Banks Moving on State Legislatures to Allow Wrongful Foreclosures

I have been getting reports from across the country that the Banks are lobbying for legislation, written by the Banks, to prevent states from bringing civil or criminal actions against banks and servicers bringing wrongful foreclosures. In short, they want to reverse the consent orders and settlements in which they promised to “review” and make sure that the right party was initiating foreclosure and was alleging true facts. All that might be undone if the Banks succeed in this new legislative push.

As pointed out by the article in the above link, the Nevada legislation is disguised as a carrot for homeowners allowing banks to give approval for new loans and refinancing. THAT part of it is obviously subject to whatever underwriting policies are used by the banks — so it is an empty promise.

Check the legislative agenda in your state and see what the banks are doing. Write to your state senator or other elected officials giving your opinion.

The banks and servicers have been revealed as “non-players” that up till recently have been allowed to play. More and more cases are being decided in favor of the borrower and the main reason is standing. Neither the Trust, nor the Trustee nor the servicer can actually prove that they have any interest in the loan nor any authority to represent any party allegedly owning the loan. As the number of wins by borrowers reaches critical mass, the banks are facing huge exposure since they use the mortgage bonds and even the loans themselves as assets on their balance sheets. if it turns out these are not assets, the reports could be fraudulent. More importantly it would indicate that the capital claimed by the bank doesn’t exist, at least in part. Perhaps Elizabeth Warren will get her wish — breaking up Citi and others. But not if this legislation is passed and upheld.

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  1. From a free writing prospectus:

    Documentation Type

    % of Pool Mortgages Principal Loan Balances


    Stated income 658 $145,623,212.06

    Full doc 494 87,033,558.33

    No Documentation 211 46,163,474.59

    No Ratio 102 25,839,686.97

    Total: 1,465 $304,659,931.95

    All of 28.57% of borrowers qualified for their loans, which imo means all the rest were predatory, depending on one’s state law in effect at the time of the loan. “Normal” pmi would only be available on full qual loans (over 80% ltv). Any less than full-qual loans over 80% ltv may have had the insurance built into the rate. (People who were given a first and a second got the shaft more so than others because it affects their remedy (about which they weren’t told), though I forget why this minute).
    (Some) payments to the trusts were tied to the Libor index, so the trusts prob got the shaft, also, on that deal.
    Borrowers who took arms tied to Libor may have causes of action based on the rigging of that index. I don’t think tila goes anywhere near this, except that it might if the libor rate were errantly (because it was not the true libor rate if rigged) disclosed on one’s truth in lending Reg Z disclosure form.* I can’t say about subsequent rate adjustments based on that index, but an errant index would affect every payment or amt due. Like if libor were supposed to be 2.34 and you got a notice of rate adjustment based on libor at 2.59. I don’t know how we find out when libor was messed with, what it should have been v what we got told.
    Imo someone got a hell of a lot of perks as inducement to put money
    in these deals UNless they were all covered by some guarantee, insurance, or swap, but if that were the case, the investors suing prob wouldn’t be suing.
    *only thing I can suggest is looking at your Reg Z for the stated libor rate and doing research.

  2. Leah, I agree with Steve.
    No one knows you have been harmed or someone used undue influence on you until you make it known.
    Otherwise it looks like two people are in contract and disagree on the terms.
    A criminal complaint is the best public notice of business practices that cause public harm

    Trespass Unwanted

  3. Neidermeyer,
    Technically the value of the car is created at signature; the interest is not.
    I remember a long time ago I read an article keywords, what debt collectors don’t want you to know, or something similar.
    One of the don’t want you to know(s) is if a debt is inactive (keyword) on their books for 18 months they have to write it off. When they do they sell it to a debt collector. This rolls into CFPB territory, which states what they can and cannot do to collect the purported debt; because they are not the original creditor. At that point on her credit report it can be disputed because of the write off by the creditor (who repudiated the debt when they wrote it off) and the I don’t owe you for the debt collector (who purchased it for pennies on the dollar but want the full amount) if they have it posted their name in the credit report as the purported debt is owed to them.
    There is a thing called the OCC ‘ look back’ program where collectors have begun to sell the debt back to the original creditor when they cannot collect on it. It appears the OCC is having the former purported creditor chexk their practices to figure out why the purported debts they sold are being rejecred by the dwbt collectors who are asking or making them buy it back (again pennies on the dollar)

    The look back program seems to be fairly new but I don’t know how old/new.

