it won’t grant it.

  7. an anonymous lawyer told me today that the corruption in the illinois court system is so deep that we must find an alternative way to fight for justice….

    he said he was worn out…



  9. Bob the problem is you are still going off the banksters script. Most homeowners brought up the facts but TILA was not enforced or we had foreclosure mills rubber stamping everything to give the banks and even government a free, stolen house. We tried in good faith to move forward but they kept us trapped. Have you forgotten the past 10 years? Most people KNOW the facts of fraud in their loans but the only interest that mattered was the banks using the same attacks as u do. People have gone off track because we can’t trust we will get due process or justice. These guys are criminals and destroyed lives with no conscience. Somehow they’ll listen to you? Until we know the system is rid of the Wall St cancer our best bet is to turn the tables and force them PROVE THEIR facts through TILA rescission and even unlawful detainer in CA.

  10. The reason for the bad in the world is TRANSHUMANISM done by SUBJECTIVE REASONING.

    The FREEMASON CABAL creates the conditions that subject their victims to their biased scrutiny & there is nothing reasonable with them.

    That’s why there is no proper legal remedies ever given in court, just fixes for the crimes of the FREEMASON DRUG CARTEL who want to csuse demonic chaos in the world.

    Furthermore, OBAMA’s membership in the PRINCE HALL FREEMASON CLUB should be just cause to give back every TITLE SWAPPED OUT in FRAUDCLOSURE plus monetary restitution for the hell they intended to cause in peoples lives just to be CONTROL FREAKS.


  11. @ DC

    ” They even went as far as to create a letter from my accountant making it look as though I got him to lie for me in order to qualify…”

    More fraud since all in the business were well advised perhaps several years prior to your loan origination.

    You could find a lot more knowledgeable warnings at the Congressional website on predatory lending but what is the point when the game is rigged.

  12. RULE BY DECEPTION really means normalizing drugging of the population by DRUG CARTELS & the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY is the biggest illicit DRUG PUSHER on the planet. Their DRUGS destroy the human mind in very subtle ways & cause dependency in every instance. The MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT is part & parcel to destroying society in general with their TRANSNATIONAL GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP with the DRUG CARTELS. People would not fall for their criminal bs so easily if they got off of their drugs.

  13. The real problem in this country is the same problem in FRAUDCLOSURE, LAW ENFORCEMENT is the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE LEADER, & the PROTECTION RACKET DIRECTORATE for the GLOBAL DRUG RACKET AKA THE BANKSTERS who invest in their own crimes.

  14. Wby is it whenever something bad happens our BILL OF RIGHTS gets the blame for it & not the DRUG DEALERS & their DRUGS that caused it?

  15. The real reason we’re being forced to defend our TITLES from SECURITIES FRAUD PRO SE in FRAUDCLOSURE is because hidden behind FRAUDCLOSURE is one giant DRUG DEAL gone bad. That bad DRUG DEAL is why drugs both legal & otherwise get pushed is to let the devil in. That’s why FORCED DRUGGING by DRUG CARTELS is the main objective behind terrorism of every type including FRAUDCLOSURE.

    The reasons why the AGENDA 21 people want FORCED DRUGGING is people control. They want open debauchery & that’s why CATHOLICS & other RELIGIOUS PEOPLE have been targeted.

    The problem is when people don’t know DRUGS & BOOZE let the devil in & that’s PEOPLE CONTROL & it is demonic.

    This PBS FRONTLINE INTERVIEW entitled DRUG WARS shows how people don’t really know why they take DRUGS &/or DEAL them is DEMON WORSHIP.

  16. For some reason that link on the NANCY RUTH OWENS STORY did not post so here’s one other link I found. If it does not post, you can Google the name:

  17. If you have ever watched REVEREND MANNINGS videos on YOU TUBE he calls OBAMA out & calls him the LONG LEGGED MACKDADDY which makes the point this has nothing to do with his race it’s his moral character. I personally think OBAMA & his ADMINISTRATION use LAWLESSNESS to PERSECUTE CATHOLICS & other RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS & they’re GENDER BAITERS.

    Furthermore I believe OBAMA has particular personal disdain for CATHOLIC WHITE WOMEN.

    That’s why I found this womans PABLO ESCOBAR story very interesting:

  18. I went to the COOK COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS WEBSITE one day to look up my docs & I got booted onto some PORN WEBSITE.

    Then one other time they had TONY REZCOS TITLE HISTORY up there with NO LIEN RECORDED on it of course.

    One day I went to the COOK COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE DOWNTOWN CHICAGO located on the first floor of CHICAGOS CITY HALL & they had up on the screen what the TRUST AGREEMENT really looks like.

    Nothing like blowing the whistle on the CABAL.


  19. Maybe Bob she meant the COMPLETE CORRUPTION in the STATE of ILLINOIS is why she said FRAUD IS HARD TO PROVE. Maybe it’s the fact we were set up to be PAWNS in the SPY AGENCIES evil DEBT FRAUD games.

    One ATTORNEY said to me he’s NO BOUNTY HUNTER so clearly there’s lots of crime being covered up by FRAUDCLOSURE.

    I think ILLINOIS is the devils DRUG DEN of INIQUITY & this STATE is going to crumble under the weights & measures of its own crimes they’re covering up.

    We’ve had many GOVERNORS go to prison in this STATE & there’s certainly more to those stories that meet the eye.

    The big BROADWAY BANK scandal that cost ALEXI GINOULIAS OBAMAS SENATE SEAT & he was OBAMAS pick.

    RAHM EMANUEL going right from being OBAMAS CHIEF OF STAFF to CHICAGO’s MAYOR & ousting DALEY.


    I’m sure BLAGO knows plenty, otherwise he would not be in prison.

    Bottom line, there’s been way too much scandal regarding that BLEEPING GOLDEN SENATE SEAT of OBAMA’S, & that’s why there should have been no FRAUDCLOSURES in this STATE because that phrase REEKS OF CRIMINALITY.

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  21. RE AG MADIGAN’S OFFICE saying to me you don’t need no lawyer, the ILLINOIS STATES ATTORNEYS OFFICE said I need to get one.

    Therefore, because of that discrepency between “AGENCIES,” whose job it is to DEFEND AGAINST CRIME, not to AID & ABET IT, I blame OBAMA for unlawfully denying me my LEGAL RIGHTS in FRAUDCLOSURE because he AKA this “BLEEPING GOLDEN SENATE SEAT,” invested in it.

