Modification Offers Are Enforceable Contracts

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We have all seen it, heard and experienced it over and over again. In this case Wells Fargo offered a “temporary” modification, it was accepted and the trial payments were made. Wells Fargo said the modification offer and acceptance lacked consideration — the height of arrogance since they have no transaction with consideration supporting their claim of ownership of the debt, note or mortgage.

Wells disavowed the settlement and went forward with foreclosure. The homeowner’s claim to enforce the modification contract was dismissed for failure to state a cause of action, agreeing with Wells Fargo that there was no consideration. The appellate court reversed stating that there was consideration and that it was more than adequate. There are now hundreds of cases in which trial judges and appellate courts have enforced the modification agreements.

Here is one you can look at:

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  1. @Ivent you sound like an innocent victim like me. WE had a fully paid off home illegally stolen from us and an UNETHICAL Judge that had a conflict of interest and insisted he oversee the case. It took us a long time to figure out why he did what he did and boy do we have proof that should put this Judge behind bars!

  2. Continued from my previous comment:

    This radical change was directly due to the reactions of religious leaders themselves to modernity. Faced with the efficiency of reason applied to everything-to industrializing man’s life, to critical inquiry into man’s origins; to exact examination of the nature of the world; to the progressively improving technology in medicine, food-producing and social science-religious thinkers fell into lockstep. They labored to include God comfortably in all these new modes of thinking and living. Science, technology, and the practical arts were taken as manifestations of man’s religious zeal and as preparing for an
    imminent millennium on earth. “Religious leaders committed religion
    functionally to make the world better in human terms, and intellectually to modes of knowing God that were fitted only for understanding the world.”
    In making those new commitments, religious leaders stepped out of the trenches. While the world was rushing to adapt to its new wisdom, churchmen failed to perform the one task that has always been the hallmark of great religious thinkers: to leaven, to modify, and to give transcendent meaning to the bare facts of life in the visible world. They failed, in other words, to train the supernatural light of their belief onto the new revolutionary wisdoms that flooded the minds of men in the nineteenth century.
    Instead, they adapted. They consented to think and reason about God and religious truth according to the new rules by which modern secularism was making its rather impressive progress. In a word, they surrendered to modernity. “God,” declared Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Sarum, “is a progressing Providence.”

  3. PART III, THE LIBERATORS, Chapter 12, page 259 entitled THE WINSOME DOCTRINE, from the book entitled, “The Jesuits The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church,” by Malachi Martin:

    Almost exactly one hundred years ago, Western culture in Europe and the United States underwent its one and only radical religious change since the fourth century, when Roman Emperor Constantine proclaimed Christianity to be the religion of the empire, and this culture was born. That change, apparent among Europeans and Americans by the1880’s, was an utterly new thing: unbelief in God is an acceptable option.
    Whether we like it or not, we of the late twentieth century take that option for granted as part and parcel of our culture. For someone to remark that he or she does not believe in God will normally cause no uplifting of eyebrows, beyond a certain surprise that anyone might take the trouble to bring it up at all. For unbelief has become an accepted and viable alternative nowadays.
    To be sure, there have nearly always been professed-even professional-agnostics, atheists, unbelievers, and those whom Cotton Mather robustly lumped together in his grab bag of “every sort of backslider and son of Satan.”. But such people were always regarded as eccentric; certainly they were never acceptable as constituent
    and normal elements of the culture.
    Rather, one steadily held given in Western Culture was that a superhuman power named God with a capital G was somehow responsible for the cosmos and all in it. People might differ in their
    explanations of that given, but it was not permissable more it was unthinkable-to
    deny God’s existence.
    In the last quarter of the nineteenth century , unbelief “assumed its present status as a fully available option in
    American culture’ and in its European counterpart. It did not drive out belief. It did not dampen the ardor of religious revivals. It was merely that the
    “continuing absence of a conviction that any such superhuman power [as God] exists” became then and remains today
    a perfectly acceptable attitude to religion, on a par with belief itself.
    As James Turner shows in his book
    Without God, Without Creed, this change
    has been in preparation for at least two centuries. But his analysis demonstrates a point that is more important when it comes to thinking about those sudden twin hurricanes of the 1960’s: The change did not come about as a direct “victory” of purely secular zeal over religious belief. It was not the rise of science, or the secularization of education and politics, or wide spread industrialization, or the emergence of Communism and Marxism that forced unbelief on our culture as an acceptable option.

