Calling for LAWYERS Willing to take new Clients in Foreclosure Defense, Rescission Enforcement etc.

If you are a lawyer who is interested in getting referrals of new clients, and you have experience in foreclosure defense and are willing to take clients for rescission enforcement, then please fill out the following form. There is no fee charged for you to be part of our network, no sharing of fees for referrals, and no obligation to do anything for us other than faithfully serve the interests of the clients.

If you are interested in Business Plans for representing clients in litigation, listen to the Neil Garfield Show Thursday nights at 6pm. Besides helping people who are in distress, you can help yourself with significant income potential.

Please go to this form, fill it out and click “Submit.”

We are especially interested in getting lawyers for our readers in the following places:







New York


New Jersey

North Carolina

South Carolina



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  1. @ForThePeople will you take MA cases of FRAUD and Illegal Foreclosure and Unethical Judgment by corrupt Judge?

  2. Thanks Shadowcat. After what I went through with the other 2 attorneys I had, I believe this man is Heaven sent. If anyone wants to inquire about Mr Kalinoski before you call him just post an email here and I will respond.

  3. That is Awesome. News. .For the People!!!

  4. I can personally recommend attorney Richard Kalinoski for anyone in Florida. He was referred to me by Dave Krieger from ‘Clouded Titles’. Finally, I have awesome representation that is affordable. He accepts cases throughout the state including Appealant level. He can be reached at 407-492-3067.

  5. CRD. .. I paid my attorney a fee to review my documents after I had done so myself. I was shocked at the things I learned. I continued to pay the attorney to litigate and take care of those pesky procedures.
    I followed their directives and went about life leaving them to do their jobs. I certainly did not go to them and try to tell them their job and tell them how to do it. I know they have upfront costs..secretaries paralegal and other payroll expenses and overhead. I know ordering records and reports for the clients require funding. I know there are ‘court filing g fees. But what do I know.

    I also know they to have families and bills to pay just like we do.

    Then there are what I refer to as Free Loaders ..on both sides of the fence.

  6. Please find attorney in MA?

  7. dwight – may I ask if you called the attorneys I referenced in the last week?

  8. Danny, on April 30, 2015 at 11:09 am said:

    Add Missouri to the list, can’t find anyone that is willing to take on this issue.

    will you post an email address? I’ll tell you an attorney who MIGHT get involved. He has been practicing law for a long time, but shied away from these issues. He thinks no one has the money to pay him. He’s at least honest. imo.

  9. Add Missouri to the list, can’t find anyone that is willing to take on this issue.

  10. Hi Neil,
    Please add Maryland to the list. There’s an attorney here who’s helping countless homeowners in the DC area with foreclosure defense. He’s also very familiar with rescission and had beat back several pretend lenders in bankruptcy court since 2010. He was willing to list my rescinded loan as unsecured in a chapter 7 while other attorneys laughed me off their offices. He forced GMAC to withdraw their motion to lift stay based on his response to their motion.He’s currently in adversary proceeding against another pretend lender that emerged seven years after the loan the loan was rescinded.I’ve forwarded this link to him earlier for his review. Thanks a million Neil for opening this opportunity.

  11. T,
    Where are you in Wisconsin? I am also in Wisconsin

  12. Good for you NG.

  13. Add: Wisconsin to list

  14. NG
    Thank you!

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