What Difference does it make where the money came from?

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The question keeps coming up, Judges and lawyers and even borrowers ask it. Why do I keep harping on the money? The simple answer is that these cases are all about money and not much else. The rest is window dressing or methods of collection on DEBTS that are not owed to the collectors or enforcers. It matters because it controls the issues of default, ownership and balance of the loan — as well as the terms for enforcement.

In order to get traction with a judge you need to use analogies to educate the judge. Don’t expect him or her to understand the point when you bring it up. You can work it forward or backward.

If you work it forward, your point is that the original naming of the “lender” was false and the use of the defective note and mortgage was not intended or authorized by the borrower. Collection is also an act in furtherance of what has been increasingly revealed as an intentional act of fraud against the investors, the trusts, the trustees, the government, the borrowers and the courts. That is the most in unclean hands that you can get and should prevent them from getting anything other than a money judgment assuming they can prove they are a holder in due course. A holder in due course can acquire paper from a nonexistent loan and the person who signed the paper will still be liable even though he received no money.

The debt a rises from the receipt of the money but it does not arise as an asset to anyone other than the source of funds — or someone in privity with the source of funds. That doesn’t exist in virtually all alleged acquisitions of debt by “trusts.”

Which brings us to going backward. The Trusts are said to be holders and never alleged to be holders in due course. If they are holders, they must prove the right to enforce and that they don’t merely possess the paper like a courier would. There is no logical business or legal reason not to allege holder in due course status when you qualify — it eliminates virtually all borrower defenses.

If they are alleging holder status, then for whom are they holding the paper? The issue of the paper being worthless comes from fact and logic. If they are not alleging HDC status they are admitting that something is missing. The elements are delivery as a result of a purchase for value in good faith without knowledge of borrower’s defenses. Since they are alleging delivery and trying to show that in court (even if it wasn’t in the order prescribed by the PSA). Since they are certainly going to deny that they acted in bad faith and deny they had any knowledge of borrower’s defenses, that leaves one element — purchase for value. If they didn’t purchase for value then why did the “assignor” give up the loan without receiving anything other than a fee?

No reasonable business explanation suffices. The holder of valuable paper (note and mortgage) would never simply give it away and would demand money for it unless they hadn’t paid for it. So now you have neither the trust nor the assignor of the loan PAPERS into the trust having paid for it. When you trace it down step by step you come to the only possible conclusion — the “lender” at the loan closing never funded the loan.

So where did it come from? If the trust did not purchase the loans it must be because they didn’t have the money since the only business of the trust was to acquire loans. If they didn’t have the money then the proceeds of the sale of MBS issued by the trust was never given to the trust. That means the investors who bought the mortgage backed bonds advanced funds to the underwriter expecting the funds to be given to the trust but the underwriter diverted those funds and wrote in the documents that investors have no right or authority to inquire as to status of the money or the loans. The underwriter also wrote that the Trustee could not inquire.

The only logical conclusion would be that the actual loan proceeds to the borrower came from the funds illegally diverted by the underwriter. Thus the source of funds were the investors who thought they were becoming trust beneficiaries of a trust that contained a pool of loans when the trust, in fact, received neither money nor loans. The resulting debt should be payable only to the investors, but they don’t know what happened so they make no claim (partially because they are claiming asset values deriving their value from the worthless mortgage backed bonds). The important thing is that the actual lender and the actual borrower have no written contract between them. Thus the note and mortgage are worthless and fatally defective. foreclosure therefore becomes impossible.

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  1. I told the Dr that I did not agree with his “diagnosis” of me and I was going to seek a second, third and maybe even a fourth opinion on that. To which he began to try and sugar coat his diagnosis by telling me its all because of the fraudclosures. Yeah right.

  2. May I add the Drs diagnosis was based solely upon hearsay evidence by my soon to be ex husband who I am going to be divorcing.

  3. I really do have just cause to fire him for that today. I told him right in front of the judge that was an untrue statement. The judge got mad for me speaking to him in open court to which he told her he apologized because he mispoke. This is really getting ridiculous. Why would he want
    to label me in open court with something he has neither reviewed or even discussed privately with his own

    That does not even include the fact I found out last night he has been texting my husband which I told him not to discuss anything about me with him. My soon to be ex said he wanted to know about me being in the “hospital.” That begs the question how did he even know that I was in there? If it walks like a duck it is no doubt a vast conspiracy is what I have come to realize.

  4. Court was already in progress when he arrived at 9:40 this morning.

  5. The attorney today acted inappropriately today by the way he blurted out to the judge in open court “she’s bipolar” without even ever having time to review the drs letter or discuss it with me. The letter said that a bipolar episode can be the result of a first time nervous breakdown caused by extremely emotional distress.

    I called that attorney yesterday and left him a message to call me on my house phone to discuss the drs letter to which he never did and got to court today 40 minutes late. How unprofessional is that?

  6. Correct typo in my last comment. I _beared_ witness to his fraud.

    May I add, I beared witness to his fraud in open court by verbal and written Acknowledgement, as well as I entered a handwritten Individual Acknowledgement about the fraud was committed in my unregistered married name upon the Cook County
    Chancery Court in November of 2013. I gave my handwritten Individual Acknowledgement to Judge Price Walker who laughed at him and told me I better hire a lawyer.

  7. He is this desperate to get my signature because he really looks bad. I won’t give him my signature because I refuse to aid and abet his fraud now that I have neared witness to it. That means if I sign or agree to anything with him in regards to these two fraudclosure suits I would become a party to his own crimes against me. Not only that but I would lose my settlements and my properties. I won’t even go get another certified copy of my long form birth certificate because I do not trust him at all. He disposed of my SUV without a legal title because I never signed one so I would put nothing past him. He really needs to be stopped by the legal authorities.

  8. He really thinks I am not “that smart”1£ because if I signed that insurance check I would be handing my property deeds right over to those investor crooks because I would be admitting they have a legal interest in my properties to which they do not. Mainly, but not only because of the Origination Fraud, the “investors” are in fact, wantoned felons.

  9. My soon to be ex told me today that he talked to a lawyer about that insurance check and was told it is legal to sign that check. Wow. You mean to tell me that lawyer is telling you to sign a check derived from an insurance premium that we never paid but was paid by the “investors” who are trying to steal everything from me through fraudclosure? That is just ludicrous.

  10. The F.B.I. loves me for my dedication to catching the crooks and my uncanny ability to see things others cannot. Besides they know I am no felon. They know that entire “police chase” scenario was manufactured by the “investors” in their own crimes against me. The F.B.I. are who told me to take off that night because that Mokena “cop” was not who he appeared to be.

  11. He went as far today as to tell me not to take the States plea of no jail time and probation with possible felonies upon my record. The alternative would be for me to admit that I had a nervous breakdown and possibly get the entire manufactured car chase scenario dropped. I told him I have to decide this. He said I will never get any kind of “j.o.b.” if I were to take the plea. My answer to that is why would I
    need to get a j.o.b. when I already have a career offer with the FBI?

  12. We have a nation that is invested in fraud and whoever is not can handily be bought by the “investors” who created all of the counterfeits. That is the problem. Then say a housewife and mother such as myself, with no college education decides to defend her own legal rights in court by defending 2 fraudclosure suits brought upon her because she has no
    other choice. She works really hard at it and employs any and all resources imaginable to her plight. She ends up devoting all of her time to these cases and finds she is really good at it. The judges are complimenting her left and right and are admonishing the Attorneys for their lack of diligence in bringing their suits. She is so good at it in fact, the hidden plaintiffs are angry at her. Not just because she is smart, but because they never thought she was smart enough or educated enough to win a vast settlement from the Government because she was the only one in the U.S. who took the time to really “get it.” Not just that, she actually caught the main culprit red handed trying to steal everything from her from behind the scenes. That culprit just so happened to be her own husband who never thought in a million years she would suspect, let alone catch him. Then the soon to be ex decides it is time for him and his Attorney friends to make everyone believe she is just nuts. None of this has any legal merit so they begin to manufacture scenarios and employ members of their own family and other “investors” to aid and abet their own crime spree against her with promises of stealing her settlement she was never supposed to know that she won. None of it is “panning out” for him because the FBI decided back in 2012 to hire his wife to help investigate him and everything he
    does to her becomes a
    wash. That housewife would be me, and that husband would be my soon to be ex, who knows he is running out of time to try and get me to cooperate or force cooperation with his crime spree that he is trying to blame me for. Well that is never going to happen because I will not aid or abet his own crimes against me.

  13. Far be it from me to jump to conclusions, but my soon to be ex mother in law worked at Palos Community Hospital for 20 years. Which leads me to believe that was the only way my soon to be ex could have got away with locking me up their against my own free will based on nothing in law in fact but hearsay, lies, and speculation.

    There certainly must be a lot of money involved here for his own mother to pull strings for him up at that hospital because I never had as much as a cross word with her or anyone in his family in the 33 years I have known them. Even when my own mother, sister, brother and I parted ways we never had an argument.

    Like my aunt told me recently, it seems like there is something else going on around here. The reason being is that she knows me, and
    knows what a great person that I am. She told me I need to start tape recording him. I agreed. My best friend Brenda warned me over a year ago that she feared his temper. She told me that I must be really smart. I do not think I am exceptionally smart but I am very intuitive. I obviously saw things that I was never intended to see which is no fault of my own simply because God chose to reveal
    these things to me such as who all of the traitors are.

    The Dr was right when he told me I have been under an extreme amount of stress over the past year but not about why. It was not defending the 2 fraudclosures pro se that stressed me out, it is living with my soon to be ex
    that is very stressful. I dont need anyone to tell me that. People who are getting divorced or are going through a divorce generally do not get along.
    My mother told me if he asked for the divorce, then he should leave. He really needs to do that but won’t which leads me to believe there is an ulterior motive for him staying here that is not good for anyone, let alone me.

    Why is he continually trying to get me to sign things when I told him that I won’t?

    Why is he telling me we need to apply for a loan mod when the Attorney from Fisher & Shapiro admitted they don’t have the notes, not including the fact there is never any food in this house,
    my oven has been broken since last
    Christmas Day and all he does is cry

    Why did he tell me yesterday he wanted to rip my lungs out for no reason?

    What type of a dirty deal has he made, and with whom, is the real question that he simply will not answer.

    That is simply not fair to me and is in fact quite unjust by its deception alone.

  14. My sister, my mother and my brother Joey and I, did not speak for ten years because they gave me an ultimatum that I could no longer speak to my Grandparents because my parents were getting a divorce. My father was cheating on my mother for their entire marriage. I refused to no longer speak to my grandparents so they all stopped talking to me and my kids. These are not the people to judge anyone esp not me. They literally have had no personal contact with me or my kids in over a decade.

  15. The truth is if in the beginning he would have told me the truth, I no doubt would have forgiven him and let the cards fall where they may. Instead, he chose to encourage me to keep on defending myself in these 2 fraudclosures knowing all along that he was in fact the unknown plaintiff who brought these 2 fraudclosure cases upon me.

    Today he chose to keep on hitting me below the belt by telling me my own family are all against me. He went as far as to say that he would call my own father up on his cell phone, put it on speaker, and have my own father tell me terrible things about myself that are not true. I told him I would not listen to that. Then he went out into my backyard where he had my 2 dogs tied up and started saying awful things to me through the open patio door trying to upset me. He was name calling and told me he talks to my father, sister and brother “all of time” and they think like he does. To that I
    told him he was lying, and that is acting like a
    very uneducated person by name calling, and I closed my
    door on him.

    My family have not been over to my house in several months. My brother just got out of jail in August from a 6 year stint in jail involving a Federal Sting operation for trying to pick up an
    underage girl. My other brother is an ex con who went to jail for 8 years for breaking and entering and robbing an
    elderly woman and beating her up. My sister got fraudclosed upon by her husband last year and has been living in misery is how she describes living with my mom in her 2 bedroom townhouse here in Oak Forest. She said her “hubby” cant make enough money to move her back up north. My
    dad and my sister stopped over one
    day unexpectedly last spring and were
    very rude to me for no reason. I have not seen my brother Mike since he got out of prison. He is living at my Dads house on probation with the ankle monitor on. I have not saw or talked to my brother Joey in years and we were never that close. He stopped talking to everybody around ten years ago because my father did not offer him any money to divorce his wife who he was cheating on with his neighbor who was his wife’s friend who he got pregnant. Yes, these are not the people who I will ever allow to judge me. As far as my dad goes, he should be ashamed of himself if he is talking to that traitor husband of mine who he told me that he would like to beat the crap out of. My dad told me last spring that “I don’t care if he robs banks all day long, I don’t like what he’s doing to you.” He told me to tell him that he is going to get a bullet “down his throat” if anything happens to me and he knows what that means. These are the people who live in their own glass houses that my soon to ex wants me to listen to and take an opinion
    from about me. Me, the woman who has no criminal record, a perfect driving record, was a great wife and mother, and has never had more than
    a sore throat her entire life. This is all really getting sick.

  16. I also believe that being with him for 32 years speaks volumes for me. He has no valid argument in the awful things he tries to make me believe are true about myself because I stood by him through thick and thin. Not only by me, defending these 2 fraudclosures pro se, but through it all, all of our ups and downs, in good times and bad, I never bailed on him. I never gave up on us until he had me dragged from my house 2 weeks ago today against my free will for defending myself verbally from his ongoing threats, physical attacks and too many abuses to mention. If a Dr wants to believe there is only one side to the story, his, with no physical evidence to validate his story, than that is not only unfair, that is illegal.

    I am not dead, so he, and that Dr would need a lot more than hearsay and speculation from the man that I am now planning on divorcing because I discovered he was an investor in his own mortgage fraud.

    Can you be labeled things in this country without any legal proof these labels are in fact true? I shudder to think that could be the case in our Constitutional Republic.

    I remember the local news in Chicago reporting about the outrage by legal schipars, attorneys and lawyers back when hearsay evidence was allowed to be entered into evidence in the Drew Peterson case because his
    second wife was
    deceased and could not speak for

    What would they all have to say about what happened to me in my own house two weeks ago today? I was told by the ER Dr that he did not think I am nuts than he turned around and said I was going to be admitted and possibly put in a state hospital for verbally disagreeing with my soon to be ex who has been over the past several months been threatening my life on a daily basis, physically hitting,
    punching and choking me. He refuses to leave my house even though he says that he hates me and told me over a year ago and many times since that he “wants a divorce.” He has
    many places he can go and stay and I have none yet he refuses to leave. The reason is clear, he wants to continue his emotional abuse of me and is so hell bent at destroying my life he is now lashing out at my son Joe. He is blaming everyone else but mainly me for his own human failings which is not just ungodly but inhuman.

  17. He is also taking even more advantage of the fact my drivers license is “tied up” in the legal system for virtually no legal reason at all. He destroyed my SUV with no legal title to it because I never signed the title and by doing so, destroyed the States case against me. The car was not totalled either. It needed 4 tires, my rear bumper was torn off and they smashed my drivers window while they were screaming and yelling at me to “get out of the car.” I just do not know how he keeps getting away with these things. This is clearly a lot worse than corruption. It is obviously an evil plan to destroy my life by him and his “investor” friends who do not have “the notes” to “swap out” my titles
    from me and steal my properties and my settlement that I have earned so, they are clearly, and unequivocally going to extreme
    lengths to make me believe all of their lies about me.

    Thank God my faith is strong in that I have a personal relationship with God because I pray to him everyday and ask him for help in Jesus name. Those are the thankfully the values that my Irish Catholic Grandmother
    instilled in my from a very young age.

  18. His ongoing abuse reminded today of some of the things that he said to me late last spring. He told me I was going to be sleeping in my car, that he was going to make me kill myself and “they” are going to be taking me out of here in a body bag. He also told me “they” are going to burn the house down with me in it. He never would tell me who “they” are but I assume he meant himself and his ‘investor” buddies.

    I really should have filed a restraining order against him then. Those were very serious threats by him but, at the time I was under such duress by him that I felt entrapped. I had no money and my job was defending these 2 fraudclosures myself. He certainly used that to try and control and manipulate me. Moreover, to this very
    day he still is.

    This is the thanks that I get from him after 32 years of being together with him for trying to defend the legal rights of myself and my family.

  19. Got a continuance until the 22nd of December.

    My soon to be ex is now being mentally and verbally abusive to my son Joe.

    After he mentally abused me by verbally abusing me the entire way home from the courthouse, we got to
    the house and he became schizo. He began calling me vulgar names and accusing me of cheating with somebody online. He told me he has “checks” he needs me to sign one of which is from the “insurance company” for “roof repairs.” To which I told him I will not sign that check because we are not paying the premium. He began to verbally threaten me and told me he is going to sign my name to which I said I sm going to file a police report with the State police if he does that. To which he said fine, he will go to jail and then we will all be “done.”

    Then my son Joe said that’s fraud for him to sign my name and he got all over him, waving a steak knife around
    while yelling at him. He told my son he is leaving and won’t take him to his girlfriends house in Zion tonight and walked out. Joe went out the backdoor yelling at him and my dog got out. They both chased him. About
    10 minutes later they got back with my dog to which my soon to be ex said that’s the last time you 2 attack me. Yeah right. What a delusional bipolar idiot he is.

    After spending the majority of the day trying to blame me for his problems and trying to convince me house is going to go to sale on Jan 7th with no foreclosure ever being granted to “PHH MORTGAGE CORP,” he expects me to believe he is going to “fix the roof” in wintertime with that
    Fraudulent check he acquired from the insurance company without my knowledge or consent?

    I refuse to accept a check for anything from the investors in the mortgage fraud who are trying to steal my house and business property without a legal assignment. I told my soon to be ex that many times over the past couple of years. I know he wants my signature to validate their fraud closure and he is never going to get that from me so he and his criminal friends can steal my property titles and my dignity. I also told him I refuse to sign my name onto anything with him because we are getting a divorce.

    He came into the courthouse today as well even though I asked him not to. He told me he was not going to come into the courtroom and again he lied. He tried to talk to my attorney to which I asked the attorney not to discuss the case with him. He is becoming desperate to control my life.

    He told me in the car on the way back from court if we “lose the house” I am not coming with him. To which I told him I am not going to “lose” my house and I would never, under any circimstances, “come with him.”

