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Hat Tip to Patrick Giunta, Esq., Senior litigator and manager of litigation for the livinglies team.

see 18th Judicial Circuit BOA v Nash VOID mortgage Void Note Reverse Judgement for Payments made to non-existent entity

When I said that lawyers should be counterclaiming for unlawful collection of payments by the servicer and related parties back in 2008, most people simply thought I was nuts and others were more generously skeptical. Everyone said “show me a case” which of course I could not because this scheme had never been played before and it has taken 7 years for courts to piece it together.

In the case we will discuss tonight briefly as I take more time to answer questions from the audience, we will see how the senior Judge in Seminole County carefully detailed the events and documents and concluded that the foreclosure was a farce — but more than that, the mortgage and note were a farce and declared them void. In addition, the Judge not only entered judgment for the homeowner on the issue of foreclosure but also granted a money judgment FOR THE BORROWER AGAINST BANK OF AMERICA for all payments made to Bank of America as successor or formerly known as Countrywide formerly known, but not registered or incorporated as America’s Wholesale Lender — which did not exist.

The conclusion of the Judge is that if the entity named on the note or mortgage does not exist, then neither does the note or mortgage. And any payments squeezed out of unwary borrowers are due back to the borrower because he might need them some day if someone actually makes a claim that is true. Thus at common law we have the very same remedy that was intended by the Truth in Lending Act under the right of rescission.

Hence the upcoming US Supreme Court decision probably doesn’t matter all that much although they should affirm the express wording of the statute even if they think the homeowner is getting a windfall. That is an erroneous assumption against the borrower — just as erroneous as assuming the loan documents were ever valid.

Sorry to be so immature, but I TOLD YOU SO!!!

Now when bankruptcy lawyers and foreclosure defense lawyers are preparing their pleadings and schedules they best look at whether there is an actual loan from an actual entity at the base of the chain relied upon by the foreclosing party.

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  1. Nash was overturned!

  2. Did Fairbanks Capital service First Union Home Equity Bank 1996 loans ?

  3. If the party bringing the suit doesn’t have standing to FC, why would you think they would pay your taxes? Out of the kindness of their heart? And if the mortgage is void, there is no escrow account. .

  4. Deb, in the contract who did you transfer and warrant Legal Title too?

  5. And when they fail to prosecute, you motion for dismissal. Ride out the SOL for them to refile and pay your dag gone taxes n ins. Then you file QT to clear the slander.

  6. Ooo this is good ivent – you said
    brought the suit has to
    pay the property taxes so long as the
    suit is going on because they had the
    cahones to bring the suit claiming
    they held the legal title when they
    never did.”
    You see on here i find good for brainstormin and triggering researc the key is to recognize whats pertinent to your case and what is beginning to look a lot like christmas – i mean rabbit hole, my arguments may fail but, they make sense in my unique case. No body needs to be right, we need to be human, which means ” the good rhe bad and the ugly” . Only truth will prevail, as in Gods truth.

  7. Behave Doug! A bad attitude will get you nowhere.

  8. Blow hard….amazing long string of your bullshit..

  9. The note can not be accelerated before the end of the Contract term unless one of those two triggers occur.

  10. In a Reverse FC there are two triggers, the grantors become deceased or they failed to pay the re taxes.
    Then and only then can a forced sale take place.

  11. Ivent aka Stripes, it been 5yrs now that I have tried to help you. I know what I know about you because you give all the details here yourself. If you didn’t want help or someone to listen to you, you wouldn’t be here. I won’t be like Neil and say ‘I told you so’, because I’m more of a. “You Reap what You Sow ” kinda ole lady. Best of Wishes to You.

  12. All you do is lie shadowcat. How is it that you claim to know so much about everything pertaining to me? Why is it so important to you to make me believe your lies? Moreover, why have you been trollling after me on this site? For well over a year now, you have been arguing with me, trying to discredit me, and lying about things just trying to try and upset me. You are trying to play psychological warfare games with me that is obvious. Therefore, I really want you to stop talking to me. I don’t need your “advice” and I never asked for it. I am up to my eyeballs in psychological crap.

    Just for the record shadowcat,
    because I really do not care what you “think” at all, my S.S. # was not registered in my married name until 6
    months ago. I never registered it because I never knew I had to. The clerk at the Birth Records office asked me why I even bothered to do that after all of these years. Your
    story about my property going up on a “tax sale” because my properties were purchased under my registered married name is a lie. My properties were purchased under my
    unregistered married name. That has simply nothing to do with it. It is just a cheap and dirty trick to do that because the plaintiff does not have the note. The truth is, the plaintiff who
    brought the suit has to
    pay the property taxes so long as the
    suit is going on because they had the
    cahones to bring the suit claiming
    they held the legal title when they
    never did.

