Bit by Bit We Lose it All as Others Gain

I observe Shabbat although in a somewhat unconventional way. In my readings this morning for the weekly Torah portion dealing with the building of Noah’s ark, I came across a piece written by Rabbi Yehuda Appel in which he states:

“In the era of the Flood, the Sages suggest a deeper malady associated with the rampant thievery. The Midrash reports that often many thieves would descend on their victim together, but each of them would take only a very small quantity of goods to insure their individual exemption from prosecution. The thieves would repeat this over and over again. The end result was that though they had become enriched, the thieves could rationalize they hadn’t really done anything wrong, for, after all, no court was demanding they stand trial.”

This insight reminded me of the role of banks and other financial institutions in our lives today. Arrogance, bullying, self-deception all play a role. It is the erosion of our unalienable rights in slow motion that keeps us from thinking about it. And it is the slow, incremental steps in burdening most of the people with debt instead of a fair wage that creeps up on us producing a world of gross inequality.

In many ways all of us pay to maintain a status quo that very few of us want. Most people in low paying jobs are supported by food stamps, Medicaid and even public housing because their employers have chosen to divert the increasing profits to themselves, rather than pay a fair wage to those workers who produced those profits. The shortfall is met by tax dollars indirectly subsidizing the business that now relies on the government to pay for the unpaid wages.

To paraphrase an old true story, “We worked hard to steal that money and we are not going to allow government intervention in our business. If you force us to pay more to our workers it is socialism! You can’t screw this up. We have a good thing going and the money we get by not paying our workers belongs to us. The government must continue to pay our workers for food, shelter and medical care.”

If 30 years ago it was suddenly announced that wages would be frozen and instead, people would be given free access to debt, it would have been denounced as the reintroduction of slavery.

If 15 years ago it was suddenly announced that people would be required to execute documents that most Judges still don’t understand and would result in loss of all household net worth, it would have been denounced as an attempt to destroy the key component of the American way of life — upward mobility.

If 7 years ago it was suddenly announced that 30 million people had to move out of their homes the next day and fend for themselves, it would have resulted in a virtual revolution!

But because it is slow, with banks dragging out the contested FORECLOSURES for as many as 7-8 years, we don’t notice it, we don’t denounce it and we don’t revolt against it.

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  1. Amen

  2. Neidermeyer,

    i looked it up. he said: I hope to meet you all in Heaven. Be good children, all of you, and strive to be ready when the change comes.

  3. @ Michael Keane ,,

    My mistake … not his dying words ,, just the most memorable …

    When asked what his greatest accomplishment had been during his two terms as President, Andrew Jackson replied “I killed the Bank.” He was talking about the “Second Bank of the United States”, which was our country’s second central bank.

  4. Michael Keane, Agreed, and I am ready.

  5. Neidermeyer rules.

    Help me out, I can’t recall his dying words.

  6. @ Michael Keane ,

    “… I feel, in order to preserve the American Dollar, it is incumbent upon We The People, to enforce the rule of law. ”

    AGREE 1000% ,, and yes Andrew Jackson would know how to fix this… I love his dying words..

  7. @ louise ,

    “… These banksters and crooks will never do the right thing. They need to be prosecuted, convicted and then do time. ”

    They inserted themselves into the gov’t by telling the congress how smart they handled money and how they could provide UNLIMITED growth in their budgets year after year after year… then they inserted themselves in the worlds crossroads with the BIS , Ex-Im and IMF…. well we’re at the end of the road ,, Japan Inc has been stalled for 20 years , Europe is crashing .. and we’ve been faking it BIGTIME since 2002… but we’re out of gas too…. all they can do is eat our capital , shrink our real income and steal what’s left of anyones savings …. hide your 401k money boys and girls … pretty soon you’ll be forced to convert it to a government bond fund paying 3% with REAL inflation at 8-10% … THAT is how we inflate our way out of this without a revolution ,, everyones too poor to fight and the bankers stay rich…

  8. Louise,

    Couldn’t agree more.

    The impediment to proper law enforcement derives from the notion, We as a nation, mustn’t upset the apple cart as it is a direct challenge, should We do so, to the American Dollar as the preeminent currency on the planet.