    He is such a control freak that he can’t control himself any longer.

    He tried to convince me that my son Joe stole mine and his “missing wedding rings” and sold them. I told him I know that’s not true, Joe would never do that. I told him why does he even care about his wedding ring because he never wore it. To which he said it has “sentimental value” to him. I could barely contain my laughter. I told him I always wore mine until the diamond fell out and I could no longer wear it because the prongs kept catching on my clothing. I told him I asked you last November to replace it with a cubic zirconia for Christmas and he refused. Not long after that my rings suddenly disappeared. He said it was not up to him to replace the stone that fell out. What a heartless jerk.

  20. I have court at the Will County Courthouse this morning at 9 in room 407. I have a drs letter explaining that i am beong treated for symptoms of a “nervous breakdown” from defending my own legal rights in fthese 2 fraudclosures . I will let you all know how it all goes.

  21. Correction, the info from the previous 2 comments can be found in the below entitled book. Those, as well as much of the info pertaining to and leading up to all of the events I speak of are spoken about in that book.

  22. The information in the previous comment can be found in Ted Flynn’s book “The Thunder of Justice.”

  23. This was done under the guise of felonious Corporate lending practices by Chase who are not an American bank because their Board of Directors are directed by the Russians under a little known Corporate loophole, a Assumption and Presumption Agreement aka the “Corporate Resolution.” That quite frankly means their employees swear and attest to their employers own fraudulent
    business practices from anyplace imaginable and none of it is legal in these United States.

  24. The intended result of the fraudulent business model of securitization was privatisation. The Corporate oligarchs and plutocrats of the world, decided long ago, around 1982, to hijack our Treasury Department, under the guise of issuing “home loans,” and use that as a way to issue themselves innumerable amounts of U.S. Taxpayer dollars under the guise of

    the “issuance of credit.” They did that vis a vis the “Board of Directors” of the Russian
    controlled, U.S. Taxpayer funded GSE’s, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac vis a
    vis the directorate of the largest Russian owned and controlled bank in the world, Chase Manhatten and their
    “Investment Banking” subsidiary,
    Morgan Stanley. That is how they
    funded all of their felonious practices vis a vis all of their own individual TBTF
    “investment banking
    houses” up on wall street. Many of which were hidden gambling
    houses called “mortgage brokerage firms” such as Margaretten Mortgage
    They planned the very day, minute and
    hour, years in advance that they
    would pretend to sell off all of their
    worthless, phony and fraudulent
    “stock and bond certificates” as a
    means to cash in
    on all of their felony fraud they
    committed in our unmarried names by investing in the “birth certificate bonds” they created.

    That would be done several years after they destroyed all of the evidence of their crimes under the
    guise of a horrific “terrorist attack” aka 9-11. It was all well “planned out” by
    the “world leaders” under host
    Gorbachev, at the “Rio or, Earth
    Summit” held in Brazil in June of

    The meeting was set to be held to
    discuss global “environmental issues”
    such as clean air, clean water, and
    the containment of acid rain after the “Chernobyl” incident. This was meant to be a huge
    opening for the
    “globalists,” the “money masters” of
    the world who could have an opportunity to “come together,” under
    the guise of Mother Earth. However, Rio was really about massive redistribution of wealth from the
    industrialized countries to the poor countries, global socialism, people
    control, and world government. Russia was planning a world wide revolution hiding from within the United Nations. They used the Rio Earth Summit to plan how they would surround us with

    Mikhail Gorbachev rose to the head of
    the International Green
    Cross, taking over the environmental
    movement with governmental
    blessing. This was after the
    former premier was ousted in a coup by hardliners who are now in the
    present government.

    Privatisation was meant to be a coup de tat of our Birth Certificates, our U.S. Citizenship papers. This was done by privatizing our stolen wealth under the guise of felonious Corporate lending practices
    by a

  25. If they do not have the legal assignment, that means you did not sign the “Mortgage Contract.” That also means they do not hold, possess and absolutely cannot be a holder in due course of any such “security instrument,” aka “the Note(s).

    There is no law in equity for the issuance of credit. Especially not for credit that was issued fraudulently. That is in fact, counterfeiting of U.S. Bank Notes.

  26. When they say “follow the money” they really mean “follow the traitors at the Chicago Merc.” They are all undoubtedly friends of Tony Rezco and Alexi Giounalious who wanted what Blago described as that bleeping golden thing aka as Obamas old Senate seat.

  27. The “put option” traitors of 9-11, aka The Chicago Board of Commerce, who work for the Chicago Board of Trade hiding out at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange aka “the Merc.” They are who work for the communist resocialists who hate the Vatican and the Catholic Church and wanted to bring down the Vatican Bank.

  28. The conquest has always been over Christianity and this has never stopped since the beginning of time. In this latest conquest, the battle for our castle, is being waged on our titles to our U.S. Citizenship, our long form birth certificates. That is what “these people” are really fraudclosing upon. There are many conquests they wish to acheive along the way. Those
    conquests are created by Algorithm graphs and charts by the Board of
    Directors of “Corporate America” by
    people who have a really sick
    gambling problem “up on wall street.”
    This was all designed by
    the malefactor to conquer the mind
    and body in conquest of the human
    spirit which is our soul. We are all
    human and we all have a spirit that
    we may spend our entire
    lives searching for and some of us may
    never find. If you do find it however, the devil
    wants to redeem it. By doing so, it
    seeks to steal your human
    spirituality. It hijacked our human
    bonds, our birth certificates and
    fraudulently converted them into
    stock/bond certificates that were all used as human put options at the Chicago Board of Trade by the Chicago “Board of Commerce” and sold off to the highest bidders in the days leading up to 9-11. This was done to steal our
    dignity which is our humanity and that
    should have never been allowed to
    ever happen in our nation that was founded on the basis of Christianity with the hope of ending feudalism with such conquerors. The devil is clever however and always finds new and unique ways to try and conquer Gods creations.

    This ongoing war between good and evil will one day end, as God the Creator of all promised, and Good
    will triumph over it is what I believe.

  29. Why would they want a “goody two shoes” like me who hates drugs, does not drink and despises all of their fraud, lies and deceit. It is all about the conquest and this entity will use any means to achieve it. Such as, how’s about a loan modification because you caught me? That way when “the loan” fails again, and it will, it can steal it all from you in three months because you signed an all new “agreement” with it.

  30. Or how they want everyone to quit smoking as if they are perfect. All of that while they are drugging up the entire nation.

  31. I remember one evening in late spring my daughter barged in my yard for a bonfire with her friends to which I told her I am going out. As I was pulling out of my driveway she yelled to me “why don’t you just accept your fate.” I was stunned by that remark to say the least. Or how my sister called me today to see how I am doing and she said the words “move forward” at least 3 times as well as told me she is depressed. She is on zanax and is depressed which does not say much for the “establishment” who prescribed those highly addictive pills for her. People are brainwashed.

  32. What this evil moves to do is separate the principal from its agent. By doing so it can deliver the principal first and the agent to its evil alter ego at a later date. For example, this evil wants my bag with all of my journal writings and original legal work so it keeps kidnapping me from my house hoping I will drop the ball so to speak. It is waging a heavy duty all out psychological war on me to try and get inside of my head. It wants to know how your brain operates because you should not know this stuff you know. It uses distinct phrases like Move Forward to try and make you forget about your past or key words such as Relax. It may make an entire conversation with you to instill a key communist word or phrase in your head such as, “he is going to put you in the Looney bin.” It is all about the three C’s trying to force you to Comply, Conform and
    Cooperate with all of its fraud, lies and deceit without you even knowing it by it committing secret/open Satanic Ritual Abusive practices right in front of your face or from behind your back. This is the concept behind “Luciferianism,” it is all about presenting fear as a “light bearer” of truth but it is really about making you believe the first lie it ever told you, that you signed a contract with it. Communism is Satanic Ritual based and uses deceit, lies, fraud and finally severely abuses its victim to force Luciferianism which is totalitarianism, on its intended target.
    The satanic ritual abuses run the gamit such as, it keeps stealing my
    possessions from me in order to try
    and cause me to flip a switch and be
    forced into Luciferianism. The meaning behind John
    Lennon’s song, Imagine was not so peachy keen. By saying imagine no possessions or no heaven is a fraud. God would not want us to imagine there is no heaven and communists would surely love us to abandon all of our possessions. This entity wants
    you to
    believe you are better off
    with no possessions, that way it is
    easier to seduce the intended target into all types of evil abominations of
    the devil. When you are left broke and
    homeless for example you may be
    easier lead astray. They always move to drug their victims to ease them into the evil transition.

  33. In regards to this spiritual war being waged by the devil himself under the guise of fraudclosure, this evil fully intends to keep everyone living in spiritual darkness. By doing so it is trying to prevent you from seeking the light, which is the higher knowledge aka “the forbidden knowledge.” It is the same forbidden fruit as in the Garden of Eden except this time, the
    serpent who is the devil himself is fraudulently concealing itself not as
    an apple but as any and every entity and agency imaginable. That is the real difficulty in defending a fraud
    closure pro se. When you do recognize the evil it you cannot obey it
    or it will harm you. The reason being
    it fully intends to permanently harm
    you the human person by trying to
    steal your human spirituality. That is the reason why I fled from that Mokena “cop” in Frankfort that Evening last summer. I have a court appearance Friday morning at 9 a.m. at the Will County Courthouse on that issue and let me just say my faith is stronger than ever, it is our corrupt legal system that I do not trust. This evil is quite deceptive because it moves more swiftly than any beast of
    the field the Lord God has made. First it moves to discredit you, then it moves to criminalize you, institution alize you or imprison you for its own crimes against you.

    For example, Padre Pio was always under attack because he outed this
    evil just as I have done.

  34. Those “cops” and “paramedics will not redirect their anger at me because they are working for the very entity who wants to destroy this country by destroying our economy. That is the biggest secret that no one is being told. These so called investors who have their pension funds invested in the Origination and Reinsurance fraud are not concerned about their annuities checks but are more concerned about being outed as traitors to God and We The People who sign their paychecks.

  35. “The Recovery and Reinvestment Act” is the reason why the economy is awful for so many Americans. It is because there is no U.S. Taxpayer dollars are going into our Treasury but is all going into the bank accounts of the “investors” in the Origination Fraud they created. So instead of the cops and paramedics being mad at me for speaking the truth about why they are all working to repay Peter to rerob Paul, they should be mad at the Board of Directors over at J.P. MORGAN/MORGAN STANLEY. That would include the Board of Directors over at AIG who robbed our Treasury to fund their Nazi inspired fraud reinsurance program aka The PRISM Program which is a Nazi run prison program hiding within our own prison system that We The People fund and already paid for. That’s right America, we are paying our own enemies both foreign and domestic to not only imprison us in our own prison system but to turn our entire country into a Russian gulag prison camp right on U.S. SOIL.

  36. The truth is my soon to be ex is working just to repay the IRS for all of his years of tax evasion that I knew nothing about while he is under Federal Investigation for numerous crimes. He is in fact, no different than any American who are working under the terms of a 5 year “buyback” aka a “federal repurchase agreement,” with the Federal Reserve Bank under the terms of the Obama Administrations mandated Recovery and Reinvestment Act. However, he is different than many Americans who are working simply to repay for the mortgage note counterfeiting of the “white shoe boys” as Gerald Celente coins them. The reason being he has tons of money hidden from me. That is why he secretly is trying to divorce me vis a vis his fraudulent foreclosure suits he brought upon me. He never thought I was smart enough to discover he and his Russian comrades are the RPII fraud closing upon my birth certificate bond and also my assets he has hidden from me. He is a rotten soul.

  37. The truth is, I am being treated for symptoms of a nervous breakdown brought on by my soon to be ex husband.

  38. The truth is, it is my job to speak out on the internet about all of the fraud lies and abuse by my soon to be ex and all of his criminal minions and cohorts. The FBI hired me to expose them and all of their crimes against humanity. This begs the question as to why my oldest son Tony told me at the hospital on my birthday to stay off of the internet. My soon to be ex told me my own father told him to keep me off of the internet. He is not only not supposed to be talking to my family but he is also not supposed to be relaying me any messages from anyone about anything whatsoever. He is undoubtedly a very dangerous
    bipolar schizophrenic who is hell bent on turning the tables on me by trying to discredit me by
    calling me nuts when quite the opposite is true. He is being watched like a hawk by the FBI and I am assured that what occurred in my home a week ago last Friday will never happen again. That was yet another perfect example of the State of Illinois abusing its power. They were not supposed to physically harm me to which they did. I was sent for a check up because of all of my exes abuses towards me. This morning I called him regarding these issues because as usual he was talking crap to me before he left for “work.” He asked me in a room full of people if I am starting my shit again? Ha. No in fact he is the one who is starting his crap again after he was warned to knock it off with me. He told me I am a “wack job” in a room full of people as well. He told me there is no FBI. Yeah right. If that were the case the FBI told me, I would be still sitting in Will County Jail’s FEMA CAMP. Also, the FBI told me the lie that “cop” is not going to get away with any of the lies he
    told about me and they will never again be allowed to drag me from my home again or physically harm me. The Comcast cable box is back on my family room TV so now not only is everything they are saying and doing being recorded by the FBI but it is also being videotaped within a two room radius. My soon to be ex and his family have always thought they were too slick to get caught and they all think they are above the law. I look forward to the day I am publicly vindicated.

  39. When you start being told to “stay off the internet” you know this fraud has infiltrated everything and this fraud is of monumental proportions. This has to be the most vast criminal conspiracy in history.

  40. When a cop could go as far as to lie about a great upstanding citizen such as myself, with no criminal record and not so much as a speeding ticket, we are all in serious trouble. When you are a target of these “investors” who are the cops, the judges, the politicians and anyone in general, your life is in peril. I am the most non violent and peaceful person there is. I
    went as far as to give my father back the gun and the bullets he gave us when we were first married. I threw
    every knife I owned out when he
    started threatening me. He thteatened to stab me in my face with a steak knife. He threw a knife at me when we lived in our old house while I was ironing one time and it just missed me but stuck in my kitchen wall. I believe these investors in our birth certificates all have a serious psycgological illness.

    The psychologist told me he does not think I am nuts or violent at all. He told
    me that extreme stress like what I am under which he described as “terrible” can cause many symptoms. He told me my treatment will be short and I
    will only be taking that med for a very
    short period of time.

    This country is in a shambles.

  41. Many people I have spoken with believe he is trying to set me up for something. He actually approached the nurse at the treatment center when he came to pick me up and told her he doesn’t think I am ready to leave yet. To which she told him the Dr already discharged me. She told me to “keep my wits about me” and if I have any problems with him to call her.

    My son Joe told me today my son Mike was talking about selling all of my furniture on eBay while I was in the mental abuse center.

    They are definitely up to something.

    I called the drs office about the prescription cost and the nurse told me you can go to rx.com and get that prescription at Walmart for $11.70 with their coupon.

    A “cop” literally lied to a nurse and said he heard me say things I never said. Wow is this ever getting evil.

  42. My life is filled with traitors who have never done anything to except for being good as gold to every one of them. The only time my father and I ever had a serious disagreement was when he called in hospice for my Grandfather not long after they did away with my grandmother. I told him they better not start drugging him Well sure enoigh they started drugging him up p. To which my father told me they
    are not, he’s not in any pain. My
    grandfather was not physically ill but
    depressed over the loss of my
    grandmother. Well sure enough they started drugging him up with strong anti psychotics. Needless to say hospice goes against all of my religious and moral beliefs but moreover, my grandfather did not want them there. I tried to intervene to
    No avail and my son Michael was my witness to that. My father got furious with me for saying that I disapproved of what was going on at my grandfather’s house. I was always very close with both of my Grandparents and my Grandmother was a strict Catholic her entire life. She always brought me to Saturday night mass at our Lady of the Ridge Church, our local parish where I also took my wedding vows 32 years ago. I felt my father has seriously resented me, ever since I spoke my mind about that entire ordeal, which I felt in good conscience was something that I had
    to do on behalf of the both of them. My feelings about it all have not changed with time. I strongly believe that it is one thing when you are sick and want that but another when you may be suffering but do not want that.I know my Grandfather did not want that and iI also believe he thought hospice was there to heal my Grandmother and saw that was simply not the case. He truly was petrified of those people.

  43. Walgreens quoted me a price of $629.00 for 60 of the generic form of zyprexa. Are they out of their cotton picking minds? Why would a doctor prescribe a generic that expensive to someone he knows full well cannot afford that? That is a crime of monumental proportions in and of itself. What on Gods green earth is wrong with these people? Are they
    that out of touch with reality? He said
    he does not want me stressing out
    needlessly so he prescribes me that
    uber expensive prescription? What a societal hypocrite. That is the
    definition of a secret society that is
    controlling its own fraud from behind
    the scenes of their own crimes.
    These are the “investors” who have only their own best interest in mind and to hell with all of the rest of us. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be CHASE Bank/Morgan Stanley’s “Board of Directors.”

    Who can think of a scarier scenario than to be forcibly taken from your own family room sofa, where you thought you were safe by complete strangers who would go as far as to shut your own family room door so the neighbors could not hear what they were doing to you inside of your own home. November 7th also just so happened to be the day I had court on Plaintiffs Motion To Summary Judgment re my business property fraud closure that very afternoon as well as a court appearance at Bridgeview courthouse at virtually the same exact time. I told the attorney in the Bridgeview case I had court that day downtown at the Daley Center and he never notified me by U.S. Mail about anything in regard to that case.

  44. Retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson has many videos on you tube regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). He investigated the McMartin preschool child molestation case and found it was all based in Satanic Ritual Abuse. The video was entiltled, The CIA and Satanism.

    Also while they had me locked up at PCH against my own free will, they threw all of my personal belongings I was sorting through over the past several months all over my house. Now it literally looks like an episode of “hoarders” and they created it. I spent more than half of my Evening, looking all over my house for my own personal belongings that they threw most of it into my living room and dining room. This was all done I was told so that my soon to be ex could watch TV in the family room, after he took over my bedroom and keeps my 2 dogs locked up as hostages every single night. His selfishness and greed are simply appalling and beyond the pale of most human beings comprehension. You literally cannot walk in my dining room or my living room. I am completely disgusted by him.

