Title After Wrongful Foreclosure: Martha Coakley Getting to Heart of the Problem of Fraudulent Foreclosures

For further information please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688


see Massachusetts Settlement: Fine PLUS Curing Title Defects

Martha Coakley gets it. She is the attorney general of Massachusetts. And she alone has enforced the law the way it should be enforced. When a bank or anyone else files a fraudulent foreclosure action they should pay for it AND the title should be corrected. If the foreclosure was false then the title is defective as shown in the county records. All previous national and state settlements were for money only. In this case four banks have agreed that they will pay a fine AND take all necessary steps to cure title. The four banks are the usual suspects — Bank of America (BOA), Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo.

Bank of America, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo were accused of violating Massachusetts foreclosure laws and the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act by foreclosing on properties in the Commonwealth when they did not hold the rights to the mortgages, and therefore did not legally have the right to foreclose….

The Massachusetts AG office alleges in the amended complaint that the four banks ignored a fundamental legal mandate established in the Supreme Judicial Court’s Ibanez decision in January 2011 that mortgagees must strictly comply with the Commonwealth’s foreclosure laws. The Massachusetts foreclosure law states that a mortgage is void if whoever initiates the foreclosure does not hold the mortgage through valid assignment or is not the mortgagee of record at the time the foreclosure notice is published.

The complaint further alleges that the four banks did not obtain a valid assignment of the mortgage prior to publishing foreclosure notices on the properties and therefore the foreclosures should be invalidated. Also according to the complaint, the banks’ actions adversely affected the marketability and insurability of titles to numerous properties in the Commonwealth.

As part of the settlement, the banks will be required to assist consumers who claim the title to his or her residence is void from an unlawful foreclosure. Assistance will likely include conducting a thorough title review, providing curative documents, releasing junior leans held by banks, and paying costs associated with the title cure in cases where consumers do not have title insurance, according to the Massachusetts AG office.

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  1. This may include us as Bank of America is part of this settlement. From: Livinglies’s Weblog To: patsey5102@yahoo.com Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 9:23 AM Subject: [New post] Title After Wrongful Foreclosure: Martha Coakley Getting to Heart of the Problem of Fraudulent Foreclosures #yiv3306690736 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3306690736 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3306690736 a.yiv3306690736primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3306690736 a.yiv3306690736primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3306690736 a.yiv3306690736primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3306690736 a.yiv3306690736primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3306690736 WordPress.com | Neil Garfield posted: “For further information please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688==============================see Massachusetts Settlement: Fine PLUS Curing Title DefectsMartha Coakley gets it. She is the attorney general of Massachusetts. And she alone has e” | |

  2. -Cherry Marines- There are Russians in this club

    New Orleans is a school of the occult –

    Undercover groups – They have hit squads

    Gen Joy- Gen Steiner- evil men
    They psychologically profile people they work for the communists Russians – Checks – Slavs – They are not Christians they are extentialists – neitsche – etc. They know French.

  3. -JAG- Judge Active General –
    Control court cases where they don’t want the truth to come out in certain cases they can strangle you financially-
    This is at the local level and all levels.
    The judges are military men – not independent- they take orders – there is a chain of command – They are hand picked.

    *FISA Court – Foreign Intelligence *
    Surveillance Court – a small group of men 7 justices + one woman

    Some of these are assasins – trained mercenaries trained murderers – They are twisted. Husbands disappear for lengths of time unexplained

  4. Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

  5. For example, my soon to be ex thinks I don’t know who is Freemason comrades are. Wrong again.

    I despise them all and no drug will ever change that.

    Because I know the literal meaning behind the “Liturgy of the word,” whether it is written, spoken or otherwise.

    That means quite frankly, these thugs are out to what amounts to “gang raping” of all of their particular subject matter victims and chopping all of their heads off while doing their evil acts by committing even more heinous and evil “deeds.”

    What is written upon the face of this evils ledgers, aka the “warranty deeds” are specific evil instructions that are part of an evil satanic curse upon all of
    humanity that means,

    “fly, fly, I want this evil bitch to die for all
    of my sins.”

    God as my witness, this is all true.

