Dan Edstrom Adds His Thoughts to the 3rd DCA Opinion on the Statute of Limitations

Dan is our senior forensic analyst. His comments were right on point. It also exposes a point of vulnerability for lawyers who defend foreclosures. If the original party had no right to collect or enforce, then the notice of default and notice of acceleration are void. But then you have the issue of “apparent authority” and whether that is relevant to this chaos. Here is his message to me in its entirety:

Very interesting.  But notice the elephant in the room – that nobody is stating that the loans were actually never accelerated in the first place (by a party with a monetary interest in the loan).  How is the Judicial statute being invoked?  And/or how is the contract being invoked for acceleration?  I am not sure what the acceleration is in a judicial state like Florida, but it seems to be the action itself.  If the Plaintiff has no standing and/or is not the creditor nor their agent, the debt was never accelerated in the first place.

If I sue you in a judicial foreclosure action because I know you are late on your payments, do we have privity of contract and has your debt really been accelerated? Yes there apparently is a debt, but under what circumstances is the Plaintiff entitled to enforce the obligation and hold an interest that would allow them to accelerate the mortgage?

This is the angle of attack lawyers we are working with are using in non-judicial estates.  Not exactly the same but seems to be similar.  Non-judicial states seem to accelerate the debt with notice and reference to the never to be seen “written declaration of default and demand for sale”.  I don’t know, but I would think the Judicial Foreclosure should require the same, but I don’t really know the mechanics of how it is done in a judicial state.
It seems to me that if you are stating ” If you can prove that there was no loan at the base of the documentary chain”, that it is a natural extension to make the claim that the Plaintiff (nor their predecessors in interest) never accelerated the “debt”.

Daniel Edstrom
Office: 916.207.6706

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  1. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope it was a great one!

  2. Allow me to clarify my point, in the last sentence, of my previous comment.

    The only way these demonic entities from hell have gotten away with throwing millions of innocent U.S. citizens from their homes and properties that We The People already paid for out front at the “Origination,” in fake, “Sharia Law” court “proceedings. is by the illicit, illegal,
    felonious, treasonous, unwarranted,
    unchecked, and unmonitored
    electronic debt fraud collection
    practices of their Global Attorney Network of Communist Re-Socialist “perps.”

    These so called “Attorneys for Plaintiffs,” and the debt fraud ‘servicers’ they are in cahoots with, are no more than communist re-socilialist war pigs. They are all no more than Marxist-Leninist inspired Neo-Nazi skinhead, “Anglo-Saxonized,” Luciferian Satanic based Russian-
    German-Chinese totalitarian dictators. They are all war mongers for the
    Russian mobster generals “secret yet open,” George H. & W. Bush, “Prescott Bush” crony capitalist ‘Nazioni,” para-militarized, “Blackwater,” state, county and local “police force” they all
    simultaneously work with. They believe their evil plans rely upon ‘timing” all of their evil doings. These Nazi control freaks all plan on “timing” the screwing of millions of Natural Born U.S. American Citizens out of everything, including their livelihoods, to install a Hitlerized electronic totalitarian dictatorship in these
    United States.

    “Totalitarianism” is in fact, an irreligious and unconstitutional form of electronic monitoring of the “public,” in genetal, that is fone to perform illicit, illegal and felonious, fraudulent, counterfeit debt fraud re-
    collection practices upon We The

    This is all to be wrongfully and willfully carried out under the guise of the Hitler inspired, “Nazioni,” fraudulently induced Obama promoted “Healthcare Scofflaw Tax.

    It is all taken directly from the pages of Saul Alinsky’s communist re-socialist Luciferian handbook entitled “Rules for Radicals ”

    This are the very same demonic entities who are running the City of Chicago vis a vis their Nazi comrades at their Communist headquarters down in Springfield, Illinois.

    They all work for the Commie Nazi “Board of Directors,” who head the Chicago Board of Trade who are the Nazi “foot soldiers” for the “Chicago Mercantile Exchange,” “Board of Commerce.”

    The NYSE is a false paradigm. Wall Street proper which includes the World Trade Center and most of Manhattan is the whipping post for
    the Russian mob being run right from inside the perimeters of Chicago’s “City Hall,” and its adjacent buildings that include, “The Richard J Daley
    Center.” The Wall Street “traders,” whose “Seats” are all bought and paid for by the Russian-German mob, are “whipping boys,” they put in place to “Broker-Dealer” all of their illegal Securities Fraud Scams.

    All of their demonic mischief is concocted with their comrades down in Springfield and the demonic end result comes right out of Chicago’s City Hall proper. Than the Chicago Boys, those Alderman and their comrades who run this hell hole through the Chicago stock exchanges
    satanically impose their ill will upon all of their victims here and all around the Globe.

    It is all demonically inspired, fraudulently induced, pagan worship to one false god and their own fake
    idols. It is fraud of biblical proportions to use humanity as a form of idolatry to what they all worship and value is possession of the souls of others under the guises of Gold, Oil and Drugs.

  3. Fraudclosure is an illness that is an evil curse like all illnesses.

    In this fraudclosure scenario, MERS is a particularly virulent strain of innumerable curses.

    MERS is a satanic abbreviation for “Mortgage Electronic Records of Satan.

    I would swear upon the Holy Bible and attest to that being 100% true. The
    reason being is that all of the top fraud re-investors in their own
    Counterfeits are high level satanist luciferians.

    This goes way beyond Rosicrucianism
    or even the most basic and bizarre satanic, irreligious tenets of the varying levels and 100 or so plus occultic and satanic degrees of “ecclesiastic

    It was all born of “the devil,” and raised by its freemasonic blue lodge Grand Master lucifer. However, it is all black hand, left hand path satanic based occultism, that includes the SRA practices of the unconstitutional and illegal fraudulent “law practices” being wrongfully brought and carried out by the Freemasonic Occult Blue Lodge Grand Master Luciferian Satanist control freaks in Fraud closure.

    The so called “elite,” who are the self appointed “rulers” of this world do not even operate their scam from this
    dimension. They operate all of their ill contrived and sick ritualistic criminal
    and sexual abuses from a completely different space and time. Some may
    wish to call that dimension “cyberspace,” however it is technically
    not. All of their evil is conducted and brought forth into the physical world
    from the dark side. This is done by Ancient, Sadistic, and Occultic Satanic
    Ritual Abuse practices (Ancient, Free and Accepted), that have been
    practiced throughout the centuries since the beginning of time in these so called “Fraternal Orders.” Some may
    call it Paganism, Sorcery or Witchcraft, however, it is much more
    diabolical and maniacal than that. This evil bunch worship their own
    “genitalia,” so to speak. Ahem, Ahem …… Cough, cough. They ascribe to
    use satanic occult worship to practice varying levels and varying degrees of high level demon
    worship. They are all demons
    of one sort or another. They use demon worship as a way to bring all different levels of demonic energy by
    such avenues as “high and low frequency electronic trade.” What are known as ETF’s, those Algorithm charts and graphs are their cover. These ETF’s are in fact, very high level
    satanic ritual abuse practices. They
    do this to empower their own inhuman alter ego, lucifer. These high level
    electronic Satanic Ritual Abuse
    practices are used to load their weaponry to invoke lucifer by evoking satanic demonic demon energy.

    The basis or thesis of high level Satanic Baal Worship is done by mind control of its chosen targets.

    That is done by many variables. By way of many variables, many different types of satanic rituals, demons can over time, enter and take control of an entire society and its people.

    This is being done in our society today by numerous types of deceptive means, but mainly by varying levels
    and degrees of
    “electronic” means. This is how they
    generate evil electronic “force fields”
    around their victim souls.