  45. The straw that finally broke the camels back happened this Evening when my 23 year old son Joe told me I had better leave my front door unlocked for him. To which I told him No. I want all of my doors locked. To which he told me that I was being paranoid and I am obviously “not better” and I am going to end up “rightback in there.” Wow, right? Then, after he returned back to my house around an hour later, (he told me he was only going across the street to his friend
    Joe Kwiatts house, even though he is sick as hell with a throat infection), he engaged himself in the quarell
    between his father and I over the “prescription card” that I refused to
    use. He told me I am selfish and I only care about myself and I need a good punch in the head. A real chip off the old block. I was appalled, and may I say that not too many things appall me at this stage of their evil game. This is my son who has juvenile myocIonic epilepsy. He seems to have forgotten the numerous times that I, his mother, who brought him into the world, saved his life during various grand mal seizures that had I not been there, he would not have survived. Or the many times I watched over him fpr hours, while trying to prevent him , from having a major seizure episode. I am the mother who took him to every single neurologist appointment except for the last one, as well as every single doctor appointment he ever had. He also did not even acknowledge my coming home this Evening. To say that I am broken hearted does not even come close to how I feel. I absolutely devastated by this. I called my father to tell him about this and he told me very angrily, “that I can’t help it you can’t get along with your family” and he hung up on me. This is after he scheduled a meeting with the “social worker” up at the “hospital” without me knowing about it. I caught him walking in to the hospital and that is when I was forced to sit in and listen to him betray his own flesh and blood. I am utterly so revolted by him that I no longer wish to ever speak to him
    again. He has disgraced our family name and has no longer has any room
    to talk about his own sons who he has said “disgraced him,” yet he can’t do enough for them, however, he has never done anything to help me, his oldest daughter who has never asked him for anything in entire 32 year marriage. He went as far as to tell me several months ago when my marital difficulties began, if I don’t go get on meds, not to come to his funeral. Well he certainly does not have to worry about that because I won’t be there.

  46. May I add these Nazis hide their “swastikas” from behind the “Corporate Logos.”

    When I said I would not “aid nor abet anymore of his fraud,” what I meant by that statement was, when I was finally given notice of it, only by seeking my own discovery, by 2 separate, formal written request, under the
    “rules of the supreme court,” followed up with,
    2 formal written 201k warning letters, to both sets of “attorneys for
    plaintiffs” to which were never
    “responded to” by those “attorneys,” I
    was forced to realize that “he” was
    “his own plaintiff” who was using and
    abusing me, as his own defendant to
    not only win a settlement for himself and others illegally, but to then use
    that very settlement I won, as a
    weapon to criminalize me so that I
    would cop a “temporary insanity” plea
    in his manufactured “car chase” scenario, to which he could use
    against me, to either force compliance with all of his evil plans for me with the threat of “institutionalizing” me in a “state run hospital” at a time he saw fit. He would try to use that mind control “ploy” to try and force me,
    to go “up the river” with him, and his
    “cohorts and minions,” who are all in fact, luciferians who are satanists. Those “cohorts and minions” would
    include, I am sad to say, some of my
    very own family members.

    If it all sounds “too crazy” to believe, it is all more than likely true because “foreclosure” is by and large, a “vast criminal conspiracy” by the “investors” who could quite frankly be “just about anybody,” from your own family members to the cops, lawyers, politicians, judges and doctors who run these County Courtrooms, from behind the scenes of their own crimes against us. This is the direct result of no “policing” “up on wall street” of our National Security. Which is our own God-given birth right, to humanly Acknowledge our own original “Certificated long form
    Birth Certificates.”

    Our “birth certificates” have been both literally and figuratively been drenched in the blood of these “wall street investors” vis a vis “pension plans” that are actually “fraud reinsurance” policies that can never be legally “cashed” as checks in repayment of a debt that never actually existed “within the meaning of the law.”

    Meaning, God as my witness, these
    turkeys are all wantoned felons, who
    cannot fly.

    They all should be stripped of their “grandfathered in” pensions and forced to give it all back to the homeless U.S. Taxpayers they themselves intended to create which would include every U.S. Citizen born here except for them, themselves.

    That would include the dirty tax deal they made with a “foreign government,” not pur own under the “Obama Administrations Re- Investment Act”, which is in fact, hidden within the “Healthcare Law.” It was a Corporate “tax,” a 5 year put back deal of the “IRS” money they
    “owed” to try and “clear their own
    names” regarding their own fraudulent business practices, when in fact they
    spend their entire lives doing nothing
    but finding ways to avoid paying taxes
    to the U.S. Government proper who
    are We The People of these United States.

  47. What are these men really trying to fraudulently conceal behind all of their Satanic Ritual Abusisive (SRA) practices is worse than anyone could ever imagine. They are quite frankly, child molestors, who hide behind a big fake, phony facade and never thought they would get caught. Well the good lord works in mysterious ways. There are elements working with me within the U.S. Government who wanted me to find out the truth about these men and may I say, that is what they are really trying so desperately to keep “secret” from me. Well it is much too late for that. I never intended to reveal what I know but because they chose to “play dirty pool” I am going to tell all and I hope it is before a Grand Jury hearing because they have not only taken this way too far by trying to involve my adult kids in this, but, they are slithering lower than the belly of a snake by literally abusing the “power of the state” to “shut me up.”

    The psychologist Dr. Arif, told me there are no “tests” that can be given to determine a “mental illness.” He based his entire “diagnosis” on hearsay and speculation he derived from testimony by my soon to be ex husband who does not have a legal leg to stand on. Would you believe they use electroshock therapy on human beings at 2 North of Palos
    Community Hospital? I read it on a sign in the hallway and was literally appalled at not only the notion of it but the implied threat. The implied threat being we are all living in a State Run Nazi Concentration Camp. How can this be happening in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? The answer is ….. When communists who are in fact, Nazis, who hide their “swastikas” are allowed to invest in
    our Securities are posing as
    “investors” in their own “fraud, sin and avarice that is the end result. The Dr. actually had the incessant nerve to tell me to ask the “Hospital” which can only be compared to a Nazi Concentration Camp, to forgive the bill they fraudulently induced upon me as a “gift” from what can only be described as the “black knight hospitalliers.” I will not hear of that for if I did that I would be accepting their tyranny as a “free gift” that I never asked for nor ever wanted.

  48. The threats are consistent and have not stopped since I came back to my house. The evil jerk has threatened to call 911 because I wanted my family room patio door cracked open to allow some fresh air to circulate through my house. He tried to coerce me into allowing him to use a “prescription discount card” he obtained through his PRISM Program comrade uncles, the reinsurance fraud salesmen, in my
    name without my knowledge or
    consent. I refused to comply to which infuriated him. I told him that we are getting a divorce because the illegal shit he pulled one week ago from last Friday on the 7th of November was the final straw. I told him I am done with him and I do not, will not and cannot aid and abet anymore of his fraud. To which he replied I am going to end up in a “state hospital.” To which I told him under what grounds could that occur since by law we are legally separated because he brought these 2 fraud closures upon me. That is beside the fact that a State marriage license without a underlying contract is a worthless piece of paper that has no legal force or effect meaning it is a nullity, null and void al abinito. No contract, no deal. He in actuality has 4 bastard children. The reason being he is a stone cold liar who married me under false pretenses. Those false pretenses were he only married me to obtain innumerable amounts of credit in my unregistered married name without my knowledge or consent. It is kind of the same fraud as when Satan seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden in order to plant his demon seed. He used the poison apple scenario to blame her for Adams own misgivings. Henceforth came 2 sets of demon seeds through Samael and Lilith, demons in human form. However I am actually dealing with the devil himself as well as his alter ego Lucifer who is the epitome of evil incarnate. I told him this Evening that I am going to seek legal counsel to discover “his” assets to which made him squirm. I told him I know he wants my journals and all of my original legal work to wit is absolutely worthless along with everything else if I am not firmly attached to any of it. He told me I can have the house and all he wants is some of the “old furniture.” To which I replied the house is in “foreclosure.” Right? He told me up at the “gulag” at Palos Community Hospital that he thinks that I am a “smart, beautiful young lady” who is “too smart.” Which explains a little bit about why I was locked up there for 11 days against my will. He also told me this Evening to “stay off the inyernet” to which I told him I simply refuse to do that. To that he said he is going to have the internet “shut off” tomorrow. He told me my Father recommended that to
    him in a phone conversation that he
    had with him this morning. I told him not only is my “Father” not supposed to be talking to you but you are not supposed to be relaying to me any messages from anybody but esp. not members of my own family according to the Federal Rules of this ongoing Federal Investigation into all of his fraudulent “business practices” which run the gamut from money laundering to escape Federal Prosecution regarding all of the underlying fraudulent business practices he has been engaging in for at least the past 20 years which would include first and foremost, using my principal residence as his place of business to hide the fact his “used car business” was being used as a front for drug running and drug trafficking hiding behind the mortgage fraud by the INVESTORS in the biggest bank in the world, J.P.MORGAN CHASE and its “affiliate investment bank” his baby, MORGAN
    STANLEY and their illicit accounting
    firm, DEAN WITTER who put ENRON
    and their accounting firm to absolute shame.

  49. The “paramedics” dislocated my left thumb when they forcibly picked me up from my family room sofa and gave me tendon and ligament damage. They through me on the gurney and put restraints on me though I did not resist them, I told them they needed a court order to remove me from my house. They said they did not. My soon to be ex filed a petition and a certificate against me after the fact to use as a weapon to force me to sign myself in to Palos Community Hospital or I was told they would seek a court order that could take 2-3 weeks to obtain from a judge. The State of Illinois is of course, abusing its power by forcing submission to what can only be desribed as Satanic Ritual Abusive Practices by my soon to be ex and his minions and cohorts. The nurses told me to call an attorney so I did. The attorney asked me if I documented the dislocated thumb to which I told them I did. They gave me the name of an attorney who could assist me.

  50. The evil jerk had the oak forest “paramedics” come into my home and dragged me to the E.R. at Palos Community Hospital against my will and forced me to sign myself in for a psych exam. It was brutal. I was forced to stay there against my will for ten days. The psychologist Dr. Arif, concluded I was under extreme “emotional distress” caused by my defending 2 fraudclosures pro se. He said grown men would be crying if they had endured what I have endured over the past 5 years. He prescribed zyprexa and said he thought I was “in the middle” of a nervous breakdown. He told me I at least deserve a “medal of valor” for what I have been forced to endure. He told me I will only be prescribed this drug for a short time. 5 MG’s per day. He said he does not think I am crazy, violent etc. Just extremely emotionally abused. Well no kidding? The evil bastard made me wait 5 hours to pick me up and has been threatening me ever since I came hone. My kid Joe has joined in on the abuse. My father is a traitor as well. He is definitely “all in” on the mind control fraud, lies and abuse of his own daughter. My Aunt Linda and my Mother were both very supportive and gave me great advice, Thank God.

  51. The evil jerk had the oak forest “paramedics” come into my home and dragged me to the E.R. at Palos Community Hospital against my will and forced me to sign myself in for a psych exam. It was brutal. I was forced to stay there against my will for ten days. The psychologist Dr. Arif, concluded I was under extreme “emotional distress” caused by my defending 2 fraudclosures pro se. He said grown men would be crying if they had endured what I have endured over the past 5 years. He prescribed zyprexa and said he thought I was “in the middle” of a nervous breakdown. He told me I at least deserve a “medal of valor” for what I have been forced to endure. He told me I will only be prescribed this drug for a short time. 5 MG’s per day. He said he does not think I am crazy, violent etc. Just extremely emotionally abused. Well no kidding? The evil bastard made me wait 5 hours to pick me up and has been threatening me ever since I came hone. My kid Joe has joined in on the abuse. My father is a traitor as well.

  52. The Federal Government really needs to replace all of the state, county and local “law enforcement” personnel with FBI agents in Illinois as well. The Russians have infiltrated all Illinois law enforcement agencies. As a direct result of 9/11, every U.S. Citizen of this State is living in peril.

  53. The State Government in Illinois has been taken over by the Russian Government and as a result is a completely corrupt and useless sham. As a direct result of the 9/11 attack by the Russian Government that was intended to destroy all of the evidence of their completely fabricated and criminal “financial crisis,” the FBI really needs to invoke their
    Criminal Legal Federal Subject Matter Jurisdiction in
    the County Courtrooms of this State. The FBI needs to request an immediate Federal mandate from President Obama, an Emergency Federal Order granting them the aforesaid and formally request an
    Executive Order signed into law by him so they can immediately, shut down all of these communist, fascist, State run
    County Courtrooms and take Federal
    Legal Custody over all of them, and turn those courtrooms all in Federal
    Appeals courts, overturn all of these
    wrongful foreclosures and all criminal
    convictions. We are not being
    self governed as our founding fathers
    intended, for the people, by the people,
    but are in fact being dictated to by the
    Russian opposition to that.

  54. The FBI spoke with my soon to ex today and told him he is going away tomorrow. The reason being he has become much to violent and aggressive with me. He also failed to pay the Comcast bill on time and my house/phone internet service was shut off yesterday. He is in direct violation with the terms of the agreement of this ongoing FBI sting operation in regards to all if his wantoned criminal and felonious acts against me. He is not supposed to hit me, threaten me, abuse me in any way and he has been doing that consistently for the last several months. He is also never supposed to cut off any telecommunications in my
    home. He was also told by the FBI, that when he came to my house tonight, he
    was to tell me the truth about everything. He was also supposed to tell me there is no court at Bridgeview Courthouse tomorrow morning because I am in Federal Protective Custody pending his arrest. When I asked him about this at first he admitted he met with the FBI today and admitted I won. He would not however admit that I do not have court in his manufactured case in Bridgeview tomorrow morning that he scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in room 207 with his completely corrupt Judge friend who never once gave me a written court order, and his criminal
    public defender comrade Nader
    Zugayer who never notified me by mail about any such court appearance as the law in the State of Illinois requires no less thsn 28 days written notice upon a written court order signed by the sitting judge who gave the order must be sent by U.S. mail. I was never pulled over by a Tinley Park cop and I never received any written tickets by U.S. Mail notifying me of any traffic violations. This entire fiasco has been manufactured by my soon to be ex and his comrades who don’t have a leg to stand on because I am in Federal Protective Custody. He wants there to be a shoot out at my house over me with his Russian criminal friends. The FBI assures me that is not going to happen. They cannot issue a local, state or county warrant on a Federal Officer who is in Protective Custody. That Federal Officer would be me.

  55. I meant to say, Oslo, Norway/Sweden. The devils advocate behind this worldwide satanic plot is said to be from Oslo, Rabbi Scmuele, who is the head of the Chabad Lubovich organization and sits at the head of the group of “9 unknown men” who dictate policy for the Russian President through their “speakers” at the U.N. who represent Russia who
    are put there to conceal the titular
    heads of the “big club” on Wall Street
    aka “the learned elders of zion.”
    who run the entire U.N./NATO
    Organization for the Russian FSB, formerly known as the KGB
    that was a CIA counterintelligence
    agency. Meaning a U.S. Taxpayer
    funded, Russian spy ring operating
    assorted types of black ops on U.S.
    Soil. They pose as anyone imaginable. Most of them are born here though
    some are not. Like the ones who
    remodled my kitchen who “worked
    for” the now defunct, Home Depot
    Expo in Downers Grove, Illinois. One of
    those CIA black ops go by the name
    FINCEN. FINCEN were given a
    mandate by “Congress” to operate
    Russian banking black ops on U.S.
    soil. I take it they were put here by
    their comrades in the Senate to
    discredit each others own fraudulent
    practices over at Bailout Central Casting aka Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
    That mandate is evidence of treason
    by the traitors from within. Even with
    Senate Banking Committee/House
    mandate all approved by Congress
    FINCEN has no legal jurisdiction to act
    on U.S. soil as a U.S. Taxpayer
    funded/Federally Insured Regulatory
    Agency. They are acting as their own
    advocates for their own counterfeits. They are probably the headquarters for the “bank attorneys.” More evidence of treason by the politicians.

    The Queen of Sweden is said to be the satanic ringleader who tells everyone what to do.

    Unfortunately, you just can’t make this
    stuff up or you would be a gazillionaire.

  56. 9-11 is the cause of this entire fraud closure “mess.” 9-11 was a vast satanic conspiracy against God, the Creator, for the souls of humanity. Fraudclosure was the intended end game plan of Marxist – Leninist Satanism which is by, and large, the ideology, that is the basis for Satanic – Luciferianism written about by the Jesuiti in the Book of Revelations.