  6. These evildoers do not want their fraud closure victims to have access to their natural God given talents. They move to shut down a human beings spiritual intelligence by cursing and forced drugging of their victims. They would rather watch humanity perish and die in the rubble of all of their inhumanity
    rather than allow good people access to their ownhuman spirituality.
    This evil is not who it appears to be. It does not eant
    want spiritual people being allowed by
    God the creator to allow humanity a glimpse into our own past, and future. That is evils way of trying to undermine God, the creator.

    By blocking the mechanisms that allow us to feel the pain this evil caused its victims, evil thinks it will “get off the hook,” for all of its crimes against
    Being a Christian, I have faith in my belief that my creator has a much better and much more highly sophisticated
    plan to destroy all of them.

    . What evil fears most is what spiritual people already know, we are of one God who is our maker as well as our savior. There could never be enough physical evidence that would be satisfactory enough that would prove to this evil all of the “”aforementioned” is true without casting as much as a
    shadow of a doubt, that one God who is God Almighty, created life and gave us life.because God wants all of his living creations to be free and independent wrongful “entrappment”
    its secret evil snares by forced non-compliance thst involves high level intelligence secret foreign espionage that treason at all levels. compliance Moreover

    for the naysayers

  7. I found out from a very reputable source that a “psychologist” I was forced to be treated for alleged “symptoms of a nervous breakdown,” the same exact medicine they prescribe for “end of life” patients they are killing off. I was told by the head psychologist I am extremely physically healthy. He offered me other
    psychotic mind control drugs to which I
    said I have no history of mental illness so why would I need or want that? He told me “you are bright.”

    I was told by the same reliable source the “psychologist,” from Palos Community Hospital, Dr. Arif,
    intentionally misdiagnosed me to
    prescribe me “anti-psychotics” that are meant to take away the “fear factor” of death.

    I asked Dr. Arid if I would be on this for the rest of my life. To which he told me “oh no, you will only need a very short “course of treatment.”

    He also wrongfully refilled that prescription when I accidentally mixed up the date of the appointment and rescheduled. I was forced to miss the rescheduled date because I got “tied up” at the Bridgeview courthouse, and could not get there that day. 

    Evil, sick psychotic bastards every single last one of them.

    They want to prevent their victims brain from functioning properly by removing
    the fear factor. Misdiagnosing a patient
    intentionally to cause someone to suffer
    permanent memory loss to cause permanent debilitating brain damage that destroys the proper brain function done by trying to “re-wire,” the brain of
    the intended victim of the forced abuse and neglect is acting like they think they are God, the Creator.

    That is why they keep all of their fraud “in house,” among their own “network” of inhuman torturers of humanity.

    They want to steal from me my bag of what they deem to be “secret high intelligence information” that I literally
    worked my ass off to uncover to get to the bottom of this unlawful fraud closure scam.

    They view this information that I consider to be Gods gift to me, a threat that God allowed me access to their “secret intelligence PRISM program black banking operations.”

    They want to secretly and openly kill me off simply because I refuse to “go along” with their sick psychotic and highly abusive “PRISM program.” They don’t want me to ever be able to be used as a credible enough witness to ever testify against them in a Federal court of law. The reason being is the “traitors from within” would all go to prison where they all belong and deserve to go.

    That is why I thank Neil for allowing me to give my public testimony about all of these wrongful and felonious crimes being committed against me.

    These spy agencies refuse to arrest these traitors simply because the arresting agents are afraid I might inadvertently point the finger of blame at them. That is cowardly. All I want is justice to be done on my behalf. That will take some actual real legal authorities who are honest with themselves. Obviously that is a monumental task in this corrupt atmosphere of what amounts to a bunch of “useful idiots.” It takes a human being with real courage and
    integrity who has to realize that I am not
    the criminal element at work here, I am
    the forced victim of it.

  8. Like the time when this hate campaign against me began. My soon to be ex told my father over the cell phone “yeah she’s a real cunt ain’t she dad?” Right in front of me and my teenage daughter who replied to me, “I didn’t like that.”

