Tom Ice Wins Appeal To Supreme Court on Local Rules

See Tom Ice Wins His Point: Local Rules Deeming Motions “Abandoned” Are Not Valid

Tom has been getting into the murky world of what is agreed or known between Judges that administer foreclosure actions. One such problem is the local rule in some jurisdictions that certain motions are deemed abandoned regardless of what applicable legislation or Supreme Court Rules of Court provide.

Ice is pursuing an attack mode that is right on target. The underlying theme of his challenges is simple — a party should not be able to declare itself a lender or creditor and win a case that it would lose if the case was tried properly. One of the ways that homeowners have lost cases is the application of this rule that the Supreme Court has struck down. The court basically said “We make the rules and this is not our rule.” Local rules are allowed as to clerical functions but not substantive rulings on procedure or the merits.

Trial judges have “moved” their cases by applying rules like this that prevent the movant homeowner from requiring a ruling from the court. The judges under the cloak of apparent legality cite to the local rule that prevents the motion from being heard.

This is important because when cases go to trial, frequently the court has not heard several motions and if they are still “outstanding” the case is not ready for trial. So if the court goes forward with trial by “dismissing” the right to be heard on homeowner’s motions it is breaching the rules of court promulgated by the Florida Supreme Court and obviously due process requirements in the Florida and Federal Constitution.


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  1. When grown men who can afford to keep up their obligations, lie about their true financial status and refuse to do so, that is where the real problem lies.

    Why were there no proper audits by the Federal banking regulators of any of the U.S. taxpayer funded and bailed out Corporate institutions?

    While auditing the Federal Reserve was necessary and needed, the U.S. Government Federal banking regulators chose to audit the lesser if two evils and then dropped the ball on the U.S. Taxpayer funded County courts. The State run County Courts in turn chose to do the wrong thing and not pursue these fraud closure suits as highly criminal
    cases that involve every level of this U.S. Taxpayer funded Corporate controlled Government.

    Proper audits of the individual institutions involved in this Global
    Securities Fraud war on our Constitutional Republic would have lead to Federal Government audits of the individuals who were Counterfeiting U.S. Government Bank Notes. That would have lead to more formal inquiries about who these Securities Fraud “investors” really were and are. That would have lead to a much more intensified Federal Investigation into who the principal agency and more importantly, who were the agents who were buying , selling trading and after the “meltdown,” who were the party or parties “repurchasing” this toxic garbage dump of Securities Fraud. These “derivatives” that were not assets, but Securities Fraud reissues of reconstituted and poorly reconstructed Mortgage Servicing Lease Contracts. These fraudulent, unsecured U.S. Government Mortgage Leasing Contracts that were hidden
    away in those so called “dark pools,” were actually internally “reconstituted” into “Mortgage Servicing ‘Subleasing’ Contracts.” The traitors from within decided to “sublet” our individual peace and security to God only knows who. Terrorists, Muslim extremists, Islamic jihadists and the like with forged, counterfeit, faulty and fraudulent Mortgage Derivative
    Products that are not worth the copy paper they are printed on. Moreover, these traitors walking about the halls of Congress and the Senate engaged in an illegal coverup of the Origination Fraud by the Issuers of these fraud based U.S. Government “sub-contracted, Mortgage Leasing
    Servicing Contracts.” Therefore they are a party to the crimes of the Original Issuer of their own investments in their own faulty fraudulent “pledge agreements.” The main culprit here are the GSE’s but, moreover, it is their “Investors” who not only promoted their own Global Securities Fraud Investment Scheme, that began by Fraud in the Issuing of U.S. Taxpayer funded credit, but created it. They initiated it by investing in their own counterfeit Securities.

    These Securities Fraud Investors were not, and are not unsophisticated consumers like many of us were.

    That is what they were all banking on none of us peons ever finding out.

  2. I have a meeting with the Attorney, Jack Zaremba in Joliet tomorrow afternoon at 3. This meeting is about the way in which I want to proceed in the Securities Fraud investor manufactured Will County incident. The next “hearing” date scheduled on that crud, is the 22nd day of December at 9:30……

    I am certain they would all love to ship me off to Siberia for not

    However, that would require a kidnapping plot that would go against my own free will and they don’t really
    want to do that. They would much
    rather psychologically torture, mentally abuse and drug their victims
    to try and force compliance with all of
    their fraud by different types of coercion. That is what evil does, it
    tries to make its victims believe its own manufactured
    lies about you by forced coercion. It is all about sex, lies and videotape.

    They want to force you into a compromising position to force compliance.

    They want everyone to be a drugged up prostitute in their global spy ring matrix.

    Like when their “doctors” ask you stupid questions. Such as, were you ever
    abused as a child? What they are
    really doing is mentally abusing their victims. Simply because that line of
    questioning is not only out of order, it has nothing at all to do with their
    crimes they committed against you.

    So they keep on victimizing their
    victims over and over again hoping they will crack up.

    Fraud closure is a very evil and sick twisted game. Just like the Ouija board. Most people don’t realize the significance of the extremely occult nature of either game.

    It is all about the “seducement” with these evil doers. They use inuendos to fraudulently induce you into their evil matrix of “sex, lies and videotape.”

    These “hearings” by the banksters are always taped. They always use coersion as their first line of defence

  3. “Maybe it never happened.” That is what their Global Attorney Network perps will tell you when they entrap you in their evil snares their comrades lay for you. This evil spies on your every move to entrap you to force compliance with their evil debt fraud matrix. You could have no way of knowing “they have you tagged,” until after they entrap you. You are being victimized by these control freaks who came upon you from “seemingly out of nowhere.” You could have had no way of knowing of the deception. Though you may suspect you are being targeted and abused for an invalid and illegal reason, you were thrown to these wolves through
    absolutely no fault of your own.

    It is not because they “caught you with your pants down.” It is because they want you walking around with your pants down. Ridicule is a big part of the mind control matrix. So is physical abuse by grown men. They will literally come from out of nowhere to disgrace and beat your head off of the pavement for not going along with their evil. They will demonstrate for you what they are planning to do to you to force you to comply with them. Like a “State cop” will put on leather
    driving gloves right in front of you as a secret threat these mobsters want to knock your brains out for catching them red handed trying to destroy your life.

    They will tell you everybody works for
    the Mind Control Association, aka
    “the MCA.”

    Clearly that is a lie. Otherwise they would not have worked so hard to fraudulently conceal their true identity from you.

    They are Mafia goons who have sent their stooges upon you.

    They want to criminalize you for their crimes they committed against you, because you caught these international spies who are fascist, communist re-socialist thugs.

    These International Securities Fraud creators are the brown shirts of today, who wear many disguises but they all work for the same satanic master, Lucifer.

    Know them by the lies they tell about you as truth.

    They are desperate to convince you that you are the evil one who is possessed. They want you drugged, so they can force compliance with things you would not normally do. They will stop at nothing to do that, and keep you drugged up.

    Pray for divine intervention because you will never be able to comply with this evil.

    They want to destroy the moral code of all of humanity. They want no more Christians or Christianity. Especially Catholic spirituality that is the basis of fundamental Christianity as well as the U.S. Bill of Rights which is the law of this land. We have no Constitution without it.

    That is why they hate Natural Born U.S. citizens who are Christian.

    We are their biggest threat because we have morals.

  4. A word to the wise. When you do go and obtain another copy of your hijacked long form birth certificate they forced you to destroy because you humanly acknowledged it. Humanly Acknowledge it and don’t ever allow it to leave your possession.You must personally acknowledge all of your legal papers, personal papers to make them legal documents as well. Otherwise these
    identity thieves will do anything to swap out your identity with another. That is where the money is really at. In title swapping our legal identities. If they can’t do that, then they want you dead. They will try to put your mind back in their cocoon with their drugs so they can mind control you. They
    really want ti swap you out with the
    enemy who is an international spy agency.

    However, they will try and cash those fraudulent life insurance policies they took out with their comrades over at AIG if you are deemed “too smart” and won’t cooperate with their evil global spouse swap of you.

    If they can’t bring you down without you knowing about it, they will try to take you out of their communist re-socialist scam they call it “The Big Picture.”

    That is also the name of satanic, luciferian based fundamentalist thinker, Thom Hartman’s program on
    RT News.

    Buyer Beware of the people crying the U S. Constitution is being fundamentally ignored. They are more then likely the “unknown party and record claimant” who are invested in their own scam to destroy it.

  5. “You will probably never drive again.” Is what you will be told by the main control freak who really believes he is above the law, and too smart to ever get caught plotting against you.

    He will tell you that he knows the law better than you do. That’s because he cheats, not because he knows the law better than you do. There are 10
    simple laws, the first 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights. Any law or statute that serves to undermine and weaken those laws, are a control freak, mind
    control mechanism used to fraudulently induce you to believe their lies. These property tax
    scofflaws is what I choose to call
    them, are not laws at all. That is unless of course you believe what amounts to an “unkown party” who is
    claiming to be a “record claimant,” who has committed fraudulent
    business practices with your illegally obtained signature, has any legal right or some false based moral
    obligation to control the life and destiny of its own subject matter
    victim that it created, by committing massive securities fraud and many other heinous acts in their name. They
    are trying to cover up the Origination Fraud, the fact they were all living
    “high off the hog” by
    hijacking their victims social security
    number so they could hijack that persons identity and hide from them
    the truth about who they really are.

    They also fraudulently reinsured all of
    their own counterfeits they created by committing Bank Fraud, Fraud in the
    Issuing of Credit in your name by the unlawful and illegal use of your
    unauthorized electronic signature. That is wire fraud. These are international spies who are using AIG’s PRISM Program matrix to mind control the destiny of their victims.

    They want to collect a giant fraud reinsurance payout settlement that is unindemnified because you are not suppose to know they all want you dead or institutionalized for not going along with all of their evil plans for you. Like being shipped off to that debt fraud buyer, who is trying to illegally obtain all of your hijacked Titles in their own bogus fraudclosure proceedings.

    That is a good enough reason to never become an organ donor.

    Merry Christmas you filthy animal.

    Moreover, I don’t want to be around any of them.

    Which is why I was told none of them want to be around me, their innocent victim. Quite frankly the reason is because of what they have all done to me from “behind the scenes” of their oen crimes agsinst me has caused me to “know too much.”

    I see right through all of them and that is something this evil never bargained for.

    I told my soon to be ex I will not be taking any of their drugs, to which he told me “is that right?”

    I told him yes, that is “right.” Furthermore I refuse to be “married” to a control freak who wants me drugged.”

    To which he told me “its your life.”

    So in other words he is trying to say that he doesn’t think I can handle my own life without being drugged up and mind controlled by all of them.

    Well I’ve got some news for them.

    I work for God. Therefore I do not need their drugs to control my mind and my life.
    These greedy, evil bastards
    never thought we would find out they secretly put a bounty on
    Our heads by “selling off” all of their
    debt fraud to your enemy behind your back. They swapped literally swapped out their own countetfeits with our enemy. Then they insured themselves against any criminal liability by bringing a fake phony fraudulent foreclosure proceeding upon you.

    Or #2 will ask you, “Don’t you ever want to drive again.”

    Knowing full well in order to comply with their evil plot against you, that you will have to admit to all of their evil wrongdoings the control freaks have very deceptively committed
    against you by using their own perps to try and “knock some sense into you.” .

  6. More specifically they will make your vehicle disappear along with your State controlled drivers license while they have you forced you to be under their fraudulently induced duress.

    That is because they want to try and make you feel desperate enough to commit what they deem a criminal act. They want to try and force you t

    break one of Gods Laws. They want you to hijack a car to blame you for
    stealing what you already paid for. The U.S. taxpayers who pay for everything upfront at the

    Fraud by committing Fraud in the Issuing of Credit and obtaining

    what amounts to worthless, counter-productive crappy Corporate controlled, financially destructive, fraudulently induced,
    Corporate store credits in your unmarried name

    name without your legal signature.
    These Securities Fraud investor
    crooks fraudulently induced every dime we pay and spend into a Corporate Tax they collect by forcing
    us to keep repaying the same Global Corporate store who robbed us in the
    first place. They want every American to be fraudulently induced to live on their bogus corporate Global store credit matrix. They want every
    American to keep repaying Paul by re-robbing Peter, Peter Pumpkin eater who wants to keep his wife living in his shell game he plays by
    racketeering with his own Securities
    Frauds “up on Wall Street.”

    They want you, their target to go “kicking and screaming” into their fraudulently induced, “New World Order” fraudulently induced and fraudulently obtained and issued “credit is debt fraud” Matrix.

    They want you to resist their illegal and criminal advances toward you. They will beat the shit out of you for not resisting them, and tell you that you resisted them.

    You simply can’t win with these Securities Fraud investor control freaks so don’t even try to argue with this evil or it will use its evil perps to lie about you and use lies as fact just to try to tick you off. They want to keep you a mental hostage to their crimes against you. So no matter what you do, you are not right because you being damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So therefore, why bother even Acknowledging its evil presents? Just don’t buy any.

  7. Not cooperating? Not “going along” with all of their evil “communist re-socialist” plans for you?

    Don’t worry, sooner or later nobody will be able to. They will try to make you feel you are damned if you do or damned if you don’t.

    They will force depravity upon you to try and make you think you are “just depressed.”

    They will even go as far as to manufacture a scenario to hijack your state controlled drivers license. The truth is your long form birth certificate is your legal right to travel. The State of Michigan will accept that document
    as a valid drivers ID.

    The fascists from within sure don’t like that notion. Allowing the American people to believe they have “a legal right to travel” because they were born here, could prove devastating to their illicit fraudulent debt collection

    They will go as far as to make your vehicle disappear. They want you to feel desperate so you flee from their mind control prison they try to create for you. The truth is, you can make anything fun. Even the bad situation they caused. You know they did it to try and cause you extreme mental anguish for not going along with them. So make the best of it.

    They want you to be jealous and/or angry about everything everyone else has, and what they are doing by “going along” with this evil.

    No one is going to escape their mind control prison for the mind. The reason being is no one could possibly go along with all of this evil. Not even this evil itself will escape its own evil matrix. It is a global suicide plan to force everyone to want to kill each other and then kill themself. Kind of like the Jim Jones mass murder/
    suicide plot on a global scale.

    These are sick sadistic control freaks who are extremely mentally ill.

    The reason being is, they want to permanently install the verichip in all of the people who don’t worship their false idols of Gold Oil and Drugs. They want everyone kneeling at their altar of monetized debt enslavement.