    Fraudclosure was meant to “put” an
    end to all of
    Christianity by bringing down the
    Vatican Bank, they would very
    deceptively of course, bring down the
    Catholic Church from behind the scenes, and end the Medici
    Legacy, with what are known as
    “Legacy Loans.” A kinder – gentler
    sounding name for “Liar’s Loans.”
    “Liar’s Loans,” as they were so aptly
    named, when “ex banking regulator”
    Professor Bill Black “coined the
    phrase,” “Liar’s Loans,” “so to speak.”
    ‘Liar’s Loans” were the “poison pill” of
    the “mortgage industry.” That poison
    pill, mortgage note/U.S. bank note
    counterfeiting by the Russians, that
    began in 1982 under Reagan/Bush aka the
    S&L “crisis” that was a token gesture to the Russians by the traitors on the Senate House Banking Committee that it was o.k. with them for the Russian Banks to rob the U.S.
    Citizenry of all of our working capital by over issuing investments in U.S. Government bond fraud. AKA THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE BOND FRAUD. The S&L “crisis” signalled to
    the KRemlin it was a.o.k. for them to
    commit decades long mortgage fraud
    and abuse. The
    Russians fraudulently conceal their true identity because they never, ever act in their own name, by registering, recording or filing their FEIN #s as
    U.S. Treasury Law requires. In other
    words, “Liar’s Loans” is a code name for this secret Russian Communist plot against our Constitutional Republic.
    . The “Liar’s Loans” were designed to be tiny little Nazi concentration camps for the mind that are encapsulized, in
    the form of “Foreclosure Complaints.”
    Those fraudulent suits were meant to
    send each and
    every U.S. born Christian American,
    marching to
    the Russian FEMA CAMPS, aka
    “Buchenwald for the Christian soul” whether you cooperate, comply and conform or not.
    The intended outcome by the Russian pond scum was for We The People to just accept that we are no more than “A
    Nation of Renters” of our own Country
    . Even though We The People already
    paid for everything upfront at the
    Origination Fraud. Fraudclosure was
    intended to put any American who
    invokes the red letter of the law, aka
    U.S. & Common Law/the U.S. Bill of
    Rights into a drug induced, cyanide
    laced “purple
    haze” of biblical proportions.
    How dare any American Citizen born
    here invoke their birth right and reject
    the Communist doctrine of Marxist – Leninist communist “re-socialism” aka Satanic Luciferianism.
    Their credo was to fraudulently
    induce their own Counterfeit “Mortgage
    Notes” as a cause of action in fraudclosure. Those counterfeits were
    meant to be triggers. A hidden “Death
    Camp for
    Cutie,” Neo-Nazi style Russian agenda called,
    “Gangnham Style.” All of these fraud closures are in reality gangland style shootings of all of our Liberties. We
    The People were fraudulently induced
    to “notes endorsed in blank” at the “closing table” because we were never intended to see them coming
    for what they call all of us, “American
    Idiots.” We
    were all supposed to be “dead skin on trial” and never remember
    what we “saw” in “that room” at the “closing table.” Which was by and
    large, a Satanic Freemasonic Ritual
    Abuse tactic, taken right from the
    Devil’s Bible. It was “plotted out in black
    and white” in Aleister
    Crowley’s satanic ritual abuse handbook called “The Book of the

    What the Kremlin really wanted was its
    own German, Nazi Controlled
    “Bundesbank” to be the worlds central
    bank, and to do away with the Vatican
    Bank, where the Jesuits aka “the
    swiss bankers” “approve all of the
    shots” under The Protocols of the
    Geneva Convention. The Russians
    wanted the, ” Learned Elders of Zion”
    based in Oslo, Sweden, to “approve
    all of their ‘shots” in regard to banks
    and banking because they completely ignored all of the Vatican’s UCC laws
    aka Red Letter of the Law in regards
    to U.S. Taxpayer funded, Federally
    bonded and insured banks and their
    Federally bonded and insured U.S.
    Taxpayer funded “STOCK/BOND OFFERINGS”
    The U.C.C. laws are very strict in regards to the creation of an Article 8 “Securities Account.” All of the guidelines are governed by NY Trust Law. These laws are set out handily in
    the Issuers Investment Contract aka
    the riders policy which is the Prospectus that keeps the “day books” aka the “General Ledger of Accounts Receivable can only be paid out if the Accounts Payable are “up to date.” That book called ” The Book of Leaves” by these Luciferians who frsudulently conceal the “day books” from the swiss bankers because they
    requite that “Standing
    is remarkable for the
    directorate” in regards to the creation of an Article 8 Investment Security is done by Performance upon the Original Contract by the Original Issuer. Meaning the actual
    human trustee must bring forth the suit and that can only be done by 20% direction of all of the ‘investors.” In the case of this “financial crisis” that could never be possible because the Russians were investors in their own sick and twisted Nazi plot against our
    Constitutional Free Republic. This is why they had to plant their russian generals on the board of directors at AIG. They could then use their own “investors” they planted in the U.S. Supreme Court, namely, “Justice” “John” “Roberts” under strict direction of that 90 year old communist –
    resocialist fascist, wax dummy,
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg, to make all of
    fraud legal under Islamic
    Fundamentalist rule aka,
    “Sharia Law.” “Sharia Law” is aka Islamic Jihad against the Vatican proper, Christianity and all Christians. “Sharia Law” is violent, abusive and hates women. “Sharia Law” is based on Nazism and always uses a fascist doctrine in which to install its dictatorship ruled by its own self appointed dictator. That doctrine is aka Obamacare/The Healthcare Act and the dictator is V.P. Joe Biden who directed by the Bushes, uses a teleprompter to tell Obama what to say and directs him which way to act. “Sharia Law” is
    fundamentally flawed, because it is being dictated through Tel Aviv by its mouthpiece in Moscow sitting at its seat in the Kremlin. “Sharia Law”
    could never hold up in U.S. Federal Court rooms because it is Moslem fundamentalist Rule which is the same as Mob Rule and is unconstitutional. “Sharia Law” has no
    legal LEGS meaning, “Sharia Law”
    does not have a leg to stand on under U.S. & Common Law which is
    Federal Law, because there is no Cause of Action in which to bring a claim in equity for re-establisment of
    Fraud in the Issuing of Credit and
    therefore the Russian Plaintiff has no
    legal way in which to proceed
    because the Plaintiff never had a legal
    basis to Foreclose on any American
    Citizen born here because they never
    had legal Standing. Legal Standing is
    the legal basis to bring a suit in equity
    in these United States. The cause of action states the legal claim and must be proven at the onset. Otherwise there is no legal way in which to bring
    a claim under Roman Canon Law, and no legal way for the Plaintiff to proceed.
    That means quite frankly, you can’t have a legal basis for a lawsuit in
    equity, without a legal binding
    contract because, we are governed
    under Admiralty Law. which is U.S./
    Roman Numbers Law, Red Letter of
    the Law, aka Contract Law. Not Black
    is White “Rule of Law” which in this case is
    Russia/Maritime Law, aka “the Law of the Jungle” that comes from the Sudan in West Africa. The fraudulent inducement of “Sharia Law” aka Russian/Maritime Law is the reason why we the U.S. contracted Ebola. Ebola was caused by the fraudclosure crisis and was planted by the Russians to be the latest viral contagion the malefactor “gifted” U.S.
    with. They fully intend for that “virus” to spread and become a
    world wide epidemic, the new “AIDS” virus. Ebola is the intended
    consequence of J.P. MORGAN
    MERS, not being
    able to fraud close on the entire country because all of their
    mortgage “notes” are fraudulent.

    The reason, the Russians violated the 42nd by law of the U.S. Constitution
    on 9-11, aka the U.S. Bill
    of Rights, by destroying all of the
    evidence of their counterfeit mortgage “notes” and they tried unsuccessfully to pin their crimes on the Medici controlled Vatican. Wherefore, it is axiomatic meaning by legal decree, under Roman Canon Law, because of
    the treasonous act of the Politicians
    of these United States, to wit, were investing in their own mortgage fraud, lies and abuses did by fraudulent
    concealment of the true facts of 9-11
    destroy the U.S. Constitution. Thetefore, We The People are once
    again a self-governing nation who
    govern ourselves under the original U.S.
    . Constitution, the Articles of
    Confederation. Not the Russian confederate articles of reconfederation aka Obamacare/The Healthcare Act. That means all
    elections are sham proceedings and
    all court proceedings are a big fat
    Russian lie unless and until all of the politicians, their minions and cohorts resign.

  57. When my “retired” FBI agent father said to me in regards to my soon to be exes drugging of my coffee that I needed to get drugged up by my ex vis a vis his criminal cohorts and minions in the “medical establishment” because “that is what they do,” he was speaking to me through tongue and cheek. Meaning, if you are stupid enough to fall for that because they are out to destroy your beautiful mind. Well the FBI assures me that is certainly not ever going to happen to me. What these what amounts to,
    Russian owned and controlled drug trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking traitor to humanity really want to do is use all of the American
    women up like whores. That is precisely what my soon to be ex said to me and my son Joe while we were standing around in my kitchen several months ago. My soon to be ex said to both my son Joe and I, “I used you up
    like a whore.” What he meant by that crass remark was he got caught issuing himself credit in my unregistered married name meaning, he did crime, which involves multiple felony frauds, without my knowledge
    or consent. That is aka Fraud in the Issuing of Credit which quite frankly means, there is Fraud in the Factum and therefore there is Fraud in the Essence of all of the so called “loans” he took out in my name without me knowing about it. This was done by him, by and large, to drug me up and lay me to waste in some seedy apartment somewhere after I won my
    settlements that he planned to steal from me without me knowing about it. However, I caught him and his family red handed trying to rob me. So that’s when they all decided to manufacture the scenario with the Russian National imposter cop from Mokena who attacked me in Frankfort for all of
    them. The proof that he and my soon
    to be ex are in cahoots is the fact he told me the two of them met on several occasions after they threw me in their FEMA CAMP for 12 days disguised as THE WILL COUNTY ADULT DETENTION CENTER. The fact the two of them met to discuss anything regarding me is all of the evidence the FBI needed to get me released from that ungodly place. That is where my soon to be ex wanted me to stay to force me into cooperating, complying and confirming to all of his evil plans for me which included getting me addicted to prescription antipsychotics or pain killers so that he could steal everything from me. Well that never happened and it never will because there was nothing and there is nothing to base that diagnosis on. The reason is quite frankly, he is the criminal who did extremely heinous things to me by proxy if his Russian national comrades who are hidden in law enforcement and our entire legal system. He and his Russian national attorney friend from Aronberg, Goldghen and Garmisa who goes by the name of “Jillian Cole,” who was a former Assistant to the Illinois Attorney General, but got caught numerous times working for the Russians, and eventually “got canned” for it, is what an attorney told
    me, are comrades with each other. They and their comrade, Marcus J.Posada, over at the “law firm” “Fisher
    & Shapiro” are all in collision together
    against me. Them along with Judge Lisa Marino are all investors in this Russian scam to steal my Titles, my settlements and my U.S. Citizenship from me are in criminsl collusion together. They are all secretly, yet openly committing what amounts to investment fraud and are in direct violation of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act. They are all colluding against me from
    the backrooms of the Richard J.
    Daley Center, “County Courthouse” up on the “28th floor,” located at 50 West
    Washington in Downtown Chicago, Illinois. Right smack dab in the heart
    of “the Loop” so to speak.

  58. They are all really good at one thing, fraudulently concealing they are robbing the American people blind and trying to make all of us believe they really do work for a living. While all the while, they are secretly working to turn our constitutional republic into what can only be described as the former U.S.S.R. That means we are in fact, moving backwards as opposed to forwards. The entire progressive doctrine is a freemasonic sham.

    Who would have believed that the American Dream of financial freedom by private property ownership would turn into this fraud closure nightmare being brought upon our Constitutional Republic by of all people our own spouses and family members. All I can say is when there is this much treason there must be alot riding on stealing our freedom.

    We literally have Russian National “cops” having Russian National “judges” issuing warrants for debt collection under the guise of manufactured charges they themselves are fraudulently creating and inducing upon the American people. And they are doing this in the name of Allah that is in fact another name for Satan in this land that was founded based on Puritanism whose fundamental belief system was derived from Christianity. Which is also what our entire legal system is founded upon. We are all, as a result of decades long lies, fraud and abuse by the traitors within, who have been maliciously, wontonly, and feciciously, abusing and violating the
    public trust, now handing our birth certificates over to the Russians and sending all of us down the road to perdition. I do not know what these politicians, lawyers and judges think they are accomplishing by allowing these crooks to steal our freedoms from us. It is abuse of power on steroids. It is all leading to
    financial Armageddon and I don’t know how any U.S. citizen born here
    would allow that to happen or want to see it happen. It is Nazi Germany all over again but this time it is an open yet secret war right on U.S. soil. .

  59. Little did they all know, the Vatican placed me here to catch these crooks trying to Rob me of my Medici title, my birth right by illegally swapping out my U.S. Citizenship. What the Russians are really after is my DNA which can never be replicated or duplicated. They wanted to clone me and use me as a brain damaged side show freak they could pull out of the dungeon for “social” gatherings. Well that wont ever happen because the Black Nobility who work for God the Creator would never allow them to use
    me up like a whore. The truth is, the Vatican will never betray a Medici because we are the real owners of this place. As for these completely corrupt so called elected officials who run the completely corrupt local, county and
    state governments all the way up to and including the completely corrupt and useless “Supreme Court” level, in this great constitutional republic of ours, they all need to be arrested, imprisoned for life without the most remote possibility of parole and stripped of all of our stolen assets which should be given to the poor and homeless because they played an encyclical part in their creation. They are all a disgrace to God and to the American people who pay for everything in this country. That would include their publically funded and fraudulently derived life long pension plans they collect by pretending they actually work for a living. B.S.

  60. My father mind you, has money he has not counted, just like my soon to be ex. So what is this control freak b.s. really about? They never wanted me to find out I am a Medici and they never wanted the Black Nobility to find me. The reason is quite frankly because that would mean my father would be stripped of his Title for dishonoring me, his oldest daughter and my soon to be ex would be stripped of all of my
    assets he hid from me all of these
    years and go to prison for his crimes against the House of Medici who I am a member of. Well surprise, surprise, the Vatican caught them all red handed trying to destroy my memory, to swap out my Medici title and criminalize me for their crimes against me so, they could hand me off to their
    Russian comrades, and say I “cracked up” from defending these 2 fraud closures and they don’t know where I am. The FBI informed the traitors that the Vatican found me, and they wanted me to personally deliver to them all of my brilliant legal work and they wanted me taken out of his mind control program and they wanted him criminally investigated and stripped of all of my assets and all of them returned to me and they would grant me an anullment of our fraud of a marriage. They never thought they would get caught because they really believed the Vatican did not care less about little old me. Well they were all, of course, wrong about that notion. They all also thought I was just smart enough to win them my settlements but not smart enough to figure out all the rest of their evil plot. Well wrong again and all I can say to that is, God Almighty works in many great and mysterious but awesome ways.

  61. Am I mistaken or does it sound like my own father is aiding and abetting my soon to be ex by helping him control his own fraud he committed against me? My soon to be ex told me my father told him I am lucky that Russian national imposter cop didn’t shoot me that Evening of my exes manufactured event. Funny, he never told me that. He told me to allow that thug husband of mine to have me put on drugs because “that’s what they do.” You know what? Screw him, he’s a traitor too who is obviously somehow invested in my soon to be exes own fraud he committed against me.

  62. At the beginning of this foreclosure fiasco, my “retired” FBI agent father told me, he wished he “knew” some of these “judges” but, he’s been retired so long he does not know any of them anymore. Yeah right.

    Why would he have told me “you are done with him.” Meaning my soon to be ex. And he wanted to put a bullet in his head and then say “if you ever do get back together with him again, don’t have anything to do with his family.” Say what?

  63. First my father tells me “you and Ashley need to get out of that house ” but offers me no money or any place to go. Then he tells me “don’t leave your house.” Easy for him to say right? Especially when my sister told me he offered her and her husband $6,000.00 to “move back up north.” In the entire 32 years I have been fake married to this jerk I have never went to my father for a dime or asked him for anything. In fact he encouraged me to keep defending these 2 fraud closures then when the going got tough for me he told me “all of your problems began when you started fighting the foreclosures.” He’s another one who keeps on changing his story right? He never had a problem helping his 2 sons out with all of their legal problems though. He really disappoints me.

  64. You are going biystch or get out or time for you to go or time for you to leave is all I hear from my soon to be ex. Who I am told by the FBI has a huge mansion in Frankfort Illinois and many other of my property assets hidden from me that he bought by issuing himself credit in my name without my knowledge or consent. He in fact has hundreds of millions of dollars hidden away in various secret bank accounts. All derived from him defrauding me. Yet he insists upon being this greedy because he is wants to steal my Medici title from me for his Sicilian mafia family because they have a Vendetta against not only God, but the Medicis, who are the Black Nobility, who are the illuminati who run the Vatican and moreover, the World Bank vis a vis the Vatican Bank which is first and foremost, the worlds central bank since 2008 when the Russians tried to pin the blame for all of their
    financial crimes as well as 9-11 on
    the Vatican proper.

    This is why I have been targeted, gangstalked and terrorized by them both secretly and openly since 1982 when this fake, fraudulently induced marriage between Joseph Venturella Sr., his entire sicillian mafia family,
    and myself, Linda Anne Rio began. I could never have known of the deception or if I had I would have never allowed any of this to happen to me in the first place.

    He tells me you are just like your mother than he tells me you are not like your mother. He can never seem to ever get his story straight. That is the hallmark of a true liar.

    The truth is I am not “just like anybody” because I am my own, individual person, and I would not
    want it any other way.

    If I were like my mother, he would be dead and all of my daughter would have had the crap kicked out of her, all of my kids would have been thrown out of my house a long time ago and my 2 little dogs would have been brought to the homeless shelter.

  65. I was told by the FBI that my soon to be ex and his “attorney” friend Zaremba were planning to railroad me into their Russian FEMA CAMP prison which is designed to drive a brilliant person nuts, for his crimes against me. This was to be done by them the full intent of both of them to steal everything from me including my vast foreclosure settlement. The FBI knows nothing I am saying is an exaggeration or they would not allow me to say it.

  66. He even went as far today as to go into 1 of 2 bags of clothing of mine I planned to donate to St Damian Catholic Church. I told him to get out of there, I am donating that stuff and he told me then there is nothing wrong with me doing that. Then he abruptly quit digging through the bag and started rummaging around some of my other things. I literally cannot stand him, or my 2 grown kids who are living in my house anymore. They all really need to go.

  67. He literally picked the chicken sandwich he brought me out of the outside garbage can. I refused to eat it because I did not order it. He and my daughter were going through my clothes and he was asking her if my clothes were hers or not. What a couple of sick psychopaths they both are. They both hung around my house most of the day and terrorized me trying to make me believe their lies that are quite contrary to what the FBI instructs me to do.

    Then I heard the song a little bit ago by Loggins and Messina “your mama don’t dance” and the one lyric reminded me of him and his criminal friends … Outta the car long haired Louie, your coming with me and what sounded like …. and we’re not the police. Which is so true it is hard to believe this could be happening to a woman who is a natural born U.S. Citizen who has been an upstanding and outstanding citizen of these United States her entire life with a
    flawless record up. Not until I took it upon myself, to do what the law requires me to do in these United States, and exercise my legal birth right, my own Constitutional legal right to defend my own titles in these 2 fraud closure suits that my soon to be ex brought did I meet my opponent. That is because my opponent, my soon to be ex and his cohorts and minions truly are demons from hell who have no heart and no soul
    whatsoever. In fact they are all severely mentally deranged. God help me and God help us all.
    upon me

  68. They are also mad because the FBI told me to place alot of my personal belongings in my family room because they are stealing from me. It has become very cramped in that room as a result. They love to take advantage of any situation they can.