    I feel just the opposite holds true. I feel, in order to preserve the American Dollar, it is incumbent upon We The People, to enforce the rule of law.

    How and or why would any other law-abiding nation ever feel at ease doing business with us should we allow criminal intrusion to debase our currency?

    It is preposterous to suggest We should allow the criminal behaviors of the few to color the world’s perception of the country as a whole.

    It is hypocrisy and it simply shows We have thought so little of the mighty gifts our founders have provided that We would surrender our fighting spirit in the face of depravity.

    It is unacceptable.

    Bankers? Self-perceived Nobility, modern-day Redcoats; these are our oppressors?

    People like Andrew Jackson would deal with them in proper form… Yesterday.

  9. Thanks, Michael for the kind words. I see another Mike is talking about a revolution of sorts. We are going to need one. These banksters and crooks will never do the right thing. They need to be prosecuted, convicted and then do time.

  10. Louise,

    Truly, we have all had enough. I marvel at the likes of those who keep at it… Neil Garfield certainly, a best example.

    “Tired” implies a certain sense of fierce determination. I have watched you over the years and you have all of that and more.

    You are to be congratulated as should so many others.

    Perhaps we should all be expectant some among the others may now join the fight, at least since the cancellation of “Honey Boo Boo”.

    One way or another, at least We now have that going for us.

    Now, if We could just round up the bankers and film their slap-stick comings-and-goings in-and-around the Fukushima Re-Indoctrination and Radiation Clean-Up Camp… We might be on to something.

  11. I like your plan better. I do not want to live in a cave either even if I have canned hams and gold to keep me company. I am waiting with baited breath for this whole ripoff scam to blow up. I have been at this BS for 8 years this January. I am tired.

  12. Neidermeyer,

    Couldn’t agree more.

    It is past time We repudiate the Fed and claw back their hyper-inflationary dollars to be used in “settlements” to defrauded investors and homeowners alike.

    For example, at the moment, our currency is taxed to be paid into private pockets (roughly 15%) and the collateral to the currency created (the bonds) is collected free-of-charge by the same people that have defrauded US for over 100 years.

    The most incredible thing is: the debt-money these people have burdened US with and helped themselves to in the name of the American People is not backed by silver or gold, but, instead it is created out of cyber-space on computer screens.

    The question then becomes: why in the world do We need these middlemen in the first place?

    If this country doesn’t clean house and begin prosecutions for this criminal behavior, our creditors will do it for us.

    History shows the efficacy of bringing back government-sponsored, interest-and-debt-free money.

    After all, let Glenn Beck and his crowd go live in caves with gold and canned hams. I would rather bring back the “greenback” and sit comfortably at home in order to view the hangings once they commence, as televised on my big screen tv.

  13. To make it plain ,, the corruption started with small things in the 1970’s ,, and grew through no SEC or court action from “only” affecting stock shareholders , to affecting cities towns and pension funds (still no meaningful SEC or Congressional action) to the point where these monsters spawned by the Fed have totally corrupted every market in the world with their diseased offerings and the Courts are attempting to cover as long as they can because the FedRes owns it all.

  14. @ Michael Keane & Ian ,

    Agree 100% naked short selling is illegal activity and extremely harmful both to the individual companies targeted and the market as a whole ,, but the SEC has had exactly ZERO enforcement actions for naked shorting EVER!!! before hft (high frequency trading) which isn’t trading at all but flooding the market with orders that are cancelled within milliseconds with the express purpose of bumping prices up or down a fraction… naked shorting was the most popular way to manipulate and manufacture a downtrend in a stocks price.

    When I say “normal” shorting is OK ,, I mean the typical retail scenario… I sell 1000 shares (borrowed on margin) of Sears because I know that the company cannot buy the inventory it needs for this Christmas season… and in perhaps January I buy the shares to cover.

    Our system stinks on ice and has since the 1970’s … and it doesn’t have to … I put 90% of the blame on the government regulators and enforcers that do not regulate or enforce… When it comes to corruption ,, if the corruption isn’t halted immediately and becomes entrenched it becomes the standard others MUST emulate to compete… it reinforces itself endlessly in a vicious circle. If the time comes I’ll let you hang Blankfein ,, I’ll gladly hang every SEC employee I can find.

