MERS Assignments VOID

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While there are a number of cases that discuss the role of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS), this tells the story in the shortest amount of time. MERS was only a nominee to track the off-record claims from multiple parties participating in what we call the securitization of loans. It now appears that the securitization in most cases never took place but the banks and their affiliates are foreclosing in the name of REMIC trusts anyway, relying on “presumptions” to “prove” that the Trust actually purchased and took possession of the alleged loan. In every case I know of  where the homeowner was allowed to probe deeply into the issues of whether the Trust actually received the loan, it has either been determined that the Trust didn’t own the loan, or the case was settled before the court could announce that ruling.

Decided in April of last year, this case slams Aurora, who was and remains one of the worst offenders in the category of fraudulent foreclosures. The Court decided that since the basis of the claim was an assignment from MERS who had no interest int he debt, note or mortgage, there were no “successors.” This logic is irrefutable. And as regular readers know from reading this blog I believe the same logic applies to any other party who has no interest in the debt, note or mortgage — like an unfunded “originator” whose name appears on not only the Mortgage, like MERS, but also on the note.

Judges have trouble with that analysis because in their minds they think the homeowner is trying to get a free house. Even if that were true, it doesn’t change the correct application of law. But the opposite is true. The homeowner is trying to stop the foreclosing party from getting a free house and the homeowner is trying  to find his creditor. I actually had a judge yesterday rule that the source of funds, ownership and balance was essentially irrelevant. Discovery on nearly all issues was blocked by his ruling, leaving the trial to be a very short affair since the defenses have been eliminated by that Judge by express ruling.

The attorney representing the bank basically argued that the case was simple and that anything that happened prior to the alleged default was also irrelevant. The Judge agreed. So when a trial judge makes such rulings, he or she is basically narrowing the issue down to when we were just starting out in 2007 in what I call the dark ages. The trial becomes mostly clerical in which the only relevant issues are whether the homeowner received a loan and whether the homeowner stopped paying. All other issues are treated as irrelevant defenses, including the behavior of the “servicer” whose authority cannot be questioned (because of the presumption raised by an apparently facially valid instrument of virtually ANY sort).

The moral of the story is persistence and appeal. I believe that such rulings are reversible potentially even as interlocutory appeals as to affirmative defenses and discovery. If anyone files a lawsuit they should be required to answer all potential questions about that that lawsuit in good faith. That is what discovery is for. The strategy of moving to strike affirmative defenses is meant to cut off discovery to the point where no defenses can be raised or proven. And cutting off discovery is what the foreclosers need to do or they will face sanctions, charges of fraud, perjury and worse when the real facts are revealed.

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  1. The sins of this evil are so great, it would rather see the entire world come to an end, and by doing so, sacrifice all of humanity and all of Gods creations, other than repent for its own sins against God Almighty, the Creator of all.

  2. This Global Securities Fraud crime is a vast criminal conspiracy that is so vast we have CIA agents acting in our names without our knowledge or consent. This was done by international intelligence agencies who subplanted foreign espionage agents in our personal lives so they could spy on our daily lives without us being any the wiser. The spouse you married maybe one such dark entity. They will even recruit your own family members, your own sons and daughters as well. They have gone as far as to microchip our animals in order to try and frame their innocent victims for some kind of wrongful neglect or abuse. It is really sick criminal mind control b.s. that has been committed to control the lives of everyday Americans who could have no way if knowing what specifically they were being used for by these international global spy intelligence agencies. They have infiltrated everything. I was told by my father they have their agents planted over here and they have theirs planted over here. Whatever the case may be, there is foreign infiltration all over the place in this country. They even have their own bootleg “name brand” items that are laced with minute amounts of drugs they use to try to seduce and criminalize or institutionalize or even kidnap their targeted victims.

    They are like wild eyed beasts stalking their prey 24/7 mostly by way of technology but certainly by many other “ways and means.”

    These are the same exact “weighs and measures” by and large they used to write themselves Mortgage Notes that were fraudulent Bank Checks drawn in our unregistered legal names. Whether it was your maiden or married name, that is how they obtained the unlawful use of our Social #’s.

    This conspiracy is more unbelievable than any spy novel because it is so deceptive in the way in which it moves about so subtly yet is so obvious the “reader.” The agent acts like a good person, great parent, friend, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or grandparent for years if not decades. The M.O. is so good, you may only casually notice
    that the main character and the one you trusted the most is working for one bad guy hiding from within in a multitude of
    bad guys. James Bond is really the bad guy in a good guy manufactured
    scenario such as this.

    I stopped in at “Gas City” in a neighboring town one afternoon, several
    months ago to purchase a few things. The clerk said to me “I’m glad to see that you are “out” on such a beautiful day.” I found that entire comment to be strange by the matter of fact way she pretended like she knew me. That’s just me, I thought. I am always a skeptic as a
    result of dealing with these fraudsters in fraud closures. Then I noticed a man who was probably in his mid to late thirties with who appeared to be his young daughter hovering around me, eyeing the bag I was carrying as if he wanted to grab it from me. I managed to thwart him off. Then he looked at me and said “Its the end of the world as we know it.” To which I high tailed my rear end out of there.

    He was really telling me in spy language that I am a stupid biyatch for being out alone with that bag of mine.

    To that I conveyed to him screw you and the beast that you rode in when I casually walked out.

    I have no reason to lie and say that We The People are a great nation in grave peril of having everything stolen from us. This is the intended result of the manufactured outcome, which was the “intentional consequence” caused by the adversary hiding from within, and
    “leading from behind” all of the
    Mortgage fraud.

    It is hiding the fact that everything was unlawfully and egregiously counterfeited by it. That is why our own personal peace and security has been compromised because our National Security is a fraud that is an illusion because it does not actually even exist.

    You can’t be every entity imaginable to cover your own tracks without eventually getting caught. Especially when that entity starts acting like a rogue cop working as some agent from some agency of some criminal politician who is also a lawyer, an attorney and a “judge” who has a college legal
    doctorate and thinks that gives it a license to steal by denying its victims their own natural born legal rights to bring false judgments upon them.

    Manufactured “what if” scenarios only embolden these crooks who will tell their unlikely opponent, “Go ahead and make my “day.” Meaning “I am going to blankety-blanking screw you, by pretending to be you.”

    Make no mistake, these are Russian nationals who are working vis a vis the Sicilian mob. “La Costanostra” are more extremely
    deadly and dangerous than ever. These are covert agents, “sleeper cells” if you will, who are programmed to carry out a mission for our enemies both foreign and domestic. They are certainly not
    who they used to
    appear to be or who they say they are.

  3. It’s all a scam; don’t get caught in their web of deceit. All very simple no conspiracy necessary. Focus on facts.

    Paralegals, discovery for $300/hr all part of the industry of fraud.

    Read Psalms 10-12 for profile of a Wall St CEO and the wickedness of their enablers and hope!

  4. I certainly mean no offense to Neil. These lawyers I am speaking of are all criminal imposters who really all need to be locked up for their crimes for the rest if their days so they can no longer steal ours.

  5. My father told me when the “financial crisis” hit, “Yeah, I am surprised the tanks aren’t rolling down the streets by now.” He also told me that he never thought he would live to see this again in his lifetime. He told me on another occasion when I went over to his house to discuss my husband walking out, “I am glad your Grandparents aren’t around to see this.”

    I have since come to the realization “this” is a CIA takedown program that was designed to criminalize its own victims for their horrendous crimes they committed against them. There are a lot of spy agencies involved in this cover up. The NSA being the principal agency of the “AIG” PRISM PROGRAM. Which is a Globalist plot to reign in what the CIA believes to be “high value targets” who are genuine and authentic Fraud Reinvestor “U.S. Government” assets. However, that is the fake, phony and fraudulent U.S. Investor Government. The “privately” meaning, U.S. taxpayer funded, public sector, “public servant” jobs that pay just over basic so they are really all about the “pension money”. Cue MERS and all of this fraudclosure crap. It’s all about “selfishness and greed” I was told by one of my kids at the begin inning of this assault on me and my dignity.

    My father told me “the problem in this country is nobody wants to work anymore.”

    I see it more as when people have no morals any longer, that leads to moral decay of society in general. It is easy to portend a “work ethic” when the peace and security regarding the lives of the unknowing and unwitting are secretly yet openly made into a big game that is a global “rat race” of sorts based upon
    gambling on the pre-detetmined fate of the lives of others as a sick, sadistic firn of entertainment.

    “What will the stupid, dumb bitch do next?”

    That is what this fraudclosure fraud scam really boils down to.

    “Trickle down economics,” that cause “Trickle down poverty” is simply a lot of lying “Globalist” b.s. These are who invested in the demise of good people. They “get together” under the guise of
    many banners. They “wave the flag” of criminal injustice hiding from behind the
    U.N./NATO “peace keeping initiatives.” The main players sit around a round
    table comprised of 9, “unknown men” who have already decided the fate of their victim targets. It is nothing more than a lot of “hot air” as my Grandfather would call it. Meaning alot of highly
    criminally and primo emotionally
    sadistic control freak lying b.s.

    They are all a bunch of sick lying b.s.ers who hate everybody but especially those who may be a little bit smarter and a lot wiser than they all claim to be.

    They think they can become God by playing God Almighty the Creator. However, that is an incredibly dangerous game of cat and mouse that God will never allow them to win. The reason being is that “they” are the epitome of evil incarnate. They are all lawyers.

  6. Aha baby the laughs on me. Right? Wrong again. It’s those paper thin veneers again. You might not have known then just who these people are but you had a feeling something was not quite right. Like those refi’s your spouse would drag you to where you never signed anything. Or the shitty way you are treated by doing nice things for people.

  7. A couple of years ago or so, my father, who is a retired FBI agent told my oldest son Tony, why don’t you join the CIA? To which he said, no way, I don’t trust them. My father laughed. Ha …ha…ha.

