Collaboration is the Answer: Lawyers and Consumers, Homeowners and Student Borrowers Should Join Up

As many of you know, I am committed to being a part of the Collaborative Movement in this country.  I have been a VOICE for reformation of the Mortgage Industry and many of you have VOTED with me by sharing  information that has help us all in these trying times. While we have informal collaboration, it is time to express one voice through a collaborative movement. This can lead to both sharing litigation strategies as well as lobbying AGAINST the nearly absolute control exercised by the banks at the state and Federal level. I have spoken with Matt Weidner about this and he agrees. Some years ago we tried the American Homeowners Cooperative, but people were not up to speed on the idea that homeowners can and SHOULD be winning most of the cases.

Bank lawyers have massive teleconferences and seminars to get their message straight and so judges hear a consistent message. I think we should be doing the same thing. But it takes infrastructure to get that going and it takes people committed to the concept of collaborative governance within the existing system of government and laws.

Last July, I was in a meeting where a new website community was conceived called and I support it 100%.  My friends Robert and Cheryl-Ann Needham are the founders and they have created a place where we can all gather on a multitude of ideas, issues and concerns for ourselves and our nation. Dr. Needham is literally a rocket science who was in charge of critical elements of the early NASA missions. He is a forward thinker like nobody else I know and I have decided to partner up with him to see if we can get the victims of bank misbehavior into a single collaborative movement and structure.

There are two levels of membership.  Most join for FREE, that is called the Basic Membership.  However, the serious contributors to the movement purchase a Share Membership for a onetime Share Fee of $240.  I bring this up because they take $180 of the $240 and purchase “crowd-sourced” advertising in support of great initiatives like ours.  Plus Share Members, as part of this cooperative will share in the profits of the website.

With the upcoming AMGAR project soon to be launched, we ought to all consider our willingness to make contributions of money and effort to launch and support collaborative efforts to break the hold that banks have on our courts and our legislators.

I am asking the readers of my Blog to JOIN CollaborateUSA today and get behind this Collaborative Movement.  They just completed Phase 1 and the website will be growing monthly until April 7.  We can impact America with this website as it gives us VOICE.

Join me and millions soon and become a member today of

Dr. Robert A. Needham’s Book on Amazon:


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  1. Thank you

  2. It’s nice to know we still have some good people left in this world. I sit here and watch these scums of the earth take what little some people have left. Do you think it makes sense for one company to have many names for itself. Carrington mortgage has around about 35 other names for itself It also uses those names to help in its venture to foreclose on people

  3. And im not whining im wine ing😬 well actually im blogging

  4. Bob
    They were so far ahead of us at closing, a brit blonde with her ” burd dog best friend is spoon fed into thinking she can actually afford her dream house, took my lifes work financially, first i felt stupid, i mean how could i have been that stupid what went wrong i had always been able to cover my debts with my assets, then i felt angry as i figured that actually, i did nithing wrong, i was set up, i hinestly dont even think the burd dog knew how eeep it went ahe just wanted her fat comission, then i felt sad, then i learned, and now i want justice. Onward.


    foreclosure defense attorneys….

    Check them out and post results.

  6. Neil:

    When the citizenry raise a hue and cry with the IRS over confusion between implementation of the tax code and the Constitution, and demands that the IRS explain the law, the IRS stonewalls. Its leaders say “We will answer their questions through litigation.”

    I have said that is the only way to deal with the banks – to SUE them and their associates and agents for injuring the borrower at the inception of the loan. THAT is the ideal way to fight foreclosure – make the bank busy defending itself and demand jury trials on the torts and breaches by the bank and its helpers like mortgage brokers, appraisers, and title companies.

    I have said that foreclosure victims need to sue their pretender defenders for legal malpractice becasue ALL of those lawyers know that appraisers lie through overvaluation of the property, and mortgage brokers falsify loan applications which borrowers never read, and title company closers often fail to give TILA disclosures, and the lenders use bait and switch tactics and charge excessive interest and brokers charge excessive origination fees, and the lot of them commit far more malfeasance than that. But Foreclosure defense lawyers refuse to examine the mortgages competently to find such causes of action against that lender and its associates and agents who injured the borrower.

    You have focused on blogging about the horrors of securitization and broken chain of title of the note, etc, most of which I consider nonsense, and irrelevant in contrast to the above injuries.