    Or the time after that when my soon to be ex told me he “used me up like a whore,” and later, verbally confirmed saying that, to my youngest son who is in his early 20’s and suffers from “juvenile myclonic epilepsy.” His seizures are caused primarily by “sleep deprivation and stress” but anything that “effects the brain” can cause him to have a grand mal seizure is what the neurologist told me.

    Try and “disturb the mind” of its victims to force gang stalking and other bad and criminal behavior of its perps are secret threats made out in the open by psychological abuse of the intended victim target.

    Fraudclosure is all about victimization of the intended target.

  9. Are victims of fraudclosure being given a predetermined aka an “allotted” amount of time to defend their legal title to their person pro se in fraudclosure by an unseen enemy that wants its victim to “accidentally” discover “it.” “It” being “the one” who “used you up like a whore” but you were never supposed to find out any of the “specifics” of its own crimes against you. Could it be your own Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin who are in “cahoots” with these so-called “attorneys for Plaintiff’s.” Could they have hired your own spouse as a clever “hit man,” used to try and rob you of your dignity? All simply because they are all mentally depraved idiots? Definitely if they thought you could be smart enough to catch the jealous low down dirty thieves who hate that you don’t have the low moral values they do because they want you to believe you have that low of self esteem to believe you are suddenly some old, used up worn out degenerate low life so you cannot recognize the
    degenerate low life’s themselves.

    I believe wholeheartedly our enemies both foreign and domestic hired our own family members, kids, friends and spouses to “hit” on certain “high value” targets.

    The enemy knew just how to use and abuse the weaknesses of others to give them strength by spying on them unlawfully. That is how spies operate is by blackmailing their victims into submission.

    They know who the “kink meisters” and the greedy bastards are and take full advantage if it.

    They will bring “payola,” to their “front door, by way of little brown bags or white envelopes full of
    money and then use that to blackmail their own “assets.”

    They will do virtually anything for them, even get their enemies “out of the way” for them just to break the heart by forced betrayal of their “high value asset” who is their intended targeted victim.

    When you are forced into submission through no fault of your own and are being wrongfully accused, shunned and ignored by your own “loved ones” you better believe they are part of the set up for the “frame job” of you. Greed and selfishness only pay homage to this beast. Jealousy is the real lion here who wants to devour the head if the victim it aims to eventually sadistically and savagely “decapitate.”

    My own father had the nerve to tell me when this attack on me began late last winter, “you look like you’re dying for “Christ sake” and then he laughed.

    He also told me “you look like you’ve been being chased through the woods at night.”

    I was appalled by those remarks to say the least.

    I have discovered those remarks were meant to be mentally abusive by trying to disturb the conscience of the subject matter victim target.

    Like what they forced me to witness hospice doing to my grandparents.

    My father also told me in my kitchen last spring because I would not go along with their forced drugging campaign against me, if I did not get on “drugs”
    not to bother coming to his funeral.

    There’s more, and it doesn’t get any better that’s for certain.

  10. The attorney “Fish,” from the “Fish Law Group” also gave us some of his own personal background. He told us that he is an ex-marine who became an attorney.

    It makes you wonder who it is these people really work for.

    Could fraudclosure be a global kidnapping plot, that is a “ponzi scheme” that was created by our enemies both foreign and domestic, for the sole purpose of fraudulently transferring legal Titles just to kidnap and have their way with certain U.S. citizens or maybe one in particular, who was born on U.S. soil?

    Maybe this U.S. citizen or other U.S. citizens are considered by “Wall
    Street Execs” to be “too valuable” of an
    asset to belong to any government or
    governmental agency in particular. Especially not to their enemies, real or perceived.

    Quite honestly, I could give a damn about what any of these crooks do in their personal, private lives. Just don’t try and involve me in some sick, demented, torturous and sordid lifestyle because I have different moral values than someone else. That does not make me anyones enemy, because I have a different moral view.

    Wrongfully using and abusing the U.S. legal system and all of its “accolades” as a way to fraudulently induce someone elses Ill conceived notion of another person is “a whore who needs to be punished” by trying to fraudulently induce ones own sex depraved sexual fantasies on that person vis a vis pro se fraud closure defense tactics that are well designed to force that victim to make decisions not necessarily in their own best interest but in the best interest of “some one else” is criminally bad behavior that is completely insane.

