California Seminar Recommended — July 18

Our Senior Forensic Analyst, Dan Edstrom and Jim Macklin are the presenters of a seminar along with Charles Marshall, Esq. who has been very active in foreclosure defense. I know them for years, trust them with all outsource work and analysis and I have prior experience with them as presenters. It is worth the trip and 6 hours of your time and the price is in keeping with the livinglies philosophy — just enough to pay for itself.

I strongly endorse the presenters and this seminar. Click on the link below and sign up now as I am quite sure that their small venue will fill up quickly.

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  1. I want my NPV….
    I have my NPV… you?

    Its the Mark you give to a Beast….

    Apparently prosecution and lynching are not options.
    But just you wait.. the Chinese sell off and NYSE ordered to protect JP Morgan Chase… shutting down trading yesterday to prevent a complete collapse….never mind.

    Time to put my gardening gloves on.

  2. Shadowdrypussy cat. Go to a doctor or vet and take care of that dry Pu……

  3. The best thing and long over due to exclude these evil Bully people. For those who are bored without them GET A LIFE.

    Long Live Neil Garfield and may G-d give you health and strength


    By the way I heard through the grapevine that Rock and Company applied to get a Kiosk Permit in Anaheim to sell Kool Aid Buyer beware

  4. If you nincapoops…did your homework or hired an Estate Attorney to put your assets in trust….you just might see through the fog.

  5. Npv- im with you on shadowshat incessant ramblings and self-serving storyline which helps no one and clogs up the discourse. Her cryptic references to estates and assorted other nonlinear trains of thought are irritating to say the least.

  6. Hey Garfield – I just found out that you banished a bunch of the naysayers. How is that fun, fair or business smart?

    This is no longer a site for open debate. If the other guests can no longer post when I confront them, it removes the excitement of the hunt. Now I have to go to their site to stir up trouble, and do not be surprised if other follow in the future.

  7. You know its not that the site sucks
    Its just old and frustrating because the rule of law appears to be anything but and people give up
    That is why they lose. Period. Good night.

  8. If we could get all the folks from this website out to this seminar – I will make the trip from NY and will buy everyone a shot of whiskey. The site sucks now… no honest debate, no opposing views and no ripping.

  9. When grown adults start typing things like “gnash” and “purr” and “scratch” you know the lunatics are running the shop!!

  10. Ian, lol – what about shadowtwat with her bantering.

  11. Npv- i think ivent signed up. Will be sitting in the back mumbling.

  12. Very good iwantmynpv

  13. Will Christine and Bob Hurt be there?

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