Why Are the Banks Abandoning Homes? Hundreds of Thousands of Homes Bulldozed After Foreclosure

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No reasonable person would abandon this many homes after taking the trouble to foreclose on them. There is an obvious preference for foreclosure over workouts, modifications, short sales, resales, and other tools. This shows clearly that loss mitigation is not one of the factors in the minds of those who say they represent investors or REMIC trusts.

So they must have a reason to force the sale of a home other than loss mitigation. The people initiating these foreclosures and subsequent abandonment are acting against the interest of the investors who actually put up the money for the “securitization fail” that I identified and Adam Levitin named.

Thus it must be concluded that those who control the foreclosure process at the big investment banks benefit in some way other than loss mitigation. That can only mean one of two things:

  • The people making the decision make more money foreclosing than in pursuing workouts, modifications, or other settlements and/or
  • The people making the decision are using the foreclosing process to institutionalize “securitization fail” and thus avoid trillions of dollars in liability owed to the investors, insurers, guarantors, counterparties on hedge products, the borrowers and local, state and federal government.

This can only mean that the purpose of the foreclosure is not to mitigate damages to the actual lender or creditor. They don’t want performing loans even if it means that the homeowner is paying off the entire balance of the loan. And they make it difficult if not impossible to get a correct figure for a payoff.

So if the money is not the issue, and the house is not really in issue why do they pursue foreclosures, fabricate documents to do it and use robo-signers and robo witnesses to force through foreclosures on homes they will only abandon at the end of the process?

Should we not be asking whether good faith and clean hands have been established to justify the equitable remedy of forfeiture of the home?


In South Florida news this morning, local Sheriffs are banding together to board up more than 1,000 homes in Lake Worth. In each case the home was foreclosed. In most cases, the homeowner applied for a modification and was told they could not apply until they were 90 days in arrears. In most cases, all efforts at modification were turned down under the guise that the investors refused to modify or workout the loan. That was most probably a lie. Neither the servicer nor the Trustee or other “enforcer” ever went to the investors with a single workout plan.

Continuous allegations of fraudulent foreclosures on predatory and fraudulent loans have been “settled” but not with the effected homeowners nor with local governments and homeowner associations who are deeply effected by this tragic fraud on the courts, the borrowers, the governments, and the society at large — as millions of jobs were lost and hundreds of thousands of businesses closed down as their customers were displaced from their homes (around 16 Million people directly displaced by fraudulent foreclosures thus far).

As foreclosures continue to increase in number (despite news reports to the contrary) more homeowners are being forced out of their homes, including many that were in the family for generations. The houses, now empty, lay dormant sometimes for 6 years or more before the actual “auction” sale takes place. During that time, miscreants move in creating meth labs, crack houses, safe houses for gangs etc. In the end the property is abandoned, and it leads to more foreclosures and more abandonment. Eventually entire neighborhoods are converted to ghost towns reducing the property values to zero — perfect for an intermediary who wants to cheat investors. The foreclosure sale and abandonment show the recovery at zero. Investors are even told that they should be happy that they didn’t incur further liability than their investment in the property.

In most states, effort to reclaim the homes have failed because they were stripped of the vital mechanical systems and even building materials — a new industry resulting from this process of foreclosure and abandonment. The local property taxes are unpaid for years — leading to forever where the homes are completely abandoned and demolished. But the local government is stuck with the bill because with the new construction from the false boom created by the banks they expanded infrastructure and social services (police, fire, medical etc.).

Meanwhile the same local government is being told that their investment in mortgage bonds have produced losses. So they are stuck with the double whammy of non-payment of property and other taxes plus a direct loss incurred from the “securitization fail” scheme. I believe that attorneys ought to take cases on contingency where local government files suit against the banks. The allegation should be made that not only did the banks NOT act in good faith, they acted in BAD faith because they had no right to foreclose on false papers created at the closing of a loan wherein the borrower and investors were unaware of the true nature of the transaction.

30 Responses

  1. The bottom line, it is all about drugging the population to control the population. The control freak investors want everyone drug dependent.

  2. Don’t agree with your abuser? They will tell you that you are “up to your same old shit again.” or even more disgusting, “you must not be taking “your pilths” or “go take your pilthts.” It is all evil b.s. Or they will use their criminal friends in the corrupt court system to order random piss drops as
    Condition of parole for all of their crimes they committed against you. Because that psychological abuser wants you drugged up. It is worse than any story line that Hollywood could ever dream up that’s for sure. Surely if they could, they would never make a film about it because it is all true.

  3. They curse you so heavily they want your head to feel like it is under a giant hairdryer. That is why I believe in the power of prayer and I wear a cross around my neck at all times.