    I know nothing and if I think I know something I know no thing.

    The article may still exist, it was a reputable, if you can call any lame/main stream media outlet, reputable. It was a familiar named site that posted it maybe 6 to 8 years ago, maybe.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  4. N, just my 2 cents: First find out law on being a finance company and whether the lot has a license for this. Second, see what the Sec. of State website says about this company, look at state laws for fraud and protection of consumer. More illegal debt collection going on here. Read FDCPA on Wikipedia. It is a very thorough explanation of same. Just noodling. Not legal advice.

  5. Blogs work like stock trading. Some agree with the analyst / editor – some do not. Either way, when enough people are blogging about a company’s stock – the rest of us get to see the good and bad about the Company’s stock with very little research, and the competing parties provide liquidity – regardless of the stocks trading direction.

    If anyone decides to buy the stock or sell the stock based on what others believe they are foolish. There is enough information available on the web to do research. You can also ask the analyst / editor to provide past results to support their argument. Likewise, if another person is blogging about the Company’s product, and makes claims that a competing stock exists that yields far better results – it should also be investigated before you make the decision.

    I’m at this a long time, (25 years), and if all the parties truly wanted to help the people, instead of taking the capitalist pig approach, they would work together to develop a product that encompasses both strategies being presented.

    I have seen Christine’s side of the argument and Neil’s side of the argument both work and lose in Court. Therefore, both strategies have merits and shortcomings, and yes: most of it depends on how it is explained to the Judge.

    I have never seen NG say that other strategies do not work, he sells a product and he certainly believes that he has something that works. Storm Bradford has a product and Christine, Rock and Bob believe that this product works, from what I can see – for at least 7 people at this point.

    Reviewing many cases it shows that the Securitization argument primarily provides or attacks a cause of action or standing, while the other sides argument adds causes or the affirmative defenses of fraud violations, etc..

    So, since I am clearly the TSMIMITW, and can only understand situations by first seeking the resolution – it is my opinion that both parties should make a little less money on their product and incorporate both services into one “Total Defense” (c), and make more money by appealing to more of the market through an affordable strategy. Companies that see synergies do it all the time, and the stock price of both companies will typically benefit in the long term by streamlining the coefficients created through the merger.

    Ultimately, the people lose because we are always divided on the approach. Banks share their resources, ideas and legal strategies and work together as an industry to win foreclosure cases, and the win the majority of the time because of that simple premise.

    Finally, if you can afford it – hire a lawyer. The individual that posted their pro se motion to reargue should have had an attorney. The transcript shows that the rescission argument was not properly put before the Judge. A lawyer may have made a motion to amend the answer and challenge the court’s jurisdiction to hear the case.

    No Note, No Mortgage means no cause of action. If the bank party is standing on these documents they must first prove that they exist by an operation of law, and that was not how that hearing went.

    Finally, this will be my last long winded rant. As many of you know… I have thorough knowledge of both strategies being deployed in Court. I am willing to work with both sides to develop a product that can be shared among the people. It includes posting outcomes of all cases to see were we fail and were we prevail as an organized consumer industry.

    The product must involve attorneys in each state that understand the product – and know how to represent the arguments in Court. If you all truly want to help – you can find the number that makes it affordable so we all can benefit from the merged products.


  6. Ill concede maybe your not a Troll Christine but you are very irritating these days and behave like a troll on here, and you know better too, or should. You could contibute here instead of trying to make Neil look bad, put that effirt into blogging stuff that might help, sure give your opinon, but dont go after those or write discouraging things towards those of us who are trying so hard to get justice after getting our lives raped. Myself and others have tried to make you see that this blogg gives us something – what ever it is, it is to that individual what it is, you are not the only one with a brain.

