In October, 2007 I started this blog without any idea that one day I would be talking to readers who had visited the site more than 10 million times. I thought it was amazing when 400 visits “piled” up in a month! This has been a rewarding journey even if it was frustrating. None of the success of this blog would have been possible without you. My earnest thanks to all of you who have read, contributed, and forwarded the content of this blog millions of times beyond the 10 million visits that WordPress has counted.

Thanks to all of you and have a Happy Holiday season!

Neil F Garfield


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  1. UKG,

    I do understand that, believe me. I don’t begrudge anyone for choosing the path he chose. What I’m saying (and have been long before I even did anything) is,knowing what works and doesn’t:

    1) People on the defense appear to take a much longer time to win. Attack first. Default later;
    2) People on the defense use many different angles, many of them are not accessible to them as a legitimate defense. As a result, they don’t fare well.
    3) Securitization has, historically and nationally, not been successful as a defense;
    4) BK was peddled by many “foreclosure defense” experts as the panacea and many homeowners lost;
    5) We are 7 years into the mess and we have enough information to avoid repeating the mistakes of previous cases;
    6) By positioning an attack first on solid statutes, the likelihood of finding a competent attorney is much, much higher.

    I do not judge homeowners for the choices they made, when they made them, based on the prevalent circumstances at the time. I do believe we’ve come a way long enough to not repeat the same mistakes. Time to look at what now can work in 3 or 4 years, versus a painfully long and drawn out 7 years (or 10, in the case of Anonymous). Who has that kind of time to give to banks? Time to cut through the chase for the newbies, look at what works and follow the lead.

    You do realize that I don’t have any incentive spending hours and hours teaching homeowners, right? That I know what’s going on in my state and how to play the game here but anyone contacting me forces me to research what happen in his state and who the major players are, right? I do it to a point.

    I’ve been running on fumes ever since Carrie (160+ hours) and her little friends; none of them listened to a word I said and all of them turned on me when I couldn’t provide therapy sessions. You bet I’m increasingly short on patience. 57 people from 17 states. Only 7 so far have followed my advice and they are doing well. 50 are sucking the life out of me by refusing common sense 101 and bringing up LL every chance they get. At some point, knowing where they are and how easily their cases could be won, wasting my time on “securitization” makes me see very red toward the Garfields of this world who won’t pick them up when they fall after having listened to his gibberish.

  2. Christine, the wins come from different laws in different jurisdictions. Many who settled and went forward disappeared. I always said this blog should have been segregated by state. So many issues are state-specific in nature. Oh well.
    I look at the securitization angle as the key to understanding the “why and how” of the fraud on the market. The fraudclosure and the attorneys’ exploitation of “priviledge” and circumvention of the crime/fraud exception is unnerving. Just hang in there if you’re still in your home. A foreclosure judgment is just the beginning. Appeal it, move to vacate it, but don’t leave your home unless it’s a lawful eviction making you move.

  3. NPV

    Give the man a break. He used to fudge by saying: “1,456,228 VISITORS” and I brought it down to credibility by questioning the statistics. Visits or visitors? Got kicked out for a while (although it’s unclear exactly on what grounds… that? Relevance? Wins? Go figure.)

    He now says: “10,000,000 VISITS”. It’s big. Give him a break. And Ivent/Stripes is transient anyway and appeared 3 years ago only. That he would need her may be an economic decision (i.e., audits don’t pay for the cost of running a website and he survives by the pennies he gets from “visitors”). Don’t know. Limited transparency. Just like government. He still has a place on the totem pole.

  4. Yeah, but ivent and Stripes account for 9.3 million of those visits, LOL Congrats to the Garfield crew – not may blogs can make that claim…. and I learned quite a bit from this site.

  5. True. Garfield did clarify a number of things for all of us. For that, i am thankful. Where he went very wrong is to blur the lines between issues homeowners could safely raise in court and those completely irrelevant and flat-out dangerous and detrimental to their case and their position, as the defaulting party to a bilateral contract entered into voluntarily.

    I’m still waiting for that one case won on securitization and having permanently turned the table in favor of homeowners. Won’t happen: different players, different contracts, different issues. Judges adjudicate on the issues before them. Not that big: “That’s not fair!” unrealistic defense. Even Glaski was short lived. Some even call it a fluke, and with reasons: it has definitely not made jurisprudence in CA, let alone nationwide.

    And for those who started visiting long ago, Anonymous has been fighting on that issue for… 10 years! And she is no closer to taking a vacation and celebrating than when she started. At some point, someone will have to say: “The “what-really-happened-from-closing-on” of everything we have to endure is extremely important but it hasn’t changed the landscape in foreclosure defense. What have we been doing wrong?”

    What Garfield has been saying is true. For what regulators are concerned. He is not alone: Bill Black spelled it out over and over, in Congress hearings, mind you! And BK as a defense to foreclosure has been a disaster as well (except in very limited cases).

    All those have accomplished is buy time. Delay the inevitable. Not bring resolution or closure. People fight foreclosure like they play they lottery: “If some bloke in Montana won the Big one, I have a chance to win it too!” Yep. One in… how many millions? Use your brains. Send for an audit if it will re-enforce your strategy and help it. To build a strategy from such an audit is… dangerous. And we have the statistics to show for.

    That being said, yes, Garfield does have a place on the totem pole. A savior for homeowners, he definitely ain’t.

  6. Wishing a Safe & Blessed Holiday to ALL.

  7. May G-d bless you Neil. Your blog has shone light in dark corners. Thanks 10 million times.

  8. Thank you Usedkarguy for your comments.
    Hannukah is the festival of light and miracles.

    Neil Garfield is a reallife Tzadik (
    May the G-d Almighty give you health and strength.


  9. Usedkarguy, you’ve spoken for many of us. Like you, my family is still here in our home in Maryland after seven years of fighting. Without this blog, I wouldn’t have had a clue on how to defend our home in court. I’ve used the strategies shared by Mr Garfield to frustrate big name foreclosure mills. Most time lawyers would laugh me out of their offices ,whenever I repeat what I read here on livinglies . Thank you,Neil.

  10. The world needs more angels like you!!!

  11. Many people decry your usefulness, your arguments, your motives. I for one am thankful for the understanding you’ve brought to this topic. Without your blog, I would be without my home. Period. End of story. Whether or not the arguments work, the fact that hundreds (if not thousands) of people were encouraged to learn and discover what the fraud was all about is a victory unto itself. It’s easy to deride the blog, the attorneys, the idiots that post incessant rants; the fact that Garfield started this and has kept it going is reason to be grateful. I know I have vacillated mutiple times about the efficacy of this place, but without it, we never would have gotten “FORECLOSURE DEFENSE” off the ground. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas to all.
    Best Regards, Roger Rinaldi

  12. Happy Holidays and Thank you Neil Garfield Associates and Family.
    Be Strong and Courageous.

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