  4. From the book “The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coehlo:

    “You are wise, because you observe everything from a distance,” the boy said. “But you don’t know about love. If there hadn’t been a sixth day, man would not exist; copper would always be just copper, and lead just lead. It’s true that everything has its Personal Legend, but one day that Personal Legend will be realized. So each thing has to transform itself into something better, and to acquire a new Personal Legend, until, someday, the Soul of the World becomes one thing only.”
    The sun thought about that, and decided to shine more brightly. The wind, which was enjoying the conversation, started to blow with greater force, so that the sun would not blind the boy.
    “This is why alchemy exists,” the boy said. ” So that everyone will search for a treasure, find it, and then want to be better than he was in his former life. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself into gold.
    “That’s what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”
    “Because it’s not love to be static like the desert, nor is it love to see everything from a distance, like you do. Love is the force that transforms and improves the Soul of the World. When I first reached through to it, I thought the Soul of the World was perfect. But later, I could see that it was like other aspects of creation, and had its own passions and wars. It is we who nourish the Soul of the World, and the world we live in will become better or worse, depending on whether we become better or worse. And that’s
    where the power of love comes in. Because when we love, we always strive to become better than we are.”
    “So what do you want of me? the sun
    “I want you to help me turn myself into the wind,” the boy answered.
    Nature knows me as the wisest being in creation,” the sun said. “But I don’t know how to turn you into the wind.”
    “Then whom should I ask?”
    The sun thought for a minute. The wind was listening closely, and wanted to tell every corner of the world that the sun’s wisdom had its limitations. That it was unable to deal with this boy who spike the Language of the World.
    “Speak to the hand that wrote it all,” said the sun.
    The wind screamed with delight, and blew harder than ever. The tents were being blown from their ties to the earth, and the animals were being freed from their tethers. On the cliff, men clutched at each other as they sought to keep from being blown away.
    The boy turned to the hand that wrote it all. As he did so, he sensed that the universe had fallen silent, and he decided not to speak.

  5. This evil wants to clone every U S. citizen’s DNA by stealing the free will of all of us.

    We The People are a rare breed because we defy the evil nature of the Beast and its evil agenda of the Red Dragon which fraudulently induces itself under many guises such as selling us loans of credit
    and not issuing loans of any actual physical money. The tenets of
    ecclesiastical Freemasonry are based
    upon a valueless currency. It is A
    Dictatorship that is A Plutocracy ran by its own cleverly placed
    Oligarchs. That is precisely what We The People despise and reject because it is
    evil by its unnatural nature that is born
    of a jackal, meaning born from nothing
    besides fraud, lies
    and deceit.

    You cannot clone humanity because clones are created unnaturally meaning they do
    not have a pure spirit
    because conception was unnatural, birth can never be natural. Clones are
    demons that are demonic entities that
    are inhuman.
    They are devoid of a human soul
    therefore they have no concept of moral conscience and have no moral conscious beliefs whatsoever.

    Cloning is the intended result of the
    failure to mind control the natural born
    U.S. citizenry.

    It only takes 1 “American reject” who
    rejects being treated like an “American Idiot,” who refuses to cooperate with this evil to call for its own well timed

    Let the psychological warfare, cloning games begin.

    How can evil best control the world? Demand DNA testing of their innocent victims by creating scenarios to criminalize them.

    It is all extremely insidious because it is so subversive it is criminally perverted.