    Trying to seduce a victim by posing as someone you are not just to wrongfully
    abuse that person to force submission to some grossly evil ungodly plot they hatched to destroy the credibility of its own victim is forced coercion whether it is by “proxy” of another or not. It is inhuman behavior to say the least for some loon to decide they have any sort of right to “turn day into night,” by forced depravation of that persons most basic fundamental needs by starving out their own natural born legal rights to be free and independent.

    Who in their right mind would ever want to work for this Corporate behemoth aka “Wall Street.” Especially when you know you will eventually be forced to submit yourself to the wants and needs of the Beast of Revelation whenever it “sees fit.”

  11. It is easy to “frame”your unknowing and unwitting pro se fraudclosure defense victim because that targeted victim always had a lot of faith in that individual. Especially when its victim believed its own enemy hiding from within was being fraudclosed upon as well.

  12. Who did we unknowingly “invite in” to our lives when we accepted a “marriage proposal?”

    We could have no legally verifiable way of knowing if there is no tort to the contract, the contract is a not legal but a mere legal speculation.

    My soon to be ex spouse stated to my father in his basement on the Christmas Eve before the past, “Nobody knows who anybody really is.” and then he laughed.

    I found that remark to be creepy at the time. My sister told me neither she or her husband liked the way he was acting that evening. He kept gesturing he wanted a divorce to everybody. It was quite embarrassing considering all of the pro se legal work I was doing by my own investigating that kept a roof over our heads for nearly 4 years at the time. No payments and no property taxes had to be sent as long as we are in “fraudclosure.” That is what I was told by an attorney who we both met with by the name of “Fish.” He is who forced us both to
    agree that our entire 2 hour or so long
    interview be taped by him.

    He also advertised the fact on his website that he is an “ancient free and
    accepted” Freemason. To which I was hesitant to consult with him but I was curious to hear what he had to say.

    There is a lot of incredibly evil b.s. going on here. That is not a lie and that is for sure.

    Why haven’t any of these crooks been arrested yet? There is no logical explanation for all of this treason that is being gotten away with to fraudulently conceal who these “party’s” actually are.

  13. These Wall Street crooks have quite literally took it upon themselves by employing the illegal use of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” communist/Satanist playbook as “The Rule of the Law,” that is to be illegally used to drug, wrongfully imprison, kidnap, murder, maim, physically and emotionally abuse, institutionalize, force admittance into hospitals run by them in secret, kill, rape or do “anything they want” to their targeted victims.

    They get away with non-disclosure of
    the actual “rules of their satanic game,” hiding from behind phony, faulty and illegal “Corporate Resolution Agreements.”

    They require themselves that any targeted victim they targeted unlawfully can be tortured and moved by way of “examples” being “demonstrated” by their own targeted individual victims. Being victimized like their prey by being left no choice other than to defend your legal titles in pro se in fraud closure is the prime example of “victims rights abuse of its own victims rights.”

    If the abuser can’t fraudclose, even if you are forced to stop defending the unlawful
    fraud closures, the crooks have no legal written proof in which to unlawfully imprison you because they have no “justcause” without a signed legal assignment. Meaning that document is not “legal” unless it was recorded upon the public record in no less than 90 days from “the closing.” Under false pretenses it needs your legal written signature in order to continue its own illegal and violent natured assault on your petsonal dignity which is your humanity. That signature must be “verified” by more
    fraudulent deception by verbal
    confirmation in no less than 3 days prior to the next assault by kidnapping is fake, phony, fraudulent illegal verification of a fraudulent transfer of the targeted
    subject matter victim slave. False imprisonment caused by false, phony and fabricated causes are the illegal
    cause of action being used to fraudulently mis-state a claim by taking advantage of the “uneducated and mis-
    informed” consumer who is being illegally and unconstitutionally “misled” by its opponent who is also its own
    “proponent.” It wantonly moves to wrongfully imprison its victims mind to steal everything from its targeted victim
    by creating illegal scenarios to steal the victims keys to their vehicle by illegal title transfers it destroyed the actual
    evidence, the car that was used to try to destroy its own victims credibility to testify against it.