  7. Neidermeyer
    Might be worth a visit to a forensic accountant, if they are doing this to one, there may be same to many others, a well written letter from the forensuc accountant may make them sit up in theur chairs and evaluate their ” accounting”

  8. Off Topic ,

    I’m looking for ideas here …. helping a neighbor..

    Neighbor “bought” a 2006 SUV at a BHPH lot 4 years ago… value at that time was $12k , signed deal at $400+/month for 6 years (???) ,, used dealer obviously isn’t a bank and cannot therefore charge interest (I haven’t seen the note yet) … the usual workaround is to build the interest into the borrowed amount , inflate the valuation and show 0% interest…

    Said SUV was totaled this week… Major insurance company values it at $5500 … Upon contacting BHPH lot for payoff neighbor is informed that she still owes $16k on this car and they have only credited $1k towards the balance (she has paid in over $20k so far)…

    I suggested that there is obviously fraud involved as the BHPH isn’t a chartered bank and the numbers just don’t work…

    Can the TILA laws be used here? Should state banking laws be used to go after this dealer? Right now I’m not even sure the dealer maintained a lien on the car or who the insurer wants to send the check to…

    I’m thinking she needs to force the dealer to release the lien under threat of suit or regulatory complaint and have the check cut to herself. What’s the BHPH going to do? steal the totaled car off of the insurers lot? Repop the wreck? It’s worthless…..

  9. I played it twice – you did not post that, call it my brit humor – love it

  10. TheAman
    get them lyrics hilarious. Funny

  11. Rock Christine Shadowcat et al this is for you

  12. Deb,

    No you don’t. You know better.

  13. One more thing before i shut the he#* up
    How could you possibly know and i quote ” where they went wrong”
    So in summary i think you are a “Troll,” ill second ETolle.

  14. Deb,

    Relaaax! 7 truly helped out of 58 is better than LL can claim. Am I going to sugar-coat anything and induce people in error? Hell no! There are no bad messengers. Only bad messages.

  15. Christine
    Im a lover not a hater You know im a ” people” person because of my job, so let me give you a tip, if yiu want to Help you have a bloody funny way of going about it, i thank you for your time.

  16. And Deb…

    Agenda? You bet! A change in the foreclosure landscape. Not for me: I’m getting where I want to be and even beyond. For those so lost they come here for answers and get sucked into no-man’s-land.

  17. Deb,

    You don’t have to. I’m not forcing anyone. Just giving people an alternative to no-man’s-land, lots of money wasted getting nowhere and LL to infinity.

  18. Like i said- depends what you want to call a win, im not sayin that to take anything away from you Christine, its your victory, Great. Still im not sure why you want everyone on here onboard – agenda ? god knows what.

  19. Christine
    I dont actually wANT YOUR result.

  20. Deb,

    I’m neither “right” nor “wrong”. I just got the result I wanted to get in the shortest possible time and without it costing me one cent, knowing full well it wouldn’t happen by following the foot steps of those who swore by LL and his theories.

    If people are looking for a similar result, they know where I am and they can find out what I did. If people want to spend the rest of their life visiting LL, moaning, complaining, whining, blaming and getting nowhere, I won’t deny them their free will. What I will deny them is the right to entice others into following their example while refusing to see where went wrong in their approach. Free country. People express themselves. So do I. When NG gets tired of being called on his results (or lack thereof), he knows how to kick me out: he’s done it in the past. No skin off my bones.

  21. Oh… and Melissa,

    I did exactly what I told people to do: remain very specific, stay away from LL theories and follow the money. And… don’t defend foreclosure. Attack as soon as you foresee trouble: not ONE mortgage loan contract passes muster. Hence Rock’s constant harangue to “attack the contract”.

    Lastly: never, ever find yourself on the defensive. Defending was all homeowners could do five years ago. By now, it is no longer acceptable. I applied everything I preached. It worked. Attacking again as we speak.

  22. Melissa,

    “Again all I ask is to read Christine and Rocks cases. So that way I can see for myself how they won.” I could show you mine but I like to know whom I’m addressing. As far as Rock is concerned, he’ll have to do it himself.

  23. E…..if reading here, let me add, most would think she is this site. Mother Theresa herself would be shamed, as she could not have done so much, for so many.

