Florida Statute of Limitations in Chaos

I have written about it, but there is an article that succinctly makes the point. See http://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/the-third-district-weighs-in-on-the-appl-27045/

My opinion is simple — keep things the way they were before this nonsense started. To lean toward the banks at this point adds insult to injury to the judicial system and the borrowers. Homeowners have been systematically steam-rolled on the premise that the need to get this behind us was paramount even over due process rights. So now courts are suggesting that the losing bank can still file on the same loan that was declared in default as to the entire balance due.

Hopefully the Florida Supreme Court will at least be consistent — opting for finality rather than allowing multiple suits regarding the same subject matter.

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  1. It is about time the Federal Authorities started arresting these Global Securities Fraud Felons.

  2. CNBC reported today a “hedge fund manager” was shot today.

    That is the likely result of trickle down “reagonomics.”

    Otherwise known as letting the foxes
    run the hen house.

  3. BTW, it was well-credentialed financial expert Christopher Whalen, who used the phrase “Hitler Plan,” to describe the bombastity of this evil plan by these closed-minded, control fraud freak, arrogant, Globalist, moron, imbecile, hoarders in a Bloomberg News Channel T.V. interview.

  4. Who can be considered a criminal in a country run by what amounts to psychotic mafia people? Where at least 51% of society have no morals, lost their scruples, and as a result, have no better judgment than the psychotic mafia people they work for? Meaning, they secretly joined forces with the enemy?

    Even an imbecile “brown bagger” would likely say this place is shot.

  5. Not one single U.S. citizen born here can be legally charged with, or legally convicted of any crimes in these United States. That is the direct result of no criminal convictions of any of the Securities Fraudster Felons. Because of that absolute outrageous fact, we can only be considered to be a nation being run into the ground by the very
    Securities Fraud Investor felons who caused this nationwide illegal, wrongful, unjustified and felonious Fraudclosure Suit under many guises. Namely the faulty Repurchase Agreement aka the
    RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT that is a cover up for Global Fraud in the Securing and Issuing of Credit in the
    names of but without the knowledge of We The People. That wrongful and
    unlawful and fraudulent Act being passed into law by the traitors from
    within who are obviously all foreign espionage agents, was the precursor to
    the fraudulently induced Healthcare Act/Tax. That “Act,” is yet another
    fraudulently induced “property tax” that is fraudulently concealing it is a
    tyrannical securities fraud re-investor, “Hitler Plan.” That evil plan was put in
    place to govern over the global electronic currency, the 13th coin
    spoken about in the Book of Revelation. That evil plan includes the permanent
    installation of the “Verichip,” the microchipped mark of the beast in the
    human flesh of We The People.

    That is why the massive Global
    Securities Fraud was committed. To
    create gazillions in debt fraud as an illegitimate and illegal excuse to secretly
    force We The People to re-pay for their crimes against us by stealing our free

    It is a crime spree that has a crime scene so massive that it encompasses the
    entire globe. We The People have been made the scapegoats under this
    Beezlebub, Satanic Luciferian Securities Fraud Re-Investor Government. We The People are all victims who are being held for an unspecified, undenoted and undisclosed amount of ransom. We are
    all considered to be hostages and Prisoners of this secret war on our legal
    rights by the Securities Fraud
    Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    Satanists who are running this “rules for radicals,” Saul Alinskyite “community fraud reorganizer” communist re-socialist soviet style
    Administration of totalitarian control freaks. .

  6. Another little known truth about fraud closure is the targeted victims are known as “brown bag targets.”

    The inside meaning of that is, the “investors” view those they choose to target in fraudulent forclosure suits as stupid, dumb imbeciles who lack a “formal legal education,” or, they just do not think they care enough about a “house” or any of their other property to even attempt to enter into their massive Securities Fraud, Breach of Contract, violation of the Public Trust Fraud closure “arena.” They figure if they do, they will never have the “wearwithall” to withstand the fake legal arguments of this den of vipers.

