Adam Levitin on Backdating: A Pattern of Conduct at Ocwen and Other Players in the Foreclosure Frenzy

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Adam Levitin has definitely established himself as one of the more respected figures in analyzing and commenting on mortgage and foreclosure practices. In this article below, he reveals the fraudulent nature of even the most benign looking foreclosures. Various parties, including Ocwen which he cites in particular, regularly backdated denials of modification and backdated ownership paperwork.

His emphasis is on the pattern of conduct dating back many years which continues unabated despite administrative findings of wrongdoing, and settlements in which they agreed to correct these practices. If you look at Select Portfolio Servicing, formerly Fairfield Capital, (and now owned by Credit Suisse) you will see that they were guilty of fraudulent servicing practices as far back as 2003.In a recent case where Patrick Giunta and I represented the homeowners the court found that there was no authority of the servicer and no loan transfer to the alleged Trust. The Judge specifically expressed her displeasure with the obvious indications of backdating and fabrication of endorsements, assignments and the attempt at using Powers of Attorney that were a fabricated work-around

Levitin is right in his conclusion. And I would add that any “presumption” rebuttable or otherwise, should not be allowed regarding any paperwork that is produced by these players. Levitin should be a regular read for those of you who are following this evolving mess.

Corporate Recidivism? Ocwen’s Charter Problems

posted by Adam Levitin
Last month mortgage servicer Ocwen (that’s NewCo backwards) was mauled by the NY State Department of Financial Services. Now the California Department of Corporations is seeking to revoke Ocwen’s license to do business in that state.
Here’s the thing that is often forgotten: this ain’t the first time! Ocwen used to be a federal thrift. In 2005, however, Ocwen “voluntarily” surrendered its thrift charter in the face of predatory lending/servicing investigation. And here we are, a decade later. What’s changed? By the NY and California allegations, not much. In other words, we’re looking at a potential case of corporate recidivism. I’ll refrain from commenting on the merits of the allegations, but there should be zero tolerance for corporate recidivism.
While I’m at it, a word about the substance of the NY allegations and remedy. NYDFS accused Ocwen of backdating loan modification denial letters to borrowers facing foreclosure (and thereby depriving the borrowers of a chance to timely appeal the denial). Sadly, this isn’t the first time backdating has reared its head in the servicing business. Remember how the robo-signing story broke? A GM/Ally employee named Jeffrey Stephan stated in a deposition that he personally signed some 10,000 foreclosure affidavits a month. That was the story that the media glommed onto. But the 10,000 affidavits/month was an unexpected deposition by-product. The real issue uncovered in that deposition was that GM/Ally had been backdating foreclosure documents to show that it had standing at the time it filed foreclosure suits, despite not actually being the noteholder and mortgagee until a subsequent date. Loans were supposedly transferred on Christmas Day, Easter, New Year’s Day, etc. So it would seem that backdating may not be an isolated problem to Ocwen. Lastly, it’s worth comparing the NYDFS remedy with the National Mortgage Settlement. NYSDFS got $150 million in “hard dollar” loan mods (not mods paid for on investors’ dime). Ocwen is subject to an independent monitor’s supervision for three years and cannot acquire any more mortgage servicing rights (MSRs). And, Ocwen’s Chairman must resign and two additional independent board members must be added.
In contrast, the National Mortgage Settlement (NMS) was largely based on “soft dollar” mods, rather than real borrower relief. It did come with an independent monitor, but the NMS monitor isn’t able to be in the banks’ face the way the Ocwen monitor can. The NMS didn’t limit acquisition of MSRs. And it didn’t touch existing bank management or board structure. Put it this way: if the federal government and state AGs had as much spine as Ben Lawsky, Mssrs. Dimon, Moynihan, and Stumpf would be looking for new jobs (or enjoying their retirement). Of course, Ocwen is a scrappy, non-bank, non-SIFI. So it doesn’t enjoy the kid glove treatment.
The NYDFS Ocwen settlement sets out a new potential paradigm for mass consumer financial abuse settlements: real money, serious monitoring, and heave-ho to the old management. If senior management thinks that their job security is at risk for consumer abuse, they might well be more proactive at preventing it in the first place.

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  1. Amen… NEVER!