    It occurs to me, perhaps only me, that practicing law (giving legal advice, tutelage on legal issues) is a crime, punishable under the Statutes, particularly if used and injury occurs. Caveat Emptor people.

    All here are “free” to pick and choose what information is valuable and far as I know….no one has used everything LL dispenses.

    I too, have used 2 lawyers to no avail. Took ALL of my money and were woefully inept. Didn’t even get past the initial pleadings. Case had more than one mortgage (2 properties, lost one, long story, but will go back at it later), different jurisdictions, but got lucky and finally found a lawyer who took case pro-bono and had good success. I had to do all the legwork, filed the initial complaint and drill through all the details. Had 3 dismissals to date, but they are still chasing me….crazy.

    I mention this because, the time is 7 years for me. Exhausting. Had a great support system, ironically from LL former blogger’s. We are still standing to date. The value of team work; not abuse, berating and minimizing character attributes, as is done here at this junction.

    Neil should not allow it and he does. Clearly he has his own mind on this behavior!

  24. She’s>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BACK already!
    E. ToLLe, LOL

  25. Christine runs out the perfect straw man argument here. Anyone wandering into this site would believe, from listening to her, that the folks that hang around LL are Garfield devotees, sitting at the feet of the master, and that all have carefully written their complaints based upon his sacred writings. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I’ve been around here as long as anyone and I can’t remember even one person so much as hinting that they were going to court based upon Garfield’s writings. That’s not meant to take away from Neil, as few if any have seen the criminality for what it is, and none earlier that I can tell. And his MBA and JD combined have gone a long way in elucidating the spree more intelligently than any others I’ve read. By now I figure he’s written a few million pages on Wall Street’s fraud-spree, and I for one appreciate his taking the time. So what if he hasn’t won a case? I know of not a single time when he claimed to be a litigator. Who cares? Also, anyone knowing the truth behind blogs and wordpress knows that Christine’s claims of Garfield getting rich off of this blog are beyond ridiculous. He could have built a 747 by hand from scratch with all the energy expended here and had some real money, that is, if he could convince anyone to fly Living Lies Airways. It doesn’t quite have a ring to it.

    Christine would also like to perpetuate the lie that people here have relied, to their case detriment, on securitization analytics provided by Garfield and others; there’s not one bit of proof to corroborate this. Anyone with the where with all to caption a case knows that forensics are simply road signs, nothing more. They will not get you to your destination. Further, anyone accusing Garfield of peddling these items is way off base, as he rarely if ever mentions analytics here. And so what if he does? He owns the place.

    As to Christine’s win, it’s way past laughable to claim success, but when asked to post the results claim that it’s all over the internet for anyone to read. And what did Rock win? Anyone following that moron had better be very wary. “I was instrumental in that case…” Now that’s funny indeed. What hubris! And Christine’s constant lament of how tirelessly she gives of her time… all Mother Teresa like….Eee Gads! Please spare me another reach for the waste basket….I can’t handle all this dry-heaving! Until shown otherwise, these phantom victories are just that, ghostly phantoms. But these folks do share one glaringly obvious trait: Megalomania, and it’s sad to watch and a bore to read.

    As to others here who have lost in court, like me, rest assured that the battle is far from over. To guess that I or others lost due to incompetence or lack of a good complaint is to assume way too much. In my own case, I had what I consider, the smartest foreclosure attorney, bar none, in the states. But as DwightNj recently showed, in great style I might add, when the judge doesn’t want you to advance you simply won’t advance, no matter how prepared one is. DwightNj’s detractors haven’t a leg to stand on, if they read his court transcript. He should be very proud for a battle well fought. He will prevail, if there’s civility in the courtroom. But that’s a big if. Witness the MN case Aman just posted….sounds like DwightNj’s story all over, but it has been remanded ala Jesinoski.

    Christine and Rock are trolls, nothing more. Whether or not they are paid by the bankster side is irrelevant, the outcome will be just the same if they’re allowed to get to people, i.e. the attitude of “Why bother? You’ll never win”. That’s exactly what a troll sets out to achieve. Even if they have won something in the past, they are all presently big-time losers in their ill-informed rantings here. And without moderation on LL, they’ll keep on belittling and attempting to wear down folks here. That’s what trolls do. Just ignore them.