  13. An example of how subtle this evil can be is in a phone conversation that I had with my best friend last year. This was right around the time my soon to be ex started acting like a total jerk towards me. It was right after I filed my Individual Acknowledgement with Judge Price Walker about the mortgage fraud that was committed in my unregistered married name without my knowing about it.

    My friend and I had a long conversation about everything that was going on. She told me “you must be really smart.” For some odd reason she told me “you have always been skinny.” Well sure enough I have lost around 30 pounds over the last several months without even trying. As far as me being “really smart” goes, I am a very spiritual person by nature. If that means you are “really smart” then so be it. I never did anything to anybody to deserve all of this evil crap
    in my life. She told me I “saved” my husband by defending these 2 fraud closures? Well that’s scary. Then she told me I am going to be “living on Michigan Avenue,” of all places, and that she hopes I get a “settlement.” That is clearly a contradictory statement. How would I be living on Michigan Avenue if I did not win a settlement? Quite deceptive right? Then she told me if my husband was not kissing the ground I walk on and taking me out for dinner at least 3 or 4 nights a week then “something” is wrong. Well something was definitely wrong and it started when I was left no choice but to defend these 2 fraud closures pro se.

    She also told me in a conversation late last spring that whatever happened at the next court hearing which was last May, on my motion for summary Judgment, I should tell my husband to take me to the bar afterwards and have a talk with him. Well that would no doubt have not been a very wise proposition considering he is the main culprit here. I walked out of that hearing that day because I knew they were up to no good that day. I took the Metra back. It dropped me off in downtown Joliet of all places and refused to go to the destination I was told it would. It cost me $60.00 to take a cab to my house. My soon to be ex said he “called the cops” to look for me. He said they and he spent their entire “day” looking for me. I walked by many cop cars and cops that day and none of them seemed to be on the look out for me. I did try and call him a few times from Chicago City Hall and could not get through to his cell phone. I had left mine at home that day. I also tried calling his mother to tell her to let him know I was o.k. and could not get through to her either for some strange reason.

    It is all just creepy.

  14. Ivent having you SS# registered under your married name is proof of your intrest in the estate. Its going up on a tax sale.

  15. The drugs they use to try to control the minds of their victims are horrific enough. However, it is the aftermath of the withdrawal from their drugs that they rely on to try to shatter the spiritual connection that you have with the spiritual world. This is how evil works. It tries to take away your spirituality. That is why a world with out religion would be a terrible world to live in. Most would find it hard to find their spiritual connection to God if they were taught to believe no spiritual realm exists. Then it would be incredibly hard for people to find their way out
    of the terrible calamities this evil puts
    humanity through.

  16. They are looking for sacrificial lambs, victim souls who will easily be lead to their slaughter. This is why they all play durges in the dirt. They are admiring all of the harm they intended to cause their victims. Their victims in most cases, do not even know what is being done to them is satanic ritual abuse or who their abusers are.

    Freemasonic rituals play a huge role in their scheme. The whole black is white, white is black meme. It is all satanic ritual abuse.

    They always tell you what they are planning. Sometimes they tell you in obvious ways. Other times not.

    There is one thing they fear, the Black Nobility.

    Their rituals are demonstrated in the movie Godfather III. It is what traitors get who betray the Vatican. Kind of like the saying goes “what goes around, comes around.

  17. This entire fraudclosure mess is a big communist frame job. The events that
    have happened to me are all communist tactics to try and control their own fraud by mentally abusing me.

    They hate the fact that I refuse to comply, cooperate and conform with all of their fraud. That is why they try to upset me by telling me to believe I caused all of the terrible things they have done to me.

    I certainly got here through virtually no fault of my own. Just as President Obama stated a few years ago regarding the victims of fraudclosure.

    The reason I am here is because of who I am. They hate the Medici bloodline, the real illuminati, they hate the Vatican and the Catholic Church. But first and foremost, they all hate God and have a vendetta against Christianity so they hate all Christians. They especially hate Catholics because true Catholics have a very spiritual nature. Many Catholics are mystics. This evil really hates that.

  18. As if I don’t know that my soon to be ex is one of the investors in his own fraud who is trying to steal everything from me. He thinks I am going to freak out by telling me my house is going “up for sale” on now it’s Jan. 9th. There was never even a hearing on Plaintiffs motion for summary judgment, no prove up hearing and no foreclosure judgment granted. That is in writing, at least.

    He thinks I am going to lose it over all of this fraud. No way will I do that. He keeps telling me to call the “closing attorney.” The very one who put us here. I refuse to do that because he has never been honest with me about anything. That can only mean he is in on this scam as well.

    I told him I will file for an appeal at the Appellate level. To which he told me “you’ve got to be kidding.”

    He told me it is “too late” to file for an appeal. I told him it is never too late to file for an appeal at the Federal Level.

    He certainly does not seem the least bit enthusiastic about me filing an appeal, which tells me he is in on it as well.

    Come what may, nothing is worth losing your freedom over.

    I am just one person, and he is under Federal Investigation so I will have to have faith that something good will come out of all of this.