    The Banksters are using their own criminally abusive “industry practices,” to control the U.S Government from

    They are using forced coercion, State plea bargains, under the guise of “no jail time,” to demand DNA samples from
    their own targeted victims they fully intend to imprison at another time by
    entrapping their victims in the evil snares they create. Its a no win profit for sexual favors campaign. You won’t be a willing victim of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Campaign and the evil luciferian plans made for you. It does not really want you imprisoned, just a brain dead American idiot willing to be lead to the slaughter by its Hitler cloned figure head under the guise of the Healthcare Law that IS A FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED TAX.
    Nobody was ever notifies what the TAX MONEY is being used for but more importantly WHO the TAX MONEY IS being collected
    by. Moreover …… Where is that

    Cloning laboratories maybe?

    They have to tell us by law.

    Yeah right!

    Mwahaha …..

    The beat goes on, but it won’t be human if the luciferians have their evil way.
    It will be robotic.

    “Fembots” have no conscience because
    they have no souls.

    Oh what fun right?

    Only in the land time forgot. Which is not of this earth or of this world but a supernatural one that is fake, phony and

    That can only happen to people “who do not believe in things they cannot see.”

    Yeah right imbecile.

    They are the same ones who will never ask to “put their finger on
    the mortgage” because they are the
    “strangers to the mortgage” who know that mortgage is a legal fiction that never
    really existed.

    Turns out that fraudulent mortgage originations are all born of other peoples extra marital relations with a very many strange bedfellows.

    Fraudclosure is the intended result of Bill Clinton not having sexual relations
    with that “woman,” Monica Lewinsky caused by George W. Bushes secret liaisons he never had with Condaleeza Rice. None of that scandal would have ever saw the light of day had Bill Clinton only inhaled.

    Then Willie Nelson would have never been audited or arrested for pot possession for admitting on CNN that he prefers inhaling pot vapors over smoking pot.

    The intended result in America of no criminal prosecutions of Wall Street Execs is disgraceful.
    Lying is better than telling the truth.

    That is why helping “poor farmers” is proof of tax evasion.

    Telling the truth
    is perilous because that causes worst case manufactured scenario’s to happen
    to you.


    The best way for the devil to wipe out what it hates the most, Christianity, Christians, and the better part of
    humanity, is by cloning Gods creations.

    In Jesus time they wiped out for the most part, the
    Hebrews and replaced that religion and
    their bible with the evil Talmud,
    which is based upon the Devils Bible.

    They infiltrated Christianity to do the exact same thing. They aim to turn everything on its head so that everyone is worshipping evil.

    Many Christians are practicing a fake
    form of Christianity and do not even realize it.

    Just because you go to a Christian church, that does not mean you are worshipping fundamental Christianity.
    Going to church, even everyday, does not make you a “Good Christian” if the
    clergy and its parishioners are secretly worshipping evil. They are secretly and openly
    satanically cursing you. Many secret satanic rituals, such as “handshaking,” in
    church, passing around the “collection basket” during mass, taking the communion host in your hand instead of
    right into your mouth, Drinking wine from
    the same chalice as everyone else, yuck, are misrepresented. Faud depends upon timing of the presentation as much as the presentation itself. There are many subtle ways Satanic Ritual
    Abuse practices are practiced. Many “religious rites,” secretly incorporate satanic rites. Many prayers, readings, prayers, songs and hymns insert satanicverses that are evil satanic cantations
    just by the way they are placed and how they are executed depends upon where they are inserted during the mass or service. How they are said, prayed and sung can invoke evil of many types.

  6. “This time Hitler is wearing a “head scarf.” That is how Michael Savage put this Global Sexurities Fraud scam to deny the legal rights of the victims the “Zionist”control freaks created. This evil plot is being carried out under the guise of Islamic Fundamentalism. However, all of the “Globalists” are secretly
    “unorthodox” Christians and Jews who call themselves “Orthodox,” but are secretly worshipping the devil. These are the Great Deceivers of humanity written about in the Holy Bible who think,
    believe and worship the same
    exact evil. They worship all
    of the evil abominations of the devil. It is
    an evil belief system that goes all the way back to Babylonian times that masks itself behind religion, politics, media, education, the legal system, law enforcement and its agencies, the medical establishment, and all of the
    Corporate Logos.