  8. All of this because my gift is that I can see right through the paper thin veneer of all of these agents of evil. God the Creator has allowed me to know just “who” these people are who are trying to destroy my credibility so that I can never testify against them about what they did to me right in front of my face, they were
    hiding from behind my back, posing as me. Their plans for me are horrific. Only because I am a good Christian moral woman with good moral values meaning that I have moral scruples and they have absolutely none.

    Because I never was a drinker and I hate all drugs, they cannot get to me to get inside of my head.

    These fraudsters are extremely dangerous and deranged psychopathic individuals. They would go as far as forcing their victims to go to a abused woman’s shelter just to have them taken out of the picture.

    They want to turn our homes into brothels where you are made their main sideshow attraction. They want to try and make good people commit venal sins or they will try and make their victims live in fear they are in grave danger, which they are. Some may know the danger but few believe it. Most americans are opposed to living in fear because they think the U.S. Bill of Rights protects them against this global protection racket. Well they better think again. How many suicides were caused when people thought they had lost everything in the manufactured financial “crisis.”. These crooks believe when people “lose everything,” by having everything stolen from them, they “lose it.” That is simply not true in most cases. Most people, especially Americans, are resillient and bounce back. The real problem is the massive Securities Fraud Breach that is the Healthcare Law/Tax. That is where the devil is hiding in the details. That is the real cover up for Fraud in the obtaining and issuing of credit by the adversary.

  9. Won’t just “go along” and cheat on your “spouse” who told you he “used you up like a whore” but would not tell you how. Then how about being thrown in the County Mental Hospital for no valid legal reason. There you will be forced to undergo electric shock treatment to your brain to destroy your memory and turn you into an invalid who can be raped continuously without ever knowing who is doing it. All of that because you will
    not just leave with some stranger and go
    be its slave
    maid and do its evil bidding. These are just some of the horrific things that can
    happen to a pro se fraudclosure victim who tries to do the right thing and save the roof over their head from these crooks. That is just not right or just in any nation, let alone ours, “the freeist nation on earth.”

  10. In my honest opinion, divorce is just another evil curse. When “the Trust” is gone in a personal relationship, proven by the fact there is no intimacy left, than an amicable agreement between the two people involved should be able to be made. If not, because of nothing more than what amounts to is sheer stuborness then there is obviously
    something else going on that is not right. More than likely it is pure selfishness and greed by the other who wants something from the other that person could not possibly ever in good conscience agree to.

    That is obviously the case here. There is clearly something hidden upon the face of this evil plot against me. Someone, somewhere in someplace is at odds with me for some unknown and undeclared reason. That entity whoever it might be, I call it “the adversary,” wants
    Something unconscionable from me. Something it knows would go against my own personal moral and religious beliefs. This adversary knows that I have a moral conscience. My views about things differ so greatly from its that it would be hard pressed to as much as get me in on an interview with it. Let along work for it, with it or God forbid, date it. That is obviously why these forced drugging attempts are becoming more threatening each and every day.

    If it cannot kidnap you, and have its way with you, or you will just not go willingly into the traps it lays for you, it wants to force you into compliance by many
    deceptions that are hardcore fascism.

    This is definitely another “Hitler plan” by “the adversary” of our own God given free will. Christopher Whalen called this “foreclosuregate” conspiracy, another “Hitler plan” in a Bloomberg News
    interview a few years back. That is clearly the case. Moreover, this time, Hitler has moved right in our own houses and is posing as those we loved and thought we could trust the most.

    That is the face of one pure evil. It is evil incarnate to never allow your true intentions about what it is that you really want
    from your victims to ever be verbally
    spoken about to your victims. That is because you do not want your real identity to be known. That entity could only be the great deceiver of humanity, the Beast spoken of in the Book of

    The adversary wants to infuriate God the Creator by causing a real life “end the world” scenario. It wants a global hippie
    orgy/murder spree, caused mainly by drugging up the population as an evil means of seduction.

  11. Proof this is an evil plot is, my soon to be ex told me the other day, that I am going to be “institutionalized” but would give me no reason why. That is because he has no reason other than nefarious ones. He hates the fact that I will not go along with his evil plans for me, that include drugging me against my free will. He has been telling me that he wants a divorce but refuses to file. Or tells me he already filed. He is a control freak of his own fraud he committed against me and is obviously up to
    no good. He refuses to move out even though he says that he hates me all of the time.

    God help me.

  12. I know for a fact that I was being used and psychologically abused by being left no other alternative other than to defend my property titles pro se. This was done to win a vast settlement in secret by the unknown third-party and “non-record claimant(s),” hiding behind me, who they are trying to use as the scapegoat for all of their crimes they committed against me by Acting in my name as my agent from some unknown agency hidden somewhere out in cyberspace. This secret unknown, and unregistered
    principal agent set aside a vast settlement for the wrongful and unlawful criminal fraudclosure suit these phony,
    false and fraudulent third-party claimants are using against me, to criminalize me and declare me the crazy one, when they are all absolutely freaking nuts. These criminal imposters posing as every and any entity imaginable, took wrongful and criminal advantage of a bad situation they created to lock me up in their open secret “inside job” prison system. That is precisely how these fictitious payees fully intend to steal everything from me under false pretenses based upon nothing in law or fact. By mere speculation, they are using warantless wire taps and many other various spy techniques to “bring down” who they thought would be their unknowing ” subject matter victim.”

    This was done by the theft and unlawful use of my Social Security Number that I never registered in my married name. I never knew I had to. I never had any issues with using my Social number for anything. Then when I went to the DMV in Midlothian to renew my Drivers License late last spring, the rep told me that I had to
    register my Social with the State of Illinois in order to renew my Illinois Drivers License. I had never encountered that problem before which I found to be
    strange. Especially at this late date after my soon to be ex told me that wanted a
    divorce. When the local police pulled me over one early evening a couple of months prior they told me I needed to register my Social in my married name. I went to the Illinois Office of Vital Records to obtain a certified copy of my long form Birth Certificate. My husband was told to sit down. He told her he was going out to “rob banks” after he left there. She asked me why I needed the copy of my Legal Birth Certificate. I told her that I was told I had to register my Social in my married name by the DMV to renew my expired drivers license. To which she remarked to me “at this late date?” I did not know what to think. I was skeptical of the entire thing. I then went to the Social office with him and made
    the change against my own free will. My better judgment told me I should not have to make that change now. Though
    I did not have a valid, current Illinois Drivers
    license, the rep made the change.

    Not long after, all hell broke loose in my life.

    That proves to me that nothing is as it appears to be on its face.

    Why would I be required now to register my Social # with the State of Illinois after 31 years of an insolvent marriage?

    There are many devious hands at work and play here.

    That is why none of the Securities Fraud re-investors are Acting in their own names, in fraudclosure court, as the law would require.

    This has all been revealed to and verified to me by who I deem to be a very reliable

    There has litter ally been billions of dollars set aside for the victims of wrongful fraudclosure yet no attorney will tell you openly they will step up to the plate for you and assist the victims in collecting their well deserved monetary settlement.

    Therefore, what is really going on here is an ongoing coverup for a vast criminal conspiracy that involves trying to ruin my life to protect these wantoned Securities Fraud felons from being testified against by me in a Federal Grand Jury hearing. I am being wrongfully used and scapegoated as their targeted subject matter victim to save a corrupt system that is now completely broken and useless because of Fraud in the Procurement of all of the banksters loans they made to themselves in the unregistered legal names of others.

    That is evil on many levels because of the mass criminality involved in this scam.

    The proof is that no one ever hears about many fc fraud victims winning a settlement. Therefore, no one knows to whom that money has been “set aside” for.

    That is wrongful use and criminal Abuse of the Public Trust at large. Because every single American citizen who was born here should be issued a large settlement check out of that money. Moreover, one innocent victim such as myself should not be being made “an example of” by false accusors who are punishing me by trying to force me to “repent” for their own sins that are not mine.

    They want to know who it is that I work for. How could I possibly know the things that I know. The truth is, I work for God, the Creator of all. That is where I received my gifts. By asking God in Jesus name for help.

    I never worked for any agent or its
    agency other than God.

    That should be the end of the story. However, these crooks just do not choose to want to believe me.

    Therefore, the Big Swindlers, are asking for Gods wrath. I certainly would not want to be these Satanist/luciferian drug pushers and human traffickers when that day comes.

  13. The massive Securities Fraud Breach of the Public Trust was done to fraudulently re-convey We The People, the keepers of all of the trust money being held hostage by numerous unknown third-parties who are “non-record claimants” meaning “Strangers” who hold nothing legally equitable, that could ever be legally substantiated in a court of law. Unsecured debt that was fraudulently derived by committing Fraud in the Obtaining and Issuing of Credit cannot
    be lawfully or legally collected because it is a purported amount that is “due and
    owing.” Meaning “uncertificated certificates” where the signors name cannot be legally verified because the Obligee is not Acting in their own name, meaning they are Imposters who are fictitious payees who are not Acting
    within the
    “meaning of the law”

    Wall Street fraudulently converted We The People into uncertificated certificates by covet means, fraudulent electronic transfers of our long form U.S.
    Birth Certificates. They covet the entire U.S. citizenry born here be treated like slaves on their subterranean, electronic Wall Street Debt Fraud Slave Plantation.

    Because of the massive Securities Fraud Breach by Wall Street Investors, who resocialized all of their crimes upon We The People unlawfully, by electronic means, that Abuse of the Public Trust means virtually no one can be trusted. “Mixed Confidence” is a secret code phrase used by the top 5 “institutional investors” on Wall Street that they are now all to “speak in tongues,” and act stupid and illitetate because everything has been unlawfully compromised and fraudulently reconveyed.

    That is why everything spoken about in the media in general is immoral. Their investors who run them are all devoid of morals. They are immoral degenerates who use nothing but negative, useless, baseless and boring reporting to hand out extremely
    disingenuous information that could legally qualify as Acts of Treason and sedition by the “matter of fact” way they do their reporting practices is ill contrived by presenting no actual facts, they state claims based on no pertinent facts, as they are facts.