    BTW, my daughter works at the clothing store Windsor in Orland Park Mall where she receives a 40% discount on her purchased is what she told me. Yet she still takes my clothes without asking and wears them even though she has plenty of her own. However, as many clothes and shoes of mine that she has taken from my bedroom without asking, I never once acted like that to her. That does not even include many of my personal belongings that disappeared and were never returned. That includes my bracelet that I made with the silver soldered charms that I handmade on it that someone took right off of my right wrist when I was sleeping one night a few months ago. They even took a book of mine about the Vatican that I never had a chance to read yet because I have been so busy defending myself against these thugs.

    The “attorney” from my original house “closing” who I met with at the begin inning of this fraud closure fiasco told me “when you find out who these people are you might just want to do a short sale.” Well I found out who they are and they are not people because they obviously have no human souls. So they are obviously Satan and all of his minions and cohorts. To them I say, these colors don’t run and furthermore they are no more than lousy cowards who are criminal thugs whi do nothing but deceive, lie cheat
    and steal and that includes that “closing attorney” who is clearly in on all of this criminal thuggery against me because he is the party who made this crime spree against me by my soon to be ex possible. Dick Chisholm
    Is his name and he made this crime spree possible when he had a “duty to speak” to me about the fact my married name was never registered with the Illinois Secretary of States office and I never knew I was supposed to. The reason being your “Social Security Number” never changes. I have been being issued an Illinois drivers license for years without anything ever being said to me about that. I even started my own small business a few years ago selling antiques at an antique store in Orland Park and was issued a business license in my married name from the State of Illinois and nothing was said to me about it. That was until last year when I was stopped by 2 oak forest cops for no reason when I was driving my daughter to work to Lone Star Restaurant in Crest wood Illinois where she used to work. One of the cops was a friend of my oldest son Tony and the other one acted like a Nazi. He threatened to put the cuffs on me for allowing my drivers license to expire and acted like a terrorist with my 2 puppies in the backseat of my car. He told me it is a crime to not renew your drivers license. To that I say we all have a constitutional right to travel. My sons friend then stepped in when his “partner” threatened to arrest me. I said you know my son Tony. To which he put his head down and said Tony, in an exaggerated manner as if my son is a traitor. He told me he would let me go if I promised not to drive until I got my drivers license renewed and BTW he said, you never registered your married name with the state and you need to do that. Say what? I went to the DL facility in Midlothian to which they said they could not even find my drivers license info with my social # and I had to go get a new card in my married name and a certified copy of my marriage license and birth certificate na na na. So I went and applied for a new soc in my married name not knowing at the time I am in fact legally separated from him because of these 2 fc cases I am defending myself but I knew we were going to be getting a divorce so I was hesitant but did it anyway because I needed to renew my DL. So I thought. The only id that I had was an expired insurance policy letter from blue cross blue shield of Illinois and she took that as Id. My soon to be ex then drove me to get certified copies of my birth certificate and marriage certificate that I never even knew I has to apply for. The clerk told him that he needed to sit down and not be near me at the counter. He told her he was going out to Rob a bank when he left there to which she laughed. She asked me why I would bother to get a social # in my married name after all of these years. To which I told her I was told I had to by the DL faculty in Midlothian to which she gave me a strange look as if to say no you don’t. Well I ended up having to destroy that card because I found out someone was trying to gain access to my bank
    account. I had to cancel that account as a result. I tried to report the identity theft to the proper authorities on line and I could not get access to do so. So in other words something smells rotten in this State.

  69. As a direct result of no criminal prosecutions of these mortgage note counterfeiters who were investing in and selling off their own fraud pending the arrest and criminal prosecution of my soon to be ex husband who is the ringleader of what can only be described as the Russian mob, I am living with the biggest financial terrorist in U.S. HISTORY and probably
    in the entire history of the world. I am
    literally being held prisoner and I am
    being terrorized constantly by him and
    my own grown kids inside of my own
    house by what can only be described
    as Russian Nationals, pending the end
    of this FBI investigation into all of his
    crimes against me and our entire
    Constitutional Republic. My 19 year
    old daughter has been attacking me
    both verbally and physically all day long as well as this Evening screaming at me that I took her
    Windsor clothes from her room. I
    would never take her clothing. She is
    built completely different than me and
    I have plenty of my own clothes.
    Besides her bedroom is such a filthy
    pig sty strewn with garbage and
    clothes from one end of her bedroom
    floor to the other, you can’t even walk
    in there. That is also the sign of a
    serious mental disorder. Her father,
    my soon to be ex, was aiding and
    abetting her mad aggression towards
    me by insisting that I took her clothes
    and helping her rummage through my
    things that I had all neatly folded and
    covered per FBI instruction. She punched me in my left breast and then
    screamed to him that I spit on her to
    call the police which was a boldfaced
    lie so I told him go ahead to which he
    knew he had better not dare do because of the Federal Investigation
    he is under. Then he shut and locked
    my family room door and tried to
    me so that he and she could further
    abuse me and no neighbors would
    hear anything they were doing to me inside of my own house.
    To which I promptly told him to move
    out of my way to which he hesitated
    and then finally moved. I had my red, brown and beige abercrombie bag with all of my court work inside and she tried to grab it from me but he told her no. I moved over in front of my patio door with my bag and they
    finally knocked their shit off when I
    told them to go ahead and call the
    police. They were clearly trying to
    entrap me to grab my original court papers I drafted and filed and my hand written journals and rough drafts along with my handwritten notes about everything that I learned defending myself in these 2 fraud closure cases that he brought upon md. They obviously thought they could terrorize me to the point they could criminally coerce me into calling
    one of their criminal Russian national
    imposter cop friends to which I would
    never fall for that. This is all being
    done to me because the FBI told me
    not to cooperate with any of their
    criminal fraud and I gave full
    jurisdiction over this case to the FBI last night which really ticked them off. All I can say is, God help the U.S.
    citizenry in this country because we are all in grave danger from these Russian nationals who are imbedded at the local, county and state levels of the U.S. Government.

  70. Allow me to add my birth right requires me to use all of the legal rights afforded to me under the U.S. Bill of Rights, as I am a U.S. Citizen who was born here to defend my person, papers, house, property and effects. Quite frankly because We The People pay for everything upfront at the origination and that is why there is no law in equity for the issuance of credit because all of the mortgage notes are counterfeits unless and until we receive the stamped paid Trust Deed from the U.S. Treasury Department. Until then, the plat of survey is the Trust Deed.

  71. They all know full well I am a good Catholic woman and could never be seduced into complying with their title
    Swap of my Medici title. What they never counted on was my Patriotism to the Constitutional Republic of these United States aka The U.S. Bill of Rights, that requires that I use any or all of my Constitutional legal rights afforded to me at birth, to defend the title to my person, property, papers and effects.

  72. Correct error, to which I thought to myself I could care less. I have since discovered I am in fact dealing with Satan and his alter ego Lucifer who thought I would fall for the notion that they could swap their own counterfeit mortgage notes and use their own counterfeits to collect me and my kids under the guise of ” an attempt to collect a debt” by fraud closing on our birth certificates. That is aka human trafficking and that act involves numerous felonies being committed by both parties to that fraudulent and fake transaction.

  73. They think I do not know my daughters boyfriend is a Russian national plant and they sneak them in my house, mostly down in my basement all of the time. The FBI tells me when they are sneaking around me. My kids were all hired to work for the Russians as well as many of my own family members. Now I know why a few years ago when I was at Bailey’s, a bar in Tinley Park to watch my son Tony and his band Barefoot Gypsies/Ginger Wit play, I was talking with one of his buddies Mark Murphy about the “financial crisis.” He works for his sisters own investment firm downtown. She must be good at what she does because she made an
    appearance on CNBC a few years ago. He said to me “I don’t know how you sleep at night.” I was taken a bit by surprise by that remark to say the least. Though I did not ask him to elaborate any further, I assumed it was because he knew I was defending those 2 fraud closure suits pro se. I really should have asked him what he meant because he obviously knew something I did not. Which brings me back to when my kid Mike and I were discussing the economy around the middle of last year. He said something about Putin. To which I told him I think Putin is a communist to which he told me “you better hope not.” To which I thought to myself, could care less if he is, is how I took that remark.

  74. My son Joe gave me the Russian FU signal when I told him his father is going to Federal Prison for mortgage fraud. What a traitor.

    My jerk soon to be ex told me this afternoon if I don’t stop yelling at him he is filing a complaint against me when all he does is yell, scream and threaten me. I told him to go ahead. The FBI told me he doesn’t have a leg to stand on because he is under Federal Investigation for his own crimes against me. That does not even take into consideration the fact that we are legally separated because
    of the 2 fraudclosures brought upon me and forced me to defend pro se. Therefore, he does not even belong
    living here in my house with me and is
    only living here because the FBI hired
    me to investigate him. Furthermore,
    he is
    living on borrowed time, his arrest is pending. He also brought me home a chicken sandwich from Pops today which he is not supposed to bring me anything I do not request him to bring me. He also lied about paying the cable bill because he wants the internet shut down so he can cut off my communications and pull some more of his criminal bullshit. He is not supposed to let any bills lapse. Especially not communications or utility bills. He also told me he will not pick up cigarettes for me, which is a term of his being able to stay here in
    my house pending his arrest. He and my 2 kids are clearly trying to push my buttons and get me to act like idiots like them. Well that’s not going to happen. He had the nerve to go out my back door yelling at me… You are going to be getting arrested. Hoping his neighbor friends will go along with him. Well there was no one around that I saw. I made sure I yelled back at him, no you are going to be the one who is going to get arrested. He left here this morning and yelled out the car window as he was leaving, I’ll be back in a little while and something about the FEDS. Yeah right. When I called him on my house phone to ask him what he meant like the FBI told me to do. He sounded really nervous about that and said he was only kidding when he told me “You are
    going tomorrow.” He came back to my house an hour later and told me he was taking my son Joe for a job interview. Then he came back a few hours later and started his latest terrorist campaign against me. He is doing anything he can to try and get me to believe his lies. I take that to mean
    that he wants to get arrested. My daughter
    is just acting more like him everyday as well. He had the nerve to tell me that
    he “ran into” one of his russian national attorney comrades today by the name of Nader Zagheyer and surprise, surprise, he broke the law and talked to him about my soon to be exes own manufactured case against me. He threatened me by telling me that if I don’t go to his manufactured
    Russian national court proceeding at
    Bridgeview Courthouse Friday at 2, I am going to get arrested. The FBI told
    me not to go to anymore of his manufactured court proceedings and furthermore, none of his russian national criminal friends can enter onto my property and arrest me on one of his fake, fraudulently induced warrants. He also got the time wrong. It was supposed to be at 9 am. I called that attorney a few weeks ago and left a message that I have court that day regarding the business property fraudclosure by him and his Russian national friends. He never notified me by U.S. Mail of the court date as the law requires. That proves it is all manufactured by my soon to be ex who is growing more desperate by the day to have me kidnapped by one of his Russian criminal friends by forced coercion into one of their state run communist FEMA CAMP prisons that are hidden right inside of the State run County prison system.

    BTW, my 2 kids, Joe and Ashley, were
    all in on this latest terrorist attack
    against me so, that is the final straw I am
    done with them.

  75. My brat daughter has been verbally attacking me and thteatening me all morning accusing me of taking “her” things from her that I paid for. How does it feel to have your things disappear into thin air? She has been stealing my things from me for several months. Some things she returns to places in my house I know that I never placed them. The truth is, defending fraudclosure prose is first and foremost a spiritual war that is in fact a psychological war on the mind, body and soul of the “plaintiffs” intended target. The “plaintiff” just so happens to be my soon to be ex as I discovered several months ago when this psych war on me began that includes members of my own family. They are furious with me because the FBI hired me to assist them in a FBI sting investigation regarding their own felony crimes against me. The truth is I have always worked with the Vatican because I am a Medici. They never thought I was smart enough to figure that out. Well surprise, surprise.

  76. The lousy, lily livered coward said “self defense” as he wound up his fists to punch me. A defenseless, 135 pound woman who had no weapon, who has been being severely physically and emotionally abused by him for the last year.

  77. Sorry my last comment was not intended to be posted 3 times. However, my comment was urgent. This is all getting way out of control with these 3. My father told me the devil is in my house a few times and he was not kidding about that.

  78. The criminal jerk raised his fists to hit me again tonight. Right after I posted my last comment, I was told by the FBI to go check and see what is going on down in my basement. Again, my 19 year old daughter snuck her boyfriend in. I told her he had to leave to which she started pushing me around. I went upstairs and told her father I want him out of my house. A twenty minute long argument ensued to which both he and his brat daughter, threatened me with bodily harm. She began throwing things at me from around my kitchen. He kept raising his fists to me in a boxing manner. They both told me they hated me to which I told them the same. He told her “that’s alright she’s going tomorrow.” To which I told both of them “No, you two are going to Federal Prison tomorrow.” He continued to get aggressive with me when I told him I wanted the key for the lock to the basement door. He is not supposed to have it, I am, is what the FBI told me. He kept coming at me swinging his fists until I stepped in front of my open patio door. Then the coward finally went off to bed and she and her boyfriend left. I told her never to come back to my house.

  79. The criminal jerk raised his fists to hit me again tonight. Right after I posted my last comment, I was told by the FBI to go check and see what is going on down in my basement. Again, my 19 year old daughter snuck her boyfriend in. I told her he had to leave to which she started pushing me around. I went upstairs and told her father I want him out of my house. A twenty minute long argument ensued to which both he and his brat daughter, threatened me with bodily harm. She began throwing things at me from around my kitchen. He kept raising his fists to me in a boxing manner. They both told me they hated me to which I told them the same. He told her “that’s alright she’s going tomorrow.” To which I told both of them “No, you two are going to Federal Prison tomorrow.” He continued to get aggressive with me when I told him I wanted the key for the lock to the basement door. He is not supposed to have it, I am, is what the FBI told me. He kept coming at me swinging his fists until I stepped in front of my open patio door. Then the coward finally went off to bed and she and her boyfriend left. I told her not to come back to my house.

  80. The criminal jerk raised his fists to hit me again tonight. Right after I posted my last comment, I was told by the FBI to go check and see what is going on down in my basement. Again, my 19 year old daughter snuck her boyfriend in. I told her he had to leave to which she started pushing me around. I went upstairs and told her father I want him out of my house. A twenty minute long argument ensued to which both he and his brat daughter, threatened me with bodily harm. She began throwing things at me from around my kitchen. He kept raising his fists to me in a boxing manner. They both told me they hated me to which I told them the same. He told her “that’s alright she’s going tomorrow.” To which I told both of them “No, you two are going to Federal Prison tomorrow.” He continued to get aggressive with me when I told him I wanted the key for the lock to the basement door. He is not supposed to have it, I am, is what the FBI told me. He kept coming at me swinging his fists until I stepped in front of my open patio door. Then the coward finally went off to bed.

  81. When I called Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office at the very beginning
    of this foreclosure fraud fiasco, I talked to one of her assistants who was a woman. She told me fraud is hard to prove. All that I can say about her comment to me is, she was being an absolute and utter liar. Fraud in the Issuance of Credit/ Fraud in the Taking of Credit is not hard to prove. The physical evidence of that is right on the face of those fraudulently derived
    and therefore, fraudulently induced
    warranty deeds. They should be stamped paid in full by the U.S. Treasury Department because quite frankly, the U.S. taxpayers funded the Origination of all of these fraudulently induced “loans” and the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit, J.P. MORGAN CHASE/MORGAN STANLEY/AIG never
    paid U.S. back. They also owe U.S. meaning We The People of these United States like around a quadrillion U.S. taxpayer dollars in gold or silver, take your pick, because that is what the law of this land requires in exchange for Bills of Lading. Those are the written proof that a legal sales contract was executed before you were fraudulently induced to sign those counterfeit pieces of carbon paper aka THE MORTGAGE/NOTE(S). Securities Law requires a contract to be executed to be legal. Otherwise the bank check/note cannot be issued let alone cashed, meaning drawn upon the U.S. Taxpayers Accounts Payable by DIRECT DEPOSIT – Russian meaning, let’s rob the American people and turn them all into robotic despots. But hey, call someone who gives a shit. Right Vladimir?

    His perps who penetrated and infiltrated the banking division of the U.S. Treasury Department, the trust for the U.S. Taxpayers wealth and property, and the “loan departments” of every “U.S. BANK” big and small, were committing massive
    amounts of Securities Fraud in our
    unlawfully married names without our
    knowledge or consent. That’s right ladies. If you have a “certificate of marriage” aka a “marriage license” in the good old U.S. of A. you got taken to the cleaners by J.P. MORGAN CHASE/MORGAN STANLEY/AIG aka the Russian Republic better known as the CIA/FSB. J.F.K. was right on when he said the CIA needed to be done away with.

  82. This is being said by a woman who has been betrayed by nearly every one of her own family members, as well as the man she thought she married and all of her own children. All of this happened to her because she was too trusting. That woman is me.

    My youngest son went as far as to erase all of my contacts on my cell
    phone last fall so the Russians could hold me hostage from behind the scenes all the while they are gang stalking me by using my own family and kids to help them ruin my life. This is done very deceptively and subtly as to
    not arouse suspicion “they are all in
    on it.”

  83. This is being said by a woman who has been betrayed by nearly every one of her own family members, as well as the man she thought she married and all of her own children. All of this happened to her because she was too trusting. That woman is me.

    My youngest son went as far as to erase all of my contacts on my cell
    phone last fall so the Russians could hold me hostage from behind the scenes all the while they are gang stalking me by using my own family and kids to help them ruin my life. This is done very deceptively and subtly as to
    not arouse suspicion “they are all “in
    on it.”

  84. This is certainly not the time for the natural born U.S. citizenry to cower at the face of their adversaries for that will be to their own peril. You can’t call yourself an American by saying ypu choose to stay neutral in this because there is no staying neutral in this. You are either with the natural born U.S. citizenry ot or ypu are with the financial terrorists.