  22. bob – you told me on the phone you would charge me $5,000 for the service…(i recorded it for my own private use to assist in being accurate when i transcribed it in writing later) – [it’s not admissible evidence -only a fact between us]


    you have a lovely website (worm on hook) with freebies to entice and seduce – and dedicated to move everyone away from Neil, and my lawyer’s opinion and veracious past successes…

    that said – there are some really useful links and citations there…
    but of course, the first rule of a con is to GIVE confidence to the MARK before you steal theirs!

    i’m not sayin’ you are a con… i’m just sayin’ if it looks and smells like a fish… bla bla bla

    except for what you see in the news, you don’t know squat about illinois court corruption either… “the good ole’ boys network”…

    ya gotta live it and see it first hand to believe it!

    i have no proof any of your things work
    you won’t even try and show us…

    you are a formidable “pitch man” – but you can pitch all day and if there are no batters…. you just tire out your arm (or jaw, or fingers)

    i really wish you the best with your failing health and difficult internal demons – may G0D watch over you and bless your family…

    this is greg signing over-and-out from the bob and greg discussion…

  23. I think it was the ASSISTANT to ATTORNEY GENERAL LISA MADIGAN who said those exact words, THERE’s FRAUD IN _EVERY_MORTGAGE, to me, over my house phone. I’m sure that phone record could easily be subpoenaed.

    I was told FRAUD IS HARD TO PROVE & YOU SHOULDN’T NEED TO HIRE NO LAWYER by that office too.

  24. None of that matters when judges rule in favor of the highest bidder and thats not normally the home owner.SEC info says right there on the prospectus that these are not legit or registered you would be wise to consider what the outcome could be before investing.

  25. i quit bob –

    why the hell would i give you $5,000 to discover (if maybe – not even that) there are errors and wrongs in my documents if i can’t know upfront my chances of success???

    is it just for bragging rights, so i have another reason to be pissed off at the justice system, or to contemplate hare-kari?

    if you need cash – start a crowd sourcing page and make your pitch over there…

  26. bob – you still are avoiding the question
    of course i know that YOU are not litigating – that’s obvious…
    your blogging strategy “seems to be” to bash the other blogger and change the subject; like an American politician; back to what YOU want to focus on… Charlie Rose would tear you apart…

    TO BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR – the question is based upon your clients whom you have provided this forensic research/documentation AND have who have passed that documentation on to their lawyers AND have who’s lawyers got a win in court because of what you sold them!

    if you don’t have that data – you are a poor business man or foolish

    now bring it – please… or quit trying to sell your service here..

    thank you again in advance

  27. bob – you are correct that people need the assistance of professional – a great forensic CPA with chops in contract law would be a good start…

    however, nobody is going to hire anyone for 4+ $ figures without client success references and proof that they are not going to waste their money…

    if you want somebody elses’ meat – you better show them yours…

    Third request still awaiting your response…


  28. besides the smaller banks – look at the list of some 388 Mortgage Lending Entities which were taken down into bankruptcy and swallowed up by the big-banks & other bidders for pennies on the dollar – all from the sub-prime bubble engineered by the big 3 & their poolers


    greg, on September 30, 2015 at 2:42 pm said:
    greg, on September 30, 2015 at 1:50 pm said:

    bob – we get that your team does mortgage/note contract examination [at $5,000 a pop] to find the errors that an attorney could use to protect his client…

    would you please give us a ratio of your past clients’ attempts vs successes – and perhaps 3-4 of your clients winning case citations – in different states – to show us how your magic actually worked?

    those are the cases i need to see…

    thanks in advance


  30. Furthermore, AG LISA MADIGAN’s OFFICE told me there’s FRAUD in every mortgage.

    Therefore, FRAUDCLOSURE is signature extortion by the STATE FASCISTS who want to hide they’re criminals by trying to set up & frame us their DEBT FRAUD PATSIES.

    That’s why I’m not signing nothing, registering for nothing or voting for no one.

  31. Not true Bob. The COOK COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE LAWYER confirmed that to me & got me my DEED that was hidden under the old PIN because I never knew they changed it in 2000.

    I was told there was no lien on my property & my house is paid for, I can live in it, sell it, rent it or do whatever I want with it because they have 12 years to record the lien & no one ever did. That was 4 months before the FRAUDCLOSURE was wrongfully served.


  32. That’s the result when politicians take orders from DRUG CARTELS. Nations become DRUG CARTELS.

  33. Correct typo: No legal lien filed is _SECURITIES_FRAUD.

    No wonder nothing is registered, & the FRAUDCLOSURE TERRORISTS won’t give us DISCOVERY.


  34. Furthermore Bob, why wouldn’t they secure their lien if they had one?

    Moreover, your’re saying liens “just exist” so they’re mere speculation & that’s criminal because how were these investments sold secured by the INVESTMENT BROKERAGE HOUSES like the GSE’s?


    What were they transferring out in other words, because they were certainly not transferring out PROPERTY TITLES & that’s HUMAN TRAFFICKING by TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS.

  35. The UCC-1 represents the COLLATERAL LIEN on REAL PROPERTY.

    Ignoring stuff doesnt’t make SECURITIES FRAUD legal BOB.

    Oh this & oh that is just covering up for lots of criminal bs.


  37. It’s the LAW OF THE LAND BOB HURT.


    One ATTORNEY told me this is first year law stuff so your’re clearly lying.

  38. You’re on a roll Lvent!:that’s the best explanation ive seen on the UCC side. My thinking is that’s the start of money trail and fraud on securitization side securitization fail. Or even if not securitization fail keeping “loan transaction”:separate creditor needs to returnbany gains from cancelled note. Dont kill me here its late, brainstorming

  39. Bob the point of Jesinoski isn’t if they win or lose but that TILA needs to be enforced as written not open to interpretation and not the same as common law rescission. The court, lawyers, apologists will try to use these cases to downplay TILA and we gotta wonder why. All these judges and politicians have been in “creditors” pocket we don’t need to be in their shoes.

  40. Thanks hammertime.

    When discussing where’s the docs, first we should have been shown some disclosure like the UCC-1 FINANCING STATEMENTS that must be filed in the SECRETARY OF STATES OFFICE before recording of the TRUST CONTROLLING DOCUMENT takes place. UCC-1’s then were supposed to be updated every 6 months or every time there is transfer of TITLE.

    To those who think that’s too much paperwork must realize the filed UCC-1 & the recorded TRUST CONTROLLING DOCUMENT create the LEGAL LIEN what is called CHATTEL PAPER.


    Without that doc being lodged by the TRUSTEE means they have no receipt. That does not mean they get store credits like our properties can be swapped for their COUNTERFEITS. These clever cons want to pretend PROPERTY TITLE transfers work like CORPORATE STORE CREDITS & that is unlawful because our TITLES were never CORPORATE MERCHANDISE to be credited to thieves who think we’re their BLANK CHECKS.

  41. Good points Lvent keep focused.

  42. But of course we’re dealing with the greediest people on the planet who think they’re outsmarting everyone.

  43. Lender fails is questioning itself because it failed to lend something of value. That’s why there is no fix for fraud & only the proper legal remedy should be used.

    The fact that one person is treated differently than the next is not proper legal remedy.

    Everyone who was dragged into this should have received just monetary compensation & HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENTS from the TITLE COMPANIES because every TITLE was insured for FRAUD.