    That is why they want the electronic currency fraudulently induced. They want to make all of the good people think and believe they are “all used
    up, and are no good worthless “credit slips,” who are “old goddamned worthless pieces of paper.” They want everyone to be reduced to a fraudulently induced slave to their debt fraud creation because they monetized humanity illegally.

    What they really want to do is use everybody up as their own human ATM machines by fining and re-taxing their alteady fraudulently induced debt fraud tax. These wantoned felons want to reconstitute all of their Securities Fraud by re-counterfeiting their own Counterfeits to re-invest in the re-tax they are fraudulently concealing in fraud closure that is being brought fraudulently and being fraudulently concealed under the
    guise of the unlawful Healthcare Scofflaw. They want to force everyone to buy their crappy “healthcare services” to re-tax the Origination Fraud and by doing so they are committing more insurance fraud by re-investing in their own Original Fraud. They have in reality sentenced every U.S. Citizen to be fraudulently re-taxed to death for their Securities Fraud crimes they committed to defy God the Creator and destroy all of humanity.

    To those who say that is simply not true, do not understand the subtle complexities of how this evil works. They do not know, or they do not want to know what this evil really wants is their soul to burn in hell with
    it for all of eternity.

    “All of this, all over a house?” Is what I was asked.

    That is quite a deceptive question unless you realize you are in fact defending Gods house in fraud closure. We are all but the caretakers of Gods house. That is why this evil wants our properties and to destroy all of us in fraud closure by fraudulently credit stripping us of all of our legal Titles. That is not just illegal, that is a very evil and deceptive type of a power grab of God, the creators assets.

    That is why I would not want to be any of then when Gods day of reckoning comes and God asks them what have they all done for him?

    I have faith God Almighty has a better plan and in turn, their day will

  8. Therefore, the American people might just want to do themselves a favor. They might want to try and stop medicating themselves with their nonsense, and start taking a good quality multivitamin with iodine in it and some CO Q 10.

  9. The truth is when you make matters too complex because you are trying to permanently install a fraudulently induced, Stalin like “war plan,” that is in fact, a totalitarian dictatorship that is in reality Leninist type Satanism, which is Luciferianism in nature, it will all eventually blow itself up.

    The reason being is that people really want their lives to be simple. Therefore they will become so aggravated and frustrated with the complicated mess their lives have become, they will look to find the main
    culprit. That is of course if they do not try to mask the reality of it all by taking drugs or drinking alcohol. By
    doing so is only by the Grace of God, they will find a way to escape that
    tyrant and it its tyranny.

    Like my Grandmother always said, “Greed killed the cat.”

  10. Comedian George Carlin said “they” want people just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork.

    The problem for them is, their fraud is so complex that most people do not understand it.

    That means eventually their entire system will collapse under the weight
    if its own complex mess they created.

    Like the “Healthcare Law” that has
    been fraudulently induced upon the many because nobody wanted to
    spend the rest of their life trying to read and decipher it. That is because the main culprit, the verichip is being fraudulently concealed under mounds of complexities. However, I can easily
    decipher “the code” that is hidden in there. “The code” to that particular fraud investor, control freak matrix is
    hidden on page 1003 of that fraudulently induced tax fraud scofflaw in the so called “medical device registry.” That is where these Cretans want to permanently “tag” every single American to all of their Securities Fraud crimes and force all of us to believe that we are liable for their felonies for the rest of our lives.

    The truth is the 13th coin that is spoken about in cryptic language in the Book of Revelations is being fraudulently induced under the guise
    of “giving everyone healthcare coverage they can afford.”

    Whoever complies with that “law” will soon find out they can never comply with that “law.”

    The reason being is that any law that forces you to comply with it for no valid legal reason is a scofflaw that is in fact a retax of something you already paid for numerous times over.

  11. “Where did all of the money go,” is a counterintuitive and broad based statement because “the money” never really existed in the first place.

    The reason being is they monetized humanity and counterfeited digitized electronic currency. You would therefore need to believe that fraudulently induced store credits are not only currency but are a cause of action in equity when there is no tort to their fraudulently induced “Mortgage Servicing Lease Contracts” in fraud closure.

    You don’t need to be a legal scholar with a fancy, scmancy Harvard, or Columbia “law degree” to see these “investors” are felons. The fact they are bringing “infamous suits,” upon We The People, meaning these suits are based on no law in fact, is scurilous.

    These Securities Fraud demons from
    hell have one hell of a nerve coming upon us in rigged court proceedings they themselves rigged demanded any more of our hard earned money,
    let alone our titles to everything we own outright.

    They want an electronic currency? You should have been in line at WalMart in the far south Chicago suburb of Orland Hills, Illinois.

    It took 15 minutes for 3 cashiers to credit $4.00 the cashier overcharged back onto a customers “debit card.” They ended up having to re-ring her entire order to refund the 4 lousy dollars. I told the cashier why don’t you just give her back the $4 and call
    it a day? She looked dumbfounded at my suggestion. If I were that customer I would have said keep the 4 lousy dollars and I would have walked out just because of the sheer and monumental stupidity of these control freak Securities Fraud investors.

    I swore I would never go back to that store ever again after I was greeted at the door by a crack head one evening who verbally attacked me for no reason.

    That is what control freaks do to people. They destroy society in general by causing them to act immoral.

    They frustrate the minds of people so severely with their illegal nonsense they cannot reason and solve simple problems, let alone complex ones.

    It will all go haywire one day soon because the foundation is built upon sand.

    I for one, don’t want any part of that.

  12. Fraudclosure is a secret judgment ruling about another by another.

    This judgment was made about you in secret meetings, under secret oaths by secret pledge agreements.

    These so called “instant action” fraudclosure “proceedings” are in reality, “rigged court proceedings.”

    “The decision has already been made.” More than likely the decision had been made long ago, on the very day you were born into this world. That was the very day, the forces of evil in the world, or what ex Treasury
    Secretary Timothy Geithner called “dark forces,” decided your future by what they deemed you are worth to them.

    If you are born of a particular bloodline, say Jesus bloodline, the da Medici bloodline, you are worth an innumerable amount of money.

    Your controllers and handlers who were put in place to control your future and your destiny were never
    supposed to allow you to be caused to be brought to discover your true status in the world. Who you really are. That is why the secret mind control is used on their targeted victims.

    That is why fraudclosure is a secret divorce proceeding that is meant to strip you of your Title, not only to your property but to your status.

    These “court hearings” these control freaks schedule are what are known to them as “statustiA hearings.” They are attempting to steal your titles by kidnapping your true status in the works which is never supposed to be disclosed to you

    I was told by my sister a year ago last Thanksgiving at my house, her husband asked my husband why he had me fight these fraudclosures? He supposedly responded because “she,” meaning me, wanted to.

    That was a bold faced lie. I was left no other alternative but to defend my own titles pro se.

    It becomes all the more obvious these fraud closures are in fact secret divorce proceedings when the jerk spouse you are supposedly “married” to begins to treat you like dirt and saying it wants a divorce from you but refuses to file for one.

    In my case it has been well over a year now of his horrific mental abuse mind control tactics. He is clearly and unequivocably trying to force me into complying, cooperating and conforming to some extremely evil
    plan that he and his fellow comrades have devised for me.

    The facts speak volumes. I have been working my butt off defending pro se, what I thought were our property titles.

    What I have been forced to discover is what I am really defending is my own Title to my status in this world. Which is my da Medici title.

    I was born into Monarch status and never knew it until several months ago.

    That is what has been being fraudulently concealed from me my entire life. That and the fact I have the natural born ability to access the higher knowledge. That is what is also known as the “forbidden knowledge” or the “forbidden fruit.” This evil has used spiritual warfare since the Garden of Eden to “hide the key” forbidding certain people access to
    that higher knowledge.

    Having your life put in peril “through virtually no fault of your own,” like in defending fraud closure pro se can cause a person to seek spiritual
    guidance if that person is spiritual.

    I just so happen to be extremely spiritual because I was born that way. My Grandmother who was my best friend for most of my life, was just like me. We shared a sacred, special and extremely unique bond. We were secret spiritual soul mates is how I view it. Thank God for placing her in my life. I really miss her physical presence a lot.

    The bottom line is these “brothers of Mishraha” this “brotherhood” want to possess something that you have. They always seek to steal it from you by way of many radical, false based deceptions. They don’t want you to ever find out who you are or what it is they really want from you. That is why the forced drugging program is fraudulently induced. If they can’t get you to “just go along” with them and all of their evil plans for you, they try to force compliance by a very many evil dirty tricks, plots and schemes.

    You may discover it is all an inside job by outside forces of evil.

    Because of the trauma based mind control tactics they fraudulently induced upon me to control me caused me to get more in touch with
    my natural born spirituallity. That has allowed me not only to see who my enemies are but, to know what these criminals did.

    Thanks to their own greed and selfishness about me, I have the natural born ability to access the higher
    knowledge regarding the who, what,
    where, when, why, how about these
    sick, perverted, international, U.S. Countetintelligence, spy ring of
    wantoned felons and they don’t like that very much.

  13. SC,


    Where did my money go? Why didn’t anyone answer me when I asked nicely for four years? Why was I forced to ask by filing a QWR no one answered? Why did questioning accounting force me to file in federal court versus state court?

    How do you expect me to pay for a mortgage and an attorney versed in federal law at the same time? Where did my money go?

    You’ll get yours when I know where mine went. You can’t tell me? You want to file FC? Now? Where is my money? Tell me first about my money and I’ll hear you about my house. Oops! Judge wants to know about my money and isn’t too interested about my house, the one you really, really want.

    Oh well…! Judge won. He doesn’t want to hear about the house. Too bad. Show him the money. I’m staying put in the house. Til next time. Yeah, please do bring the accounting. Different judge. Same issues.


  14. Well said Christine! They need proof of claim in federal and state court.

  15. The answer to that question is more likely, Oh hell no.

    Not even when hell finally does freeze over, will any of these bottom dwelling, scum sucking leaches, who use stolen information, identity theft by abusing technological advances to steal and abuse the legal rights of others.

    These masters of fraud, lies and mass criminal deceptions, who fraudulently represent
    and misreprepresent who they really are, and who they really work for, who are otherwise known as “the ruling
    elite,” are no more than a bunch of low class hoodlum mafia wise guys who steal other peoples money to control them.

    They are sick, sadistic control freaks, who manipulate and take advantage of a broken system they themselves destroyed by ignoring all of the Capital Requirements for Banks and Banking.

    By doing so, they caused a mental role reversal by committing decades long mental, spiritual and emotional abuse upon We The People, allowed these control freak crooks to mentally put
    the Capital Controls on all of us. We The People, who fund their entire
    Global Corporate Mafia, Drug Trafficking/Human Trafficking, Mortgage Note Counterfeiting outfit, are who are being brought to bear the brunt of their heinous crimes against all of humanity. We The People, are being wrongly accused and viciously
    persecuted by these “Securities Fraud” laden, Mortgage Note Counterfeiting, human soul sacrificing, “crazy luci bitches” in their own manufactured evil, fraudulently induced and fraudulently derived fraud
    closure war on all Christians. Especially Catholic Christians who are spiritual by their own God-given
    “natural nature.”

  16. Will these sick, sadistic, luciferian control fraud freaks ever admit those “pledge agreements,” those partial grant deeds, they were counterfeiting like mad hatters at their own sick, sadistic version of an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party were human sacrifices? They were pledging, buying, selling and trading fraudulent investments in the theft of the souls of all of humanity in cyberspace, “up on Wall Street.”

  17. The horrofic truth about these fraudclosure crimes by these Mortgage Note Counterfeiting, Securities Fraud Investment Counterfeiting Felons, is not apparent on its phony, fraudulent face. It is the truth that lies beneath all of those non-existant Trustees Receipts. The reasons behind why they really do not exist is the most heinous and egregious part of all of this.

  18. The Securities Fraud investors in their own fraud committed “Fraud In the Issuing of Credit,” again by offering “loan mods,” and collecting “trial period payments,” based on non-existant fraud based, Mortgage Servicing Lease Contracts, they were allowed to collect more of the U.S. taxpayers money they were never owed. To those people who were fraudulently induced into another fake mortgage leasing agreement, they still have a legal action in tort because of the Origination Fraud in every fraudulently induced mortgage. As for the rest of us, we got swindled out of those payments because they knew they were coming to steal everything from us. The reason being is they thought we were the “stupid ones.”

  19. Monetized Debt is created solely by the Origination Fraud in every fraudulently induced “loan.”

    It is what is known secretly, but openly in certain circles as “Fraud in the Issuance of Credit.”

    That is done to collect 100% usury that is excessive and abusive from its victims, the U.S. Taxpayers.

    That was done to bankrupt We The People and create a secret open Wall Street Corporate Investor Government Global Sex/Drug trafficking inhuman slavedom to the debt these Securities Fraud investors in their own Securities Fraud create.

    This was all to be carried out by the “investors” who are the perps of the
    Securities Fraud creators by Racketeering with their own Securities Frauds.

    They would reconstitute their own original fraudulently induced contracts at their own predetermined time, by “repurchasing” or “buying back” their own counterfeit “Notes,” which were in reality, fraudulently induced “Mortgage Servicing Lease Agreements,” ticking timebombs that nobody ever signed.

    These “Investment Securities” were frauds. They were fraudulent investments in Counterfeit Mortgage Notes, called “Mortgage Note Derivatives” that were cashed, bought,
    sold and traded innumerable times in cyberspace, “up on Wall Street.” What
    is known as a “pump and dump” scheme that was would trigger a pre-planned massive global “sell off” of what amounts to nothing. They would fake a panic by saying their entire “House of Cards” would collapse and cause a “global financial meltdown,” if they were not allowed to re-cash their counterfeit checks again and fraudulently induce their original fraudulent lease contracts nobody ever signed. Then they could commit more Fraud in the Issuing of Credit all while denying us loan mods on their original fake, fraudulently induced “Mortgage Servicing Lease Contracts,” so they could steal all of the U.S. taxpayers property under the guise of “This is an attempt to collect a debt.” Which is a fake, fraudulent phony and highly illegal Act because there are no torts to their fraudulently induced “mortgage contracts.”

    It is a tale for the ages no one will soon forget because its origins can be traced all the way back to Biblical
    times, to the time of Moses.

    It is the “blood on the doorpost” story from the Holy Bible all over again.

    However, this time it could end the world as we know it, if these Global Securities Fraud crooks are not held to account.