  85. Because you had cause to find out about the banking scam or even if you always knew about it but had a change of heart, does not mean that you are being fecicious by recommending criminal prosecutions to the fullest extent of the law for the banksters. Some of us were forced to find out because we were left no choice but to defend ourselves against these fraudclosures pro se. If you “get it” that the Russians are secretly, yet openly fraudclosing on
    the U.S. citizenship of every American
    born here to steal the birth rights of
    others you know the banksters are who are being vindictive as well as fecicious.

  86. My father had the nerve to tell me, his saint of a daughter who he knew was drugged by his son in law to go see a priest and get on meds. My sister had the gall to tell me to get on zanax even though zanax has caused her to become not only prescription drug dependent, but unmotivated and depressed enough to start drugging my mothers coffee to gain control of her assets. I caught her red handed when I called my Mother on her birthday last May 26th and she was slurring her speech. To which I told my soon to be ex that and also she alluded to me that she was planning on doing the same thing to her my soon to be ex did to me. Wow, what a bunch of traitor felons right?

  87. Lucky for him I am such an easy going good natured person because anyone else would have killed him by now knowing what I now know that he did to me. Just for the mere fact he used money and other promises that he knew he could not keep to try and turn my own kids and family members against me. I remember the day my father and sister dropped in on me unannounced after the ER fiasco. My father acted like a complete lunatic and told me I better go and talk to a priest and get on meds or don’t come to his funeral. My sister tried to convince me that zanax which she abuses was the answer to him drugging me. My oldest son Tony who is the biggest disappoinment to me told me you are not acting right when he knew his father had been drugging me and I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms which I could have never known had I not done my research on the internet about the symptoms I was having. To which my soon to be ex tried to convince me I had some sort of a breakdown which is just a boldfaced lie by him. What a bunch of lousy no good lying traitors. I will probably choose not to speak to any of them ever again. Mainly because once you are a traitor you are always a traitor.

  88. What I mean by the phrase “I fly straight” is I get all of my work done without the use of drugs or alcohol. The problem with our society today is nearly everyone is on some type of drug whether it be by prescription or otherwise and they are seduced by the devil without even knowing it. That is why they can’t see the forest for the trees. They can’t believe someone could be so motivated to accomplish what I have accomplished thus far without the use of drugs or alcohol. Well surprise, surprise. The truth is I could have never accomplished what I’ve accomplished had I used drugs or alcohol even occasionally. I literally stopped going out and socializing so that I would not get distracted from what I was learning. Thank God.

  89. I fly straight and my soon to be ex knows that. That is why he drugged my coffee because he knew he could never seduce me into doing drugs. He went as far as to drug my glass of wine which I rarely have, with roshiphinal when I went to the bathroom in a bar in Mount Greenwood where we went to see my sons band play. He did that to satanically ritually abuse me to try and indoctrinate me into a severe
    form of Satanism known as Luciferianism. I was told that by the FBI. I was never supposed to remember what he and his evil minions and cohorts did to me that
    night. I asked him about and he told me yeah, we had an orgy. That dirty s.o.b. My father knew about this and had the nerve to tell me “you are done with him but, if you ever get back together with him don’t have anything to do with his family.” Wow.

  90. I have literally had cars lined up all around my block hoping to grab me if I had my guard down. The attorney my soon to be ex is in cahoots with who is literally representing him in his own manufactured criminal case he committed against me is a criminal himself. I caught him when he tried to get me to do a line of coke with him. He thought he had gained my trust but I caught him trying to seduce me. That was a test to see if he could indoctrinate me into life in the fast lane which could never be the life for me. I am much to straight forward for

  91. Gotta gitta, gotta gitta is all he and his criminal friends think. They drive by my house constantly to see if I am paying attention. They follow me everywhere I go. They are absolutely repulsive.

  92. Any man who hits or threatens a defenseless woman is a no good lousy coward who belongs in prison.

  93. BTW ….. on my soon to be ex husbands way out of my backdoor today, he said to me with pure evil in his eyes “you just watch and see what
    I am going to do to you.”

    He told me in the car a few months ago he could. “take me out to any one of these woods” and kill me. He told me he is a “killer” and he wants to “cut
    my head off and put it on his mantle.”

    To that I say, We aren’t called The
    Home of the Brave for no reason.

    He is clearly satanically possessed by his own demons by the way his personality changes continuously. I know that he has bipolar disorder.
    Even if he does not take his meds
    properly that does not explain away
    his extremely violent temper and other
    abuses towards me that can only be describes as satanic ritual abuse (SRA). The FBI told me he was
    drugging my coffee with
    a methamphetamine cocktail for a couple of weeks and he does not deny
    it. He also admitted last Evening to my daughters boyfriend Zach, he is going to Federal Prison for counterfeiting U.S. Bank Notes in my name, without my knowledge or legal consent. He always becomes violent towards me when he admits his own guilt to someone else. He got caught drugging me when I went to Ingalls
    Blue Island and had my blood drawn after I told the Doctor at Ingalls
    Emergency Care in Tinley Park my
    symptoms. That Doctor told me it sounded like I
    was being poisoned. He told me to have my blood drawn at Ingalls Blue Island. I told him I thought I was being
    drugged to which he told me it
    sounds more like poisoning. Well, being drugged without knowing it is
    poisoning. The real peril of that is
    when the felon stops drugging you, and you get severe withdrawal
    symptoms that are not expected such as severe headaches, heart palpitations, sweating, heart attack,
    stroke or kidney failure symptoms.
    That sudden withdrawal can also
    cause seizures to which I was flinching a bit at the E.R. when I was brought there by his criminal
    ambulance driver friends. What he
    really wanted to do was get me
    hooked on prescription meds that let
    the devil in, to which I refused. I do not
    believe in taking drugs of any kind. I
    believe God gave us the cure for
    everything in the natural nature of things. Therefore, our own common sense would say to take a common
    approach to our symptoms that are all manufactured by our adversaries.
    An exorcism of his demons is in fact futile because he has literally become the devil himself . When that occurred only he knows because only he knows when he sold his soul to the devil. His soul may have been sacrificed by his own father at one of those very secretive RIANO CLUB “meetings” on the first Friday of every month that he used to attend with his father, his uncles, his friends and God knows who. He should ask him. He definitely is not the man I thought he was.

  94. The Amcore “Bank” “failure” story is not unlike the “failed” Broadway “Bank” story. That was the Chicago “Bank” that politician Alexi Ginoulias parents “owned” that got “shut down” with billions on their books. That “bank” was known as a gangster bank that easily “lent” U.S. Taxpayer money
    to gangsters. That banking scandal was also connected to “real estate developer” Tony Rezco who was convicted a few years ago of bank fraud. He sold President Obama a prime piece of Hyde Park real estate several years ago before he became president. The Broadway Bank scandal ended costing Ginoulias President Obama’s vacant senate seat that was being place held by a sub. Mark Kirk who won the “bleeping
    golden thing” ended up suffering a massive stroke not long after he became State Senator here in Illi-noise. There is a lot of evil b.s. going on around here. All you have to do is take a glance at that Picasso of Satan in front of the Daley Center downtown to know that none of the people inside of that building are who they appear to be.

  95. The dirty rotten, no good CHASE BANK/ MORGAN STANLEY/AIG bankster felons are still getting bailed out to this day and have to commit Insurance Fraud to keep on robbing the American People because they really believe their own big lie they are Too Big To Fail.

    The FEDERAL RESERVE BANK reportedly said the other day, they are going to end “the bond buying.” That crime spree by the banksters where they “repurchased and reinsured” their own counterfeits, cost the U.S.
    Taxpayers well over $60 trillion dollars since 2008.

  96. Amcore Bank was “shut down” a couple of years ago by the “FDIC.” They are the largest “bank” in Illinois history to be “shut down.” They are under investigation by the Federal Authorities for committing bank fraud. I did my own investigation into their “shut down” by the “FDIC” because I discovered they had billions of dollars on the books when they were “shut
    down.” What I uncovered was startling. They were fraudulently concealing themselves within an unsecured, unregulated, and non-FDIC insured “Trust” called “North Star Trust” inside of Marshall Ilsley “Bank” which is a large Canadian “Bank.” They did that so their “servicers” who work for the “investors” in their own felony fraud, posing as “attorneys” for an unknown, unregistered, unsecured “Securities Account” that is non-FDIC insured could fraudclose as AMCORE
    BANK N.A./MERS. That is also the name that is at the top of the
    “Title search” an “attorney” did 5
    years ago which proves their “demise”
    was pre-meditated. They literally faked their own death and the “FDIC” assisted their own fake suicide.

  97. He is obviously trying to knock my jewelry id’s off of me by knocking me around. He was told by the FBI he is not to lay a hand on me during their Federal Sting Investigation. He obviously wants to get arrested.

    I would like to discuss the topic of his “business partner” Tom Wilson of south suburban Oak Lawn, Illinois.

    He and my soon to be ex have a “business account” together at Standard Bank where they are racketeering with the stolen house equity they stole from me by cross collateralizing my principal residence with the business property in Crest wood without my knowledge or consent. I had all of the phony paid notes from Amcore as proof he forged
    my signature and he stole them from me. That is regardless of the fact he “refied” with First Midwest Bank in 2008 so he could hide that cross collat in a “blanket loan.” “Blanket loans” are not even legal in refi’s and certainly not involving ones roof over their head. There is not even a HUD 1 SETTLEMENT STATEMENT for that fraud. There are 2 bogus settlement statements his bankster buddies made up to try and cover up his crimes against me. I entered those into court evidence numerous times. The judges are either blind or they are imposters.

    What a bunch of miserable rotten people they all are.

    My soon to be ex told me today after he nearly knocked my head off that anybody else would have killed me by now. I asked him Why is that? To which he had no answer for me.

  98. He certainly was not planning on fixing the pool at all. It is November 1st today and far to late to bother. He is a insurance money embezzler as well as a tax cheat and a U.S. Bank Note counterfeitter. He lied and told me last week “they” are selling my house without a judgment for foreclosure ever being entered. I got a card in the mail from him yesterday vis a vis his criminal friends hiding within the Cook County, Illinois “court system” stating Judge Anne Loftus, a “substitute judge” sitting in for Judge Anne Marino, entered a judgment for
    default against me last month. That certainly does not give PHH Mortgage or anyone any legal right to “sell” my house because I hold the Title quite frankly. The FBI told me they can’t do that. They told me that is in fact, more evidence against them. Including the letter my ex had his criminal friends send me listing my house for sale. My house was seized for me by the FBI in 2012 after I won both fraudclosure cases pro se against these crooks who include my ex and his family. They are simply terrorizing me in my own house trying to get me to believe their lie that they can steal my house with me in it so they can steal my Medici Title Thankfully, I know better and the FBI assures me none of that felony fraud is ever going to happen.

  99. My soon to be ex told me the insurance check was to have my pool liner replaced. My pool has been covered all summer and was never opened because the pool liner is ripped and he is always crying broke, even though I recently found out from the FBI that he is in fact, a multimillionaire who has been fraudulently concealing my assets from me for decades. That is why he is trying to do anything he can to prevent me from seeking a divorce
    He had some of his criminal friends from “Pekin Insurance” up on my roof after a hail storm over the summer. I told them they had to leave because I do not have an insurance policy with
    them. My soon to be ex told me to shut up and get in the house. I asked them for id to which they ignored me. My soon to be ex told me he just this past Tuesday he is getting a check from “Pekin Insurance” for over $50,000.00 to have my roof fixed and my pool repaired to which I told him that is insurance fraud, not only because we don’t pay the insurance premium but because we had no storm damage. The pool has been
    covered since last fall. He then told me he was kidding. Then a couple of days ago, he said to me he needed me to sign something for the insurance company to which I told him the FBI told me I am not to sign my name on anything that could possibly compromise my cases. He said nothing to that. By the way he acted today, he was clearly planning on forging my signature onto that check to make it appear that I am in on his felony fraud to which is not the case now or ever. He obviously must have forged my name onto a counterfeit car title when he destroyed my car without my knowledge or consent. I really want the FBI to arrest him. He is becoming increasingly violent and threatening towards me as well as he is still, to this very day, trying to
    criminalize me for his own crimes
    against me. I also received a large envelope from him and his criminal attorney friends at Aronberg, Golgehn and Garmisa to which the FBI told me not to open because it is a mind control tactic by the Russians beside the fact I already won both of these cases in 2012 when I requested they produce the Notes to which they could not because they don’t have them. They are trying to fraudulently conceal from me they are all wantoned felons who are trying to steal my Medici title from me. I told my ex today regarding that “insurance check” that I refuse to aid or abet his fraud. He has already committed multimillion dollars worth of felony fraud in my name without my knowledge or consent and I am done with him.

  100. Correct error, the mailmans ex wife, Connie was my daughters cheer leading coach for Oak Forest Raiders Football when my daughter was in junior high.

  101. The mailmans name is Tony Barrera. His ex wife, Connie was my daughters cheer leading coach for Oak Forest Raiders park district softball when she was in junior high school.

    Many times I have found my mail had been left laying in my mailbox opened. The post office must notify you if they damaged your mail. Otherwise that is mail fraud.

    That check from Pekin Insurance is made out to me, my soon to be ex husband, PHH Mortgage Corp and Aquafina pools. I specifically told my soon to be ex many times over the last couple of years that I would not allow him to collect any insurance money in
    my name because we are not paying the insurance. Not only because it is insurance fraud but because it does not look good for me because I am defending myself against PHH Mortgage in fraudclosure. That check is physical evidence of not just the fact my soon to be ex brought these 2 fraud closures upon me but, is written evidence of him committing insurance fraud in my name, wire fraud, bank fraud as well as mail tampering because I caught him trying to fraudulently conceal that piece of mail from me. He has been mail tampering with his mailman buddy Tony Barrera for years is what I was told by the FBI.

  102. My soon to be ex made all sorts of weird threats towards me as if he has any legal power or authority over me which he surely does not have now that we are legally separated and in fact, never did. He tried to lure me into my basement when I asked him where my little dog junior was he said, down in the basement. When I asked him to bring him upstairs he refused. He said
    that I am ruining everyone’s life. I told him no, he is the one who ruined his own life and his kids lives by committing fraud in the issuing of credit in my name without my knowledge or consent. BTW. .. Wasn’t Saturday mail delivery supposed to have ended a while back? He told my 19 year old daughter last night he had to be somewhere early this morning but he hung around here all morning? The mailman in this subdivision never comes as early as he has been coming the past couple of days. The mailman who just happens to be “a
    friend” of my soon to be ex husband once told me “I know more about you than you do.”

    BTW …… I caught my 19 year old daughter sneaking her boyfriend in my basement at 3 am last night. There was another huge argument that involved my soon to be ex threatening to hit me. Her boyfriend ended up
    leaving. I told him I am not going to allow him to turn my house into a whorehouse where anything goes.

  103. Sorry I had to cut the last comment short. I was told by the FBI to check on what my soon to be ex was doing. He was outside with my 2 dogs “getting the mail.” I told him to give me the mail because he had my 2 dogs on their leashes. He refused. I noticed what looked like a check from Pekin insurance co. We have no homeowners insurance so I told him to give it to me. He refused and acted very protective of that piece of mail. My neighbor Mark Sperlak was out front cutting his grass and witnessed the entire thing. My soon to be ex told me he would show it to me in the house. I saw the check had my name on it. We came into the house and he refused to give me the check which he had in between his clenched teeth. I grabbed the check and it ripples in half. He went ballistic and threw me to the ground, smashing my knee and almost knocking my head into my
    kitchen table. He wanted the check which was for over $6000.00. I told him no, it is insurance fraud and I’m not signing it. To which he got a baseball bat from the garage and threatened to kill me with it. He told me I am done on Monday and made all sorts of threats towards me. He threatened to call his criminal cop friends to my house to which I told him they are not allowed here. He said I will see and he went out my back door and disappeared. His car is sitting in my driveway last I looked.

    To finish my last comment, the cop who was abusing his power that Evening and called me a bitch for no
    reason is Sergeant Busse. That day at the police station he told me “this is between you and God.” What a creep right?

  104. I am also reminded today of when my soon to be ex had one of his criminal cop friends on the Oak Forest police department enter my house, unannounced, and step onto my patio and arrest me, after my soon to be ex punched me in the right side of my head then scratched his own chin with a minute little up and down scratch and blamed me for it. This all occurred on the 15th of August of this year, on what would have been our 32nd
    wedding anniversary. One of the cops
    at the station where Sergeant Busse
    was present, who once called me a
    bitch out in public for no reason . My kid called me to tell me there was going to be a fight between 2 dads, one of which was his old girlfriends dads and another dad about egging of the other dads house. I decided to take a ride over there and make sure they were OK. I had my oldest son Tony give me a ride. The fist fight was going on when we arrived. The two dads were hitting each other on the front porch. The Oak Forest cops got there after it ended to tell everyone to leave to which is not their place. Not one of us U.S. Taxpaying citizens who pay their salaries, were tresspassing or any part of that fight. The cops were taking the teenagers high school id’s to give to the Oak Forest high schools administrative staff even though it was not past curfew and none of them were involved in the incident. These “cops” did not even bother to ask if their parents were present. There were a lot of adults standing around watching this, the entire neighborhood was out. When my son Mike told me the cops took their h.s. Id’s I wanted to know why because I was there with my kids. I did not think it was appropriate for the police to act in such a manner that could possibly get these teenagers in trouble at school, where the administration often jumps to
    conclusions. Especially with my son Mike. I decided to inform the officers that I am their mother and I am responsible for them to which the cop Buses called me a bitch and my son Tony who was waiting in the car right there was about to go besetk.

  105. Being that I am Catholic, I often recite the mass in my head where it is ingrained from many years of going to church over at Our Lady of the Ridge Catholic Church with my Grandmother. I especially find comfort from the recitation right before we are blessed by receiving holy communion:

    I am the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, happy are those who are called to this supper.

    Those words bring me peace.

  106. Goldman Sachs were absolutely, unequivocably not involved in this Russian plot to take down our economy to steal our private citizenship papers by swapping out our property titles for all of the felony fraud committed by their own Russian owned and controlled bank, J.P. MORGAN CHASE.

