10 Point Checklist for Foreclosure Defense

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By popular request, here is my shortlist for items to deal with in foreclosure defense or any challenge to the validity of a mortgage and note.:

  1. Original loan fabricated of faulty — the “lender” did not legally exist as an entity or there was no consideration for the original loan in the chain of loan ownership claimed by the foreclosing or collecting party.
  2. Ownership of loan not offered or proven
  3. Balance of the loan not properly computed because of servicer advances etc.
  4. Transfers of loan not supported by consideration — if there was consideration the Trust would allege it was the holder in due course.
  5. Business records were not properly presented or prepared from actual business records., Instead it was a report prepared just for trial and not in the ordinary course of business.
  6. Unclean hands because the load was predatory per se (Table funded loan) under Reg Z.
  7. Trial by ambush. first they deny you discovery and then at trial they use the materials they should have given you in discovery
  8. Objections to witnesses as being not competent to testify — personal knowledge
  9. Objections to exhibits not properly presented to avoid the hearsay rule and untrustworthy because the servicer is the only one that actually wants the foreclosure.
  10. Objections to judicial notice — judge not supposed to accept the document as proof of the matters asserted in the documents. Judge is supposed to admit judicial notice as proof that a documents exists in the public domain.

100 Responses

  1. The partial grant deeds are the “Notes.” They are unsecured, uncertificated certificates of title. That means the “Notes” are all counterfeit and the partial grant deeds are Securities Frauds.

    Not only that but, every transfer of our titles was a fraudulent conveyance as a result. Moreover, if there was a transfer back to the Originator of the counterfeit Securities by another “party” that was a fraudulent
    reconveyance of your title to your

    That is why our titles are clouded.

    A cloud on Title means there was fraud committed by the issuer of the Original Bill of Credit.

    I told the Attorney for the Plaintiff, Jillian Cole, from Aronberg, Golgehn, Davis and Garmisa, in a phone conversation, the Title to my property is clouded. She told me they can sell
    my property with a clouded title.

    Wow is that felonious. That attorney outright confessed to me over the phone these “investors” and their attorneys can commit Securities Fraud with Fraudulent Property Titles to gain even more unjust enrichment
    from us. That crooked attorney said she can commit felony fraud and sell my property with a phony, fraudulent, forged and
    counterfeit title.

    That is Racketeering with fraudulent securities to gain unjust enrichment.

  2. That does not even include all of the faulty, fraudulent “assignments of mortgage” that were recorded at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds Office after both fraudclosure suits were commenced. Or the Foreclosure Lis Pendens that were recorded months after both fraud closure suits were brought.

    There is clearly, obviously and unequivocally something else going on in Cook County, Illinois at the Daley Center Courthouse in those Chancery

    I has clerks at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds office tell me this and that are fraud. One of the Clerks at the Recorders office located in the same building as Chicago’s City Hall told both my husband and I, “Your house is paid for. You can live in it, sell it, or do whatever you want with it because no one ever filed a legal lien and they have 12 years to do that.”

    Yet, Judge Anne Loftus, a substitute judge told me at the last court date, they are selling my house out from underneath me without a FC ever being granted to the Plaintiffs. The reason for that quite simply is the Plaintiffs do not have the legal assignment, meaning they cannot possibly hold or be a holder in due course of “the Note.”

    So the Cook County Court is trying to pull a fast one. By doing so, Judge Anne Loftus incriminated herself and now can only be considered a party to this fraud, as well as the absentee
    Judge, Judge Lisa Marino.

    Clearly the Fraud in the Issuance of Credit, the Origination Fraud is being ignored by the Cook County Courts. That ruling by those 2 judges was done illegally because they willfully and wantonly ignored the Origination Fraud at the Issuance. That can only be considered, Fraudulent
    Concealment because there is Fraud in the Factum, therefore there is Fraud In the Essence. That ruling was illegal on many levels and is proof of Fraud
    in the Procurement. These judges are aiding and abetting the Plaintiffs who are Racketeering with Forged and Counterfeit Securities to gain unjust enrichment from me, the Defendant.

    The Cook County Judges are in fact,
    committing Securities Fraud. Not only that, they are committing all of the same crimes as the Plaintiffs and their Attorneys because they are aiding and abetting their fraudclosure

    These are all very serious State and Federal felonies that are prosecutable under both State and Federal RICO proceedings.

    They all need to be brought up on State as well as Federal RICO Racketeering charges for committing Securities Fraud. By their willful participation in this fraudclosure, they are all wontonly and unjustly,
    Racketeering with Counterfeit U.S. Government Securities to gain unjust
    enrichment from me, their victim.

    The fact there is no legal assignment, and it was never attached at the commencement of their suit, as the law requires, is evidence of Securities Fraud by the Plaintiff as well as the Court, and all of the Judges as well as the Illinois Supreme Court Justices. The Plaintiff must attach the Original, written Cause of Action at the onset of their claim, or at least by the
    commencement of their suit, in order
    to bring a claim in equity, Plaintiff
    must State their claim in
    equity by attaching the Original, signed, written Bill of Credit, signed by all parties to the original transaction. In the case of a title dispute regarding Real Property in these United States, the Original signed, written Bill of Credit would be the original written signed Bill of Lading which would be the Legal Assignment. In Illinois, The Land of Lincoln, that is what is known as The Assignment of Beneficial
    Interest in a Land Trust or the ABI.

  3. The entire fraudclosure case should have been turned over to the Illinois State’s Attorney, Anita Alvarez’s office after that arson fire occurred. That would have included the fraud closure case regarding my house. The reason being is First Midwest Bank Cross Collateralized my principal residence without my signature. My signature is not on the Mortgage.

    Furthermore, my signature is clearly forged on both notes. My name is clearly off the signature line and redacted over. I never signed anything that day at the closing table. I remarked to my husband after that, “why did I even have to go there because I did not sign anything? To
    which he had no response.

    That does not even include the fact there are cross outs, redacting and someone forged my initials on the copy of the mortgage the Plaintiff entered upon the court. Especially where it says my husband is an “unmarried man” and it is all xxxxxxxed over on the copy.

    These 2 fraud closures are definitely criminal.

    Fraudulent Concealment, Uttering Counterfeit Instruments upon the court, Fraudulent Representation, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Counterfeiting U.S. Bank Notes to gain unjust enrichment, Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Forgery, Securities Fraud, it is all upon the face of Plaintiffs original fraudclosure

    The judges, as well as the Cook County Court have openly and willfully ignored all of the felony fraud in both

  4. In my December 9th comment at 12:45 p.m. I meant to say I offered to get the taxes done to get a loan mod on my business property to which the servicer from Bayview loan servicing, Angel Garcia told me no way.

    When the short sale offer was made on my business property, I did not know how serious the fraud really was. I am
    certain the short sale was denied
    because the attorney for the Plaintiff
    did know not only the extent of the
    fraud, but who committed it. Doing a short sale may have looked like there was a cover up going on. The servicer
    told me later he did not even know the
    short sale offer was made. Curious
    right? Considering accepting that offer
    should have been their call. Why would their attorneys not have presented them with the offer? Or did the servicer lie to me? They must think there was more a lot more money to be stolen by doing it another way. Like the arson fire that happened after that. They were the only ones insured on the property. That arson fire should have ended that case because that reinforced my argument this entire case is criminal.

  5. The big problem in these United States is the infiltration by the enemy that was done by greedy, selfish Americans who put their own wants and needs before anyone else’s. These sell outs, like the “traders” at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (the CME)in Chicago, who work for the “Corporate raiders”, who were buying “put option shares” in stocks and
    bonds that were related to certain aspects in regards to 9/11. They
    were repurchasing market shares and
    participating in, by gambling on,
    certain aspects of 9/11, like oil and
    one airline stock in particular, the
    week before that day happened.

    The video series on you tube entitled 9/11 Coincidences talks all about
    this and many other things that make
    you go hmmmm…….

    We have our own family members
    spouses and friends who are secret sell outs to this regime.

    Imagine finding out your own father is
    a secret monarch mind controller who secretly set you up to marry another
    secret Monarch mind controller.

    Imagine your own father wants you drugged up for knowing too much, or
    for the fear you might find out or remember something about him he
    never wanted you to find out. Imagine him telling you he and his comrades
    are afraid you will “shit can the whole thing” by not taking the drugs.

    You would have to think whoa …..
    . “Shit can what whole thing?” Wow ….. What did these evil bastards do or
    what in the hell are they planning that
    they want you drugged up so badl

    Why would your own father be treating you so horribly all of a sudden? Why would he suddenly, be on the side of your abusers?

    Why would your spouse suddenly turn into a monster, tell you he wants a
    divorce, tell you he wants to kill you, verbally threatens your life on a daily basis, hits you, scares you out of your
    own house by threatening to strangle you and tells you he wants to punch you in your head and knock some
    sense into you, the cops wont arrest him but force you to sleep in your car,
    calls the cops because you won’t go to sleep at night, has you thrown in the hospital against your will for his
    own abuse of you, has you arrested for him hitting you, and then drops the charges. All of that and more, like sending his comrades out to knock you out posing as cops. When you
    have been working your butt off defending your property titles in 2 fraudclosures in court, pro se for the
    past few years?

    It all defies logic, until you realize they are the investors who used you. They are who secretly sold you into slavery and bondage by counterfeiting U.S. Government Securities and investing in their own fraud. They are the investor tyrants who are fraud closing
    on you.

    Things are really this bad in this country. Whether you want to believe it or not is up to you.