    I literally had an ER doctor lie to me last spring and tell me I needed to go to cook county hospital to have a small fibroid removed that does not even bother me. Luckily my mother told me those don’t have to be removed unless they bother you. If they can’t find anything wrong with you, they will surely make stuff up to get you on their drugs. I don’t know how those nurses can stand pushing those carts around all day chasing people around to drug them up so they can’t realize what their real problems are. Their real problems are more than likely the crazy environment they are living in. Psychiatry is pure evil and helps no one. It is all forced compliance and it always makes peoples problems worse by trying to mask the underlying problem that is more than likely you have a psychological abuser in your life.

  4. These control freaks are also afraid I will write a book about their crime spree. That is why they want my journals and to try and destroy my mind with all of their traumas and want to drug me with their crap. My soon to be ex told me several months ago, “you don’t even know who you are.” and, “You are worth a lot of money.” Well surprise, surprise. Only by the grace of God, did I find out the truth about this evil plot against me. He uses repetitive words or phrases like KGB, KGB to try to mind control me. He told me “why don’t you just go get on a plane.” As if I have someplace to go to on a plane. He wants me to believe I belong to the Russians, but that is an absolute lie. He keeps telling me to leave my house when he knows I won’t leave my house even if I had someplace else to go. The reason is I would be abandoning my principles that I have been defending in these 2 fraud closure suits for nearly 5 years now. He keeps telling me “they” are going to sell my house and throw me and all of “my shit” on the curb, without ever
    being granted a FC judgment but not him. How scurilous he is.

  5. Beware of family members or associates who need an organ transplant, and think you may fit the bill. This is sad but, this is a very greedy and selfish world we are living in.

    Also you may have insurance policies taken out on you that you may not know about.

    Michael Moore talked about that subject in the movie “Capitalism a Love Story.

    “Corporate America” takes out insurance policies without their family members knowing about it. Wallmart got sued for it by one family who lost their loved one and they won that suit.

    It makes me wonder about the Lane Bryant massacre in South Suburban Tinley Park a few years back where the killer was never caught. That crime happened in broad daylight in a very busy strip mall where Target is the anchor store. It is hard to believe that person got away with that being there mug was plastered all over the media. Things that make you go hmmm.

  6. The truth is all Medicis work with the Vatican in some capacity. They might not know they were put in a particular place for a particular reason. The control freaks from within, who were placed here by the enemies of the Vatican and others who are sell outs to God and all of humanity, work hard to not only control you but to never let you find out who you really are.

    What these control freaks aim to do is end the Medici legacy which goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.

    They have no legal right to control a Medici. Moreover, they cannot even as much as legally marry into that
    bloodline. They really think they can sell another person as debt they created by counterfeiting U.S. Government securities. They think they have a legal right to steal anything they want from us in this Sicilian Vendetta that has taken on international overtones mainly because they are all control freaks who hate God, the Vatican and the Medicis but first and foremost, they all hate our Constitutional Republic.

  7. If they can’t destroy your mind with their mental abuse they will drug or imprison you for their own crimes against you. They want to instill fear in you for many reasons. Mainly they want you to flee so they can criminalize you, try and legitimize their false claims about you, cause you to abandon your life, and treat you like a hunted animal with a huge bounty on
    your head. These investors in their own fraud are twisted control freaks who never thought they would ever get caught trying to destroy the life of their targeted victim. They have their own Drs telling you that your enemy has a right to dictate to you simply because you don’t want to be married to that person any longer. It is all really sick control freak b.s. because the enemy has not only been trying to secretly divorce you through fraudclosure, but has been severely mentally, physically and emotionally abusive towards you for the past
    several months.

    Control Fraud by these investors in their own fraud is a serious crime, and
    a serious problem in this country, because it threatens not only the way of life of every
    American but the life of every American.

    The reason being is these “investors” can be anybody, even your own spouse and family members. When there is a lot of money involved in taking its victim down, almost anyone’s loyalties can be bought.

    The truth is, I did not try to defend these fraudclosures ever believing I would gain any monetary
    compensation. I was simply trying to keep a roof over my family’s head in tough times and save the family business so that my kids could have jobs. Not until a couple of years ago did I find out that you could ask for monetary compensation and I was well within my legal rights to do so.