  44. TILA RECISSION is done by NOTICE & is in & of itself OPERATION OF LAW like the wheres the note letter for example. It is the legal right of the victim to request PROPER DOCUMENTATION & PROPER LEGAL REMEDY without court intervention.

  45. Bob pre hbor and settlements may have been rubber stamp in non judicial but the case on posts show that a lender/servicer must have authority and perfected title. Homeowners won when note was void. It follows if TILA right executedb and lender fails undo it they committed an unlawful SALE, foreclosure void no fc defense. It is the lender that needs to sue to contest rescission then borrower sues to enforce if LENDER FAILS. Except in some backwater where Supreme Court doesn’t apply.

  46. These ATTORNEY’S were clearly hired to butcher our TITLES because of the ORIGINATION FRAUD.

  47. You would have had to use UNFAIR DEALING in your AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES & that’s RACKETEERING which is AN ACTIONABLE CAUSE under RICO.

    The PLAINTIFF’S moved to strike my AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES without responding to my ANSWER to their complaint & did not win that one over with the Judge.

    However they were told they could AMEND their complsint & of course the song remained the same.

    I requested the court move to QUIET TITLE & that was ignored with everything else I requested which was totally within reason.

    Therefore they clearly just want to steal.

    To those who say you can go buy some other house don’t get they’re wiping out our legal right to own property.

    The proof is in the pudding. The economy stinks & whoever is saying otherwise must be in on this evil plot, or their turn is coming.

  48. I read one ATTORNEY discovered there were over 300 investors in one of these soured deals.

    That’s the most crooked thing I have ever heard.

    So how is that divied up? Sounds like they intended to take on too many investors.

    What is most people’s house payment before taxes?

    It definitely sounds like one vast PYRAMID SCHEME that was meant to fail by the STOCK BROKERS & their HEDGE FUND MANAGERS who were selling fraudulent investments that failed from their inception.

    Then their DAY TRADERS were selling off things they had no legal right to sell & were obviously insurance scamming.

    The fact e wall steet never closes made their quest for our TITLES easy by the deception that we were none the wiser.

    So their solution for their crime spree is forced suicide of their victims & for that, they need to go to prison.

  49. Correct typo: Soured mortgages is _one_big fat lying excuse

  50. These FRAUDCLOSURES sure seem like bad BROKERAGE HOUSE deals. Soured mortgages is oje big fat lying excuse by OBAMA’S PAY CZAR ADMINSTRATION. He’s got CZARS for this & CZARS for that like he thinks he’s seated in the KREMLIN & not the WHITE HOUSE.

    The PENTAGRAM must have made him do it. Yeah right, I think he believes he’s the U.S. AMBASSADOR to the NEW WORLD ORDER control freaks & got his job description mixed up.

    He certainly isn’t very good in sales. Those ARTICLE 2 lease contracts he’s peddling have no legal standing & that’s what happens when you try to build your case with no foundation.

  51. It’s the GAY LOBBYISTS AGENDA. They wajt everyone DRUGGED with their DRUGS that let the devil in. That’s why they’re PERSECUTING CATHOLICS who reject that notion.

    These heathens want DRUGGED GAY HIPPIE COMMUNES where they can carry out their evil debauchery out in the open, & to that I say screw them, & don’t try to push your evil belief system off on me.

  52. Too bad for them we never signed nothing then.

    Without the TRUST CONTROLLING DOCUMENT they’re screwed.

    Moreover, that’s ECCESENTIALISM because they’re queers & they think everyone else shoud be.

    Too bad for them I’m not & never will be because everyone isn’t GAY.

    It’s the same GAY PROPAGANDA HITLER used to try & undermine people & the politicians today reek of the same conspiracy.


  54. wow… this really hurt, bob… WTF?!richard-kahn-exposes-bob-hurt/c1dwk

  55. greg, on September 30, 2015 at 1:50 pm said:

    bob – we get that your team does mortgage/note contract examination [at $5,000 a pop] to find the errors that an attorney could use to protect his client…

    would you please give us a ratio of your past clients’ attempts vs successes – and perhaps 3-4 of your clients winning case citations – in different states – to show us how your magic actually worked?

    those are the cases i need to see…

    thanks in advance

  56. Read this until it sinks in: “We should not be looking for creditors. We need only find the victims and the perpetrators. ”

    You’re with us or against us.

  57. Real quick, Bob since I’m actually living this battle at this point. The main point is that in UD as w TILA rescission the “lender” has the burden of proof. In UD you are in a court of eviction NOT foreclosure defense. So you’re missing that point on both fronts. Of course homeowners would raise only if viable and following PROCEDURE. To put forward the free house false morality at thus point is some serious denial as i see w bank people and gov’t agencies. They may take the property in thus corrupt systemsbut they would still be wrong! Like some if us have said and are living it’s a bigger fight. My posts are information purposes only. The ultimate authority is our Constitution and conscience. The laws and facts are there. Some information is useful but the sovereignty and other tracks ultimately reinforce the banks deception.

  58. a fine letter from a fine lawyer…

  59. Bottom line is judges do as they please as do our local,state,fed governments and “the people”no longer have a say,unless and until we take to the streets in mass.

    Have done no less than 12 loans.
    same broker for all
    owned many homes been in many escrows as buyer and seller.
    like to think I know the dif between legit and not.
    Was a long time Wells Fargo client,past loans paid on time and in full.
    several accounts,my sons,my mothers,IRA,financial adviser,credit score760.

    Story ina nutshell
    My broker heavily solicited this garbage to me,convinced me that is was a good time and since this was with my bank of many years refi would be a breeze.
    She did’nt care when I left the closing with the original loan docs in my hand,this was termed a NO DOC LOAN,
    Nothing to show and was basically going by the equity in my home I also paid off my 2nd with Chase 2 months prior for 127k and broker knew it,title knew it,escrow knew it,and I had the cancelled checks and statement showing a zero balance.
    6%,Interest only fixed for ten years,was planning to have for less than a year,goin on ten come jan,2016.
    Didnt really think about the things leading up to the mock closing or the day itself,all I know is I left with the original docs on accident and nobody gave two shits,went to my brokers office yet the owner of the escrow co,signed her name to a sworn affidavit saying she recalls me being at her office that day when I signed the agreement to pay attorneys fees[and its not a fee agreement doc and it is unsigned]hahaha but the judge gave them 20k in fees based on an unsigned indemnity clause.
    I also have a charge on the copies of the closing docs I requested for a mobile notary,so cut to the chase,four years down the road,250k in interest only they tell me in writing that they cant renegotiate the terms as the dont own it.
    We are merely the servicer[Im like what the fork is that]never heard that term “Servicer”?What kind of service are you providing?Go home and look up who owns my loan as they say.
    They have been in BK for 2 years and dispute Wells Fargos claims to any loans and lists them as Unsecured,Non-Priority Creditor,and cancelling any agreements to service,master service,but Wells Fargo is the securities administrator for this whole mess[thats what I get from what i read].
    Dont need to get into the whole mod thing its pretty much textbook worst case scenario.
    I pick this super smalltime lawyer,super nerdy[not in a good way]figure hes past being corrupted since I know I must be his only client.