    This is being done in fraudclosure to
    encircle and encamp their victims property so they become slave like
    prisoners of war to all of their electronic satanic ritual abuse
    practices. Cell phones are one of their main weapons of choice they use to create gazillions of tiny
    electromagnetic charged force fields around their targeted victims. Cable boxes can also be weaponized to try
    and misdirect their victims minds by emiitting high or low frequency
    radiactive ionic charges. These DEW’s work to destroy a victims mind over
    time by emitting varying levels and varying degrees of EMF sound wave transmissions. Some of the major
    Corporate Cable Companies are installing these DEW boxes in the
    homes of their targeted victims who are in fraudclosure.

    The Corporate “investors” in this enormous Global Securities Fraud “bio
    genetic swap” of our DNA have already swapped out the Titles and
    have stolen everything from the American people by way of forging the
    digital electronic signature of every
    single U.S. Citizen born here innumerable times.

    Therefore whether you are “paying the mortgage” and the “property taxes” or not, every single American is in fraud closure under the unconstitutional,
    illegal and treasonous Obama “Healthcare Law/Tax. These evildoers
    full intend to “recollect” every dime we earn, pay and spend under that
    “Subterranean “Healthcare scofflaw.”

    Every American will wake up one day
    soon and find they own nothing. Everything was stolen from them with no legal cause of action, and no way to
    state a legal claim under a
    warrantless search and seizure proceeding aka Sharia Law. That law is the Healthcare Tax. These
    international bankster crooks are going to use their own global electronic network of spies in their own Corporate establishment to coerce the drugging, maiming and theft of the free will of We The People of these United States by fraudulent electronic “monitoring” of every American citizen born here.

    It is going to be a fraudulently induced electronic “police state” under undeclared “martial law” until these cowards choke up enough courage to tell the U.S. citizenry these traitors from within fraudulently and unlawfully induced every single one of us into a nation of subletted, subserviced warranty subleased contracts. Then all hell will surely break loose here and around the globe.

    Especially when they threw millions of Americans out of their homes and business properties since 2008. These inside traitors did all of that, knowing full well
    they stole everything from every American by fraudulently reissuing
    reinvestments into faulty negligent and uncertificated U.S. Birth Certificate Stock and Bond Pledges of our humanity to our enemies both foreign and domestic.

    It is not going to be a civil war, it is going to be a massive world wide revolution that is going to be a bloodbath when the truth is finally publicly known that everything in this country is a big fat international and
    domestic Securities Fraud.

    Clearly Russia sees this coming to pass by crashing their own currency this week. Being they are the main culprits who helped cause it by counterfeiting innumerable amounts of U.S. Govt paper in every way shape and form imaginable. They, the Chinese and the Saudis are all in cahoots with the Bushes.

    I predict 2015 to be the worst year ever as a result of all of this unchecked electronic global counterfeiting of U.S. Government paper.

    Nobody, rich or poor, will be able to keep up with all of the Ill effects of massive global electronic
    counterfeiting of U.S. Government paper. As a direct result, the Healthcare Law that is a Global Tax on the over issuance of investments in Intetnational and U.S. foreign and domestic electronic debt
    counterfeiting will be a huge bust.

    The International and Domestic open markets are genuflecting this reality.


    That is the only way these evildoers have gotten away with fraudclosing upon the property of the entire U.S. Citizenry.

  4. These International Securities Fraud felons think that We The People are their property, the “left over remnants” from their “fire sale,” of 2008.

  5. This evil plot behind this entire satanic bases-luciferian scenario is what the Austin Powers movies were really all about.

    The “fembots” were put in place to carry out certain orders. The main characters were all international spies of intrigue who were trying to take down the villain, Dr Evil. It was all
    about using their spies to exchange sexual favors for information.

    It all begins with loss of morality. Whether you are moral or not depends
    mainly upon how you value money. Too many Americans view the issuance of credit as
    money. The issuance of money as credit is illegal in the U.S.

    The fraudulence in that theory is written

    upon the face of origina
    money comes before loyalty to God, family or country, you are a candidate to be possessed by these demonic
    entities known as “the banks.”

    In certain circle’s, owing credit is the same as owing money

  6. They will lock away the ones who know too much and kill everybody else later.

    It is a very evil strategic plan. First it’s Mom, then it’s Dad, then it’s the kids, and so on.

    Bottom line, they want our DNA. If you are deemed to be “too smart,” to them, that means you are too spiritual. They will target those people first.

    They want to clone Christians to make them a spectacle of themselves, devoid of their souls because they hate God. They have a Vendetta against God so they hate all of
    humanity. They want to
    want to “harden your heart” to eventually turn you away from God,
    the creator. They want a
    globe full of people haters who believe
    all of their Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic jihadist psychobabble. If you don’t go along with it, they will try to
    destroy your good moral character. That is why they are using their own international spy ring to control their own fraud.

    These “jihadists” fully intend to try and overthrow God the Creator.

    Eventually nobody will be able to meet their criteria because they want a Global society of soulless clones.

    These Satanist Luciferians want a manufactured hell on earth by manufacturing people who do their evil bidding with no genuine or authentic birth parents with no religious beliefs and no morality whatsoever.

  7. Ever go to a courthouse where the securities fraud guards make you take your jewelry off until the “metal detectors” stop going off? They do that at the Will County Courthouse in Joliet, Illinois.

    Not all, but some of those guards, treat the people who sign their paychecks like criminals.

    They all forget who they work for. I call it the “Securities Fraud Investor” mentality. It is a syndrome with symptoms of a mean, hateful attitude towards the public in general.

    I used to think they hated their jobs. Now I see it differently. I see it as the “investors” put in place certain individuals to act mean and nasty to the public as a mind control mechanism. As if to say, you think you own this place just because you pay for everything? Well think again.

    The success of the “successors in interest,” to this evil luciferian plan is
    all about the different levels of mind control tactics they employ.

    Like gee whiz dumbells? Do my bracelets make you feel threatened by me?

    No, otherwise they would not allow you to put them back on.

    Like they banned cell phones in the criminal courthouses because they
    are afraid you might snap a picture of all of their ridiculous nonsense.

    You can’t film a cop because they are all such saintly pillars of virtue? Yeah right.

    First they ban communications and the next thing you know everything
    that you do can be viewed as some sort of a threat to the fraudulently induced investor establishment.

    Pretty soon wearing the wrong “colors”
    will send you packing to who knows where, but no place good

    Wearing what the “investors” deem to be wrong “anti-establishment,” colors, will unknowingly make you a target of their aggression.

    Don’t believe it? Did you know in the State of Illinois a store clerk can file a petition to have you “picked up” for psychological evaluation if they view a remark by you about their own brand
    of lacsidasical stupidity as some sort of a “terrorist threat.”

    Attention Corporate/Residential
    shoppers, this is a citizens alert, there are communist spies now planted
    everywhere. Some may appear to be Americans and some may not.

    Remember the days when the customer was always right?

    Well not when you are living in a fraudulently induced investor Government of investor psychopaths who secretly employ their own sociopathic spies to control their own fraud, lies, and criminal abuses of you

    Illinois is like Hitler’s Nazi/Stalin like fascist brand of Marxist/Leninist Chairman Mao, “taoist” totalitarian dream
    come true by employing Saul Alinskyite “community organizers” to wrong the ship maties.

    It is done by way of the unlimited
    mayoral dictatorship founded in Chicago.

    Take a bite of the big apple, don’t mind the maggots directing their scam from around and inside the city limits of “Chicago,” that “toddling town.”

    The so called “Second City,” that is really second to none.

    So we have perverse, psychopaths controlling their own fraud vis a vis their own sick and perverse sociopathic international spy ring hiding in plain sight
    from within.