    They are the Corporate Board Directors who run Wall Street who fraudulently issue themselves U.S. taxpayer funded “credit contracts” posing as American Citizens born here. They fraudulently draw upon our wealth, property and life savings under the guise of “The Federal Reserve Bank.” They are not a bank by any stretch of the imagination because nothing they do has anything to do with the laws of Banks and Banking.

    The Federal Reserve Bank is a Global Investment Bank, an International Investment House, acting in the illegal capacity of a Bank which means they nothing they do is legal and certainly notmoral or ethical.

    The reason being is the Wall Street Investment Banksters do not have the legal authority or the legal capacity
    to coin and issue U.S. currency.

    Therefore, none of their Investment Securities or Investment Accounts are secured.

    All of their “sales” are fraudulently misrepresented, “red flag securities,” because they are
    unsecured Investments backed by
    nothing genuine, authentic, legal or substantial.

    Fraud in the Sale and Issuance of Securities that are unsecured because no actual physical monetary transaction ever took place is a false averment of our titles to everything. That felony fraud would include any and every aspect of the original transaction. Including any insurance policies that were uses to secure all of their fake, phony, and fraudulent liens on our U.S. Birth Certificates.

    I really don’t care what other people worship and believe but at least be honest about it.

    Don’t pretend to be someone your not to steal from me.

    They use and abuse the many to suit their own underlying Agenda that is evil at its core and from its inception.

    Who else but the devil would want to divorce itself from its own evil by blaming its own victim vis a vis its own secret divorce proceeding called “foreclosure.”

    Who else would use its own targeted victim to try and win itself a vast
    settlement by lying about its victim. All to steal everything from its victim by committing more heinously evil and deceptive crimes lies, fraud and
    deceit against its targeted victim posing as others.

    By employing many occult ritual abuses that are sexual in nature, the theft of a humans free will by making false promises, secret sexual promiscuity
    allows innumerable demons to time travel and steal
    “good time” from their victims.

    This evil moves like a thief in the night to “seize the day,” and turn “day into night.”

    Something evil incarnate just like itself.

    These demons from another dimension called hell want everybody living in the dark. That is done by using and abusing good people for their own nefarious and evil purposes.

    If you are enlightened, meaning guided by the light, this evil hates you.

    It wants your light extinguished.

    That is done by many deceptions but mainly by drugging of its victims into complying, confirming and cooperating with all if its evil wrongdoings.

    The truth is well documented. However you have to have a very open mind to connect all of the dots hidden behind the guise of fraudclosure.

  7. This entire foreclosure scam is a criminal cover up for the sexual crimes of this entire global freemasonic sex cult.

    “They are a Big Club” of criminal sex offenders.

  8. If the crooks can’t keep you “going along” with them and all of their evil plans they laid out for you they will scapegoat you for their own criminal acts against you. They are in cahoots with the entire legal system. Therefore, they can manufacture many scenarios to try cause their victim to be in extreme
    fear. That is meant to force the victim to flee from their own house, possessions,
    family and friends. They will
    manufacture a worse case scenario that is meant to paint a mentally disturbing
    mental picture for their targeted victims. This evil knows what you fear the most is it stealing everything from you. It wants you to be its whore, or it wants you to be left abandonded, broke,
    homeless and at the mercy of its completely corrupt system that threw you under the wheels of their Securities Fraud bus.

    It wants you to feel helpless and insecure in your person, house, effects and papers. It hopes that you will commit a desperate Act to make your life
    worse. Evil wants you out of its way so that it can commit even more heinous
    and egregious crimes against you. If you
    will not just “move along” willingly and put out the absolutely sickening sexual favors it promised that you would. They turned the United States of America inti “Hotel Erotica.” A hostile bed and breakfast of whores and madames ran by madmen. It wants you to fell depressed about how it is trying to ruin and control your life. If you don’t feel that
    all hope is lost, it will have you locked up, by manufacturing things like “missed court appearances” that you were told by
    the public defender you were forced to take, were on a certain date, but not
    given to you in written form. Then they change the date without giving proper
    notice ever being given to you. These court proceedings are all of course manufactured by the Global freemasonic
    cult. That fraud however, is hard to prove in a legal system that is overrun by these maniacs. Their criminal fraud, lies
    and deceit is being controlled by them from behind the scenes.