  8. I told my soon to be ex more than one time over the past year I am not going to fight these fraudclosures any longer because it is not worth it. He got mad at me, and told me why would I quit now when I am “so close to winning.” He told me I was not acting like the fighter he knew, etc. When the attacks on me were becoming extremely severe last spring, I told my son Michael they can have this house. To which he told me in a sarcastic voice, oh no. As if I could have known fraudclosure was a secret divorce proceeding at the beginning of this. I certainly never expected to suffer this level of abuse
    for defending my titles against 2 fraudulent foreclosure complaints that were brought upon me unlawfully. The reason being they are both about the same issue. My title to my legal birth right which is my long form birth certificate. That is what you find out when you do the discovery into what these fraudsters are really fraud closing upon is you. They want to steal your dignity and reduce you into something worse than a slave because they want to control your mind. Mind Control is the worse form of abuse because it tries to destroy the mind of its targeted victim over time.

  9. They all know that I don’t believe in drugs or anything that effects the mind. That’s why I don’t drink either. That does not bode well for them. I also know you can’t defend fraudclosure if you do not devote your entire mind to it. That is why there are so many mind control tactics being employed by them. A spiritual war is a psychological war on the mind and body to steal the soul of
    its targeted victim.

    They try and make work for you to distract you. Like throwing clean laundry you know you already washed out into the garage with their dirty laundry mixed in with it as well as some of your clean clothes. It is constant psychological warfare to try and make the victim lose their faith in the Creator. They will even try and have you believe in the prospect of a good and evil God. You that is simply not true if you know God.

    They will try and disable you as well, to take you out of the picture for a while. That is also a mind control tactic so they can further try and abuse your mind while they have you locked up under false pretenses and when you return. They really do want you to believe all of their lies.

    They stole my CDs from me, many of my books and numerous other items to try and make me upset. I refuse to go there. If it makes them happy to steal from me, of all people, they are really sick, twisted and perverted criminals. I refuse to engage them or engage in their mind games.

  10. They really thought they could swap journals, my original legal work and my identity with someone who could replace me. They thought they could steal DNA from me to clone me. That is how nuts they all are. You can’t clone someone’s spirituality, and you can’t steal it either. So they figure what the hell, they will steal from me whatever they can, and do whatever they can do to try and aggravate me because they know they all got caught. They know they are all under federal investigation for many crimes and are trying to find ways to blame me for their own crimes against me. That is never going to happen because the federal investigators know I had nothing to do with any of

  11. Why an offer for a “loan mod” at this late date? They don’t have the legal assignment. Why would your spouse who claims he can’t afford food, want to do loan mod? Especially when he knows that getting you to sign a bogus agreement would destroy your credibility in both of the FC cases that you have already fought and won but that fact, is being fraudulently concealed from you. He and his investor comrades need to find a way to collect that “insurance money” by destroying me, even though they do not need that money. This was never about the money, but about shipping me off to his comrade. The grandmaster mason that he really
    works for. They have been using and abusing me as a pawn in their sick, twisted game. They want me working for them because they can’t figure out how I could have figured this stuff out.
    They refuse to believe it could be because of my spirituality. If they decide that I am that spiritual, they
    want to make me their sideshow ….. “Oh look at what I
    have here.”

    They are all literally playing dumb because they know I am a Medici. I was never supposed to find that out. They think the key to my spirituality is written in my journals. That is simply untrue. God promised that he would open up the minds of his true believers at the necessary time. My spiritual connection has nothing to do with being on the internet seeking information. It has everything to do with how God intervened in my life to stop their fascist mind control tactics that are all the devils work.

    They want all of my original legal work because they know that proves not only who I am but that I am not crazy, bipolar or any of the rotten things they claim with only what amounts to hearsay and lies based on nothing factual to back up those claims. Primarily because I have no history of any such things and no one could in all honesty say a bad word about me. I was not having a nervous breakdown as the Dr claimed but, was suffering from severe mental exhaustion caused by living with my enemy, my soon to be ex.

  12. They pray on the weakest people, those unable to pay their mortgage, taxes and ins and/or an attorney. Pro-se makes you a target! Your best chance in BK with an unsecured claim. In Illinois its about 3600.00.

  13. Attorneys aren’t going to defend you in a case that takes 7yrs and pay the expenses from their own pockets for thousands of illegal FCs >> Why in tarnations didn’t you file BK 11 if you couldn’t afford an attorney? Why didn’t you Pay your Taxes and Ins?

  14. They really think you are foolish enough to believe you would sign and agree to a loan mod when you know they don’t have the note(s). Moreover, you have been being told by your soon to be ex spouse for months there is no money for food, or to fix any broken appliances etc.

    What these crooks and their comrades are really trying to do by stripping you of your most basic needs is make you feel angry, helpless, afraid, desperate, and alone
    so you either run away, or they lock you up for one of their manufactured reasons.

