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TONIGHT: A discussion of winning strategies in foreclosure defense litigation. Turning surprises against the Plaintiff or beneficiary and revealing the “boarding” process for what it is — a sham.

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  1. Dwight,

    RE: ” All you ever say is “hire a lawyer, pay your taxes, insurance” …


  2. Dwight read the comments on the next post.
    I shall be awaiting any apology. Unless you want me to read it for you too? Did I make myself clear enough?

    You can lead a horse to water but you cant drink for it.

  3. Cookie … Very few attorneys out there know anything about how to defend against this stuff, and they don’t possess the verbal skills and knowledge to even articulate it so that a Judge can understand it. So your constant repeating of “why didn’t you hire an attorney” shows how you are out of the loop and don’t understand the reality out there. And I was willing to pay for legal representation, the problem is in finding the competent lawyer who is worth spending your money on. You do a lot of assuming and that’s why you offend people, and why you don’t win.

    If you are a good person and you have knowledge to share, why don’t you share it ?? But you mock and ridicule people .. can you see yourself for what you are? You belittle and poke fun at people who are in a serious problem .. do you understand why that kind of behavior by you is unacceptable and immature?

    If you want to help others here , learn how to share what you’ve learned and write it out in a way that others can learn something from it.
    I’ve been waiting for you to do it for a long time, I wish you would tell us all exactly what your steps would be in defending against the travesty.

    All you ever say is “hire a lawyer, pay your taxes, insurance” … well that’s a half-assed way of communicating your ideas, you need to do better than that. Do you even acknowledge that there are lawyers out there who have no idea of how to defend against this stuff? You don’t even explain what the lawyer is supposed to do , you simply tell people to hire a lawyer .. most of your posts are short, abbreviated blurbs .. you really need to start talking in complete sentences and paragraphs and explaining exactly what your thoughts are on how to properly defend against these crimes … tell us … we’re all ears !

  4. FYI, I Earned My Wings! One with Citi, One with BOA. And a Friend earned both of hers, she just gave Chase an Good Ole Fashion Beating in Federal and State Corts when she took the Bull By Both Horns! We had Attornies!! Its a Word Game!

  5. Dwight, I don’t sugar coat anything. If you can go back to a 2004 case and show me your win, then you have one up on me. I don’t take advantage of people because the oppertunity is there, but when someone tries to take advantage of me and tries to rob me blindly .. I call my Friends and I Lawyer UP! Had you done that instead of waiting 6yrs your attorney would have told you to pay your taxes, ins and maintain the property. You are in deep dodoo now, that’s why they can’t help you (that and you want them to work for free), whose going to pay for the depositions and court costs, the attornies staffs salaries? The attorneys out of their own pockets? There is a reason for retainers. Best of Wishes to You and Your Family.

  6. AND, after you lose your house, you have the deficiency hounds chasing you……

  7. Cookie … you come across as a paid troll for the banks to spread your crap all over this blog site. But they aren’t getting their monies worth because you never make any sense, nobody understands what the hell you’re talking about, you just babble on with half-truths and innuendo and make no valid points along the way, so people here just tune you out and skip over your posts. You waste space on these message boards and you should really just leave and go get yourself a life.

    If you were truly about sharing knowledge and information that might help people here then you would do it in a clear, concise way that makes sense to the people reading, but you fail, you don’t have the talent to write meaningful posts that anyone can understand, you’re basically the message board idiot screaming out for attention, angry because nobody listens to your babble anymore.

    Go ahead and try and prove me wrong … lets see you post all of your knowledge and strategy in a way that we can all understand .. I doubt you are capable of doing it, which means you are irrelevant … your posts are meaningless and nobody pays attention to what you say.

    I have been more successful in court than you .. I have defeated the Wells Fargo attorneys once already .. they already had a judgment and a sheriffs sale scheduled , and I walked into court at the eleventh hour and undid everything .. and I did it without an attorney .. I used the information from this blog and made them throw in the towel and walk away … they walked away from the final judgment in their favor and the scheduled sheriffs sale … so don’t try and throw your bullshit at me, I’m already better than you , I’m already smarter than you and I’ve never worked in the industry like you have. Show us your victories in court , you have none to show … you just sit here everyday trying to blame the victims of the crimes .. the banks you seek to protect and defend are the bottom-feeders and scum of society , they deserve to be thrown in prison for what they’ve done to the families of this country.

    You can take your irrelevant opinions and shove them up your ass.

  8. Dwight, that attitude is exactly why you too will lose. If you can’t find an attorney to represent you, there is a reason for that, and I’m pretty sure I explained that to you already. This is the impression you give to them .. “Excuse me, I’ve been harmed but I don’t know how I was harmed. All those investors should cover my living expenses because they were stupid enough to Invest in me. They have to give me my house and take care of my promise to maintain the property and pay tax n ins. I know they committed crimes against me because everybody says so, and harmed me althou I don’t know how, but you should still rule in my favor. “. Case Closed!

  9. Esther9 … Thank you for posting the link to the article .

    Here’s a paragraph from the article that highlights why the Judges in foreclosure cases have a “conflict of interest” and why the public deserves this grievance to be redressed and a just solution be found.

    >> “In 2006, after a few years at a white-shoe law firm, Fleischmann ended up at Chase. The mortgage market was white-hot. Banks like Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup were furiously buying up huge pools of home loans and repackaging them as mortgage securities. Like soybeans in processed food, these synthesized financial products wound up in everything, whether you knew it or not: your state’s pension fund, another state’s workers’ compensation fund, maybe even the portfolio of the insurance company you were counting on to support your family if you got hit by a bus.” <<<


    We need to bring this real problem to the surface and deal with it. The Judges are protecting their own financial security by ruling against the homeowners in foreclosure cases. This is unjust and cannot be allowed to continue on … why has this not been charged against every Judge in the country ? How do we start doing it ?

  10. The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare

    Read more:

    Note: comment section
    Smokes socalbeachdude • 2 days ago
    No you’re not, you’re a paid troll.

    Hello, take a look at SocalBeachDude’s 6 days of posting on this one article. Same as Fairymeed. Two paid trolls.

  11. The judge ignores the borrower from the start. The DA was never going to investigate mortgage/ loan application fraud by the broker. That’s just the way it goes. Walk away.

  12. Are you an expert, Neil? Explain this please:

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