  26. Deb- the mortgage originators inflated the values of the properties so that they could sell mortgages or, primarily, refinance the properties. Otherwise they would not have any mortgages to provide the securitization scheme. And I have it on good word that the originators were paid per application. This would explain why MIN numbers were assigned shortly after the application was turned in, before approval, before a loan ever existed or was signed for by the borrower.
    I remember watching the talking heads on some business news In 2008 when the financial markets seized up, it was explained to us viewers that this was due to the banks’ “losses on subprime mortgages”. It took me about 1 to 3 seconds to think to myself ” but they sold all them”- how can they have losses on loans that they sold?” The mortgage market at the time was 13 trillion. Subprime was about 20%. (2.6 trillion). Losses were 20%. (520 billion). Insurance would cover 50% of that, give or take. (260 billion)
    In a 17 trillion dollar economy, 260 billion is little more than a rounding error. (1.45%).
    This all went through my limited thought processes in about 1 minute, as the newscaster supplied the (bogus) information and numbers. It didn’t make sense then and here, 7 years later, it makes even less sense.
    And there you have it.

  27. Leah,

    I recommend putting all that info together and filling out an online complaint at the Department of Corporations or AG websites. It’s really easy and you don’t have to be victim of anything to file a complaint or inquiry.That’s what I did when my servicer responded telling me to contact my originators address which I’m sure they knew was no longer in business. It may not help you out personally but nothing gets done unless someone files a complaint.

  28. Croaks?

    Oh wait… That’s Marco Polo.
    Never mind… I was thinking of a different game.

    Many Irrevocable Living Life Blessings to All.

    The Tenet

  29. Crickets ?

  30. Again all I ask is to read Christine and Rocks cases. So that way I can see for myself how they won. Millions have lost, but here these 2 are winners, GREAT, but show me! have spoke with lawyers, experts and mortgage brokers winning isn’t easy.
    I want to read their pleadings so I can win too!
    Christine and Rock show me YOUR pleadings.

  31. And i swear on a stack of bibles that in my case, and i can only speak from 6 yrs experience with my case, that theres no way its garfeild fault that i have not won – YET. It takes this long, the game goes from poker to chess and it flips between the two, the key is to recognise what game you are in at the right time is my analogy. We are up against the banks attorneys who have unlimited resources,
    Christine you won because they could live with your argument as far as i can tell, argue otherwise, i invite you again to substantiate WHY your argument is a winner, this is what you are backing when you post on here , as in christine right and ya,ll are wrong, go for it, I’m all ears i mean eyes😬 educate me, help me, help others understand – if thats your true agenda.

  32. Christine,
    Again please post your case.

  33. You have to ask the simple question why they inflated the market price of homes and actively recruited people to go get the borrowers.

  34. Christine,
    You asked where are all the LL winners? Everyone here that fights for their home is a winner!!! Everyone defends there case a different way, is it right or wrong that’s for the person to find out. These people here are homeowners, moms and dads trying their best without lawyers because they can’t afford or can’t find one. Livinglies is a information site, and again a place to try and figure out the mess the banks have done.
    What you are saying is everyone here is a loser and you and Rock are the winners because you two have won your cases, GREAT! Good for you, But I don’t believe you just like you do not believe Neil’s advice.
    So prove to us that you have won. Post your case, the government web site to look up the case, anything that we may all read it and understand how you won, while we all lose.
    Like the old saying goes, Put up your or shut up.

  35. Until people realise the banks are totally untrustworthy at this point and titles are clouded up the yaz because of their MERS trip and conversion of the “asset ” into oblivion being identity theft then they will get their way. greed is their heroine and they are hard core addicts and the elevator is actually going down.

  36. Deb,

    No malice. Serious questions and no winners. Investigation 101. Nothing to do with me: I know what my goal is and I achieve it step by step, doing my thing.

    Everything to do with the hours I spend helping others not end up as willing casualties of banks AND peddlers. LL peddles. Ethics make society go round. No ethics in LL. Or Soliman, Or peddlers LL pushes on people.