    Sooner or later their lies do catch up with them and that is the real peril for the pro se litigant who is their targeted victim. The reason being, they are desperate to destroy your life by making you believe their fraud is “the way it is” and all of their lies about yourself.

  15. Being left with “no other choice” other than to defend your own titles in fraud closure because no attorneys are willing to fight the fraud, is an old school Nazi subversion tactic.

    Pro Se FC defense is severe mental abuse of the victims of these fraud suits because many communist subversion tactics are used to terrorize its targeted victim.

    You could not possibly know this unless you are a victim of it. They choose victims they deem to be
    incapable of defending themselves to
    force compliance, cooperation and
    conformity with all of their criminal
    fraud, lies and abuses. Or they employ someone who they deem smart enough to win them a settlement and then they move to try and destroy that persons credibility.

    Attorney Matt Weidner described going into these FC courtrooms
    without an attorney is like going into a
    gorilla cage. I would describe it more
    like going into the devils domain.

    These communists employ many agents who use many deceptive,
    fascist Nazi tactics to try and force you to “go along” with their communist subversions.

    Michael Savage talked last night about the “Nationalization” of the police force would be used to force conformity with what can only be described as what went on in the Soviet Republic. They would use the police to throw resisters into their communist re-education camps.

    News Flash ….. This is already going on. If you are a successful pro se litigant such as myself you already know these horrors are already happening. If you refuse to “go along” and take their drugs, they will try and prove you are crazy or are having some sort of a “nervous breakdown” to drug you up. It is really all about drugging up the victim of their crimes so they stop resisting their advances that are no less than horrific plans for you. They will go as far as making you a prisoner of their war on you in your own house. The mental abuse you will be forced to endure is severe and meant to stop the victim from fighting back.

    When they tell you that you lost, that really means that you won, they cannot legally FC, and they are none to happy with you. They want to make you believe you are just a loser, destitute, helpless, physically and mentally
    incapable of fighting any longer. Then they will offer their victim a “loan mod” or try and get you to sign or agree to
    something that will destroy your
    credibility as a pro se litigant. That way you could not appeal their bogus rulings against you or collect the settlement that you are owed because you rightfully won it.

    They never want you to believe you are “that smart.” Because if a little “nobody” like me could win in FC, it
    would be the end of their communist scam.

    Moreover, they all know they are under Federal Investigation because of what I have accomplished on my own, and they are none to happy about that.

  16. Because of the Origination Fraud alone, none of them should have been bailed out. Moreover, not one U.S. Citizen should have went into FC.

  17. The American people are having their properties outright stolen from them in fraudclosure for no reason other than selfishness and greed. This was an evil communist plot to bring down our republic from within by robbing and looting the U.S. Treasury Department. This was done by by our enemies both foreign and domestic, committing Fraud In the Issuing of Credit, aka the “Origination Fraud.”

  18. Correction in my last comment, in the way investment banks handle and issue an investment in an *investment grade quality* U.S. Government Securities Contract.

    The banksters just never told us these were “mortgage servicing contracts” not “mortgage contracts.” Even more scurrilous, these forged and countetfeited “Notes” were not drawn upon legal real estate contracts, they were drawn upon fraudulently derived,
    and fraudulently induced “mortgage
    leasing contracts.”

    No one signed or agreed to any of that fraud and we could never have known of the deception.

    The deception was to turn the American people into a nation of renters with no legal right to defend their titles to their properties.

    This was all done by and large when the U.N. declared we are all human capital and hijacked our birth certificates. The U.N. swapped out our Constitutional legal rights, our birth rights, when Congress and the Senate betrayed every American by allowing Wall Street to monetize our Birth Certificates and fraudulently induce them into stock/bond certificates as security for their monumental debt creation by way of “mortgage derivatives” trading. They rigged their own game with algorithm graphs and charts to give the appearance they were high frequency trading. However, they were in reality, pumping and dumping all of their fraud on the Wall Street hedge fund managers, brokerage firms and the like such as Lehman Brothers.

    Therefore, everything we were told to
    believe was a big fat lie, and all of the
    mortgages are a fraud.

    These bundles of fraud were exotic like a psychedelic drug. These crooks were all tripping out on buying, selling, trading and investing in their own fraudulently derived and fraudulently induced “mortgage leasing

  19. Why are all of the “Mortgage Notes” counterfeits? The banks committed “Fraud in the Issuing of Credit.” In order for a stock/bond offering to become a “pledge agreement” aka irrevocable trust agreement, aka “dead pledge agreement” up on Wall Street, of any sort of an “investment grade quality,” several steps must have occurred per the PSA agreement. There are also very many State and Federal Laws, many State statutes, as well as State and Federal Securites Law requirements. There are very strict guidelines under N.Y. trust law thst must be adhered to under the laws of banks and banking that are stipulated in the U.C.C., in regards to
    the way investment banks handle and
    issue an *investment grade quality*
    International U.S. Government
    Securities Contract.