  6. Neil Cavuto on Fox Business tonight posed the question ….. Why doesn’t the Government just admit they screwed up? He said Kennedy admitted he screwed up in the ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion and Lincoln admitted he screwed up about something or other. I think it was trusting the ‘media,’ LOL.

    Cavuto is funny. I like his sense of humor. He is trying to see who “gets it” in an inobvious sort of way.

    First of all, which Government is he referring to? There are quite a few ‘Governments’ involved in this war on our Constitutional Republic and the
    natural born U.S. citizenry.

    I am guessing he is probably talking in
    reference to the Corporate Investor Tyrannical Global
    Government. The pimps, prostitutes and slumlords who have self appointed themselves the rulers over all of us, used up, worthless, old goddamned pieces of bad paper they
    created to enslave us with.

    These slovens consider We The People just old cast offs who these
    kink masters created to do their evil
    bidding with or to or God only knows
    the gory, gross details.

    Would they admit they are all just really kinky and sick? Or what they really want is an international human being swap and a global orgy. Sheese
    ….. there will be nothing better to do they surmise, after they steal everything from all of the Americans.

    Cavuto said Obama should just apologize. Then maybe his signature achievement will be applauded.

    His signature achievement meaning the Healthcare Law that is
    unconstitutional and illegal, mainly because none of us voted for a totalitarian investor tyrannical form of
    “Global Government.” That is the “shadow government” ran by kinky
    investor tyrants.

    Nice try Cavuto.

    It is not likely that any American born here with a shred of U.S. patriotism would applaud that piece of rotten cheese. Who would want to buy rotten cheese?

    That’s the real question.

    Who, except for these sickos themselves, would want to repurchase their own Sexurities

    The reason is, these sickos need to have a way to keep committing Fraud in the Issuing of Credit. Otherwise they can’t keep robbing all of us into different forms of human slavery and human bondage.

  7. What’s your name? Whose your daddy? Is he rich is he (secretly) rich like me?

    When you find out the truth about what is really going on in this screwed up country and moreover, who these traitors are, and the worst thing you do is smoke cigarettes, you are a straight shooter.

    When these crooks want you to give that up, you know there is a very nefarious reason for that. The reason being is, you know they don’t care about you at all. That is why I am never quitting. They will lock you up somewhere just to force you to quit. Like one of their commie concentration camp hospitals. They will offer you the nicotine patch hoping the combination of the psych med they prescribe and the patch causes you to hallucinate right into the arms of one of their criminal friend controllers. My daughter told me that if you fall asleep with the patch on you will have hallucinatory dreams. No thanks. My life is enough of a mind trip.

    The truth is none if that crap works unless you want to quit. My best friend is an ex smoker who quit several years ago. She told me she
    never lost the urge to want to smoke. I have heard the same thing from many other ex smokers.

    My brother told me a story about someone he knew who was wearing the patch, chewing the gum and smoking while he was on oxygen. I’m with him.

  8. All of this talk about targets and targeted victims by this Corp of crooks makes me not want to shop at Target or any of their Corporate stores much for that matter.

    Furthermore, knowing what I know now. I don’t feel much like decorating a Christmas tree or Christmas shopping at all.

    That is what happens when you find out the Corporate meaning behind the holidays is not anything good.

  9. What these fraud creators who invested in their own fraud did is really that bad. It is so bad in fact, they want to drug up their targeted victims. That way they think they can steal everything from their innocent victims and force compliance, cooperation and conformity with all of their evil plans for them.

    They figure by the time everyone figures out who did this evil crap to them or, their turn comes around to be
    targeted, they will be long gone.

    All I can say to that is God the creator sees all and what goes around always comes back around.

    I have faith their victimd will all live to see that happen.

  10. These “investors” want to drug the entire population into communist re-socialist Corporate bondage with all of their “red flag securities” aka Securities Frauds. That is why they fraudulently created those “birth certificate bonds” up on Wall Street for the Corporate investors in their own fraud over at the U.N. Those fraudulent securities were used as a way to try to usurp all of our Constitutional legal rights by traitors from within, who are complete sellouts to God, the U.S. and all of

    These crooked investors are so imbedded they have access to not only all of your personal information and personal belongings but know every single last move that you make.

    They are living in our houses and working with you at your job or private business.

    They have such ready access they can drug you with their methamphetamine cocktails and you may not even know it until they stopped drugging you. The symptoms of drug withdrawal will be blamed on something innocuous like taking Allegra. But they know their victim is smart enough to find out the truth. That’s why their perps will tell them to “stay off the internet.” They are trying to force compliance with their mind control. If you aren’t sick or they can’t convince you that you are, and can’t force to go to one of their creepy doctors to get drugged or massacred in some surgery you do not need, you are deemed “too smart.” Then they will force you to go to one of their “psychologists” who will try to destroy your mind with their “psych meds.” They want you out of the picture because you know too much. They want you working for them in a limited capacity just so they can spy on you. If they can’t spy on you, they can’t control you.

    They are drug pushers who are drug dealers and drug traffickers for the “satanic establishment.”

    They commit the most heinous crimes on the planet from under the radar of most. The most heinous is the human trafficking these “investors” commit by counterfeiting debt by counterfeiting U.S. Government paper.

    These “investors” are buying, selling and trading people on a global scale under many guises up on Wall Street.

    That is what they are really fraudulently concealing in fraud closure. They are trying to hide all of their Securities Fraud by fraudulently inducing the “Healthcare Law” on We
    The People.

    That is why they are trying to force compliance with that unconstitutional and therefore illegal “law.”

    They are using race issues to try and blindfold the public from what is really going on. They hate all of humanity but especially Christians with legal rights. They dont hate blacks because of the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights movement gave certain people special statutes. That served to weaken the U.S. Bill of Rights. The reason being is that State, Local and County law
    enforcement views Statutes as the law of this land. That is how they get away with ignoring all of our legal
    birth rights. These “investors” are scapegoating black people through the media they control to mask the fact the natural born legal rights of every American born here are being ignored. The reason for that is we are at war on U.S. soil with this global satanic cult of Securities Fraudsters.

  11. The real truth about the Healthcare Law that the media is hiding is it is a Corporate Tax that will tax every American at 100% of their income.

    They want to try and force admission into one of their communist resocialist state run hospitals to try and convince you that you are broke. They want to force you to sign up for one of their commie healthcare plans. They will go as far as to tell you to ask the “hospital” to gift your care if you are brought there against your own free will for doing nothing wrong. These “investors” will use your own family members, cops and the like to lie for them. They will use many threats such as “court intervention” to force you to admit yourself. It is all about getting every American dependent on their drugs and dependent on a system that is completely corrupt because it is secretly being run by Nazis who work for the
    Russian mob.

    If you don’t think it can happen to you. It will.

  12. The Healthcare Law is unlawful because it is also masking the Origination Fraud. The Origination Fraud is Fraud in the Issuing of Credit committed by this International Corp of crooks.

    Not only that, the Healthcare Act is being used as a way to permanently mark Gods people with the Mark of the Beast, the verichip.

    Imagine being denied a Dr visit or Hospital care because you refuse to have that mark put under your skin? That is what these evildoers are planning to do. This is why we have the Ebola scare going on as well. They are trying to see if people will panic and buy their evil health insurance coverage.

    If they can’t install the chip permanently they can never get away with the paperless currency. They also will not be able to get away with all of the missing written legal
    assignments they are fraudulently collecting all of these debts upon. They are using fraudulent concealment of the Origination Fraud to ruin the ability for the American people who fund their credit scam to
    Obtain their own money in the form of the Issuance of Credit. That is because these crooks re-socialized their Securities Fraud upon We The People on 9/11 by secretly charging off all of their Securities Fraud on the U.S. taxpayers. The “investors,” then proceeded to secretly Nationalize the
    U.S. Treasury Department to themselves in the illegal bailouts that began under George W. Bush in 2007 when he allowed the first $85 billion dollars to be stolen from the U.S. Treasury Department by AIG. This was allowed to be done with no audits of AIG. Obama gave the rest of the Corp of Securities Fraudsters $60 Trillion + more U.S. taxpayer dollars since
    2008 reported CNBC, with no audits ever being conducted.

    Hence the “Affordable Care Act” right?

    It’s all a scam.

    These “investors” are trying to install a totalitarian dictatorship under the Healthcare Law, while they rob

    It is the same “investor” scam they are doing in
    fraudclosure by the same investor tyrants.

    These so called “Titans of Wall Street” are demons from hell.

  13. What is really being revealed in fraud closure is “The Secret of Fatima.”

    To those who say that fraudclosure has nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs either just don’t “get it,” or, don’t want to, or are “in on it.”

    While the book entitled “The Last Secret of Fatima,” written by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, claims to reveal the last secret, it does not reveal the entire last secret.

    The last secret is about the Pope and his struggles with these demonic entities. The last secret is also about the last book, the Book of Revelations manifesting itself into the physical world to reveal to us who we really are
    and who we are all really supposed to be
    working for is God Almighty.

    Many not only forget who they work for but, why they were placed in key positions was to protect Gods house for the Blessed Mother, who is Gods spouse. By her being given good and valuable Consideration by God the Father, Acceptance of his divine
    intervention allowed Delivery by the Blessed Mother of our savior, the good Lord Jesus Christ. That Act of Grace by the Blessed Mother, allowed God to manifest himself from the spiritual world through the birth of his son, Jesus Christ into the physical world by way of the Holy Spirit, through him, with him and in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit came God,
    the Father, into the physical world. God Almighty who is the only giver of life.