    You are supposed to never see it coming, so when the day arrives they want to do away with you, you will be unaware of it.

    Just like in Nazi Germany, Hitler was a mere figurehead, carrying out the plot of the Corporate hegemons.

    Mind control is a big part of the method
    these investor control fraud freaks are using to secretly poison We The
    People with their drugs. This is being done by virtually undetectable direct
    energy weapons to mind control the
    population and lead them to a terrible pre-programmed destiny they all have
    planned for everybody. Even their own fraudulently induced Corporate repurchased hegemony by way of their own societal hegemons.

    That means no one is safe, secure or
    protected in there person, houses,
    papers or effects from the “IBMers” and the “GE” corporate run infrastructure hegemons of the world.

    This enemy appears to be any and entity imaginable but appears to be an everyday American. That is the real danger of this fraudulently induced ” Global Investor Government” that is neither moral, political, legal, or
    ethical but Satanic.

    These investors deal in immoral fortitude. That is they hope you are
    brainwashed enough not to notice they are all traitors to God and humanity.

    They contend they want racial and moral equality aka “SOCIAL JUSTICE” – but they hate everybody because they secretly have no morality. They arent the squares they portray.
    When they show that openly, it will be too late.

    What they are really hiding is they broke the Seven Seals that protect
    Gods kingdom on earth from them. They are all riding the Pale Horse.

    That means they are planning on spreading global death and destruction to force conformity with this evil to overthrow Gods kingdom on earth.

    We have entered into dangerous territory, the devils domain as a result of the ongoing cover up of the real reasons this evil committed 9/11.

    It was not done merely to terrify people but, to sacrifice the souls of
    humanity by secretly yet openly unleashing hell on earth.

    This is being carried out by way of “unfunded liabilities,” aka “Collateralized Debt ‘fraud’ Obligations.”

    CDO’s are “Debt” that was fraudulently created to collect the souls of the many under many guises.

    Guns and other weaponry will be of no use in this war when that war becomes apparent to everybody. The reason being is this os a spiritual war coming from another dimension. That
    war manifested itself in the physical world.

  8. Professional sexuritisation audits?

    They really do those?

    I shudder to think about what those are like.

  9. They will force upon you against your own free their synthetic drugs and offer you more to go, like lithium, depakote etc.

    These are the real drug peddlers, forcing and peddling dangerous substances upon the innocent victims of the violent sexual predators/investors in their own fraud up on Wall Street. The “Doctors” they employ with the U S. Taxpayers dime are the real dangerous drug pushers of the “New World Order,” Luciferian Sexurities Fraud Investors in their own fraud up in cyberspace aka “Wall Street.”

    Mainly because their perps have earned medical degrees, they use that as a license to deceive the many. That is diabolical and maniacal by its own deceptive nature which is filthy and

    Just as some attorneys and many in law enforcement use law degrees in
    the same fashion, just to abuse the power of the American people

    They can’t face the fact you caught them red handed trying to illegally swap out your titles to everything to swap you off with the enemy.

    These traitors are stinking, lousy cowards who are not assets to society but menaces to the society they claim to want to “help” serve and protect. Moreover, they could not stand to walk a mile in your shoes, let alone
    face the agony
    of their own defeat.

  10. ” How much “Collateralized Debt Obligation Counterfeit Notes” do vee have to swap to pretend to buy up all of zee U.S. Citizenship papers of all of zee women, children and pets of all of zee Americans in zat big pawn shop aka Valls Sveet? Said the joker to the thief.

    While other women came and went, barefoot
    Wall Street “power brokers” too.

  11. Not cooperating with the “investors” in their own secret, evil “Sexurities Fraud” plot against you?

    The “investors” and their comrades will manufacture “events” in your life to try and cause you to “flea” or get kidnapped, or worse, going to one of their own manufactured court proceedings.

    You will be told to stop defending frausclosure and not to stop defending fraudclosure.

    You will be caused to go to court in counties in the middle of no mans land and locally, through no fault of
    your own to wear you down and force you to give up your own free will. You will be made into a felon by these investor hoodlums for the sheer enjoyment of these foreign espionage agents.

    On the way home from one such manufactured court “event,” in Ogle County, nearly 2 hours from my home, in a County I never even entered, my soon to be ex spouse told me “I should just crash the car and kill us both.”

    Why would he want to kill us both is the question? I’m not a foreign espionage agent. However, all of his illegal and deceptive acts upon me this past year tell me he that he is.

    There is no other logical explanation as to why all of their criminal acts, fraudulent and deceptive practices go unpunished yet you are the victim being criminalized. This is because their comrades from within are controlling their own fraud. Their are trying to force their victims to comply, confirm and cooperate with an awful fate they have planned for them by stealing their own free will. It is not easy to prove they are all in cahoots with each other that’s for sure.


  12. Deb,

    I do not contest the professionalism of securitization audits. I am convinced that they contain an enormous amount of valuable information. But… valuable for whom?

    Again, it comes down to: homeowners, you who spent quite a few bucks on such an audit, to which extent was it helpful in winning your case? How instrumental was knowing all the ins and outs of securitization, PSA and the like to your outcome? Where you in the fight to win and get closure or to delay the inevitable for years and make it impossible for yourself to move on?

    Keep in mind, Deb, that Anonymous played the securitization card from the get go and she recently celebrated 10 years in that fight, with no relief in sight (in fact, when you go back to the timeline, it’s more like 11 years…)

  13. Fraud closure is being used as a global “spy swap” black op by various types of international spy agencies. If you are thought to know something these “investors” deem to be of value to just about anyone, you become a target.

    It is foreign espionage at all levels through the global slave trade created to hide illegal drug trafficking and human trafficking vis a vis “derivatives” bought, sold and traded by the top Wall Street Execs and their crony capitalist
    “investor” comrades.

  14. Many American Citizens have been “blindfolded” about the real meaning behind the entire hidden agenda behind the 9/11, fraudlosure is a secret Healthcare Law/Tax plot.

    It was a well contrived Globalist plot that is being carried out vis a vis “Ancient, Free & Accepted,” Freemasonic Satanic Ritual Abuse practices aka “SRA.”

    To believe that is true, you would need to have a very open mind. That would allow you to use a part of your brain that you were intentionally taught by the express direction of the “elite,” not to use.

    Everyone is spiritual by nature. However, it is an extremely unique gift from God the Creator to be allowed access to the spiritual realm.

    That is precisely what the fraud creators never counted on.

    God foiled their global people swap plot hidden behind many guises but mainly the guise of pro se fraudclosure “defence.”
    In a few cases, the plot behind fraud closure was a global kidnapping plot by innumerable fraudulent and deceptive practices was done with the full intent of the secret yet open, theft
    of the free will of another.

    This was done by the “investors” in their own Securities Fraud crimes who committed various abominable
    treasonous acts from within.

    Such as filing fraudulent foreclosure claims as secret unknown “third-party investors” in their own fraud, sin and avarice.

    The likes of a subhuman/inhuman plot like this have never been witnessed before in human history

    This is why they have gotten away with it so far, because it is all to sick, sadistic, twisted and horrible to even imagine.

    Therefore, for most people to even try to comprehend this, and wrap their head around even the most basic criteria of it is impossible to do. That is unless you can read the signs and realize you must seek spiritual

    The danger is monstrous. So monstrous in fact, it is diabolical and maniacial. No victim of it, could have
    any human knowledge of it unless they were a “Wall Street Insider.”

    Not one fraud closure suit should have ever been brought upon one American Citizen. There is an incredibly serious danger that is hidden behind each and every single Credit Slip issued is fake fraudulently induced “Global Securities Fraud Credit Leasing Contract,” that is in fact some sort of a fraud based Third-Party sub-servicing Warranty issued upon Fraudulent Investments in the Fraudulent Issuance of U.S. Taxpayer funded “Credit.”

