Focus for Political Candidates: SHOW ME YOUR KNOWLEDGE About the Mortgage Crisis and the Economic collapse!

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I’ve been receiving emails from many candidates for public office, including one recent email calling for the break-up of the big banks — a theme picked up from Elizabeth Warren. They are right. But Bernie isn’t telling the people why that should happen and he isn’t taking the opportunity to resonate with what tens of millions of people already know about our economy, about Wall Street and about government. The system is rigged and people who run against the banks will win if they get specific and demonstrate their knowledge such that the people who are voting have actual confidence that the candidate knows what he or she is talking about and will actually do something to bring this nightmare to an end, restore the American middle class that is the engine of the US economy, and restore social order.


Dear Bernie,

This message is too vague. You are underestimating the knowledge and intelligence of the American Public. More than 17,000,000 people have been displaced by the process of foreclosure. And there are another 17,000,000 people who will be displaced over the next 5-8 years. In order for that to happen the banks hide the real transactions and have been submitting documents that are fabricated, forged, robo-signed and supported by robo-testimony from people whose only job is to testify — thus insulating the the real players from committing perjury.

Talk about how and why millions of black, Hispanic and under-educated, unsophisticated borrowers were targeted for absurd loan products that ‘reset” to payment levels higher than their household income has ever been. You will cut across all demographic lines from far left to far right and everything in between.

Tens of Millions of people know this. You don’t need to do much teaching. If you want to touch a nerve, talk about how the mortgage process jumped from 4-5 loan products in in the 1970’s to around 450 loan products in the mortgage meltdown period. Talk about how disadvantaged people were targeted for loans because the failure of those loans made the most money for the banks.

Talk about the Miami suit where the city was stuck with brunt of the cost of ZOMBIE HOUSES — phenomenon throughout American cities where hundreds of thousands of homes have bull dozed because the same banks that interfered with a modification, forced the foreclosure then abandoned the property.

Talk about how no prospective borrower could understand the intricate lending process that emerged and that the Federal disclosure laws were inadequate to alert borrowers that they were being lured into loans they could never repay. Talk about how borrowers were lured into “default” with the hope of modifications by the famous “You must be 90 days behind to be considered for modification”, and lured into bankrupting their lives and households by spending every penny they could get their hands on to save their home — all to pay banks who had no interest in their loan and who had no actual authority.

Talk about the great shift (theft) of wealth from the American middle class to the banks who now have the money parked off-shore. Question why the banks supposedly suffered huge losses but are now bigger than ever with reporting earnings that are out-sized compared to any other activity in the our economy —a sure signal that they are cooking the books. Wall Street’s job is to make capital available for business activity. We have had our great recession where GDP for actual goods and services was reduced from 84% of GDP to only 52% of GDP — with the entire balance going to financial services. How could there be a need for more paper (securities) for business activity that declining? Talk about the nearly $1 Quadrillion in the shadow banking market where the illusion of economic activity is kept alive.

And why are the banks going to court relying on paper instruments that talk about transactions that never existed? If the transactions were real, then why don’t they show it? Why do they stonewall easy questions like “who is my creditor?” Why are they winning? Why are judges saying that they don’t care whether the borrower owes money to the party suing him; all that matters, say the judges, is that the borrower stopped paying. Really? If I mistakenly pay you $100 per month for a debt that doesn’t exist TO YOU, under what theory of law, morality or ethics can I be sued for withholding payment when I realize my mistake?

The all inclusive message should be that all the players should be forced to the table and all of them must share in the losses and risks that arose with the tactics employed by banks. Nearly all requests for workouts and modifications are being rejected by banks who have no authority to reject them. But the banks stand to gain billions, perhaps trillions of dollars by forcing homeowners into foreclosure because THEY, not the investors, get the proceeds of the sale through “recovery” of “servicer advances” that (a) completely eviscerate the false claim of default on the loan (the creditor was paid) (b) were never “advanced” by any authorized “servicer” (The money for servicer advances came from the investors’ money in a slush fund accessed by the servicer).

Talk about how virtually all borrowers who have applied for modifications have had their paperwork “lost” or “never received” or “incomplete” and how when the paperwork is sent again, it is now too stale and the process must be started over again — all the while the bank is forcing the homeowner deeper and deeper into a default that does not and never did exist. Talk about the tens of thousands of modifications that were approved and then ignored in order to force the foreclosure of a home that the bank would then abandon..


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  1. General/President Eisenhower (a republican) warned us, in his retirement speech, to be wary of the US Industrial/Military Complex, as he saw it taking control of more and more divisions of the administration and influencing congress… We did not take him seriously, so since then It has grown to a Global Industrial/Military Complex… He and Tom Jefferson and many others are rolling in their graves…

    They placate the people with welfare programs as pablum and sports and media circuses to keep them distracted (or as the Wizard of Oz tells Dorothy “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”) Americans are addicted to the government giveaways and they don’t even realize that the government is sucking the life out of them and repackaging THEIR OWN life energy and wealth into the very things that appear to be coming from the government… People have forgotten that government cannot create anything… it can only take and repackage the creations of ITS CREATOR – THE PEOPLE.