    Fraudclosure is Securities Fraud but moreover is masking the main culprit, the Origination Fraud. The Origination Fraud is catastrophic Securities Fraud. The fraudulent concealment of the Origination Fraud by these agents of evil and their agency, is what is
    causing this entire end times scenario to happen.

    This war between good and evil manifested itself in the physical world on 9/11. That was the tipping point.

  14. Moreover, what these Russian agents/ spies really all have in common is they are satanists.

    It was all written about in a Catholic religious context in the book by Ted Flynn entitled, “The Thunder of Justice.”

    This Vendetta against God, Christianity, and the Vatican, as well as their agents is what the entire Godfather series by Mario Puzo was based upon. These satanists who are really luciferians, agents of Lucifer, Satan’s alter ego hate everybody including themselves. They hate anything or anybody doing anything good in the world or trying to do anything good in the world.

    If you are not working to aid and abet or cover up their crimes and true identity, you will be brought through a severe test to see if you are really “that good.”

    These agents of evil are quite deceptive in the way they play good guy – bad guy. They always play all of
    the angles.

    For example, Donald Trump “paying off” a fraud closure victims “mortgage” for them. By doing so he aided and abetted the Issuers crimes. Wouldn’t he have done a great service to God and humanity if he had made a “Federal case” out of the mortgage fraud and hired a high powered attorney to defend that victim? No because not only is he a coward gaming who has been gaming this corrupt system for decades. He is a traitor to God and all of humanity by ignoring the first place issue, the ticking time bomb aka the Origination Fraud that is in every mortgage.

  15. The attorney from Aronberg, Golgehn, Davis and Garmisa, who has was repping for First Midwest Bank in the business property fraud closure, Jillian Cole used to be an assistant to the Illinois Attorney General. That fact was stated on their Attorney website. My soon to be ex told her that one day after court to which she responded “How did you find that out?” I told her it says it right on the attorney website. To which she seemed perplexed.

    I told the attorney Dick Chisolm about that. He told me she needs to remove herself from the case because that is a “conflict of interest.”

    Another attorney I met with told me that Jillian Cole has been in trouble before.

    The bottom line here really is who do all of these people really work for? I am talking about the judges as well as the attorneys.

    You do not have to delve very deep to discover that many, if not all of them work for the Russian mob.

    These judges may be invested in the counterfeits but that is not the real reason they are fraudclosing. They are secret Russian agents by and large. So are many of the cops, sheriffs, etc. As well as many of our own spouses and family members are either sell outs or were sold into this scam through no fault of their own. That is because the Origination Fraud was committed as a way not only to counterfeit mass amounts of U.S. Government Securities and Investments. It was done to buy, sell and trade human beings on the open market “trading platforms” through what is known as “Mortgage
    Derivatives Trading.”

    The Origination Fraud was also committed to fund their own illicit drug trade by the fraudulent concealment of it.

    Many may not know, and I certainly never knew, what the auto business is really used for. What really underlies the car business is a ton if illicit acts and lewd conduct.

    These people running these places are what is known as “industry insiders.” They aren’t the so called “little guys” they appear to be. These car auctions are used as a front for drug trafficking and many other illicit russian black ops. That is what defending 2 fraudclosures pro se for nearly 5 years now has revealed to me.

    Of course it is incredibly hard to put your finger on them or any of their crimes because they act in such a way that nothing is as it seems.

    They are all professional spies is what I have unwittingly discovered.

    That is why this country is on a collision course. Because most Americans would never suspect this stuff could be really going on.

    It is all done under the radar because these are professional international spies acting like everyday Americans. You of course would likely suspect the foreigners who have flocked in here over the past decade are here to game this corrupt system.

    However, you would not expect everyday Americans who are in everyday occupations like Doctors, lawyers, cops, store clerks, nurses and the like are agents for the Russians.

    Many Americans are aware however that the “Affordable Care Act” was fraudulently induced upon We The People. The reasons for that Act are
    stark indeed. The Healthcare Law is a totalitarian wolf in sheep’s clothes. Just like the secret agents who are pretending to be Americans.

    “They are all liars and they are all full if shit.” ….. former Chicago White Sox
    manager Ozzie Gillen

  16. More specifically, the “servicers” name at Bayview Loan Servicing is Angel Garcia. His signature is on a court affidavit entered years after First Midwest Bank filed their fraudulent FC suit. It is an admission swearing and attesting that he has knowledge of business records that do not exist.

  17. Moreover, my soon to be ex met with all of those attorneys with me, including the attorney from the house closing who never secured the legal lien but offered to assist me with my answer and affirmative defenses. However, when it came down to asking him, he told me he did not want to get involved in this.

    All of this happened may I add after I was told by the ‘servicer,” at PHH Mortgage, I was denied the “loan mod” on my house at the last minute by the U.S. Treasury Department. I tried to get a “loan mod” on my business
    property from Bayview Loan Servicing and was told by the “servicer,” Mr. Garcia, that because my soon to be ex had not filed income tax in the past few years, I would not be able to get a “loan mod.” I told him his excuse was he made no money the past few years. To which he told me “you still have to file.” I said what if he gets the races done now. The servicer said no way. Then we offered to do a short sale in writing with Bayview. The closing attorney from the house told me it has to be a cash only sale and you have to close in no less than 30 days from the short sale offer. I sent the written offer to Bayviews Attorney at the time, Jillian Cole. The written offer was refused. No reason was given either verbal or written. I said to Jillian Cole in the hallway of the Daley Center courthouse one day last winter after court, I tried to do a “loan mod.” To
    which she replied, you know that’s not going to happen. What a jerk right? There is no reasoning with these crooks that’s for sure.

    I also told my soon to be ex many times over the past year I wanted to quit defending these 2 fraud suits. To
    which he told me not to quit so close to the end that I was probably going to “win a settlement,” and blah, blah, blah. To which I was of course quite skeptical of his response. His responses since then have run the gamut from “you won” to “there is not going to be any settlement.”

    I have certainly not been the unreasonable one here.

    At the time of the loan mod fiasco, I did not know anything about the fraud. Had I known what I know now, I would have filed the suit first.

    I did know about the fraud when the “short sale” offer was made. However that was my soon to be exes idea, not mine. I went along with that at the time because I never thought I had a chance of beating these crooks.

    I am certainly

  18. In a pro se fraudclosure battle, how you are treated by these “investors” depends upon what is revealed to you during your research. It is a massive discovery process that is extremely complex by design. You are not just studying law here. You are delving into the inner workings of the time/space compendium. You are researching those “grey areas” of law,
    so to speak. Those are areas that the “public” are never supposed to enter into. It is like Area 51 for the mind. However, the Good Lord works in mysterious ways. If you were not supposed to find out the truth about the inner workings of society, God would not allow it.

    What we all deemed was merely mass corruption by those in Government is mere hyperboly. In truth, a very diabolical, maniacal and sinister plan is behind all of these Securities Frauds by the “investors” who counterfeited them. They were meant to cause societal chaos by communist re-socialist tactics such as loan mods, short sales, “tax sales,” fraudclosures. The idea behind all of the hypertaxation of the principal Securities Frauds was to cause societal chaos.

    My soon to be ex asked me last year around this time, when he had just begun treating me horribly, ” How
    would you like to “sniff some shit?”

    I really did not know at the time what he meant by that. Now I know he meant he was going to try to force me to comply with all of his wrongdoings he committed against me in secret. Little did I know the reason for all of his hatred for me was because I innocently alerted the Federal Authorities about all of the fraud in the “mortgages.” His involvement in the mortgage fraud was unbeknownst to me at the time. However, I inadvertently put him under Federal Investigation by the FBI as a result. I could have had no way of knowing of his involvement in the mortgage fraud at that time. My father who is a retired FBI agent told me to call the FBI White Collar Crimes Division and report the mortgage fraud. However, I did not know this Federal Investigation was already being conducted by the FBI
    Mortgage Fraud Division, who were already investigating him.

    Last Thanksgiving I had my sister and her husband over for dessert. My sister later told me her husband asked my soon to be ex why he had me fight the fraudclosures? Supposedly he told him because she wanted to. Well that was a boldfaced lie. I met with numerous attorneys who all told me the sane thing. They were not willing to fight the fraud in these mortgages. I was advised by the closing attorney from my house closing, Dick Chisolm, to “answer the complaint” or I would lose my house right away. So I did that. I did not answer the complaint regarding my business property until several months later. That lead to all
    of this. I could have never known my soon to be ex was the main culprit in this at the time or I certainly would have filed a restraining order against him or something. He has really put me through hell that’s for sure.

  19. The alien agenda is in fact a demonic agenda. That is why it is so secretive and covered up. They are the shadow government if you will. They are not of this world. They are not from another planet or another universe per se, but are from another dimension. That dimension has many parts and subparts called “planes.” That is why their plots come seemingly from out of nowhere, because their secrets are never revealed. They do communicate with the dead and they do conjure up evil spirits and all kinds of abominations of the devil. Many of the founders and framers of the U.S. Constitution were occultists. That is why if not for the U.S. Bill of Rights, we would have been overtaken by this evil long ago.

    There are many who think black people and the Civil Rights movement was an attempt to destroy the U.S. Constitution. Many believe those statutes are what put us all here today. However, I see something much more sinister at hand that has absolutely nothing to do with the Civil Rights movement but has everything to do with this communist re-socialist satanic-luciferian plot to overthrow our Constitutional Republic.

