Why Has Law Enforcement Washed its Hands of Foreclosure Fraud?

“third party document processor, designed to give mortgage companies plausible deniability for fabricating mortgage paperwork”


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This is not legal advice on your case. Consult a lawyer who is licensed in the jurisdiction in which the transaction and /or property is located.

You would think that the purpose of law enforcement is to enforce the law. Instead, they have taken the largest economic crime in human history and swept it under the rug. Meanwhile, investors, taxpayers, and borrowers continue to bear the burden of outright theft, forgery and fabrication by banks who (a) have no legal interest in the mortgage loans, (b) have no legal authority to represent the creditor and (c) they are placing orders with third party “vendors” to fabricate and forge assignments and other documents.
So here is the question: if the assignment represented a transaction in which a bank or trust acquired a loan actually occurred, why would you need a fraudulent document to present to a judge who will “presume” that it is authentic, truthful and credible? Even if they lost it, they could reconstitute it with real people who have real knowledge. Why fake it?
The question was posed to me directly by a Federal Judge on Monday when he asked me if I was really saying that one of the largest banks in the world had engaged in a pattern of conduct of first creating a void, and then  filling that “void” with themselves, thus reaping the benefits of funds paid by borrowers and reaping the benefits received by investors for the purchase of naked mortgage-backed bonds, that were not backed by loans and were issued by entities that were never funded, didn’t even try to operate the way way the trust document (PSA) instructed, and in fact never operated at all.
The obvious exclusion of mortgage backed securities from securities regulation enacted in 1998 clearly doesn’t apply if the securities were not mortgage backed securities. Instead they are boiler room manifestations of greedy imaginations. I answered the Judge that yes, that is what I am saying, and yes (in answer to his follow-up question) this should be referred to the state attorneys office.
In the article shown in the link above, the author stumbled onto a request made to a former player in the mortgage industry who was being solicited to forge an assignment. It appears that the banks are running out of people willing to commit perjury. Robo-witnesses are figuring at with the layers of plausible deniability.
In the article it seems that a former law enforcement person turned forensic analyst for foreclosures received an unsolicited “out of the blue” request to execute an assignment that he knew nothing about. Apparently the banks are having trouble finding people who are willing to sign the fabricated documentation. My theory is that they are combing their database of people who had been involved in mortgage lending. What is apparent is that the banking industry is continuing to fabricate and forge documentation. And then must. Because if they didn’t they would be required to admit that the underlying transactions never occurred between them and the borrower and that nobody ever funded the origination or acquisition of a loan in the chain of “ownership” upon which they rely.
That leaves the investors and the borrowers — the only two real parties in interest — out in the cold with no documents linking them. The uncontested fact is that the banks are insisting on relying upon hearsay documents talking about transactions that never occurred. If the transactions had actually been consummated the way they want the courts to believe they would show the proof of payment.

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  1. One year from date of your rescission.

    Yes…TU….they did back in 08. Many sheriffs dept.refused to serve … here and in Cook County.

  2. Shadowcat 1 year from when?

  3. Way to go DB,
    Their first response may be some nonsense to redirect from the complaint or make it appear they are not in violation.

    Pay attention to what they try to bring up to cloud the issue, or try to redirect the CFPB attention to.
    If you do not dispute their answer, it will be presumed by CFPB that you are satisfied with their response, and no further action would be taken, after a period of time the case would be closed.

    Have a dispute of the response ready to go.
    For me, the first part of any answer, without giving advice, cause it’s only opinion, is that the one working for the business who is answering does not have first hand knowledge of the situation/transaction; and if you have a copy of the letter, take a photo and attach it to the response to the dispute.
    Firefox and other browsers gave me problems with attachments to those govt. sites, but IE, [ Internet Explorer ], works every time.

    There you go. They did use the sheriff to serve fraudulent docs.
    Again I don’t give legal advice, but perhaps the bar grieve ance for the attorney not performing their due diligence with their client and trying to pull you from peaceful enjoyment into a legal process to remove you from your property, is a fresh start.
    The bar always responds that they saw no problem with what was done, that part you don’t care about, they got the grieve ance. That grievance goes a long way toward the career of the one who works for any law firm; cause it is of record the complaint that they tried to remove you from your home without verifying the legitimacy of the contract or the paperwork. When it comes to their insurance to practice, it matters, and if they try to become a judge or some other higher office, it’s on record and will impact those decisions.
    Things like telling on them, are not immediate, but it does change how they choose to do business.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal

  4. Using the Sheriff dept to serve fraudulent docs is much of a no no as filing them with recorders office and county clerk. And of course US mail.

    Thus…the use of private process servers and fedx.

  5. TU. .. Tenets in common with right of survivorship….then there is My heirs.

    I plan to live awhile longer.