  19. These control freaks want to stop me from using my spiritual gifts by trying to call them crazy. Such as the way I express myself by talking with my hands. Many people do this including media people. This is the low level that these control freaks have sunk to. For my own father to tell me I was not acting like myself because I did not think I should register my social security number in my married name last spring because my spouse and I were likely going to get a divorce was a simply ridiculous statement by him. The more I look back the more evil this all looks.

  20. What is really being fraudulently concealed in fraudclosure are entities who work for one entity who is an absolute control freak. You can call that entity whoever you so choose. I call it the devil. All of its minions and cohorts are demonic entities who use time travel as a device to control the many. There are a few talk radio show hosts who have talked about this concept. One even said President Obama has time traveled. That is a big part of CIA training.

    These “brothers of misraha” as they call themselves feel they have a right to control the destiny and fate of others. Chris Whalen who used to work for the Federal Reserve Bank, described the fallout from the manufactured financial crisis as Misraha that is all minutia … in a Bloomberg News interview.

    So to dismiss this as all just crazy talk is not a valid argument.

    These “brothers” who claim they “knew you before you were born,” have been planning a worldwide revolution for the past 100 years.

    They have used Wall Street as a way to try to control the fates of the many.

    These crimes they committed were intended to misdirect their victims to “move forward” and “don’t look back” at what they have done to destroy the lives of their victims.

    There are many victim souls who have faith in them. I however do not and never will again. I know what they have planned for me is nothing good. Therefore, I refuse to be a party to it by paying any respect to it. I have already Acknowledged their fraud in my handwritten Individual Acknowledgement that I entered upon the court in November of 2013. They never thought I was smart enough, or spiritual enough to get to the truth. After I entered that document upon the court, all hell broke loose in my life. That proves to me not only was I correct about what I had discovered. The truth was even worse than I ever could have imagined. To discover the truth forces you to face these traitors, many of whom you trusted since the day you were born.

    They also use astrology as a way to predict outcomes they hope will create worse case scenarios for their victims.

    I was told by my soon to be ex that I dug to far into this and I was “on the internet too much.”

    That is all blatantly untrue. God would never have allowed me to find out the truth if God did not want me to know the truth.

    Discovering who these traitors are and what they had planned for you is very revealing and may be too shocking for some. However, I have faith that God would not reveal so many terrible truths to anybody unless God wanted you to change the horrible course this evil tried to ensnare you into.

    I certainly will never trust any of these people ever again.

    Secretly trying to steal my titles from me to try and stealmy dignity meant so much to them that they all got caught.

    So as far as I am concerned, the lessons I have learned here are not only valuable, they are priceless. The reason being is, they can never criminalize me for breaking one if Gods laws, the only laws that really matter. That means they can never
    steal my soul from me no matter what they manage to steal from me.

    They want to declare the truth crazy by trying to call those who speak the truth “nuts.” That may satisfy their need to control others by committing rank injustices upon them. However, they are only ruining things for themselves because God see everything. Spending all of eternity in hell just because you are too stubborn to ask God for forgiveness for your sins. Or, it makes you mad that you got caught trying to ruin the life of another and you will go to any lengths
    to make that persons life a living hell is a mental illness.

    This is not about “pride” this is about

    I believe that God will have the last say so in all of this.

  21. While I do agree there are millions of fraudclosure victims, many do not know what exactly they are victims of.
    Many have yet to meet the pre-determined fate the “investors” in their own fraud have planned for them.

    Those who chose to walk away, really walked away from nothing.

    Those who chose not to defend the FC escaped nothing.

    Those who did a short sale or got a “loan mod” and call themselves “the lucky ones,” just don’t “get it.”

    Those who “got divorced” because of the aftermath of these crimes, did not escape the evil plans laid by these “investors” either.

    Those who were prescribed drugs for their unhappy situations are simply masking the underlying problem.

    You really cannot just so simply get rid of
    this evil because it is derived from an
    ancient and evil curse put on humanity by the devil himself. That curse goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. The devil blames women for Eve “seducing” Adam. However it was the devil himself who deceived both Adam and Eve.

    This evil
    has taken on many forms in order to
    infiltrate every aspect of our

    Ecclesiastical Freemasonry is its main ideology. It is steeped in many satanic ritual abuses of its “pledges” that go all the way back to Babylonian times.

    This is all spoken about in the book “The Thunder of Justice” by author Ted Flynn.

  22. Not just that but, suddenly my long lost brother is all buddy buddy with my Dad and my brother who just got out of Federal prison a few months ago. My long lost brother who my Father told me that he disowned for ignoring him for the past several years. The brother who did not even show up for his own Grandparents funerals. Suddenly my sister and my brother who just got out of Federal prison are “best friends” who my sister tells me talk to each other everyday. Those 2 never got along with each other at all. Not only that, my sister is moving up north near my other brother who she did not speak to for years. They had a bad verbal argument and my sister wrote him off like my father did. He is also an ex con and he has an extremely violent temper as well. He supposedly tried to call me 3 times is what my father told me when I was locked up in Palos Community Hospital against my own
    free will. However, he left no messages and no phone number and hasn’t tried to reach me since I got out of there.