  2. I drafted, typed and sent this written Notice letter to the Plaintiffs who were trying to fraudclose upon my business property without a valid legal assignment.


    June 30, 2013

    RE: Midland Loan Number: 03028881
    Subject Property Address:
    14201 South Cicero
    Crestwood, Illinois 60455

    From: Joseph and Linda Venturella
    14867 Landings Lane
    Oak Forest, Illinois 60452

    Dear Angel Garcia and To Whom It May Concern,

    This is a response from the title holders of record of the above named subject property, who are Joseph and Linda Venturella regarding your letter dated June 3, 2013.

    We are sending this NOTICE OF DISHONOR NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND DEMAND FOR PAYMENT LETTER because not only is your current conduct of demanding payments from us improper regarding the above Subject Property that is currently in litigation in The Circuit Court Of Cook County Illinois, County Department – Chancery Division (Case No 10 CH 20188) and the outcome of the case is still pending but, also
    because of our discovery of the Default fraud (810 ILCS 5/3-407) (a.), (b.), (c.), the unauthorized Alteration (810 ILCS 5/
    3-205) (a.), (b.), (c.), (d.), to the Original Contract by the Issuer (810 ILCS 5/8-201) 1.) (a.), (b.), (c.), (d.), (2.), (3.), and the subsequent Racketeering by the Issuer and others with our Securities, our Deeds to the Subject Property and our Principal Residence by your unauthorized use of our signatures was improper (710 ILCS 5/17-3) and proof of Negligence (810 ILCS 5/3-406) is evidenced by the fact that no Security Agreement, Proof of Authority (810 ILCS 5/8-307) (from CH. 26, par. 8-307) by the Appropriate Person (810 ILCS 5/8-107) (a.), (1.) by Proof of Control (810 ILCS 5/8-106) (from Ch. 26 par. 8-106) (a.), (b.), (1.), (2.), exists by LNR.

    As a result of the Negligence by the Issuer, LNR has no Control and therefore, Joseph and Linda Venturella are the Appropriate Person (810 ILCS 5/8-107) (from Ch. 26, par. 8-106) (g.) in respect to instruction, we are the registered owner of the uncertificated security with Proof of Authority (810 ILCS 5/8-307) (from Ch. 26, par 8-307). No Proof of Authority by LNR is evidenced by the fact no Legal Assignment exists is evidence of Dishonor by LNR (810 ILCS 5/3-502), upon Presentment (810 ILCS 5/3-307) (from Ch. 26, par. 3-501) (a.), (b.), (1.), (2.), (3.), (4.) of the copies of the mortgage and notes that LNR are in Possession of an Overdue Instrument (810 ILCS 5/3-304) and is evidence of Negligence (810 ILCS 5/3-406) and Dishonor (810 ILCS 5/3-502) of our Securities (810 ILCS 5/3-505) (a.), (1.), (2.), (3.), by LNR.

    Joseph and Linda Venturella, the title holders of record, never executed a mortgage to LNR and never granted any legal interest in the Subject Property to LNR.

    Joseph and Linda Venturella are therefore giving this Notice of Dishonor (810 ILCS 5/3-503) (from CH 26, par. 3-503) (a.), (b.), to LNR for the fraud by LNR as well as the fraud by the Issuer, based on the fact no Legal Assignment exists LNR are Imposters; fictitious payees (810 ILCS 5/3-404) (d.), who have no Proof of Authority (810 ILCS 5/8-307) ( from Ch. 26, par. 8-307) (from Ch. 26, par 8-307) to collect any money or property from Joseph and Linda Venturella and are in Dishonor (810 ILCS 5/3-502) of our Securities (810 ILCS 5/3-505) (a.), (1.), (2.), (3.).

    Therefore, Joseph and Linda Venturella are demanding payment in full by LNR, the subsequent issuer of the Altered Contract for your egregious and heinous
    behavior, and deceptive Practices, harm done and damage incurred upon Joseph and Linda Venturella as a result of your Negligence (810 ILCS 5/3-406) you are Imposters; fictitious payees (810 ILCS 5/
    3-404) (d.) and are in Dishonor (810 ILCS 5/3-502) and are in Default to the Original Contract.