  15. Michaelkeane- damn right it’s illegal activity, I am still, perhaps naively, absolutely stunned by what is going on in the courts as to the foreclosures by crooks, pretend lenders isn’t correct. They are crooks, and evil, calculating ones at that. I personally don’t know anyone in my circle of friends or aquaintances who would have any part in any of this garbage. But they stand timidly by, and don’t want to hear about it, figuring I “must be mistaken” if I make any mention of the state of the housing markets, foreclosures, DOJ buffoonery, bank criminality, debt fraud, blah blah blah. It almost seems pointless.

  16. Ian and Neidermeyer,

    Again, apologies to Neidermeyer. I recognize I may have been a bit over the top. It wasn’t my intention to be rude.

    Ian, you are correct. The point I was trying to emphasize is: This is criminal behavior and “We The People” better start learning to call it what it is.

  17. Michael Keane- my thoughts exactly regarding financial gobbledygook designed to mystify rather than clarify.
    I have deplored the use of the term “robosigning” in place of FORGERY, the posting of “bank owned” real estate signs in front of fraudclosed homes, the continual use of the term “bank” when there is no bank involved at all, merely a servicer, ad nauseum. Same goes for naked short selling. Illegal as hell, but what’s a few million shares among friends?
    Keep your gut-wrenching posts coming!
    Also, I think that neidermeyer was just trying to put a clear definition on the process you aptly described. It’s there whether we like it or not.

  18. Hello, Sir probably don’t remember me ….my name is Lisa Renner and I came to your office in Miami…saw a coleauge there …don’t remember the name…..fought 5 years to get my bad contract revised and ended up with a HAMP…another bad contract…..I own a small condo in Boynton Beach and need a consultation…..Please grant me a visit …I have been a constant supporter and daily reading since 2009. Thank you LIsa

  19. The Fed in putting 4 years of GDP into the banks alone has distorted the landscape of America. How do you reasonably expect victims to defend themselves when the Fed made $16 trillion in zero to .5% loan and purchase $4 trillion in bonds and securities to prop up the Stock Market!

  20. Neidermeyer,

    Please forgive me, I don’t mean to harangue you but, “naked short selling” is simply “COUNTERFEITING”.

    As such, it would be helpful to call it what it is. Describing it as “infinite margin” is just more mumbo-jumbo designed as and akin to “Fed-speak”, to confuse people who would rather go through their day unmolested by those who make a living talking out of both sides of their mouth.

    Our national currency has been hijacked and “We The People” now exist while held hostage in thrall to the “mysteries” of the banking class.

    They breathe air and articulate through the same mechanisms designed and available to the rest of us.

    I look forward to the day “We The People” endeavor to introduce them to the “mysterious” of survival in a prison format.

    The sooner “We” stop regurgitating their nonsense in order to protect our investment portfolios, thereby aiding them while concealing their crimes, the world will be a happier place.

  21. Don’t sign Nuttin.

  22. LOL. I guess this thread will allow you to visit the petition after all.

  23. Neidermeyer,

    I have attempted, up to the point of aneurism, to explain I have personally destroyed thousands of mortgage documents.

    I have signed an affidavit in Monmouth County, Superior Court to that effect.

    Moreover, I have attempted any number of times to explain it was something of a cottage industry in this part of New Jersey as we are located some 40 minutes drive from Manhattan… in other words, I was not alone and there are any number of families in this area that were engaged in the same type of business.

    I even formed a petition which I have unfortunately allowed to languish do to two foreclosure defenses I am fighting pro se while engaged in resurrecting my business as a builder along the beach, dead center, where “Hurricane” Sandy landed.

    It also hasn’t helped that I seem to have had a heart attack I wasn’t aware of until the collapsed artery was re-inflated through catheterization.

    In short, I have been busy, even as I will endeavor to re-release my petition in an alternative venue sometime soon.