    DB. … The Sheriff is – was before legal conflict. …
    My Estate and Trust Attorney. If he had not run for sheriff…and been elected. He would have been at the closing.
    Trespass Unwanted….I call the Sheriff.

  6. You have 1 year….. To file…. Or forever waive. your rights of recoupment.

  7. DB. … I doubt you will see the money. Because what is owed you is more than you owe them in many cases. The only liens are tax liens.
    And those require the fc of the estate…..

    I live … I breath….living estate.




  9. +1 Deborah wynn ( I concur )

    I support the rights two bears two arms.

    My concern with the remedy being someone’s death, is that a universal law is ‘do unto others’ as you’d have them ‘do unto you’.

    Their system believes in retaliation.
    Their system believes in intimidation, and coercion, and to do whatever it takes to make the people “draw first blood” (a partial quote from Rambo).

    That is how they operate. An form of violence does not have to be met with equal and opposite violence, it can be met with extreme violence. Someone throws a bullet, they throw a gatling gun.

    Might makes right is how they operate, but they will have their men only act under rules of engagement. Our police misuse and abuse it…oh, you moved, my life is threatened, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, is he/she dead? Bam!

    Military waits for one sound to come their way and they can turn all their attention and force in that direction and clean it out, civilians or not, (they should have moved out the way).

    Just saying, when the time comes and all these owners crawl into their homes and poke their pieces out their windows, they have technology to see where you are, and your heart beat, and all they need to see is one light emit from the bear’d arms, and whether they waste a bullet or use other technology, they can stop the heart and move to the next position.

    It’s not as easy as people think, to take someone’s life just because they ‘perceive’ they are the enemy.

    The guys people want to remove will not be standing anywhere nearby when any arm is used. They have their possessions in storage, and their family in some facility and they’ll be watching all those closed circuit images from all those street and highway cameras they convinced people to pay for under the disguise of helping with traffic problems – watching the chaos they created, and they will have the popcorn.

    We are more than they have treated us.
    The meek will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.
    None of us will look to any of them to give us ‘money’ to spend when we can barter our energy and help each other and rebuild our lives without them.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, People, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  10. I support the right for bears to be armed

  11. Trespass and all
    We are here with a right to be, but to survive – and I say that meaning with our minds body spirit being, then we adapt and how we adapt is choice, we may not accept but to survive we must adapt in a way that we can survive under, smart in mind in body and spirit bearing in mind the body is fragile.

  12. @elaine021455
    Yes CFPB will Make Them pay attention! Maybe start the ball rolling…if it is mers mtg. they are the crooks with insider trading they have a different (doubling and more) cyber paper (computer generated/trading on your/our backs that WE the public never get to see) that is copyrighted and VERY illegal. Go for the complaint. What do you have to lose? They are the EVIL ones 4sure.

    Yes. No rule of law, only orders, provisions, ordinances, codes, infractions, etc.

    and no authority.

    A power delegated cannot again be delegated.

    Who gave judge power, some commissioner or elected official, who gave them power, someone else, who gave them power, someone else, when you back it up, to the highest you can go, anyone perceived to be at the top had no power to delegate any power they had to anyone beneath them – we thought they did, we believe they do.

    They use our beliefs against us.
    They use our thoughts for their benefit.

    There is no authority.
    or in the 1999 movie, The Matrix, the kid manipulated his environment as Neo looked at the spoon, and the kid told Neo the secret.

    There is no spoon.

    But Morpheus also told Neo, their world is based on rules.

    [there are rule keepers and rule breakers – tell the rule keepers the names of the rule breakers and let them investigate their kind who broke the rules – they are not faster or better or stronger – they get away with it because of people’s ‘FEAR’ of what if (they tell what they saw) ]

    Only opinions and support for your new awakening,

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free

  14. elaine021455,
    I posted after reading Neil’s post and before seeing the comments.

    My heart goes out to you.
    My comments were not meant for you or the situation that came to you against your free will.

    Your family loves you, and that matters most.
    Remember the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, you never know how you impact people even now as you tell us how devastating this journey has been on your life and years of labor.

    Things like what happened to you should have had a criminal complaint naming the people who signed the documents.

    If this is within the last couple of years, even a CFPB complaint and a FTC complaint under penalty of perjury naming the people who signed the documents that caused you harm, will leave you with the power to ‘tell’; something they did not want us to use, but it is our power to use, and the public complaints are seen by many agencies.

    Please stay and watch what we do to them after what they have done to us.

    I’m glad there are people who have been brought closer into your life.
    These battles make us focus so much on the battle we lose a sense of ourselves and the quality of time we could have spent enjoying our families and planning our futures.