    Upon receipt of this NOTICE OF DISHONOR NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND DEMAND FOR PAYMENT LETTER, Joseph and Linda Venturella are demanding payment in the amount of 3 times the face value of the Notes and Satisfaction of Mortgage in no less than 30 days.


    Joseph and Linda Venturella

    If you have any questions you may contact us by phone.

    To: LNR AFSIS Asset Services LLC
    Angel Garcia and To Whom It May Concern
    1601 Washington Avenue, Suite 800
    Miami Beach, FL. 33139

  3. Fraudcloure is evil of biblical proportions.

  4. This evil sends in hospice to tell you all of the evil things it did to you throughout your entire life that it claims caused you to harm it. It is not Gods judgement by replaying your life, it is Satan’s revenge against God trying to force you to believe terrible things about yourself causes by it. Sins can be forgiven if you repent upon them often and ask God for forgiveness. No one can do that for you. Praying for lost souls harmed by this evil who were deceptively seduced by it is an act of penance that can get you in Gods good graces.

    Never believe their lies they tell you about you. That false belief acts like a downer drug that wants you to feel depressed all of the time. Then it is only a matter of time before they force their evil drugs upon you. We all need Gods help by way of divine intervention when that happens because that means this evil fully intends to poison you to death and you won’t even know it is being done to you because you are already being drugged by it.

    I went and talked to my sister and mother at the beginning of this evil depravity. My sister came at me literally with a bowl full of zanax. I told her to get that evil shit away from me. I don’t believe in taking that crap that causes more problems. That was the day I knew that our relationship was over. Anybody who tells you to get on addicting drugs that mask the underlying cause is your enemy and you should not speak to that person anymore. My father as well as my soon to be ex both did the same thing. They are all obviously trying to cover up for something they did to me, or were planning on doing to harm me that would be extremely hurtful to me, they
    never wanted me to find out.

    Only by the Grace of God I found out alot of stuff and let me just say none
    Of them are worth getting mad at or shedding a tear over. They are all unrepentant sinners whi think they are above the law. They are all traitors to not only me but they are traitors to God who made them.
    Thank God that I know the enemy is mote deceptive than any beast of the field the Lord God has made.

    I know that my enemy is not
    my friend.

    Know it by the lies it tells as truth.

  5. These “investor” crooks created a scenario by using fear tactics by their imposters to cause me to flee them. They nearly cost me my life. They threw me in county jail in Will County and sent demon possessed violent psychopathic criminals in my cell to try and force me into having a nervous breakdown. This evil knows that fear can overtake your rational thoughts. Especially when you are constantly under satanic attack and being severely psychologically and emotionally abused. Sleep deprivation caused by living in fear causes stress
    that causes dehydration that weakens the minds ability to process thoughts.

    This evil does not want you to sleep properly because sleep deprivation causes the mind not to travel. That is a very deceptive form of entrapment this evil uses to try and ensnare its victim in its own tangled web if lies, fraud and

    They failed miserably to cause me to have some sort of a mental breakdown in there and get me on their psychotrobe meds that destroy the minds ability to process thoughts properly. When the mind cannot travel properly, it becomes deprived of oxygen. That causes brain damage overtime. Any type of mental abuse causes brain damage over time.

    The type of mentsl abuse uses varies so much that you would be hard pressed to place your finger on the direct cause. However it is mainly caused by deprivation of all sorts.

    It is all too horrific to imagine because no one would want to believe this could ever happen to them.

    Well it will happen to everyone because merciless killing by their “hospice” agents of evil makes these crooks way
    too much money. Killing people by slowly stripping them of their dignity is a sick, sadistic and cruel form of entertainment to these evil “globalist”
    bastards. It is much more profitable for them to deny another their right to die as they choose.

    That is a sick form of control freak b.s. that I bore witness to when they murdered both of my grandparents simply because they thought it was time.

    God knows how downright despicable I think this evil is for doing what they did to two of the greatest people who ever lived on
    this planet. They know full well what they did was hateful. The root
    cause of all evil is hatred. Hatred is bitterment and is the epitome of all evil.

    The Globalists are the unjust judges of humanity who invest in their own fraud to control the fraud they create. They do that by wrongfully disabling their victims by drugging. They call that a mercy killing but is really demon worship. While their victims lay dying because their brains are so traumatized from drugging, they struggle to find their way to find the light. That is why their hearts keep beating long after their brain dies. That is just horrendous.