    This is the same fraud going on inside of U.S. taxpayer funded, U.S. courtrooms.

  14. By committing of all of the aforementioned Securities Fraud crimes, the Globalists were fully intending to criminalize every U.S. citizen born here by manufacturing false claims sparked by greed, jealousy caused by their own sinful nature. The Globalists would commit even more evil sins, fraud and avarice based upon nothing legally factual that are nothing more than scurillous, and evil inuendos.

    Derivatives based claims are fraudulent based claims. Derivatives convey nothing but a severe gambling addiction with the personal peace and security of another who could not possibly have known of the deception.

    You cannot be all parties to a financial transaction because that is prohibited by law in these United States. That is precisely what the “closing attorney’s” did.

    The “closing attorneys” distrupted the
    origin of the natural nature of goods by not securing the legal liens. By doing so, they willfully, wantonley and egregiously destroyed the evidence of their own hate crimes by Acting in our unregistered legal names unlawfully. This was done so they could Act in the names of fictitious persons who were clever Imposters. They could collect money and property of their victims as usury that was excessive, and abusive by ignoring their legal rights, they would bring false claims in equity, equity they already had stolen by inequitable division, they would be a secret hidden third party. They would use their own targeted victim to steal from them a vast settlement they are owed by
    separating the principal from its agent, they would inequitably divide the victim vast settlement they are due and owing mainly by wrongful abuse, they would wrongfully mislead their victim. This would be done by manufacturing scenarios that would subject their victim to many traumas they would use to eventually criminalize and/or institutionslize their victims by wrongfully misjudging them. This is done by doing everything in reverse, to traumatized the victims mind. They would eventually lay their victims to waste to inequitably divide the victims estate under false claims their victim is nuts. Mainly from defending the fraud closures against them, the hidden secret third-party “Plaintiff’s.”

  15. The closing attorney is the principal agent who is supposed to be acting in the legal capacity of Trustee for its agency, The U.S. Treasury Department.

    However, there was no due diligence, no actual physical task ever having been performed by its own agent of its own agency.

    That lack of disregard for securing the property titles to the Real Property Titles of the U.S. taxpayers who funded all of the “loans,” was by and large an Abuse of the Public Trust. Moreover, it was a wantful and deceitful Act of Treason by the Attorneys acting on behalf of We The People in our names. The reason being is that we could have had no way of knowing the Attorneys for the Title Companies were unlawfully and seditiously Acting in our unregistered legal names. Therefore, the non-existant “Notorial Certificates,” that are non-existant because no Due Diligence had ever been performed by the closing Attorney in no less than 90 days from the closing of the purported trust is evidence of a vast criminal conspiracy with an intent to harm/permanently harm We The People who were born here.

    Why specifically were We The People who were born here targeted? To secretly strip their victims of their legal birth rights by unlawfully laying false claims to our property titles by unlawful averments of the titles to our Principal Residences.

    This was done in secret by the investors in their own birth certificate stock/bond fraud scam to overthrow our Constitutional legal rights from within by way of fraudulent conveyances and fraudulent reconveyances of our property titles that never left our possession. The reason being is unlawful, seditious, heinous, and egregious because not one proper legal
    requirement had ever been met at the “closing table” by the closing attorney.

    The closing attorneys rubber stamped their own fraud acting in the names of themselves, as the so-called “Notaries.”

    The mere mention by a pro se Defendant that you feel it may be necessary to subpoena of the Notary, Depo item C, because no actual written legal evidence is being produced. Therefore, it is the proper legal reccomendation written in
    the Notes taken from a U.S. Treasury
    Department meeting, based upon the laws of 1913 that had already been written, by Treasury Department Officials, and therefore, should be carved in stone, just like the ten
    commandments, unleashes unholy hell upon the pro se Defendant.

    Certainly because MERS is a MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT SERVICE, the massive criminal fraud they committed by Acting in wrongfully, unlawfully, heinously and egregiously, Acting in the
    names of others who their own victims is dangerous to their investors whose public pension fund money was fraudulently invested in this Globalist/International/”Subteranean,” meaning, “electronic” Securities Fraud pyramid scheme, involving our personal and National Security. All the money of all public
    sector employees whose pension money was invested in this scam were used to gamble with their money
    unlawfully in their public sector service names. The people were used as public utilities so that the biggest bondholders/shareholders and investors at the top of their pyramid scheme, could gamble
    unlawfully with their money by illicit “Note swapping” practices. That fraud was committed to fraudulently convey and reconvey Titles to Real Property to eventually swap out our long form U.S. Birth Certificates unlawfully.

    This was by and large a Global kidnapping plot of particular subject matter victims who were considered “high value targets.” Basically those were U.S. citizens who the “investors” viewed knew too much, or may know too much. They consider every U.S. citizen
    born here is a spy working for their secret enemy. That enemy could be just about anybody written about in their “Book of Lies” which is the General Ledger in written form that fraudulently
    conceals all of the “day books” into “dark of night books.” The headmaster of this scam stole the key that would open up “Pandora’s Box” by its own willful ignorance, it ignored any and all Red
    Letter of the Law legal requirements at the onset, and from the inception of their electronic based Securities Fraud

  16. MERS is an electronic database that collects payments electronically for their shareholders/bondholders and investors vis a vis their servicers.

    No one ever signed a contract with MERS, meaning all conveyances to MERS were fraudulent conveyances. Therefore the only way that a title could be transferred to another entity is by a fraudulent reconveyance of the original title.

    In the case of the title to my principal residence, MERS fraudulently reconveyed my house title to Chicago Title and Trust who fraudulently
    conveyed my house title to “public” for Amcore Bank N.A., MERS is what the electronic title portends. However, the land title records recorded upon the public record at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds Office prove every Title transfer to my principle residence was a fraudulent transfer made by the Title Company, Chicago Title and Trust, who failed to secure the legal lien on real property. That fraud would also include my business property which was cross-collateralized in a blanket mortgage by First Midwest Bank without my knowledge or written consent. Meaning without my legal written signature. My legal written signature does not appear on the mortgage but was forged upon the notes by way of the unlawful and unauthorized use of the electronic digital signature.

  17. Way past mafia etc it’s the equal opportunity global 1%.

    This is it folks!

  18. @ holder of title Homeowner Bill of Rights and settlement language that homeowners, lawyers seem to completely ignore to go down the rabbit hole provides a guide. There needs to be reliable evidence and chain of documents and payments though courts, judges, politicians completely ignored these small details these past years. Before robosigning and basically MERS it was a given that filed documents were legit. Now we have the boomerang that the lender/servicer could fix their documents. Still, it has to be supported. The San Francisco Recorder’s office did a great report on the unlawful foreclosure document issues. After I invoked CA HBR in my CFPB complaints I was sent a copy of purportedly paid note 7 years later. Opened a whole other can of worms! Just the tip of the iceberg. Some of us are pursuing a common sense approach and staying out of the court trap as the banks continue to be keystone cops and in no way are complying with settlement guidelines.

  19. From page 315 of Mario Puzo’s book entitled Omerta:

    “Astore is like a ghost,” Portella said. “We can’t get at him. He won’t take more money. We have to kill him Then the others will sell.”
    Inzio turned to Rubio, “You’re sure your little love will agree?”
    ” I will persuade her,” Rubio said.
    “And the two brothers?” Inzio asked.
    “They have no interest in vendetta,” Rubio said. “Nicole has assured me.”
    “There is only one way,” Portella said. “Kidnap Nicole and then lure Astore out to rescue her.”
    Rubio protested, “Why not one of the brothers?”
    “Because now Marcantonio is heavily guarded,” Portella said. “And we can’t **** around with Valerius because army intelligence will come down on us, and they are a wicked bunch.”
    Tulippa turned to Rubio. “I will not hear of any of that b.s. from you. Why should we risk billions of dollars to go easy on your girlfriend?”
    “It’s just that we tried that trick before,” Rubio said. “And remember she has her bodyguard.” He was being very careful. It would be disastrous for Tulippa to be angry with him.
    “The bodyguard is no problem,” Portella said.
    ‘Well, I’ll go along with you as long as Nicole doesn’t get hurt,” Rubio said.

    This is the type of scenario arranged by the Wall Street tycoons that is being brought under many guises, fraudclosure being one of them. Mainly, to carry out Secret Freemasonic pledges made for and about another, under secret Freemasonic oaths.

  20. Focusing on whether MERS can foreclose is a complete distraction. Just like securtization etc. It’s the outright fraud and immorality as you are saying.

    Destroying documents, forgeries etc are not part of a legitimate system or database.

    The problem is corrupted title and multiple claims on the same property, loans. This is why the “losses” are a multiple of the actual values of the properties involved. Basic math. We get drawn into all this legalism and accounting although the fraud is right under our noses.

    We’re getting played big time. Jamie Dimon claims Chase is under assault and it’s unfair and unAmerican. meanwhile:

    “But this is not a joke. Chapter 6 of JPMadoff is a deeply disturbing expose of systemic dishonesty and corruption up and down the line at JPMorgan Chase. The message Chaitman and Gotthoffer convey is that we are not dealing here with one or two cowboys who strayed off the reservation, but a culture of corruption at the nation’s largest bank. In this they are supported by the Senate Report which stated:

    In contrast to JPMorgan Chase’s reputation for best-in-class risk management, the whale trades exposed a bank culture in which risk limit breaches were routinely disregarded, risk metrics were frequently criticized or downplayed, and risk evaluation models were targeted by bank personnel seeking to produce artificially lower capital requirements.

    But most significantly, as the authors presciently conclude, much of the blame must be put on the current administration–President Obama and Eric Holder–who have destroyed America’s moral fiber by refusing to apply this nation’s criminal laws to its biggest criminals. Shame on them.”