    What is it that you just said pee-on? We are violating your legal rights and we don’t have a what? A legal assignment? Huh, what? Uh we don’t need one of
    those. You requested Discovery in writing according to the legal rules? Well quite frankly, we ignore all of that “legal
    mumbo-jumbo” is what the attorney for Plaintiff’s,” Jillian Cole from Aronberg, Golgehn and Garmisa calls an “operation of law.” Meaning a legal obligation to perform a legal duty by producing one actual Genuine and Authentic Legal Document. You are no idiot and the “investors” all know it. That is because you demanded an
    actual written copy of the PSA and the Prospectus or you threatened to, God-

    They want to “brown bag” as many of the Christians, esp. the Catholics they can in fraudclosure. Mainly because they got caught red-handed by the Vatican trying to pin the blame for all of their faulty mortgage derivatives products on them.

  7. Time for banks to devour each others. Goldman’s might end up being the last one standing… ’til its own, inevitable collapse. 2015 promises to be interesting.


  8. I have the Original Bill of Sale/Bill of Lading from the building contractor stating that my house is paid in full. Can J.P MORGAN CHASE say the same?

    I should say not because if they did their Attorneys over at Fisher & Shapiro would then have to
    produce the Actual Genuine and Authentic Bill of Particulars,
    namely the “Notorial Certificate”, (OMG! Yes! The actual, infamously missing, Original
    Genuine & Authentic Security
    Agreement), with my actual legally verifiable, original blue ink
    legal signature hand written
    upon it. Yes, an actual legally sworn and attested to,
    notarized legal document, signed and wittnessed by an actual licensed and certified
    CPA of the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT! One that would actually be worthy of a signed and attested to, swear upon the Holy Bible that what the AFFIANT SAYETH is actually true ….. An actual legal
    affidavit sworn and attested to by that original CPA who is supposes to be working as an Agent of the U.S. Treasury Department, not as a foreign national spy for the “Board of Directors” over at J.P. MORGAN CHASE. The Securities Fraud “Investors” own personal brown shirt headquarters that is located down the street from Chicago’s City Hall and its adjacent timber mill aka the “Daley Center.”

    This country is awash in criminal fraud being committed upon the entire U.S. citizenry in open secret.”

    We The People are living in peril, and in double jeopardy. This is a direct result of a massive global Securities Fraud plot hatched by these international Traitors.
    who are also the ” investors ”

    Show me the most important written legal document that would give the “Trustee” any legal way in which to proceed. Show me the actual “Secured Document,” that you claim I signed that fully discloses all
    pertinent aspects of this putported financial transaction, in black and white. Meaning the Original Trustees Agreement in written form. That is the most basic, fundamental legal requirement that must be met at the onset, but by no later than at the “inception” of their “contractual lawsuit in equity.” The Plaintiff must demonstrate “proof of loss,” in written form by attachment of the “TORT TO THE LEGAL CONTRACT,” to meet the
    most fundamentally basic
    “burden of proof” “financial industry standard legal requirement.” I demand written legal proof. I demand to see the Original signed and agreed to LEGAL TRUSTEE’S AGREEMENT that explicitly describes in pertinent detail that I gave my express written knowledge and legal consent that would have allowed this vast international criminal enterprise that is a Global network of low life, weasel jerk felons,
    to gamble
    with my life, liberty, and personal property, my personal freedoms and my personal peace and security that protect all of my personal legal rights that were afforded to me, under the U.S. Bill of Rights, as a U.S. citizen who was born here, on U.S. soil, in Chicago, Illinois, at Holy Cross Hospital, on the Twelfth day of November, in the year Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Three.

  9. The end-game is the foreclosure itself.

    After all, the US Dollar IS the International Sovereign Currency- the currency against which all other mediums are valued.

    Presently, by any stretch of any imagination, the banks have rendered themselves insolvent by their own behaviors, according to their own rules.

    There are 682 TRILLION DOLLARS owed the system internationally based upon “NOTIONAL DERIVATIVES”. Those derivatives exist as “short-sale bets” placed against the borrowers’ ability to pay what the banks describe as loans on real property.

    The “NOTION” these “BETS” will not “pay off” is considered by the cynics an existential threat to the supremacy of the US Dollar.

    These same cynics would rather abandon the rule of law and continue enriching banking predation as opposed to exposing the corruption for what it is.

    This scam is not about a “free house”. It is instead about getting our house in order, pursuing justice and bringing the central bankers to their knees once-and-for-all; it is about preserving our FREEDOM.

  10. Fraudclosure, meaning nothing the Plaintiffs, the Attorneys, the Courts, or the judges are doing is based on anything in law or fact, is evidence of a foreign insurrection by foreign espionage agents.