  20. All of this talk about “racist cops” but nothing about who they are. The people of this great nation are in for a big surprise if they believe what the “mainstream media” are telling them. What is really going on under the radar is not so much a race issue as it
    is a hate issue. These people hate every U.S. citizen born here but first and foremost, they hate the U.S. Constitution. They are not targeting only blacks, they are targeting We The People in general. The mainstream media picks and chooses the stories that will are the most controversial and will stir up the most hatred. However, we never get the true story from any of them. They never talk about what lies beneath these fraud closures is a hostile foreign takeover of our Constitutional Republic by “secret agents” if you will. These people are not who they appear to be at all. These “secret agents,” whose true identities are being “fraudulently concealed” from us, are all working for the
    “investors” in this International
    “Globalist,” Securities Fraud plot.

    This is is an extremely
    evil satanic “plan,” that is very broad based, yet highly concentrated. Especially around all of our major cities. It is virulent, and very widespread to even the most rural areas. Its agenda is hidden in all U.S. communities and “villages,” both large and small.

    The causes these so called “community organizers” “take up” all stem from, and are a big part of
    “Agenda 21.”

    “Agenda 21” is a big “investor” spy ring, whose “Agenda” is about nothing
    good. It’s main goal is to control the population they make sick because they do plan to lay most U.S. citizens to waste. They are “meals on wheels”
    for “useless eaters” and the invalids they

    Nothing they do is out of kindness for anyone. They are not public servants but involuntary servitude promoters.

    These Securities Fraud creators, who are all invested in their own fraud, built their “House of Cards” for a reason, to watch it all crumble.

    That is how they install totalitarian dictatorships. By “rebuilding” their original “House of Cards” they built mainly by committing “Fraud in the Issuing of Credit,” they issue themselves even more fraudulently obtained credit.

    That can only be accomplished by obtaining complete fraudulent control of our legal rights, by fraudulently claiming the “copyrights” to all of our legal signatures, by the outright theft of our long form Birth

    These “public servants,” in most cases, are not who they appear to be.

    They are individuals who do not work for us. That is why they hide behind the scenes of their crimes against us by never
    “acting in their own name.”

    They are all impersonators. They use “identity theft” to counterfeit , tax evade, cheat and steal your property by stealing your identity.

  21. If these Securities Fraud Investors fraudclosed on every house, and every U.S. property, as one Attorney told me a few years ago, they are planning on doing that, their evil would only have just begun. It does not matter how compliant you are. They are going to make the lives of every single U.S. citizen born here increasingly more difficult. They intend to make everyone’s life so incredibly miserable,
    they will either rebel, by virtually doing nothing wrong except for defending themselves from these tyrants and their tyranny, and get thrown in their
    State run, Securities Fraud Investor controlled, FEMA Camp prison camps and

    The compliant ones will be living in a totalitarian hell hole where they are all reduced to peasants.

  22. Fraudclosure is in fact a secret divorce proceeding based upon secret oaths in secret proceedings brought about by secret pledges by our enemies, both foreign and domestic who are generally spoken of as being the Freemasons. They are a deeply rooted, fundamentally based, Global Satanic Cult. However, there are many branches and tranches to that “Secret
    Society” that are known as “Secret
    Sects.” Such as the Bilderberg Group,
    the CFR, the Trilateral Commission,
    they are all part of the U.N., NATO
    satanic/luciferian regime. They are all invested in this Global Securities Fraud plot. This plot is mainly about
    population control by mind controlling
    the population. They use the people
    up to get their satanic agenda in place
    then they try to dumb down their
    victims. Especially those they deem are “too smart” or “non-cooperative”
    with all of their evil plans they made
    for you. This was all done in their
    secret meetings where they pledged
    or multiple pledged your property
    rights, and along with that, your legal
    birth rights and your U.S. Citizenship.
    Those secret pledges are the partial
    grant deeds hidden someplace in
    those illegal, hideous fraudclosure
    complaints. The hidden agenda
    behind those fraud suits is Satanic
    Ritual Abuse of their victims. They do
    this by very deceptively, yet openly
    stealing your legal rights from you.
    They make you a prisoner of their war
    to abuse your mind and mentally
    torture their victims into complying
    with their evil. They do this by
    depriving you of your most basic
    fundamental needs. They lie to you
    and they lie about you to everybody.
    They try to make their victims live in
    constant fear of their boogey men andwomen. They spy on everything you do and are harsh critics of you. They try to ostricize you from
    everything that you love to mind
    control you. They want everybody on their drugs. These “investors” are who are trying to secretly divorce us in fraudclosure. However, when they accomplish that, their evil plans for you have only just begun. What these Securities Fraud Investors really did was sell the American people off into abject slavery that include all sorts of abominations of the devil. That is why the Verichip is in “The Healthcare Law.” These satanist/luciferian Securities Fraud “Investors” really think they own us because they think they own everything. The reason for that is they really think they own our Birth Certificates.

    We could have had no way of knowing of this deception.

  23. The Securities Fraud committed by the International Banksters has caused the biggest Security Breach in U.S. History. As a result of no criminal prosecutions of these “investors” in their own fraud, we have no peace and no security because these “investors” could be virtually anyone. We have no border security because we have no borders because this enemy has infiltrated everything. Every aspect of our lives is being dictated to and controlled from behind the scenes of the “Healthcare Law,” by these debt fraud buyers and debt fraud collectors.

  24. Because the massive, widespread, International Securities Fraud committed by the International Banksters, was backed by our long form Birth Certificates, our nation is at war with an unseen enemy.

    Because of that National Security Breach, there should be no civil or criminal lawsuits commenced, and no
    civil or criminal warrants issued on
    any American citizen born here until a
    formal Federal Investigation is
    properly conducted. All U.S.
    courtrooms prosecuting U.S. Citizens
    should be shutdown as well. The reason being is
    all of the Securities Fraud was
    committed by identity theft of our
    Social Security Numbers by the investors in this scam who could be virtually anybody from a doctor, lawyer, attorney, nurse, teacher, store clerk, judge, cop, politician, paramedic, firemen, 911 operator or even your own spouse, family members, friends and neighbors. Because this was an outside job by our enemies by traitors from within,
    we can have no
    way of knowing who anybody really is.

  25. The facts do not lie. The agents and the agency who are solely responsible for the Origination Fraud, J.P. MORGAN CHASE and all of their “Investment Banking Divisions,” who work for the Russian mob controlled GSE’s, fraudulently secured all of their counterfeit “Notes” and fraudulently induced “Mortgages” through mass amounts of “Derivatives” fraud, fraudulent trading practices that were constructed upon fraudulently derived and fraudulently created “Derivatives trading
    platforms.” They fraudulently insured all of their fraudulent “Derivatives” practices with their comrades over at
    AIG. They were all committing massive humans rights abuses. They are all abusing the power and all of the natural born Constitutional legal rights if We The People, by using this
    administration to fraudulently conceal
    the Origination Fraud in every single
    “Bill of Credit” they were “issued” in “good faith” by We
    The People of these United States vis
    a vis the U.S. Treasury Department.

    Because these crimes involve U.S. Taxpayer funded, U.S. Government backed, “Securities Contracts,” whose Original “Bills of Credit,” were never
    repaid to We The People, this administration should have shut them all down. The U.S. Treasury Department should have told the U.S. State Department this mortgage fraud involves International Securities Fraud that is so virulent and widespread it is
    a National Security Issue. The State Department should have shut down all of our borders, thrown all of the illegal immigrants out and the U.S. States Attorney should have time barred all fraud closure claims because there is no suit in equity for the Issuance if
    Credit. Moreover, there is a place called a prison for those who commit International Securities Fraud to issue themselves U.S. Taxpayer funded credit.

    Instead this administration allowed every U.S. Citizen defending their titles pro se in fraud closure, to be treated like an “illegal alien,” with no legal birth rights to defend themselves and no legal way to “state a claim.” This is
    quite frankly because the Cause of Action that underlies these “claims in equity,” which is the “Origination Fraud,” is being fraudulently concealed by this Administration.

    By doing so, this Administration has allowed the freedom, liberty and the the life of every single U.S. Citizen born here to be put in peril. We The People are all in “Double Jeopardy” under the 5th Amendment Takings Clause of the U.S. Constitution because of the Origination Fraud committed by the International banksters, they committed massive Securities Fraud. As a result of that massive Security “Breach of Contract,” all of our natural born legal rights and all of
    our properties are protected by joint tennancy with the U.S. Treasury
    Department vis a vis the 5th
    Amendment Takings Clause of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    By this administrations failure to not enforce the laws of this land, the international banksters are holding every single American Citizen born here hostage to their debt
    fraud. We are all considered to be unknowing participants to their fraud,
    P.O.W.’s under the 45th Protocol of the Geneva Convention. That means nobody can criminally prosecute any of us as long as we are being held
    prisoner of this fraudulently induced international bankster war aka fraudclosure.

  26. Defending your titles is so infinitely dangerous in fact, the Obama Administration should have saw to it that not one American was forced to endure this fraudclosure scam.

    Every American who could not afford to pay the fraudulently induced mortgage should have been protected by the U.S. Treasury Department. The reason being is, they know We The People are the only title holders of record because of the Origination Fraud.

    That is beside the fact, the “investors” were all “bailed out” even though they never paid the U.S. Taxpayers back for the original “Bills of Credit” they, the “issuers” borrowed in our names without our knowledge or consent. That was done to gamble with our National Security by not securing the liens to our property titles in the first place as the law specifically requires.

    The fact the entire Obama Administration’s “Making Home Affordable Plan” was a wash, and by
    and large a big, fat, giant failure, proves
    there is something much more
    sinister and evil at play here.

  27. A blogger at 4closurefraud.org made a comment to another blogger in regards to me, defending 2 fraudclosures pro se, stating that, “She won’t live long.”