    That should have never been allowed in our Constitutional Republic. Quite simply because you could be being set up for a kidnapping through GrandTheft Larceny of your own Titles vis a vis the “investors,” in their own Securities Fraud crimes who would namely be the “closing attorney” you hired through the “Title Company agents” of the U.S. Treasury Department. Because you never signed a tort to what amounts to fraudulent investments in fraudulently induced fake lease warranty
    agreements, you could have no way of knowing “who” these “investors” are or “what” they want, or “why” they want it, or “where” they are residing, or “when” they might come upon you, or “how,” they will come upon you. Which is most likely like a “thief in the night.”

    You could wake up one day in a Siberian gulag eating Hungarian goulash. Or even in the middle of the Saudi desert in some Saudi sheiks evil lair. Because who in the heck knows who these “investors” are, or “what” they want.

    After all, The serpent moves more subtle than any beast of the field the Lord God has made.

    The reason

  15. I liked that comment Carlos. It was very meaningful. I can tell you put a lot of thought into it.

  16. For you ivent ( and anyone rlse who gives a) it’s christmas and this is my gift to myself as well as you all

    «Self-importance is man’s greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men. Self-importance requires that one spend most of one’s life offended by something or someone. Self-importance is our greatest enemy. Think about it, what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone… Self-importance is not something simple and naive. On the one hand, it is the core of everything that is good in us, and on the other hand, the core of everything that is rotten. To get rid of the self-importance that is rotten requires a masterpiece of strategy.»

    Nagual Carlos Castaneda, Il Fuoco dal Profondo

  17. Fraudclosure is not a ‘conspiracy theory,’ as many, especially those working for the Corporate run and controlled, U.S. taxpayer funded “media” would have everybody believe.

    Fraudclosure is the evil endgame plan for all of Christianity, as well as all of its parts and subparts who are all of the God fearing, bible believing Christian fundamendalists of these United States and subsequently, the entire world. If the United States Constitution were to crumble, fall and die, the rest of humanity goes with it.

    This frausclosure plot which is based on the tenets of Fundamental Islam, which is carried out by Sharia Law, meaning “the decision has already been made,” before you ever even Answer their fraudulent claim, or are perused to step foot into one of their Hitler inspired, stalinesque war tribunal courtrooms.

    Fraudclosure, the addendum to the unlawful Muslim extremist, Islamic Fundamentalist inspired, Healthcare
    Law/Tax, is part and parcel to a vast
    Global Conspiracy. This ongoing foreign insurrection upon We The People of these United States, under the guise of fraudulent debt collection practices, is in fact a “Muslim Brotherhood” based, Islamic Fundamentalist Jihad upon our Constitutional Republic the likes of which have never been seen before in
    the history of these United States, or
    the entire world for that matter.

    This Islamic Jihad is not based on the Koran or any religious based fundamental teachings.

    This undeclared war on this great nation and its people is based on the tenets of Islamic terrorism that ate founded in broad based Satanic Ritual Abuse tactics.

    Fraudclosure and its adjoining Healthcare Law/Tax are based upon the fundamentally flawed, unconstitutional and illegal belief system written about in the Devils Bible.

    The Devils Bible and its followers and teachers, are the so called “Globalists,” who are the “Global Leaders” of today.

    The proof is in the facts.

    Nothing these “World Leaders,” and their fellow “leadership,” do or have
    done in the past 100 + years is moral, legal, fundamentally religious based,
    or ethical by any moral, legal, religious
    or ethical standard in these United States or anyplace else in the planet that has any sense of moral or fundamentally religious based conscience for that matter.

    Being raised Catholic in these United States, I was told to reject Satan and all if his evil works.

    That is why I reject these 2 fraud closures and the Healthcare Law/Tax as they are fundamentally flawed from their inception meaning, not based on any law or fact.

    These are in fact, fraudulently induced, subletted Warranties on some claim that I have no knowledge of, and therefore, I could never have been a
    party to any such fraudulently induced Warranty Agreement Claims.

    I quite frankly, have no knowledge of who these “investors” are who have brought such infamous claims upon me under the guise of “lawsuits in equity,” when they failed to firmly attach a “legal agreement” at the onset of their “claim” showing a “proof of loss statement” in written form, revealing all aspects of said ‘transaction, dated no less than 90 days from said closing, (in no less thsn 30 days from said closing in the Land of Lincoln”) then that Secured Document that is in fact the “legal lien,” in a lawsuit in equity, must have been signed and agreed to by all
    parties to the transaction who must all have been present on said “signing date.”

    That is the most basic fundamental statutory legal requirement for a lawsuit in equity. Prove the legal contract exists. In order for an “investor” to do so, and be able to be obliged to bring such an infamous suit upon an “obligor,” the “obligee,” is obliged to cough up the tort to the Original Contract at the inception or at least by the onset of their infamous suit.


  18. i mean “appropriate. I really apologise for my typos i think its my computer ( blame the equipment)

  19. What im pointing out is an audit may be an aporopriate tool to advance discovery – providing you get your DP

  20. Correct “error” in my previous comment. The attorney asked the husband “what did the dirty bitch do?”

    That is the mindset of the people we are dealing with in fraud closure courts all across this great country of ours.

    A country whose founders based our great country on fairness, Constitutional Law, which portends that a legal binding contract must be formed by Construction. Construction depends upon Performance to which an actual physical task by the Issuer must be Performed with diligence by a set appropriate time. There is no legal correction for the Original task not to have been performed with due diligence by the said appropriate time.

    U.S. courts have appropriately ruled
    upon the issue of fraudulently induced Contracts, “When fraud enters
    a contract, fraud vitiates everything.”

    That is what we are all dealing with in fraud closure as well as with the Healthcare Act/Sales Tax.

    Negligence in the Issuing of a Sub-Lease Sales Servicing Contract.

    These are not legally binding contracts.

    These are Sales and Servicing Subleasing Warranties to a fake, phony, fraudulent “Guarantor,” by a “Grantee,” who has no legal right, power or Authority to commit any such Act. That is not just Abuse if Power to fraudulently induce warranties as legal binding contracts upon We The People to our enemies
    both at home and abroad, it is high treason.

    Therefore, the main culprits must be routed out and the appropriate legal measures must be taken.

    God Bless America, land that I love.

  21. But Christine I really do congratulate you on your win. You did great. The path of least resistance was smart .

  22. Christine
    I have dans audit re my ” Loan” if you saw it and the level of professionalism you might be surprised. I consider it useful only time will tell if admissible. but it relates to the purported securitization and it shows this much my ” Loan” was unqualified to be in the purported trust and much more – it was not a worthless exercise in my opinion, I have had other ” audits ” too it was worth it to me at the end of the day because it brought me to my own understanding. Dan Edstrom is a professional and I have great respect for him actually he does not promise to help ” win” your case he is not an attorney, but you get what you pay for, it is a quality product and something I could not have done for myself. It’s too soon to to tell if I will ever get to use the information to further discovery ( emphasis added) though I had exhibited it and placed on the case record as such, before I had to appeal, so, let’s not be too quick to judge every ” auditor” as a rip off.

  23. Deb,

    I’m not talking about conspiracy. Only about an agenda, which is to capitalize on a bad situation he helped create, by selling useless audits he knows homeowners cannot produce and certainly cannot win with. Look at who is selling what to whom on these pages: former WS people who made a killing in the R.E. heyday and are now trying to make a killing on the way down.

    Of course they will protect their turf from truth!

