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  1. The Golden Goose is a myth.
    You need your hands on gold….the prices are going up and up and up as we head back to gold backed currency.

    The new global network doesn’t want our worthless printed paper.
    And Considering we have been running a trade deficit for years…..
    I also suggest you learn how to garden, sew and use home remedies. Knowing how to make your own soap will also be beneficial.

  2. So Cal
    Louise said it best
    ” killing the golden goose”

  3. I had myself for a lawyer!!

  4. Concerned21: The unfortunate truth is that we are not living under or may rely upon a “just” government or legal system. Our leaders are like kids taking candy when it comes to the financial interests/powers and our judges have failed us in far, far too many cases.

    I served this country and saw many of my fellow citizens give their lives for it and these things that we cherish and hold dear. The banks and their operatives seek to make ordinary Americans out as simple “losers” in the game THEY created. When the facts and truth are that they will lose everything and be totally exposed, if ordinary Americans were able to advance their claims and grievances against them. The Courts (most, not all) have allowed this charade to continue and it matters not whether it is now, or it is later, the bill will become due. There will be a price to pay for their derelictions and malfeasances.

    If it were just lawyers that found a novel or loophole arguments, it could almost be understood or forgiven. But it is OUR own government, our own judiciary, that has thrown in with the derelict financial powers that be, and has disregarded and minimized the value and rights of its citizenry.

    It is a mistake that will haunt this great country of ours for a long time, and hopefully, as we may still hope, someone, some group in our government and members of its judiciary will stand athwart and bridge the gap between the noxious and oppressive fumes of financial illegality, repression and liberty and justice for ALL, and begin to restore what was, and give us confidence again in our unabashed allegiance, which is sorely flagging at present.

    Sorry you had to bear the brunt. Hope you are managing well. Don’t lose faith and hope. What once was America can still be. Don’t be afraid to say so, either.

    God bless. Confirm in your soldier son not only the dream, but the reality of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even in the face of the current darkness. We can have it again, if we persist.

  5. Way to go Dave!!!
    You had a Good Attorney!!!

  6. Just found out today that a person that played a big par in our demise and illegal foreclosure hung himself. I have a big heart but I can’t help but think that he could no longer live with the guilt of the many lives he had ruined. There were many days I wish I could have ended my life instead of facing the uphill battle against the corrupt Banks, Attorneys and Judges. He took the easy way out. We had to great our son after his 2nd Deployment and tell him the only home he ever knew was illegally stolen after he just risked his life for 2 tours for our Country? Where is the justice?

  7. well I consider mine a win, too in Bankruptcy Court in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, had to pay 11k ( part of the back taxes, bought Chase reduced their secured claim from 182k to 11k, paid that thru chapter 13 payments and now the house is mine free and clear.

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