  21. I had a conversation one day with my father on the way to the Illinois DMV. I brought an article that I printed out from the FBI website regarding their Mortgage Fraud Investigation I found very interesting. It was about the mortgage fraud and its ties to various street gangs, mafia organizations and biker clubs, etc. I read it to him while he was driving. He told me after I read it to him, Nobody
    cares about any of that “stuff.” He told me to stop reading that stuff. He asked
    me if I thought the FBI cared about
    me? Well they don’t, he said. They have
    bigger more important things to do. This is coming from my father who is a retired
    FBI agent. He is the one who told me to call the White Collar Crimes Division about the Mortgage Fraud in the first

    I went to the Illinois, CCRD office to file a complaint with their mortgage fraud division. The rep working there told me to call the FBI
    To which I replied to him that I already did that. He asked me what they told me. They told me its the GSE’s fault, I replied. To which he laughed and said he would investigate the fraud and call me back in about a month. He told me that I might want to call the FBI and ask for the Mortgage Fraud Division, and don’t let
    them tell me they don’t have one.

    I never heard anything back from him.

  22. From page #73 of the book entitled Omerta, by Mario Puzo.

    “Stop beating innocent people,” Cilke said, “and I’ll stop.”
    “I never framed anyone who wasn’t guilty,” she said, grinning.
    “I’m just checking in on the Don April murder,” Cilke said.
    “What’s it your business? It’s a local gang hit. Or are you making that another
    ******* civil rights case?”
    “Well, it could be related to currency
    or drugs,” Cilke said.
    “And how do you know that?” Aspinella
    asked, “We have our informers.”
    Suddenly Aspinella was in one of her rages, “You ******* FBI guys come in for info and then you won’t give me any? You guys are not even honest-to-good cops. You float around arresting white-collar ******. You never get into dirty work. You don’t know what the hell that is. Get the **** out of my office.”

    Cilke was pleased with the interviews. Their pattern was clear to him. Both Di Benedetto and Aspinella were going to go into the tank on the Don April murder. They would not cooperate with the FBI. They would just go through the motions. In short, they had been bribed.
    There was a reason for his beliefs. He knew that traffic in drugs could only survive if police officials were paid off, and he had word, not good in court, that Do Benedetto and Aspinella were on the drug lord’s payroll.

  23. Allow me to clarify in my previous conment, none of MERS investors can be holders or holders in due course of an Overdue Instrument. Especially not the Directorate who could be just about anybody at this point because of massive Securities Fraud.

  24. MERS holds a lot of Overdue Instruments and that means their Directorate cannot possibly hold anything of actual value. That means quite frankly, their Issuers, shareholders/bondholders, their attorney’s, accountants or any third party investors who signed up for after hours courses late in the game, can legally be a holder, or holders in due
    course of any of their purported instruments. That is because the
    Original Obligor was actually the Obligee and that is why the Deeds of Trust cannot possibly exist.

  25. Moreover, the Healthcare Law that is a tax, is the theft of the free will of every single American born here under the guise of any healthcare plan. The Healthcare Law that is a tax is a Luciferian Satanic based Tyranny that is also Securities Fraud. Therefore, the Social Security Number needs to be completely banned and abolished because the politicians violated the Public Trust by passing that unlawful act.

  26. For any Judge or Attorney to Act in the capacity of a Trustee for a Trust that never existed is Securities Fraud.

    Reinvestment in a contract that was fraudulently induced meaning, it never actually existed is Securities Fraud that is exponential because they are all willfully, wrongfully, criminally and wantonly engaging in criminal acts that involve innumerable amounts of
    felony frauds. The judges, attorneys and servicers are not just engaging in a cover up fod Fraud in the
    Procurement. They are fraudulently concealing a vast global criminal conspiracy that is a huge cover up for the secret theft of the free will of every U.S. citizen who was born here on U.S. soil.

    That cover up would have to involve treason at the highest levels mainly by all of the top politicians.

  27. As a result of no criminal prosecutions of any of these Wall Street mafia thugs, we have Attorneys and Servicers for unknown and unregistered “Plaintiffs” playing cops and robbers with the innocent victims of their crimes.

    Unknown and unregistered “Plaintiffs” meaning they do not Act in their own name as the law requires. Those “non-record claimants” who join the Defendants are the “Plaintiffs” acting in the name of the Defendants. That is victims rights abuse to say the least. They are Judges secretly acting in the names of their fraudclosure victims and by doing so, they are
    violating the tenth amendment of the
    U.S. Bill of Rights and a if the laws of this land. Whether it is willful or not it is still wrongful, heinous and egregious behavior being committed for these Wall Street mafia thugs.

  28. Pro Se fraudclosure defense is meant to psychologically traumatize its victims. That is a big part of their mind control plot. If you will not “go along” with their damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario which no one in good conscience ever could, these evildoers will manufacture scenarios to force their victims to comply, cooperate and conform with all of their evil plans they made for their victims. Mental and physical abuse of their victims is a huge part of the plot. They want their victims to believe everyone they love has betrayed them. It is sick, sadistic and inhuman control freak b.s. These Wall Street sickos are life destroyers who hide behind the scenes of their crimes by posing as every entity imaginable.

    Fraudclosure is a big part of a global mafia war involving world powers.

    These mafia thugs lack for the need of personal repentance because they think they are greater than God Almighty the Creator, and above the law of any land.

  29. Maybe all of these crooks should go to confession. It certainly would not hurt.

  30. @Neidermeyer,, I believe I have some info others may not. I am interested in your “take” on it.

  31. @ Michael Keane ,


    That will forever be impossible to tell ,, the players will never divulge that info… the good news is we don’t need to fight that fight it’s too far removed from us… we need to keep doing what we’re doing.

    I too see the end of most if not all of the central banks ,, it was an experiment that failed almost from the beginning 100 years ago (it was a cause of WW1 and the crushing inflation in Weimar Germany that lead to WW2 and our own great depression … ) but has maintained itself as it caters to the politicians needs for more more more MORE MORE,,, however they have never constrained themselves to credit creation in line with or slightly under the organic economic growth rate as with inflation they create an excess for the politicians to spend, after all it only negatively affects the people that save SUCKERS!

    It was Einstein that stated that “Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe” ,, well even at 1.5% or 2 or 3% we’ve had 100 years of it and we’ve certainly seen the debt charts go vertical for takeoff in the last 20 years or so and certainly in the last 10 haven’t we? Derivatives are the only thing accelerating faster ,, the robber barons need to stay in front of the herd ,, and make no mistake they think of us as their milk cows.

  32. Michael,

    I’m all for it and yes, the rule of law does prevail when we play our cards well (you knew that already). Greenback? Absolutely! Can’t happen as long as it is a Federal Reserve Note. So, at some point, the greenback must be reevaluated… based on what?

    I just gave you the heads up on how fast things are moving and how much and how far the direction may differ from what we are prepared to look at. Personally, I no longer make plans.

    Go for it but prepare for banks to become more slippery than ever once they have pulled that last “away from WS” stunt. And true to form, Ellen Brown never considered it. The field is made of quicksand.
    It’s moving very fast.

  33. @Christine,

    Thanks, I just read your heads-up. Who needs to sleep anyway? LOL.

    I still feel we have recourse to the rule of law.

    I also feel the central banks are long-overdue for collapse…and good riddance.

    In one of our cases, the evidence is already in hand and I look forward to bringing charges.

    Insofar as world bankers? I think they are done too and with any luck, convictions a la Iceland, are just around the corner.

    We The people have recourse to the “greenback”. It is our money and a repudiation of central banking debt. IMHO, We The People should waste zero time in replacing Federal Reserve notes with greenbacks.

    This country has been here before, Jackson fought through and won; Lincoln did also, under much more treacherous conditions.

    I will skip the sojourn with Glenn Beck and canned hams, ammo and phony gold certificates, as much as I do believe he belongs in some cave in the hills.

    We are Americans; we will endure. When the stock market collapses I only hope it destroys the phony aristocracy with it.

  34. And just for the hell of it, because I don’t shoot from the hip.

    How many states, in the last three years, have seen their Statute of Limitation on contract slashed by 2, 3, even 5 years, retroactive to the contract? Do your research.

  35. And Michael,

    I also have enormous respect for Dr. Philippa Malmgren. And Nomi Prins. Derivatives… not good. Records? Forget about them.

    Ellen Brown is a fantastic attorney and a true teacher. So long as she knows records do exist and can figure out to find them. What becomes of her when both are gone?

  36. Michael Keane,

    Your question, while very pertinent today, may have a very, very short life expectancy. It would appear that the entire system is collapsing as we speak, based on what just happened in Switzerland, Russia’s latest decisions with respect to credit rating agencies, its trade, the currencies and the values thereof, China pouring 35 billions into So. America, the US and Canada having shut down 80% of ALL shell oil since January 1st, an increasing push by Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands to repatriate their gold… yesterday! and many other very interesting events, such as (and Boy! is that ever pitifully short-sighted!):

    “According to the WSJ, some of America’s largest mutual funds and asset managers led by Fidelity Investments “are close to launching a private trading venue designed to let them buy and sell large blocks of stock without the involvement of Wall Street firms and high-speed traders, according to people familiar with the matter.”

    The new venture is the who’s who of traditional asset management in the US and includes nine firms, including BlackRock Inc., Bank of New York Mellon Corp. , J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and T. Rowe Price Group Inc., who are saying goodbye to “lit” markets, i.e. public exchanges, “and forming a company that will operate a “dark pool”—a private trading venue that offers investors a degree of anonymity—the people said.”.

    If they do accomplish their aim, what is the likelihood the old SEC ratings and records will stick? Good luck finding your records.

    It would appear that, in a very few short weeks, figuring out what and where the derivatives are may no longer be viable nor of any importance. The culprits will have closed shop and set their camp elsewhere in their desperate and unsuccessful effort to swim upstream of world events they can’t escape and our notorious absence of regulators won’t be able to do one thing about it.

