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    CEO JOHN STUMPF recently walked away with $134 MILLION
    for engaging in FRAUD.

  2. @ Jordana Lipscomb ,

    Anytime Wells gets bi*ch slapped I cheer… I have a servicer pretending to be Wells after me… trouble is I have Wells own docs which I will be using to string them up with.

  3. @ Rachel Williams ,

    It’s right there in the style ???

    Circuit Court, Clinton Cty, MO Div2

  4. Wellsfargo are the bond runners for the State therefore, the courts are very kind to wells . This is untrue for this State .CSC is under the name of Bryan Cave therefore ,they have been commissioned to go after these loans and the State which is now the funding the unemployment , non profits etc, this is where your money is going. Therefore , this article is half written , no case numbers and simply untrue

  5. we don’t seem to have a case number here. Not a real case ?

  6. What a fabulous decision! I especially like the condemnation of Wells Fargo’s treatment of the family as inhuman, its corporate greed as paramount. Reminds me of my experiences with Wells….bravo to this family. I hope they actually get the opportunity to enjoy it. As for you Wells Fargo….hahahahaha….may this be the beginning of your end. You bastards deserve it!

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