  20. So…

    Sue in Fed on the accounting. Check.
    Stop paying mortgage AFTER you filed. Check.
    If servicer files for retaliatory FC, defend it and counterclaim. Check.
    Appeal if you lose in Fed court the first time around. Check.
    Win appeal. Check.
    Stay FC until Fed case resolved. Check.
    Win a judgment for damages in Fed court and recover all legal expenses plus damages. Check.
    Reactivate FC case, amend counterclaim to reflect judgment, send request for prod. of docs, request for admissions and interrogatories, focusing on the lousy accounting servicer never could produce in fed court and won’t be able to produce any more in state court. Check.

    Then, sit and wait until servicer finds religion. Check.

    Mission accomplished. What a fantastic year this has been!

  21. Some people are even born into this luciferian evil plot and do not even know it.
    However most people are brought into it by believing lies.

    This is mainly because they either lost their faith or never really had one.

    These people really do not have faith in anything good.

    That is because they were brought into a false religious belief system without ever even knowing it.

    Those at the top of this Global pyramid scheme, worship the false idols of Gold, Oil and Drugs because monetized debt is their God.

  22. These Luciferians fully intend to drive any American who is not complying, cooperating and confirming to their evil satanic based global “New World Order” plan “crazy.”

    It is the severe fascist, abuse tactics that are used to mind control its targeted victims is what SRA is all about.

    Their perps are already put in place to carry all of this out.

    Comedian George Carlin talked about how they have all the important jobs and top positions. But moreover, and far worse than that, their perps are demons conjured up from hell who take on the appearance of everyday people. They are supplanted everywhere. Kind of like the plot in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby” but far worse. They can be compared to brainwashed members of the Progress Church. However this goes much further than merely using brainwashed victims. These people were fraudulently induced into believing so many lies they are actually satanically cursed with this evil.

    Comedian Dave Chappelle talked about this. How it is the crazy environment these people create that is what is crazy.

  23. Is that right poppy? Then all of the highly educated people in the world who talk about this evil plan including the Popes past and present are all just freaking nuts right?

    I don’t think so. I think it is the naysayers who only want to believe what they want to believe who are all freaking nuts.

    Furthermore, I am not blogging here to try and
    convince anybody this stuff is true.

    You only need to watch the History Channel II, to realize very educated
    people are trying to wake up the
    people in this country.

    I do understand some people have closed minds and do not believe in things they cannot see.

    I am just an ordinary U.S. citizen born here, who is bearing witness to this
    evil global satanic based, Luciferian inspired, fraudulently induced “freemasonic,” “New World Order” plan.

    That evil plan is to destroy all of humanity by creating hell on earth.

    You certainly do not have to believe me about all of this.

    All the educated consumer needs to do is take a good look around to realize nothing is quite
    as it seems.

  24. This evil would use its own perps it subplanted in its intended targets life, to gang stalk and mind control its target. This would mostly be done first by drugging its target. Then it would employ many fascist mind control techniques by using extreme psychological, emotional and physical abuse would be used to severely mind control its intended victim soul. It is all done by severe satanic ritual abuse tactics what is known as SRA.

    There are you tube videos by Retired
    FBI Agent Ted Gunderson who talks about SRA. One video in particular entitled the CIA and Satanism describes how this type of mind control is used to control people and their children.

  25. Deb, we are a nation divided by some really silly stuff and ignoring the right and left BS is a good idea.

  26. These Bankster crooks stole all of the U.S. Taxpayers money and invested it in their own global Drug Trafficking/Human Trafficking ring.

    The Banksters created “Mortgage Derivatives,” mainly to Income tax cheat. It was meant to be used as a very deceptive way to mind control mainly, the U.S. population.

    Mostly by the tenets of ecclesiastical Freemasonry, a false religion that is based upon a satanic based belief system, they used everyday Americans who they subplanted
    everywhere to carry out their evil
    Global Luciferian plot to its fruition.

    This evil intended first, that it would “blame it all on the
    Vatican,” to bring down the Vatican Bank.

    Then it would blame all if its victims it created, by this evil “using them up.” It’s victims it would blame for all of their fraud crimes would be mostly Christian, but primarily white, Christian
    Americans, who are of good solid moral beliefs. They would all be upstanding U.S. Citizens who are all really great people.

  27. This is precisely why all of these felons need to go to prison for the rest of their days. This is also why there have been so many Bankster suicides and why the mainstream press does not feel it is newsworthy reporting

    There is a massive Global cover up going on about the real reasons for all of this.

    Anyone who does not think they should go to prison for life, need to be investigated.

  28. To all of those critics out there, I would like to see anybody walk a mile in my shoes. Then I want to see them talk, or blog any of their nonsense about me here.

    An M.D. said to me, do you know how stressful defending foreclosure is? He told me that grown men would be crying by now had they gone through
    what I have been through over the
    last year.

    I beg to differ. They would all be dead by now had they been forced to
    endure the inhuman torture that I have been forced to endure.

    When you discover the truth about “who” is behind all of this, and you are then made to discover “who” all of the
    traitors really are, that is enough right
    there to
    destroy anyone’s soul.

    That does not even include the
    mental, emotional, and physical “test” that you are put through by these
    psychopathic Securities Fraud Investors. They are the ones who really believe they are all “above the law.” That is why they invest in their
    fraud, sins, lies and abuse to try and blame their victims for it.

    Fraudclosure is the most horrendously, narcissistic, evil Act
    that evil was ever created. Frausclosure is evil incarnate.

    The reason being is, this evil manufactured and orchestrated this entire fraudclosure scenario to create
    “victim souls” that it sacrificed to go to hell with it for all of eternity, without its victims ever supposed to ever
    know about it.

    That was all to be carried out by secret mind control of its victims.

    The cover up for this evil plan against
    mainly, all good Christians, began on 9/11.

    Fraudclosure, just like 9/11, is all about using human sacrifices these “investors” “pledged” the eternal souls of all of humanity, including its own.

    The reason this evil used multiple
    human sacrifices as “pledges” was done to conjure up so much evil in the physical world, that this spiritual war on the souls of Christianity would
    manifest itself into the physical world.

    These evil Securities Fraud creators
    and investors want to accomplish hell on earth by creating so much chaos
    they would be sure to bring on the final battle of Armageddon.

    Everybody can do their own research regarding all of this.

    A good place to start is by reading the
    book “The Thunder of Justice” by Ted Flynn. “Omerta” by Mario Puzo is all
    about the Sicilian Vendetta against the Vatican but mainly, Catholic Christians.

    Then of course, there is the “Book of Revelations” which is quite cryptic in
    how it describes how Lucifer would its own fraudulently induced evil plan to cause chaos in the physical world mainly by fraudulently inducing the 13th coin, which is the electronic currency. This would be done to
    permanently mark Gods people and would eventually bring on
    Armageddon by all of the worldwide, massive chaos, pain and suffering it
    would cause all of humanity in the physical world by trying to do so.

    Then there is the book “The Last Secret of Fatima” that was written by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the
    Secretary of State for the Holy See. Bertone was Archbishop of Genoa, Italy, during the papacy of John Paul
    II. In 2000, Bertone was sent to Fatima by John Paul II to prepare for the
    release of the “final secret.”

  29. Right Poppy
    They swipe the house and leave a big trail of dirt, they assume you will give up, as Winston said ” never never never give up.

  30. E…how right you are. And the other one, taking credit for chasing people off LL, laughable. Intelligent, diligent folks have no time for insane diatribes unrelated to the strategy needed or the fortitude to continue…there is no one avenue. And winning is a subjective value. When you get to the point with the bank of diminishing returns for them, it’s a win for you, the silver lining! And so is the point of your damages, they sometimes come “after” the foreclosure with proper pleadings and solid paperwork. Good Lord…

  31. That is correct E. Trolle, I am giving the blow by blow description of this evil fraudclosure plot. Someone has to to alert the public about what is really going on with all of this criminal fraud closure b.s.

    The question that I have for you and Ian is why are you 2 blogging here?

    You are obviously not defending fraud closure, or you would not be speaking to me or about me in your evil tongues language.

    Though I really do not care at all what the opinions are of fraudclosure war groupies the likes of you 2, I want to clarify what I meant by my statement: Obviously, and thankfully, God has
    another plan. I feel that way because if that were not true,
    I know for a fact that I would be dead by now. I would have been killed by these Securities Fraud Investors in their own fraudclosure war on We The People who are the epitome of evil,
    just like you 2 war mongers.

  32. Obviously there are a few bloggers here who are members of the Communist Party, U.S.A.

    That is the only rational explanation for these baseless and mean spirited attacks on the innocent victims of this entire fraudclosure scheme.

  33. Filed 2013 NOV 22 PM 5:38


    West End Trust 2012-1, as successor in interest to Bayview Fund Acquisitions, LLC., as successor in interest to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, as successor in interest to Bay view Fund Acquisitions, LLC., as successor in interest to First Midwest Bank


    -v- NO. 10 CH 20188

    Venturella. PROPERTY ADDRESS

    Defendant’s. 14201 S. Cicero Ave

    Crest wood, Ill. 60455


    Here comes the Defendant’s, pro se, move to vacate Plaintiff’s judgment/order pursuant to FRCP 60 (b.) (4) and(d) (3). This court granted Plaintiffs relief on Oct. 19, 2013, based on false and misleading statements by Plaintiff’s. Defendant’s Defendant’s state in support of their motion is as follows:

    Plaintiff’s Motion to Substitute Plaintiff’s claiming they were a “new party” was a false and misleading statement by Plaintiff’s and is evidenced by the letter Defendants recently received from Bayview stating they are still the Plaintiff/Servicer. A copy of the letter is firmly attached to this Motion as Exhibits A. and B.

    Plaintiff’s Lack of Proper Notice by the time of the hearing on Oct. 19, 2013 was a violation of Defendant’s right to due process and caused the offensive order to be entered.

    Defendant’s have recently discovered the Plaintiff’s Bayview Loan Servicing, do not have a Notorial Certificate and therefore, can have nothing in writing that would satisfy the Statute of Frauds. Plaintiff’s lack of due diligence and subsequent actions, has caused Fraud in the Procurement. Plaintiff’s entire judgment/order is therefore void, and of no legal force or effect

    Because of Plaintiff’s lack of due diligence, and Plaintiff’s subsequent actions has caused Fraud in the Procurement of Plaintiff’s suit, and is cause for dismissal of Plaintiff’s entire Foreclosure Complaint and also supports Defendants Motion to Dismiss scheduled for hearing on December 16, 2013. Fraud in the Procurement of Plaintiff’s suit supports Defendant’s argument in their Motion to Dismiss that Plaintiffs suit lacks subject matter jurisdiction (810 ILCS 5/3-102).

    Defendants argument in support of their Motion is based on well settled case law as follows:

    Void order which is one entered by a court which lacks jurisdiction over parties or subject matter, or lacks inherent power to enter judgment, or order procured by fraud, can be attacked at any time, in any court, either directly or collaterally provided that party is properly before the court, People ex. re. Brizica v. Village of Lake Barrington, 644 N.E. 2d.(Ill. App. 2 Dist. 1994).

    In re Marriage of Macino, 236 Ill. App., 3d. 885 (2nd Dist. 1992) (“if the order i[i]f void, it may be attacked at any time in the proceeding.”).

    The plaintiff’s false or misleading statement given under oath concerning issues central to her case amounted to fraud. See Cox v. Burke, 706 So. 2d 43, 47 (Fla. 5th DCA 1998).

    A void order is an order issued without jurisdiction by a judge and is void ab initio and does not have to be declared void by a judge to be void. Only on inspection of the record of the case showing that the judge was without jurisdiction or violated a person’s due process rights, or where fraud was involved in the attempted procurement of the jurisdiction, is sufficient for an order to be void, Potenz Corp. v. Petrozzini, 170 Ill. App. 3d. 617, 525 N.E. 2d. 173, 175 (1988). In instances herein, the law has stated that the orders are void ab initio and not voidable because they are already void.

    A void judgement or order is one that is entered by a court lacking jurisdiction over new parties or the subject matter, or lacking the inherent power to enter the particular order or judgment, or where the order was procured by fraud. In re Adoption of E.L., 733 N.E. 2d. 846, (Ill. App. 1 Dist. 2000).

    Void judgments generally fall into two classifications, that is, judgments where there is want of jurisdiction of person or subject matter, and judgment procured through fraud, and such judgments may be attacked directly or collaterally, Irving v. Rodriguez, 169 N.E. 2d. 145, (I’ll. App. 1 Dist. 1960).

    A void judgment is one that has been procured by extrinsic or collateral fraud, or entered by a court that did not have jurisdiction over subject matter or the parties, Rook v. Rook, 353 S.E. 2d. 756 (Va. 1987).

    If the surrounding circumstances indicate the opposing party’s due process rights were unfairly compromised, ….. relief under void judgment statute is mandatory. See Carter v. Fenner, 136 F. 3d. 1000, 1005 15th Cir. 1998).

    Evans v. Corporate Services, 207 Ill. App. 3d. 297, 565 N.E. 2d. 724 (2nd. Dist. 1990) (a void judgment, order or decree may be attacked at any time or in any court, either directly or collaterally.”).

    When rule providing for relief from void judgments is applicable, relief is not discretionary matter, but is mandatory, Orner v. Shalala, 30 F. 3d 1307 (Colo. 1994).

    Rule 60 (d.) (3.) is not time-barred because it is intended “to protect the integrity of the judicial process.” Bowie v. Maddox, No. 03-948, 2010 WL 45553 at *2, A court may exercise its equitable power to set aside a fraudulent judgment “to maintain the integrity of the court and safeguard the public.” United States v. Smiley, 553 F. 3d. 1137.

    The fraud misrepresentation or conduct “must involve an unconscionable plan or scheme which is designed to improperly influence the court in its decision.” See State Street Bank & Trust Co. v. Inversiones Errazuriz Limitada, 774 F. 3d. 158, 176 (2d. Cir. 2004). Central Group, 298 Fed. Appx. At 44; Atkinson v. Prudential Prop. Co. Inc. 43 3d. 367, 372-73 (8th Cir. 1994).

    Fraud on the court may be present if a party inserts a false or forged document into the record. See Weldon v. United States, 225 F. 3d. 647, 2000 WL 1134358 at *2 (2d. Cir 2000), (citing Hazel-Atlas, 322 U.S. at 246-47. 64 S. Ct.).