    They want the population drugged on their psych med poisonous substances so when they secretly drug you to death later, they will blame you and say you overdosed. They want everyone to die a lonely death deprived of love by shutting down the brain. God help us because this evil has no restraints or limitations, this evil knows no bounds.

    When your spouse or family members start telling you that you are nuts and its time for you to go. You were exchanged on the open markets by fraudulent debt fraud exchangers “up on Wall Street.” Because you are a good person, your human soul was sacrificed to this evil without you ever knowing about it. In
    that case the only thing to do is ask God for help in Jesus name and pray a lot. Jesus does live among us because he was resurrected. He was given everlasting life because he shed his own blood so everyone’s sins could be forgiven. That is what this evil never wanted any of us to know is that Jesus resurrection is the living proof that God exists in human form in the mind body and souls of the true believers.

    Our heart and soul is Gods to keep if we are faithful to the Ten Commandments and we do not break any of Gods laws with the intent of harming others.

  6. We are all under satanic attack by these evildoers who take on any and every form to do battle with their victims.

    I am one of their “subject matter victims” they want to destroy simply because I refuse to join their evil ranks. I refuse to “go to work” for this evil. I know the truth is your enemy is never your friend and is never going to be your friend. It wants to use you up and lay you to waste because it failed to seduce you into its false belief system that portends that God is both good and evil. I know for a fact that is simply untrue for if it were true, this world would have ended long ago.

    The cover up for this fraud is the same cover up for the fraud of the original sin that began in the Garden of Eden. Satan seduced Eve to deceive Adam so that Adam would blame Eve for the deception. They both had children of that evil as a result. Those children still roam the earth today trying to seduce the many into joining its evil Global satanic/luciferian cult. Occult practices and occult worship is done very deceptively to try and enter and seduce its victims. It is like a toe nail fungus that you just can’t cure without possibly destroying your liver. It will take Gods mighty army of angels and saints to finally cast this evil out.

    We have to have faith that good will
    triumph over this evil in the end, without
    the pain and suffering of mass casualties. The “Ebola virus” is one such weapon in evils arsenal. The constant threat of plagues, wars and rumours of wars are all part of a massive global terror plot to try and force everyone to live in fear and by doing so, force them to lose their faith in the creator. God will have the last and final word about all of this “fundamentally flawed” racist ideology. Because at the core of this plot are race baiters who hate everybody and use race issues they create to hide they hate everybody from the day they were
    born simply because they were born of a woman. They are the he-man woman haters club who hate the fact they are not the light bringers who bring the light of day by actually physically delivering the souls of humanity into this hate filled
    world. That is the “abomination of desecration” to deny God the creator is perfect. That is proven by God demonstrating his own creative works by only allowing women to give birth. If not for that, none of us would be here because giving birth creates an unique human bond that cannot be compared to anything else. It is an unconditional love that the devil can not destroy no matter how hard it, or its alter ego Lucifer who is akin to Hitler, Marx, Lenin,Stalin and Mao’s ideologies that are encrypted in Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals,”
    form of investor government. Which is a tyranical Satanic based Corporate form of Government that is satanic based ritually abusive luciferianism that is evil at its rotten core.

  7. By trying to bring out past life regressions these Satanist luciferians are trying to find one of your past lives they shared with you. No lie. Maybe you were a stripper or a hooker when they knew you way back then. Or maybe you were a fantastic lawyer, a real F. Lee Bailey. Because that’s what it would take you to have to be to “navigate” their fraudulent system.

    You have to be a very open minded person to begin to grasp what is really going on here. That is what they truly fear is an open mind. That is what they seek to destroy with their psych meds they try to force upon their victims. They don’t want any “outsiders” entering into the spiritual realm. Then you know not only who all of the criminals are, but what they did. That does not bode very well for them. However, they are the control freak master manipulating sickos who caused it. They all need to be held to account because one victim of their Global crime spree is one too many.

  8. These murder for hire plots are hidden behind many guises. Hidden behind the guise of fraudclosure in particular are the “Mortgage Based Derivatives Products” that were created by an evil witch who was an “executive” over at J.P. MORGAN CHASE by the name of one “Blythe Masters.” Even the name has an evil ring to it.