    When things just don’t add up and nothing makes sense. I agree with my Aunt that something else is going on here.

    That is my aunt who now talks to my sister on a regular basis. The kid she said she hated from the day she was born. The kid who she tried to throw out of my Grandmothers wake and would not allow her to come to my Grandmothers funeral because she did not bother to come see her when she was sick.

    Things that make you go hmmmm…

    Like my brother who I was always close with but I have not seen since he got out of Federal Prison last August.

    Or my second oldest son who lived here in my basement rent free and jobless with his girlfriend and his dog for 6 years, but did not come over or can his mother on Thanksgiving.

    Moreover, he came over to my house when I was locked up in that hell hole against my will and took it upon himself to throw all of my belongings around my house.

    It sure sounds like severe psychological abuse to me.

  23. Why would CHASE CEO Jamie Dimon have said ….. Think of foreclosure as a way to get that divorce you always wanted?

    I don’t believe for one minute he was just being rude. He is way to smart for that.

    Why would your spouse try to convince you to sign your name onto a loan mod app when he claims he is too broke to keep food on the table?

    Why would your own father tell your sister she would be laughing one day about being fraudclosed upon?

    What could ever cause anyone who has been put through fraudclosure hell to laugh about it one day?

    Unless they were to receive a windfall caused by “someone else’s”
    misfortunes they all deliberately caused.

    I can see no other reason for such a statement because nobody, esp not my own father is that ignorant.

  24. You are definitely put in a perilous position when you are left no choice other than to defend yourself in fraudclosure.

    The enemy clearly knew that.

    Perilous because your enemy knew defending 2 fraudclosures pro se would consume at least 20 hours a
    day of your time.

  25. Certainly the adversary knew the best way to overthrow a nation was by compromising the values and principles of its own people.

    What better way to do that than to have them invest in their own fraud?

    That would certainly turn everybody against everybody sooner or later.

    That would even turn families against each other.

    Especially when you are forced to defend yourself in FC from an adversary who you discover is your own spouse & family members.

    It is a tangled web you weave when you aim to deceive.

    It is scurrilous when the deceiver gets caught by its victim, who it forced to defend herself in FC.

    It is absolutely heinous and ungodly to use its own criminal friends to try and criminalize its victim for its own
    crimes against her.

    That is the real truth behind fraud closure.

    Fraudclosure is forced compliance by your enemy who wants to make you cooperate, comply and conform with its crimes it committed against you. In my case, those crimes were committed by my enemy in my
    unregistered married name, by unauthorized use of my social security number. This is why my enemy wants to try and force me to sign something that would allow it to steal everything from me.

    Make no mistake, there were very evil plans laid for the victims of these fraudclosures.

  26. The facts do not lie. The treason is of biblical proportions.

    The bible predicted these times we are living in. Prophets have prophesied that at the time of the end, we would witness our own family members turning against each other.

    The devil would cause division between the mother and her own children as well.

    We have to have faith that God, the Creator, is in control.

    The Catholic Church stated they were going to need to hire a lot of exorcists after the “financial crisis” hit.

    They understood that “event” was of
    a spiritual nature.

    This spiritual war manifested itself in the physical world on 9/11.

    That is also the date biblical scholars predicted was the actual date of Jesus birth.

    I believe that says it all.

  27. Moreover, what could the reasoning be behind trying to force conformity with fraud?

    It is all being done by wildly deceptive fraudulent and deceptive practices just like the Origination Fraud.

    It is the same fraud through and through. All of the same 5 badges of fraud keep coming up over and again.

    Anybody with any sense of logic can see there is something much more heinous going on here.

  28. I have been told by my soon to be ex that I am really stubborn.

    To that I say no, I am spiritual.

    My father told me “you are just like your mother.”

    Meaning, I have moral standards to which I cannot change.

    The reason being is, I was born this way. God made me this way

    The reasons why I am the way I am is something only the Creator knows.

    Not only can I not change because of that, I don’t want to.

    What good is a nation full of people who deny the truth because they are afraid of it?

    That is a nation of cowards.

  29. I have the reasoning behind what wrong shadowcat?

    This war with our enemy is first and foremost a spiritual war. A spiritual war is mainly a psychological war.

    The enemy is trying to force conformity with its own fraud.

    That is not any good for anybody.

  30. I do not recall asking you for advice shadowcat. Furthermore, my attitude is that I am a realist. I see the truth because I am a very spiritual person. The enemy, or the adversary, whoever one wishes to call it, wants to “drug up” those who speak the truth about it. If you cannot or won’t “cooperate” with its evil plans for you, it wants to “lock you up,” “put you away” by lying about those who speak the truth, they will try to say that you are crazy. That is called “forced compliance.”