    YOU CANNOT RESOLVE THOSE INJURIES by collaboration with the injurious parties. You resolve them by MASSIVELY SUING THE INJURIOUS PARTIES.

    The bank takes loan submissions from mortgage brokers, and their underwriters approve applications with bold face lies on them. Sometimes the broker lied, and sometimes the borrower lied, and sometimes both lied. But the lender doesn’t care because it will sell that loan immediately.

    You cannot cure that with collaboration. You only cure it by suing the lot of them.

    The appraiser lied and said the house had higher value than it actually did because the appraiser WORKS FOR THE LENDER and DOES WHAT THE LENDER WANTS, and follows the lender’s orders. The lender wants to know the maximum possible value of the property for the purpose of making a loan, not for the purpose of the borrower, which is to appraise it for the minimum it could possibly be worth. As a result, most appraisals come in at the high side. That pleases the Seller, the Realtors, the Mortgage Broker, and the Lender because all of them make the maximum amount of commission or margin with such loans, and NONE of them care if the borrower defaults because that will happen to someone else, typically to a group of investors who bought securitization certificates.

    You cannot cure that with collaboration. You can cure it only by suing the lot of them, based on their culpability. And you can only find that culpability through a comprehensive examination of every single document related to that mortgage. EVERYBODY, including lender, brokers, appraiser, title company, servicer, foreclosure defender, could have injured the borrower. Only ONE entity did NOT injure the the borrower: the present HOLDER OF THE TOXIC NOTE – the unsuspecting investor to whom the scurrilous lender sold the toxic note.

    As you have reported, aggregators who purchased toxic notes started suing those scurrilous lenders, but they don’t have the borrower’s interest at heart. ONLY THE BORROWER cares about the borrower’s interest.

    Foreclosure victims should collaborate with each other to file legal malpractice complaints against their foreclosure defense attorneys who wasted their money fighting an unwinnable battle. It is unwinnable because in fact the borrower did breach the note and must forfeit the collateral house in an effort to make the note holder whole. The attorneys know this. They know appraisals are almost universally fraudulent, and mortgage brokers almost universally cheat borrowers and lenders alike, and title companies often injure the borrowers too. But they don’t mount a discovery effort and lawsuit against those crooks because it takes too much actual, hard WORK. It’s much easier to file cookie-cutter pleadings in a fake foreclosure defense effort and lead the borrower by the nose and wallet to eventual, inevitable, inexorable loss of the house.

    I’d say the most likely successful action would be for borrowers to get their mortgages examined, and then COLLABORATE in class action lawsuits against their foreclosure pretender defenders for making them lose the house instead of attacking those culprits who injured the borrower at loan inception.

    That’s the only kind of collaborative effort I see that will do any good. Then, perhaps, more lawyers might start getting mortgages examined and attacking the appraiser, mortgage broker, title company, servicer, lender, and winning compensatory and punitive damages for their foreclosure victim clients.

    Want to know how to win for the client? Take a lesson from the Brown v Quicken Loans case.

    If you want a better understanding, I’ll happily explain, free. Bob Hurt 727 669 5511

  7. Can’t hold up my Argument Christine any more than. Can make everyone rescind their tax with holdings
    I’m just saying Elizabeth WArren does her job, my hope is my hope. How you think, so shall you be. Gotta have hope
    But you also gotta act and hold on to what is established as law , that we have, and stay on the right side of it, they can’t demonstrate the same if all were fair and equal.

  8. Deb,

    Nobody is “our hope”. We are our own hope. Waiting for Elizabeth Warren to do it all when she couldn’t even save Dodd-Frank because every one of those in Washington, paid by our taxes and with perks not one of us on this site can claim, had more to gain by fleecing America than doing his job. Only 10 people in the entirety of Congress voted against that take over of America by Citigroup. Nobody wants to fire the remaining 525 fully bought and paid for and nobody wants to take the only stand that makes sense. Elizabeth Warren won’t do it for you. In fact, that’s exactly why she was allowed to be elected: as a one-woman show, she presents no danger to the establishment and she is convincing enough to keep people hoping while remaining in their passive torpor.