  24. You won’t leave any more than I would as long as there is someone who needs help. Even if Neil vanishes us again, we won’t leave. It’s our curse.

  25. I refuse to believe that LL is also a conspiracy to derail those of us who have been fighting – quite frankly for our lives or rather our right to be treated fairly in court given equal opportunity pro se or otherwise. However Christine, never before has the legal
    Profession encountered such a complex arena of conflicts of interests and subject matter to navigate against Giants of the ” industry”. Both my prior attorneys did nothing to help me in fact they harmed me that is the truth, I say ……onWard. No use crying over spilt milk and I try not to get angry because it’s a waste of energy. Now read between the lines.

  26. Right on regarding who got unclean hands first but by the time you piece this stuff all together those same hands ( i say hands we are talking several pairs in co ooeration with one another to achieve a common objective – windfall)
    took my home got a judgement against me and sold the house to another borrower who lives there since 2010. That was in a state court action – there was no service of the summons or the complaint, no hearing and it is wrong jurisdiction, i was not aware ofvthis judgement until recently. My appeal against judgements in AZ district court now look different because of these new facts ( which may be allowed for consideration – i motioned to supplement the record being that fir the case to be trued oroperly ALL the FACTS and the administrative record as a whole must be reviewed for justice to happen,) and that 1099a i keep harping on about- let me tell you all it bloody well does matter against the other claims they made in a court of Law. Now lets get back to talking about what we can raise in court, legitimately and arm ourselves with the proper tools.

  27. These crooks will have you believe that all of their sins make them saints and they will accuse the saints of lies. They want to anger the good people of the world to try and turn them into sinners like themselves by trying to make them believe lies about them self they manufacture.

    Gee whiz, can you spell world backwards? If you can, that means your not nuts but your spouse sure is.

    They will tell you that you are bipolar for not going along with their evil plan. They will call answering their questions honestly, “going off on a

    Don’t believe their b.s. analysis of you. Furthermore, screw them, because they are simply control freaks who want to drug everybody up with their poisonous substances to secretly lead them to the slaughter. Then they will
    blame their victims for not fighting back. Just like they did in Hitler’s Germany.

    “Give them what they need.” Is a code phrase for “drug up the ones who know too much.”

    None of their controllers can get away with their mind control abuse of their victims if they know too much. None of their criminal cohorts and minions will want to be with someone who knows too much. None of their criminal friends will want to hire “a dirty bitch,” Meaning a woman who knows too much

    I remember when my neighbors were getting divorced. My soon to be ex told me that the husband called a divorce attorney and the divorce attorney asked him, “what did the fiery bitch do?” How unprofessional. But moreover, what a mean spirited presumption by someone who is presumably well educated.

    That is the mind set of the people we are dealing with. You can’t go along with them and even if you did you would lose.

    Will they ever leave us alone?

    Not likely, simply because they are so imbedded they are entrenched in not only our society in general but in our own houses. How else could they violate our legal rights to steal our titles to who we are, unless they had open access to our houses, papers,
    legal documents, social security numbers
    and all of our effects?

    It is scurrilous indeed.

    Especially when you are living in the real world.

    Especially if you are divorced, and are having to deal with the real prospect of going out there to “find somebody else.”

    Who can you trust in such an untrustworthy environment.

    You would never want to live with, let alone get married again if you knew the truth is we are a nation under siege whose people are being held hostage by a very well hidden underground criminal element. This is all being done by the enemy within, under false pretenses they are “attempting to collect a debt.” We are all being held for ransom by false arrest.

    You may not be forced to realize it right now, but you will.

    You can’t change the spots on a leopard, or the direction of a kamakaze pilot on a suicide mission, who is posing as a jihadist Islamic fundamentalist who is on a search and destroy mass murder mission to cover up the reasons for the Origination Fraud. Just like on 9/11, the RPII is being fraudulently concealed.

    The reason for that is, these are murderers who are Global serial killers.

    They want a bloody civil war under the guise of a bloody race war they will cause. Then there will be nowhere to run or hide from themselves.

  28. Deb,

    Go back in this site history. 3 years ago. LL allowed Ivent for months on end as a distraction to too many “Why aren’t there wins?” When Ivent became too much of a problem, people started to complain about her and forgot to ask LL about Garfield’s wins. Ivent was kicked out as the enemy.

    For a while, Garfield looked like a hero, holding FC together and by the short hair, until too manybpeople started again asking about his wins in FL court. Then Stripe appeared. Same insanity, same M.O. New distraction to “Where are Garfield’s wins?” Striped disappeared when regular money-making losers complained. So did actual winners in federal court.

    Lately, Ivent came back just about the time I was allowed back (Garfield can’t stop winners on his site. His legal exposure is a tad too big if he does.) I started to show how dangerous LL theories are and how one can win by staying away from them. I won and absolutely proved that LL theories were dangerous to one’s results.

    Ivent has been able to post deranged things for 6 weeks, sometimes to the tune of 50 times on one page, just about the time I was getting ready to claim the “free house” (I just got it. Absolutely not on LL theories but on contract 101)

    Based on statistics, I should be kicked out again very soon, at the same time Ivent goes away for a few months. Next blogger who gets close to winning will see the resurgence of an Ivent-Stripe looking moron, probably well compensated to derail homeowners from getting true results, especially if he never bought a worthless Securitzation Audit.

    Nothing ever happens in a vacuum. Loyal LL followers get nowhere but get riled up enough to come to LL defense against the disturbing parasite to eliminate, along with true detractors of LL who prevailed while Garfield still can’t prove his theories work.

    True winners who meant to help are pushed away. Am I off-base? Naw. Go back three years and see how this site evolved or, shall we say… regressed. Tell tale. With a time line from 2010 until today, I know I penned it to a “T”. There is always a method to madness.

    Securitization audits are the basis for this website. Competent attorneys won’t go there and trusting, defenseless pro se get screwed once: that $2500.00 to $5000.00 you pay for such a report will get you nowhere. Nancy Drewes peddled over and over on this site, with Garfield’ blessing. Garfield posted that all-cap gibberish for years! Maher Solomon made a few bucks too many, thanks to Garfield. I have a long list of people who paid MS between $2500.00 and 5000.00, only because he was posting here, and still lost their house.

    Anybody with a Morisson’s audit ever won in court? Maher Soliman (Solimon), anyone?

    I won. In federal court, in appeals court, In state court. I won on commons sense. On everyday research. On Hillbilly ability to read and write. On Redneck humility: “I need an attorney. How do I find one?” I am posting my e-mail for the last time. I helped many. I did my job. cbrightlife@aol.com

    Pretty much done here.

  29. Allow my to clarify my insider trading tip for today. The “investors” want everyone living alone together in a strange place as strangers to each other who like to masturbate in front of other people. In their underground sex clubs or at home or just about anywhere. These “strangers to the mortgage” want various “favors” from their perps. Namely, they want their
    perps to”use us up” by granting their victims give sexual favors they
    request before they eventually lay us
    all to waste. This is because they were all naughty
    little liaisons who got way to greedy overissuing fraudulent investments in, and investing in their own fraudulent
    “credit swaps.” They also insured their own fraud.

    Then they all got caught soliciting
    human beings as sexual favors they call “Collateralized Debt Obligations.” So they want to “take us out to the
    woods,” rape us, and then “chop our heads off” for their “mantles,”
    if they can’t secretly hire us to do their evil bidding and do what we are told by them to do. Such as work as
    liaisons and secret agents who are Russian moles in their half baked,
    “little China Girl” inspired, Globalist
    human slave trade pyramid scheme
    up on Wall Street.

    This is what I have been told by a reputable source. That story is
    cooberated by my own soon to ex who gave me that very threat.