    That is how rotten and evil these investors are.

  28. It is the entire “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” scenario when you are forced to defend your titles pro se in fraudclosure.

    You are “damned if you do,” for haphazardly finding out the truth about all of the fraud the “investors” committed against you, was with the full intent of permanently harming you. Therefore, they will in turn, try to
    condemn you.

    You are “damned if you don’t” bother to find out the truth about all of the fraud the “investors” committed
    against you because you are like
    a sheep who is being lead to their

  29. The day Judge David B. Atkins denied my Motion to Dismiss, I told him as he was writing something down, “There is “fraud in the factum” your honor.” To which he looked down his nose at me and I swear to God, he actually snarled at me.

  30. I would not be one bit surprised if Matt Weidner’s site was hacked. He is one of the few honest attorney’s out there, like Neil.

  31. I told Judge Price Walker in open court one day, “The Plaintiff is abusing my rights your honor.” He asked me, “What did you say?” He made me repeat what I said loud enough for all of the attorneys, and all of the courtroom to hear.

    I told Judge David B. Atkins in open court one day, the Plaintiff does
    not have the “legal assignment.” I turned around and looked at the “Plaintiffs attorney table” and they all had their heads down looking up at
    me. The judge did not respond to that. Not long after that he was replaced by Judge Lisa Marino.

    I told Judge Jesse Reyes “they don’t have the “legal assignment.” To which he told me, “You finally figured that
    out?” He moved up to the Appellate level not long after that and was replaced by Judge Price Walker.

  32. If you are forced to defend your own titles pro se in fraudclosure, you are forced to do a lot of research. You will more likely than not, going to be taking a ton of “notes.” You are forced into becoming a “super sleuth” of sorts. It is like the Book of Revelations is being opened up to you. You are forced to discover things about your life and life in general, that you could
    never possibly
    have known.

    It is all very intriguing
    because these are international
    crimes by a very secret, highly
    intelligent, “international crime
    syndicate.” It is operated very secretly
    by a very many mafia people who have been subplanted in the U.S. or hired secretly by this agency.
    They are
    all spies and secret
    agents for this “international crime
    syndicate.” That is why it can all be
    very alarming, upsetting,
    threatening and extremely dangerous, and may even become deadly, when you are forced to discover just who
    these traitors all are.

    The attorney from my “house closing,” Dick Chisolm told me during a consultation with him a few years ago, “When you find out “who” these people are, you may just want to do a
    “short sale.” I later discovered that he is one of “those people.”

    Another attorney I had a consultation with at the beginning of this whose name was Suliman, asked me “Do you know who these people are, AIG, etc.?”
    He told me “You can’t go into battle unarmed, not knowing “who” the enemy is.”

    A big part of this international Securities Fraud crime spree was to allow tax evasion of all sorts by these “investors.” They made a ton of
    money investing in many cases, their own felony fraud. To say they “don’t pay their fair share” is simply ludicrous and way beyond the point. The reason being is, because of the Origination Fraud. They are all completely stinking vile because the “investors” were collecting “payments,” “annuities checks” and the like, as usury. Not only was at that “usury” excessive and abusive,
    because they
    were never owed any money from us because of the Origination Fraud. They were collecting our hard earned money by committing many heinous and felonious fraudulent
    “investment practices.” Every single payment they “collected” was a felony because the “investors” were “investing in” their own counterfeit

    We have all heard about the corruption in Government. However, you do not realize just how horribly corrupt this entire nation has become until you become a victim of it yourself. When the virulent fraud, lies and deceit of others affect your life in a negative, personal way that is harmful to you, that is abuse of trust. When U.S. Government employees are involved in it, that is abuse of the public trust.

    That type of abuse always results in abuse of power, because that is how the criminal element operates is by
    abusing the rights of others.

  33. Weidners site’s been hacked…

  34. More particularly, this spiritual war is a religious war whether or not you believe in one God, who is a good God. Not in the prospect there is one God, who is both good and evil. If you believe God gave everyone the gift of free will than you
    know there can onle be one God, who is all good. Those who try to steal your free will, or control it by fraud, lies
    and deceit, in order to manipulate, are the epitome of one evil who are not of God. True believers
    know that God the Creator would
    never do that.

    Satanic based luciferianism is all about mind controlling the victims it created without them ever knowing it.

    That is the truth behind the concept of a “mad monarchist” who is a control freak “investor” in this case, who wishes to be a real monarch by mind controlling its victim.

  35. BTW shadowcat, it is my soon to be ex who keeps telling me different stories with nothing in writing from the court, no facts to back up his claims. These crooks were never granted a fraudclosure. They are faking it.

  36. There are a lot of people blaming Jewish people for this plot. My sister in law told me a couple of years ago “it’s the Jews” who are behind all of this. If you do the research and try to define the meaning of who is Jewish. You will find out there are many differences and variations to the Jewish religion. Being born in Israel does not mean that you are
    Jewish. Therefore, to blame everything on the Jewish people as if all Jewish people practice the same type of religion is like saying that all Catholics are practicing Catholicism. That is certainly not the case. There are many different types of Catholicism as well, that are not in line or in keeping with the Catholic
    encyclical which is Catholic church teaching. Those types of Catholicism may be more in line with the Kaballah than the Holy Bible. I have spent a lot of time doing a lot of research on the subject of satanic luciferianism. I discovered these fraudclosures and all of the things I have been witnessing are steeped in ancient satanic/luciferian
    beliefs, rituals and teachings. 9/11 was used to manifest that evil in the physical world by using certain locations as satanic altars to sacrifice human lives. It is all really creepy. If you do the research you will discover that fraudclosure is a very severe form of satanic ritual abuse. It uses a severe threat to punish the minds of its victims who it tries to fraudulently convert into a victim soul. Every American who believes in one God the Creator, is a victim of this satanic ritual abuse because we are all targets in their war on God and humanity.

    The false religion and false belief system of satanic luciferianism has infiltrated everything including every religion. You can never really know what another person thinks or believes. However, actions speak louder than words.
    is a target.

  37. An FBI agent from the white collar crimes division of the FBI told me in a phone conversation a few years ago, the GSE’s are the problem.

    I told that to a employee of the Mortgage Fraud Division of the Cook County, Illinois Recorder of Deeds Office when I went there one day to file a formal complaint. He laughed at that. I took that to mean the real problem may be the GSE’s but that could have never been possible without mass corruption at every
    level of just about everything. BTW, he was supposed to contact me about my complaint in a couple of weeks and never did.

  38. In finishing up my last comment I inadvertently ommitted ….. These fraudsters will do anything and everything to make you a prisoner of war in your own house if you do not go along with all of their evil plans for you. Especially if you inadvertently, and unintentionally, expose them and all of their crimes against you. Then not only is your freedom in peril, your
    life is in jeopardy.

    These fraudclosure crimes are very serious crimes being committed against innocent people by very dangerous, deranged and desperate

    None of this should have been allowed to happen to one American citizen because they were all bailed out by all of us.

    Shadowcat mentions “mob bosses” seemingly in jest. Well that is no joke.

    We have the Russian mob, operating bankster black ops on U.S. soil. The Russians and the Chinese are the main investors in this fraud.

    Take FINCEN for example. They are running bankster black ops for the Russians. Or LNR, West End Trust. They work for the GSE’s who are controlled by the Russians. You can find alot of this stuff out by reading blogs at investment websites, etc.

  39. Why are you asking me shadow cat ? You seem to know more than I do about what these fraudsters are doing.

    They are trying to pull a fast one. That’s all that I know.

    If you read my previous comments you would know that.

    As far as your remark about focusing on the “fraudclosure,” and not on the
    “fraudclosing.” When the enemy is among you, and is an investor in their
    own fraud that was committed in your
    name, without your knowledge or
    consent, you are a prisoner of war.
    When they use fraudclosure and their
    own criminal “investor” friends to try
    and force you to comply with their
    own crimes against you, by
    manufacturing scenarios and outright
    lying about you amongst themselves,
    to try and control their own fraud by trying to control you, their intended target, you are being held against your
    own free will.

    When this is all being done to you for “shining a light” on their crimes against you that you could have had no knowledge of, that is tyranny by tyrants.

    Therefore, all you can do is have faith in God the creator of all because this fraudclosure scam has not only become way out of hand, this is all way out of your hands.

    prisoner in your own house

  40. What is the real meaning behind the phrase, “the fundamental transformation of America?”

    Was the President talking about the open secret destruction of the U.S. Constitution by ignoring the Natural Born legal rights of the U.S. citizenry?

    Or was he talking about our discovery about how some of us were being manipulated and used by “the eliteists” to be programmed mind
    controlled slaves to this fraudulently induced “Corporate Bankster Global Government?”

    I discovered defending 2 fraudclosures pro se, that it is both and so much more.

    Only by the Grace of God could I have found out the truth that underlies this entire fraudclosure fiasco. When you do get to the truth, it is like living in a real life

    It is what I would imagine Rod Sterling meant by you are about to enter into
    the twilight zone.

    Yes, these investors in their own fraud, lies and deceptions are the most evil entities imaginable.

    The truth is, every American citizen born here is a target. They fully intend to steal everything from all of us by secretly fraudclosing on every one of our long form birth certificates they fraudulently induced into stock and bond offerings up on Wall Street.

    Those who are skeptical about that can do their own research on that subject.

    That was the symbolic meaning behind the tiny bits of paper flying around on 9/11. That day was not just about “destruction of evidence” per se. It was more about the meaning behind it that We The People are “used up.” Therefore, the U.S. Constitution is just a “meaningless document,” that is just “an old god damned piece of paper.”