  9. Deb,

    To opt out is impracticable if you are the only one doing it. What do you think would happen is every nurse and MD, tech and phlebo in your hospital marched into HR and said: “I am rescinding my W4. I will, from now on, take full responsibility for paying my own dues to society and it will not be the IRS.”? It will come to that but after how much more destruction in this country?

    Is it painful to go on the attack? Is losing a house painful? Is slaving for someone else’s enrichment painful? Is uncertainty for the future painful? Pain is an intrinsic part of life. Trying to avoid it at all cost by cowering is guaranteed to cause greater pain than confronting it head on. And a long life of cowering is more painful than a short life of decision making and action taking because when we do take action, we do it on our terms. When we wait for someone else’s and prepare to avoid the blows, we act on their terms. Simple.

  10. Dont get me wrong christine i understand what you are saying, its the system, it is very broken. Elizabeth Warren when she grilled the president of the new york Fed and the supervision ” safety and soundness” threatening the larger financial system ( legal or not)
    The point was it must come from the top, he agreed.
    Everyone should check it out, cant put it on here christine can you post the youtube discussion please. Elizabeth Warren is our hope as far as im concerned .

  11. Just apply the rules equally

  12. Christine to opt out is impractical pain aside.

  13. Christine the IRS could jail them, i would be happy at that. Truely i believe they know it, if you apply tax laws to the guys issuing documents claiming they are the lender and are claiming the whole original ” loan” amount and liening against us little guys and ruining our credit reputation our ability to be succussful at anything ( affects job prospects, to say the least) and pay anyway, well if the tax code was applied at the same level it is to us then it would be a done deal, but instead we get to Pay for it not once but many times in many ways, they killed the golden goose.( hat tip louise, she nailed it in 4 words)

  14. “While we have informal collaboration, it is time to express one voice through a collaborative movement. This can lead to both sharing litigation strategies as well as lobbying AGAINST the nearly absolute control exercised by the banks at the state and Federal level. I have spoken with Matt Weidner about this and he agrees. Some years ago we tried the American Homeowners Cooperative, but people were not up to speed on the idea that homeowners can and SHOULD be winning most of the cases.”


    Anything you stop feeding will die. Stop feeding the system. And do it while your taxes could still make a difference in the country’s economy heavily sustained by drug trafficking and weapons exports (might be already too late…) First thing to do is draft a 1040, see how much you should be paying and inform the IRS and every member of Congress that it is what you should be paying and you will but… not to the IRS to further senseless wars and incompetent representatives. Nope. That exact amount you are supposed to pay and do want to pay will go to to what it was originally intended for: the betterment of the people paying it. Infrastructures, decent education (not brainwashing), research, effective support of the Constitution through legal representation for those unable to afford it. For those employed by corporations, understand that you have been blackmailed into obtaining those jobs, however lousy the pay, by signing a W4. What would happen if, all of a sudden, every victim of the system recanted that W4 or walked out and became self-employed?

    Still too painful. People won’t do it. Too much to lose. So, let’s create a Collaboration requiring a paid membership from people who can hardly pay their bills and buy food. That ought to work like a charm. The key to real success! People couldn’t organize when they still had an income. What makes anyone thing they will now that unemployment is close to (or past) 13%?

  15. Ha i can speak but certainly cant type- meant speak the language, not soesk. Sorry. Its the equipment its from the 1900 circa or thereabouts

  16. iN for a penny in for a pound. Cant donate ( yet) state court appeAl fee due but i will help any way i can otherwise.
    I work in a large trauma hospital would you like to hazard a guess how many nurses and doctors were asset stripped, maybe my collegues can donate and get involved. The thing is the medical profession was very vulnerable during the real estate bubble, secure job, good credit scores, and mostly clueless about investing. There were a particular group who were recruited from India,they soesk the language and bring their kids and were some ifvthe best nurses i have had the pleasure of working with, they bought new builds and put down money, they were upside down just as i was in less than 18 months, buying at the height of the bubble, nice welcome for them wasnt it.

  17. I agree with you Neil, we need something like National Association of homeowner’s to fight the ongoing injustice imposed upon the American people by the controlling community. I do not know much about this cooperative and need to get some more information and its aims and objectives. As a national association we could impact legislation that will preserve home ownership (life, liberty and property) constitution consistent with constitutional provisions of this country.

    I will support such an endeavor and we together could muster up national membership.

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