    The heightened standard for fraud on the court would justify a finding of such fraud “only by the most egregious misconduct directed to the court itself, such as bribery of a judge or jury, or fabrication of evidence by counsel.” United States v. Smiley, 553 F 3d. 1145.

    In Jacob v. Henderson, 840 So. 2d. 1167 (Flat 2d. DCA 2003), this court followed test forth in Cox v. Burke, 706 So. 2d. 43, 46 (Flat 5th DCA 1998). The requisite fraud on court occurs where it can be demonstrated clearly and convincingly that a party has sentiently set in motion some unconscionable scheme calculated to interfere with the judicial system’s ability impartially to adjudicate a matter by improperly influencing the trier fact or unfairly hampering the presentation of the opposing parties claim or defense. Aoude v. Mobil Corp. 892 F. 2d. 1115, 1118 (1st Cir. 1989).

    We have the inherent power to vacate the judgment of the court, fashion an appropriate remedy, Chambers v. Nasco, Inc. 501 U.S. 32, 44-45 (1991); Hazel-Atlas, 322 U.S. at 250; Fink v. Gomez, 239 F. 3d. 989, 992 (9th Cir. 2001), and sanction a party or its lawyers have intentionally practiced a fraud upon the court. Levander v. Prober, 180 F. 3d. 1119 (9th Cir. 1999); see also Gomez v. Vernon, 255F. 3d.1118, 1113-34 (9th Cir.2001).

    Throckmorton stands clear for the proposition that intrinsic fraud, that is, fraudulent evidence upon which a judgment is based, is not grounds to set aside a judgment. It also makes clear that exrltrinsic fraud that was not the subject of litigation, that infects the actual judicial process, is grounds to set aside a judgment as procured by fraud. United States v. Throckmorton, 98 U.S. 61 (1878). see also Browning v. Navarro. 826 F. 2d. 343 (5th Cir. 1987) (According to Justice Miller’s reasoning (in Throckmorton), in order to collaterally attack the judgment, it must have been obtained by fraud.”)

    For all aforementioned reasons, and pursuant to Rule 60 (b) (4) &(d) (3), Plainyiff’s judgment is void of any legal force or effect as evidenced by Defendant’s letter from Bayview firmly attached to this Motion as Exhibits A & B.

    Wherefore, Defendant’s pray and request this honorable court, vacate Plaintiff’s judgment/order and this court exercise its equitable power to set aside this fraudulent judgment and other equitable relief as this court deems just, and in support of our Motion to Dismiss, grant Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss at the hearing date scheduled for December 16, 2013 and other equitable relief as this court deems just and equitable.

    Respectfully Submitted,


    Defendant’s Motions were denied on December 16, 2013 by Judge Price Walker. No written legal reason for the denial was given.

  34. E.tolle-
    Yeah it’s time
    To have Ivent/stripes put out of her misery. Whadda bunch of useless drivel she regurgitates for reasons only she can fathom.

  35. “US isolated, BRICS to get greater voting power at IMF
    December 13, 2014, 4:31 am

    Months after the formation of new financial institutions like the $100 billion BRICS Bank and the China-led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said Friday that the organization is ready to discuss IMF voting reforms without the United States to give BRICS and emerging countries greater voting power.
    Lagarde said the IMF is disappointed with the US inaction to ratify the governance and quota reforms and will now move forward without Washington…

    … The IMF reforms will hand more IMF voting powers to BRICS, a long-standing demand of the group and will also reduce the concentration of representative power of Western Europe at the IMF board.

    China and other emerging economies, including BRICS, have long protested against their limited voice at global financial platforms, including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank.

    The IMF quota reform calls for a 6 per cent shift in quota share to emerging economies. It will lift China, which still has less voting power than the Benelux countries ( Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg), to the third largest shareholder. Shares for Russia, India and Brazil will also see hefty rise.

    The reforms, however, have been delayed for four years owing to a block by the US Congress as the US retains a veto. IMF chief Lagarde hinted at a “Plan B” in April if the US fails to endorse the reforms by year-end.”

    It was to be expected. The world is ready for BRICS. The US… not so much. Let’s wait and see what “Plan B’ is all about…

  36. jhesus christ this should not be the place to have a personal catharsis i agree but why arnt we all friends, come on right or wrong ivent is in pain.

    Heres my two bobs worth;wap

    Pay attention to thus sentence:

    A time honored strategy in war is divide and conquer. It is easier to subjugate a people who are fighting amongst themselves

  37. “… I’d simply like to have an intelligent discussion on legal tactics with some law-savvy folk…”

    Isn’t it ironic that someone who pounded for so long on everyone and anyone who understood foreclosure, legal issues, procedures and winning strategies and gave sound advice, the “law-savvy folk” (tnharry, Patrick, Gene, Rock, Bob G. and many more come to mind…), and who managed to chase them off this site one sarcasm at a time, would now find himself reduced to pounding on whom he helped take this site over: limited intellects with next to nothing to offer in terms of law, strategy and wins and with serious mental problems.

    A bad case of making one’s bed, i guess.

  38. Ivent sayeth, “Obviously, and thankfully, God the Creator has another plan.”

    Is it just me here on LL that takes issue with this moron delivering old testament sputum mixed with her own pitiful story, all the while telling one and all exactly how God, in her infinite wisdom, views it? Is everyone here Okie Dokie with Ivent/Stripes not only seizing the entire board, but also unleashing a Sodom and Gomorrah–styled blow by blow of how her foreclosure went down, minute by minute, with the soon-to-be-rapture tossing banksters up into hell without their shoes? Oh for the love of….not her God.

    If so, Namaste. We’ll take this legal stuff up at another time. After she i-vents and passes out.

  39. “Oh its E Trolle back to spread its evil Securities Fraud Investor cheer

    No moron, I’d simply like to have an intelligent discussion on legal tactics with some law-savvy folk, NOT listen to every twisted faux-pious diatribe concerning your soon to be ex and your old testament trashed world view. You need medications, and fast.

    And FWIW, I consider that poor ex-bloke to be the luckiest guy on the planet, having finally removed himself from the insanity that pervades your every moment.

    Do you not realize that you are as damaging to LL as the worst bank troll possible due to your 100% hijacking of Neil’s long-term blog? What makes you think you can simply steal someone else’s website, free of charge? I mean, besides insanity?

  40. These evil jerks really thought they would never get caught using satanic ritual abuse tactics to mind control all of the Christians, and lead them to their slaughter they created.

    Obviously, and thankfully, God the Creator has another plan.

    I sure would not want to be them when their judgment day comes.

    The truth is if I were desperate, I would be hiding from all of this, not blogging about it that is for sure.

    That is how mind control works, it makes you cower in fear and afraid to speak the truth about its evil.

    Well someone must light the path the victims must tread. If that someone is me, than so be it.

    “your sons and daughters will prophecy….” (see Song of Songs 3:6 and Acts 2:17-21).

  41. Oh its E Trolle back to spread its evil Securities Fraud Investor cheer.

    That is the desperateness of their situation is they always try and discredit their targeted victims by lying about them.

    It is just a pity for them that my faith is stronger than ever that God Almighty
    will have the last say so here.

  42. Things have become so bad in this country if you catch them at their lying fraud closure game, these greedy “investors,” will employ their own “network” to try and declare their targeted victims crazy.

    This is quite frankly because they do not want to pay their victims the money they owe them, and they especially do not want to relinquish their illegal seizures of their Titles.

    So if you are defending fraudclosure pro se and you are winning then suddenly your spouse starts treating
    you like dirt and decides they want a
    “divorce” from you from seemingly out
    nowhere you better watch out. The next thing that spouse is likely to do is start calling you “nuts.” Then it would likely not be in your best interest to trust that spouse any longer about anything at all. Not soon after those verbal accusations start, take it as a warning that spouse is planning on employing their own comrades to manufacture scenarios in your life to try and prove that lie is true. It is a big part of satanism to try and use mind
    control tactics to try and destroy their targeted victims concentration and memory. Freemasons use very many perps and freemasonic rituals to abuse their victims by trying to put the freemasonic blindfold back on their “sacrifice.”

    The controller who thinks they know what is “best” for their sacrifice, has made a bargain with its alter ego that it can’t possibly keep because it got caught by its sacrifice by being too greedy.

    Most do not know that fraudclosure uses satanic ritual abuse to try and mind control the destiny of its victims.

    The truth is fraudclosure is a secret freemasonic ritual divorce proceeding that is based in Satanism. It tries to seduce its victims into Luciferianism which is Totalitarianism that requires an extreme amount of mind control abuse of its victims.

    The warning is that if you find yourself starting to become a victim of your pro se fraudclosure defense, your
    spouse is one of the “investors”
    in their own mortgage fraud.

    Beware of the lengths and the severity of the test to which that spouse will employ to try and mind control you.

    That spouse will likely employ your own friends and family members to mentally abuse, gang stalk and lie about you to mind control you.

    There is real evil in fraudclosure because fraud closure is all about severely testing the mind control the controller has over its targeted victim.

    If you refuse to “go along” with any of the control freaks “thoughts,” you are in grave danger because you cannot run away from it, divorce it or ignore it.

    You need divine intervention to help you combat this evil.

    You also must publicize it anywhere that you can.

    God as my witness, this is all true.

  43. Neil, sorry about the loss of your blog.

    Might as well change the name to Drooling Ivent. Poor thing…so desperately seeking justification, all the while feeling sanity slowly slip under the horizon, all the while broadcasting that fact far and wide.

    Do you truly feel like folks hang onto your every thought? That not a single one can go without airing them? Dumbass.

  44. All of the “accusers” about the “wrongdoings” of others should be forced to submit to lie detector tests in regards to “who” they really are and “who” they really work for.

    Then you would likely get to the bottom of this Global shell game.

  45. BTW, the PD got a continuance today in DeKalb County.

    He felt the need to make me have to travel nearly 2 hours today to sign a medical records release form so he could pry into my personal life for no valid legal reason whatsoever.

    There was a different judge today as well. He was a male judge. That could be maybe because my soon to be ex told me last time we were there, the lady judge had her “tit,” hanging out of her robe.

    I however, never saw that.

    He was clearly implying that she is some sort of an agent for some other agency.

    He seemed worried about that change as well. He asked the PD if that judge would be back by the next court hearing? Which was totally out if line of him to even ask that question to the PD who is repping this case because him and I are getting divorced. So why would he care less?

    The excuse he gave was that “she knows this case.”

    However, “this case” has not even been heard yet and furthermore the charge is not a felony charge.

    So obviously he is inferring that judge may be compromised in some way.

    More things that make you go hmmmm.

  46. Retiring Michigan Senator Carl Levin was interviewed on Bloomberg News today. He was asked what he thinks the real problem is in this country right now that needs changes. He said Wall Street needs more reform.

    He said the mortgages that were “securitized” were compromised.

    That was a bold faced lie.

    The legal liens were never secured. The U.S. Taxpayers money for all of the property was fronted but the “Real Estate Contracts” were never legally
    executed. That is because the actual, written “Deed of Trust (Realty) Agreements,” aka the ABI’s, were never presented by the Issuer of the Original “Bills of Credit.” That is what is known as the “Origination Fraud.”

    The “Origination Fraud” was a cover up for many fraudulent acts by the Wall Street “Exec’s.” Mainly for the Board of Directors over at J.P. Morgan Chase whose CIO at the time, devised for them the entire evil “mortgage backed securities Derivatives

    The main thing they were fraudulently concealing was they were fraudulently inducing “Mortgage Lease Servicing Contracts” which is illegal.

    That means nobody signed anything at the “closing table.”

    This entire manufactured plot is an extremely evil Global, satanic based, luciferian inspired, fraudulently induced,
    freemasonic plan to overthrow the Christian inspired, Roman Canon Law
    supported, U.S. Constitution.

    This plot was instituted long before we were ever fraudulently induced to believe banks loan people money. They loan Bills of Credit. In order for a “Bill of Credit” to be money owed to a bank, the Original “loan” that was direct deposited into the banksters own Investment Accounts, they were required by law to pay Good and Valuable Consideration for the Original Bill of Credit they issued you to you, the U.S. Taxpayer. That would be evidenced by the Original Note and Mortgage stamped paid in full by the U.S. Treasury Department. The evidence of that would also be stamped on the “Warranty Deed,” that means you hold the Note. I am not talking about the “Customs Stamp,” which is a “tax revenue stamp,” that shows a “Custom Duty Tax” was paid to the State in which your Property is located. I am talking a U.S. Treasury Stamp that states PAID IN FULL by you, the U.S. Taxpayer.

    That is the sticky wicked issue for the Title Companies, who work for the U.S. Treasury Department, because they issued us “Owner’s Title Insurance Policies” upon faulty, fraudulent unsecured Property Titles.

    Wow right? That would mean the “closing attorney’s,” who are all agents of the “Title Companies,” who all work as “agents” of the U.S. Treasury Department are who in fact committed the Origination Fraud in
    the first place.

    Therefore their is definitely an illegal conflict of interest in these fraud closure suits because the “closing attorney’s,” would by law, be the “Trustees” of these “Trust Agreements,” that we never signed. Because they are the only party by Trust law, who could be bringing these infamous suits upon We The

    This is why they never act in their own name as the law requires.

    So that can only stand to reason that they are “investors” in their own fraud. They were obviously all passing counterfeit securities for some outside agent or its agency.

    But who? Who do they all really work for? That is the question.

    You would have to dig a little bit to find out who was drawing money from the Investment Account set up by that closing attorney. Who was the main signor on that account?

    Well, It certainly wasn’t me.

  47. My soon to be ex told me this evening that he can’t wait to “get rid of me” because he has to drive me to court in the morning.

    What an evil jerk, considering he is the main culprit who caused all of this violent crap to happen to me.

  48. I have court tomorrow at 9 a.m. in DeKalb County. It is another manufactured illegal mess created by the investors in their own Securities Frauds. The reason that I am under attack by them is their own fault. They left me no choice other than to defend my Titles pro se in 2 highly criminal fraudclosure suits for nearly 5 years now. By doing so, that lead me to uncover some really highly criminal
    activity by these “investors,” as well as who the main culprits are.

    The “Plaintiffs,” fraudulently conceal their true identities in every fraud closure suit because they do not act in
    their own name as the law requires.