    The good news is: there is stability and limited surprise for peons like us. In one way or the other, we’re all on the hook for what happens next here. I’d say: hold on to one house, live in it and consider it yours. Forget investment properties. Everything beyond that was not and could not have been foreseen by Ellen Brown (for whom I have tremendous respect and admiration but who wrote her book before the last eventful months she did not anticipate and is already obsolete) and Neil Barofsky who, unfortunately, chose to save his immediate skin by becoming the defender of usurers (payday loaners) after sticking his neck out just enough to confirm the extent of corruption in our government.

    By all means, Mike, ask the questions and fight the fight: my intent is not to discourage you. But do it fast. The enormous black hole this country has created is sucking everything in faster than an Electrolux!

  37. DiLibero v MERS_2015-13-190


  38. Let’s say that the sucker at the table “the homeowner/borrower” asks the lender for all the documents that are related to the loan through discovery and the lender answers by saying “no such document exists” but does not record the documents in the court record. What happens when these documents reappear at an evidentiary hearing? Of course, this all a hypothetical question.

  39. This is my response to PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR TURNOVER OF A PORTION OF THE RECEIVER’S OPERATING ACCOUNT that I drafted, typed and filed on September 5, 2013 at the Daley Center Courthouse Cook County Illinois.

    This request was made by Plaintiff’s Attorneys filing a motion by request of
    “the Receiver” Susan Tjarksen, of Star, LLC, a real
    estate brokering firm. This Motion was
    filed after it had already determined by legal authorities that an arson fire was set to the building. A black man was
    caught on a surveillance camera attached to the building committing the crime.
    The name of the hazard insurance policy holder was
    never revealed. However apparently, Ms.
    Tjarksen failed in her “Receivership duties” to properly insure the property.

    LNR/West End Trust 2012-1, as siccessor-in-interest to Bayview Fund Acquisitions, LLC, as successor-in-
    interest to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, as successor-in-interest to Bayview Fund Acquisitions, LLC, as successor-
    in-interest to First Midwest Bank

    FILED – CH
    2013 SEP -5 PM 3:35



    Joseph and Linda Venturella


    Case No. 10 CH 20188
    Property Address: 14201 S. Cicero Ave.
    Crestwood, Illinois 60455


    Pro Se Defendant’s Joseph and Linda Venturella are responding to Plaintiff’s
    Motion For Turnover Of The Receiver’s Operating Account To Be Applied To A Nonexistent Loan to an unsecured and unregistered party is substantially
    insufficient in law (735 ILCS 5/17-615),
    defective (735 ILCS 5/2-619), deceptive
    and has been since the Presentment of Plaintiff’s Foreclosure Complaint and at the onset of Plaintiff’s Foreclosure suit
    filed against Defendant’s. Plaintiff’s filed
    their Foreclosure Complaint against Defendant’s on May 11, 2010 and concealed a cause of action from
    Defendant’s that caused Defendant’s to discover that concealment of material fact was a cover up for the fact
    Defendant’s never signed the notes at the closing table and no legal financial
    transaction ever occurred. The
    concealment of fraud and forgery by Plaintiff’s began at the closing table, and
    that one act of concealment of one genuine and material fact at the closing
    table, defrauded, injured and harmed
    Defendant’s and caused a chain of
    events that lead to this Foreclosure suit. Defendant’s are seeking both
    compensatory damages and other
    equitable relief that exceed $50,000 for
    fraudulent concealment (735 ILCS 5/13-215) of a cause of action by Plaintiff’s at
    the Presentment and at the onset of their
    Foreclosure suit was intended to conceal the fraud and forgery that began at the closing table and that fraudulent concealment of a cause of action at the
    onset concealed the material fact Plaintiff’s were uttering forged and counterfeit instruments with an intent to
    defraud, injure and permanently harm
    the Defendant’s through s fraudulent foreclosure claim, stating in support of these issues are as follows:

    (1.) Susan Tjarksen was substituted as the Receiver by the Court on or about
    July 19, 2010. From the Presentment of
    Plaintiff’s Foreclosure Complaint and at the onset of Plaintiff’s Foreclosure suit, Plaintiff’s have concealed a cause of
    action from the Defendant’s. Even in an instant case, the Constitution requires pleading injury to invoke the jurisdiction of the court. (Bell Atlantic v. Twombly,
    550 U.S. 544, 127 Ct. 1955, 1964-65, 167 L. Ed. 2d. 929-2007). “While mere
    silence in business transactions does
    not generally amount to fraud, a party’s “duty to speak” is triggered when (the)
    party’s silence is accompanied by a deceptive conduct of suppression of
    material facts results in active
    deception” FE Digital Investments Ltd v.
    Hale, 499 F. Supp 2d 1054, 1061 (N.D. Ill.

    (2.) The Court appointed Receiver, Susan Tjarksen is seeking to reinstate a non-existant loan with a faulty affidavit that
    has no proof and perfection of claim in
    writing attached by Plaintiff’s and is improper.

    The Receiver, Susan Tjarksen, did not attach to her affidavit an authenticated Security Agreement in writing or any genuine document of material fact within
    the meaning of the law that would give legal Notice (810 ILCS 5/1-202) (et. al.) of a contract, a debt or a legal right to
    collect a debt, or any legal right of Enforceability (810 ILCS 5/9-203) (a.) (b.) (1) (2) (3) (A) (B) (C) (D) under a contract that would authorize the
    Receiver on behalf of Plaintiff’s to collect a debt from Defendant’s. The rights and
    duties of the Receiver are only to a
    Secured Party in Possession or Control
    of collateral, an authenticated Security Agreement (810 ILCS 5/9-207) (c) (1) (2)

    (3). The Defendant’s never entered into a contract or signed an Agreement with
    Plaintiff’s and have no Knowledge (810
    ILCS 5/1-202) (et. al.) of Plaintiff’s.

    (3.) There is no amount due and owing within the meaning of the law. Defendant’s were never given Notice (810 ILCS 5/2-206) (1) (a) (2) and never
    Accepted or signed a third party
    contract, a Security Agreement,
    therefore, there was no Value and
    Consideration (810 ILCS 5/303) (a.) (1)
    (2) given to Defendant’s under any
    preexisting contract. There was no Performance by Plaintiff’s under any contract and there can be no Enforceable contract and no authenticated records that would satisfy the Statute of Frauds (810 ILCS 5/2-201) (1), (740 ILCS 80/2), (740 ILCS 80/9). No Formal UCC Requirements (810 ILCS 5/5-104 (I) (ii) can be met by any Third Parties or their Servicers within the meaning of the law. Plaintiff’s never gave Notice to Defendant’s of a Third Party Contract and Defendant’s never Accepted any such offer or Negotiation and were never given Value and Consideration by Performance (810 ILCS 5/303) (b) under any legal contract by Plaintiff’s.

    A valid (valuable and legal) Consideration is essential to the Enforceability of a commercial contract or promise.

    To be continued.

  40. @Neidermeyer,

    As you have some experience with stocks and such; The Bazillion Dollar question is :


  41. @ Neidermeyer,

    If you read Neil Barofsky’s book, “Bailout”, he addresses “dual-tracking” on pgs 97-8 if I recall correctly.

    Barofsky explains the mechanism wherein banks promised HAMP mods only if and when a borrower was beyond 3 months in arrears on their payments.

    Of course, that condition was created solely by the banks and was never any part of the pre-condition to be eligible, as per the government, to be accepted by HAMP for a mod.

    You may be familiar with parts of my case on our primary, particularly as the evidence we now have in-hand came directly from our own attorney.

    On another of my properties, BOA placed us in foreclosure despite the fact we were current on the loan.

    I am a reader and I also go on intuition based on experience.

    I have been saying, for some time now, the “end-game” are the derivatives: credit default swaps, collateralized debt obligations, synthetic collateralized debt obligations.

    Barofsky explains the differences in each.

    I believe MERScorp and its affiliates are essentially tracking participant servicers to any given mortgage, even as that mortgage was traded in the dark any number of times.

    I believe percentages, once default is claimed- whether truthfully, or not, are then paid out to these participants to the MERS scheme.

    Insofar as 7% being a high number, I think I remember Mike Burry from Michael Lewis’s book ,”The Big Short” describing a similar number, or very close, as the threshold against which he placed his shorts as credit default swaps on the pools he was given access to.

    In NJ, I am encouraged Senator Menendez wants to reveal the goings-on in the derivatives market. I frankly feel that is the real “pay-off”; keep your “free house”.

  42. @ Michael Keane ,

    I was a stockbroker for a few years and I know how shares are created out of thin air ,, how stocks are allowed to be shorted naked and how they are borrowed from non-margin accounts. The biggest non-secret is the “How to get rich like Hillary” routine ,, HIllary Clinton doesn’t know jack about trading anything ,,, her broker bet on red AND bet on black , whatever won he marked as HER bet and put the losing bet into some municipal retirement fund…

    Regarding re-hypothecation ,, “my trust” had 7% of it’s loans fail to make their first payment ,,, seems unrealistically high to me… I suspect those 7% were duplicate entries included in multiple trusts to round out the product so they could get on to selling it… if they had limited them to 3% or so of the mix the trustee could have papered over the losses with cash… but my “lender” was already in the early throes of bankruptcy and likely made up the loans so they could demand payment… desperate people do desperate things…

  43. Must-read @washingtonpost article: “Warren has struck a chord” with voters in this Colorado focus group:

  44. Nice 1 Christine! Ivent are you ok?

    The author of this post is a consultant to attorneys in foreclosure defense and caveats that this post does not constitute the rendering of legal advice. If you need further interpretation of the following cases, please consult with a competent attorney, qualified to render a legal opinion in these matters.