    Jump back a couple clicks,did the CFPB,OCC,FDIC,AG,Dept of bus oversight,etc,etc,etc,multiple complaints and Wells Fargo tells them what they please and its taken at face value or they DUH are also part of the problem.
    When the HUD-1 says that Wells Fargo paid my 2nd with Chase for 134k[That I paid and have the cancelled checks,but a knew law says banks must destroy all their records after 7 years]So when I call WF out on the notary being Nov 14,and we signed on the 9th,they just sent a new letter saying “Your loan closed on the 14th”You signed the app attesting to the facts.
    There was no application,it was a “NO DOC” but my broker had so much data on me that they just keep creating whatever is needed as a matter of fact they could easily put me in prison with some adjustments here and changes there and thats some scary shit.
    Im bored with my story already so I want to say that they can and 70% of the time will create,fabricate,forge,and alter documents to get the results they want,then you chuck 10-20 third party scumbags in the mix and if you dont have the time or the money or the heart,anything is possible,and mostly not good from loss of material things to very ugly behavior that one would never think would be possible in our country.
    On my 5th lawyer
    50k down the tubes
    dismissed case 1,at the demurrer stage
    awarded lawyers fees to a lying escrow co
    Lawyer moves case from downtown to Santa Monica and lies to me about it in an email,swears it was random then admits a min later
    pending appeal but new lawyer is now garbage,WF lawyer,my first lawyer,appeals lawyer=all grads from same law school,close in ages.
    Judge gave the whole claim that they paid my second no love,so according to their math they shorted me 134k in cash out,they said Chase must of got paid twice if I had some sorta receipt I should go get it from Chase.
    They even went as far as to create a letter from my accountant making it look as though I got him to lie for me in order to qualify for the NO DOC loan so the moral of my story is THERE IS NO SURE FIRE REMEDY TO GREED,CORRUPTION,and the never ending quest for power over other human beings.I left out the nasty stuff.

  60. bob – we get that your team does mortgage/note contract examination to find the errors that an attorney could use to protect his client…

    would you please give us a ratio of your past clients’ attempts vs successes – and perhaps 3-4 of your clients winning case citations – in different states – to show us how your magic actually worked?

    those are the cases i need to see…

    thanks in advance

  61. Rule 19 would not be legally valid because the trusts were never created.

  62. Equity and Contracts….it is there. Go back to the beginning. No sides, just saying. All here are doing a Patriotic Duty to cleanse the “corruption”….so few fighting. The behavior by these thugs is “criminal”…we shouldn’t have to go through this, ’nuff said!

    Just a non-legal opinion

  63. Wednesday 30 September 2015


    My response stemmed from a direct reference to Ivent from hurt. I did
    not read the entire thread to know otherwise.

    To bobhurt’s comment:

    “IN RE BROWN, Bankr. Court, ED Virginia 2015,47
    Then ask yourself whether you suffer from the same confusion about the meaning of Jesinoski ans Brown.”

    The Brown case typifies most court attitudes toward borrowers…no
    matter their case, lenders take precedence, and this case does nothing
    more than advance lender “credibility” against a borrower, as courts
    are won’t to do. “Scerw you, Borrower,” is there undisguised message.

    The case, as presented, is directed against the rescinder is having the
    burden to prove everything. The court makes many statements of
    conclusion, a few of which were blatantly wrong, bsed on bias, and, if not rebutted or challenged, remain unchallenged and stand as a case to
    be piggybacked and cited by other lenders. This is how the courts
    function on behalf of lenders. Courts create breeder cases that feed
    on each other, structurally weak at the core, but like the many layers
    of an onion, their initial weakness gets lost, over time.

    The outcome of many such cases results from an inability of the
    borrower, or his/her atty being insufficiently capable to rise to the
    challenge. While the court placed the entire burden of required proof
    of borrower’s admitted inability to pay back the lender, not once did
    the court address whether the lender had to burden of proof that the
    lender could actually tender the right note, a huge issue for all
    securitized trusts.

    The bias weighs heavily against the borrower, which does not mean
    bobhurt is correct in citing the case as being justly decided, even though
    he presents is as such, as displays his own predilection in also
    favoring lenders over borrowers. It is an obvious uphill battle for
    borrowers, and poorly argued/defended cases does not help.

    The court is more than guilty of bias. I cannot say the outcome would
    have been any different with an unbiased court, but many of the court’s
    statements concerning rescission and the lack of responsibility of the
    lender raises many questions of credibility, yeet the case stands as is.

    The fault lies with the borrower for not having been better prepared.

    Just my opinion…



  64. Bobhurt- “the borrower did in fact receive money to buy a house or refinance a loan”- xxx bank, in their iinfinite wisdom, sent me copies of TWO settlement sheets to the same loan “closing”: we got the small one, 12k, which was faxed at 11:56 am, but we didn’t get the big one, 34k, which was faxed at 3:48 to FNMA.
    Those rascals were at it again-

  65. lms – from the CA research I’m doing Chase does need to comply with settlement guidelines. You may have to file separate lawsuit or do counterclaim within fc lawsuit if that’s still supposed to happen in your case.

  66. Another good excerpt on res judicata issue and proper authority –
    P 21 “Advocates may find it easier to challenge the “validity of the foreclosure in a post-sale unlawful detainer action,101 where the servicer must affirmatively demonstrate proper authority.102
    101 Not only is this tactic often easier, but it is sometimes necessary to avoid res judicata issues in any subsequent wrongful foreclosure action. See, e.g., Hopkins v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 2013 WL 2253837, at *4-5 (E.D. Cal. May 22, 2013) (barring a wrongful foreclosure claim because servicer had already established duly perfected title in a UD action). Advocates can refer to the HBOR Collaborative’s Defending Post-Foreclosure Evictions practice guide, available at
    uploads/2014/08/Representing-California-Tenants-Former-Homeowners-in-Post-Foreclosure-Evictions.pdf, for more information on litigating title in the context of a post-foreclosure UD. The Collaborative also has a webinar, and a PLI segment on this issue titled “Eviction Defense after Foreclosure.”