    They also never show a “proof of loss” at the onset of their fraud suits as the law requires. The reason being is, the Issuer of the Counterfeit Securities are illegally and heinously fraudclosing upon our U.S.
    citizenships by committing Securities Fraud with our identities. That is the “Origination Fraud,” when the Banksters committed Fraud in the Issuing of Credit in our names without our knowledge or consent by issuing counterfeit investments in their own counterfeit Mortgage Notes and fake, fraudulently induced Mortgage Contracts. Those were not Mortgage contracts, they were fraudulently induced “lease agreements.” Therefore none of us ever signed anything.

    That is just the tip of the iceberg of course. Nobody was supposed to figure out what these felons did. However, I did figure it out. That is why I am a subject target by these mortgage note counterfeiting, Securities Fraud Investor felons.

  49. We are in fraudclosure so by and large that means that you are broke. That is why the law in Illinois regarding fraudclosure states the one bringing the suit must be prepared to pay the property taxes because people who are in fraud closure are usually “broke.”

    We are “broke” and expected to hire
    attorneys who charge a fortune that we clearly can not afford, who are not willing to fight the Origination Fraud.

    We are told to file BK as a last resort
    that costs thousands of dollars we do not have. It costs approximately around $5000.00 to file BK on both
    personal and business fraudulently induced debts and that does not
    prevent fraud closure.

    As for the “Free Attorneys” they are
    working for the corrupt police state as are the public defenders. They are all working for the Russians and the Chinese.

    Fraudclosure is a mind control scam by the investors in their own Securities Fraud.

    Therefore, they want you to believe you are broke and defenseless, so why feed into their scam and pay them to lie, cheat, steal and try to manipulate you into believing their lies.

    There is fraud in the essence if this entire scam. So why extinguish their fraud for them in a BK and give then a clean slate to start robbing you again by committing more Fraud in the Issuing of Credit?

    Our identities have clearly been compromised, and our Legal Birth Certificates are being held hostage by these felons as a result.

    Moreover, I do not aid and abet felons who committed felonies in my name without my knowledge or consent.

  50. At least in the State of Illinois. All you get here is a song and a dance. They just keep telling you the same lies over and over again trying to convince us that we are all deadbeats and losers who can’t win.

    I was told by a rep from Attorney General Lisa Madigans office a few years ago, “there is fraud in every
    mortgage,” but “fraud is hard to prove.”

    The reason being is you have to show proof of intent to harm another right?

    Well we are in fraudclosure, without proper legal representation because no attorney’s are willing to fight the fraud in these fraudclosures. The crooks were all “bailed out” by the U.S. Taxpayers to the tune of $60 + trillion U.S. Taxpayer dollars since 2008 reported CNBC. They are still grabbing $85 billion per month plus they just another $1.1 Trillion. The total value of all U.S. property before the bubble burst? $12 trillion dollars. They were all “bailed out” by the U.S. Taxpayers
    who paid for everything upfront at the Origination in the first place.

    So how’s that for intent to do harm to another?

  51. I tried all of the avenues to no avail. If you are not going along with these crooks, you are living in peril because you are on our own fighting these felons. That is the bottom line in fraud closure.

  52. I tried to file police reports to no avail shadowcat. The Oak Forest Police where my house is located, told me to file a complaint with the Attorney Generaks office. I met with the Chief of Police of Crestwood, Illinois, where my business property is located, a few years ago. He is a police friend of my father, who worked under him when he was Chief of Police in Chicago Ridge. He would not take a police report but, he set up a meeting with him, me and the State Investigator from Illinois State Attorney General
    Lisa Madigans Office, Kevin O’Connell. I told you how that whole meeting
    went. I was told to file a formal complaint with the Attorney Generals

    I did file a complaint initially with the Attorney Generals office and received a letter back that said they were investigating. However, that was all that I
    ever received.

  53. The enemies of our freedom are wantonly stealing the free will of We The People in fraudulent foreclosure proceedings.

    This is being done by many mind control tactics.

    Those who do not defend their Titles and just go along with everything they are being told are being completely mind controlled.

    The Constitutional Legal Rights of those of us who are defending our
    Titles to our freedoms are being completely ignored by the courts, judges and the Plaintiffs Attorneys.

    That is a very severe mind control tactic being done to the innocent victims of these Global Securities Fraud crimes. Those orders are being given by the
    Investors in their own Securities Fraud.

    They are committing severe mind control tactics upon their targeted victims who are defending their Titles from fraudclosure to fraudulently conceal the Origination Fraud that caused all of this.

    These “investors” in our freedoms do not want us to remember what we saw in “that room” and what happened at the “closing table” was a fake, phony and therefore fraudulent “business transaction” that none of us were a party to.

    That is evidenced by the one pertinent legal fact there are no legal assignments recorded at the County Recorders Offices. That is why quite frankly, the Issuer of the Original “Bills of Credit,” could not file a UCC 1 financing statement at the Secretary of States office and secure the legal liens on our Titles.

    The reason for that is the Issuer committed Securities Fraud before you were even fraudulently induced to sign “the notes” at the closing table.

    That is because the Investment Banksters who control Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were committing stock and bond fraud with our Birth Certificates by overissuing fraudulent
    investments in our Titles to our Securities on the Global Markets. That Securities Fraud had been going
    on since 1982.

    The cover up for that began in 1999, when Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall and made Derivatives trading legal. Derivatives trading is no less than the human slave trade. It is how the Wall Street fat cat investors in their own fraud commit human trafficking from cyberspace. Their Algorithm graphs and charts fraudulently conceal what they are really doing is human trafficking.

    The Origination Fraud was committed to fund their illicit global drug trade and to commit human trafficking under the guise of giving mortgage loans that were all funded by We The People.

    That was done to allow the Banksters and their minions and cohorts to collect all of our payments as a fraudulently induced “Mortgage Lease Servicing Contract Tax,” that was not only excessive and abusive but was
    highly illegal. The Issuing banksters committed numerous felonies to counterfeit massive amounts of Fraudulent Securities.

    The fact that no “loans” were given yet these Securities Fraud Investors “charged off” all of their Securities Fraud on We The People on 9/11 by “destruction of evidence” is what
    these fascist investor crooks are trying to fraudulently conceal from
    the American people.

    They are trying to fraudulently conceal all of their Securities Fraud crimes by fraudulently inducing the “Healthcare Law Tax.” That was to be used as a severely abusive mind control tactic to force conformity with all of the Securities Fraud committed by the Banksters and their Corporate cronies.

    The Healthcare Law that is another fraudulently induced Securities Fraud Tax. The Healthcare Law is illegal because it is fraudulent concealment of the Origination Fraud, which is
    Fraud in the Issuing of Credit by the Investors in their own Securitis Fraud and is A prime example of Corporate
    Cronyism by severe mind control tactics by these control freak abusers.


    Felony Complaint
    for title fraud, forgery, grand theft of property, conspiracy, etc.
    Use this to help write your police report against bank attorneys.

  55. A State Court of Appeals shadowcat?


    At this turn in the juncture, if I were a millionaire I would not file BK.

    The reason being as I said previously, these are 2 highly criminal cases. Therefore, by filing BK, I would be aiding and abetting their crimes by engaging in a cover up of a vast criminal conspiracy.

    Being that I do pride myself upon good and sound moral values, I refuse
    to be a party to any of that.

    The day I filed my response to Plaintiffs Original Fraudclosure Complaint, along with my Affirmative Defenses, was the day that I told all of them I refuse to cooperate and go along with all of their Felony Fraud.

    I will not compromise my principles. Because by doing so, I would be selling my self out. That would mean that I am worse than all of them by going along with all of them.

  56. Ivent, I don’t buy any of what you just said! BK makes you broker? For a smart person .. Never Mind.

    You didn’t pay your re taxes, ins and maintain the property did you?

    Smart Judge! Good Night!

  57. Bankruptcy is just another way to milk the public.

    That is what this entire fraudclosure scam is really about is milking the public dry.

    In the final phase of this Bankster Black Op, they will be using Direct Energy Weapons on the people, to lead them all like lambs to the slaughter of our Constitutional

    These investor crooks want a nation of dumbed down imbeciles, who are fraudulently induced dupes, from watching too much t.v., eating too much junk, who are being poisoned by the environment, drugged and
    drinking too much alcohol. They are being told what to believe and are expected to believe they are a
    Nation of Renters, who believe they don’t own

    Like George Carlin said, “they want people just smart enough to run the
    machines, and do the paperwork.”

    The truth is, we are a Nation at war with these Bankster crooks.
    The reason being is, We The People already paid for everything at the Origination of this Fraud.

  58. Do you think this is about pride shadowcat? I know that I won both of those cases hands down for numerous reasons. However, I am a realist. I know it is the Judges pride that is the real problem here. The corrupt judges who are running these courtrooms would never let me win because I am not an Attorney with a law degree. If word got out that some peasant won 2 cases in fraudclosure it would be like they blew themselves up. They would make all of their attorney friends look bad and they would get removed from the rotted benches they were presiding over. This is about prejudice judges who
    are secretly yet obviously invoking their own personal subject matter jurisdiction over all of the peasants
    they and all of their investor comrades helped to create. It is all about the “fundamental transformation of America,” by carrying out Agenda 21. That means every U.S. citizen born here is going to get screwed and tattooed to all of Wall Streets Securities Fraud.

    Bankruptcy does nothing but make us broker and the crooks richer. It does not stop fraudclosure. It just delays it.

    As far as Judge Schack goes, he is one of a few judges who at least has a semi conscience.

    The truth of these sad matters is, if the rule of law was invoked, there would no fraudclosures.

  59. How about if I file an appeal at the Appellate level in both fraud suits? Does the control fraud go all the way up to the Federal level? You bet it does. I know that because one of the Judges, Judge Jesse Reyes, who was the presiding Judge in the business property fraud closure suit moved up to the Appellate Level. That was right after I told him the Plaintiffs don’t have the “legal assignment.” To which he told me you finally figured that out?

    No, in fact, I had not, “just figured that
    out.” I spelled out that plot in black and
    white to the court, that Judge, and the Attorney’s for the Plaintiffs’ on several

    Moreover, the legal assignment was one of the many documents I requested from the Plaintiffs’ in discovery by formal
    written request that was wantonly and seditiously ignored by all of them. That includes the 201k warning letter that I sent them under the Federal Rules of the U.S. Supreme Court. I did not bother to go ask the court formally after that conduct which I felt was not just unprofessional, it was lewd, crass and unlawful.

    The fact the “Attorneys for the
    Plaintiffs” wantonly ignored both of my formal requests for all of the documents speaks volumes about the mass amount of corruption in not only the County of Cook but in the entire State of Illinois.

    The local media reported a couple of years ago that Cook County won the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt County in the entire Country. I would like to take that one step further in saying that award belongs down in Springfield, Illinois. It should be hung on the wall of the corridor in the entryway at the the Illinois General Assembly State House. That is so that all if those corrupt souls who enter that building can see what they have caused.

    Furthermore, Michael Savage said one evening on his radio program right after Rahm Emanuel took office as Mayor of that corrupt hell hole, that Chicago is running the world. His show was promptly taken off the air on 560 a.m. the very next evening.

    That just goes to show the ilk of these jokers who think they are fooling anyone around here. The locals know it. We call this place Crook County. In fact, the last Mayorsl election in Chicago had the lowest voter turn out in Cook County history. Only 37% of the city dwellers turned out and bothered to vote. Yet Rahm still got elected into office without having to garner at least 50% of the vote. If I am not mistaken, I think that is called a fraudulently induced dictatorship.

    I guess that also means these thieves of our Liberty can finally let the dead voters all rest in peace.

  60. So ivent how do you explain Arthur Shack, one that slipped through the net?

  61. Ivent, if you can’t afford an attorney you need to swallow you pride and file a CH 11. Don’t let your stubberness cost you your family and home. Worse yet, another life. You can still maintain suit in state court to clear title.

  62. I am not filing Chapter anything shadowcat. These are 2 highly criminal cases. If I were to “file BK” I would not only be compromising my own principles but I would be preventing my own case from being won up on sppeal at the Federal Level. Moreover, I would be aiding and abetting a cover up of a massive criminal Securities Fraud conspiracy.

    Besides the fact BK only stays the
    execution of my Titles by these crooks, it does not prevent it.

    I am going to leave all of this Federal fraud in the hands of the Federal

    All of my legal work is on the public record for them to use as a basis for bringing Federal prosecution under Federal RICO charges.

    Those charges would have to be brought against the Judges and the Plaintiffs attorney’s as well as all of the “investors” in this Global Securities Fraud Scam to steal not only my Liberty, by stealing my identity but, the Liberty of every U.S. Citizen born here.

  63. @neidermeyer ….. The judges are delegated that “power” by the Justices who are controlling the U.S. State Supreme Courts nationwide. Their power is delegated by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Those Justices are the most powerful entity in the land because we are a “land of laws.” Those laws are based upon U.S. Contract Law and are supported by Admiralty Law which is based upon Roman Canon Law which is a very unique form of Corporate Law. Those are the laws that govern International Trade in regards to Banks and
    Banking under International Law which is the U.C.C. The U.S. Bill of
    Rights is the basis for Consideration to which all legal contracts are drawn upon and created. The fact those justices are put in place by the Investors in all of their own fraudulently induced Securities Fraud Contracts, who are all of the
    Presidents, past and present is quite alarming to those of us who know the

    The reason being is, they are given lifetime appointments by their own crony investor friends. Therefore, they are acting in a highly compromised and illegal capacity that has no legal limits. Because these justices are allowed to have lifetime appointments means they are governing themselves. That means the Securities Fraud Contractors who created these fraudulently induced Securities Fraud Contracts are also invested in them. They are who are governing this country as a Stalin like dictatorship ran by what can only be described as these Nazi Stalinized investors as result.  

    They should all be forced to resign. Because the U.S. Supreme Court Justices are actually more powerful than the President because the “interpret the laws,” they should be voted in by We The People and given only one, four year term.

  64. Kevin is a Good Apple. PK

  65. Louise, I’m still awaiting an apology. . . . . . . Ivent, its not to late to file CH 11.

  66. The State Investigator from Attorney General Lisa Madigans Office, Kevin O’Connell also told me that he might want to hire me when I’m done dealing with “my own complicated mess,” as he put it. Obviously he must have thought I was on to something big.

    In fact, I still have his card. I wonder if he would still be interested in hiring little old me?