    How do I know for a fact? Where are the LL winners?

  37. LDTX @ Steve
    Oh and Steve the number to find them in other States is 866-925-9916. I hope this information is helpful to some of you. I want to thank you for your support.

  38. Steve, this is what I finally found and it is all very complicated process and Bank of America is doing this purposefully so you can’t find where to serve them legal paperwork. CTC Corporation, CTC Real Estate Services, or CT Corporation System. In Texas and California, Agent for Service of Process is The Corporation Company 555 Capitol Mall Ste 1000, Sacramento CA 95814 for Texas it is The Corporation Company, 4025 W Peterson Ave C/O Walter Tax Dept, Chicago IL 60646-6069 State of Formation, California, Registration Date 1/5/2004 Registered Agent Name CT Corporation System 1999 Bryan St., Ste 900, Dallas TX 75201. Everything Bank of America provides is incorrect information and goes back to CTC Corporation with no phone contact. Snakes. Oh my goodness real dirty deeds to steal a property.

  39. Christine
    Garfeild states ” do not rely”. We get it i got it
    You know very well that you cant substantiate why Neil is wrong and you are right, and whether pertinent to each of our unique cases and their current posture is so determinant re what applied and what cant, simply cant. so it’s malicious, why? Why be malicious
    State your point and let that be that. I respect what you have achieved in court, but remember theres more than one way home. 🙏

  40. Words. ( corrected)

  41. Deb,

    Do indeed “ignore her”. She will keep on digging and digging until she finds ONE case won, saved or redeemed thanks to Garfield’s theories and LL insanity. And she will keep on demanding to see Garfield’s trial experience. You’re a nurse; potential employers want to see your credentials. Well, potential clients want to see his credentials. What’s good for the goose… If you had killed patients, would you still have a nursing license? If thousands of homeowners lost their house from listening to Garfield, the “licensed professional”, should he still be licensed? Funny, it is currently being debated.

    Thing is… Garfield makes a ton of money just by posting non proven editorials on Worldpress and Google, peddling useless and damaging audits and having morons swallow it all and pay good money. Losing a house is unpleasant. Chasing after it to the tune of 60,000 is not financially smart. Coming here for years, getting fleeced more by Garfield-backed peddlers trying to recapture any of it without proof that HERE is where it all happens doesn’t strike anyone as smart moves.

    Absolutely, ignore me. The wonderful thing about freedom of speech is that speech is free and asking hard questions is still allowed. The day it no longer is is the day banks have won. Then none of you will have a prayer.

  42. Couple of wirds come to mind ” conflict of interests”

  43. Im connecting dots
    From wiki link i just posted. Think about it

    “common stock or preferred stock or other forms of membership interests, warrants or promissory notes (including convertible promissory notes), bonds, and purchasers are often institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies or pension funds”

  44. Leah Dean,

    I’m not surprised, I remember years back while in foreclosure trying to track down who is who with those foreclosure services. It is all bizarre how it works but I’m betting it isn’t unlawful or fraud unless hiding the Agent of Process is because that’s exactly what they do.

    However, if you are licensed and you have no contact info, other than an address, how do you make a profit? With no profit how do you get tax deductions? Lots of good questions out there. You try a complaint with the Department of Corporations but unfortunately I don’t think the complaint would apply to your situation. Then again I don’t know.

  45. That was with ref to chrustypants

  46. Just ignore her

  47. Steve this is all I find too. This is more Bank of America/Countrywide Fraud and a way for CTC Foreclosure Services to steal your home. There is no CTC Real Estate Services or CTC Corporation listed with a phone number. Who has a Corporation without a phone number. This is what I did find, a Lawyer on a website I was on searching for this gave a link. He put this is not for legal purposes but for information only and it was the link to California Secretary of State Website.
    C T Corporation System. I typed in C T Corporation System and the address is totally different Everything is totally bazar and I am floored. CTC REAL ESTATE SERVICES ON MY DEED OF TRUST IS 400 COUNTRYWIDE WAY, MSN SV-88 SIMI VALLEY CA 93065. Somebody needs to track these false addresses down. Bank of America is so much Fraud!! OK so here is what I found CT Corporation System 8310 S Valley Highway #350, Englewood, CO 80112. Agent for Services of Process is The Corporation Company 555 Capitol Mall Ste 1000 Sacramento CA 95814. This information is not at all how it is on documents. The Agent files as C T Corporation in Texas and The corporation Company is hidden because Bank of America does not want you to be able to find the business to serve them any Process Papers for Legal business or Lawsuits. There is NO Corporation who exist without a phone number. How can you do business and not have a phone number?