    The Reverend of Obama’s church, was caught on tape saying it is not “God bless America,” it is “God damn America.”

    These are the people who have hijacked our Constitutional Republic. These are the people and the mindset of the people we are defending our titles from in fraudclosure.

    If I were an attorney I would not want to fight them either.

  41. To much focus on the fraud closure and not enough focus on the fraud closing.

  42. So they did get Judgement? Just a couple of days ago you said they didn’t. I’m confused? You lost your home to the state? Don’t come here and tell people attornies won’t help you. That’s BS! You 1st must change your attitude and help yourself. You don’t work and youre tossing your husband because he can’t sustain the lifestyle you want, example would be dinner out 3 or 4 times a week? Sex maybe, dinner NO! I don’t help people who think they are entitled, but rather those who help themself and need a little help. It seems to me you bring this on yourself.

  43. Therefore, I refuse to try and defend myself against all of this corruption by all of these corrupt individuals.

    Moreover, trying to defend these fraudclosure cases pro se in this horribly corrupt environment is extremely dangerous. It can cost you not only your freedom, but your life.

    That is why quite frankly, I wash my hands of all of this, because all of these fraud
    suits belong in the hands
    of the Federal Authorities.

  44. Why would a pro se defendant continue to try and defend their title to their house in a fraudulent fraudclosure proceeding where the judge, who is a substitute judge does not as much as allow you to speak on your own behalf, in a hearing on your own Motion. Why would you bother to try and reason with a substitute judge who tells you she is going to rule based on “notes” she was given by the “absentee judge.” She claims she knows all of the pertinent facts of this case going by “notes?” Then she tells you Plaintiff held “the note” at the
    commencement of their “suit,” rules in
    favor of the plaintiffs piggybacked motion for summary judgment. This plaintiff is a setvicer you never signed a contract with who claims they are AMCORE BANK. MERS N.A. and whose attorneys recorded the FC Lis
    pendens 7 months after their suit was

    It is all way to corrupt.

    You get fed up with trying to be a
    one woman army in an undeclared
    war on your legal birth right that fraudulently conceals itself as a “fraudclosure.”

    There comes a time when your own personal freedom and dignity means more to you than trying to defend yourself against this completely corrupt and broken down system that rules by nothing but fraudulent and deceptive practices.

  45. Because of The unlimited no accountibility Black Hole Budget?

  46. Stop the Pity Me Fluff! What if you found out that you are an investor and its not in your best intrest but detrapental irrevocal harm to you if your trustee (or not) acts on your behalf without your knowledge? Just exactly what was the scope of authority for the POA you signed at closing and who did you authorize as your POA to act for you? Just say No! Think Coyle! I am warrantor, I am surety. No No No.

  47. SC

    An increasing number of economists appear to think that the dead ones happened to know too much and to be willing to talk in exchange for immunity for having had the fingers in it all the way to the shoulders. That sounds very plausible. One thing is sure: it is closing in on quit a number of people (banking, finance, pharma, military and… politics).

  48. When you are the victim of fraud closure, and you are forced to make a decision to defend your own titles pro se, because there are no attorneys in the State where you reside, whom are willing to fight the huge amount of fraud in these cases, when do you decide that enough is enough?

    Is it if you discover these proceedings are satanic ritual abuse steeped in freemasonic beliefs?

    Is it if you discover your spouse is an investor in his own mortgage fraud? What if you find out your spouse used fraud in the issuing of credit by issuing himself mass amounts of credit in your name without your knowledge or consent to bring a secret divorce proceeding upon you and secretly strip you of your title to
    your own legal birth right?

    How about you find out that your spouse and his entire family are all investors in his fraud. The reason being they have had a sicilian vendetta against you since before you were even born?

    Or what if you find out that even some of your own friends and family members are invested in his fraud? They decide there is a lot of money involved in bringing you down so they get in on the fraud closure scam as well.

    You can go to gangstalking.com or look up gangstalking on you tube. You can Google search the PRISM Program to find out more about how this evil works is by mass deception.

    Then what if they use perps in govt and even your own neighbors and friends to try & help them destroy your reputation?

    Then push comes to shove, and they fake 2 fraud closures by 2 corrupt judges who are likely investors in this fraud as well.

    Do you file an appeal or go along with the “loan mod” scam you know will fail?

    How many Americans know that monarchs rarely shower or bathe because they fear they will be kidnapped or worse?

    Beware the traitors from within.

  49. OR it could be their MOB bosses.

    Its a Toss Up!

  50. Murder or Suicide?

    Hard to tell. I assume they know prosecutions are coming and foaming up the runway doesn’t agree with their lifestyle OR an Angry Public are taking them out one at a time.

    Its Hard to Tell.

  51. Another dead banker… Geert Tack, Belgian, “A thoroughly successful professional who is found dead in the North Sea. Murder or suicide? Geert Tack voluntarily crept in the icy waters of the North Sea or was he given a helping hand by someone?”

    UPDATED LIST (actual and confirmed deaths):
    1) David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal working at the Dow Jones news room
    2) Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG
    3) William Broeksmit, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank
    4) Ryan Henry Crane, age 37, JP Morgan
    5) Li Junjie, 33, Hong Kong JP Morgan
    6) Gabriel Magee, 39, age JP Morgan employee
    7) Mike Dueker, 50, who had worked for Russell Investments
    8) Richard Talley, 57, was the founder and CEO of American Title (real estate titles)
    9) James Stuart Jr. 70, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO was found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz
    10) Jason Alan Salais, 34 year old IT Specialist at JPMorgan since 2008
    11) Autumn Radtke, 28, CEO of First Meta, a Singapore-based virtual currency trading platform
    12) Eddie Reilly, 47, investment banker, Vertical Group, New York
    13) Kenneth Ballando, 28, investment banker, Levy Capital, New york
    14) Joseph A. Giampapa, 55, corporate bankruptcy lawyer, JP Morgan Chase
    15) Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, voormalig topbestuurder ANB/AMRO, Laren, Nederland
    16) Juergen Frick, 48, CEO Bank Frick & Co AG, Liechtenstein
    17) Benoît Philippens, 37, directeur BNP Parisbas Fortis Bank, Ans, België.
    18) Lydia…, 52, bankier Bred-Banque-Populaire, Parijs
    19) Andrew Jarzyk, 27, bankier, PNC Bank, New York
    20) Carlos Six, 61, Hoofd Belastingdienst en lid CREDAF, België
    21) Jan Winkelhuijzen, 75, Commissaris en Fiscalist (voormalig Deloitte), Nederland.
    22) Richard Rockefeller, 66, achterkleinzoon elitebankier John D. Rockefeller, Amerika
    23) Mahafarid Amir Khosravi (Amir Mansour Aria), 45, bankeigenaar, zakenman en derivatenhandelaar, Iran
    24) Lewis Katz, 76, zakenman, advocaat en insider in de bancaire wereld, Amerika
    25) Julian Knott, Directeur Global Operations Center JP Morgan, 45, Amerika
    26) Richard Gravino, IT Specialist JP Morgan, 49, Amerika
    27) Thomas James Schenkman, Managing Director Global Infrastructure JP Morgan, 42, Amerika
    28) Nicholas Valtz, 39, Managing Director Goldman Sachs, New York, Amerika
    29) Therese Brouwer, 50, Managing Director ING, Nederland
    30) Tod Robert Edward, 51, Vice President M & T Bank, Amerika
    31) Thierry Leyne, 48, investeringsbankier en eigenaar Anatevka S.A., Israël
    32) Calogero Gambino, 41, Managing Director Deutsche Bank, Amerika
    33) Shawn D. Miller, 42, Managing Director Citigroup, New York, Amerika
    34) Melissa Millian, 54, Senior Vice President Mass Mutual, Amerika
    35) Thieu Leenen, 64, Relatiemanager ABN/AMRO, Eindhoven, Nederland
    36) Geert Tack, 52, Private Banker ING, Haaltert, België


  52. RE: This records destruction has occurred because the MERS Rules, which guide, direct and control the actions of MERS Members has instructed those same MERS Members to NOT make the Statutorily required filings in the County Recorder’s Office.

    MyCookieJars asks WHY?
    File It or give me my money back Jackass!!

    A RICO Fraud Enterprise (RICO) is behind and is the root cause of the Mortgage Crisis and has been administratively implemented by MERSCORP, Inc., Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS), the Shareholders of these two (2) corporate entities and all participating Mortgage Banks, Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies and numerous Other Parties who represent the 5,500+ MERS Members who have paid dues and fees to MERS and have pledged to follow the illegal MERS Rules and Regulations in lieu of complying with both State Statutes and Federal Codes.
    This RICO Cabal has destroyed the Statutorily required County Recorder’s Office residential mortgage records on most of the 70+ million mortgages tracked on the MERS System Databases.
    This records destruction has occurred because the MERS Rules, which guide, direct and control the actions of MERS Members has instructed those same MERS Members to NOT make the Statutorily required filings in the County Recorder’s Office.
    Instead, MERS Members are instructed to make Deed of Trust, Promissory Note and Related filings on the MERS System Databases ONLY and to destroy the Homeowner’s Original Mortgage Documents within thirty (30) days after the Closing of the mortgage transaction.