    The “just trust me doctrine,” which is bringing “false claims in tort” by fraudulent concealment of the RPII is an “investor” in its own crimes against the natural born U.S. citizenry. Therefore, only by “false imprisonment” to its victims own “right and just cause,” is
    what the founders always feared would lead to the demise of our great nation.

    That alone is legal grounds for dismissal of any case in this country because there are no laws being followed or upheld in the proper legal way.

    Fashioning claims that are literally
    forced upon a victim by forcing that victim to defend itself against an unseen enemy is tortuous fraudulent abuse of the public trust.

    These Security Fraud matters demand the immediate proper legal remedy be ruled upon by the U.S. Supreme Court

    The Healthcare Law/Tax is not the proper or appropriate legal correction for Fraud in the Factum that has lead to Fraud in the Procurement of the peace and Security of every single U.S. citizen who was born here.

    Putting pro se fraudclosure defense victims under forced “house arrest” just to “electronically” spy on their movements because their abusers cannot arrest them and imprison them
    legally while their legal titles are in “fraudclosure limbo land,” a phony place , held fraudulently by an “illegal and hostile occupant” who won’t “spill the beans” about its own crimes it committed against you in your unregistered legal name,
    is felonious, egregious and heinously criminal by its own deceptions. This fraud has permeated every level of this
    crime ridden, fraudulently induced “Totus tu” Satan, luciferian inspired
    criminal fraudulent fraud
    reinvestment “Act” government.

  14. There is a genuine and authentic legal reason why “notaries” are legally prohibited from witnessing and being a party to a transaction that would involve any means of production by any of the parties involved. In fraudclosure a “legal right to abuse another” is being used as a heinous and egregious way to secretly and wrongfully abuse the “pro se and
    moving victim Defendant.”

  15. What is felonious about all of this is hidden within the legally accepted meaning of the words “fraud, lies and deception.”
    No valid legal Cause of Action by way of no actual “written” legal evidence in which for “Plaintiff’s” to State any sort of a valid, legal claim is the “deception, the lie and the fraud.” By fraudulent conceAlment of the underlying “claim,” the courts particular subject matter legal jurisdiction cannot be legally invoked by the court. Therefore, there can be no
    legal jurisprudence by any judge to invoke the false claim as some sort of a “secret personal matter” because there is quite literally no way for the “Plaintiff” who could be anybody but could also be “the judge,” to legally proceed.

    There is no legal precedent that would allow any judge, politician, law enforcement official, lawyer, attorney or any private or
    public employee who has some sort of secret “vendetta” against you, or even may have a secret “crush” on “the forced defendant victim,” that would allow such a legal and unjust travesty to be legal in any legal way, shape or form.

    The evidence of “fraud in the procurement,” is the phony, fraudulent and illicit solicitation of state issued “Marriage Certificates.” The reason being is because there is no written legally binding agreement between the two parties. That is Negligence on the part of “the Issuer,” who could very well be a “secret hidden third-party” who is fraudulently and wrongfully invested in
    the demise of another.

  16. Being left no choice other than to Defend your Titles pro se means that a pro se Defendant that is “the movant” in pro se fraudclosure “defense” is “axiomatically” considered a spy or some other manufactured threat by the forced opposition. They consider you a threat who is “not acting right” by acting in your own name. Byy stating to “the
    court” that you deserve some sort of a
    “settlement” for being so wrongfully and
    woefully abused by “it” that you at least deserve
    what amounts to a “victims settlement” for being forced judged as a hostile witness who is being used as a pawn in a very dangerous and illegal “game,” that is in fact, evidence of a foreign
    insurrection. Fraudclosure is actually being used as a illegal way to swap out the “Defendant’s” “claim to fame” which is an absolute fortune. By false accusations and other falsisfied evidence being used as fake legal claims, the forced opposition, who is the main proponent of all of its own false judgments if its own “spouse” it is wrongfully using as its own “Defendant
    victim slave.” “The Plaintiff” wrongfully moves in secret to discredit its own victim, to steal, “swap out” and destroy
    any credibility its victim has. By moving in secret, “the Plaintiff” is attempting to destroy any and all evidence of its victims own credibility. Secretly destroying a victims own credibility by committing many secret and unlawful Acts is felonious because it is a very deceptive form of “self entitlement,” to steal the legal work and all of the
    writings associated with from your own victim. That victim who deserves to
    at least be given an opportunity to clear her own titles of all of the fraudulent
    transfers and fake, phony, fraudulent “legal

