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  1. AMan- we had 2 judges here in NE PA 7-8 years ago jailed for 30 years. Their names were Conaboy and Civiarella.
    They were taking bribes from the builder/owner of a juvenile detention center in Wilkes-Barre PA. Any kid got
    caught shoplifting? 2 years. Underage drinking? 3 years. Truancy? 2 years. They received millions in bribes. Sent a thousand kids away who
    Shouldnt have been sent away. Some of them were raped. Some committed suicide. Families destroyed . A horror show. Google their names.

  2. @ The A Man ,

    Found this interesting article at the newspaper link you provided …
    Pa. homeowners file class action RICO suit against Bank of America

    January 20, 2015 12:16 PM
    By Jim Boyle

    PITTSBURGH – Two Western Pennsylvania men are among the plaintiffs in a class action suit that accuses one of the top banking companies in the world of establishing an illegal racketeering scheme that allowed it to make millions in kickbacks while taking minimum risk as an investor in mortgage insurance companies.

    According to the complaint filed at the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Bank of America has pocketed more than $280 million by sharing mortgage insurance premiums between 2004 and 2011, while being liable for only approximately $39 million in claims. The claim says that money was primarily funded through mortgage insurance premiums paid by borrowers such as William Weiss and Robert Lessman of Greensburg.


  3. The crime is in the cover up. Robo Signed documents. Notary Fraud etc… Documents. Judges that allowed this are what?


  4. Thanks Neidermeyer
    The first step is to make the Judge (Bad Judge) Transparent. With todays technology the Feds should have an easy time. The hard part is convincing the Feds to take action.



  5. A-Man ,

    First step is to remove the bar from their position of control over the entire judicial system.

    Then we need oversight from outside that can penalize judges that do not offer at the very least a level playing field. Penalties for the crimes we have all witnessed or been victims of should be penalized with disbarrment , civil cash penalties large enough to hurt paid for out of their own funds (make them buy their own damn liability insurance).

  6. How do we put bad judges in jail?


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