  67. Here’s the case I mentioned for Unlawful Detainer CA. As DW said a matter of playing chess and you need to apply the principles and understand your options in court. This reflects the advantage of TILA rescission to shift the burden of proof. Very good reference with cases and citations. bottom of home page newsletters, guides

    MAY 2013 – APRIL 2014
    “As explained further in U.S. Bank v. Cantartzoglou (below), the plaintiff in a UD action has the burden to prove they had the right to foreclose, including perfected title. CC § 1161a. Here, the beneficiary and trustee that foreclosed on the property and that were listed in the NOD and NTS were not the same beneficiary and trustee listed on the DOT. Further, Plaintiff offered no evidence that the DOT beneficiary had assigned their interest to the foreclosing beneficiary, or that the DOT beneficiary had substituted a trustee. The court did not accept as relevant a post-NOD and post-NTS recorded Corporate Assignment of Deed of Trust purportedly transferring the DOT from MERS to the foreclosing beneficiary. Without a showing that MERS had an interest in the DOT, a “transfer” from MERS to another beneficiary does nothing to show perfected title. In this case, the sale was declared void.
    U.S. Bank v. Cantartzoglou, 2013 WL 443771 (Cal. App. Div. Super. Ct. Feb. 1, 2013): To bring a UD action a plaintiff must show that they purchased the property at a trustee sale that was compliant with both the relative statutes and the DOT. If the defendant raises questions as to the veracity of title, plaintiff has the affirmative burden to prove true title. The plaintiff must prove every aspect of the UD case, while the defendant has no burden of proof whatsoever. This differs from wrongful foreclosure actions where the homeowner plaintiff has the burden to show that something would void the sale (like an improper assignment).”

  68. for anyone who thinks that the courts don’t respect “clear statutory language on its face” – ask the judge in a case of an unlucky 16 year old found with “too much pot in his car” (as clearly defined in statute) and why he sentenced him to 5 years in prison (as clearly defined in statute as mandatory minimum sentence)

    these same judges are supposed to be as “brutal” in all cases where statute is clear on its face….

    so why don’t they brutalize the foreclosers when the statute is clear on its face to do so?

    i’ll bet a steak dinner for two that nobody here has one useful fact to back up their opinion…

  69. @mn

    thanks… your comments are actually pertinent to the conversation between greg & bob – not Ivent… one whom we are still waiting for a positive contribution…

  70. Tuesday 29 September 2015

    From bobhurt:

    “Your diatribe fails to mention a few salient facts:
    1. The borrower did in fact receive money to buy or refinance a loan on the house.
    2. The note and security instrument both name the borrower and lender
    3. The borrower has no standing to dispute or enforce the PSA or any note assignment because the borrower never became a party to, a beneficiary of, or injured by it.”

    Salient facts? No. Unsubstantiated conclusions would better describe
    1, and 2. As to 3, it depends. Either could be void and subject to
    attack. Law is not as cut and dried as you present.

    I was initially going to respond to how you responded to Ivent, but when
    I read his language descriptions, his credibility was less than yours.
    Having just quoted you, above, I will add my conclusion that you have
    a very rigid and narrow perspective that does not ring as true as you
    present or like to think, but that is your choice, just as it is Ivent’s choice
    on how he elects to present himself.

    A dismissal of a motion by a judge hardly means the motion was either
    baseless or frivolous. [narrow POV]

    Ivent was correct on one thing, on a presumption of yours, Federal
    Reserves Notes are debt instruments. Debt cannot, and never will be
    money. You are reading a cleansed version of “411,” and if you are not
    already, you would make a good agent for the de facto corporate
    federal government, not at all representative “of the people,” as it were.

    I will read the two links you provided, with a deserved degree of
    skepticism, based on your attitude.



  71. Bob, that case is exactly what Garfield warned that courts would try to interpret Supreme Court but can’t. But it still makes the point TILA is not common law rescission but still only looks out for bankster being made whole. It looks like the debtor’s lawyer nade the mistake of focusing on timeliness not consummation like Garfield’s warned.

  72. How dare you say “you signed one” BOB HURT.

    If that were true there would be no FRAUDCLOSURES because BANKS DON’T LOSE POSSESSION of BLANK CHECKS otherwise they’re criminally liable.

    Therefore, there’s something really criminal going on in FRAUDCLOSURE.

  73. We have the DEEDS Bob that’s why.

  74. Therefore, because no NOTES exist, FRAUDCLOSURE is UNLAWFUL DETAINER by the POLITICIANS which is STATE RUN FASCISM because they think POLITICIANS have more legal rights than we do.

  75. Correct typo, I meant to say _your_ honor in my previous comment.

    Which reminds me of the NOTICE OF DEFAULT NOTICE OF DISHONOR & DEMAND FOR PAYMENT LETTER I sent to the criminal IMPOSTERS who confirmed that’s true by never responding to it.

    Or the TILA RECISSION LETTER I sent the hoodlums & they said there will be NO LOAN RECISSIONS because they’re obviously trying to cash in on FRAUDULENT INSURANCE POLICIES like CORPORATE RAIDERS do.

  76. Want proof? One judge in FRAUDCLOSURE COURT, JUDGE ATKINS literally growled like some beast when he denied my MOTION TO DISMISS when I told him “but there’s FRAUD IN THE FACTUM our honor.”

    He gave no reason for the denial, verbal or written.

  77. Gotta wonder though if a white man or woman had been elected in ’08;would sky have fallen? That’ll be my one step into the fringe. DW I completely agree there is no one way while courts, law moves forward and at same time is corrupted by Wall St money.

  78. You obviously have no clue Greg or you’re in on it with the ALPHABET SOUP AGENCIES & the like who think investing in their own fraud is ownership.

    To say it’s myth to speak the truth is bs. FRAUDCLOSURE is high level voodoo demon worship by DRUID WITCHES & they’re the main player here. SECRET SOCIETIES really do exist & they’re who the media calls the party of one.

  79. I keep saying its like a game of chess – its slow, its an art form
    You look at the ” playing field” you anticipAte ( Gretsky – you need to know where that puck is going to be not where it is) you move your pieces and it takes ages … the rest is up to god. ( you do the best you can with what you’ve got – my Dad)

  80. Well said DW and some key points on unlawful detainer I’m going thru now in CA. Basically it can work to turn the tables like TILA rescission and if note void homeowners win. Will post case later. Stick to the facts all this ideology, resentment just adds to the crap.

  81. Neil said

    “If such a transaction did not occur then there is no loan, there is no loan in the trust, there is no servicer, and there is no trustee. Without a disclosed lender there is no loan contract” unquote

    So who can issue a 1099c – release from the debt

  82. They have the burden when they file a forcible/ unlawful detainer action,
    Pay attention to that when they are filing on ” behalf of”

  83. Everyone gets to the point of complete disgust when dealing with these IMPOSTERS; FICTITIOUS PAYEES who think they can make up their own laws because OBAMA is one of their investors.

    That’s not only unprofessional, that’s LAWLESSNESS that’s unprecedented in U.S. HISTORY.

  84. I love all of you , you know

  85. Sorry Greg but the burden of proof is on the deliniators & redactors in FRAUDCLOSURE who pretend they met the burden of proof criterion without ever entering the ACTUAL EVIDENCE.

  86. Ya,ll
    After over 6 1/2 years doing ” this” which is not my idea of fun btw,
    Of course it makes you crazy because its awful
    And ” happy birthday” ( two words) to all who judge on here
    ” until you have walked in my shoes”
    Greg, hammertime dont go…
    Ignore what doesnt resonate – Pick your areas of research
    Nothing is what it seems anyway, i go my own way and take 100% accountability, painful or not.