    Anyhow, the plan was to use as many of their victims as possible to win their “clients” who were “investors” in their own fraud vast settlements in secret. After their targeted victim, I being one of them, won them a huge settlement, they would manufacture ways to steal that settlement without the victim who actually won it, ever knowing about it. That is the basis for wanting to have that poor person called “nuts” and locked up by their criminal investor friends who are secretly foreign nationals. When or if that person ever gets free from these “investor” hoodlums, they will be forced to believe they were fraud closed upon
    and are a wiped out peasant as a result.

    This country is a national disaster as a result of evil incantations and recitations of Satanic prose like what is written in these fraudulent foreclosure suits.

    The way things are worded by these “attorney’s” are meant to invoke evil. “The Hope of the Wicked” is to use all sorts of secret abominations of the devil to make you lose your mind by weakening your body to destroy the soul of its victims.

    They know who you are but you do not in most cases know who you really are.

    Being thrown into the fraudclosure lions den full of vipers is supposed to cause one to experience past life regressions. Maybe you were a legal scholar in a past life. This evil knew you way back then and knew just how to use, abuse and manipulate you to try to force
    compliance with its evil plans for you.

    Won’t “go along” with their Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Program? Then all bets are on. Your life is in grave danger because your freedom is in peril. That is double jeopardy. This evil thinks your “not that smart,” meaning not Spiritual enough to “navigate” their sick, twisted system of Communist Re-socialist ideologies that are Totalitarian in nature. Meaning not natural in their own nature. When the natural nature of things is destroyed by nobody giving a darn because everybody is a cheap skate greedy bastard who is all for themself, you get fraudclosure. Fraudclosure is a secret pledge of the God given free will of another made by another. Its not about the property, the money or anything other than selfishness and greed born of a Vendetta against God, the Creator, Christianity that calls others to bear false witness upon
    all of humanity by wrongfully misjudging others.

    That is the foundation that “Sharia Law” is based upon is to defy God by denying the truth there is but one God, the Creator of everything.

    These crooks hiding behind the guise of fraudclosure who do not ever “act in their own name,” as the law requires, are akin to carpet bombers who wipe out the innocent as a satanic ritual sacrifice to abominate human souls. War is used as a way to conjure up demons and
    demonic entities. That is what these mafia hoodlums do disguised as legal scholars from the world of “Academia.”

    They believe a “formal college education” makes them better than everybody else. They use that false belief as a way to screw just about everybody by simply ignoring the law. Show them a law and they will show you the true meaning of human sacrifice is done by subliminal messaging. They may be able to get inside of their victims head but they can’t get inside of their human soul. That presents a real problem for them because you know they are presenting upon you, false evidence. By doing so they are subliminally messaging you to try and force you to bear witness upon all of their falsified evidence. That is a severe form of mental abuse because that is psychological warfare. These “attorneys” are trying to force the brain of their victim into overdrive so they self destruct. If they fail at that, they will just “keep on keeping on” presenting you with false evidence of a “Bill of Sale” that never really existed. They are proficient at evidence tampering with electronic evidence. Like the unlawful use of the digital signature. That is forgery but moreover, it is destruction of evidence to wrongfully deny any U.S. citizen the legal right to discover the principal agent in written form. They cannot meet their own
    criteria, the “investors” are legally required to meet the “Burden of Proof ctiterion by meeting the most fundamental basic legal
    requirements in Of the Statute of

    Bottom Line, they are all no more than wantoned felons who are programmed serial killers who will “use up” everybody to fraudulently conceal all of their own fraud, lies and criminal deceit.
    They are using and abusing all of the laws of this land by secretly Acting in the names of their own victims.

  9. Fraudclosure can only happen to a nation whose majority has lost its moral code.

    To say to a Note Issuer there is an amount that is “due & owing” on a “mortgage note” that is a Bank Check “indorsed in blank,” meaning that Bank Check was a Blank Check that was going to be drawn upon innumerable times by the Credit Issuer before the actual
    money was deposited is Bank Fraud by the Credit Issuer. Fraudulent Inducement can only occur by highly subjective brainwashing of the consumer of the fraud. This was far worse than the concept “I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today” because we could not have possibly known what that “hamburger” was made from. These hamburgers were made from Mortgage Derivatives which are nation destroyers that are meant to destroy the lives of everyone. Derivatives are used to create
    fraudulent debt because thet are investments in the fraud, sin and avarice of the Original Issuer. They are fake, phony, fraudulent credit slips that are investments in the secret, well planned demise of another.

