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Dan Edstrom, senior forensic analyst and Attorney Charles Marshall join us again, continuing the discussion last week and promoting their seminar on October 17, 2015.

The REAL problem is that there are no monetary transactions backing up the paper that the servicers, banks, trustees are using. And that means that there is no party who satisfies the statutory requirements for being a beneficiary under a deed of trust or the mortgagee under a mortgage.

Tune in tonight or  click on our link to tune in later. We’ll be talking the TRUTH about the transactions and an interesting analogy.

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  1. National Mortgage Settlement guidelines and laws such CA Homeowner Bill of Rights require reliable evidence, valid transaction. Why aren’t lawyers, agencies applying these as prerequisites? CA HBOR provides for grand jury. Can we push for one on this basis?

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  3. In a 1/2 hour show, the same sales pitch and mission statement printed on the web page used to access the stream takes up half the show, leaving no time for questions, and when you subtract the time for introductions of speakers, leaves about 8 minutes of actual information available to be disseminated. This represents a very low ROI for the listener.

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