    The Rhode Island courts seem to have a propensity to give Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”) credence to do whatever it wants in that State primarily because the Borrowers of MERS-originated Mortgages did not understand what they were signing when they let MERS into their contract. Since then, MERS and its attorneys have maintained (albeit successfully in most cases) that because the Borrowers let them in by contract, they are subject to the enforcement provisions of that contract, especially when MERS gets involved. A new ruling issued today appears to throw a monkey wrench into MERS’s contractual rights, as follows:…”

  46. This document was drafted, typed, proofread, and sent by me to “the Plaintiff’s.”. This was done in response to their request regarding my formal legal inquiry regarding the fact they failed to respond in written form as to why Plaintiff’s failed to firmly attach a Certificate of Compliance by way attaching the actual Authentic and Genuine Legal Document , the infamous “NOTORIAL CERTIFICATE,”
    at the
    onset, or at least by the commencement of their FC suit.


    April 12, 2012

    TO:Marcos J. Posada, Fisher and
    Shapiro, LLC, Attorneys for Plaintiff

    RE: Plaintiff’s first requests upon
    Defendant’s for Admission Of Facts of
    the Genuineness of Documents are
    denied by Defendant’s because Plaintiff’s Attorney’s failed to respond
    and answer to Defendant’s response to Plaintiff’s claims filed by Defendant’s at
    the Circuit Court of Cook County on March 6, 2012. Plaintiff’s Attorney’s
    failed to respond or answer to
    Defendant’s requests for documentation
    and proof of standing filed on March 6, 2012. Plaintiff’s Attorney’s failed to
    respond or answer to Defendant’s Affirmative Defenses filed on March 6,

    As stated in Paragraph 2 of Defendant’s response to Plaintiff’s Motion, We the Defendant’s have no knowledge of any valid legal claims by Plaintiff’s and deny
    and object to all of Plaintiff’s claims or attempts to amend their Original
    Foreclosure Complaint as the their
    Original Foreclosure Complaint was clearly faulty at the commencement of
    Plaintiff’s Foreclosure action because of
    failure to attach a valid legal assignment.

    The Plaintiff’s Foreclosure Complaint was brought against Defendant’s with no
    valid proof of legal standing and no valid proof of legal claim by Plaintiff. Therefore, we the Defendant’s plead that
    none of Plaintiff’s requests should be granted until valid legal proof of standing
    is provided by Plaintiff’s.

    The Defendant’s requested in our Original Answer to the Plaintiff’s
    Complaint to Foreclose Mortgage, that was filed on May 4, 2011, in the Circuit
    Court of Cook County, that the Plaintiff’s show proof of their legal standing to
    Foreclose the Mortgage as the Defendant’s have no knowledge of
    Plaintiff’s claims. The Plaintiff’s never responded or produced a valid legal
    assignment to date.

    The Defendant’s would also like a full
    accounting of the loan file as well as all other legal documentation requested in Paragraph 3 of Defendant’s response to
    Plaintiff’s Motion filed on March 6, 2012. Therefore, Defendant’s request a
    response to our March 6, 2012 response
    to Plaintiff’s to all of Defendant’s claims
    and Affirmative Defenses of Plaintiff’s
    Lack of Standing and Capacity to Sue
    and Fraud, Forgery and Altering of Legal

    Defendant, Linda A. Venturella

    14867 Landings Lane
    Oak Forest, Ill. 60452

  47. In pro se fraudclosure defense, physical abuse of the intended victim or victims of fraudclosure is also a big part of the mental abuse pertaining to trying to severely mind control the main subject matter victim who is being targeted.

    All of this is callous and irreligious. The “process” that a Pro se fraudclosure defendant goes through is meant to be severely mentally, physically and emotionally abusive. Therefore, the entire fraudclosure “process” flies in the face of all organized religion. Anyone who believes that God is a merciful and a just God would likely see what a pro se defendant in fraud closure is put through is nothing less than complete religious

    Furthermore, the satanic nature of these fraudclosures being brought upon the many by the way of no actual legal Cause of Action by “plaintiffs” absolute and unequivocal failure to State a Claim is religious blasphemy.

    Mainly, because our great nation was founded based upon morality and good, solid, substantial Christian Fundamental
    values. We The People are mainly all hard working people who did not deserve any if this. Moreover, no woman, who is an upstanding U.S. citizen, who was born here, on U.S. soil, who is also a mother of 4, in
    her mid to late
    fourties who doted over her family because she loved them all so very much, should ever be forced to endure such horrors as I have. The emotional pain that I have suffered and been forced to endure was so severe that if not for my great Catholic Christian upbringing, instilled in me mainly by my Fathers mother, who I loved so dearly, I miss her so very much, every single day, I would not have survived this. I thank Almighty God that I am even still here because of all of the absolute evil that I have endured.

    goes against any belief system that

  48. @Neidermeyer,

    Thanks for the article from Deadly Clear.

    I learned of “re-hypothecation” In Ellen Brown’s book, “The Web Of Debt”. If memory serves, pgs 147-8.

    In her book she demonstrates that stock certificates are routinely counterfeited (“re-hypothecated”) and she refers to the Attorney, Austin Burrell in his fight to prove as much while prosecuting a case for

    There was a website: “The Faulking Truth” written by one of the participants in the struggle and I think they were referring to it, at the time as “Stockgate”.

    I am working from memory here and if you are interested I can only suggest you read her book. I think it is a “Must-Read” for any and every patriotic American interested in the truth.

    Of course, I learned of counterfeiting (“re-hypothecating”) interest to title after I had already been engaged for some time in performing the functions to its counter-part: “de-materialization”.

    My family and many others in a small town roughly an hour from Manhattan (where 95% of the illegal trusts were created) were involved in copying paperwork to disc format (“de-materialization”) and then disposing of the papers.

    In fact I signed an affidavit in superior court in an effort to demonstrate my family was engaged in destroying mortgages- both the notes and the supporting liens- for years. We burned them while drinking beer; shredded them and threw them by the thousands in the town dump.

    In one instance, after one of my brothers-in-law died, I took boxes of them from the home of my widowed sister and left them for a time under my front stoop and groundhogs made a nest of them for the winter.

    I wrote of this to Mr. Garfield awhile back and he posted it. It is also posted on MSFraud.

    I became ill in-and-around the time I formed a petition to object to and expose these behaviors. It is below.

  49. MERS Assignments VOID


    MERS Assignment VOID

    There….fixed it.

  50. Another great article at “Deadly Clear” …

    Rehypothecation – Distorting Legal Principles By Risking Mortgage Loans – Nemo Dat!

  51. Why we are being forced against our own free will to deal with learning things that are so extremely mentally abusive is because we are being secretly strong armed by others to “go along” with things that are not in our nature. I despise that because I am a Christian who does not believe anyone should have to “go along” with anyone or anything they do not agree with.

    Making false judgments of others to harm that person because you cannot face your own failings and are too stubborn to confess your own
    wrongdoings is Satanic Ritual Abuse.

  52. The ancient Jews had some idea of Angels, but did not ascribe to them. Any particular functions, though to each patriarch they assigned a special familiar spirit. The Alexandrian school made many additions to that foreign importation; Philo supplemented Daniel. The
    speculative portion of the Cabbala,
    whose foundation caanists in the doctrine of Emanation, was developed in that school. The philosophical systems
    of Pythagorus and Plato were
    combined with oriental philosophy, and from these proceeded Gnosticism and Neo-Platoism.
    Date of Cabbala. The first documentary promulgation of the Cabbal may be roughly be
    stated to have taken place
    within the century before the half century after that era. The greater culture of the Jewish people, the supreme tyranny of
    the letter of the law and rabinnical minuteness, furtheredthe spread of occult theology, whose chief textbooks
    are the “Sephir-yetzivah,” or Book of the Creation, probably by Akiba, and the “Zohar,” the
    Book of the Light, attributed
    to Simon-ben-Joachai, the pupil of Akiba. Consisting of
    commentaries on the Books of Moses. The Jews did not
    become acquainted
    with it before the 13th century. Akiba was a Jewish Rabbi and teacher of the
    Mishna. He was executed for having
    taken part in the insurrection of Bar-
    Cochba (son of star, Numb. XXIV. 17) in A D. 135

    There are 2 kinds of Cabbala, theoretical and practical – The later is engaged in the construction of talismans and
    amulets, and is the nature totally unworthy of our notice. But it
    may be interesting to believers in modern
    charlatanism to know that this particular Caballa was early employed in the production of spiritualistic phenomena;
    divining tables, furnished with a writing apparatus were common in the days of Tertullian, as we learn from his apology. One Frederich Brentz, a Jew converted to
    Christianity in 1610, explained, or tried to explain, in a book against his former co-religionists, how the Jews raised
    tables, with stones of several hundred weights on them, by means of
    cabbaliatic conjuration. The theoretical Cabbala is divided
    into the literal and dogmatic. The dogmatic is the summary
    of the metaphysical doctrines
    taught by the Cabbalistic doctors; the literal is a mystical mode of explaining sacred
    things by a peculiar use of the
    letters of words. The literal Cabbala called Mishna, is again subdivided in 3 branches, the
    first considering words according to the numerical value
    of the letters composing them. This branch is called Gemetria and
    for the example of the reader is
    referred to as Mithras (30), the name of the sun, whose letters make up the number 365,
    the number of days during who h the sun performs his course.
    The second branch
    is called Notaricon, and is made of
    constructing one word out of the
    initials of the final many. Thus of the sentence in Deut. XXX.12, “Who shall go up for up
    to heaven?” in Hebrew nO’D #fn
    D1? i
    “6jP” ID, the initiate letters of each word
    taken to form the word n^D, “circumcision.” The third mode is called
    Tempura, or permutation of letters, such
    is familiarly known as an anagram.

