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Donna Huffman was in business originating mortgages and brokering mortgages. She really knows what went on and she is available as an expert witness who can describe the meaning of many actions that leave most people scratching their heads.
Now Huffman is fighting the banks in the very red state of Kansas and she is taking no prisoners — going after the law firms for the banks, the banks and the servicers. We are all going to be hearing a lot about her as time progresses. In my opinion she is pressing all the right buttons.
Tonight we are going to explore her experiences and shed some light on the mysterious world of non-securitization.

3 Responses

  1. Ahhh shoot! Disappointed myself again.
    So what’s new…. They are holding liabilities for the multiple sales of the same loan. Back then….I had two different parties telling us different things and the writings on the wall did not match up.

    I had almost acted once again on information they were giving me to rely on….the were a big fish. But then I went to the King of the Sea… (No..not Charlie Tuna fish either)…. I call him HUD….. UT OH!
    Shot rolls down hill …..

    Neil…how many years is to many years for atttornies to get paid ..I mean beat their heads into an uncooperative wall?

    1 .. 3 ..5…6..?

  2. Well this is going to be Good!
    I am Great at asking Questions…
    I might just have to schedule time to listen in on My 1St Garfield show.

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