  30. “You don’t listen to anybody.” Is what I am being told by 2 of the control freaks in my life.

    Well that’s just simply not true.

    I called the FBI at the beginning of this fraudclosure fiasco and they told me to hire an attorney.

    Well that obviously did not go well.

    I called them a few more times after that. They gave me a lot of clues that lead me to various places.

    Like when I asked an agent if I should call FINCEN to complain about the mortgage fraud. The agent said FINCEN? What’s that? I said I’m not sure, I found out about it on the internet. The agent asked me if there is a .gov for that? I said I think so, do you want me to give that to you? To which she said yes. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you give that to me and while I look that up, I want you to call FINCEN and see what they say, then call me back and let me know what they tell you . I said alright.

    I called up FINCEN and their rep told me to call the FBI to complain. I called back the agent and told her what their rep said. She told me I had better call the cops but not why.

    So I did some further investigative research and found out FINCEN is a banking black op. FINCEN is running a protection racket for the bank Board of Directors, their “officers, and other “investors” through their servicers. Those servicers are employed by FINCEN’s own Global Attorney Network to bring false claims by various “unknown parties” and “record claimants” who are “Strangers to the Mortgage.”

    Non-disclosure of the RPII is the war hoop in this battle cry by our enemies both foreign and domestic.

    It is illegal to fraudulently conceal the RPII in
    a “lawsuit in equity.”

    That is because these are not lawsuits in equity because these very investors swapped out and stole all of our equity by committing massive appraisal fraud.

    They lied about what our properties were actually worth to equity strip our assets.

    Now these “investors” are coming back as Attorneys acting as Servicers for the Plaintiff’s claiming these are “lawsuits in equity” when they stole all of our equity and by doing so, destroyed the value of our property

    Then they do another fake sell off through a fake fraudclosure proceeding and claim false ownership of your property.

    These fraud closure suits are not
    the result of “credit bids.” They are counterfeit note swaps by the investors in their own Securities Fraud scam.

    The first receiver. Tony Stonisch, who was bonded by “the court” regarding my business property that is in
    fraudclosure told me they were swapping bad paper.

    Not long after that he was replaced by a realtor by the name of “Annie get your get gun,” whose real name is Katavinka Youkalov, who works for an
    insurance brokerage firm, Star L.L.C.
    who are ran, owned and operated by CIA agents who work for the Russian mob.

    Oh the humanity.

    Tony Stonisch left because the poor man was having heart problems.

  31. Deb,

    “Stick to contract.” Yes.

    And analyze every aspect of it, starting with the accounting. If homeowner paid what contract required him to pay for months and months before defaulting, when servicer moves to FC, homeowner should make it a point to force servicer to show that every penny homeowner paid before defaulting was correctly applied, as per contract. The difference between winning and losing is in the unclean-hand. Who started first breaching the contract, when, how and to what degree. I promise that your money was NEVER applied right. Servicers cut corners you have no idea existed then.

    Can only be shown by analyzing the accounting. Sorry if i sound like a broken record but it all comes down to money. Isn’t your money taht banks got, to bail them out of their… money problems? Get smart and back to basics: where did the money you paid to satisfy your end of the contract go? Have your servicer account for all of it, before he got involved (always assume the best: servicer knew or should have known exactly what he was getting, to the penny) and after he became the servicer.

    Servicers transferred to each other, via MERS, allegedly defaulted accounts. If they accepted the transfer, they knew by how much they were already in default. Force them to produce that accounting.

    Retrace the F***ing money from day one. Many hands got very, very unclean long before yours. It is intellectually simple and everyone I know gets it (and God knows we are all average brains, functioning well enough to have jobs and pay taxes but giants by any means). It is time consuming and it requires discipline and focus. If either is your weakness, get together with similarly positioned homeowners and make research a classroom project. Everyone will profit from group research.

    Who got unclean hands first and can you prove it?

  32. The addendum to all of their fraudulently induced contracts are likely hanging out down at the local hoop and holler dressed the sheep.

    Baa, Baaa, Baaaa …..

    They are all just hanging out by the firepit, not really talking about very much of anything. Especially not those whatchmacallit thing a majiggers, uh duh duh …. Those low frequency, high exchange rate trades they made on all of those
    “High risk” fake loans. They all pocketed
    “big change” on those “day into night, night into day “trades.”

  33. But you didn’t hear that Top U.S. Government secret from me.

    Furthermore, if I were a lawyer, I could not even charge you for that inside information or I maybe could get Martha Stewardized. God forbid.

    Or I might get off early like those other
    hedge fund managers did the other day.

    It is a lucrative side job to help run the Global slave trade for these sex addicts who fraudulently conceal their true identities through their Global Attorney Network.

    I have read that many of them hang out at the Pentagon and hold important positions in Congress, anf the Senate. I read their perps in both Houses, really work for the U.S. Supreme Court Justices, who are all “investors” in brokerage firms who Racketeer with their own Counterfeits aka buy, sell and trade of Wall Street
    Derivatives Products and all of their fraudulent by-products that are Counterfeit Securities as well.
    Their Aldermen and Alderwomen are who write and pass laws against the
    truth and the U.S. Constitution vis a vis each other.

    Therefore they are all essentially, a party of one. .

  34. Way to go Deb!! I knew you had it in you. …….

    I vented if you knew they were time barred why the hell didn’t you ….. never mind!…..

    Christine you will love the letter my husband received today. IRs requires that form W- 8 BEN be completed by foreign account holders Yada Yada shits getting deep.

  35. What do you think the “exchange rates” are on a Gazillion U.S. dollars worth of counterfeit, phony and fraudulent U.S. Mortgage/Bank Notes that are re-packaged up with their subsequent and consequental reconstituted phony fraudulent Mortgage Servicing Subleasing Contracts?

    Don’t ask don’t tell but psssssst … it is all written someplace in the Healthcare Law, that is another
    fraudulently induced “Tax,” to reconstitute all of those Counterfeit U.S. Government Sexurities.

    They want everyone to hate each and live alone to masturbate in public.

  36. And yes my typing sucks. Sorry.

  37. Christine reminds me of the hecklers who are planted at Obama’s speeches to try and make it appear like he is the agent running this charade.

    Who do these people really work for? That is the question.

    You would need to take a closer look at their “investment portfolios.” Then you would need to find out who is on the Board of Directors of that “Corporate Name.” Then how’s about who are their “equity managers.”
    No doubt they are the majority stock and bond stakeholders in that Corp. Than who are the biggest shareholders in their stock and bond fraudulent equity market “exchanges.”

    Moreover, who sets the market price and boosts or devalues (manipulates) the face value of those so called “equity market” exchanges. What are the “save rates” that are being quoted by the hedge fund managers who work for these large institutional investment firms? Big names you thought you could trust like Black rock, Pimpco, Vanguard, State Street, Fidelity to name the top few.

    Moreover who do they all really work for? That’s the bottom line.

    When the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew calls up the President of let’s say Bundesbank on any given Sunday, and asks him what’s the color of the U.S. dollar going to look like this week my friend? It really all just depends upon what the Kremlin tells him those counterfeit notes are worth or less.