    Not only do I reject that notion because I am a Christian, that is quite frankly illegal, and not what our founders and framers intended for this great nation to be is a nation if cowards.

    Therefore, I stand by my comments and have all of my faith in one God, the Creator who is the maker of all things and sees all of the unseen.

    I thank God for my Catholic faith that has got me through this manufactured hell so far. My Catholic faith taught me how to ask God for help and for that I am eternally grateful. I also thank God for my Irish Catholic Grandmother who instilled my Catholic faith in me. She also possessed the higher knowledge which is a spiritual knowledge. She believed in things she could not see such as the power of prayer. She was also very superstitious which proves she had the higher knowledge. We would talk for hours about things of a spiritual nature such as heavenly apparitions and the like. I really miss her.

  31. But yiou have the reasoning behind it wrong.

  32. Same legal advice here, you should have followed the directions. You are still in the house and still have a good chance. Understand that even Brightest people hired an attorney. You have to change your attitude,

  33. As for “going to court.” I now agree with what an Attorney I met with a few years back told me. “Don’t even go.” The reasons why he told me that are now crystal clear to me. These courts are not being run Constitutionally. Furthermore, these courtrooms are being used as war tribunals by our enemies. This is why the traitors from within violated the 42nd bylaw of the U.S. Constitution to destroy the 14th Amendment and the 11th. We have been reverted back to the Articles of Confederation as a result and are governing ourselves under the First Ten Amendments which these evil communist re-socialist masterminds are also trying to destroy by ignoring the First Ten Amendments esp. The Fifth Amendment Takings Clause of the U.S. Bill of Rights. This is being done to upend the Tenth Amendment. The Judges are denying our First Amendment right to free speech in these U.S. Taxpayer funded courtrooms as well.

    This all means we are a nation at war with itself. This was caused by these “investors,” both foreign and domestic who are invested in their own fraud.

  34. So True! I really wish you would reconsider talking to someone about how to handle the stress on your relationship. Imagine my shock when I realized why my husband and I needed separate attorneys. Maybe you should keep settled down and talk to Christine because she has this X husband stuff down pat, shame on her taking pleasure in it. heehee… I really wish you would try it my way first, you can replace Things”, not loved ones. You have to change your attitude and start thinking positively and maybe you can come out of this a survivor win or lose.

  35. Making fun of the plight of others by calling these judges “honorable” is bullying.

    Bullying others who are going through FC hell is not what another person defending FC would do.

    That can only mean these bloggers “making fun” of the plight of others, are trolls. These trolls work for the “investors” or are one of the
    “investors” in their own fraud.

    These trolls are “all in” on this “investor” fraudclosure scam that is a communist re-socialist, totalitarian plot to overthrow our Constitutional

  36. I am staying very focused shadowcat. I am stating the facts. If that is what you call “venting” then do not read my comments. There are a lot of people interested in the FC plight of others. Many bloggers here veer off of the subject of FC. I try to keep it real and honest.

    Family counseling is not the answer to anybody’s FC struggles.

    The truth is, the facts don’t lie.

    Fraudclosure is extremely complicated and there are many aspects to it that are not for the squeamish.

  37. You’re Honor, my client denies the allegation, that this is the mortgage document she signed at closing.

    She intended to sign a mortgage, but that’s not what happened at all.
    Fraud on the Face of the Contract and Fraud in the Inducement,

    They never planned to honor the contract, THEY COULDNT!

    If I conveyed and warranted, wouldn’t that make me a ..? Never Mind.

  38. There are no Trustees bringing any of these fraudclosure suits as the law requires. Servicer’s, nor their Attorney’s, have any legal authority and thetefore cannot be directed to bring any of these phony, fraudulent fraudclosure suits.

    They are hiding behind the guise of “this is an attempt to collect a debt” but are not a Trustee for “the Trust.” Furthermore, they are not agents if the U.S. Treasury Deartment. This is why they do not act in their own name and cannot show any proof of loss. These are clearly not lawsuits in equity. These are communist takeovers of not just our properties but our Constitutional legal rights. The proof is in the facts. Nothing they are doing is legal let alone moral or ethical. Our enemies have come upon us with phony, fraudulent documents and are using those to steal the legal birth rights of the U.S. Citizenry. That is being done to steal everything from us by rendering us a useless nation of renters. The proof is in the loan mods that were “offered.” These “entities” have no legal right to do so because there is fraud in the factum and fraud in the essence of these “loans.”

    This “nation of renters” scheme was
    all well planned. The proof is in the fact there are no recorded legal assignments as the law requires. That means these Notes are Securities Frauds and the Mortgages are fraudulently induced lease contracts. That means just what the clerk at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds at Chicago’s City Hall told me back a few years ago. “You did not sign that.”

