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Tonight we have some teasers from our Senior Forensic Analyst, Dan Edstrom and Jim Macklin who are the presenters of a seminar along with Charles Marshall, Esq. who has been very active in foreclosure defense in Northern California. I know them for years, trust them with all outsource work and analysis and I have prior experience with them as presenters. It is worth the trip and 6 hours of your time and the price is in keeping with the livinglies philosophy — just enough to pay for itself.

I strongly endorse the presenters and this seminar. Click on the link below

3 Responses

  1. Just one thing that perturbs me though
    You also invite ” real estate professionals” to the seminar and advertise help re short sales
    Thats in essence both sides of the fence now isnt it. For example it attracts the scum

  2. I just listened to you guys and i found helpful – that case Merrit V countrywide – at same material time i got a decision where ninth circuit contradicts itself so yes for sure you have to be prepared to keep fighting the good fight
    Being pro se for 4 years now and im still batting ok. Not by choice originally but its a case of trust now. Blessings to you all for everything you are trying to do in the name of justice which is actually as i see it – our only hope – “with God for us who can be against us “

  3. any plans on having one of these in Las Vegas any time soon?

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