    If I was able to discover that, with no college background and no formal legal education, the banking regulators whose job it is to find Bank Fraud certainly
    should have discovered this well over a decade ago. They should have shut them all down. Instead
    they allowed this fraud which is akin to a secret murder plot of every U.S. citizen born here to continue

    This goes way beyond the fact there is too much corruption. This is a cover up for a nationwide murder plot by the International Banksters hidden behind all of the “missing legal assignments.” The “Globalists” Agenda 21 is an evil plan to wipe out the entire U.S. citizenry who were born here.

  10. The entire country should have been under a Federal Lockdown by now. As a direct result of the massive Securities Fraud Breach by these Globalist thugs hiding out in “cyberspace,” and all of their evil minions and cohorts in Banks and Banking who caused this, We The People are all in very serious and grave danger. These crooks are after our free will and out to get every single last one of us. They operate like a Global mafia syndicate spy agency spying
    on all of us for a reason. That reason is pure hatred for any made up reason they can come up with to destroy us.

    We are a nation and a people in peril who are living in Double Jeopardy under the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause of the U.S. Bill of Rights. We are all in fanger of life and limb because we do not know who these “investors” are.

    Most Americans don’t even know it yet, but
    they will.

  11. rachel williams has a good point. However I discovered the real problem is the “Globalists” who want to fraudulently induce these United States into the Soviet Republic. They are employing many Nazi tactics to try and force conformity with anything and everything that is unamerican and antichristian. They create a “slow wasting process” by forced depravity. When the “Globalists” can get away with swapping out our legal titles to our dignity by denying us our legal right to defend ourselves against their fraud by committing even more heinous and egegious fraudulent acts. Which do include the manufacturing of scenarios with the full intent to permanently harm you, their intended victim, these United States will slowly become a nationalized Nazi concentration camp just like Auschwitz.

    We literally have foreign nationals in police uniforms manufacturing scenarios to frame innocent Americans to steal their freedoms so they can steal their property and all of their personal possessions. These hoodlums will go to any length imaginable to steal everything from those they deem to be “too good.”

    I know because I am one of their targeted victims.

    What these crooks really want is for everyone to lose their faith in God, the creator. The reason being they are sinners who hate God and hate everybody. They want to drag every
    living soul down to hell with them for all of eternity to defy God Almighty, the maker of all of Creation.

    They especially hate people like me who are what they deem to be “little miss goody two shoes.”

    It is the whole “I’ll get you my pretty” scenario.

    They want to get their targeted victim to “the wizard” without you knowing who precisely that wizard is.

    These “Globalists” employ really sick,
    twisted, sadistic mind control b.s. vis a vis many agents of their Global Corporate Agency who fully intend to lay everybody to waste eventually. They first had to try and wipe out Fundamental based Christianity by infiltrating the houses of the holy. In particular, they were out to destroy the moral code of
    our youth. They knew if our kids had no morals, they could get away with doing virtually anything to us. All sorts of immoral abominations of the devil could be used to destroy the lives by denying their parents their proper respect and dignity.

    This is all written about in the Book of Revelations.

    Honor thy Mother and thy Father, one of Gods Laws that was carved in stone by Moses, has been turned on its head. By honoring the wishes of thy father or thy mother is being used as a weapon to destroy the life of the other. Then later, more lies, fraud and abuse will be used to destroy the life of the other parent. It is a viscious circle of fraud, lies and abuse that almost always leads to a bitter outcome for all involved because lying to destroy the life of another goes against the will of God, the creator.

    The fury of Gods wrath will eventually come upon all of them and they will all have real hell to pay. Nothing they ever do or ever have done is ever for the cause of anything that is good, genuine,
    authentic or righteous.

    They can only lie to themselves and
    each other for so long. They live in denial of their own sins and sinful wrongdoings
    to others by blaming their own victims and that is the true face of evil incarnate.