    There must be “good and valuable consideration” paid by the Issuer of the original Bill of Credit, the mortgage brokerage house, to the original Issuer of the original U.S. Government Securities (real estate) Contract. The original Issuer would be, the U.S.
    Treasury Department.

    That payment must have occurred in no less than 90 days from the closing table, in order for there to have been a closing upon the Mortgage (Securities Contract). Otherwise, a Deed Of Trust
    Agreement could have never been executed, no Federally backed Stock or Bond Certificates could have been created, and no Stock/Bond “pledge agreements” could have been offered because no formal legal requirements could have been met. Which would have to have been through a stock portfolio via a Stock/Bond Prospectus.

    Because no formal legal requirements were ever met from the onset of this big investment bankster broohaha, no Notes were ever signed by any of us. That means the Banks committed Bank Fraud upon the U.S. Treasury Department by forging our signatures
    on bank notes we never signed.

    Then there is the not so small matter
    of foreign nationals operating Mortgage Note Counterfeiting rings from inside of all of the banks, big and small. That would also include mortgage brokering firms as well as the “title and trust” companies like Chicago Title & Trust. They were all mortgage note counterfeiting, and mortgage note racketeering, with fraudulently derived, fraudulently issued, and fraudulently drawn upon U.S. Government Securities.

    These were all red flag securities/
    Securities Frauds. Proven by the fact these “pledge offerings” were never
    registered with the Federal Authorities at the SEC, FTC because they never would have met the qualifications under FINRA.

    All of these counterfeit securities are uncertificated certificates. That is why no UCC 1 financing statements were ever filed with the S.O.S. Meaning everything is a big giant fraud.

    Therefore, there never could have been any “securities accounts” or “secured investments” under the strict guidelines described in Article 8. The reason being is, the most basic legal requirement/ the National Legal Custody requirements under Articles 3&9 had never been met.

  20. Economy Crapification:

  21. What Ian said is true. The reason why none of their “bankruptcy remote trusts” could have been structured properly is because no security agreements were ever signed by us. That would have had to occur at the closing table in order for the deed of trust to be executed.

    “Contemporaneously, when a mortgage is signed,
    a Deed Of
    Trust is executed.”

    We know none of that ever happened because all of the “mortgage notes” were countetfeited U.S. Government Securities.

  22. Furthermore, all of their “Mortgage Notes” are counterfeits, therefore all of their mortgage contracts are a nullity, null and void (Carpenter-v-Longan).

  23. None of the aforementioned, or any of the “investors” in their international Securities Fraud scam have any respect for We The People of these United States, or our Constitution.

  24. The reason why this is happening in our Constitutional Republic is because the Board of Directors at J.P. Morgan Chase are complete communists who work for the Russians. Moreover, the Board of Directors at AIG are their closest comrades. So there you have it. They are also the “investors” in their own mortgage fraud.

  25. The reason why this is happening in our Constitutional Republic is because the Board of Directors at J.P. Morgan Chase are complete communists who work for the Russians.

  26. B sells ( A *s. Property) to C altho he does not own it yet. ?? , B then uses Cs money to buy A’s property. ?? B holds title, but but butts C says Whoa there B (ankster). My money or my WD. K, C ya L8er

  27. American Standoff …

    Either it is or it isn’t,

    1st round it wasn’t and they lost…
    2nd round it was and they lost …

    Cant have it both ways.

  28. No Deposit! No Trust!
    When its Hot its Hot!
    Did you know that if you dropped a frog into boiling water it will jump out right away, but if you put the frog in cool water and turned up the heat slowly it will stay there and cook its self alive?

    I’ve been turning up the Heat!
    Without the Irrevocable Deposit?

    Its SCRATCHed!

  29. Local government suing the banks? What could go wrong with that when we have local governments in the extraction of money business from the local people whether they are homeowners or not. I do see it could be a good idea, but it will have to be where there is more “justice” for the little guy.

  30. Neil-
    In a properly structured and executed REMIC MBS, the investors would be held harmless by the A>B>C>D>E sale of the notes contained therein where a bankruptcy- remote entity is created. And of course as far as we know, there has never been one instance of this critical step having been carried out. So they ARE liable. Interesting, the banks/servicers can’t have it both ways. And if there’s no trust, there is no legally appointed servicer with any contractual rights whatsoever.
    Perhaps this is yet another avenue to ‘borrower’ litigation and recompense.
    Better get on it right away.

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