    Fraudclosure is tortuous fraudulent representation and tortuous fraudulent misrepresentation of the actual claim that is meant to cause severe emotional trauma to its victim, who is me, that was left no other reasonable or legal alternative but to be its own fraudulently induced
    ” Defendant victim slave” to all of its own evil.

  17. Correct error on my previous comment, They all need to be arrested.

  18. Fraudclosure is a “Globalist” kidnapping and murder plot. First it must find a way to destroy their targeted victims “memory,” by forced drugging of its victim soul. Fraudclosure is by and large a Wall Street “Board of Directors,” who are mainly “Russian/German/Chinese Foreign Intelligence Generals.” Fraudclosure is an “inside job,” by the enemy who are subplanted Nazi traitors subplanted through investing in fraudulently in what amounts to be “state run fascism.” “Hidden from
    within,” these traitors fraudulently overissued investments and invested in our fraudulently induced “Certificates of Marriage,” by way of numerous fraudulent “investment practices” they used “fraudulent mortgage originations” as to tortous fraudulently misrepresent a fake lien upon our genuine and authentic long form U.S. Birth Certificates.

    They all new to be arrested.

  19. Make no mistake, this is a war on the Liberty of every U.S. citizen born here brought upon false statements and unproven accusations by the enemy hiding from within who could be anyone.
    Everything this enemy does is one-sided and manufactured because nothing they do is based on anything legally factual. Hearsay and speculation are the “weapons of choice” that are being used for the sole benefit of itself and others that it deems “just and fit” to receive numerous
    unjust enrichments brought upon by it, forfeiting its own illegitimate lease agreements that are fraudulently
    induced contracts.

    The “Institution of Marriage” based upon nothing in law or fact, because no actual written legal agreement exists between the two parties who are now secretly yet openly “at war” with each other in “fraudclosure court,” fraudclosure being the fraud based claim in tort that is the main agenda that is the actual fake operation of law. Fraudclosure is the “Modus Operandi,” the main weapon of
    choice in this highly destructive mental, physical, emotional and spiritual conflict done to steal our individual free will.

    This is all absolutely heinous and egregious. No American born here should ever be forced to be brought to bear such horrendous suffering for doing what amounts to being forced to be their own attorney because no appropriate legal counsel can be found because you do not know who the actual traitor is who has unlawfully brought you to bear witness of thid unlawful fraud closure suit that your own spouse had a hand in bringing upon you.

    This is all being done because your spouse married you under false pretenses that he or she is a Christian but was not.

    Therefore there was never a legal marriage per say, your marriage is a legal nullity because it “used you up” in secret to force you, its unknowing and unwitting victim tobbear witness upon yourself for the sins of itself, it is moving to criminalize or institutuonalize you wrongfully and illegally for fraudulently
    inducing upon you its own crimes brought upon by itself and others.
    and others.

  20. In regard to my previous comment, the only way to defend your genuine and authentic U.S. Birth Certificate is by going into the gorilla cage with the enemy from within by defending your property titles pro se in fraudclosure from being “swapped out” for some other agent of some other agency from some foreign government.

    This is wrongful because the pro se Defendant could have no way of knowing of the deception. The deception is highly criminal by its psychologically abusive nature, it tries to destroy its own victims mental capabilities from within by many forced depravations. These depravations are extremely torturous and criminally abusive because it tries to render its victim to believe it is alone, entrapped and defenseless to it.

  21. In this unconstitutional and illegal war on Liberty, to steal all of our freedoms and our independence called fraud closure, you never know who the “Plaintiff”s” could be.