  107. Just watched the latest episode of the keiser report because I find it interesting. I thought it was hilarious when he referred to Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon as “that pimp Jamie
    Dimon.” Even if he did not say who what why where when how he was pimping for is of course his G. I was not that surprised tonight when his wife Stacey Herbert put J.P. Morgan Chase in the same category as Goldman Sachs because that is how Russian mind control works. They always put 2 polar opposites together so you believe they are one in the same. That is entirely untrue of course but Stacey is programmed to make the audience believe that is true. I got a laugh in the second half of the show when Max talked about ambulance drivers who can’t find their way to the hospital and people are dying on the way because I am sure that is no exaggeration. The ambulance drivers are no doubt trying to be merciful in a sick sadistic sort of way.

  108. Or if you swear you keep on hearing a little voice in your head that tells you, just come with me baby, everything’s going to be alright. Put on some smooth jazz music and clear your head for the love of God.

  109. I always keep some Himalayan pink sea salt on hand. You never know when the Russians are going to try and get in your head to get you to fly away with them. So if you suddenly feel the urge to go get on a plane from seemingly out of nowhere, put a few grains of sea salt on your tongue until the urge goes away. You will get a real unusual hot and sweaty feeling whenever they are nearby you as well.Just splash a little ice ccold water on your face if you can. Thee hot flash will eventually subside if you
    can’t find ice cold water. Moreover, don’t use any silver and black pens around them. They will try and get inside of your head and convince you
    that you work for them. Best bet when you are out in public, chew some gum on the right side of your mouth. They really don’t like that very much.

  110. The dirty rotten scumbag Russians have the nerve to make fun of their own direct energy weapons terrorism of the American people on RT news in between their programming. It’s the one where one of their hosts, Abbie Martin is covering her ears and silent screaming. It is the one whers she is flying over New York city in a helicopter and gives the FU hand sign
    to New York City. Real nice huh? RT is the Russian channel with the journalists who appear to be American. They spend the majority of their airtime knocking themselves but blaming the U.S. Government who are in fact, We The People of these United States. The very people who funded their entire bankster terror campaign against us.

  111. You can Google search the article on the Baitman suicide. The news reporter from the Patch newspaper sat out front with my husband and I that entire Evening. I watched the whole thing from the time the cops came and blocked off my street until the cops came and dragged his body out in a body bag. Then the coroners vehicle would not start so my soon to be ex was ever so evil enough to bring the coroner a jumper box. I remember my son Joey saying he should not have done that it’s bad luck. Well surprise, surprise.

  112. They nearly blew the entire Landings subdivision up that night by allowing the gas to leak through that mans entire house. They drove that man Baitman insane. I once saw his wife out on the front porch in pigtails and that’s when I knew she was insane.

  113. Their address is 14868 Landings Lane, Oak Forest, Illinois. They drove the previous owner who was the retired head of the Illinois States Attorneys office to commit suicide in his own house.

  114. These Russian national crooks do not think I know they are living in the house directly across the street from me and are aiming direct energy weapons at my home through their double garage doors that they have open a quarter of the way day and night. However, their sick sadistic Nazi control freak weaponry has no force or effect over me because I am
    one with God the creator so they can blast away. Sooner or later they will blow themselves up like terrorists always do. The reason is because they are control freaks who want what they can’t have.

  115. I, on the other hand have a defensive scratch wound inflicted by that jerk. I have a hole on my right thumb inflicted by him that made me bleed that I received from him trying to fight him off me with my little dog under my left arm.

  116. Any cop knows straight up and down scratches are self inflicted wounds.

  117. The criminal jerk scratched his own chin again to try and have a defense for him choking me last night. My entire jawbone is black and blue and I have no fingernails so he is simply the butt of his own jokes over at Morgan Stanley headquarters.

  118. President Obama, contrary to popular belief, is not in on this plot against our Constitutional Republic to overthrow Christianity. He is being used as a scapegoat like this evil uses everybody to get its agenda put into place. However, this does not say much for our military who should have shut down our U.S. Taxpayer funded courtrooms in 2008 when these Russian crooks paid themselves to rob all of us of our U.S. Citizenship, our long form Birth Certificates by committing a secret coup de tat of the U.S. Treasury Department. This was done by way of their Council on Foreign Relation Members who are directed by the Bilderberg Group who are the Board of Directors of the UNITED NATIONS who all in fact are Nazis who work for Vladimir Putin and his evil sidekick.

  119. I remember when this Russian manufactured financial crisis first began I had a conversation with my father who is a retired FBI agent, about it who told me “I’m surprised the tanks aren’t rolling down the streets.”

    Anyone who knows how this evil works knows they rule by deception.
    By fraud, lies and deceit is how they
    aim to secretly yet openly cast their
    evil spells upon all of humanity. They
    operate from another dimension just
    above ours that is the spirit world.
    However, God the Creator operates on
    a much higher spiritual level that is
    way above their heads. That is why
    Satan, his daughter and his alter ego Lucifer are seeking to steal the higher
    knowledge that I have. They should know better. Not by any of their trickery, sorcery, spells, secret oaths, secret Proceedings, aka blindfold indoctrinations that go on in our hijacked courtrooms, or any other sort
    witchcraft they call switch craft can their evil be accomplished. The reason being is God the Creator sees All.

    This is why the FBI told me I am never to go to anymore of their manufactured court proceedings that this one pure evil are trying to use to get me to take the blame for all of their crimes they have committed against me.

  120. What the jerk and his Russian national criminal friends really fear is my spiritual nature that reveals to me not only who all of the traitors are, but what their crimes are. That ability also makes me a valuable asset to the U.S. Government as well as all of the spy agencies. My spiritual abilities, my gift from God, the creator that allows me the ability to think from right to left and gives me my spiritual nature has caused a war over me between the FBI and the CIA. I am and always will be an FBI agent who works for the Vatican proper who are the real
    illuminati aka the Black Nobility/SMOM. We are in fact the white knights, not the black knights who are imposters who call themselves the illuminati, but, are the black hand, left hand path of Satanism, aka the
    Luciferians. They are a global satanic cult who are trying to take over the entire world by way of fraud and forgery, they were Counterfeiting hundreds of trillions of dollars in
    U.S. Bank Notes. The criminal jerk I am legally separated from is the ringleader who works vis a vis
    Vladimir Putin. They are both Freemasons who tried to put their Freemason blindfold on me last spring by drugging my coffee.

  121. BTW ….. my yorkiepoo slept right next to me last night even though the jerk kept coming in and out of the room all night trying to take my little dog to bed with him. I made a spot for my little dog junior, on one of my pillows. I finally dozed off around 3 and woke up at 4 to find the jerk took my little dog away when I was sleeping. I went to the door and asked him if he had taken junior while I was sleeping. To which he lied and said the dog came to his door. I know he lied because I had set the thermostat set at 75° just before I dozed off and the temp was changed to 73° degrees which the jerk is always screwing around with the thermostat. He goes as far as to turn the furnace off in the middle of the night so I wake up in a freezing cold house. He has the thermostat all screwed up so it reads a lot higher than what the temperature in my house actually is.

    The pathetic jerk actually told me he
    was going to call his criminal cop
    friends on me last night after he choked me, because I wanted my
    little dog to sleep by me. I told him go
    ahead to which he told me he hated
    me and I’m going to go to hell. What a
    moron. My daughter told me “you
    better not take that dog outside.” To
    which I proceeded to take my little dog
    outside to get us away from those
    two satanically possessed
    psychopathic control freaks. Strangely, my son Joe did not bother
    to come out of his room until the broohaha was over. The neighbors behind us, the Zemans lights were still on. They had to hear and see what
    was going on because my patio door was wide open.

  122. Then there is the day I went to visit my father. I called him and told him I wanted to bring him the gun and the bullets he gave us one Christmas when we were first married that he told me never to register. It was still in
    The small Marshall Fields box he gave it to us in. I never took it out of that box. He said bring it over right now. So I went over to his house in Orland
    Park, where he lives with his second
    wife. He told me I did the right thing by getting the gun out of the house. We had a long discussion with his wife present to which I was not pleased about her being there. My dad told me the devil is in my house and me and my daughter need to get out of that house. I told him we have no place else to go to which he had no answer to. He told me he would not come into my house if he had 20,0000 machine guns. I told him that after the
    Jerk walked out I was having poisoning symptoms to which my dad said too bad you did not go have blood drawn right away. He told me the jerk was trying to give me a heart attack or a stroke and I should go and file a restraining order against him. He told me “I don’t care if he robs banks all day long, I don’t like what he’s doing to you.”

  123. Even here at this website when I was being told by shadowcat that it was my husband behind these fraud closures I was in denial. I never believed he would lie to me about so many things. Then there was the day last year, in the fall, when my soon to be ex and I were walking down the corrider at the Daley Center to get on the elevator to go to court. A lawyer with a long white beard, came out of nowhere and said “how lucky you are to have such a young, beautiful wife.’ To which my soon to be ex said, thanks. He asked which floor we were going to? To which the jerk responded
    the 28th. The lawyer said oh …. that’s not a happy floor. That’s either foreclosure ?or? divorce. To which the jerk said it is a foreclosure and my wife is handling it. To which the lawyer said, “she can’t be that smart.” To which the jerk replied as he was getting on the elevator, “she’s pretty smart.” The lawyer then asked me what is my defense? To which I replied as I was getting on the elevator,
    fraud. I was on the elevator, in the front facing out, the jerk was standing all the way in the back when the
    lawyer was entering the elevator and said to me with wide eyes that he kept moving his eyelids up and down “it’s the Investment Banks.” As if to say it’s
    my jerk soon to be ex who is the
    culprit here. What really opened my eyes however was how did he know that I was his young, beautiful wife?

    Then there was day last summer that I decided to park my car in Morgan Stanley’s parking lot in south suburban Orland Park on 94th Avenue and scope it out. That was the week the jerk and his criminal friends chased me out of my own house when he threatened to kill me and forced me to sleep in my car. I sat in that lot for a while right next to a large black luxury vehicle and observed all of the jerks criminal cohorts and minions come and go for approximately an hour. It was that very Evening that he sent his criminal imposter cop, his Russian national friend out to terrorize me and all of his Russian comrades he has hiding at the local, county and state
    levels to try and criminalize me for his own crimes against me.

    All of this terrorism against me started last March, after Judge Lisa Marino asked the jerk ….. “Is she still living in the house?”

  124. All of this reminds me about one day several years ago when one of my son Mikey’s childhood buddies, Anthony Provenzano and I were shooting the breeze in my kitchen. I went in to take a break from decopauging a DaVinci picture onto canvas out on my patio. Anthony said to me “I told Mike I think his dad is in the Mafia.” To which I said no way could that be possible, I would know about that.” I came to discover much later on that I was blindfolded and Mikey’s friend was right on.

  125. I forgot to include I let my oldest son who was in his 20’s, and still lived at home, and his band practice in my basement every Monday night for several months because they had no where else to practice. All 7 of them. Now if that’s not love I don’t know what is.

  126. I am also the mom who drove all of my kids and their friends everywhere. I drove them to school and picked them all up everyday as well. I drove them and their friends to all of their summer high school league baseball and softball games as well which were all over Timbuktu as well as as many of their travel league games that I could keep up with because I had 4 of them playing sports. My life revolved around them and this is the thanks that I get?

    My dad told me never to forget this and to tell all of my kids to stay away from me and I should never have anything to do with his rotten no good family ever again.

  127. May I add, my soon to be ex was choking me while I was holding my little 6 pound yorkiepoo. He did that right in front of my open patio door. My son and daughter did nothing to stop him from choking their mother who treated them like gold their entire lives. My house was where all of my kids friends hung out at every day in the summer. I fed all of their friends
    as well. No one ever walked into my house without being offered something to eat and drink. My kids had big family parties for every birthday at my house and I made them each their own homemade birthday cake for their birthdays. Then my sister in law Anna made a remark that there should not be anymore family birthday parties after the age of 13. That was when I decided to keep my kids birthday parties private. They always had neighborhood sleepovers with their friends. That was until my second oldest son had a 13th birthday party with his friends and they had a food fight in my basement. I never told any of their parents what they did but, the evidence still exists because there is still blue buttercream cake frosting on my basement walls to this very day.

  128. May I add, my soon to be ex was choking me while I was holding my little 6 pound yorkiepoo. He did that right in front of my open patio door. My son and daughter did nothing to stop him from choking their mother who treated them like gold their entire lives. What a disgrace.

  129. Only by the Grace of God am I still here today to tell my story. He is a sadistic control freak as well as a sore loser. He and his evil family have gone to great lengths to try and steal my Title from me. They have gone way too far by involving my adult kids in this as well as some of my own family members and friends who he made investors in his mortgage note counterfeiting/fraudulent investment/AIG/PRISM Program insurance scam. His Russian counterparts have infiltrated every level of this completely corrupt U.S. Taxpayer funded Corporate Government who are fraudulently controlling our legal system from behind the iron curtain. This is done primarily by gang stalking they spy on their intended target with the intent to take down their victim by their own family members and friends and other so called trusted members of society. The russians use telecommunications as a method of control and infiltrate their own law enforcement perps and “ambulance drivers” so that you can never trust to call them in an emergency situation like what occurred last Evening in my family
    room. They have their own Nazi doctors and nurses as well as “security guards” working within our own U.S. Taxpayer funded healthcare system. It is the alot like the plot in the movie Rosemary’s baby where her own husband was trying to force her to be a mother to Satan’s baby. Even creepier than that. My soon to be ex told me a few weeks ago while sitting at my kitchen table, “why don’t you try being a wife and mother?” To that I said what? We are legally separated because I am fighting you and all of your evil minions and cohorts pro se in fraud closure and all of my kids are
    grown adults for the love of God. He is is the definition of the epitome of evil, he is deranged.

  130. My soon to be ex viciously attacked me again last night. He choked me in my family room because I wanted my little dog to sleep with me, not with him. I found out several months ago that he and his family are the plaintiffs in these 2 fraud closure suits they brought upon me and forced me to defend pro se for nearly 5 years now. He openly admitted this to me a few weeks ago when he drove me to the Daley Center to file my response to “Plaintiffs Motion For Summary Judgement” regarding my business property. He told me in the car after complaining about b.s. to which I told him he should have never filed these fraudclosures against me. To which
    he replied to me that now he wishes he
    never brought .

    He really believes he is going to force
    me to comply with all of his fraud by
    traumatizing me. He thinks he is going
    to erase my memory regarding
    everything I learned and discovered
    by continuously verbally, physically
    and emotionally abusing and
    assaulting me. He thinks if he
    continues this open/secret heinously
    abusive behavior that he and his sick,sadistic, twisted, perverted, Sicillian blood oath aka omerta, inspired family will be able to swap out my Title by
    laying my mind to waste by their ongoing
    violent abusive behavior by him. I also found out that he secretly works for the Russians. The FBI assures me they are not going to get away with any of it.

  131. The National Legal Custody requirement in regards to a U.S. Taxpayer funded, Government bond cannot be met by the Plaintiff because the Issuer never paid back the U.S.Treasury Department the Original funding. The Issuer cannot by law, reconstitute a contract by Consideration because they never Performed upon the Original contract. That also means the provisions regarding an Article 8 Investment Security were never met under Articles 3 & 9 as is the National Legal Custody Requirement in regard to a U.S. Government/U.S. Taxpayer funded Securities Contract.

    Therefore, all foreclosures are felonious because the Deed of Trust was never executed. That means quite frankly, all of the notes are counterfeits because the Original Securities Contracts were never executed. Our money was pocketed and all payments that were collected were collected as usury that was excessive and abusive. That is why the legal requirements of an Article 8
    investment securities Account which
    is a U.S. Taxpayer funded contract, can never be met by the Plaintiff. That is also why the Plaintiff is fraudulently concealing its true identity which is also illegal in these United States.

  132. These were never loans as evidenced by all of the partial grant deeds that were in fact pledges of our personal and national Security. This was a U.S. Bank Note Counterfeiting, Pay to Play scheme by the Russians. This manufactured financial crisis was designed by the Russians to steal our U.S. Citizenship papers, our long form Birth Certificates. Their plan was to manufacture a financial crisis so large they would demand the need to be bailed out aka, TOO BIG TO FAIL. That is how the Russians planned to steal our wealth and our property titles, by secretly swapping out our long form Birth Certificates under the guise of “debt collection.” That is what these war criminals are actually foreclosing upon is our Birth Certificates by committing illicit debt collection practiced through their global attorney network which is in fact a Russian spy ring. These so called attorneys for plaintiff are Russian counterintelligence agents. They are fraudulently concealed at every level of this U.S. Taxpayer funded Corporate Government. They are also posing as public defenders, the D.A. man as well as cops and judges. They are mainly Russian Government sponsored CIA counterintelligence agents who were put in place by the Russians to spy on all of us but mainly, to control their own fraud. This act of war upon the Citizenry of these United States was done vis a vis, the Russian owned Investment banking houses, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They were pledging our individual life, liberty and property, in exchange for fraudulently derived investment securities backed by mass counterfeiting of U.S. Bank Notes. The U.S. Taxpayer’s funded their entire bank job and we are still “bailing them out” to this day.

  133. Foreclosure is why the Social Security Number should be completely done away with. If it weren’t for the Social Security Number none of this could have happened because these criminals could never have gained access to our personal information and our bank accounts.

  134. Women don’t just disappear. Especially women with young children at home. There is in fact a huge problem involving human trafficking in these United States caused by the Board of Directors of J.P. MORGAN/MORGAN STANLEY/ THE U.N. who are all directed by Russia. As a result of all of the counterfeiting of U.S. Bank Notes by the Russians, and the over issuance of Investments in those counterfeits, there was a massive debt fraud sell off on Wall Street in 2008 by the very criminals who created it. That was intentional. Our enemies. both foreign and domestic thought they could buy up our U.S. Citizenship, our birth certificates, backed by their
    own debt fraud they created. That is Securities Fraud on steroids and involves multiple felonies. That is also Satanic Baal worship by the Luciferians who believe they are above the law and above God the
    Creator. The reason is, they want a completely credit based society where there is no cash. That is why Congress passed the Healthcare law to usher in the 13th coin, in the Book of Revelations. The bitcoin is in fact, the micro chipped mark of the beast. The chip in the so called “medical device registry” is directly related to the bit coin electronic currency. This is why Jesus came last time because Satan was moving to number Gods people via the Romans who worshipped Baal. Satan already numbered us with the social security number under that traitor F.D.R. Now Satan by way of his alter ego Lucifer wants to permanently mark the American people with that Mark under the guise of “Affordable Healthcare.” That is why just say no to their drugs is my motto.