    The control freaks want you to sound paranoid and suspicious because that is how they get away with calling you nuts when they are absolutely criminally

    They are not criminal masterminds because they lie, cheat and steal to get their way by using their global spy
    network of lowlife mafia thugs.

    This is all carried ourlt secretly in the name of Allah and many false prophets like David Koresh for example.

    They are all mainly sex offenders.

    No matter what color the collar they wear is, they lie and cheat to get their way with their targeted victims. That is not only unjust, it is felonious.  

    They are much worse than an armed bank robber because at least you know what they are capable of doing to harm you. They let you know their intentions are not good.

    These sneaks do not play fair. It is not “if you win or lose it’s how you play the game” with this evil. It is how best you can be tricked and deceived into having your free will stolen from you.

    You can never comply with its own criminal fraud, lies and deceit it committed against you in your name without you knowing about it.

    That is why deceit is the name of its game.

    You would have a tough time making their perps believe there is a vast criminal conspiracy against you that involves them themselves right?

    That is the epitome of evil.

    That is evil incarnate to pretend you don’t know that you are a player in a major Global criminal conspiracy to steal
    the free will of the innocent victims of your own crimes against humanity. All for your own selfish and greedy purposes that include a hidden agenda that is a global sex for hire plot, with criminal sexual undertones if you wont play along and give them what they want. In turn this is a sexually
    subversive global murder plot to
    exterminate just about everybody “in due course.”

    They have secretly and unlawfully issued warrants to the many, under false pretenses of some unknown debt that must be paid to “somebody” somewhere out there in cyberspace.

    They are coming for everybody because if they could do what they have done to me, no one is safe in these United States.

  9. When you work too damned hard to save your own legal identity, by trying to defend your own property titles from being “wife swapped,” and stripped illegally in fraudclosure from the sub planted enemy from within. The entire fraudclosure proceeding that was manufactured by the traitors from within our own house makes these felons become even more evilly and criminally subversive.

    The RPII, the “hidden plaintiff’s,” if you will begin to act like tyrannical dictators of their own tyrannical fraudulently induced dictatorship.

    They want to “win the lottery,” off the backs of their victims, and send their victims packing with their comRades. Hopefully to some undisclosed, pre-
    determined location that could be just about “anywhere” with just “anybody.”

    “They gotta gitta to the Greek.” so to speak. Or anybody who will help the hired foreign espionage agent, who is a traitor to itself, “deliver the actual goods in Acceptance of Carriage,” the spy ring left lying on the railroad “on the way to the Destination Station.” Way up in cyberspace.

    Yeah Right?

    Gypsies, tramps and thieves is what these spies want all of us to become.

    It helps them live with themselves to lock you up, drug you, and imprison you by manufacturing scenarios with their comrades, to force compliance with all of their felony fraud they committed in your name
    without your knowledge or consent.

    That is what identity thieves who assume the legal identity of their victims do for a “living.” They try really hard to hide they are are low life, manipulative, sadomasochistic, lying, cons who feel the need to unjustifiably and illegally control their own felony fraud. They are trying hard to mask the fact they are thieves of the life, liberty and property of
    their targeted victims. They are all “BFF’s,” a “perfect” “game, match, set,” of sociopathic,
    psychotic, lying little weasel twerp cowards.


    They “Fly in on the margins, of their
    “flight simulators.”

    X marks the spot.

    Know the Longitude
    and Latitude of your subject matter victim who you are trying to control the pre-destined path of. The one that you pre-determined because you really think that you are Greater and mightier than the Creator and you really believe that you and your “business partner” comrades are “too powerful,” and so smart that you are above the law.

    Entrapment is illegal.