  48. Leah Dean,

    Strange there’s no contact info.

    I found this

    You could go to and send an email to the corp execs. I found Craig and Mallory are or were execs for b of a or countrywide.

  49. Nombrilism as an art form. They know very little, understand even less and accomplish… nothing, especially not analyzing WHY they lost and where THEY went wrong. It has to be crooked attorneys, corrupt judges and society at large. A nation of 320 million spoiled, entitled brats the rest of the world is pitying and avoiding like the plague… What a legacy!

    1) If it wasn’t intended to offend you, then you shouldn’t be offended.

    2) You do not get to decide someone else’s intentions. They do.

    3) Being offended is a choice you make. Nobody is responsible for that choice but you.

    4) Even if the slight was intended and deliberate, functioning adults understand that they must move on and not dwell over every sideways glance or rude comment.

    5) You have to stop doing the trendy internet thing where you write something on a piece of paper and take a picture of yourself holding it up while frowning. It’s just annoying at this point.

    You’ll never be happy or satisfied if you don’t keep these five points in mind.

    But then, for the grievance mongers, I suppose happiness isn’t the goal.

    If they’re happy then people might stop feeling sorry for them.

    Whatever they do, they certainly can’t allow that to happen.

  50. E Tolle,
    You celebrated too soon, the nurse.
    Counted the geese before they hatched.

    Trespass Unwanted

  51. “Nobody in his/her right mind is gonna go especially against Honorable Scalia Especially when we got a unanimous decision. It would be a career suicide for a low level Judge to go against the United States Supreme Court.”

    HAHAHA!!! What a laugh! No clue whatsoever about how the system works.

  52. LDTX
    Can anyone provide me with a Phone Number for CTC Foreclosure Services at 4500 Park Granada Calabasas California or in California period. thanks

  53. Thank you for all of that information. I have clearly found under the Texas Deception Trade Act many many violations by both Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of America. Furthermore, what about the Title Company, North American Title. Shouldn’t they know whether or not they are dealing with a Legal Lender? Countrywide Home Loans dba America’s Wholesale Lender. Thank you for letting me know how to handle the Sheriff situation as well. I really do appreciate it.

  54. Regarding TILA they dont in my case did not answer and it is over 20 calendar days. Why?

    Nobody in his/her right mind is gonna go especially against Honorable Scalia Especially when we got a unanimous decision. It would be a career suicide for a low level Judge to go against the United States Supreme Court. I have spoken to friends (agree with) and foes (dont agree with) in the Lawyer world and they all regard him with the outmost respect and say how talented he is.

    Regarding the banksters everybody hates them at this point Rich super Rich middle class etc……

    Oh well this is a humble layman opinion


  55. After all … It is a crime to use the Sheriffs dept to serve fraud docs.

    Remember the stink with the Cook county Sheriff dept refusing to participate?

  56. Sheriffs Dept.
    … Suspicions should rise when a private processor is used.

  57. 🚨🚨🚨 T U 🍷🍷🍷

  58. Leah Dean, if any of that evidence can be used to bar grieve the attorney, ie, it’s info they should know and have before moving forward for the benefit of their client to your detriment, then bar grieve them for not exercising due diligence in determining whether their client’s information is factual as they displace you, one who is homestead in the property. If it’s a nonjudicial state, you’ll get a sheriff’s delivery of notice to go to court to be sued to leave the property. A sheriff can and will deliver to anyone who answers the door and takes it from his hands, even if it’s a youth who forgets to give it to you or misplaces it somewhere after receiving it. Always respond to those, and if nothing else, challenge jurisdiction because they claim the court has jurisdiction to hear their claim you are a tenant on the property and won’t leave.
    Check your Deed of Trust, covenant section for the governing law and severability clause. It contains an agreement both parties will abide by relevant law, it should include giving notice of a change in the principal in the note. This is not TILA, but it is contract law, breach of contract.

