A do-nothing congress is only a reflection of a do-nothing electorate.

I have often expressed my belief that conservatives have conserved nothing and liberals have liberated nobody. One thing my readers agree upon is that there has been an absence of fairness and equal protection in all three branches of government. There is a reason for that, and, at the risk of alienating some readers, I blame non-voters.

Actual participation in the democratic process is dropping as a percentage of those who are entitled to vote. With that kind of apathy, where less than 50% often decide the outcome of an election or referendum, there is very little risk to an incumbent or candidate to do nothing for the ordinary citizen. Yet we are the boss. We need to make it very risky for those in office to ignore the real issues and fatal to their ambitions to try manipulating us with sound bites. An absentee boss gets no respect. A boss who is presenting views with the hammer of voting and always present in the background makes it risky for politicians to lie to them.

The only way that can happen is if you take the trouble to go and vote. It is the only time you have a voice in the way our society is operated. If you don’t vote, you will be stuck with those things that you find disappointing, perplexing, or vexing. If you do vote, you increase the stakes for any candidate — especially if you have not been voting or didn’t intend to vote today.

I believe that it is in my interest to have you vote even if we completely disagree on policy or programs or politics. I believe that because if you do it and everyone else does it, we will have reinstated the voter as the real party in interest. I believe that if candidates are forced to deal with real issues, even if they are highly complex, they will be forced to show they can master those issues or demonstrate that the issues are beyond their competence.

So forget political pundits, party labels or anything else that is leaving you apathetic. Vote, based upon the best knowledge you have of the candidates and the best of your values. JUST VOTE!

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  1. I Voted!

  2. Also started a White House petition. Need 150 signatures to go public and 100,000 for administration to review.

  3. And whoever wins we can’t stay silent and work for our own “cases” only. Tell your rep no matter the party, jurisdiction to sign the pledge.

    Just a starter and with no budget but like it and pass it on!

  4. It also means that the banks are running the government as we have all guessed. We do not have a government anymore. I want my Constitution back.

  5. Zero Hedge is running a story where Marc Faber says:

    “I was on a panel with Alan Greenspan a week ago… I said, you mean to say that the Federal Reserve is not independent? He immediately said, Marc, I never said the Fed was independent. In other words, the Fed and the Treasury and the government is basically one and the same.”

    As we all already surmised, there is no difference in Sachs, Morgan, Treasury, the FED, FDIC, SEC, and so on. They’re just different heads of the same beast.

    PROBABILTY THAT THE ELECTIONS [VOTES] ARE RIGGED ELECTRONICALLY? IN OTHER WORDS, THE MORE VOTES THERE ARE, THE MORE VOTES EXIST TO MANIPULATE/ALTER – all controlled, absolutely, and done by the POWER(s) behind the BANKSTERS/FRAUDSTERS and their ‘operatives’. Unfortunately, the current JUDICIAL SYSTEM has not proven to uphold the “TRUTH IN LENDING” among other fraudulent acts of people/institutions being protected by design! We are living in times of EVIL DECEIT and EVIL POWERS that are hastening total control of our civil liberties! ” THE GREATEST SCAM ON EARTH” does not only involve the Mortgage Illusion, but much more than most can even imagine! Only God can save America!

  7. Voting in the midterms and local elections is even more important than the presidential election. Please vote!

  8. Some of us do see, you’re correct in all you say! If “we” came into court with paperwork like THEY” present we would be criminally charged! Jumpsuit in my size, please?

  9. Yes good hard working people, vote for the foe on the left, or those foes on the right. It doesn’t matter which, just vote. Think of it as your duty.

    Folks, here is how we all, or nearly all of us, will end up in debt serfdom. All you have to do is look carefully at Eaton v. Fannie Mae in Mass. First understand that since FM is now controlled by our federal government, it was none other than our fearless leaders in D.C. that Eaton went up against in this suit in an attempt at countering the terrific fraud in her case, with our “leaders” masters on Wall Street at the helm. And none other than Obama’s appointed Federal Housing Finance Agency wrote the lender friendly Amicus brief, which attempted to whitewash all of the criminality. We have met the enemy, and he is us.

    Keep in mind that the Mass SJC is a prestigious court, very, known for having the brightest legal minds. Eaton, contrary to the claims of many attorneys who argue otherwise on this board, was able to show the court that since Green Tree had separated the note and the mortgage, and thus didn’t have possession of the note, this little fact fouled their attempt at foreclosing. After a very long time deciding this case, the court, at the expected decision time, shocked everyone by asking for further Amicus briefs on what the implications would be if a decision favorable to the borrower were decided. Think about that for a moment….let that settle in. Rather than simply rule for established law, the court wanted to know how bad would the bloodletting be.

    So they ended up ruling for Eaton, that the foreclosing party must, in fact, hold both the note and the mortgage, however, they made their decision prospectively only, meaning that only those cases going forward from that date would be affected. Why? Because the lender/title lobby squealed like stuck pigs about how disastrous the affects of a that ruling would be.

    That means that yes, what they’ve done for years, foreclosing on tens of thousands of folks illegally was not only wrong legally, but was obviously criminal as well. But, well let’s face it, we can’t upset the delicate balance that Geithner et al have worked so hard to prop up, that is, their entire scheme of financial securitization. They’ve worked way too hard to have it all come crumbling down due to the borrower’s side finally gaining legal ground.

    What that means to me, is that the time we’ve lost since this whole house of cards fell hasn’t been wasted by the masters of the universe in their ivory towers….think like that grafter Rahm Emanuel, when he said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” It’s my belief that when this criminality is finally expressed for what it really is, and goes through the courts and is finally exposed for the heinous theft that we all know it is, TPTB will simply do as the Mass SJC did, that is, acknowledge the wrong all the while letting it stand so as to not affect all of those who bought tainted titles.

    It’s the perfect crime now laundered for all time. Compare all of the so-called federal settlements with the SJC ruling, and you’ll easily see that the same exact outcome has always ruled the day, protect their system at all costs. We, on the other hand, will simply be moved in rail cars to achieve what they need achieving….put your shoes in that pile, your luggage in that one, and STFU. Pay your rents on time! Besides, they’re doing this in our best interests, don’t you see?

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