    But who really cares?

    If you and your comrades can get away with believing one side of a story, you can use lies as truth to steal everything from your targeted victim souls.

    When you can all gang stalk your victims like prey, you can all cooberate your lies are truth about your “fraudclosure” victims. Who you are secretly and openly mentally, physically,
    psychologically and emotionally terrorizing day and night. Your Global
    criminal network
    that is based on nothing in law or fact,
    but on mere speculation, and no physical proof or written legal evidence, of anything that you say or do is true. You have nothing legal in which to base
    your fraudulent claims. Only because of secret cooberation by and with your criminal
    friends you carry out numerous “false
    flag” black ops against your targeted

    That is called an “INSIDE JOB” by all of you lying criminal scumbag felons.

  10. So my advice is stop fighting the crooks who is a dark entity, a demon who is the enemy from within our own househoulds. Tell them to go fight with themselves.

    I know that I already won both frausclosure suits that I have been defending pro se for nearly 5 years now based upon legal principle alone.

    The truth is these cases should have never been brought. These Globalist investors in their own COUNTERFEIT U.S. MORTGAGE NOTE INSIDER
    TRADING PYRAMID SCHEME were all invested in their own evil plot. Moreover, they were all wrongfully, and unjustly enriched by collecting innumerable
    amounts of “PAYOLA,” by overissuing investments in their own evil, subversive inhuman plot. These mafia thugs who all secretly work for the “elite”, collected all of our payments as usury that was
    egregious, heinous, excessive and widely criminally abusive, to redistribute our stolen wealth, property and everything We The People already payed
    for to themselves.
    It is all blood money and our property values and our property has been nearly destroyed by cooperating with the very individuals who are the only uncooperative ones who caused this huge fraudulent global financial war on the minds, bodies and souls of their
    targeted victims.

    They want complete destruction of the value of all of our assets funded by us by causing pandemonium here at home. They want the U.S. citizenry in chaos, not knowing “which end is up” that will eventually cause global chaos to ensue. Then they will blame the victims of their crimes and continue with their secret Hitler Campaign for Global extermination. They want a Global
    financial meltdown caused by a Global Securities Fraud pandemic of criminal activity that would make most of the criminals they convicted of crimes they instituted upon the many to look like saints. This was all caused by their
    secret, hidden ecclessastical, Freemasonic satanic ritual abuse (SRA) practices from hell.

    Who wants their blood money? They want to use and abuse whoever it is they deem to be “credit worthy victims,” who are just about anybody who are every American Citizen born here they robbed. Any American they think may have even a shred of humanity, human dignity about themselves or God forbid, any moral fortitude, will be used and abused in such a criminally abusive and deceptive way to be “wiped out,” and
    “stripped” of everything that person owns outright, so they turn away from God Almighty and “lose their religion.” They want the “best and the brightest,”
    to turn our house, the house of “We The
    People,” “The Peoples House,” that we all built, funded and paid for into a Global/International
    Satanic, Luciferian, Feemasonic “open
    and free immoral society,” living in their
    own satanic whore house of
    “ill repute.”

    That is what happens to the people of a nation who work to damned hard. They sometimes loose their moral compass.

    Denying that Fundamental Christian values, whose roots were firmly legally established by the issuance and signing into law that fundamental legal jurisprudence in this country is of, for and by humanity, not a subhuman underground culture of thieves, hoods and liars the likes of “The Nation of Islam.”

    What We The People are actually being denied in “open secret,” by these Globalist control freak felons is our most Fundamental
    religious belief system and practices. These luciferians and their satanic parts and counterparts, do not want us to believe that our Fundamental Christian Belief system has any actual value, especially not monetary. Not in their completely corrupt, immorral,
    fundamentally flawed, irreligious, Secret
    Society of Ishmael’s ….. Islamic
    Fundamentalists who worship false idols and pray to the God of Evil.

    They want all of the morals that Christians worship to be gone.

    That is what is at the core of this Global SeXurities Fraud Scandal. What this evil calls “Moral Hazard.”