    1.08. Visions of Ezekial. Cabbalistic
    terms and inventions, not destitute of poetic ideas, lent themselves to the
    requirements of mystics, sectaries and
    alchymists. Its of files to
    consider that
    portion of the system whose object is
    the study of the system whose object is
    the study of the visions of
    Ezekiel, to
    form an idea of the fantastic and
    mythological wealth of the Cabbala. This branch of the
    Cabbala is called Markava. In the visions of Ezekiel, God is seated
    on a throne, surrounded with
    strange winged figures. The man, the bull, the
    lion, and the eagle. 4 zodiacal signs, like “the glory which he
    saw by the river Che
    bar, “that is among the Chaldeans, famous for their astronomical knowledge. The Rabbis call therisions the
    description of the cellestial car, and discover there in profound mysteries,
    Maimonides reduced those visions to the astronomical
    ideas of his time; the
    Cabbala surrounded them with its innumerable hosts of angels that preside over the stars, elements, virtues, vices,
    passions, the lower world is passioned by genii of both sexes, holding a position between angels and men the elemental
    spirits of the Rosicrucians, the good angels are command of Metatron, also called the the Sarltapponim, the angel of the divine countenance. The evil angels are subject to Samuel, or Satan, the
    angel of death. Besides the Indian metern psychosis the
    Cabbalists admit
    to another, which they call
    “impregnation,” consisting in union of
    several souls in one body, whichtakes place when any soul needs the
    assistance of others to attain the beatic

    This was taking from notes from my journal diary that was part ofthe learning and discovery process regarding pro se fc defense.

    Being Christian I am not sure

    about what any of this means or why I was brought to discover it.
    While I am sure there is a legitimate reason for it, I do not know why any religion or
    anyone’s religious beliefs should play any role in any American
    buying a house or anything for
    that matter. It certainly is not fair, right or just to force a person struggling to defend their titles pro se in fraud closure to any of this. To force a human being to read others religious beliefs as a way to defend your titles in fraudclosure is promulagating a type of religious propaganda that is
    severely mentally abusive and unconstitutional.

    I have my own religious beliefs thank you very much, and these are not mine at all.

    Astrophysic beliefs based upon Zoroastrianism have no place in the physical world IMHO.

    If God Almighty meant for human beings to time travel to other dimensions he would not do that by way of invading the private and personal life of others to force compliance in secret.

    That is the theft of free will by criminal deception.

    Promises of a spiritual love affair in the physical world is satanic based luciferianism that is Naziism at its core.

    Human beings who have a good solid fundamental belief system based upon a belief in one God, is the Creator of all would never
    buy into or fall for this type of belief system. Certainly not me. I believe in keeping my feet firmly on the ground. One thing I know for sure is the Good Lord, who is my God, does not want any human being to be
    dabbling in the occult world. That is what my Catholic Religion has taught me.

    I am certainly not knocking anyones beliefs but that certainly does not mean I want any part of it or in it.

    Too many good people are being led astray by being told what to think and believe. Dabbling in the spirit world is very dangerous because you can never know what you are dealing with.

    That is why not one U.S. citizen born here should have been left no other alternative other than to defend their titles pro se. I am one of the innocent victims of this spiritual war known as fraud closure. It is an extreme form of emotional and psychological abuse and you are not supposed to know that. That is just not right in any context.

  53. @Neidermeyer,

    Way back, I used to call Professor Peterson and he would actually answer his phone- first couple ‘a times I spoke with him I couldn’t believe it.

    I agree. It is a great document. I think it is a good place to start for anybody.

    I may sound naive but I believe the CFPB will come through in the end.

    I used to run a tavern and had the great fortune of knowing some federal marshals, port authority cops and local prosecutors; in fact, the owner designed the place with a cop theme and was himself a decorated 41st precinct cop (the Bronx).

    I believe those people have a “calling” and I also believe they don’t appreciate being lied to or made fools of. In the end it may come down to a point of pride…

  54. @ Michael Keane

    Excellent doc …

  55. @ Ivent , you almost lost me with the “drugging”” talk until you clarified that it was peer pressure and propaganda …

    “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
    ― Joseph Goebbels
    Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
    — Noam Chomsky

  56. @ Ivent , you almost lost me with the “drugging”” talk until you clarified that it was peer pressure and propaganda …

    “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
    ― Joseph Goebbels
    Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.
    — Noam Chomsky

  57. It is the abomination of desecration to secretly use good christians to destroy them by forcibly trying to make them believe lies about themselves because you want to drug them into an evil secret pledge you made for them that is murderously violent. That evil plan includes “raping all of the women and children” who are the unknowing victims of this evil secret criminally abusive “Sharia Law” plan for the violent and criminal execution of all Christians. Moslem fundamentalism that is based upon some sick belief that Islamic fundamentalists are who run this world because they don’t believe in paying usury to the Vatican Bank because they never pay Consideration for “loans” they obtain fraudulently in the names of others means they own the right to
    destroy the lives of Fundamental Christians is psychotic to say the least. That is why no legal liens were ever secured because they never want anybody owning anything of value that could be used to free them self from their fraud based terrorist campaign under the guise of Islamic Jihad that is another evil plot to collect usury that is excessive and abusive by posing as the victims of their very own crimes. These crooks are all foreign espionage agents who could be virtually anybody because no one ever really knows what another individual thinks or believes. Those who are willing to go along with anything are the useful idiots they love to employ and engage in their “agencies.”

  58. These bets on causing the moral ineptitude of others they deem to be “too good” can only be won by drugging their victims into a “purple haze” of anti-psychotic drug addiction. They cab only do that by making you believe lies about yourself such as telling you that you are “nuts” for no justifiable legal reason.

    They will use their victims own family members and friends to try to force you to comply, conform and cooperate with a of their criminal fraud, lies and abuse they commit in secret against you. Their gang stalking spy agency perps are sub planted at every level of State Government to try and destroy your credibility to ever testify against them under Federal Prosecution. None of their claims can be proven with anything that ever remotely be considered to be legal evidence, meaning actual physical evidence. That is why their State reps want forced drugging of their victims. They want to destroy the mental capability of their accusors by waging false based accusations that are not based upon any law or fact. They keep putting their victim through the psychological wringer to try and force them to believe lies about themselves. That is a big part of their forced drugging campaign. That is also why they need a Healthcare Law that is a “tax” that is not a Federal Tax mandated by the Federal Government. It is a Securities Fraud re-investor scofflaw that will be used to wrongfully criminalize and institutionalize its victims. That Healthcare Tax is unconstitutuonal and therefore illegal because it will be used as a tool to force compliance with the very foreign espionage agents who pledged our Liberty to fraudulently obtain complete control of our legal birth

  59. These Securities Fraud spy agents were using their own victims to secretly strip them of the legal title to their dignity.

    Landing a minimum wage job or even a well paying carreer after the Fraud in the Factum occurred would have ever saved the victims they so wrongfully accused of their own crimes.

    To say this is the work of just some evil
    masterminds is part of the mind control games being played by this false based accusor.

    This vast global conspiracy was used to blame its own victims they targeted and used for many nefarious purposes.

    They really want an immoral
    world that is completely devoid of any fact based legal moral judgment based upon anything legal meaning, anything
    in written legal form as the law requires.
    They can accomplish that goal by falsely and wrongfully accusing all of the Christians in the world of their own evil wrongdoings.

    That is always done by intentionally victimizing their own victims who do have actual moral values.

    Would I ever use my principal residence as a fraudulent way to obtain credit to support a unsavory and illicit life style by using Fraud in the Issuing of Credit to Fraudulently obtain credit in the unregistered, unmarried legal name of another? Obviously not or I would not be the one who has been battling these felons in fraudclosure pro se for nearly 5
    years now.

    These are the immoral ones written about in the Bible. More specifically they are all described in the Book of Revelations as having no respect for anyone that is morally just or righteous.

    Who the righteous ones are is described in the Hebrew Bible under passage 6666.

    They are certainly not the Globalists who are running this Global Drug Trafficking/Human Trafficking Spy Ring. It is conpletely immoral at its core because it bases its business model on fraud. It gambles on causing the moral ineptitude of its victims it pledges secret favors for that are the abomination of desecration.

  60. My father told me in late fall of 2014, if the judge thought I was “nuts” he would have thrown me out of the courtroom in 3 months.

    Furthermore, I single handedly managed to successfully defend my titles pro se for nearly 5 years.

    It will be 5 years late this Spring that I took what has been referred to by one State Investigator I met with a few years ago as, “my own
    complicated mess.”

    That speaks volumes for me and does not say much for my false based accusors who are now trying to use all if my own brilliant legal work as a fake, phony, fraudulent and secret cause of
    action against me that is in fact criminal. Not only that, it is evidence of a vast criminal cover up for a vast criminal conspiracy that began wrongfully on our very own homeland.

    It is a vast criminal homeland conspiracy that is a criminal coverup for Fraud in the Obtaining of Credit committed by Fraud in the Issuance of Credit by those we thought we could trust. They were fraudulently and illegally Issuing themselves Credit under many guises to fraudulently engage their own innocent victims in their heinous and egregious spy game crimes.

    That is what I have been brought to bear witness to by being left no choice other than to defend my legal titles to everything pro se.

    The truth of the matter is that our legal Titles never left our possession because of the Fraud in the Factum. That is precisely what I was never supposed to discover.

  61. The “rules of engagement” by these spy agencies are “Top Secret” fraud that was committed to destroy “the one” who caught them. There is a vast global criminal conspiracy to cover this up by the spy agencies of evil because “the one” caught them trying to bring down the Vatican and the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

    Accusing these crooks of “Fraud in the
    Procurement,” like I did in my Rule 60 motion that I filed upon the court last year, is the legal document that I filed at the Daley center and entered upon the
    Cook County Court that brought all of
    my false based accusers to be judged by themselves.

    This also proved that I am a victim of these crimes that are being committed against me. That is why they are using my own brilliant legal work as a false based accusation to try and criminalize me by calling me “nuts” when they are who are all nuts and criminally deranged individuals.

    The proof is they have been trying to
    “take me out of the picture” ever since I called them out about these rulings that are based upon nothing substantial meaning not based on any law or fact.