  38. Stick to contract. Only the true beneficiAry can substitute the trustee to enforce the power of sale in the deed of trust and no ” succeessor lender” can demonstrate that they are or how they became the true ” beneficiary” see title 33, 33-804 Appointment of successor trustee by beneficiary.
    A) if a person appointed as trustee fails to qualify, is unwilljng or unable to setve or resigns as trustee or if a trustee was nit designated in the deed if trust, the BENEfICIARY ( caps mine) may appoint a successor trustee, and such appointment shall constitute a substitution if trustee.
    B) the BENEfICIARY may at any time remove a trustee for any reasonnor cause ans appoint a successor truatee, and such appointment shall constitute a substitution of trustee,
    C) the NOTICE of substitution of trustee shall be recorded
    In the office of the county recorder of each county in which the trust property or some part of the trust property is situated at the time of substitution. The BENEFICIARY shall give written notice through registered mail or certified mail, with postage prepaid, to the trustor
    so from the above Only the BENEfICIARY can change the trustee-” beneficiary” is defined as: a person named or otherwise designated in a trust deed as the person for whose benefit a deed of trust is given, or the persons successor in interest. also note that NOTICE must be privided to the TRUSTOR ( me) BY the BENEFICIARY. Re grundy v JP Morgan chase bank, NA, dist, court, D Arizona 2011″ Also note a deed of trust trustee is the agent of all parties to the escrow and bears a fiduciary relationship to each of them” that (h)is obligation to each is measured by an application of the ordinary principles of agency” and thAt as (a)s an agent, the trustee may be liable for negligence)” the foreclosure was invalid because the ” trustee” was not authorized to act as trustee. Also see hooker v northwest trustee services, inc.,dist.Court,d.Oregon
    This is a violation of the non judicaial foreclosure laws – the intent im sure being to protect unauthorized foreclosures and wrongful sale of properties, but also to protect the true creditors. “There should be strict compliance of non judicial fireclosure that should follow the privisions relating to registratuon of the deed of trust- that trustee holds a power of sale so the deed of trust statute strips the borrower of many protections available under a mortgage, all the more reason that the ” clause” should be ” guarded with jealousy”( in old terms) the statutes of deed of trust must be strictly constued in favor of the borrower” – see Patton v. first Federal Savings &Loan Asso,c.
    Rules regarding a Deed of Trust and responsibilities of the trustee are set forth in Silvas v. GMAC Mortgage,LLC,Dist.Court,D.Arizona2008

    May help, do your research in your own cases since may not apply to others, im not an attorney not legal advice. consult council if possible.

  39. Correct typo ……… LMROF.

  40. Let the banking regulators handle it? LMRAOF ….. That is the funniest thing I have heard in a while.

    Maybe they should have done their jobs in the first place.

    OMG ……. That’s right, they did. They all work for the Russians as well.

  41. It’s not going to happen Christine because this fraud is way too far gone.

    Furthermore to tell another person speaking to shut up for speaking their mind is unamerican and shows your lack of moral scruples.

    You obviously do not have any dignity for yourself at all.

    In fact you sound as mean and ignorant as my soon to be ex.

    That could only mean you are more than likely a foreign espionage involved in this evil plot as well.

    If you do not like me exercising my natural born legal right to free speech than don’t read my comments.

  42. These Russian espionage agents who were hired by the Russian Government to overthrow our Constitutional Republic by committing massive Securities Fraud in the names of others without their knowledge or consent are nasty mean people.

    They are only nice as long as you are going along with them. You may not even know that you are not “going along” with them like when you are defending your titles pro se in fraud

    You may have had subtle hints for years something was just not right in your relationship. Not until that person really got nasty with you from seemingly out of nowhere and started asking for a divorce say after 32 years
    Of marriage, after you raised your

    Suddenly you are being told all sorts of lies about yourself by that spouse. That “spouse” will even offer cooberation by other people who could not possibly have a bad word to say about you.

    These evildoers want everyone not going along with their evil plans for you drugged up.

    These are nasty individuals who all need to go to prison for life for their crimes.

    In the old days, these traitors to God and Country would have been dragged out from their fox holes, tried and
    hung for their crimes or put before a firing squad.

    I am a first hand witness to the massive treachery going on in the U.S. The sheer scope and magnitude of the foreign espionage going on in these
    United States is absolutely mind boggling.

  43. Ditto. Stick to your issues and let regulators and investors handle securitization. Or forever hold your peace when you lose.


  44. “… battle to wager…”

  45. For those who still believe securitization is homeowners’ battle to wage in FC defense, take a look at WHO can go after banks on that issue.


  46. Ivent SHUT THE HELL UP. I get you may be in emotional pain but You are not helping if you cant plead this in court and back it up with solid evidence then save it because you are ruining this blog spot – maybe thats your goal perhaps – you are intelligent enough to know better and that means you are being selfish. Some of us here do have a chance in court actually, and i for one, will hold on to it. I believe i, really believe there are good judges and they hold the key to holding up all that is just and right and true but you have to give the judge something that is correctly plead within the rules and correct procedurally, what you are chucking up here will bever fit into that, so apply your intelligence and stop doing this. please.

  47. We The People are all living in peril as a direct result of this massive and ongoing criminal coverup for the Origination Fraud. This ongoing criminal cover up is being committed by secret Income Tax collection, by fraudulent concealment of it and its true purpose. Our money, and our property are being collected under many guises for Income Tax evasion
    that was
    committed by these very Securities
    Fraud felons who perpetrated and insured their own Felony Fraud.

    The real reason this is being done by
    the “investors” is to cover up for the secret equity stripping these felons were committing by “re-financing” the
    Origination Fraud in every one of their
    fraudulently induced “Mortgage Servicing Lease Agreements.” That were neither legal binding Contracts nor Legal binding Agreements. They
    were frauds and still are. No matter how many times they get you to sign, nothing changes the legal fact we were robbed by them at the
    Origination Fraud. Everything they have “taken” from We The People was illegally obtained.

    When 1 of the 2 spouses are involved because they are a “secret Investor” in the Origination Fraud either at the Origination or any time subsequently, that is called being a part of a
    “protection racket.”

    They are trying to fraudulently conceal
    their true identities they are spies working for a foreign government posing as Americans

    Furthermore, they are the “Plaintiffs,” who want to strip their targeted victims of their legal title, which is their long form U.S. Birth Certificate by
    secret criminal abuse of their victims vis a vis fraud closure.

    They are after all if their victims personal possessions as well

    That is what happens to a nation that has no moral code, its people become unscrupulous because the people they work for have no morals.

    That is why many victims of fraud closure who are forced to put many of their own personal belongings in storage facilties, lose them to the very perps of these very thieves who
    robbed them in fraudclosure.

    They are invested in that “storage wars” robbery as

    That’s what happens when wantoned Felons are allowed to insure their own felony fraud with their comrades over at AIG.

    They think that is a warrant for the
    arrest of their targeted victims under warrantless search and seizure practices that are done in secret proceedings that were derived under
    secret oaths by secret pledge agreements that are being brought
    upon us under the guise of
    fraudclosure. That fraud is being directed under the guise of the “Reinvestment and Recovery Act” which is being the fake tort to the fraudulently induced “Healthcare Law/Tax.”

    Those multiple pledges are those partial grant deeds that are being used by these crooks to steal our titles by willfully and wantonly ignoring all of our natural born legal

    Fraud closure is their latest scourge upon humanity they are using to steal the souls of the entire human race under many guises, they are using to try and make Securities Fraud

    This Global crime spree is being illegally and wrongfully, as well heinously and egregiously being carried out under the guise of making healthcare “Affordable” by fraudulently inducing the Healthcare Law that is a secret, hidden, fraudulent re-tax of the Origination Fraud aka FRAUDCLOSURE.

    Therefore, whether fraud closure is
    done in secret under the Healthcare Law/Tax or out in the open it is not only fundamentally flawed because it is Income Tax collection that is being fraudulently induced under an unrevealed contract. The fact that its true purpose was never publicly revealed is being done by the deliberate and unlawful act of non-
    disclosure of its true purpose is the
    fraudulent concealment of the
    Origination Fraud by these “unknown parties and non-record claimants,” aka the “investors” in their own Corporate run Securities Frauds Global Bank Note Counterfeiting “black operation.”