    Which is a hazard to them that anybody has any morals left.

    Come out, come out wherever you are “Miss Goody Two Shoes,” and try and match wits with the devil himself, who is a thief who has no morals whatsoever.

    No thanks. I would rather file my own lawsuit, an actual real legal claim, to win back all of my stolen equity these Wall Street crooks stole from me in my unmarried, unregistered name. Meaning without my legal signature, and without
    my knowledge or consent. Being that I could not have possibly known of the deception.

    Any settlement from them brought under the guise of wrongful fraud
    closure is “Blood Money.”

  11. It all goes back to the first place issue, “where’s the note?”

    However, ignorance is bliss when you are a freemasonic ritual abuser.

    It is all about mind control by these satanic ritual abuse control freaks.

    It is the whole you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t scenario.

    That is because these “pledger’s,” of another human beings soul think they have some far flung right to pre-determine the destiny of a human beings mind, body and soul.

    The outright and intentional theft of the free will of anyone, that is done with the full intent to do harm to or do permanent harm to another for the sole purpose of unjust enrichment of another, or of others is not only unjust, highly illegal and ungodly, it is evil of biblical proportions.

    The magnitude of all of these Securities Fraud crimes will reach biblical proportions as all of the hate crimes caused by these crooks intensify.

    Nothing happens by chance with the Luciferian Freemason Global Cult.

    These evildoers take on any and every disguise imaginable and
    use every guise imaginable, to carry out their evil work. They apperar to work “for, against and “vis a vis” their targeted victims. “Classic conditioning” is a severe form of mental abuse used by the Freemasons by employing psychological triggers meant to disturb the mind of their psychologically
    imagined friend and foe is a key component to the luciferian ideology.

    The elected controller of its own targeted victim employs their own “control fraud” mechanisms such as “short sales,” “loan modifications,” “just walk away,” or imperils its targeted victim by leaving their own targeted victim no other choice but to try and defend themself against the enemy within.

    This evil will take every avenue
    and use their own Global network of perps and secret business partners to appear to
    be their own innocent victims who could not possibly be a
    party to
    their own crimes.

    The secret hidden plaintiff who is the actual control freak RPII will never openly reveal its true identity to its targeted victim.

    If you catch them, they will blame you, call you crazy or tell you “poor you,” for allowing yourself to be victimized by the control freak sadist abuser when you could have had no possible way of knowing of the deception.

    It wants its targeted victim to live in fear of it, because fear can overtake your rational thoughts, and cause a victim of it to “go along,” with all of its evil plans for you.

    Fear is known to cause even the most rational person to go running for shelter into the arms of the enemy who is supplanted within its own criminal system.

    That is what the execs up on Wall Street caused by infecting the U.S. and Global financial system with innumerable amounts of fraudulent Securities. These are all false claims based on nothing legally factual because pledges of the human souls and
    dignity of others by over issuing investments by way of unsecured and uncertificated certificates that are false based claims in tort that are in fact, phony, fraudulent “PMI” fraud Re-
    Insurance claims, otherwise known as Mortgage “GAP” proceeds that are illegal and
    felonoius fraud suits. These phony, fraudulent Derivatives based claims are not a legal cause of action in any court in this land but, are a part of a much broader, and highly illegal Global, Satanic/Luciferian based, Freemasonic conspiracy to buy, sell and trade human souls behind the guise of fraudulent mortgage
    originations backed by the illicit buying, selling and trading of fraudulently derived investments in U.S. Birth Certificate Bonds. That is Fraud in the Issuing and Sale of a U.S. Citizen. That is Human Trafficking by committing Felony Fraud that was committed inlawfully to gain vast unjust enrichment by using and abusing the free will by denying the legal rights of another by secretly assuming the legal identity of another. This was all done in secret n cyberspace by employing the
    use of a very many widely and criminally abusive fraudulent and deceptive “industry insider,” practices. Such as committing Fraud in the Issuance of Credit which was a Fraudulent Sale of U.S. taxpayer funded credit because the money never legally changed hands at the “closing table.”