  67. Besides shadowcat, if I would have hired one of “those attorney’s” as the State Investigator from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigans Office put it, I would have never found out who these traitors are who are trying to fraudclose on my Titles. More specifically, they are trying to fraudclose on my Title to my person, by fraudulently foreclosing upon my
    Original, long form Birth

    Moreover, I would probably be dead by now as a result of not doing my
    homework about all of this criminal

    Then you would have never had the pleasure of meeting me, lvent aka stripes aka Linda Venturella. Or as Used Kar Guy, aka UKG used to call me “stripper.”

  68. Which one shadow cat? The one who told me not to show up to court to watch him throw me under the bus? He told me I had just as much a chance of winning with or without an Attorney. He told me winning in fraud closure is like “winning the lottery.” Ha.

    Or the Contract lawyer who posed the question to me, Do we have a Constitution or not? Because if we do, none of these suits would even be happening.

    That does not bode well for hiring him or any Attorney regarding these fraudclosure matters, at least not in this completely corrupt and useless State of Illinois.

  69. More particularly, I am talking about the Cook County Chancery Courtrooms that are located in Chicago, Illinois, and are situated on the 28th floor of the Daley Center on 50 West Washington Street. They are not following the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in regards to the way these FC suits are supposed to be handled upon Presentment of their suit, which would be at the onset, or at least by the
    Commencement of their suit,(J.P. Morgan Chase v Gilbert). If that was
    not done correctly, which it was not,
    these lawsuits that are supposed to be “lawsuits in equity,” are baseless
    factless fraud suits.

    The Plaintiffs brought these suits with
    no legal written evidence for which to bring their claim. Their “failure” to attach the written Cause Of Action at the onset, or at least by the Commencement,
    was Plaintiffs failure to State a Valid Legal Claim. Therefore, the Plaintiff has no legal
    way in which to proceed.

    specifically, the missing “legal
    assignments” that have been “missing” since the onset, proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, these FC suits are fraudulent suits meaning, not based on any law or fact. That can be easily proven because the legal liens were never recorded upon the public record. That is also evidenced by the fact, no UCC 1 financing
    statements were ever filed at the Secretary of States Office. The State of Illinois is a fact pleading State. That means the bar is set high in regards to a lawsuit in equity that involves “Secured Legal Agreements.” The Plaintiffs suit must be well plead from the onset to have Standing which is
    legal validity.

    So by Plaintiffs lack of giving a damn about not attaching the Original Blue Ink Signed Security Agreement to their
    Original Complaint, they are in fact,
    committing Securities Fraud and numerous other Federal Crimes in the
    Cook County Courtrooms. Those crimes would involve many serious
    crimes which are Federal Felonies because these crimes involve
    Federally Insured U.S. Government Instruments that were Counterfeited
    by the Issuer who was Federally Licensed and Bonded to issue
    investments in Secured U.S. Government Real Estate Contracts
    that were obviously never secured.

    Plaintiffs “failure” to State a Claim at the onset of their suit, or by no later than the Commencement of their suit, is Federal evidence of Racketeering
    with Counterfeit, Fraudulent, U.S.
    Government Securities to gain unjust
    enrichment. All of their crimes are felonies that are prosecutable under Federal RICO charges.

  70. You should have hired that Lawyer.

  71. A Foreclosure Defense Attorney that I met with a few years ago said if we hired him we don’t even have to show up at court. LMAROF….. That is when I knew who he was working for. We are being accused of “criminal acts” by these “investor” criminals who committed infamous crimes in our names without our knowledge or consent in these fraudclosure suits.

    Therefore, if you don’t “show up,” you are admitting wrongdoing
    to the court.

    I had another attorney who was a Contract lawyer tell me not to even bother going to court. While I do understand his thinking on that, because these courts are being commanded and controlled by the investors in their own fraud, why should any U.S. Citizen born here act like a coward and not “show up,” for court and by doing so, admit any sort of wrongdoing.

    I do “get it,” however, because no Federal laws are being followed from the inception of these “Global Securities Fraud suits, and all of the Federal Supreme Court Rules that govern these courtrooms and should be taking legal precedent over these cases, are being willfully ignored by the County Courts because the head Judges are compromised. Not only that, but, these orders to ignore all of the Natural Born legal rights of We The People, and allow complete “Strangers to the Mortgage” to do what amounts to Grand Theft Larceny of our property by illegal and illicit “title swapping” of our legal Titles, is coming from the top. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices. They are all rotten, no good, lousy traitors and sell outs
    to humanity, God and these United

    We know it is them who are the biggest lying traitors of them all. The reason being is because we are a Nation of Laws and these are the very traitors from within, who declared the
    “Healthcare Law” tyranny “Constitutional.” Their reason for that “ruling,” was an “order” that was entirely and completely fundamentally
    flawed because it is not a tax it is in fact a re-tax. The “Healthcare Law” is in fact, another
    fraudulently induced property tax to fraudulently conceal the Origination Fraud in every fraudulently induced “Mortgage Origination.”

    So in that fundamentally flawed “ruling” by these tyrannical U.S. Supreme Court Justices, that was baseless and faulty meaning, ILLEGAL, because it was “based upon no law or fact,” these Dictators are not “interpretating the law,” (Maybury v Madison), they are rewriting the Law, the U.S. Constitution by dictating to We The People of these United States who pay all of the fraudulently induced bills in this country, that
    Congress has the “legal authority” to “RE-TAX” We The People under the
    guise of a “MANDATORY”
    “Healthcare Law Tax.”

    Whar a bunch of fiends. That ruling is also blasphemous because “In God We Trust,” yet, they are moving to permanently tattoo Gods people with the verichip “Mark of the Beast,” under the guise of it all.

    Therefore I do realize the County
    Courthouses and
    Courtrooms are being used as secret,
    open war tribunals by the enemies of
    our freedom by the investors in this
    International Securities Fraud Scam.

    However, unless every single American boycotts every single one of these “war tribunal Courtrooms,” there will be no Liberty and Justice for anyone at all.

  72. Well he obviously got nothing from me because he threw me in the can for 12 days for threatening me for no reason which caused me to drive away. Not only that, but he was out of his “legal jurisdiction” on that particular evening. This all occurred because my headlights were not working properly. Yeah right. I make no bones about it, what happened to me that night happened because we are being gang stalked by foreign nationals who are posing as anybody you can imagine.
    All of this gang stalking is possible because of the AIG PRISM Program.

    If they think you know stuff, you get gang stalked by the perps of these fraud investor control freaks. These foreign spy agencies do kidnap people they consider to be an asset to them.

    That is another reason why these fraudclosures should never have happened. There has been a massive security breach of our identities because of illicit electronic trading practices done under the guise of giving “mortgage loans” by the GSE Investment Banksters.

    This was all accomplished by the GSE’s committing Fraud In The Issuing of Credit vis a vis J.P. Morgan CHASE. CHASE is a giant Oligarchy of Aristocrats ran by the Plutocrats who run the Kremlin.

  73. “Maybe if you give me something I can use, you won’t have to go to jail.” Is what that “Mokena cop” said to me.

    Get it folks?

  74. The “industry insiders” were buying, selling and trading investments in our long form U.S. Birth Certificates vis a vis illicit electronic trading practices “up there on Wall Street” (meaning up in cyberspace) by committing illegitimate stock/bond trading platforms on the “open market” Global Stock Exchanges.

    That is what these bankster crooks
    are fraudulently concealing in “discovery,” in regards to fraudclosure is, what really underlies those fake, phony, fraudulent “claims in equity” is the human slave trade. That is what those “pledges,” those partial grant deeds really represent.

    These “investors” are committing Fraudulent Representation and Fraudulent Misrepresentation of those human “pledges” of all of freedoms as “claims in equity” in regards to “real

    They committed that massive illegal Act of Securities Fraud to swap out our U.S. Birth Certificates which are our legal identities with the foreigners. Those foreigners may include international spies with the credentials of an Anna
    Chapman for example.

    The enemies of our freedoms want “insider information” from us.

  75. What makes your personally Acknowledged U.S. Birth Certificate priceless? It is your human Acknowledgment that you know what supports that legal document, the U.S. Bill of Rights. That physical act by you is what makes your legal rights legitimate. Your long form Birth Certificate is your legal birth right to defend your life, liberty and property
    from any threat. It is also your legal proof of your identity. Not the S S. # or your State DL License.

    The reason why the Wall Street crooks are trying to steal those from us is because our legal Birth Certificates were never Acknowledged properly by most Americans. Mainly because no one knew how to do it properly.

  76. By personal acknowledgement of your original long form U.S. Birth Certificate I don’t mean have it notarized. I mean fingerprint it, or put a drop of your blood on it or maybe a bit of your saliva. Then that piece of paper will become a Vendetta against you by these investors in our freedoms. If you are of a particular bloodline that document could be priceless and worthy of the Smithsonian. That is why it is imperative everyone
    researches who they really are. You would go by your Paternal Grandfathers mothers maiden name. You may be shocked to find out you might just be royalty and never knew it.

  77. I don’t worry so much Deborah. I know ultimately this is all in Gods hands. However, I do feel there is an urgent need for me to get my story out there into the public domain. If these horrors can happen to me, for innocently trying to defend my own Natural Born legal rights in “courts of law” in these United States, this can happen to anybody.

    There is a lot more to defending your titles from fraudclosure than anyone could ever possibly imagine. Furthermore, none of this should have ever been caused to happen to one American citizen born here because nearly every dime we pay and spend has gone to these crooks for decades now. Not only that, but we fund everything this Corp of crooks does and they never pay us back. Then they all were bailed out to the tune of $60 trillion U.S. taxpayer dollars backed by $12 trillion dollars worth of property we all paid for in the first place.

    This is all deeply concerning IMHO.

    I am sorry for those who don’t get what I am trying to say here is that no one is safe from these criminals. Not even those who are investors in this scam. I am not sure which politician once said no matter what you give a communist it will never be enough. They will always want more. That is what I am trying to convey. If you give them your house they will try and find a way to steal all of your possessions. If you give them all of your possessions they will keep stealing more and more from you because they are really trying to steal your identity. Go along with them and they consider you to be weak minded. If
    you resist they will consider you a threat. They want you to be both good and evil and there is no such thing as that. You can’t be both.

    So what do we do as a nation to
    combat this evil threat to our personal dignity? That is the question that I have. I am just one voice who is trying to alert the people about a very serious threat to each and every American citizen born here. Our long form Birth Certificates are our U.S. citizenship paper. That piece of paper is an incredibly important document for any American who cherishes the freedoms and the privileges afforded to them by not only possessing that original document, but Acknowledging it. When and if you do that, you had better lock it up because that document becomes priceless to these thieves of our Liberty. That is just not right in the freeist nation on earth that your personal Liberty depends upon your ability to protect and defend that one legal
    document that proves who you are. That is how bad this has all gotten. The Globalists have hijacked our Birth Certificates and are holding us hostage to surrendering them. That is the epitome of this evil.

  78. What the mind control is really all about with these control freak fraud re-investors in our freedoms is, they never wanted their controllers who are supposed to be controlling their fraud, lies and abuse of their particular targeted victims to get caught. That happened because their controllers were so busy trying to control their own fraud and cover up for their own
    criminal behavior may have lead their victims to unknowingly report them to the Federal Authorities. Finding out that their activities are under the all
    seeing eye of Federal scrutiny, caused these controllers to commit even
    more heinous criminal behavior
    towards their victims. Getting caught by their victims made them mad and caused them to stage a revolt against
    their targeted victim souls. Their
    particular targeted victims were never
    supposed to find out their own
    spouse and quite possibly their own
    were communist controllers who were working for the Russians. Because their victims were living with the
    enemy and did not even know it, that allowed their controllers to commit
    even more heinous crimes against their victims. These controllers and their investor comrades became intent
    upon trying to control their victims by trying to make them believe lies about themselves. They manufactured many
    scenarios to to try and make their victims look crazy, violent, bipolar, or a criminal felon. None of it holds water
    when you find out who these “investors” are. Especially when you
    have been an upstanding citizen your entire life as well as a great wife and
    mother. The “I always told you she or he was nuts,” statement does not hold
    up when you have been married to that person for say, 32 years and had 4 children with that person who was
    totally devoted to their own family life. Not only that, but when you allow
    your adult children to live in your house, until they are say 24 or 30 years old, with their girlfriends and their
    pets for free because they will not find jobs, you must be a saint or something.

    What these investors truly fear is when all of the Christians in this country wake up and realize they are
    being fraudulently induced into a Luciferian regime that is the true meaning of Totalitarianism. That entire belief system is based in occult
    worship that is Satanic at its core. That belief system harkens all the way
    back to Babylonian times and is carried out by open secret Satanic Ritual Abuse of its victims. Open
    Secret meaning, you may never even recognize it is being done to you. The devil does not care how many people he uses to get everyone to go to hell for all of eternity with it. The sky is the limit as far as making promises it knows it will never keep as far as that evil entity goes. You think your pension money is guaranteed by going along with fraudclosure? You better think again. All this evil really wants is an orderly form of chaos. At least at first. It does not want you to see its first victims it is trying to take down. That is why it brings to court under its own manufactured scenarios. No one is supposed to see the devil is in the details. The judges, the attorneys and the courts are all secretly working against their victims
    for that evil entity. Everything that is being done to you is an inside job being carried out by its own luciferian controllers. Won’t go along? They will have you locked up in one of their commie controlled fascist hospital wings. There they will use their own comrade hospital staff to try and convince you that you need to be put on their drugs. They are trying to prevent you from “thinking too much” about how evil and sick they all are.
    You know too much. You know all of these events are being staged by these control freaks.

    The Russians never counted on their
    controllers getting caught trying to control their own fraud, lies and abuse of their victims. Mainly because they suddenly started acting like
    schoolyard bullies towards their victims who thought they were defending them in fraudclosure. Dishonesty breeds more dishonesty. That is why their lies all caught up with them.

    I had a public defender try and feed me the lie that I was drinking the night of the investors manufactured car chase. Well they must have swapped my piss with someone else’s. Probably their own because anybody who knows me knows that I have not drink except maybe a few glasses of wine on a rare night out. I haven’t even been out on a rare occasion in several months. Furthermore I was sleeping in my car at night, the week of that manufactured scenario having been scared out of my own house by my soon to be ex who threatened to kill me. The last thing I would have done was drink because I was living in fear for my life because I knew I was being stalked by his comrades.

    This entire manufactured control freak mess has become
    completely out of control. They all got caught coincidentally, by trying to control their own fraud, they all got caught by me, trying to rob me of
    everything. That is all because they were all, but namely my husband started acting like a fascist control
    freak jerk, which there was no
    justification for that at all.