    Fraudulently induced contracts are used to fraudulently conceal the RPII to hide all of those phony, fraudulent,
    Counterfeit Mortgage Notes and all of the fraudulent securities that are attached to them.

    The Defendant is never supposed to be caused to discover the Principal Agent or Agency it represents.

    The reason being is that you just might have unknowingly married a Russian general who is a foreign espionage agent who was put in place to kidnap you at the “appropriate time.” Whenever
    that appropriate time might be is never to be revealed to the “Defendant” who is the “particular subject matter victim target” of a so-called “personal subject matter
    jurisdiction” that is a spy agency, quite
    literally has no legal jurisdiction whatsoever on U.S. soil because it is in reality an international kidnapping plot
    to swap U.S. government agents the
    enemy hiding from within deem are high
    intelligence “spies.”

    First and foremost they hate the Vatican Bank. This Global and International Securities Fraud kidnapping plot is mainly a freemasonic plot done by
    traitors subplanted from within who had the full intent of bringing down the
    Vatican Bank. They planned on putting the blame for it on all of us, their
    innocent victims they deem are spies who are all criminals. We The People were set up by the enemy by high
    intelligence spies who could even be your fraudulently induced “spouse.”

    Therefore, this is a job for the highest intelligence agency in land whose duty it is to protect the U.S. currency, the
    “Secret Service.”

    This is what I have uncovered by being left no alternative other than to defend
    my titles to everything pro se in fraud closure.

    I also discovered this crime is satanic based and is the epitome if evil. The reason being is there is no way to
    comply, conform or cooperate once you are forced to discover, through virtually “no fault of your own,” who you are.

    If you are deemed to be “too valuable,” what they call “a stupid imbecile” who knows too much, they will drug you and try to jail you or institutionalize their victim so they could never be used as an informant to the Vatican.

    I am one such victim of this evil plot who is being held hostage by these thieves of Liberty in every way imaginable.

    All of this is being done to me unlawfully
    for trying to defend what amounts to my legal title to who I am which is my long form U.S. Birth Certificate.

  22. It is a real travesty of justice that one fraudclosure has taken place being that there are no legal assignments recorded upon the public record. The proof of fraud in the procurement is there are no UCC 1 financing statements filed with the Secretary of States offices nationwide.

    That is why this entire country, its wealth and its entire citizenry are in grave danger. When there are no secured liens recorded anywhere, there are no secured titles. That means we are a nation engaged in a war with an unseen enemy who are trying to fraudulently conceal the fact that no Mortgage Notes ever existed within the meaning of the law,
    everything is a counterfeit, phony and a fraud.

  23. A few millions here, a few billions there, fines, fees, settlements and awards plastered daily on the news and… still no idea where all that money goes.

    The war machine? The national debt? IMF? Who knows. One thing is certain: there is no redistribution of wealth anywhere and this country keeps paving its way down to a full blown third-world country, where it soon will take its rightful place among the likes of Congo, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, after having worked so hard at self-destructing.


  24. Iwantmynpv…. the PPM?

  25. Who allowed this to happen in the courts?


  26. Neil is way off. Charles is way off. So then… why did the sellers …. never mind.

  27. javagold I agree with the settlement attorneys because when you close a loan there are so many parties involve that must be paid fees right down to the title companies.

    People must listen to what they are saying when your purchasing a home from John Jones who got nothing to do with the financing of your loan, and is only selling his home to you. To think that he not getting his $200,000 but he hands over the keys to your new house? Neil way off on this!

  28. 1031 exchange of equal or Greater value. Legal Title vs Equitable Title. Cough…

  29. Closing attorneys I speak with , and who I trust good honest old timers, swear that all wires of funds are put into their trust accounts for distribution at settlements…..they say I/we are way way off base ??????

  30. …. but whose line of credit? To Who? From Who? For What?

  31. Charles… they are called lines of credit (LOC).

  32. EscroW not closed….. Uha hum

  33. Trustwe Agreements? Warranty Deeds? Thats one take of the wire transfer.. lol.

  34. LOL….

  35. Louise if a house is being purchase monies must be transferred to the seller of the properties because the seller would not release their property and in most cases could not release it because they have a payoff to who they in most cases had a mortgage loan against the house.