    That means this is a jurisdictional issue at its core. The truth of the matter is, if you do the discovery into the principal agency bringing these fraudulent suits you will find the “Plaintiffs” and their “Attorneys” are Acting in your name
    fraudulently to win themselves your Legal Title to everything. They secretly swapped out” our legal birth rights through many fraudulent business practices to criminally engage you, their innocent victim in their own crimes they committed against you. That is why the big spy game cover up is over the main rule of engagement they used to set you up with at the “closing table,” that is the legal fact you never signed or agreed to any of this or to be a part of any of this Acting as their “agent” of their spy agency.

    They want to lock you away to secretly strip you of everything mainly by insurance giant, AIG’s forced drugging
    program that is part of a much larger and much more criminal Global Insurance Fraud Conspiracy called the PRISM PROGRAM that employs secret
    gang stalking of its targeted victims by the very people you trust the most.

    These secret spies set up the Vatican to be the fall guy for their crimes by blaming mainly, Goldman Sachs for running the world. However, this really had nothing at all to do with Goldman who were forced to take on the burden of trying to reconstitute all of the debt fraud of this Global Insurance Fraud Giant AIG. This was the fault of traitors from within who are foreign espionage agents who were put in place to blame their innocent victims for trying to take down the Vatican Bank, the worlds central bank.

    If the Vatican Bank were not the worlds central bank, We The People would all have been thrown out into the street in 2008.

  62. They especially hate anybody whose bloodline is of the Divine Order which is the 12th bloodline of Jesus, which would include me. The reason being is they hate the Vatican.

  63. That is why you can never get a fair and just trial in these United States because you could have no possible way of knowing who anybody works for.

    That is the true meaning of complete corruption when foreign espionage agents are posing as Americans and are secret criminal imposters who hate everybody.

  64. The bottom line, this is a “Globalist” spy war with world powers taking sides.

    You are never supposed to know who you really work for. If you find that out these Globalist crooks want to lay your mind to waste.

    First and foremost, they hate the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.

    You could have been working as a spy for say Goldman Sachs your entire life and never knew about it. If you are left no alternative other than to uncover their criminal acts you become a target of the opposition and you will not know it in most cases.

    It is incredibly difficult to get away from the “catch 22,” situation the opposition will use to try to criminalize you for their own hate crimes against you. The reason being is they play good guy bad guy by employing the use of all of their own secret agents who are implanted everyplace, even from within your own family. They may even be those you call your friend or even your “best friend.’ It is illegal alien subterfuge. They use everything after the fact as a way to try and destroy your credibility to testify against them.

    My Grandfather thank God, told me before he passes away that his mothers
    maiden name was Saltily which translates to Medici. That is why I have been a target of these control freaks my entire life. The mind control usually begins in early childhood by way of many secret yet open control freak tactics.

    This is done so that you can be secretly used and abused by the opposition who is a very clever opponent as well as a very evil proponent. That can only be accomplished if you never know your
    true identity and never seek your true
    calling in life that you were born to endeavor.

    In my case I probably could have become a great legal scholar working for those who are being severely oppressed by a system that is completely immoral and corrupt. That is precisely what these corrupt control freaks would never want. They don’t want anybody who can see “the forest for the trees.”

  65. @Ivent,

    You can download, “Two Faces: The Mortgage Electronic Registration System’s Theory of land Title”, by Professor Christopher L. Peterson, from the web.

    Professor Peterson is now chief counsel for enforcement within the CFPB.

    His treatment of the MERS is easy to read even as it supports what Mr. Garfield has been saying all along.

    Although the case cited is from 2010 and decided roughly a year ago, I feel it is a good example and may be summed up as follows:

    The Court decided that since the basis of the claim was an assignment from MERS who had no interest int he debt, note or mortgage, there were no “successors.” This logic is irrefutable. And as regular readers know from reading this blog I believe the same logic applies to any other party who has no interest in the debt, note or mortgage — like an unfunded “originator” whose name appears on not only the Mortgage, like MERS, but also on the note.

    In one of our cases the “Lending Bank” has proven to be no such thing. Moreover, the agent masquerading as that “Lender’s employee” is, in equal measure, a fraud.

    That same “Lending agent” used a cash advance on his personal, Platinum Plus Visa credit card to fund a second and third loan my family was coerced into signing at the closing.

    When I questioned the “Lender” as to why this individual is shown collecting almost $43,000.00 on line 507 of the HUD Form, they gave no less than three conflicting responses.

    I now have a copy of that individual’s credit card statement and along the margins it shows the handwritten notes and math given to conspiracy aimed to defraud my family, two banks and an insurance company.

    This evidence came into my hands when the attorney that claimed to represent us at the closing died in 2011 and I went to his office to collect his file on our house.

    It turns out, despite our stated intention to sue the “Lender” due to the treatment we received at the closing, our own attorney was complicit and withheld from us the evidence necessary to form a “cause of action”.

    I have attempted to explain the real impetus of homeowners who have been defrauded in equal measure is not to gain a “free-house” but, to instead, expose the facts relevant this type of illegal behavior.

    This is particularly true because each case has different variables.

    I feel ultimately the “end-game” of the banks is to capitalize on short-sale bets placed against the borrowers’ ability to pay the loans.

    I also feel those “short-sale bets” are simply “DERIVATIVES” and that the MERS was created to track the participation of the servicers who held some portion of those bets.

  66. The Vatican does employ everyday Americans to spy on these control freaks.

  67. The bottom line, this is a “Globalist” spy war with world powers taking sides.

    You are never supposed to know who you really work for. If you find that out these Globalist crooks want to lay your mind to waste.

    First and foremost, they hate the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.

  68. Let’s see……….one district court in Florida rules that the MERS assignment is void.

    More and more State Supreme Courts are ruling that MERS assignments are lawful.

    I will go with the State Supreme Courts.


    You are incorrect on MERS. Try Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems.


    I know of no one who has gotten the records out of MERS. I have seen the documents generated when a lender or servicer changes the Investor or other data on a MERS loan. It does not reflect the old Investor, just the new Investor. You can only get this from discovery.

  69. MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT SERVICES ….. That sure sounds like a Constitutional and therefore illegal conflict of interest issue to me.

  70. MERS really stands for MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT SERVICES just in case anyone was wondering.

  71. Ok im calm now – let me rephrase – does anybody know anybody that got proper discovery.😁

  72. I type too fast with my one finger when i get cross. Sorry

  73. Question – does anybody knkw anybody that got into discovery and git the electronic record from MERs Loans go into the electrinic data base ( its a data base not a creditor kerp that in mind at all times they have NO interest in the debt) and they come out, question is when and then what happens to the record?

  74. Anyone have a database of MERS membership by year? If the originator/bank wasn’t a member then they couldn’t initiate the MERS assignment. And if they couldn’t pay their MERS bill then they were locked out of the system. See OCWEN v. MERS. Thx

  75. Not to mention that that ruling was from the spring of 2010. Why post that now? Did it cause an avalanche of MERS defeats? What gives?

  76. “MERS Assignments VOID”

    Nope. ONE assignment being void. Just one. Let’s see how many more like this one are recorded nationwide. Sweeping generalizations such as this one are still unbecoming of a foreclosure defense attorney. And… pretty dangerous for homeowners fighting pro se.

  77. So, there is a new head of HUD and what does this mean to the homeowner? These are the things which should get covered in the articles. Carol Keihns report is very old. Useful but , old.

  78. For those who have never heard of Carol Keihn, she has been investigating for years the MERS/titles/mortgage fraud. The first 14 minutes are noise, music and nothing relevant. However, everything else is very important, including the participation of MetLife, the involvement out of Canada and, of course, the enormous finder of Goldman Sachs.

    As I understand it, the FBI is now involved in the extensive fraud she as uncovered.

  79. The same fraudsters who created the deliberate “Boom” cycle of sub-prime lending are also responsible for creating the conditions inherent to the “Bust” cycle which follows in their wake.

    The “Boom” cycle ensnared unwary borrowers who were led into financial disaster by vast armies of Bankers and the Lawyers that continue to participate in any number of frauds.

    The “Bust” portion was engineered to dispossess hapless borrowers through any number of fraudulent behaviors and the bankers designed it that way after they placed short position bets against those borrowers and their ability to pay.

    Those “short positions” are best described as “Credit Default Swaps”, Collateralized Debt Obligations” and “Synthetic Collateralized Debt Obligations” (READ: Michael Lewis’s, “The Big Short”.

    The shadow world of the Derivatives Market currently enjoys ZERO Regulation- There Is NO REPORTING on it whatsoever! (READ: Ellen Hodgson Brown’s, “The Web Of Debt”).

    The corporation that owns and operates the Derivatives Market is the DTCC and it is privately owned and operated by the same bankers that brought us this disaster in the first place!!!!

    Together, the Bankers and Lawyers that have orchestrated this sinful, criminal behavior have managed to conceal those behaviors and they have managed to do so through indemnities provided by the government in an effort to not allow the discovery of the crimes to destroy the credibility of the American Dollar.

    The shortfall to the INTERNATIONAL DERIVATIVES MARKET, should these homes not be foreclosed upon, represents a loss across the globe of 682 Trillion Dollars!

    Google it

  80. Name the Judge and investigate if the Judge has a relationship with banksters. What the judges motivation to effectively allegedly economically lynch (bully) the weak homeowner


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  82. Neil, On the case you just told us about where the judge had shut down discovery, did the homeowner agree that they were in default, did they acknowledge that they did in fact take a loan but then defaulted on the payments? If so why? Without being able to research or do discovery how could anyone say for sure who was the correct party to receive payment or what the correct amount that was due. If the servicer had made payment to the correct party, trust, Freddie mac, or whoever would that not need to be known so that the current amount could be determined. These are all questions that you, yourself have wrote about, and that I agree to. Did you come into this case late or what? Please help me understand why these question could not be asked in the case you wrote about. Not trying to be smart ass, just trying to learn and understand. Thanks

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