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Jill J. Smith established her law practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  For eighteen years she has represented a wide variety of clients in employment law, land use, environmental, public lands and water law, Indian law, tax-exempt organizations, and election and campaign finance law.  Jill served as the Executive Director of New Mexico Conservation Voters Alliance, New Mexico Conservation Education Fund, and Washington Wilderness Coalition.  Most recently, Jill served as in-house counsel for the Pueblo of Sandia in New Mexico.  Jill was formerly Legal Director for Futurewise, a land use watchdog organization in Seattle.  Jill is a graduate of Vermont Law School, where she won the Academic Excellence Award for Natural Resources Law, and top honors in Federal Indian Law.  Now She is one of the pre-eminent foreclosure defense attorneys on the West Coast.
Jill Smith, Attorney
Natural Resource Law Group, PLLC
5470 Shilshole Ave. NW, Suite 520
Seattle, WA 98107

15 Responses

  1. shadowcat
    there will be issues as I did get a coerced mod from the almighty chase gang. They have also somewhat admitted, in writing to “possibly” Not being in possession of the original paperwork before the mod was done. yep there are issues

  2. shadowcat I will indeed look into that, again I appreciate your info.

  3. Spell Checkers….Hahahaha

    Loan Servicing

    Illinois case…well established in early 2000s.

  4. Greg… You need Nelson vs Bayview Loan Detvicing LLC.

    You are Welcome.

  5. 1ofthemany. …have you had a title abstract done?
    I highly recommend it before you go through all the trouble to sell.
    There may be issues that would need to be cleared up before any sale without risks to you ….

  6. shadowcat.. i feel i will be able to sell as i am in one of those cities…many many people looking for the Amerikan dream.. but NOT to a family member and if unable to sell I will rent it out and as you know rent is very high these days…time to move to higher ground.
    oh and reg: black knight… then you know more than most. Appreciate you words

  7. 1ofthemany….you shall find selling a problem.
    Especially if you sell to a family member.
    Quite the Pickle…..

  8. 1ofthemany. .. Keep Up the Good Fight.
    As a vendor …. Of the Title Companies….I am very much aware of who issues the closing instructions. Our job was to make their clients happy…..and to hell with the law. Their clients were above the law.

    1st American Title
    Stewart Title
    My biggest clients…Fidelity …who spun off Lender Processing Service into LPS and LSI title aka Black Knight.

    Suitable Name….

  9. @ shadowcat…”they” are not logical, only greedy. A question for ya…have you ever seen a logical greedy being? Greedy ones do not think of anything but themselves. Just evil, nothing more or less. Their day will come. I will find someone to buy this home first and then I will go after chase. Time to pay the piper. If you listened to the radio show tonight, Jill stated the ins. co’s were are in on it (mine was the so called top ins co.. American ..), there are so many angles they have used, so dang many to rape the public, nature of that beas… who, by the way, is turning the corner to being an extinct entity. Do you have your popcorn? Gonna be a great show.

  10. I hesitate to ponder. ….
    Maybe it was not about the Ins. … But about counter party losses on loans they set up to fail. And bet on the losing horse to lose.
    I never yet found one logical explanation to put current loans in default.

  11. 1ofthemany. .. Bravo!

  12. Greg…Maybe you would like the names of my IIllinois Lawyers …

  13. Yep Chase did Exactly What Jill stated about coercion on the 90 day behind issue to me over five years ago, thieves yes they are…i never needed the so called mod, they got their insurance payoff (fannie probably also), where is my cut eh…oh but WAIT.. there is more. I am NOT a thief and I do not use strong armed tactics to make a life for my old self. Shame on the big old fat banks, your a$$es are showing and it is still taking forever to Prop this country back up off the back of hard working tax payers via theft…i mean really. Little high dollar spoiled evil Kids they are… stomping screaming kids with big pull…sickening still today if not more so.

  14. Right on Neil! Chase completely manipulating “ownership” in LA city lawsuit.


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