    I know Neil wants to explore this loan not funded of what ever is the case, but as I preformed thousands of loans, monies were always transferred, even on refinances. If you refinanced the old lender sent a payoff and that amount was paid to them and is listed on the Settlement Statement, plus with all the other things that were needed to be paid.

    Now there were loan form warehouse line that a mortgage company would be getting their monies, but remember a mortgage company is not a bank and would need a bank to wire in funds for them because they at not set up at the Fed as a bank. A mortgage company like any individual needs to have a bank that they do business with or they could have the bank that given them the line transfer the monies, because they are a bank.

    It would be difficult obtaining all these records from different banks that are not the lender because one is just fishing! The Settlement Statement is going to list all who were payment out of the fund. You would need the counties involved in not collecting taxes if no monies were not transferred. You would have ex-home owners looking for a check but they sold their properties that no money was transferred at the closing? It did not happen like this!

  36. Ian, prior to you sitting down at the closing table, they essentially set up a wire (fax) transfer from the lender (warehouse lender not actually included in the transaction), which is the note and mortgage or deed of trust in nonjudicial states. They send the fax/wire transfer, and you sign mortgage and note. Then wire/fax is torn up, not included, never sent, never received or whatever. The borrowers thinks he is in debt for amount to pay for house, but no money is actually transferred. You pay and pay and pay, the transaction is void, the documents are fraudulent, nothing is transferred to the nonexistent trust, the assignments are forged and you never own your house.

  37. Louise- pls explain “so only a debt was created but no money was loaned”?
    When I woke up this morning I thought I was confused but now I’m not sure.

  38. Deb, you are correct. Fraud on the court all the way through and fraudulent documents filed at the Register of Deeds office which is also illegal. Forged documents every where. Origination fraud and the lender was not the actual lender. Another method is sending a wire/fax to fund the loan but rescinding fax so that only a “debt” was created for the borrower but no money was actually loaned. Fraudulent, forged documents that went into a nonexistent trust.

  39. Ian the State of Nebraska put in the same type of restriction in 2008 as part of their foreclosure act and its statute 76-2710. There not a single FHA, VA or USDA loan that been placed into a Ginnie Mae pool with a blank Note, as every loan must have this procedure done, there no way to return the Notes as their no authority to do so. Once a blank Note is released without a purchase of the debt that Note is no longer a Note as it does not contain a debt.

  40. How about the part were it was a subsidiary of the Depositor that supplied the correspondent lender with the warehouse line in the first place. When Neil states that the investors funded the loan – he is wrong. The certificate holders did not fund the loans, the purportedly purchased them inside a REMIC Trust.

    The funding at the closing table came from banks that specifically provided lines of credit to the correspondent bank. What people should really be doing is getting a copy of the advance and security agreement between the correspondent bank and the entity that actually funded the loan and sent the wire.

  41. Good step Neil- now do you have a list of states where similar legislation was put into effect due to Ibanez or other rulings?
    Here in PA, the silence from the AG has been deafening the last 6-7 years.

  42. Now understand this. They never had legal right to possession. The documents they submitted into evidence mean i use that to show the facts of the case are incomplete. Again- what a MESS

  43. Of course with great assistance from big hitter lawyers.

  44. Right Louise
    And if we had been given equal rights to defend our life liberty and PROPERTY in court then this massive mess would not be the case, question is how could they capture our courts like this. Very scary.

  45. You all understand they got my home via fraud upon the court basically

  46. After my five years in court and still in court all i can say is what a massive monumental MESS, a legal MESS

  47. This is the point that the all the banks have been caught on and the is they did not have the right to foreclose, and there not a single Ginnie Mae pooled loan that could have ever been foreclosed illegal once the blank Note were relinquish because there no legal way to transfer the Note bank to the lenders.

  48. Yes it goes all the way back to the origination which was fraud, too. All the fraudulent, forged documents that go all the way back.

  49. This is what I have been trying to tell the courts in NJ. The servicer. The debt collecting savings attorneys. All with no luck………..YET.

  50. Thats part of it Neil. Don’t Stop there!

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