  39. Ivent,
    Ian is right, stay focused. Trust Me, these crimes have affected everyone and their families. I know you need to vent, but here is not the place. Try a family councilor, no shame there, fight for your Family and don’t let them tear you apart.
    Keep your attitude in check, going after the Judges is not going to help your case, stick to LAW. My offer still stands to get you a referral for an Honest attorney in Cook (Crook) County, they were the hardest hit area in Illinois.
    If the trusts were 68ed then the assets go back to the depositor/settlor/grantors and that TAXABLE EVENT from closing becomes due and payable.

    My attorney said there is very little chance that WD WE conveyed and warranted will ever get filed. No Trusts.
    I don’t take chances……. Everybody is going to Court sooner or later.

  40. Opinions please …

    Would this apply to “MOM” loans such as those that SunBank originated.. “MERS as Original Mortgagor” …

  41. Neil ,

    This is perfect! I love SemCo FL … When my money comes in this Jan. I’m going to cash out someone in or afraid of FC with a AWL or WaMu loan using your old “buy the litigation rights” mantra…

  42. Ian ….. The borrower did not sign the note because there is no legal assignment. It is fraudulent concealment to hide that fact in a lawsuit in equity. Meaning there is no cause of action because the Plaintiff failed to state a claim by attaching the legal assignment, which is the tort to “the contract” at the onset of their “foreclosure suit.”

    It is Fraudulent Misprepresentation, a felony, to utter a forged and counterfeit document upon the court and claim it is a U.S. Government Security, Security Entitlement that was drawn upon a U.S. Government
    Securities Account and deposited into a Securities Account when the Security does not exist because the Trust was never constructed. The trust could never have been constructed because the Security
    Agreements do not exist and they never did. Therefore, those copies of Notes are Securities Frauds, and those Mortgages are at the least, Breaches of Contract. The mortgages are evidence of Racketeering to gain
    unjust enrichment with counterfeit, fraudulent U.S. Government Securities
    that were part of an enormous, Global pay to play scam by the “Globalists.”

  43. If there were to be a formal inquiry into who the principal agents are, as well as who is the “agency” bringing these unlawful fraudclosure suits, we would surely find out these judges are invested in this fraud.

    One group in particular, Judicial Sales Corp. whose “Investors/Board of Directors” are comprised of a whole
    crap load of Cook County judges. They
    are the wolves in black cloaks who
    bought up a metric ton of our properties
    before the actual fraud suits were even filed. That is unlawful indeed, and quite deceptive as well.

    Many Cook County Circuit Court judges as well as many other County judges are
    hiding behind many of these
    fraudulent foreclosure suits. That is high treason.

    These are in fact very dangerous subversive radicals who are bringing these fraudclosure suits. Their ideologies are fundamentally flawed
    and are not legally adept in our
    Constitutional Republic because these
    are radical communist ideologies.
    Many of these communist re-socislist, radical “Big Ideas” come courtesy of
    the 2 Columbia
    College, ivy league professors,
    Cloward & Piven. They helped found
    the Communist Party, U.S.A. because
    they hate our Constitution. The
    alone says it all about who these radicals are. Everything with them is a contradiction of the truth and a “play
    on words.” There is no legal argument with this set. They break the law with
    impunity because they hate
    the U.S. Constitution and have no
    regard for We The People. They look
    at the U.S. Constitution as a threat and a
    deterrent to what they mean to accomplish which is a totalitarian form of Government that is run and
    controlled by investor tyrants like

    It is the old Soviet
    Republic revamped into social, political, ideological and legal
    injustice they call “hope & change.”

    The epicenter of this entire putrid, rancid, rankly unjust geopolitical
    communist re-socialist scam to
    destroy our Constitutional
    Republic is headquartered in Chicago,
    at the Daley Center, at 50 West Washington.

    That is why these “investors” bringing these unlawful fraud closure suits, do not
    “act in their own name” as the law

    They can certainly not have any proof of loss as the law requires either because they are of course, gaming
    the system.

    They are using high political positions to take advantage of our bad situations they all created. They are being unjustly enriched by our financial hardships that were caused by a system that has become completely broken down, corrupt and

    Fraudclosure was the intended
    consequence of an enormous “pump & dump” scheme by Wall Street Execs whose Board of Directors think they
    are above the laws of this land.

    They all need to go to jail.

  44. Ivent, okay-
    How about numbering the steps, say, 1 thru 8 or 9,
    1.. “Borrower” signs note.
    2. “Bank/originator presents note to FRB
    3. Bank/ originator receives “note” proceeds from Fed

    – and give us a short narrative. I, for one, am unclear on parts of this.
    And please stay focused

  45. Furthermore, just for the way these judges look down there noses at us as if we are the criminals here is utterly disgusting. They think there is a mortgage owed? Oh really? Why don’t they tell the Plaintiff to open up their day books, the Accounting Ledger from when the “Original Transaction” occurred and let’s take a little look see into the genies bottle. Let’s just see where, and when precisely, they paid the U.S. Treasury back for the initial money they borrowed in your name and then “took a risk” and gambled with your titles to your property without your knowledge or consent? They also insured to the hilt that “risk” with their comrades over at AIG, and got unjustly enriched yet again, in the unlawful and ongoing U.S.
    taxpayer funded “bailouts.”