    They’ll send you their forms to file in your taxes (if you file taxes), if you don’t trust what you are filing, you could falsely claim in your taxes that you abandoned your home at the value set on the 1099A and such.
    Don’t be surprised if you receive more than one 1099A, sometimes more than one purported creditor will send it, ie, the one who robbed you and Fannie Mae (FNMA). If you must figure out a way to communicate with the IRS remember you are responsible for what you put on a tax return submitted under penalty of perjury so maybe your communication can include you cannot in good conscience file an incorrect tax return based on documents you don’t recognize, that was mailed to you by unknown persons when the people who mailed the documents do not have power of attorney over you to compel you to file an incorrect tax return.

    I know nothing, I don’t know legal things, I do not give tax advice.
    If I thought I knew something, chances are likely I’ll learn something that will let me know I know nothing.

    As for TILA, I heard the following, that you can rescind if the lender has more than $35 false fees at closing or charged to you after that, if you are foreclosed upon,

    when they send you a notice of default and an intent to foreclose , that renews the right to rescind, if you can find an accounting error over $35.

    At closing, the lender failed to file documentation to show that the fees on the HUD-1 statement were not otherwise forbidden to be charged by law because the lender may not charge you those amounts that are the normal part of doing business,

    those amounts were intended to be taken out of the finance charge, the interest that they charge you,

    but instead of that they added them to the front of the note and charged interest on them for 30 years.

    So since they didn’t qualify any of the charges by providing documentation to show that they were forbidden to be charged,

    or that they were for services actually rendered, that the vendor was a bonafide vendor and not a front company for one of your fudiciaries,

    that the service was necessary, the amounts charged were reasonable, and the lender did not take an undisclosed markup on the amounts charged

    ………… (this is all out of the TILA, and they didn’t provide any of that, so your presumption is everything charged on page 2 of the HUD-1 settlement statement is fraudulent)

    Take the last number off your HUD-1 settlement statement line 1400 or 14 (I’m not looking at the HUD statement).

    There’s a column A and a column B, the seller column and the buyer column, add them all together.

    take an amortization of the property, a spreadsheet amortization

    put in the first mortgage payment and the overpayment from line 14 of the HUD-1, and look at the last payment and you will find a negative number, and that means you overpaid the note

    ( has a spreadsheet table use the calculator, put in the basics, value of home, number of years, interest, and then when it gives that output, select amortization table, and when it calculates that, put in the one time payment/overpayment and put in the closing date from the HUD-1 statement and let it recalculate.)

    You’ll be surprised how large that number is, that is your overpayment.
    Should make for a solid TILA rescission, is my guess since I know nothing.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

    Take the last

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  59. Yes. different types of actions are necessary for the future. Read mortgage carefully.

  60. Abandonment
    Unclaimed Property

    Tax Sale

    No Trusts…..

  61. They got you on taxes and insurance or maintenance and occupancy?
    Watch the EscroW tricks !!!

    Great Griefs of Fire…. they want to legalize crime? Sighs……

  62. LDTX
    Not happening with this girl. Using deceptive trade act action in Texas
    America’s Wholesale Lender a Corporation does not exist in under Texas Law. According to the Comptroller of Texas, No Tax ID Number or Foreign Agent dba, Banking Commissioner of Texas DBA, Harris County Clerks office Assumed Name Certificate 1997 expired. OCC America’s Wholesale Lender DBA, Not listed as a regulated bank by the Office of Comptroller Currency on latest list as of 2/28/2015. House is being Auctioned today. Property is Homestead so I am not leaving but giving 60 days for a settlement. Nash vs Bank of America by Merger, America’s Wholesale Lender vs Pagano, America’s Wholesale Lender vs Silberstein, Not Like these Banks don’t know what they are doing. They were having fun until they started getting caught with their lies, deception. Shame up on our government if they even help these fraudulent criminals out. Praying Bank of America and Bank of New York Mellon fall to the ground!!

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