  53. http://mortgageendgame.com/mo/HOW%20TO%20CHECK%20IF%20YOUR%20MORTGAGE%20IS%20COMPROMISED%20-%20(UPDATED%205-8-2014).pdf

    How To Determine If Your Mortgage Is Compromised

    The following Checklist is intended to assist you in making an initial determination as to whether or not your mortgage has been controlled, manipulated, compromised or destroyed.
    If you are like me and millions of other Americans, you (1) have been made an involuntarily indentured servant (2) are a serf on what you think is your property (3) are a renter and not a purchaser and (4) will never be able to legally and securely own your home with a clear and legally perfectible Deed after you have made the last mortgage payment on what you THINK is the debt you owe on your Promissory Note.
    This condition exists because your property’s Chain of Title is likely Broken and you, many years from now when you ultimately realize you have a serious problem, will be unable legally or otherwise, to obtain the documents required to attempt to perfect your position in the property from the True Lender and Mortgagee because that entity will likely have long since been declared “dead” by a Federal Bankruptcy Court as is currently taking place in the RESCAP Bankruptcy being adjudicated in the U. S. Federal Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York.


  54. That investigation would make Greylord look like small potatoes.

  55. It is about time the Federal Government shut down these fraud closure court rooms nationwide. They need to start dropping millions of Federal indictments on these Investment Banking Divisions, their servicers, their attorneys and these judges. Then there needs to be a massive, sweeping, Federal Grand Jury investigation into all of these fraudulent mortgage originations and all of the counterfeit securities they are using to fraudclose and steal the properties from We The People.

  56. Everyone is always complaining about Eric Holder. Why does no one ever complain about Preet Bharrara the U.S. States Attorney? He has done absolutely nothing about these fraud closure crimes and the criminals who are bringing these fraud suits that are based on nothing in law or fact.

    The deputy sheriff, Eric Holder, is only going to do what the sheriff, Preet Bharrara, tells him to do.

  57. These are all highly criminal cases shadowcat. Therefore, We The People should not have to hire an attorney. Why are the Illinois States Attorneys Office not investigating these crimes? Why haven’t they shut down the County Recorders offices state wide by now and seized all of our destroyed property title records? Why are they not investigating the reason why no UCC 1 financing statements were ever filed at the Illinois Secretary of States office in Springfield? That is Securities Fraud on steroids.

    The rep from the Illinois Attorney
    Generals office told me that I should not need to hire an attorney to defend these fraudclosures. She was right, we should not have to hire an attorney
    because these are International crimes that should have axiomatically invoked the courts criminal subject matter jurisdiction. All of these cases need to be investigated at the Federal Level because they involve Securities Fraud at an International level.

  58. These fraudclosures involve many serious crimes and numerous felonies. Uttering forged and counterfeit instruments upon the court to gain unjust enrichment is particularly heinous considering all of the U.S. taxpayer money they have grabbed since 2008.

    The traitors in Congress and the Senate Nationalized the U.S. Treasury Department by bailing out the international banksters. The traitors did that without the consent of We The People of these United States. Therefore, we could have had no knowledge of the deception.

    The bailout of these international mortgage note counterfeiting crooks was done mainly by the Senate/House Banking Committee, was the biggest act of treason upon the Citizenry of
    United States in U.S. History.

    They all think they work for Hank Paulson and his Corporate cronies like Jeffrey Imelt.

  59. At the time there were a lot of legal failures taking advantage, many people lost a lot of money. Illinois shuts them down and prosecute them. I giggle each time they do. You have to take a leap of fate and trust an attorney again. They are not all bad. No more than the judges are. You of all people have bayview vs nelson and the State of Illinois vs CW (and others)

  60. The state investigator who I met with that day, along with the Chief of Police of Crestwood, Illinois, where my business property is located, both looked at each other and laughed when I told them I had met with a few of those “what do you call those attorneys.”

  61. I met with a few of those attorneys. One of those attorneys was a Contract attorney. They all basically told me the same thing, they were not willing to fight the fraud in these fraudclosures.

  62. Don’t give me that “hire an attorney” crap shadowcat. I met with the State Investigator from U.S. Attorney General Lisa Madigans office a few years ago. Kevin O’Connell was his name. He told me there is no such a thing as foreclosure defense attorneys. At least not in this corrupt state.

  63. The bottom line is, the investors in their own fraud all got bailed out by the U.S. taxpayers who funded the Origination of these fraudulently induced “mortgage loans” in the first place. The “investors,” and all of their minions and cohorts in the financial world have received over $60 trillion dollars in U.S. taxpayer money since 2008 reported CNBC. The value of all
    U.S. Property before the mortgage bubble burst was an estimated $12 trillion dollars. Since the “financial
    crisis” of 2008 hit, its value is
    estimated at around $8 trillion dollars.

    So where did all of our money go is the real question? They certainly never paid the U.S. Treasury Department
    back for the Origination Fraud. They certainly don’t intend to pay us back by stealing our properties either.

    That can only mean one thing, we are at war with a foreign power.

    These “investors” who are hiding behind the scenes of these
    fraudclosures, are using the U.S.
    Supreme Court to dictate Sharia Law
    in U.S. courtrooms. They are doing
    this to install a totalitarian,
    Soviet style dictatorship in our
    Constitutional Republic. They are
    using United States County Courtrooms as
    miniature, war tribunal Stalin like Nazi

  64. If you had an attorney, you would know how to beat them at their own game using the Rule Book/Fed Law. State Law (marital) common law and contract law here are very effective.

  65. These fraudclosures are not being brought by private U.S. Citizens and you know that shadowcat.

    These fraudclosures are individual acts of war upon infividual citizens of these United States by a foreign power. That is why they do not act in their own name.

    They are in direct violation of the 14th Amendment as well. That makes these fraudclosures criminal acts upon the people of this great nation.

  66. Don’t the American people find it strange that none of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay have been criminally prosecuted? They have been imprisoned without a trial for over a decade now.

    Where did the United States Attorney General, Eric Holder come up with the idea to criminally prosecute the 9/11 terrorists in NYC? He thinks that United States Federal courtrooms should be used as war tribunals to settle global war disputes? Does he think that U.S. Federal courtrooms are the Hague? What a Nazi.

  67. She is correct Ivent. But a bigger power did not allow them to prosecute criminally. They couldn’t be given full immunity because they could not be protected from a citizens private right of action.

  68. When I spoke with one of the representatives at Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office about the Mortgage Fraud, she told me “There is fraud in every mortgage.”

    How outrageous right? Because if there is fraud in every mortgage, there should never have been any mortgage foreclosures.

  69. Because of the intended Destruction of Evidence on 9/11, that resulted in an enormous global “mortgage tax write off” by the investors in their own global Mortgage Note counterfeiting racket, not one U.S. Citizen born here should lose their property, and especially not their houses.

    The highly inflated property tax bills are more than enough money to have to pay under these horrible financial circumstances these crooks created.

  70. As a result of the “crony capitalists” taking this country over, mainly because of the events of 9/11, it does not matter who is sitting in at the White House, Mao Tse Tung is running this country from behind the scenes. That is mostly being done from behind the scenes of the U.S. Supreme Court. We have justices who were appointed and put in place primarily to do the evil bidding of the investors in their own fraud. Many if not all of them are heavily invested on this evil plot to overthrow our Constitutional Republic.

    This is why I believe all public servants should be elected, not appointed.

    They should also all have term limits and be limited to no more than 2 non-consecutive terms.

  71. In fraudclosure, We The People are fighting an undeclared war, against an unseen enemy on U.S. soil.

    This undeclared war on We The People of these United States, and our Constitutional Republic, began on 9/11, under the guise of a “war on terror.”

    That act of war on us was done by the investors in their own mortgage fraud. The intent was to destroy the written evidence of their crimes, by destroying the paper trail. By doing so, they charged off all of the debt they created by counterfeiting trillions of dollars in U.S. Mortgage/Treasury Notes. This was done so they could fraudulently induce millions upon millions of new “mortgage originations” and keep their global mortgage note counterfeiting
    ring going. This was done with the full intent by our enemies to bankrupt this nation and its people by creating a quadrillion dollars in U.S. bank note fraud.

    They knew with the help of their comrades they put in place at the U.S. Treasury Department, they could use the excuse they must be “bailed out” to avoid a catastrophic global financial meltdown.

    Crony Capitalism is another name for Marxist/Leninist Bolshevikism. Otherwise known as Russian communism.

  72. Many found that escrow had not been closed on the purchase agreement, many will find that the sellers loans were not paid off at closing, others will find a contract for deed, or multiple CFDs. And many owners/non borrowers will find they got snookered into Warranting the Titles Not Nice Mr Grinch! But they will also find out that as an investor with an interest in the property their tails are covered. They need permission from every party who has an interest before they can act. They cannot act in a manner that would be against those interest. Real Sneaky by trying to get it by no response/no denial crap, especially when those parties don’t know that they were used, robbed and abused, and had claims.

  73. United States of Amerifraud. They kill us economically and they kill us physically. The same way they dont let us get to a trial by jury.While seeming like justice is served. In Garners case they stone wall with the grand jury in our case the Judge finds all these creative ways not to allow us to get to a jury.



  74. If you won MSJ then what in tarnation was your reasoning for not paying taxes and keeping ins?

  75. My Motion to Dismiss ended up getting denied by Judge David B. Atkins. No written legal reason for the denial was given by that judge. I told him I am going to file it again. He told me you can’t because the plaintiff is going to “move to foreclose.”

    After that dismal day, I did some more research. I decided to file my
    Motion for Summary Judgment.

  76. That all happened after my motion that was to be heard that day, went “missing.” The good people at the clerks office of the Mortgage Division at the Daley Center found a way to get my Motion to Dismiss in, so that it could by heard that day.