  87. Bob and Ivent
    i will not be drawn into impossible….
    i am done with you until you actually give me something to work with – OK? i’m old and follow Shakespeare’s advice…
    if you think i’ve made a mistake in interpreting where you are heading with this – let me know


  88. Dear G-d and Neil

    i am ready to quit –

    if i stay here – i have to deal with at least two intractable egos – one on each side of unreasonableness…

    they don’t appreciate when i complement them for their good effort
    they don’t appreciate when i hold their toes to fire to prove things
    i’m no saint either but i’m trying and admit my clay feet

    its all ego (just come to my web$ite to get into paying $5,000 up-front for help which may or may not work i don’t need to explain – my truth is self evident)

    i offer a verbal call in a forum for peaceful Q&A and both egotists cower away – saying they don’t need to speak

    this is one of the reasons why our world is a mess….

    what say anyone?
    am i nuts for trying?


  89. You guys are putting the “crazy” into internet crazies lol1

  90. Maybe it’s the people OBAMA is groupies with like that NAMBLA member he hired.


    Could NAMBLA be hiding behind these LLC’s in FRAUDCLOSURE & invested in the fraud from behind the scenes because they want to PERSECUTE CATHOLICS?

    Definitely because of OBAMA’s GAY RIGHTS AGENDA & ties to the GAY COMMUNITY (LARRY SINCLAIR), his war on CATHOLICS & the fact his pension is invested in VANGUARD.

    Every one of those issue presents unlawful CONFLICT OF INTEREST ISSUES proven by the fact no pertinent facts get disclosed in these courtrooms.

  91. I’m no hypocrite Greg, do your own research because that’s not my job.

    Furthermore, don’t goddamn me or compare me to those demon worshippers in the WHITE HOUSE because I’m very religious, unlike them.

  92. lvent, on September 29, 2015 at 6:42 pm said:
    It’s not my job to prove what I say is true…
    It’s not my job to prove what I say is true…
    It’s not my job to prove what I say is true…
    It’s not my job to prove what I say is true…
    It’s not my job to prove what I say is true…

    You must be Michelle Obama!

    you G-D- Hypocrite!

  93. Blogs express people views & that’s why they’re called comments.

    I’m AMERICAN so I don’t take orders from dictators & esp not from what really seems to be GAY RIGHTS JUDGES & LAWYERS in FRAUDCLOSURE.

  94. Really Greg? You must work for the FRAUDCLOSURE JUDGES because they’re the ones blocking DISCOVERY in FRAUDCLOSURE COURT & the BANKSTERS were the only ones I said need to show proof.


    So you really have no reason to complain when the media is reporting this stuff.

  96. Ivent – to the best of my understanding – this is not a forum for unprovable BS-


    as they say on the playground… PUT UP OR SHUT UP

  97. test

  98. It’s not my job to prove what I say is true, look it up. It’s the politicians who have created negative public opinions by running this country like HITLERS DEN OF INIQUITY.

  99. The proof 9/11 was FOREIGN INSURRECTION by the enemies from within is the RED LIGHT CAMERAS & SPEEDING CAMERAS that the courts use to fine people who have been robbed blind by them in the first place.

    Furthermore, if we need surveillance cameras everywhere then we need them in the WHITE HOUSE too because the 9/11 perps were not U.S. CITIZENS.

  100. Ivent – have you recently looked in the mirror and seen that of all of us on this blog, you provide the most inflammatory and unsubstantiated claims without proof – and nobody bothers to ask you for proof – not because we believe you – but because we believe you to be a torch which would burn down her own house if it got you more attention….

    the group ignores you… doesn’t that just make you crazy! hahaha

    you want proof from everyone else yet all you are is a recycler of Kate of Gaia or Alex Jones style paranoid media…

    NASA just admitted there is liquid water on Mars… please sign up for the first expedition… and stay there…

    thank you

    (anyone else who agrees please cite this comment to Sue and Neil)

  101. OBAMA said we should forget the events of 9/11 which proves the point he’s there to be the political shil for FREEMASONRY & he’s the biggest WAR CRIMINAL PRESIDENT we ever had.

    In fact I think he might be related to HITLER because of his GAY RIGHTS AGENDA.

  102. The DEBT CARTEL won’t tell you the date was 9/11.

    That was the date of the largest CREDIT CHARGE OFF in U.S. HISTORY.

    Clearly FRAUDCLOSURE is the ADDENDUM to that criminal cover up because they got bailed out by BUSH. Then OBAMA’s $60 TRILLION + REINVESTMENT IN BANKSTER FRAUD ACT was him paying HOMAGE to FREEMASONRY & he just thinks everyone is stupid.

  103. so bob – are you going to come on the thursday after-Neil-call and enlighten us to your method and accept questions and allow me to host a civil conversation on the topic?

  104. bob – borrowers always lend the money to the bank first before the bank pretends to lend it to them…. that is all the banks have to work with…

  105. ready for this – if i can get a judge to tell me that “the Note is a Bearer Instrument” – i will make him repeat that again 2 more times as if i didn’t understand…

    THEN i will whip out MY original copy (were 2) Blue Ink Note (which i still have) and say – thank you sir, here is THE ORIGINAL NOTE which i bear… and NO YOU MAY NOT TOUCH IT OR HOLD IT!

    If there is there anyone claiming to be holding an original of this Note, here and now, in this room, right now let him bring it forward or forever hold their piece…

    (going once, going twice, sold!)

    Then stamp or write across it it cancelled – then they are FORKED!

    Case discharged!

    have lots of witnesses….


  107. the phrase “A person MAY be a person entitled to enforce the instrument… ” and not SHALL indicates a rebuttable presumption… not a guarantee…

  108. bob – i use 12 USC411 indorsements on all the phony money i’m forced to take… all that means is i’m making my demand for lawful money (as is my right) but am told by the bank that “we just don’t have that today, please accept this identical “claim check” FRN and come back another time…”

    lawful money larger than a 50 cent piece is in a state of Limbo… pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and half dollars currently issued by treasury are still lawful money (although debased)

  109. If the FRB MONEY ALCHEMISTS insist otherwise, the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS is out of business.

  110. Debt isn’t money Greg nor is it the representative of that there of because DEBT has no substance being it was FRAUDULENTLY DERIVED.

  111. Furthermore, if there is no money we should demand full ACCOUNTING of OBAMA & CHRISTINE LAGUARDES CORPORATE HOLDINGS DOCS & the head of the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND should go to the GUILOTINE.

    The COUNTY RECORDERS EMPLOYEES can stop pretending they have jobs & go build one up on CAPITAL HILL for the CORPORATE TRAITORS.

  112. hey bob – here’s a thought that might get some bloggers off your back….

    Instead of telling folks that alternative methods don’t work, concentrate and focus on what YOU know does work…

    Sure you can say that you do not have confidence in methods you have not mastered, but just leave it at that….