    They fraudulently concealed their true identities vis a vis their very own counterfeit securities, those “Notes Endorsed in Blank,” that were never Indorsed, meaning they were never physically delivered to the Those “Notes Endorsed In Blank” allowed their perps to “fill in the blanks” themselves and re-cash those blank checks numerous times by over issuing investments in those Counterfeits.

    Because the “Notes” were counterfeit in the first place, because quite frankly, there are no bank routing numbers on them, those checks could not be easily traced to the main culprits. However, those unindemified Title policies, sure can be traced back to the “escrow accounts,” which were in fact Direct Deposit accounts whose “funds” were being drawn upon the U.S. Treasury Department. Those U.S. Government agents who set up by those “Securities Accounts” were the closing attorneys who are the Title
    agents who are supposed to be U.S. Government agents who work for a
    U.S. Government agency aka the U.S.
    Treasury Department.

    Where all that money and all of our payments went from there is the $60+ trillion dollar question.

  48. That is because that “beneficiary,” is not a legal beneficiary Miss Deborah.

    The reason being is, these “fraudclosure suits” are being brough by an “unknown party” to their own Global Securities Fraud Plot to overthrow our Constitutional Republic.

    These felons are bringing unlawful and unsecured “claims in tort” by laying claims to illegitimate “Mortgage Serving Lease Contracts” that are privately insured by PMI insurance, a private insurer who privately insured their Securities Fraud, by the way of AIG’s PRISM Program.

    Therefore,these polices are not only
    unindemnified, and fraudulently derived, because we could not
    possibly have known of the “original deception.” These “Fraudclosure suits,” are wrongful and egregious Felony Acts.

    The Globalists privately insured the Origination Fraud with their comrades over at AIG and made us pay for it by fraudulently inducing “PMI Insurance.”

    That Insurance fraud, is in reality, an illegal tax collection because it is a re-tax to fraudulently conceal crimes, and steal our Titles that are part and parcel to the “Origination Fraud,” that is being “re-secured,” by the
    and illegal “Healthcare Law/Tax.”

    Therefore, the politicians all need to resign.

  49. Fraudclosure is the biggest Act of wrongful sedition that there is, barring none.

    The Origination Fraud was charged off upon the U.S. taxpayers on 9/11 by Destruction of Evidence by the Creators and Investors in their own Securities Fraud.

    Those Acts involved numerous felonies that are heinous and egregious.

    Therefore these “investors” who are fraudclosing upon We The People are wantoned felons who’s debts are not only time barred, they are fraudulent acts upon the people who funded their entire Global Securities Fraud scam.

    If you do the discovery into the principal agent/agency bringing these wrongful suits you will find it is the traitors from within who are acting on behalf of our enemies. They are the very fraud creators who initiated this entire fraudulently derived, fraudulently induced “Nation of Renters” scam created by fraudulent induced “Mortgage Servicing Lease Contracts.”

    Therefore. We The People never signed anything. Just like with the fraudulently induced “Healthcare Law.” Which Is a fraudulently induced “Healthcare Tax,” that is in reality another cover up for the Origination Fraud these Felons already “extinguished” to bankrupt We The People.

    “The Healthcare Law/Tax” is fraudulent concealment of the fact that “law” that is a “tax” is in reality, a “Mortgage Servicer Subleasing

    Furthermore, We The People never signed or agreed to subletting their Original Fraudulently Induced “Mortgage Serving Lease Contracts.”

    These “investor” crooks Rule by Deception and that is criminal.

    They are not only lousy traitors, but they are all stinking lousy cowards.

    They want a global whorehouse that they control by holding our long form U.S. Birth Certificates hostage as a wrongful, illegal and heinous claim in tort. There are no torts to our Birth Certificates and that is why they all need to go to prison for life

    They did not leave their cargo laying on the railroad on the way to the “Destination Station,” meaning the Trust. They willfully and wrongfully ignored all of the laws of this land.

    These Globalist crooks, these Securities Fraud “investor” felons are trying to wrongfully fraudclose on our U.S. Citizenships, our legal identities by willfully ignoring our legal birth right to defend our Titles.

    For that “there is a place called a prison.”

  50. you know even after the foreclosure it does NOT look good being thAt the beneficiary named in that trustees deed upon sale of mine is NOT they have SERVICING rights, then the lender named on the 1099a is NOT they have SERVICING RIGHTS and then i ask you who will issue a 1099c that releases the DEBT – crickets thus far, thus far.

  51. For those in Arizona FYI
    Understand this first and foremost


  52. “Final caveat: convincing the Judge of all that remains your challenge. If the Judge is thick as molasses (or Maple Syrup), and has been living in some mental fog for the last 20 years (common enough experience), your argument goes nowhere. And the Servicers (Ocwen, OneWest, CitiMortgage) all prey on this mental fog in the Judiciary.”

    Can you say “tenure”? We have a system in which, after a certain time, public servants cannot be removed and no longer depend on elections to keep their livelihood. Add to that the tragedy of pulling out of retirement judges so old that they’re almost liquid and assigning them to FL FC backlogs with full authority and we have the perfect recipe for a race to the bottom. Any wonder that’s exactly what we’re getting: the pitt?

    You bet banks know all about it! Homeowners… not so much. You said it: “Do your homework.”

  53. Dan Edstrom correctly identifies the underlying conundrum in adopting the position that the proper party is not before the Court and that the foreclosing entity does not have Standing. Yet, there is even a further wrinkle to this analysis. Assume that the “acceleration” took place more than five or six years before commencement of the foreclosure litigation (depending on the Statute that stale-debts the Note). Then, if the plaintiff asserts that the debt was accelerated, nonetheless the Note cannot be sued on as it is stale-dated, and that becomes a classic special-defense (or “Affirmative defense,” depending on what State you live in). In this special case, I suggest the defendant is better off not raising the issue of Standing at all. You simply raise the Special Defense, preventing suit on Note.

    What then happens is you have a classic “Mexican Stand-off;” the Note cannot be sued on, and the title remains slandered by virtue of the recordation of the mortgage, which at least this Florida Court states cannot be removed for 5 years after the maturity date of the Note. The homeowner gets to sit in the house, but cannot sell (or mortgage) the property until the old mortgage self-expires. A ludicrous result? Yes, but remember, that is Florida – the epicenter of lousy case results.

    What you will then see in response is some vague (and illiterate) claim of an “equitable mortgage” – where the pretender servicer claims that it “should have a mortgage” because that was what was intended by the Parties signing the original mortgage document. These claims “look good” on paper, but fall apart under examination. The classic “equitable mortgage” is fashioned by a Court, in equity, as an equitable solution where, and only where, the ORIGINAL parties to the Note intended there to be a security instrument enforcing the Note, but some defect arose that prevented the perfection of the recordation. But – and this is a very big but – the foreclosing entity is a stranger to the original transaction, and while claiming status of a “holder” (and that is typically false), it paid nothing for the Note, and thus is not classically aggrieved. It is this absence of “skin in the game” that defeats the self-absorbed claim for an equitable mortgage. Nobody intended an equitable mortgage or any other kind of mortgage between the homeowner and somebody who is a money stranger to that transaction.

    Final caveat: convincing the Judge of all that remains your challenge. If the Judge is thick as molasses (or Maple Syrup), and has been living in some mental fog for the last 20 years (common enough experience), your argument goes nowhere. And the Servicers (Ocwen, OneWest, CitiMortgage) all prey on this mental fog in the Judiciary.

    If you go this route, remember that there are four () tests for “equitable mortgage.” All four have to be fulfilled for some pretender/servicer to advance that claim. Do your homework.


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