    My posts are just ramblings and are not for you are anyone here directly. Just like most posts, they are general audience only, and entertainment purposes since none of us have the license to ‘practice.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life (worth living – squeeze it like you are making life juice and enjoy every drop, sweet and bitter)

  15. DB, settle down man! It’s your right to BEAR arms! And please, no shooting.

  16. Points of observation, in the opinion where I know nothing anyway and do not give legal advice.

    Law enforcement doesn’t arrest anyone nor investigate anyone without a complaint, just like the IRS doesn’t investigate some businesses’ books without a whistleblower.

    These agencies are our remedy. We don’t use them. They aren’t going to go digging into people’s books and computers without something that ‘moves’ them.

    A court does not move until someone puts it in ‘motion’.
    Same with the legal system. Hearsay is not going to get an investigation.
    The eye (see with their eye, not hearsay) witness is what gets in investigation.

    I see the sheriff deputies that will go to trial beating a man. The helicopter view of the beating is the proof of the eye witness along with the man behind the camera. The mayor indicted for spending the people’s money to pave his mother’s driveway, has an eye witness to some book entry that was inappropriate or unauthorized

    This post is acting like people are sitting on their hands while a crime is being committed.

    I say, where are the victims, the first pure witnesses that can file the complaint under penalty of perjury and be willing to testify.so the offender can meet their accuser face to face.

    My experience is the people want someone else to do it and ride the coattails of that remedy.

    If everyone had filed a complaint for their home being stolen the 50 state settlement would have been in the trillions, and not the book entry of the millions based upon the values of the accounts used to steal the homes of the people who filed the complaint.

    If they put it on the news, everyone stops and waits to see what happens. No more complaints because it’s in the news. Then disappointment at someone else, when they were not the problem.
    The people that see no evil, hear no evil, so they speak no evil are the problem.

    You know what you see, and you say nothing; waiting on people like me and others to do it for you, while you pay to play in court and give them the rest of your finances or bankrupt your estate on the off chance you may be able to keep your home.

    some jobs depending on the sensitivity of the work, will fire people who are bankrupt, because they may be willing to steal or sell secrets they are not to disclose to manage the financial problems they are perceived to have created.

    Only an opinion, everyone has one of those.
    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, People, State, Independent, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  17. Elaine… I am truly sorry. Perhaps had you got legal council early on things would have turned out differently.


  18. ELAINE021455, SORRY.


  19. Hi Shadowcat – no unfortunately we did not – from the second we fell into the rabbit hole in 2009 and didn’t get proper representation until it was too late in 2013— we threw every single dollar coming in including my 401k at the problem. At the age of 60 we’ve had to start all over again. I’m with javagold – fuck them all. If I didn’t have adult children I would live off the grid. I actually considered swallowing a bottle of ambien with a tumbler of vodka – that’s how bad it got.

  20. AMan, unfortunately lots of lawyers are in on the scam. One woman trying to save her house through a foreclosure lawsuit was told, “give up. You can never win” by the lawyer on the other side. Bidding is rigged here, too.

  21. Because we have sucky lawyers.

  22. I absolutely realize the housing crisis is far more than what we have all discovered it is a reflection of man- but only the bad men ( I mean women too when I say man) the good men will rise ( and the good women)

  23. Java
    THERE IS beauty in the world –
    Focus on that

  24. STOP IT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

    I told you 5 years ago I have assignments in black and white that I didn’t even have to prove robo sign (which they clearly were)


    So you tell me when I bring that to courts attention and lawyers, clerks and judges who are supposed to take an oath to follow law, yet I took no such oath. But it’s ONLY me who was demanding the law be followed. Disgusting. Criminal. Treasonous. You name it. But worst of all they turned a law biding citizen into an anarchist. Fuck them all. I respect no one or any made rule or law ever again. Perhaps I should thank them for waking me up to the lie this country REALLY is.

  25. Elaine. .did you have an escrow account?

    Very Good Neil!!!!
    More people are awake now…and like me refuse to be a part of it.
    But there are those Greedies who insist on learning the hard way.
    I do not slap them on the hand with a small fine.
    I bite back!
    Still waiting for my Friends to pull the Prosecution Lever!

  26. This is exactly what happened to us – our house on the waterfront was taken with forged and fabricated documents. Loss of significant income overnight is what started the ball rolling. It took the foreclosure mill of Shapiro & Brown five years (formerly Shapiro & Burson – John Burson was sent packing having to take the rap for their collective misconduct in Maryland). Things really heated up after the firm inserted a third “innocent” party – a greedy bastard who had been lusting after my house and property since the housing crash/meltdown. We are pretty sure he was contacted by someone in side the mill and tipped off that we were in distress and the house would be up for grabs soon(he was the one and ONLY bidder). The final result? We couldn’t cut a deal to save our souls even though we had sufficient income. That guy wanted our house was willing to wait five years for a wink and a nod from a judge and then paid cash for it before prying it from us.

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