    Their court appointed psychologist had the nerve to ask me if I had been abused as a child all while she was trying to mentally abuse me by asking me stupid dumb questions that were meant to insult my intelligence.
    Such as, how are an apple and an orange alike? Or how about, why were you afraid of the (fascist Russian National) cop who was out of his jurisdiction the night he pulled you over. Then he asked you “what are you doing out.” Then you know that he was lyingto you when you asked him
    what you did, he told you that you were sitting the wrong way across 2 lanes of traffic? Then the next day he supposedly told my husband my headlights were not on. Then he started acting like he wanted to bash my head in for no reason because I complied with all of his orders. However, the one thing I did not do thankfully was pull into a dark parking lot that evening. That is what really pissed him off. I pulled into the right turning lane of a closed business instead. Then of course there is the in appropriate inuendos he made to me on the way to his headquarters that really proved to me this was all a set
    up. That cop said to me if I could give him something he could use I might not have to go to jail. Well obviously I did not comply because I was thrown into their FEMA camp detention facility for 12 days. My soon to be ex had the gall to ask me if I was planning on coming back to my own house while I was locked up in there. What a lousy cheap lying piece of dirt. He literally ratting on himself by telling me that. He told me recently he should have left me to rot in there. What a scum. As for that psychologist. She wasn’t that smart at all.

  79. neidermeyer
    All you can do is create the record, indeed the rest is up to the all powerful judge, we all gitta get over that, they have the power. Raise on appeal all of it that is appealable. You do best you can with what you got. ( left )

  80. Ivent why do you worry so much
    Do you understand ” natural law” being man and how they must ” be” man , you, me, are natural law beings if you like, we cant be ” owned” because we already belong to God, do not worry

    Read Jeremiah 17:11
    The Sin and Punishment of Judah
    …10″I, the LORD, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give to each man according to his ways, According to the results of his deeds. 11″As a partridge that hatches eggs which it has not laid, So is he who makes a fortune, but unjustly; In the midst of his days it will forsake him, And in the end he will be a fool.”

    Jeremiah 22:13
    “Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his own people work for nothing, not paying them for their labor.

    Natural law. Man must benefit from the fruits of HIS labor.

    Also jeramiah 29:11

    Get some peace. Please.

  81. If none of this were true, than why are the things that are supposed to be making things more “Affordable” oppressing the very people they were supposed to be “helping.”

    How are you supposed to
    “Move Forward” when everything you are being forced to do puts you further and further back from where you started from? How do $10 dollar an hour j.o.b.s. that do not even cover the basics, help any American “Move Forward?”

    Especially when they are being forced by these investor tyrants to crawl their way back from being robbed of all of
    their equity by them in the first place.

    They robbed us by fraudulently inducing all of their Fraud into a tax, they secretly collect under fraudulently induced lease contracts that none of us ever signed.

    Then these “investors” who robbed all of us, tell us that we are the deadbeat debtors who need to repurchase our own stolen equity by repurchasing our own stolen properties and their PRISM Program “Healthcare fraud reinsurance
    Plans,” That is how our enemy creates the communist resocialist
    welfare state. By making their victims believe their lies about themselves are true. They will have their controller do everything and everything to delegitimize you. They want you to feel useless, needy, washed up and unaccomplished. As if you accomplished nothing in your life and everything you did with your life was meaningless. Don’t believe them. Keep talking about all of your accomplishments, esp in fraud closure defense as huge
    achievements because they are. The reason being is, you gave yourself a voice in these courtrooms ran by these tyrants and that is what it really means to be an American citizen born here. That is why they hate us, mainly because of our First Amendment right to free speech under the Original First Ten Amendments of the U.S. Bill of Rights. That is precisely how they intend to steal the free will if every single American born here is by ignoring our voice. These demons aim to throttle the throats of We The People by lying about us. Don’t ever believe them.

  82. Obama’s idea of “giving the people what they need” is by drugging up the entire U.S. population by ramming the Healthcare Law down every Americans throat as the “New World Order Constitution Law of the Land” is tyrannical.

    To force those drugs upon those of us U.S. citizens who don’t believe
    their drugs cure anything but let the devil in, and don’t drink for the same reasons, is sadistic control freak b.s. by these same control freak investors who are hiding behind fraudclosure. This is being done to force compliance with a terrible fate these Securities Fraud creators and investors have pre planned for We The people.

    If you find out the truth, these “investors” make you their subject
    victim target and that is luciferianism
    right out of Putin’s satanic, anti-christian, communist resocialist playbook.

  83. Because the “Healthcare Law” involves “exchanges” that are bought, sold and traded on Global open market “trading platforms” there is no possible way to protect our personal security, let alone our personal sovereignty against international spy agencies. Those international spy agencies, many of which are unknown and code named because they work for these unknown and unnamed
    “investors” in our Secirities, are a global electronic network. Therefore, we could have no way of knowing who
    they work for or what they want from us. Though we can clearly see they have an agenda by their Agenda 21 program that is clearly tyrannical in its unnatural nature. Anything that forces anyone to act in such a way that they have no knowledge of the fact they are unintentionally harming themselves or others is evil and tyrannical control
    freak b.s. That is deceptive with intent to harm another and that is in fact criminal.

    For a politician to outwardly lie to the
    public by claiming that forcing the American people to repurchase the debt fraud created by Wall Street investors by committing massive
    Securities Fraud with our Birth Certificates as Healthcare is Nazism at its core.

  84. If you investigate MERS you will likely uncover MERS is a Global retirement investment scam. It is a fraud re-insurance scam that is rooted in insurance fraud. In order for MERS to keep those pension plans paying out those annuities and that pension money, the “investors” in MERS needed the “Healthcare Law” put into place. Their “attorneys” have no other way to enforce the collection of all of their electronic debt fraud other than by “electronic” debt fraud collection practices. They can’t force the people into compliance unless they can track you with their verichip hidden in the “Healthcare Law.” The “Healthcare Law” that was fraudulently induced upon us, by the very investors in this scheme are those who voted for it in the Congress and the Senate. They are also the scoundrels who wrote it.

    Therefore, what Obama touts as his “signature achievement” is ushering in the installment of the permanent mark of the beast. He feels the need to fraudulently conceal that fact under the guise of “giving people what they need,” under cover of a Healthcare
    Law, is in fact fundamentally flawed because the “Healthcare Law” is tyrannical at its “medical device registry” “core.”

    These investor tyrants want to forcibly drug the U.S. population with “anti anxiety” drugs that cause people to be depressed. They have all of their own perps, cops, paramedics and doctors put in place who will gladly do that for them as well.

    The abolishment of the Healthcare Law is imperative as well as the abolishment of any law that forces any American to repurchase the
    Securities Fraud of these “investors”
    in their own
    Fraud. That Securities Fraud is by and large, the “Healthcare Law” because it is international.

  85. When you are thrown into this fraudclosure arena you can have no possible way of knowing “who” the “plaintiff” really is. These investor control freaks hide behind their “Global Attorney Networks,” “MERS,” “Bank,” “Servicers,” and even so -called “trusts,” such as “West End Trust” to disguise their true identities.

    You may be lead to believe the Original “Plaintiff,” are illegally “switching parties” like mad during their fraud suit to try and create a “chain of title” to fraudulently conceal the Origination Fraud committed by
    the Original Issuer. They would never do that for such a mundane reason because quite frankly, they do not have to prove anything in these courtrooms because they are all “investors” in this Global fraudclosure scam. That includes the Judges, their Attorney’s for these “Plaintiff’s” who work with them and for them. The court employees whose “pension money” are invested in “MERS” who include the cops who are
    headquartered there. What these “investors” and their comrades are really doing is they are giving you “time” to defend yourself from them by stealing your valuable time by forcing you to defend yourself hoping you will discover you are fighting the enemy within your own house, and community. “It takes a village,” is Hillary Clinton’s communist re-socialist “coin phrase.”

    These “investors” are hoping that you will “get it” and you will just “go along
    with” your controller and all of its evil plans for you. If not, it, it and/or its comrades will gladly “knock some sense into you” by manufacturing scenarios to force you into compliance with it.

    When you are told something is a “process” you are being secretly warned there is a very evil, insidious criminal element at play. When your friends and family stop coming around except to chastise you, blame you for things that are out of your control, you see they are lying about you, you feel they are
    fake sympathizing with you, or they
    seem to be distancing themselves from you, they are more than likely somehow “invested” in the control freak take down of you.

    Money is the root of all evil but control freaks are the root of all that kills.

  86. Furthermore, none of his or his “investor” friends claims of me being “just nuts” all along have any validity because of all of my legal work I entered upon the court that has prevented them from stealing everything from me for nearly 5 years now.

    Moreover, for them to try and imply this fraudclosure fight they fraudulently induced upon me drove me crazy, or made me suffer some sort of symptoms of a “nervous breakdown” is another big lie. I loved every minute of learning how to defend myself against these crooks.

    The only symptoms I suffered were extreme emotional distress caused by
    living with the traitor from within my own house. He has been taking extreme advantage of the fact there has been a Federal Investigation of the mortgage fraud he committed without my knowledge or consent for well over a year now. Federal investigations take time, they have to build their case. That investigation has causes me to live under the duress of living with my own enemy, which has been extremely taxing on
    me, as well as extremely dangerous the majority of the time.

  87. My soon to be ex who I already consider to be my ex, told me that if I do not comply with his forced drugging of me through his perps in the medical establishment, he will manufacture scenarios and use his perps to lie for him about me to force compliance.

    He keeps telling me to leave when he knows I have no place else to go. He told me why don’t I go live with my mother now that my sister, her husband and her dog finally moved out last weekend. Not only would I not
    think of involving anyone else in his war on me, I would never abandon my house that I worked so hard to defend against fraudclosure from him for
    almost 5 years.

    He told me “the sheriff” is going to throw me and all of my shit out into the street. To which I told him there is nothing I can do about these criminals who were never granted anything legally, let alone a fraud closure eviction. The only way for them to steal everything from me is by forced compliance with all of their Securities Fraud is being done mainly by covet means. They want to steal everything from me. That is certainly not a legal argument in any court of law.

    However, I certainly will allow him to
    drug me vis a vis his perps, to force
    me into going along with all of his evil
    plans for me.

    He had one of his perps mail me another one of their offers to go to one of their PRISM Program mind control counselors. I did not even open it. I ripped it up and put it right in the garbage can. He said why did you do that? Why won’t you just “go get help” for your problem? I told him because I know that my only problem is him. To which he stormed off in a tirade, and told me fine, then stay away from me and proceeded to go into my bedroom and slam my bedroom door shut. The truth is I avoid him like the plague and he knows it because there is no reasoning with him and no other opinion but his opinion. If I disagree with him, he starts threatening me with all sorts of cheap shots to try and upset me. None of his claims have a shred of validity because I have spent innumerable hours of my time busting my rear end around here cleaning, organizing and decorating
    my house for the holidays everyday for almost a month now. My house looks like a million bucks compared to what it did a month ago. The reason why is because all I did was try to defend myself against him and these “investor” crooks. I decided I am going to live my life and ignore him after the scenario he and his criminal friends manufactured created on the 7th of November was being done to “drug me up” to force me into compliance
    with all of their evil crap.
    Therefore, I have no other choice but to place all of my faith in God because this truly is all in God’s hands.

  88. Whether you choose to defend fraud closure or not, you will never be compliant under the “Healthcare Law.”
    That is the real “fly in the ointment.”

    It does not matter which “healthcare insurance policy” that you choose, they are all being controlled by demon investors who really want all of the souls of all of humanity.

    If you choose to “walk away,” or not defend yourself in fraudclosure, you will not discover the truth more than likely until it is too late.

    This nationwide fraudclosure scam is in fact, secret divorce proceeding of your soul from God, the creator. This is being done under the guise of fraud closure but the truth is hidden in the unconstitutional “Healthcare Law,” which is a secret open tyrannical “investor government,” that is a very severe form of Satanism. It is Luciferianism which is in fact, Totalitarianism. It is a fascist regime at its core that uses Nazism to control the population.

    No one was supposed to know about that. So you really can’t divorce it, walk, run, hide with it or from it.

    Everyone will eventually face the devil who wears many disguises, head on.

    We are all going to need a strong faith because mind control is a fascists main weapon of choice.

    The devil always blames its victim by trying to force its victim to blame them self.

    Many fascist tactics are used on its victim to try and force its victim into complying, conforming and cooperating with something it knows that its victim could never possibly
    comply with which is, Satanic based Luciferianism.

    All Christians and Christianity are the main target.

    This evil especially hates the Vatican because they hate the Vatican Bank which is now the worlds central bank. That occurred when the Nazi banksters tried to outsmart the Vatican, and blame the Jesuits who are the Vatican bankers, for their 2008
    manufactured financial crisis.

    That is why this war is especially on Catholics who are true to the true Catholic faith that follows the guidelines of the Catholic encyclical.

    They especially despise Roman Canon Law because it follows those guidelines.

    Those guidelines for banks and banking are what the UCC are based upon.

    That is why if you request
    a copy of the Prospectus or God forbid, a copy of the directorate, which is the Pooling and Servicing Agreement (PSA), from the “Plaintiff,” your requests will be woefully and
    deliberately ignored.

    That is because these demons all ignored all of it. That is quite simply because, they are all demons. They do not think they are “above the law,” they really believe they are the law.

    Their laws are written in the Devils Bible. They are all fraudulently induced by casting evil spells, satanic curses and all sorts of abominations of the devil.

    That is what those so called “pledge agreements” are. Those partial grant deeds that are hidden in plain sight as fraudclosure “claims in equity.”

    Yeah right. Those are in fact, satanic durges. Evil pledges of the souls of others. I count 5 of them that have my forged initials upon then in my
    business property fraud closure. One for me and each of my four kids. I entered those “pledges” into evidence and presented those “pledges” to Judge Price Walker as “Defendants Exhibits,” in my Motion For Summary Judgment. That evidence was willfully ignored at the court “hearing” by all
    parties to this fraudclosure scam.

    That proved to me those pledges are what are being used by these “investors” to not only unlawfully bring these fraud suits but to steal everything from their victims.

    Furthernore, every American who has a U.S. Birth Certificate and a human soul will be a target.