    How do they live with themselves? That is simple when you already know that
    you are going to go right straight to hell for your sins because you are unrepentant, you feel everyone else should suffer for your sinful crimes
    against humanity.

    Having the desire to destroy the life of another just because they refuse to go along with their evil plans it made for you in secret, that are based upon their own evil opinions about you, that have no basis whatsoever is called “labeling
    the victim target.”

    The Globalists want these United States to be their own sadistic pigpen of iniquity. These Globalists bought, sold and traded favors of others of all sorts without the knowledge or consent of the actual person those favors were being pledged. These favors include drugging, hospitalization, mental abuse and mental torture, scenarios set up by their own mafia hit squads who want to declare their vixtim “nuts.” They use the medical establishment to wrongfully drug their victim by intentional miadiagnosing that person who is actually being severely mentally abused to intentionall traumatize the victim. The forced drugging canpaign will eventually lead to more sick scenarios like rape,
    murder, and decapitation of their victims.

    This was information that was given to me by a very reliable source. I met and spoke with many agents from inside of Federal Law Enforcement who lead me to the truth behind all of these wrongful fraudclosures.

    We The People are in the midst of an undeclared war upon our dignity because these crooks have no respect for anybody who believes in one God, the Creator.

    I am a Christian and I believe that God Almighty has a much greater plan that
    they can never destroy.

    The exact matrix of God Almighty’s Plan would never reveal to such a nefarious evil such as this.

    Praise the Good Lord of Heaven for that.

  12. Community investments, There is the problem ……………………

  13. Allow me to clarify in my last comment, this was all caused by “traitors from within.”

    May I add they certainly have a particular angst as well as a virulent hatred for We The People who were born here. They want to swap out our individual freedoms by denying us our Liberty, which is our free will to defend ourselves properly. They hate our freedoms afforded to us by being born here, on U.S. soil because that is the only thing protecting us from them and our American way of life.

    These attorneys who are sub planted to steal our freedoms by intentionally undermining our individual peace and security should be treated as the violent, dangerous war criminals they are.

    They should be brought to justice and made to feel the suffering they have caused all of their innocent victims which would be every American. Those victims they have targeted vis a vis
    fraudclosure, that would include me, are especially dangerous criminals because they wear many disguises.

  14. CNN reporting: “Belgium plotters were wearing police uniforms.”

    That is why “Strangers to the Mortgage,” should not be allowed to invest in anything that would effect our Life, Liberty and Property.

    If you do not have any possible way of knowing “Who” these people are, you could not possibly know what their true intentions are. Moreover, I certainly never knew that my individual Peace and Security was compromised by fraudulent business practices that were heinous and egregious. Sophisticated “investors” took unfair advantage of the unknowing and unsuspecting consumer who was uneducated about what really goes on “up on Wall Street.” Fake, phony, fraudulent “Loan Originations” have landed every single U.S. citizen born here in harms way as a direct result. We The People are all dealing with very clever and dangerous Imposters on a daily basis quite frankly because we could have no possible way of knowing who is invested in our freedoms. The fact that “it could be just about anybody” is what I was told happens by a Clerk at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds Office when I I asked him “Who is Public,” in regards to Titles to Real Property. Chicago Title and Trust dumped my Titles into the “public” in 2007 without me ever being told about it. That type of business practice is scurillius and unlawful because that caused very serious Personal Security, as well as
    National Security issues here at home, and around the world.

    Loan Originations that were fraudulently induced and fraudulently invested in by our enemies both close at hand and far away has lead to a global spy war by
    terrorists who are sub planted foreign espionage agents is what I have discovered. When you are left no other alternative other than to try and defend your Title to everything pro se, your life becomes in grave danger. Because of the vast, multifaceted scope and broad reaching
    magnitude of these Securities Fraud
    crimes you never really know Who you are encountering. These “investors” may include many types of terrorist imposters who impersonate anybody and everybody in order to steal your Title to your U.S. citizenship from you.

    You could have no possible way of knowing what these imposters who are “Strangers to the Mortgage,” that was a fraudulently induced contract in the first place, really want from you.