  11. Can a Judge legally use the Courts for self enrichment? Or the enrichment of family?


  12. No Discover = No Transparency = Corruption.
    G-d Bless Amerifraud

  13. MORTGAGE INSURANCE collected by alleged Lender/Servicers [ including FHA loans ] was supposed to cover the risk/borrower default!
    Escow accounts were set up, supposedly…. “BOTTOM LIE” : Why do the ‘alleged’ Investor/Pretender Lenders & their alleged Servicers still try to COLLECT [ Debt Collectors – for unsecured Notes ] the full amount. plus, plus, plus??? The Mortgage Insurance on the very FIRST DEFAULT should have paid out at least 85%+/- ! Therefore, FRAUD is a no-brainer! The MORTGAGE SCAM is ALIVE & STRONG!!! How are these DEBT COLLECTORS able to continue defrauding with a Mrtg that is nothing more than an ILLUSION??? The alleged Total Debt Amount being collected reflected on Servicer/Lender Billing Statements are simply FRAUDULENT. We need gutsy & knowledgeable ATTYS & JUDGES to HELP STOP BANKSTER FRAUD, NOW!!! “SPREAD THE WORD”….

  14. So think about for example a forcible detainer action ( burden of proof on them – plaintiff) say you had no hearing and you never got served summons or complaint, now its a question of right to possession, right to have the sheriff kick some borrower out of their home. The parties involved need to be who they say they are wouldnt you think, what do they have to hide.

  15. Not a lawyer just posting for research and possibilities
    Each case is different and get a good lawyer innyour state

  16. Im thinking you can only bring an action once and if they show unclean hands …. And they do they do

  17. The majority of these manufactured court proceedings being brought unlawfully and seditiously under the guise of fraudclosure are being brought by a Global/International spy ring of Russian/Sicilian run mob counterintelligence agencies. Namely, COINTELPRO who are controlled by the British, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese Russian Controlled Counterintelligence Agency for the Sicilian-Russian Mafia “Investor Government.”

    They are running their own International/Global mafia-style Control Fraud MortgageNote/U.S. Bank Note Counterfeiting Securities Fraud Protection Racket Blackwater type Black Bank and Banking Mind Control Psy Op to fraudulently conceal their true identities and fraudulently conceal their own Global/International
    “Investment” crimes.

    This is mainly being done vis a vis AIG and their PRISM PROGRAM mind control FINCEN “Black Banks and Banking” covert Global/Multinational spy ring of Sicillian and Russian spies who are U.S. Bank Note/Investment Fraud Counterfeiters posing as U.S. American Citizens who work for COINTELPRO. There are many layers to that spy agency that have innumerable amounts of subsidiaries to this Multinational Russian Government Global
    spy ring Organization.

    They also have their own Global Attorney Network who are posing as Attorneys at every level from the Supreme Court Justices all the way
    down to the State, County, Local level. COINTELPRO agents are also infiltrated all throughout law enforcement and are hiding inside of the U.S. Government at every level posing as American Citizens. They are all traitors and sell outs to We The People.

    COINTELPRO, their Agents and their Agency subsidiaries are fraudulently concealing Global and International swapping of our U.S. Birth Certificates. Those are the missing link in regard to the non-existant ABI’s.

    This Global/International Securities Fraud Crime Spree Cover Up is the biggest foreign espionage Black Bank and Banking Psy op in U.S. History.

    Frausclosure is an “inside job,” by foreign espionage agents posing as U.S. Citizens done to illegally and unlawfully revoke our U.S. Citizenship papers, our long form U.S. Birth
    Certificates in fake, manufactured war tribunal like fraudclosure courtroom proceedings.

    This manufactured Fraudclosure event is Drug Trafficking/Human Trafficking Global Securities Fraud at the International Level by our Foreign and Domestic Multinational Corporate enemies that
    involves treason at the highest levels
    all the way down to their Corporate Cronies down on Mainstreet, U.S.A.
    These international spies have infiltrated our daily lives and are hiding within our own houses and
    business properties. They are co-mingled in throughout our entire U.S.
    society posing as anyone and every entity imaginable

    COINTELPRO Documentary – Part 1 of 6:

  18. For those of us who have been the foreclosure/breach of contract litigation, it also means that the bank/servicer who filed a lawsuit against you for foreclosure, is not ruled as a dismissal with prejudice, they bank/servicer can file another lawsuit against you.

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