    What makes this all the more scurrilous is the fact those 5 pledges were attached to the business property fraudclosure. That is because these demons cross collateralized my principal residence without my knowledge or consent. That unlawful act by these “investors” put me not only in danger of life and limb under the 5th Amendment Takings Clause of the U.S. Bill of Rights but in Double Jeopardy by bringing 2 unlawful suits based on one unlawul claim. Then by leaving me no choice other than to defend my titles pro se because there were no attorneys in the State of Illinois who were willing to go up against these demons in court and fight the “Origination Fraud ” put my life in absolute and utter peril as a result.

    If I had never defended my titles at all however, I would have never discovered who the main culprit here is. That would be my soon to be ex.

    This is why I have made a choice to no longer try to defend my titles from the enemy within my own household who pledged things he had no legal right to pledge.

    I am leaving this all up to the Federal Authorities to handle because I have quite simply had enough of all of this. Everything that I enter upon the court is ignored as if I am a party to this unlawful fraudclosure proceeding to
    which I am not nor have I ever been.

    I could never have had any knowledge of the deception, otherwise I would not have been trying to defend my own enemy against his own dual fraud closure proceedings against me and my 4 kids all of this time.

    I have been forced to suffer an immeasurable amount of distress as a direct result of this secret yet open fraudclosure war.

    It is ultimately your own decision as a pro se litigant to say when enough is enough.

    That is more than likely when this fraudclosure war on you has gotten so out of hand that you
    decide that nothing is worth your freedom.

    That is likely right around the time they use their perps to drug you up or threaten to forcibly lock you away for not going along with their own manufactured scenarios they are trying to use to fraudulently conceal all of their fraudclosure crimes they committed against you.

    They will tell you that you are nuts or are in denial for not “doing something” to stop them from stealing your roof over your head from you. The truth of the matters is, there is nothing that you can do to stop the enemy from within your own house from trying to steal everything from you. Therefore, I do not intend to allow these “investors” to steal my dignity from me, by trying to say that I am the one who is nuts because all they do is try to psychologically abuse me in any way these Corporate “investors” can. All they do is abuse you and all you can do is pray to Almighty God that this entire fraudclosure nightmare that you are being forced to endure, that is in fact being used by the adversary of
    God, as a severe test of your faith, is
    going to end peaceably very soon.

    Moreover, I Thank God for the faith I have had so far. Because of my faith, I asked for divine intervention. If not for the spiritual faith based in Roman Catholic Catholicism that was
    instilled in me from a very young age by my Irish Catholic Grandmother, I
    would certainly either be dead by now or, severely mentally or physically incapacitated at the very least.

  89. This is why guns will be of no force or effect against an enemy who is unseen. Guns will only serve the purpose of helping the adversary to God get all of its evil work accomplished.

    The power of prayer is the most potent defense in this war. We must ask God to intervene in Jesus name, and pray alot. The most holy and blessed Mother will be there to guide us and lead the way.

    She is the woman with the crown of 12 stars around her head, who was spoken about in the Book of Revelations.

    The last secret of Fatima is being played out under the guise of fraud closure.

    Fraudclosure is an attempt by the devil to steal the souls of humanity by employing many deceptive and unlawful practices upon the entire U.S. population.

    Even if you have not received a formal fraudclosure filing on your properties, you are a target just because you are a natural born U.S. citizen.

    This is because these investor demons are coming for the souls of humanity. That is why all of these “mortgages” are in fact, fraudulently induced “lease contracts.”

    Furthermore, you could have had no way of knowing of the deception unless you are an “industry insider.” Otherwise you more likely than not would have acted differently. You may have, for example, made sure that the “closing attorney” secured the “legal lien” to your property. Most likely you would not know how to do that. That is after all what you hire the Title Company to do. You pay to indemnify the “closing attorney” and are given an “owner’s policy” that is supposed to guarantee your title is secured. The U.S. Treasury Department is clearly not honoring these. That can only mean that we were all duped into believing our titles were safe and secure. Anyone defending fraud closure will tell you that is not true.

    Nothing is secure in a nation full of traitors.

  90. Allow me to clarify, that call by Putin to Bush was supposedly made on 9/11, after the terrible events of that day happened. Supposedly Putin was the first world leader to call Bush and offer his condolences.

  91. The enemy uses many tactics to force compliance, cooperation and conformity with all of its evil plans for us.

    Most of those tactics, such as fascism, are right out of their Nazi playbook.

    Their main weapon of choice
    is Direct Energy Weaponry (DEW).

    It is what one would imagine the taos hum would be like. Its intensity varies depending upon factors the enemy decides upon.

    The enemy fully intends to buzz the
    entire world populations head into full compliance with its evil agenda or make everyone sick or drive nearly everyone insane.

    One of the anchors on RT news in the
    promo to her show, puts her hands over her ears and mimics screaming. She remarked on one of her programs
    that she had a “feeling” the American people will go “kicking and screaming
    into the New World Order.” It was reported through the media that supposedly, Putin told Bush in a
    phone call he made to him after 9/11, that he had a “feeling” something bad was going to happen that day?

    These are some really sick

    Furthermore, you will not even know that you are not complying with the
    enemy. For instance, you are not compliant with one of the 50 million
    laws within the “Healthcare Law.” Or
    you are defending fraudclosure pro se,
    or even if you decide not to. There is no way any American could possibly
    be compliant with all of their “laws.”

    Even if you were, it is really not about
    that. It is about population control.

    Dumbing down the population and
    then killing most of them off in many very deceptive ways. They want to clone what they deem to be the “cream of the crop.” However that will
    fail miserably because clones are not
    of God and therefore, do not have a soul. A human beings spirituality
    cannot be cloned, retreived or stolen by any means.

    This was all made fun of in the Austin Powers movies with the fembots, Dr
    Evil and his big giant laser but it really is no joke.

    This is the final battle between good and evil that is being played out in the physical world and the devil does not
    fight fair, that’s for sure.

    This spiritual war manifested itself into the physical world because of the evil events of 9/11. An extremely evil and virulent satanic/luciferian curse was put on this great nation and its people on that awful day. That was done by using human sacrifices or by human beings sacrificing themselves, to fraudulently induce this evil plan to
    usher in the permanent tattoo, the “mark of the beast,” hidden in the “medical device registry” of the “Healthcare Law.”

    The Vatican said they were going to need to hire a lot of exorcists when the “financial crisis” hit.

    A spiritual war is mainly a
    psychological war. Demons can sometimes only enter a person when they are so emotionally, mentally & physically abused they lose their faith in God, the creator. Those who are very strong in their faith are deemed “resistors” who must be drugged and DEW’s are used to try and allow these demons to enter. This evil is determined to drag this world down to hell with it for all of eternity, and will stop at virtually nothing to accomplish all of its evil plans for humanity.

    We all need to have a strong faith and pray a lot.

    The elite who built all of those underground bunkers to escape the perils of this war will not be able to escape it. The reason being is, this is first and foremost a spiritual war. Therefore, there will be nowhere to
    hide from it.

    To those who say that can’t be possible may have lost the true faith.

    That is why we are all here in this terrible place in history because the devil really believes everyone has lost their faith in one God, the creator of all.

  92. @ Deb Wynn


    Yes , but it does nothing to compel the plaintiff to answer ,,, how many times are you supposed to file that discovery request? Are you prepared to be TOTALLY SCREWED by the judge on day 91 to abandon your motion and accept something from plaintiff that you cannot intentionally ignore/abandon? Since when is the defendant forced to push the plaintiffs case down the road when even they are dragging their feet?

  93. Some would argue, reconstituting fraudulently induced contracts is what the traitors in Congress and the Senate, who are working in unison with the Justices of the “U.S. Supreme Court,” have already done.

    That is an outright lie.

    It is an act of treason for those “in the know” about this entire fraudclosure scam, to even suggest that is what these traitors did in the unconstitutional bailouts of these “TBTF” investor hoodlums.

    The ongoing “bailouts” of TBTF
    allowed these crooked investors in their own Securities Fraud, to Nationalize Fraud in the Issuing of Credit. The traitors within resocialized all of the International Banksters countetfeit Securities upon We The People of these United States to fraudulently conceal what they were really fraudclosing upon was
    our legal birth rights, our U.S. Citizenship papers, our long
    form, U.S. birth certificates.

    They are all a bunch of low down dirty lying scoundrels who are traitors to our Constitutional Republic and We The People who sign their paychecks.

    These traitor politicians had to steal another $1.1 trillion of our money to pay Federal employees until next fall.

    That is a disgrace, when you consider these traitors have given over $60 trillion dollars of our hard earned money to their comrades, “the Banksters,” since 2008 reported CNBC.

    These traitors are literally paying the bills in electronic store credits from up in cyberspace because they Nationalized the U.S. Treasury Department in 2008, and all of our money to the Banksters who robbed
    all of us in the first place.

  94. Elizabeth Warren is smart. She is attempting to reign in the “Globalists,” by reconstituting all of their fraudulently induced contracts. In other words, she is trying to reinstitute Socialism. She is trying to slow down the “fundamental transformation of America.” That is the “kinder,” “gentler,” more “politically correct” phrase for communist re-socialism, otherwise
    known as Marxist-Leninist
    Communism, aka Totalitarianism. Those who are in place right now want Mao-ist Totalitarian type “reform.” Elizabeth wants to try and “re-invent the wheel,” so to speak.

    Those policies have already failed, because as the late Prime Minister of Great Britain once said, something to the effect of, Socialism only lasts until you run out of other peoples

  95. It should be heartwarming to see former congress people speak up.

    It’s not: they leave with a full pension paid for by tax payers and with the personal wealth they helped lobbyists create for them and deny the rest of America. Finding religion after stepping down is too easy. Stepping down before fixing the mess they created is too easy.

    The American people don’t see it. Levin is no hero. Not as long as he collects a pension well above and beyond SS, full health insurance and with the prospect of a “consulting” career denied to 57% of us.

    America killed by its tax supported back-seat drivers… The legacy collapsed empires are made of.

  96. Neocons have been agitating for war for now 70 years and pulled off the bloodiest 20-streak ever. Next war in line was going to be against Russia: it won’t happen. Europe isn’t following and the US have pretty much lost everyone of their allies, save Israel, their biggest liability.

    December 11, 2014
    By Michael
    U.S. New Cold War policy has backfired – and created its worst nightmare

    Time to seriously reconsider banking, investing and, worse of all, saving in this country…

  97. We’re in a really bad situation and Congress just caved in to lobbyists. Any questions?

    Why Is The Head Of The SEC Calling For Mutual Fund “Stress Tests?”
    December 12, 2014Financial Markets
    SEC Chief Seeks Mutual Fund Stress Tests (link)

    Is she worried about the large body of mutual funds that bloated up with derivatives? Is she worried about the lack of liquidity in the bond market? Did Mary Jo White see a burning bush that spoke to her about the system derivatives risk embedded in every crevice of the financial markets?

    I warned everyone less than a year ago to get out of your bond mutual funds. Get out NOW. A good friend of mine who is a hedge fund consultant told me yesterday that he spoke to a big bond fund manager who is terrified about the lack of liquidity in the corporate bond market. This guy couldn’t get a bid on some paper he wanted to sell this week. A year ago he could have moved it in one phone call.

    The system is collapsing. We have seen several clear indications of that just this week…

  98. LIKE CLOCKWORK: Pension plans to be looted nationwide as Congress okays institutional theft of funds
    Friday, December 12, 2014
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    Tags: pension plans, looting, retirement funds

    Learn more:

  99. On June 6, Kathryn Pruett heard several loud knocks on the door of her Plaza condominium.

    When she answered, she found Curt Whitlock, an agent with a Lee’s Summit company called Scoian Properties LLC, flanked by two Kansas City police officers. Whitlock told her that her home had been foreclosed on, and he would return in a week to change the locks and throw out any possessions that Pruett left in the condo.

    Pruett asked Whitlock for proof, which Whitlock reluctantly provided. Pruett saw that her condo had been sold for $300,000 to Scoian during a March 13 foreclosure sale on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City.

    That was news to Pruett, who claims that she had neither defaulted on her loan nor received notice of a foreclosure sale. She may turn out to be a tougher foreclosure than most; she once worked as a loan-enforcement lawyer at Polsinelli, a law firm that made a bundle during the foreclosure crisis.

    In fact, Pruett’s case features a cast of usual suspects involved in the housing downturn that sparked the Great Recession, in which thousands of Americans lost their homes to foreclosure, many due to a loan-approval process that didn’t verify information or intentionally misstated a borrower’s ability to repay. But the glut of default paperwork also resulted in scores of bogus foreclosures. Pruett’s case may be one of them.

    Pruett filed a federal lawsuit in the Western District of Missouri claiming that Wells Fargo, little-known housing business MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc.), and St. Louis law firm Kozeny & McCubbin (which has offices in Fairway) carried out a racketeering operation. If Pruett’s claims are true, then they are emblematic of the sloppy foreclosure process that lingers after a glut of mortgage defaults, one that more Missourians are fighting in court.

    Pruett’s story, told largely in her lawsuit and other public documents, begins in 2010, when she bought a second-floor unit at Kirkwood Circle, a stately 12-story building between Brush Creek and Loose Park that overlooks the Country Club Plaza.

    Pruett took out a $280,000 loan from Country Club Bank to finance the purchase. Two years later, MERS transferred the mortgage to Wells Fargo, which remains a big buyer of home mortgages originated by smaller banks and lenders. MERS was created by mortgage giants to transfer ownership of mortgage notes without the hassle and cost of having to record every sale of a note at county courthouses.

    In early 2014, Substitute Trustee Corporation became the trustee on Pruett’s loan. (A loan trustee is a person or company — in states such as Missouri where foreclosures can happen without the involvement of a judge — that administers loans.)

    STC isn’t an independent company; it’s a shell corporation of Kozeny & McCubbin, the law firm that represents Wells Fargo for its mortgages. Local court records show that Kozeny & McCubbin has been involved with several contested-foreclosure lawsuits. Pruett’s lawsuit says she’s one of them.

    Missouri law requires, at a minimum, that a homeowner receive a notice by certified mail at least 20 days prior to a foreclosure sale. Pruett’s lawsuit says her notice never came.

    Her lawsuit asks that the court return her ownership of the Kirkwood condo, lest she become homeless.


    “the chief judge emphasizes that a judicial determination of abandonment is not the same as denial of a motion or a ruling that a motion has been waived. The chief judge maintains that a party whose motion is deemed abandoned is not precluded from re-filing the motion”

    The motion deemed abandoned may be re-filed.

  101. The typical motion not heard is anything to do with discovery. They did it twice in my case, and it is going in the appeal brief as “did the court err.”

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