    You DO have a sound manner of accomplishing the goal, so stay with that and let everyone else be a grownup and make their own choice…

    There is no need for you to toss wood on a fire which does not concern you… (even though it might eat at your craw)… stay positive and watch what happens….


  113. LOL Greg there better be money.

    Moreover, if i wanted to MENTALLY TORTURE myself I wouod read BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY or listen to the DICTATORS speak in their U.N. WAR TRIBUNAL HEARING in NYC.

  114. and yes bob, if you can prove fraud in the inducement or in the initial contract, or a violation of RESPA/TILA, etc. in the initial contract, you can kill them…

  115. clarification on voting – when i say we “all vote” i mean that even an inaction (not voting) is an action (tacit consent) – this is the real victory of the scumbags – to take the heartfelt passion for freedom, justice, transparency of government and clarity of contracts – out of each American and make them feel hopeless – WHEN THEY ARE NOT HOPELESS AT ALL! it is a damn illusion –

    We can get back to the garden! (i’m showing my ole’ hippie roots)

  116. i believe that you, bob, are trying to level everything according to common law/black letter law which used to apply to all of us in a happier time…

    we are reduced to admiralty and equity because of the nonsense our public servants pulled over the past century…

    if things were “back to normal” i would be 100% with you…but i do not see it that way

  117. actually bob the clean hands doctrine swoops in here…
    if Al Capone loaned me funds from his protection/extortion racket – would the feds make me pay him back?

  118. in most circumstances – you can’t own anything – you can only control interest in a temporal usufruct of the thing

  119. i also think you (and most on this blog) suffer from the same illusion as Ivent – when i told her that:
    Ivent – your problem is you actually believe there is money…

    since congress pledged (to avoid treason) in HJR192 (and subsequent versions) that in exchange for the removal of access to all currency of value from the American people and plunging the people into a debt-based monetary scheme – all debts of the people are thereby discharged by the US government dollar for dollar in exchange for them being the backers and warrant officers of the federal government’s debt to the Federal Reserve Banking System…

    that means that there is no currency of substance, and no debt can ever be “paid” (per black letter law) and can only be “discharged” (assumed by another entity)…

    that is the reality of the world around you… whether you like it or not…

  120. and bob –

    are you saying that if i was dumb enough to loan a bank $312,000 and then agree to say that they loaned it to me instead – that it would be my own damn fault – and i should just suck it up and take my lumps and learn to never do that again?

  121. but anyway bob – if you loaned me 50 bucks for a new coffeepot and dropped dead before you collected and your neighbor found my IOU in your wallet when she discovered your body lying on the ground in the back yard next to a ladder… what are the chances your neighbor could collect?

    your son, daughter or executor sure could because he/she’d have lawful standing… but unless the IOU progresses to a lawful holder, it would be an noncollectable debt…

    or are you going to say it is a bearer note? (choke)

  122. hey bob – maybe you can call in on the after-show on Thursday and let everyone hear your arguments without the limitation of typing into a blog interrupted by distractions?

  123. Epilogue –
    – Most people can’t handle Freedom
    – Most people are irreconcilably deft at self-governance
    – Most people want a Messiah of Fearless Leader to take the burden of decision off their shoulders – and be able to blame them when things get ugly
    – Democracy guarantees that the Mob will Rule and be Ruled by Mobsters
    – There is no money
    – “There is no spoon” (The Matrix)
    – There is only life and energy in a quantum space-time which is invisible to most people
    -When people realize that THEY are the so-called “Money” – everything will resolve itself… until then, enjoy the lesson…

  124. Ivent – your problem is you actually believe there is money….

  125. i just gotta say this….







    sorry… ;-(

  126. Forget the book Greg because the real question is wheres our money?

    Do you work for the KGB? Because last I checked CREDITSPECULATION isn’t money lent, it’s money stolen.

  127. Furthermore, if they’re depositing something it’s certainly not money because the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK said they’re BROKE though they’ve received $60+ trillion U.S. TAXPAYER DOLLARS since 2008 reported CNBC with NOTHING IN THE VAULT?

    Sounds like GRAND THEFT LARCENY to me because when you’re broke because of CREDIT SPECULATION you should be in prison.

  128. for those who have not done it already – read “Modern Money Mechanics” (50 pages of love) – it will help you in your life living amongst legalized thieves…


  129. I have the DEEDS so someone got the money for the properties but it wasn’t me. Therefore that’s FRAUD IN THE ISSUING & OBTAINING OF CREDIT by the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK BOARD OF GOVERNORS because I have the BILL OF SALE so they stole the money.

  130. @ Greg

    Yes, thank you for clarifying that the Depositor’s money is parlayed into the fractional reserve banking scheme; as is the Bailor’s tangible personal property: The NOTE.

    Yes, thank you for clarifying that, as a matter of law, the action of “loaning” credit is ULTRA VIRES, therefore VOID AB INITIO.

  131. how much will you pay me to hire the resource team i need to get you double proof? – for now, since they are cocky enough to tell us in black and white, i’ll work with that….

  132. I never received money from the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK did you?

  133. Prove that Greg

  134. Ivent – you are mistaken on this – sure there is RICO, but i just explained how they do it under color of law (legally) – right out of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank’s Manual called “Modern Money Mechanics”

  135. The FEDERAL RESERVE BANK is one vast CREDIT BROKERING EXCHANGE & that’s the definition of CRIME SYNDICATE.

  136. this is why banks beg us and bait us to take out loans -IT IS THE ONLY WAY MONEY GETS CREATED – WITH OUR SIGNATURES – IN OUR CAPACITY AS AUTHORIZED WARRANT OFFICERS OF THE USA, ISSUING TO THEM THE FULL FAITH AND CREDIT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – because boys and girls…. since HJR192, that is all there is….

  137. Banks don’t lend money they lend FRAUD IN THE ISSUING OF CREDIT. That’s CRIMINAL EXTORTION because of how they OBTAIN CREDIT is like one vast CHICAGO MOB CRIME SYNDICATE PAY TO PLAY/BUY HERE PAY HERE SCAM meaning they BROKER their own CREDIT FRAUD before you even inquire. So therefore, they threw out the 8 ball & became CREDIT RACKETEERS.

  138. promissory notes are deposited by the bank into a demand deposit account opened by the bank in the name of the issuer (homeowner/lender) and appear as a liability of the bank to the homeowner, but momentarily adds to their funds on deposit… because of the RRB’s 9X fractionalization rule, the bank then requests and gets from the FRB clearance to issue 9 Xs the amount of the deposited note in the form of “new money” (which the bank then uses for short term bank-to-bank transactions) – then a check is issued to the seller from that account in the amount of the note and the account is zeroed out and closed… and no record of it ever having existed kept except deep in their high security computer system…

    so who is the lender?