    Here is a connection to the petition:

    I don’t know why this thread will not allow someone to click on it in order to visit the site because I am not computer savvy.

    Anyway, I don’t necessarily agree that “regular” short-selling to “cover” is “A -OK”. Historically, short-selling is the mechanism bankers used to rob farmers of their crops in order to keep them indentured to the company store.

    If you read Ellen Brown, as I encourage everyone to do, you will learn the consequences of “short-selling” and particularly, “naked short-selling” are the slippery slope that is presently threatening the “Sovereignty” of the “international reserve currency, aka: The American Dollar”.

    Presently, law enforcement, pension plans, international investors, all of the regulatory agencies, homeowners, distressed homeowners, institutional investors, etc. are all hostage to the pig-sty that is Wall Street and the stock exchange.

    Those filth have sold us all short.

  24. I offered full payoff for return of the note and WD. They blew me off. Why?

  25. Neid, naked short selling is exactly why they won’t accept payoff of 149,000. To clear title from 2ndry market it would take 1.49 mil.

  26. @ Michael Keane

    I think you need to emphasize more that it is the NAKED SHORTS that are evil … Traditional short selling (sell high , buy low to cover) is A-OK ,, it’s when you intrude on a transaction with no skin in the game as the major banks and brokerages do when you short sell naked , without the borrowable assets , that you are distorting the marketplace. NAKED short selling is basically infinite margin.

  27. Michael Keane … excellent and on-point .. God Bless you. I saw on a cable news channel tonight how Argentina just prosecuted some 15 government officials from the 1970’s and sentenced them all to life in prison .. as the criminal filth were led away in handcuffs some of them sneered and shook their fists at the packed arena of citizens who sat watching … showing the extreme level of their utter contempt for the peoples they ruled over and abused for so many years unimpeded. I couldn’t help but imagine if Americans would ever someday see these same evil types who run and control the world financial criminal enterprises be led away and thrown into prisons for their crimes against humanity. But it’s so badly infested and its roots run so deep that we may have to endure until God sorts it all out in order to finally find true justice.

  28. Typo
    Winston Churchill

  29. Ian don’t worry
    Theresa book by author Manchester called the last lion it’s about Winsyin Churchill ( a complex man to say the least ) in the final analysis he asked himself what did he change and he said ” absolutely nothing”. We can but try. Gods got it.

  30. Well said, Neil!
    I think of similar examples as I witness the slow yet continuous erosion of our rights. And due to my age, (60) I have seen a lot of this continuous, stealthy agenda as it comes to pass. It isn’t good. What am I doing about it? Mulling it over. What to do….

  31. Shabbat Shalom

  32. Excellent Michael! Sheeple are commodities. Our kids never had a chance.

  33. Be Strong And Courageous Neil Garfield and company. We will prevail over the forces of darkness.


  34. Check out VeteransToday and also Google Lee Wanta Tells you how the fed govt really works.

  35. DwightNJ,

    The universities, not unlike so many other investor-driven trusts, have also been sold a bill of false goods.

    The international shortfall in derivatives is estimated as in excess of 680 Trillion dollars, or, 10 times the GDP of every country on the planet … In other words, it is money already spent (like the drunken husband who has squandered the rent money only to realize, the morning after, maybe it wasn’t such a sure thing after all) before the collective international community even spends to have the lights turned on.

    Universities went long on derivatives like everyone else playing with other people’s money.

    There is no such thing as transferring risk to counter-parties who have it in mind to fraudulently represent their performance or intent right from the git-go.

    The “notional” value of the 680 Trillion dollars enjoys a direct correlation to the number of homes that can successfully be foreclosed while listed any number of times through any number of fake “Lenders” employing any number of “short sales (aka: CDS, CDOs, synthetic CDOs; in a word: “Derivatives”)” designed and created to bet against the money paid on the loan which claims to speak for the underlying asset (aka: the home).

    Ellen Hodgson Brown describes this behavior (de-materialization and “naked short sales” as it relates to “StockGate”, on pgs. 184-7), in her easily understood and highly readable book, Web Of Debt).