    These are not Federally insured loans these felons are fraudclosing upon. These felons are fraudclosing upon illusions of mortgages and notes that never existed because of the Origination Fraud. Their attorneys are delusional if they don’t know they are aiding and abetting serious State & Federal crimes that could involve serious jail time if they were

    These are overissued investments in
    Securities Frauds created by Wall
    Street Investment Banks
    who were counterfeiting U.S.
    Securities. They all belong in
    Federal Prison.

  46. I wonder how much jail time I would actually get if I done unto others what they done unto me?

  47. How do these judges live with themselves? The big excuse was the judges do not understand “securitization.” However, that argument does not hold any water. They certainly understand the meaning of “holder,” or “holder in due course,” of a U.S. Government insured Security Instrument. It goes all the way back to if the indenture was formed or not, and it wasn’t. There are no torts to these “mortgages.” Therefore, not only are these contracts a fraud but “the Notes” are counterfeit Securities. The Notes” are “red flag securities,” aka Securities Frauds. It does not matter who these Securities Frauds are being misrepresented to, they are Securities Frauds. Uttering counterfeit and forged U.S. Treasury Notes upon the court to steal a U.S. citizens property is a heinous act that is appalling. Any judge who could go along with that belongs in Federal Prison right along with the felons who uttered them.

  48. Fraudclosure is a Federal crime that involves multiple felonies. The “Plaintiff’s” are racketeering with counterfeit U.S. Government Securities to gain unjust enrichment.

  49. It is about time the Federal Authorities laid the law down on these felons.

  50. These frausclosures are Securities Frauds. They are misrepresenting copies of notes and mortgages as U.S. Government Securities when in fact they are counterfeit Securities.

  51. I have come to find out that BoA is sending money to Freddie Mac each quarter on an account that was liquidated in foreclosure and should be zeroed out and closed. These are internal figures that somehow showed up on the online account that should not even be active.
    WTF is this money coming from !!!!!!!!!

  52. The truth is “the Mortgage” and the “the Notes” are a mere incident to each other. Neither one, nor the other can be legally enforced without the ABI.

    Moreover, without the original “Legal Assignment” being attached at the onset of Plaintiffs “suit,” as required by law for a lawsuit in equity, all
    payments collected from us were not only usury that was excessive and abusive but were unjust enrichment.

    Furthermore, there can be no suit in equity for the Issuance of Credit.

  53. While “the Note(s)” are a mere incident to “the Mortgage,” the Mortgage Contract cannot be legally enforced without the Legal Assignment aka The Deed of Trust Agreement. The reason being it is “the tort” to “the Mortgage Contract” that creates the legally enforceable contract. That can only be done by Construction. Construction relied upon Performance. Some physical task, must have been done by the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit, Noticed by the Original Bill of Sale which is the Warranty Deed stamped paid in full by the U.S. Treasury Department. Acceptance of
    “the loan” is by Due Consideration, Good and Valuable Consideration must have been paid to the U.S. Treasury Department for Delivery &
    Confirmation to “the Trust” by “The Trustee” of the U.S. Treasury Department to have occurred. That is evidenced by the “Trust Agreement” which is the writen, signed and dated “Trustees Receipt,” that proves physical delivery to “The Trust,” by the closing attorney or his agent did indeed occur. Otherwise “the Notes” are counterfeit bank notes and “The Pledges,” the multiple partial Grant Deeds that are usually hidden somewhere in the Complaint, are fraudulent Securities.

  54. I didn’t know that, I picked the story up on a crediable site. Nonetheless their intentions are sound and based on fact.

  55. SC,

    The site you posted gives seriously incorrect info and I wonder how legit it is: originally, the minimum number of signatures for a petition to the WH to be considered was 5,000. It got jacked up to 25,000 shortly after Obama’s first election and again to 100,000 on 01/15/2013.

    A site like Credo, purporting to take action, ought to have known that activism 101 tidbit of info.

  56. The “Note” is the legal assignment, aka “The Assignment of Beneficial Interest.”

  57. Oh Leah, redeem those taxes! They are setting you up! Any payment made by them prior your due date is a freebee.

  58. MD, have they or have they not got a judgement? Deb, your argument fails. 7yr for a ch 11 reported or 7yr false reporting? Hmmm? When someone errors cause me harm, by golly they are going to fix it! And when all is said and done, that’s exactly what happens.