  139. There is no contract that we signed & nothing makes CRIMINAL FRAUD legal.


    To those lying, greedy CORPORATE RESOLUTION AGREEMENT FRAUDSTERS who say “IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY” prove their LIARS by saying that because if you have no money then IT’S PERSONAL. Moreover it’s more like they’re carrying out MOB VENDETTAS for AIG under the guise of FRAUDULENT MORTGAGE SERVICING TABLEAUS that make no sense.

    Furthermore it doesn’t say much for the so called ELITE FAMILIES in this country like the KENNEDY’S, MCDONALDS, RUSSELS & the like who got rich off of our backs in the first place but never speak on our behalf.

    Instead, they tell us to go & eat off the dollar menu because they’re covering up for their own CORPORATE FRAUD.

  140. Kali –

    banks cannot loan their depositors money or their credit! (12USC)
    they can only loan their own (profit or initial seed) money

  141. oh, and if a bank used their credit to credit another account – it violates their federal charter (12USC) and results in the termination of their franchise (OR) if they leveraged a table funded loan – absolutely illegal with a similar result….

    Neil hit the nail on the head when he said there are no lenders or borrowers – only people as victims of a gigantic fraud where these creeps put themselves in the middle of what used to be a simple valid business deal and stole from both ends of the food chain leaving (all) the people homeless on the land that their forefathers died for (Tommy J)

  142. Trustee’s Role: Traditional Mortgage v. “Conduit” Transaction(s)

    Part 1: The Traditional Trustee’s Role in the Traditional Mortgage is as the Third Party in the Subject Contract

    In a traditional mortgage, the Real Property Transaction is evidenced in a negotiation between a lender/creditor/beneficiary/mortgagee/real party in interest & BAILEE who loans its own monies (depositor’s monies) and the MAKER/owner/mortgagor/borrower/debtor/trustor of the NOTE (personal property) in the Subject Contract (Promissory NOTE & DOT).

    The MAKER is a Bailor who lends its tangible personal property (NOTE) to the BAILEE, who holds possession of the Bailment (NOTE) until the Subject Contract is performed, and thereafter must return the Bailment property to the Bailor.

    The third party is a traditional trustee who is inserted into the Transaction on the DOT as a watchdog for both the Bailor and Bailee; who holds an “intangible” title to the Bailor’s Real Property, but not the tangible personal property in the possession of the Bailee: the NOTE.

    Part 2 (to follow): The Other Trustee’s Role in the “Conduit” Transaction(s) . . .

  143. @bubhurt – as to standing as a party to PSA, you are likely incorrect in the state of California. Cal Civ Code 1203 allows “anyone” to contest a title-affecting recorded document, within 1 year, with an interest in the property. In this case, the interest of a late assignment to a trust affects the chain of title in which a homeowner has an interest. AKA “Glaski Blaster”. The CA Suckpreme Court has spent over a year trying to find a way around this statute, apparently to no avail.

  144. most of the time a i agree with you bob – but not here…

    bobhurt, on September 29, 2015 at 1:53 pm said:

    Your diatribe fails to mention a few salient facts:

    1. The borrower did in fact receive money to buy or refinance a loan on the house.

    (prove it – no consideration)

    2. The note and security instrument both name the borrower and lender

    (the roles were erroneously reversed and the named lender never lent or risked a thing – heck Bob, in this climate, you could claim be the lender if you wanted to be and a judge would let you foreclose on my house…)

    3. The borrower has no standing to dispute or enforce the PSA or any note assignment because the borrower never became a party to, a beneficiary of, or injured by it

    (my research shows that yes, the borrower, as citizen and beneficiary of the Trust, has legal standing to challenge Trustee’s standing)

  145. Where’s the contract that we signed that says we do business with CORPORATE WAR CRIMINALS?

  146. greg, on September 24, 2015 at 2:43 pm said:

    if you recall – i previously brought up the issue of homeowners/citizens/taxpayers borrowers being real third party beneficiaries of the MBS/REMIC Trusts with a real interest…

    The evidence i found in the annual reports of the Illinois State Board of Investments from 2005 to 2014 showed that Illinois is investing citizen/taxpayers’ money in those Trusts and has suffered an ongoing loss since the collapse…

    The beneficiaries of Illinois’ investments are the people/citizens/taxpayers, in the form of supplemental funding, through dividends, of their essential services like water, streets, police, fire, etc… The resulting losses have caused direct out-of-pocket damage to the people/citizens/taxpayers in the form of higher taxes to compensate for said losses…[or reduction in services]

    Now Illinois cannot even pay its lottery winners because the budget shortfalls created by these investment losses have gone so deep…

    Therefore – get copies of your state, county, city investment reports, show the losses – Then get copies of your taxes and show the increases – Finally get a report from your comptroller or treasurer showing reduction in services…

    Altogether, there is your smoking gun… there is your direct interest… there is your standing to sue.

  147. Reblogged this on California Freelance Paralegal and commented:
    Another good blog post by Neil Garfield.

  148. the USGov/Treasury could fix this…

    think of the big banks as just being long extension cords [financial conduits] between a wall outlet [investor/lender] and a light bulb [homeowner/borrower]…

    the long extension cord [financial conduit] adds resistance [interest charges & fees] to the circuit and absorbs some of the energy [money & people’s life energy] that would otherwise be available to the light bulb [homeowner/borrower]…

    just unplug the extension cord [financial conduits], throw it away, and plug the light bulb [homeowner/borrower] directly into the wall outlet [investor/lender]…

    in fact, the lower resistance [interest charges & fees] caused by the removal of the long extension cord [financial conduits] would increase the voltage [money & people’s life energy] to the light bulb [homeowner/borrower] and let it burn more brightly [positive balance of productivity vs. debt.]


  149. check out this 2012 pdf
    By Roy D. Oppenheim & Jacquelyn K. Trask-Rahn


  150. The Banks/Thieves need to bring back all the MONEY they have hidden off shore and hidden all over the world. There is a reason for their evil greed. These are extremely sick greedy indivduals. They need to tell the truth.

  151. Jp Morgan Chase was my original lender, servicer, what ever they claim to be. The note and mortgage was executed under JP Morgan Chase Bank. I have never seen a PSA nor do I believe one exists. My loan has never been assigned to anyone to my knowledge. If it has, it was never recorded, yet now that I have been foreclosed on they are trying to assign the right to bid to the Fannie Mae façade. What a Joke? except it is all very real and now they are dual tracking as I am in an agreed upon plan. I was told by the banks attorney that this is all very legal in broward county court. How can they give me a loan mod and in the same breath file all the docs to proceed with a sale and let people bid on my property that stand to lose or maybe not! I thought dual tracking was illegal after the National Mortgage settlement but with the broward county corrupt court, it appears to still be legal. Any thoughts and yes I did make a complaint to the CFPB. it seems to me that anyone that does not have a recorded assignment of the mortgage, right away that would say to me that whoever the borrower signed the mortgage with would be the lender, owner of the note and mortgage. The note and mortgage should always stay together PERIOD!

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