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  1. If you are not informed of your right to recind at closing, The transaction was never completed. If you get the TILA disclosure the bank lied about it. So the SOL of that right starts ticking on the day you know of that right, or on the day you discover the false information given to you by the so called lender who was legally required to follow the rules of that act. It is not the borrowers fault that the transaction was a failure at law. I will recind. That being said, I don’t know where to send the letter.

  2. How do I do rescission? Could you kindly tell? Our mortgage was with Countrywide Home Loans and now with BONY. The servicer is Specialized Loan Servicing.

  3. I am seriously considering rescission ( served on all possible owners of the note to include O-One/Sand Canyon , BONY-Mellon , AHMSI , BAC , WF and OCWEN ) concurrent with a re-issuance of my prior discovery demands on WF (actually OCWEN as WF has no knowledge of the suit although everyone dances around that). I appear to be within the SOL due to equitable tolling. I have known about the lies for 6 to 7 years and have many pages from their playbook but not the key pages as the Plaintiff is still stonewalling ,, most recently on a request pertaining to the HIDC when presented with a HAMP refi by OCWEN.

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