  59. Final foreclosure….no sale date…..

    Been following neil since 2009…

    Fought the bank 18 months on my own…..on my second attorney….3 years since they filed foreclosure…

  60. MD
    How about a TRO and/or preliminary injunction based on the balance of harm by loss of the unique property and pending the outcome of your lawsuit
    bK would get the stay of course but your attorney will need to go over all if this with you to understand the difference and risks not to mention the
    pounding your credit reputation will get. Be careful here, I’m not an attorney but I too have been round the block for five years and counting and there is much to consider talk with council about it at length about your next move. Good luck

  61. 18th Judicial Circuit BOA v Nash VOID mortgage Void Note Reverse Judgement for Payments made to non-existent entity

    Although I am in Harris County TX, this is exactly 100% my case. No attorney have I hired but I can tell you this has been my story all long
    America’s Wholesale Lender, MERS, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon CWABS 2007-2. There is no America’s Wholesale Lender except a DBA in Texas. License was cancelled in 2008. Assignment of Deed of Trust MERS transferring to BONY Mellon 4-1/2 years after there was no more Countrywide; America’s Wholesale Lender. So how did non existing Lender have authorization to transfer, nominate anything to MERS giving MERS power to assign property to Bank of New York Mellon? Going on 4 years now I have been in my house fighting Bank of America on my own using this same exact scenario. There is No Lender! Who took my payments for 4 years? Where did it go? Who took my Escrow Money? And yet every single year, Bank of America pays the property taxes with no escrow.

  62. It is about time something is done about this ongoing fraudclosure crime spree.

    The only loans that were made that were never paid back were the original loans the U.S. taxpayers made to the Issuer at the Origination.

    All of the debt creation was
    fraudulently derived because the “investment banks” like Fannie Mae,
    Freddie Mac and the like, created it
    from thin air. The “loans” were
    backed by our birth certificates , in
    other words, backed by zero. Our
    birth certificates were fraudulently
    into stock and bond offerings without
    our knowledge or consent by the Wall
    Street Investment banksters. That is
    human slavery to create human

    In order for a loan to be
    made legally in this country, it must
    be backed by
    something of value. Physical gold or
    silver are the only things of value in
    these United States that a loan
    involving “real property” could be
    made upon. The Issuer of the Original
    Bill of Credit were not given a loan in
    their own uncertificated stock/bond certificates.

    They were loaned our hard
    earned money.

    That is barring the fact due
    consideration must have been paid to
    the U.S. Treasury Department, no less
    than 90 days from the closing table. In order
    for a Mortgage to be created, a Deed
    of Trust must be signed by all parties to the original transaction at the
    closing table. The Deed of Trust in regards to Securities and
    Commodities trading is the Trust
    Agreement aka the Legal Assignment.

    The creation of the original mortgage contract relied upon
    Performance by the Issuer of the
    Original Bill of Credit. The original loan that was granted to the Original
    Issuer involved U.S. Government paper. These “DOT’s” that do not exist
    yet they were bought, sold, pledged and traded around the world as
    Investment Securities. Construction of the Trust, relied upon Performance
    by the Issuer of the
    Original Bill of Credit. For the Securities to be created, a Deed of
    Trust must
    be signed, at the closing table, stating all pertinent facts &
    details of the Original Transaction.

    No Deed of Trusts were ever signed and no mortgage was ever executed. That is the Origination Fraud.

    Furthermore, the
    amount of fraudulent debt created by the investment banksters, fraudulent
    because it was derived from the
    Origination Fraud, is
    astronomical and could never be paid back in several

    We the people demand that President Obama enforce the laws of the United States against financial institutions. JPMorgan Chase is an institution which is infiltrated with people who violate the law in order to generate profits. We demand that officers of JPMorgan Chase be prosecuted under RICO so that Wall Street banksters learn that crime does not pay. Clearly, the Administration’s policy of exacting penalties for criminal violations, using shareholder dollars, has done nothing to deter the rampant crime in Wall Street firms.

  64. MD, is that a hearing, trial or sale date? I’m not an attorney but filing a BK will stay the fc.

  65. This is the exact case I have and my foreclosure by bank of america is going to happen on the 15th of this month…..ive been fighting for 5 years……What can I do? I have an attorney here in SC……..

  66. Right and payments of course were based on the hyperinflated value/ appraisal and teaser rates until the bubble burst and the reAl market value came as a shock to all except those who hedged their bets

  67. Like
    And here’s more proof
    Without the appraisers in their pocket it would have been difficult to create the bubble real estate market

  68. Grow Up Neil! LOL! Seariously, my Friends say if you haven’t grown up by age 50 you don’t have to. See you @ Home Base! Its been a heck of a ride.

  69. Washington Mutual Bank more than Countrywide shows this because in the case of WaMu there was not a sale or merger of the bank to Wells Fargo. We have a definite date of Sept 25, 2008 as the date the bank no longer exist to be a bank!

    No payment should have been paid after that date nor should they have been paid before that point if the loan was placed into a MBS without a sale of the debt but the relinquishing of the blank Notes!

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