    That was because of the fraudulently issued “mortgage servicing subleasing contracts” that were being fraudulently induced under the guise of “money lent.” When no actual physical money changed hands.That one fraudulent Act, involved many fraudulent Acts to occur from behind the scenes that allowed the perpetrators to counterfeit and forge mass amounts of U.S. Mortgage Notes and swap around all of their “bad paper,” amongst themselves. That is the epitome of an Insider Trading plot to overthrow our economy by distrupting the entire “Global Financial System” by overissuing counterfeit investments in Counterfeit U.S. Government Real Estate
    Securities Contracts in unregulated cyberspace, that were never properly legally executed, all over the
    Globe .

    This massive Global Securities Fraud was caused by a massive U.S. Real Estate Contract Breach. This was done unlawfully by traitors from within by assuming the identity
    of another U.S. citizen born here by the illicit, wrongful and illegal theft of our Social Security Numbers. These Globalist felons were allowed to rob and loot the U.S. Treasury Department by proxy of pretending to be their targeted victim. They committed Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud and
    U.S. Stock and Bond Fraud by the unlawful use of the digital signatures of We The People.

    This is a vast Global Criminal and Civil Conspiracy to trade of U.S. citizens to the enemy.

    The legal rights of We The People are being wrongfully denied because these felons consider every U.S. citizen born here to be an enemy combatant of the “New World Order” who are all hiding behind the U.N.

    They are Russian Nationals and Sicilian monsters at the core but are in cahoots with mainly, the “G-8” nations that include of course the U.S. itself. Though the Chinese and the Saudies as well as the Iranians and most of the Middle East are big investors in this scam to overthrow our U.S. Citizenships.

    The traitors from within, traded off the U.S. Citizenry born here, to their foreign counterparts and are using its own parts, and subparts implanted from within, to unlawfully force compliance with their own illicit, unlawful, unjust and felonious Human
    Trafficking of human souls. They are all reaping the benefits of their own felony fraud that is a highly criminal, U.S. taxpayer funded, Global Drug Trafficking/Human Trafficking/Sex Slave black op.

    No one is considered to be “too
    young” or “too old” to be “Crosstown Trafficked” by these Globalist demons from hell who conjure up their own demons by sacrificing the human souls of good people they consider to be “too good.”

    That is why this evil wants everybody to have some contrived illness if they are healthy. These demons want everyone drugged because no one, not even these demons themselves, can cope with what all of the incarnate evil they have
    planned for just about everybody in the name of ALLAH.

  12. well I do believe this so called modifications offered by wellsfargo would first have to be part of the original loan. meaning there is no fraud before and or during the offering stages. many times we are hearing about new investment groups staging modifications only to buy the debt once the offer is made under the disguise of the servicer. meaning the servicer is not the real servicer. You know if JP can intercept the ports , what makes you think they are unable to intercept your phone calls and your mail? I goes on consistently. Insurance agents are the worst

  13. Dicuments by dick heads is what i mean, sorry of course it was documents. Thank you.

  14. My two bits worth – consumer law, whats left of it, and council that know what to do with it, and the ones that try have not had the exposure to come close to deal with things from counterfeit dicuments lies and new players popping up innthe middle of litigating.they are decades ahead by design, the banks lawyers are titans, no matter, have faith know the strengths and weaknesses of your case and do the best you can with what you got. I kerp it as simple as i can being pro se and i stick to my evidence.
    Some things are out of our control and some things are just plain out of control.
    Aman – yes they do, but changing the talking heads takes money and proper support, where would it come from to get these puppets out of office, i have a good freind who understands the heirachy in AZ ( i for sure dont) and comments such as – so and so would be a good candidate- but he has no money. Its the money, always the money. Sad. Things can change but we need a paradigm shift, soon please.

  15. Javagold its not the debt collectors fault. It is our public servants fault for letting this happen. These fat cats (public servants) get a fat salary and fat pensions ON OUR BACKS.


  16. Servicer. Debt collectors. Scumbags.

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