    That is perilous and that should have never been allowed to happen but did. It was all causes by the traitors from in. They want to criminalize every single American born here by manufactured events they commit to cause false
    imprisonment if their victims.

    They want our freedom and liberty and will destroy the lives of every American to force us into their “NEW WORLD ORDER.” Which is a fraudulently induced tyranny to recollect on fraudulently created debts that can never be repaid. The reason these “debts” can never be repaid is these demons want to steal everyone’s soul by deceptive theft of our individual free will and that is demonic. These demonic practices are based
    upon paganism which is Satanic-based Luciferianism that are extremely deceptive and the epitome of all evil.

  15. Definitely there is a pattern of wrongful behavior by the “Attorneys for Plaintiffs” in regards to all of these wrongful fraud closure suits.

    There is Fraud in the Issuance of all of these investments because there was Fraud in the Issuing of Credit committed by Fraudulent Loan Originations by the “Issuer” of the Original “Bills of Credit.”

    Therefore, whoever issued any additional “Bills of Credit” after the Fraud In The Factum occurred were sold a fraud because “none of the “loans” were
    procured properly.

    Because of massive Securities Fraud by the Original Issuer, whomever that might have been, is hard to tell because there are no legal assignments recorded at the County Recorders Offices. Obviously that is why there are no UCC 1 financing statements filed with the Secretary of States offices either. The principal agent for the agency whose duty it was to procure the Origination of the “loan,” failed to perform any actual physical task and therefore failed to Perform upon the Original Contract. Therefore the Original Contract was never executed properly. The execution of the Original
    Contract could have only been executed properly by Good and Valuable Consideration being given to the Issuer of the Original “Note,” which was a U.S.
    Bank Check drafted from the Bank Account of the U.S. taxpayers. Delivery and Acceptance to a Trust relied upon Performance by the Issuer of the Original “Sales Contract.” Delivery and Acceptance to a Trust relied upon full disclosure of every aspect of the Original Transaction being these are extremely complex financial transactions, no due diligence ever being Performed by the
    Issuer of the Original bank check is criminal.

    There is no legal way in which for the
    “investors” to proceed because the Original sales contracts were never Performed upon. Delivery relied upon Performance by the Original Issuer, regarding an Article 8 Securities Investment. Because Performance never occurred, the Securities Investment Accounts related to the Original Transaction are Fraudulent. The Original Issuer was likely an “Investor” in its own Fraud and has obviously since become a Secret hidden “third-party claimant,” who
    cannot be located, and is therefore, unamenable to Service of Process because of the Origination Fraud.

    These attorney’s are extremely dangerous. They are clearly and wantonly engaging in a Global coverup for the Origination Fraud by the Original or subsequent Issuers of Fraudulent Securities. That coverup is part of a vast Global Conspiracy to fraudulently conceal the true underlying cause of action regarding these fraud closures.

    These attorneys are clearly in collusion
    and therefore should all be locked up for engaging in the aiding and abetting in
    their own part in this “Globalist” crime spree.

  16. Ocwen is ultimately owned by the Vatican……I’ll say this once more the Childrens fund which is Governed by the State and for by the Vatican. Who governs your Childrens Fund?

  17. Speaking of bogus fees- no one has ever answered this one- if the foreclosing entity adds 5% of the principal amount of the mortgage for “legal fees” onto the accelerated amount due, and we pay it, aren’t we entitled to get part or most of the legal fees back as the foreclosure was withdrawn? Any body have any experience or links to this topic? Thx.

  18. In 2004 I had Ocwen. I was pursuing a “loan mod” (little did I know). After all the lost paperwork and phone questionnaires over a period of 6 months, we were told that we were denied. The sheriff showed up at our door the very next day. We ended up paying them off. The bogus fees were huge. But I knew nothing then .

  19. I received two back-dated letters from Ocwen in response to letters of inquiry I sent asking why an illegal $55 fee was put on my mortgage statement when I had a court-ordered settlement agreement in place which did not allow additional fees. They sent me two back-dated letters (actually had the same date and were sent at lest 5 weeks apart) that gave them 20 days to answer my letters. Nothing ever came and no one called. I called them and a fool on the phone told me, “we do not do settlement agreements, only government loan modifications”–so I sued them for breach of contract.

  20. Fraud is legal for some in America. Bottom Line


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