    It is not about blaming anymore, it is about the people commanding a return of the government to the prime principal that this and any government of the people is there ONLY to protect the god given rights of EACH AND EVERY of the people and their property, and anything else contrary to that is treason…

    So the question IS NOT “Who are the people behind the scenes controlling the government today?” The question IS “Why am i not the people behind the scenes controlling the government? Take care of the latter and the former vanishes…

    Now back to Mortgage Foreclosure Defense strategies…

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    Someone in an audio I heard, stated they got the county recorder’s office to accept it, and they got a judge to take judicial notice of the certified copy of the document.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, People, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  5. No politician will risk his electability by standing up to the banks.
    Not even Trump. ESPECIALLY Trump.

  6. Oh, UKG
    Neil’s comment about emails.

    I see, I knew you weren’t commenting about my post because I didn’t mention email.

    Please forgive me if it seemed I was after you.
    I was just clarifying the message and re-read it and it looks like I was after you.

    My mistake.
    Apologies, please forgive me.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life

  7. Well, I guess you would know no one will stand up to a fiction.
    I wouldn’t stand up to no bank either. It’s just going to sit there on the land, and I”m just going to stand there on the land, and nothing will happen.

    That’s not what I said, but I did say the programming is thick.

    My car had a flat tire the other day, maybe I’ll stand up to my car and see if something happens, or maybe I’ll file a complaint about that car and see if someone will prosecute it.

    The programming is thick.
    People who think nothing will happen either don’t know how to make something happen, or don’t want to.

    Either is okay, until they are ready.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life

  8. e-mails from who?
    No one will stand up to the banks. NO ONE.

  9. Harry if you accused the bank, it fell on deaf ears.
    The bank didn’t do anything.
    Someone working for the bank did.
    Your complaint was incomplete. With no names there is no one who caused the injury.
    Like animation, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the real man, cop, could not be injured by the fiction, the cartoon, even when he was in their world, and even if they were to move into his.

    Fiction can’t hurt real, even if they drop an anvil on your head. There is no injury.

    Been trying to tell, but the programming is really, really, thick.

    I am sorry they did not take the complaint serious, but that’s how they treat us. Instead of telling us what we did wrong, they ignore our message and keep patting each other on the back for a job well done.

    Now DOJ goes after individual accountability if people will use the complaint process and name, names.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life.

  10. Yall still playing the election game and the represent me game?
    Been there, done that.
    Besides, front runner always pulled back so the people/sleeple/sleepeople will run to the next front runner by design.

    Same game, predictable ending, different year.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, People, Independent, State, in Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  11. @ elexquisitor,

    Sorry but I disagree. Trump is a front for the banks and always will be. Moreover, he is a reality TV star.

    As such, I will believe he will turn on his benefactors when Kaitlin decides to part from his penis.

    In other words, Trump propped the bogus system for ages and continues as a direct recipient to it.

    Senator Sanders has been consistent for decades in his criticism of the PIGS that are the predators in this BOGUS SYSTEM.

  12. HAmmertime
    EVERY you said – its FUTURE EVERY

  13. Well said, Neil. However, talking or writing to politicians is a complete waste of time. Take it from me, when I was going through the HAMP, I got very passionate on what I did. I created a file of correspondence and communications with every .gov agency one can imagine. I am talking about CONgressmen, SEC, HUD, FBI, etc. and accused my bank of everything and anything I could come up with. The file I now have is over 12 inches thick. My computer hard drive is filled with research, testimonials, opinions, court cases, etc.

    For the most part I received nothing back. Some came back with statements such as, thank you and we will look into it…..yeah right!

    I did receive a response from the Comptroller of the Currency stating that my complaint was factual and contractual. That is as far as I ever got.

    As far as politicians go, may I recommend you watch on you tube the following clip…….The American Dream, by George Carlin. Very short clip and it was performed years ago. This man was a visionary and he said it best. “They don’t care about you and me, it’s a club and you and I ain’t in it. It ends with…….” The American Dream, because you have to be asleep…….. to believe it”.

  14. Great post, Neil. And it is EVERY homeowner being targeted which I would emphasize more. Also where did all the money from settlements go and why are we being denied our basic and homeowner rights which is happening to us NOW!

  15. It’s all up to the county judges and their “no free house to a deadbeat” attitude.

  16. Neil might consider a similar letter to the Donald, the money guy, who actually has the resources to take on the banks and the dirt to back it up. Sanders neither has the spine or the resources to take on Wall St.

  17. Just want to say
    RIGHT Neil
    May God speed


  19. Although redundant, I feel it bears repeating, as follows:

    The banks are interested in collecting on 682 TRILLION DOLLARS that are currently described as the bounty owed to “Notional Derivatives”.

    Since 2006, the banks are refusing to disclose the accounting that is described as “M3”.

    The reason this is so is because they are hopelessly INSOLVENT!


    This is not about the banks re-selling properties listed as in “default (never mind that those listed defaults are also the product of FRAUD and Fantasy). Instead, this is about trying to fend off the notion that We The People have been duped and misled by our own government for the past 100 plus years.

    The foreclosures are predicated upon FRAUD as is the entire, international central banking paradigm.

    The foreclosures, based on FRAUD are now become a self-fulfilling prophecy and as such, the only chance the banks have of masking their INSOLVENCY ANY FURTHER!!!

    End the Fed. Return it as a PUBLIC UTILITY that enriches Public Coffers- NOT PRIVATE POCKETS.




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