    In that part of her book, the basic story relates to “counterfeit” positions adopted by pretenders who “borrow” the rights to an underlying asset in order to bet against the performance of that asset ( naked short sales).

    Indeed, currencies of entire countries have been and continue to be manipulated in this way. Russian rubles and Japanese Yen have been served this way by the same criminal filth now operating within US financial markets while preying on the American Dream.

    Mexico (in the 90s a GDP of over 4%) is a good example. The criminal filth in the US currency markets targeted the peso in order to destabilize it and thereby force restructuring of Mexican debt using loans foisted on them from the international banking cartel.

    This is the real reason why so many heretofore residents of parts South now conspire to make their home, in the nest, among the droppings of vulture capitalists.

    These are the same criminal filth who undoubtedly agreed with Mitt Romney when he said, April 17, 2010, in the Las Vegas Journal Review, words to the effect, as follows: “Let’s not investigate the foreclosures, let’s just allow them to go forward and then we can return the victims to the homes they once thought they owned as “renters”.

    In the “Graduate”, Dustin Hoffman, in discussion of his “future”, was encouraged thus: “Buy low, sell high, Jonathan”. This admonition is the very essence of the short sale, particularly when, as an American-funded entity, the money you create on a computer screen has no basis in reality or tangible, coherent accountability once regulatory controls no longer exist.

    “Jonathan” was lucky; present-day, recent “Graduates”, not-so-much. In fact, at present, their “futures” have been bought and sold for pennies on the dollar.

    Universities, therefore, are no less complicit, in microcosm, than the US Federal government. In equal part, they realize any investigation of the crimes to which “We The People” have been, and continue to be subjected, will strip them of their bona fides; in the former, legitimacy as derived from questing after truth; in the latter, legitimacy as derived from stability as it relates to the “Sovereign Currency (aka, the American Dollar)”; taken together, they have sold themselves cheap in complicity as accessories after-the-fact.

    Or, perhaps better, now that “We” have all been sold, in words that might be fashioned by Mitt Romney: “Let’s not investigate the “Truth”, let’s just allow “the crimes” to go forward and then we can return the victims to the “Sovereignty” they once thought they owned as “renters”.

    Sadly, “We The People” have been here before, Google Nicholas Biddle, Google “the Greenback”.

    It is past time “We The People” repudiated the central bankers and repudiated the fraudulent debt they have burdened us with under false pretenses. Thereafter, criminal prosecutions should be liberally employed to restore order.

    Then, “We The People” can seize control of the “purse strings” by re-creating the “Federal Reserve” as a public utility wherein interest is paid into public trust as opposed to interest paid into private pockets.

    This defiance of “Usury”, once foreseen by the Baptist ministers as destructive of the Republic, is no less necessary, and, in fact, even more so, given the criminal behaviors of private bankers masquerading as employed in service to the common good.

  36. I began to contest a wrongful foreclosure about 3 weeks after the trustee sale. That was 7 years ago. Since then, my case has been in 6 different courts: CA Superior, USBC Northern District California, USBC District of Delaware, back to CA Superior, and now in CA Court of Appeal. I have been self-representing myself in pro per, with no college degree or training in the area of law whatsoever. Now, tell me why as many as 10 judges and 30 bank attorneys (junior associates) have not been able to finally resolve this case one way or another. It should raise eyebrows, and should beg answers, yet hardly anyone but me and my immediate family members care to know anything about the case or the hell Chase Bank has put us through for going on 8 years now. Mainstream media is apparently bought and paid for, a lot like the courts and “their honors”. When enough people have been ruined by this slow but sure theft of the grandest scale there may be a revolution of sorts. People will only tolerate the forms of oppression described in Neil’s article for so long. Then what?


    Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2014 15:07:46 +0000 To:

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  39. BINGO ! This is the discussion that needs to be aired on national television in an on-going, continuing manner that eventually educates the public as to what the real issues are in this new American society. The mainstream media and all media for that matter, ignores the truth about the greed and criminal conduct that lies at the heart of this country’s problems. I’m surprised we don’t see the universities with their professors and students tackling this entire subject of how the banks and financial institutions with the help of the government and the judicial branch have undermined the American Dream.

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