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  1. DITTO!
    HELP! I am Looking for a knowledgeable ATTORNEY in OREGON who GETS THIS material. The BofA V NASH case is EXACTLY my situation!

    My 2005 mortgage is with the “pretender lender” AMERICAS BROKERS CONDUIT– (JUST like Americas Wholesale Lender, they were NEVER a company in Melville, NY as they stated in 2005, only a DBA in Oregon)

    BofA / BAC was my servicer at time of their attempted HAMP “Fraudclosure” in 2010. I faught tooth & nail & got the foreclosure rescinded the week of the Trustees sale (by Recontrust -, ALSO a subsidiary of BofA).

    I’ve been paying on this fraudulent loan for nearly 12 years now, but the current servicer is NOT billing me correctly (in MY favor by $500 ).

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