    Thankfully, there are still some good, honest people who will go out of their way to do the right thing for others.

  77. 1. Homeowners Title Insurance Policy

    2. Lenders Title Insurance Policy

    1. 2. Buckle My Shoe

    3. I am Warrantor

    4. Can You See Me Now?

    1. 2. Buckle My Shoe
    3. 4. Pick Up at Salvage before I shut the door.

    5. 6. Its picking up both ends of the sticks.

    7. 8. Don’t let the dog bite your gr’ass before you exit the gate!

    They stole my car and damaged it, the ins declared it a total or part loss. They want to keep the money and the car, But I want to keep my ole heap, I want my NPV!

  78. Judge Nixon was a substitute judge for Judge David B. Atkins who was not there that day. Judge Nixon entered my Motion To Dismiss Plaintiffs Foreclosure Complaint that was based mainly upon the Origination Fraud. Judge Nixon told me, “You better make a lot of copies of this.”

  79. One judge in particular, Judge Nixon, of the Cook County, Illinois Court, Chancery Division, spoke about the rank injustice by these “investors” in open court on day.

    He told the people in the court room that day, “the Supreme Court is the last word” regarding these fraud closures. He said he did not agree with how “the banks” were denying people loan modifications without giving them a valid written legal reason for doing so. He said he had drafted legislation asking the Supreme Court to require “the banks” to do so. He told the court that he succeeded in getting that piece of legislation passed. So from now on “the banks” have to at least give a “valid written reason” for their denials.

    I found that to be very honorable of that judge to stick his neck out for the victims of this foreclosure scandal.

  80. Moreover, you certainly do not need to be a Constitutional law professor, or have a fancy Harvard law degree, to see the judges are ignoring all of the laws of this land. That could only be accomplished by ignoring all of our Constitutional legal rights. That could only be done by Supreme Court rule.

  81. Fraudclosure is a communist re-socialist plot that is being done by the investors in our liberties. This evil plot was initiated by and large through fraudulent mortgage originations. This plot was created with the soul intention of our enemies, both foreign as well as domestic, to take over our Constitutional Republic without ever firing a shot. This was to be done by stripping We The People of our First Amendment legal right to free speech. These deviants decided they would simply ignore us, and by doing so, they would steal all of the natural born legal rights of the American people.

    Those of us who are defending our
    titles from fraudclosure pro se, are defending our freedoms by defending our Liberties. We are being extremely valiant and brave by doing so because we were put on the front lines of this war on our
    Constitutional Republic.

    This fraudclosure war is a brutal war
    on the Liberties of We The People of
    these United States.

  82. Christine, only time will tell. Death itself brings change. I’m forever an realist and an optimist.

  83. Let’s wait a couple of years and see whether the Russian oligarchs have gotten a complete pass for eternity. I doubt it (their revolution is way too recent for people to become complacent toward a return to serfdom as we have become, here, through collective amnesie) but let’s wait and see. I don’t have all the answers.

    In the meantime, analyzing what happened here, it is incontestable that our oligarchs have gotten a free pass for as long as people take it in the chin (20 years and counting) while the people keep being sold an endless bill of goods making their lives increasingly more difficult. I live here. I focus on what goes on here. Unfortunately, I see no evidence that anything will change… here.

    All I can do is look at what has transpired thus far worldwide and look for what may bring change. Putin has moved his country away from the petrodollar and the unsustainable US hegemony and isn’t involved in any conflict. The US are just… waging bank wars benefiting no one but bank owned corporations, with the blessing of a corporation-owned Congress and corporation-owned government. 7 such wars since 911 and more to come.

    Benefit of the doubt obliging, the US have run out of it. I’m looking everywhere and analyzing where change will come. It won’t come from here. Dead countries don’t promote change.

  84. I don’t know Christine, . . How is it any differant than the AG amnisty deal for past misdeeds? It has been business as usual, did they stop? I fear Russia will endure the same as we do.

  85. I see nothing wrong with what Putin is doing. This is what the whole principle of amnesty is all about: forgiving past misdeeds and starting with a clean slate. Here is the complete deal he offers (with the population’s blessing). Unlike what we have here, Putin talks to the people and explains what he intends to do and why. Any question why people do go along? No fait-accompli. No wheeling and dealing behind the scene, no betrayal of the people. A far cry from what we have allowed banks to get away with and still do. Personally, I think he is playing his cards much better than any clown we have here and he has thus far proved that he is trustworthy.


  86. Isn’t that still the same as money laundrying? Two wrongs don’t make a right. As the Truth comes out I have a gut feeling that group of apes (A Congress) will be heading for the borders just like the brokers.

  87. All Putin is promising is that the oligarchs won’t face prosecution and won’t owe back taxes. He isn’t bailing them out and he isn’t telling them: no taxes from here to eternity. See the difference? And be assured that many will jump on the opportunity: they are not stupid and they know that it is the only way for them to get a chance to participate in the BRICS/MINT/VISTA collaboration and make money in the future. Especially knowing that the rest of the world economy is on its last leg. What is called a true win-win.

  88. No, it’s not the same thing. He’s telling oligarchs to bring back their money, no question asked on how they made it. He isn’t pressing the legislative body to rewrite the existing laws against corruption. And impunity only applies to past misdeeds. Not forward. Big difference. Oligarchs slate starts clean; it doesn’t give them carte blanche to break the law once they are back. Unlike what our infamous settlement was all about. And every “settlement” afterwards…

  89. The repeal of Glass and Steagail was an invite for corruptuion, and Guess what? Putin did the same thing today in an appeal to crooks to bring their money and assets to Russia , no questions asked!

  90. And just for the hell of it, the repeal of Glass-Steagall could not have happened without Congress… whose salaries, vacations, golf outings, health insurance and retirement you keep dutifully paying year in, year out. Clinton could have demanded it until the cows came home: it took Congress to approve it.

  91. Bankers are not the problem. Judges are not the problem. Lawyers are not the problem. Corrupt politicians are. If we had any with moral sense, bankers’ hands would be tied. The fish always rots from the head down.

  92. I was going to repost that article Christine, but I still haven’t stomached it yet. Are they Frigging Kidding Me? That’s Blackmail!

  93. Don’t expect anything from Congress, government, regulators or anyone else until you take the bull by the horns and kick them all out. Which appears utopic, considering that those same people are elected over and over and over, ad vitam eternam. And don’t talk about “rigged” elections: when fewer than 38% of the population bothers to vote, even to cast a blank vote in protest for the candidates, same population can’t complain after the fact.

    Common sense 101.


  94. I can’t sell something I don’t have, because of the RTO with the sellers estate. But yet I warrented title to a 3rd party and had to defend it from seller estate. The sellers estate conceeds but where did my money go?

  95. Look, the titles were transferred @ Origination Before Default! When I transfer,convey and warrant a property via a WD, I get the proceeds from sale, the sale is a taxable event. I suspect I need paid 1st, could that be the reason they didn’t file the conveyance?

  96. Reblogged this on patrickainsworth.

  97. An additional check is whether the trust is correctly named when they do attempt that late assignment from the ‘donald duck’ lender.

    Now I not only have my ‘donald duck’ lender (AWL could just as well stand for ‘Absent Without Leave’ as in the military), but also, because apparently LSI was really sloppy with the documents, I have a ‘donald duck’ trust.

    But that problem of the ‘donald duck’ trust (whch ends the ability to use MERS), was not enough to stand in the way of the monster Florida-based servicer. NOPE.

    How self-serving is it when the servicer claims to have a Power of Attorney that can fix this problem? The trust does not want the very late assignment (according to what has been posted on this site in other cases).

    But of course the servicer only bought the prior servicer company to acquire these loans. Now, with that phony Power of Attorney, the servicer claims to have the power to speak for a trust that has never existed at all AND to simultaneously speak for the properly-named trust. At a minimum, that should require a very complicated POA or else 2 POAs, but THAT would be for the case where both trusts really existed. NO ONE can speak for the ‘donald duck’ trust.

    Not only that, they claim the transfer was for “Good and valuable consideration”. Okay, a few little problems to explain there.
    1) How does that non-existent, mangled-named trust have the ability to receive or transfer anything of value?

    2)How does the real trust (in name only) have the ability to transfer anything of value at a very late date in trade for the papers on a loan that is alleged to have defaulted many years prior to this latest transfer? Not only is there the problem that the trust is believed to be completely empty, but legally, they can not take in a loan that is in an allegedly defaulted state. So, what assets did the correctly-named trust supposedly illegally provide to obtain this loan to satisfy that “for good and valuable consideration” statement on the assignment document? No value is set on what was exchanged. And how do they hold it on their books, coming in so long after all the transfers were to end? The only transfers allowed later were to be replacements for defaulted loans already in the trust, being replaced by GOOD loans. And how is the trust dealing with this investment in light of the settlements with the firms that set up the trusts and hoodwinked the retirement funds to invest in them? would this loan have been included in the settlements the retirement funds got or was it in a ‘limbo state’ when that deal was struck?

    I seriously doubt that the trust authorized this specific document that was generated, supposedly, on its behalf by that major Florida-based servicer that has the most notorious reputation

    Neil did not cite the pay-off checks in his list of things to check for. It is probably minor compared to the other points. In my case, I indeed did
    get my pittance of a pay-out from that company dealing with the robo-signing. To my understanding, those checks are themselves evidence of the illegal foreclosure.

  98. Neil you forgot Judges relationship with banksters. Need to subpoena all emails phone records etc….


  99. Finally a nice short , compact list. Not sure it will help anyone, anywhere. But it’s nice to see it.

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