  135. All of this corruption is like the case of Drew Peterson. His second wife drowned in the bathtub and the cops believed that story? Yeah right. Not until his third wife Stacy disappeared was there a criminal investigation into his second wife’s death. That was how the State of Illinois ended up convicting him of her murder. Those cops should go to prison for not doing their job properly because that lead to the disappearance of his third wife who was “never found.” That leads me to believe those cops were either imposters or drunk or high on the job.

  136. My soon to be ex literally had a fake cook county sheriff come to my door to issue me a fake summons from a town I had never been in called Oregon, in Ogle County, Illinois.

  137. I know these cases are manufactured by my ex because they don’t appear on the court dockets. 2 of those cases that are particularly strange are the one in Ogle County and the one in Bridgeview where I never get a court order about when to return. I called Bridgeview courthouse about one of those court dates because it did not come up on their website. The clerk told me that if I was not pulled over by
    a police officer then I do not have court in that courthouse. So I told my soon to be ex I am not going to court that day. To which he laterccalled me and told me I had to go. I told him no. He went in my place. Unbelievable right? Would I go to court for him? No. He called me after “court” and said the “judge” issued a warrant for my arrest and if I go there he might let it slide. So I went and told the “judge” what the clerk told me to which he said, didn’t you have court here last month? He rescheduled the date and gave me a public defender by the name of Nader Zageyer who gave me a court date and changed it without notifying me or intentionally gave me the wrong court date. He contacted me for the first time after that to tell me the judge issued a warrant and na na na. Even though I called him numerous times for weeks before that to discuss the case to which he never returned my calls. There is definitely something not only rotten in Illinois, but something highly criminal going on in
    this State. There is obviously a massive cover up going on here for a ginormous criminal conspiracy that involves a very many high placed

  138. God said he was going to trouble the waters for Satan at the time of the end. I have faith that is true.

  139. I never did get the holy oil but I used apricot oil that I had on hand to bless my house. I rubbed it on the doorknobs and stuff. I figured anything is worth a try. It seemed to infuriate my ex however. Oh well, maybe he should not have brought all of these troubles upon me in the first place.

  140. When this most recent fiasco with my soon to be ex started I went to the Catholic religious store to buy an archangel Michael statue to drive the demons out of my home. I also wanted to get some Lourdes holy water. The store clerk was very courteous and told me she did not think she had the holy water but she would check. While I was waiting a woman walked up to me and told me to ask for oil of Joseph. I never heard of that I told her but I said ok. When the store clerk returned she told me she did not have the holy water but suggested I go to another Catholic Religious store in the neighboring town of Worth, Illinois. I asked her about the oil of Joseph which she replied they do not carry that. I went to the other store and asked for the oil of Joseph, to which she said she never heard of. There was another employee who worked there who knew about it and told me I would have to get it from a priest. She showed me how to bless myself with it, when I got it. I looked oil of Joseph up on the internet where there was a whole you tube video about it. It removes curses and stuff. I visited my Mother after that. She lives in a townhouse in Oak Forest like 5 minutes from my house right in back of St Damian Catholic Church. I told her about the oil of Joseph and the woman at the religious story told me to go get it from a priest. My Mother told me the priest will probably just send me off to a homeless shelter. I swear that woman is possessed.

  141. The attorney, Jack Zaremba, who my soon to be ex hired to rep me in Will County regarding
    his manufactured car chase by his Russian criminal friends is in cahoots with him. He lied and told me my Dad recommended him. He has been trying to seduce me into taking the state plea and having felonies on my record with no jail time or go to trial where he said I could face 4 – 5 years jail time for my soon to be exes own crimes against me. He went as far as to request a fitness test for no reason other than to try and prevent this from going to trial because they have no evidence against me, because my soon to be ex destroyed my car. He is trying to scare me and force me to take the plea and make me a felon. They were also intending to distract me from finding out I won large settlements in both of these foreclosure cases that I defended. He
    was told by the FBI to never contact
    me again.

  142. Subliminal messaging is spiritual warfare. If you are a spiritual person to which I am, the adversary takes advantage of your spirituality and tries to control you. However, I know right from wrong.

  143. As I said from the start of this fraudclosure fiasco, this is first and foremost a spiritual war. This is a war for our souls by Gods adversary. I call that adversary Satan. His alter ego Lucifer, is out of control and in need of some restraint. He sits at the head of the United Nations, and is the Antichrist spoken about in the book of Revelations. The Vatican came out and said around the time of the 2008 manufactured financial crisis, they were going to need to hire a lot of exorcists. They were speaking in regards to the fallout that was to
    come from Russia’s manufactured
    financial crisis of 2008. The cover up for all of their counterfeiting began on
    9-11. That was the day they charged off all of their counterfeits on the U.S. Taxpayers by destruction of evidence. That was the symbolism behind all of those tiny bits of paper flying through the air. God rest the souls of the innocent victims who had their lives stolen from them on that day to fraudulently conceal the wrongdoings
    of others.

    All of this was written about in the 90’s in thecbook entitled “The Thunder of Justice” by Ted Flynn. He talked about how Russia’s first strike against us would be in New York City by a moslem who wears a turban. He alsi has videos on you tube. Father Malachi Martin who fell from his apartment window in Manhattan some years ago, also wrote about this in his book entitled “Hostage to the Devil.” There are interviews with him
    on you tube as well. FBI agent Ted Gunderson delves into this subject that he investigated on you tube in the video entitled “The CIA and Satanism.”

  144. My soon to be ex uses subliminal messaging as well, to try and mind control me. When I block transmission, he uses verbal threats and lies to try and intimidate me or upset me. Just a few minutes ago he messaged me when I was eating some cheetos and told me “Do you really think “they” meaning the Russians are going to let you go?” As if they ever had me in the first place. The real question that I have for him is, who in the hell does he think that he is trying to sell me off to the Russians? The truth is, he never thought I would catch him trying to destroy my life by trying to fraudulently swap out my MedicA title and forge it over to his sister and exchange my identity with my own sister, daughter, one of his girlfriends or some other CIA/FSB foreign espionage agent who could never be me, not even on their best day.

  145. My soon to be ex steals my personal possessions to try and get a rise out of me so he can have his Russian national criminal friends come and arrest me for his crimes against me. He will never get a rise out of me and he knows it. That is why on our 32nd wedding anniversary, on the 15th of August of this year, he pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road on
    the way to one of his manufactured court cases (in Ogle County) that he
    fraudulently induced upon me, and
    proceeded to punch me in my head
    through my open car window. After we
    got back we had a verbal argument which he of course initiated. I
    went in my backyard onto my patio to smoke a cigarette and
    get away from him. While I was
    outside, on my own patio, he
    scratched his own chin straight up and down. Even a novice could see he
    scratched himself. He must have
    had one of his criminal cop friends
    waiting in my basement with his car parked nearby because in less than a
    few minutes, one of his crooked Oak
    Forest cop friends
    walked through my house, without giving me proper notice, without my permission and without a warrant, and put the cuffs on me. He arrested me on my own
    patio, without warning, or reason, without ever asking me for my side of
    the story, or without ever reading me
    my legal rights for that matter. My
    soon to be ex bailed me out a few
    hours later at one of his RussiAn hubs, the Bridgeview Courthouse, and
    dropped the charges that following
    Monday because he knows he is a
    liar. He admitted to my second son
    Mike, a couple of weeks later, right in
    front of me that I never laid a hand on him that Evening and I have never laid
    a hand on him in our entire 32 year
    marriage. A couple of hours after that
    he attacked me in my upstairs
    hallway. He said to me, why does everything
    have to be your way? Then he proceeded to
    choke me and he threw me to the floor.
    My daughter came out of her bedroom
    and stopped him from going any
    further. He stooped so low, as to drag our 19 year
    old daughter to court on his bogus charge, even though she did not witness anything that day. This is one of the
    many ways
    the Russians try to mind control their
    Intended target by using false threats
    and accusations they manufacture events and “what if” scenarios.
    That is because they cannot prove
    any of their false claims or accusations. There are never any witnesses to what they do and if there were, they won’t talk about it or they are paid to lie for the abuser. Nor is
    there ever any
    physical evidence of any crime.

    They have nothing based in law or fact to imprison you or take anythin
    from you. This is also the psychology behind fraud closure. Fraud closure
    can only be
    accomplished if the hidden Plaintiff and their Russian perps, their so called
    attorneys, can mind control you and
    let them take you to their leader who
    brought the fraudulent claims against
    you in the first place who is also directing the judge how to proceed. Their leader
    wants you begging for mercy so that
    you fall for their original scam which in my case is to steal my titles and swap my identity with whoever fits my
    profile. The fact is, nobody fits my
    profile, not my sister because she is as dumb as a box of rocks and does not look very much like me. Not even
    my own daughter fits my profile even though we have the same blood type, she is much shorter than me and is built much different than me.
    That is beside the fact my daughter can never have monarch status because my soon
    to be ex, lied about who he really was
    just to marry me and swap out my Medici
    title with his creepy sister Anna who is not even Italian. She is married to the weatherman at NBC here in Chicago,
    Andy Avalos. He really thinks he is a
    member of the illuminati. Ha, not a
    chance. He makes like a million bucks
    a year in U.S. Taxpayer money for
    giving hypothetical weather
    predictions. He claims to be a
    meteorologist who are in reality, no
    more than horoscope and tarot card
    readers like Jean Dixon. Apparently a big fat salary like that an a fancy house and cottage in Michigan are not enough for the two of them. Anyways, I
    came to find out several months ago. my soon to be ex lied to me about being Catholic. I found out he is sicillian and of
    Russian decent as well as a satanist, who follows the teachings of the
    Kaballah, written in the Devils Bible. Those teachings are not Jewish. They are based on the tenets of the Koran.
    He is in fact, a muslim fundamentalist, who
    believes Allah/Satan, works for God so he is a God himself. Those beliefs go all the way back to ancient Eqypt and Babylonian times. These demons worship themselves, and really believe they are the sons of God who is the sun they call Ra, and Baal/Allah/Satan/Lucifer is their leader, God in a physical form.
    Many of their sick, twisted warped
    beliefs have re-emerged as Islamic
    fundamentalism and that one true evil manifested itself on 9-11.

  146. My soon to be ex fully intended to steal all of my original legal work that I filed at the Chancery Division of the Cook County Courthouse in Markham Illinois but mainly at the Daley Center on 50 West Washington, in downtown Chicago, Illinois. The reason being, those originals have my DNA all over them. That would include all of my handwritten legal notes that I wrote
    down while educating myself about
    defending my own titles. That would include all of my rough drafts. These are all proof that I am who defended and won both of the fraudclosure cases he and his Russian comrades brought upon me. He and his Russian National comrades are also after my 2 computer towers. They think those are the key to
    how my mind operates. They are gold jewelry that have precious gems in them. They especially want to steal
    my charms, particularly they want to steal my large ornate Gold Cross with 5 purple stones encrusted in it that I
    wear on a long 14k gold chain, my 14 kt gold cameo bracelet that I wear on my right wrist that has 7
    cameos in it, my 14 KT gold and emerald bracelet that I wear on my left wrist that has 10 emeralds encrusted in it, as well as the 14 kt gold floating heart bracelet, along with all of the gold, white
    and black Pearl jewelry I wear on both of my
    wrists. They also want to steal my rhinestone bracelet I wear on my right
    wrist as well as my large, lacquer roseflower bracelet, my grey and white rosary bracelet that I wear on the
    same wrist. They want to steal my 14 k gold locket earrings as well as my 3 laquer heart charms, one beige with a gold fleur de lis on it, one is black with a gold fleur de lis on it, one is black and white check with gold trim that I wear on my long 14 k gold chain that
    has my ornate gold cross on that describe not only who I am but who I work for. My soon to be ex stooped so low as to steal my small blue note box from me while I was sleeping last night or very early this morning. That box is my favorite, it has 2 monarch butterflies on the front of it
    where I keep my cigarettes, hot pink mini bic lighter and some small pictures of my kids along with note paper where I write down information. The paper is white and light blue with
    a butterfly on each sheet of paper. It is also one of my identifying markers. He is a dirty rotten crook who has no soul whatsoever and I want that box returned to me.

  147. The truth is I am an American through and through and the Russians can’t stand that. That is why they have been trying to secretly yet openly steal everything from me that proves not only my identity, but my monarch status. My soon to be ex husband and his family have been stealing many of my personal possessions from me for several months and they think I don’t
    know it. The FBI told me their intent
    was to steal my birth certificate and identity swap me so the Russians could kidnap me via their agents hidden within my own house and everywhere that I go. I was told by the FBI to destroy my certified copy of my long form Birth Certificate that was Acknowledged as genuine and
    authentic by me by putting a smudge of my blood on it. The FBI also
    informed me my soon to be ex and his entire sicilllian mob family, intended
    to do permanent harm to me by
    causing me to have long term permanent memory loss, I would eventually forget who I am. This would
    be done by continually
    traumatizing me. This began when they were
    drugging my
    coffee with a highly addictive drug for a couple of weeks, to which they then stopped drugging my coffee to
    to cause me to have severe
    symptoms which caused me to be at
    the mercy of their criminal friends at
    Palos Community Hospitals E.R.
    where they drugged me with
    psychotics, severely emotionally
    abused me, drew tons of blood from
    me, and they and my soon to be ex
    husband terrorized me for 10 hours in
    front of my third son, Joseph.
    However. That was just the precursor
    to the next manufactured events by
    them. They fully
    intended for me to have permanent
    long term
    memory loss, begininning with short
    term memory loss they would cause
    by spiritually,
    emotionally, physically as well as
    mentally abusing me constantly. TheY
    planned to do that by making me a
    prisoner in my own house by their
    criminal friends who work for the
    State of Illinois by their criminal
    friends in local, state and county government. They used their comrades they have hidden in law
    enforcement to manufacture an
    event that I fled the from a Mokena
    cop, in
    Frankfort, Illinois regarding a routine traffic
    stop. The FBI told me that cop was an
    imposter who was a Russian National
    put there by my soon to be ex who
    intended to permanently harm me by
    punching me in my head if I got out of
    my SUV that Evening. My soon to be
    ex destroyed
    my SUV soon after that manufactured event
    He also
    hijacked my drivers license through his criminal cop friends in neighboring Tinley Park,
    Illinois. He sent me a bogus letter purportedly from the Illinois Secretary
    of States office informing me my
    drivers license would be suspended if
    I did not submit to another driving
    test to which I just recently took and
    passed with flying colors. I also have
    a spotless driving record. The FBI informed me that was done by my soon to be ex to force me to get
    another notarized copy of my birth
    certificate. The FBI told me the State
    of Illinois cannot suspend your drivers
    license with no criminal driving
    convictions on your record.

    My ex and his family have not stopped
    bombarding me with false claims and
    bogus lawsuits, as well as stealing
    from me many of own personal
    possessions while I am sleeping, or
    out of the house at one of their
    manufactured court proceedings or in
    the rare case I am brought to the
    grocery store
    by him, the devil himself who is under Federal Indictment for Counterfeiting and Racketeering with his own Counterfeit mortgage notes.

  148. If the “Plaintiffs Attorneys” will not produce the Acounting Ledger of payments, what is known as the “business records” for that account, you will know there is a coup de tat of not just your property titles taking place but a coup se tat of the title to who you really are. In my case I am a Medici. My Grandfathers mothers maiden name was Saltily, which was derived from the name Salviati which goes all the way back to the first monarchs, the 12th bloodline who are the Medici’s. I uncovered that I am a direct relative of Florence Nightingale
    who was an Italian duchess who sold herself out to the Russians and went to work for them. That is something I would never do and clearly they know that would go against not only my own moral beliefs but my religious beliefs. I am a natural born U.S. citizen, who is in fact of Italian Monarch status, though I was born in these United States in Chicago, Illinois at Holy Cross Hospital on the 12th day of November in the year 1963. I was my parents first born, a daughter, brought into this world by my mother, Marie Margaret Bergen, witnessed by my father, Michael Emmet Rio, delivered by Dr. Benjamin Gregory

  149. When a “debt” is unsecured, the Issuer of the fraudulently derived investment security, aka “credit slip,” that was created with the sole intent of destroying the value of everything the American people paid for and built, cannot be used to steal the property of the American people, who paid for everything in the first place and were never paid back.

    Stealing any Americans property under the guise of “money owed” is heinous. Especially when the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit, aka the Bill of Lading/Notorial Certificate is the party that owes the American People the money for the original “loan.” Even if the Issuer came up with the Original Direct Deposit slip from the issuance of the Original Bill of Credit, that would only prove the Issuer got paid. It would not prove the Issuer paid the U.S. Taxpayer money back to us. Even if the Issuer had a so called “Trustees Agreement” that showed delivery to the vault of the U.S. Treasury Department with, your John Hancock on it, the written receipt proving Consideration was paid to you
    for the Original “loan” would have to
    be attached to it. That is unless of course someplace on that “Trust Agreement” it was clearly stated that you were in full agreement with the Issuer they could gamble and sell investments in your life, liberty and property. Otherwise, the “Trust Agreement,” would be merely another work of fraud and fiction by the Issuer because the Title, which is in fact the Plat of Survey, never left your possession nor did the Original Bill of Lading which is the Real Estate Contract you received from yourself by proxy of the builder or the real estate agent. They all secretly work for the
    Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit. That would include the appraisers, the so called loan officers as well as the “closing attorney’s” who are supposed to be working for the U.S. Treasury Department, but clearly they are not.

    The reason they clearly are not is, the “closing attorney” who is supposed to be the Trustee for the Trust Agreement, aka the “Trustees Deed” cannot come up with a paid receipt. That is why they are hiding behind every entity imaginable to fraudulently
    conceal that one pertinent legal fact from you.

    That fraudulent concealment would involve your spouse paying off that attorney to not do his job or allowing that attorney to invest in your spouses own fraud. I know for a fact the “closing attorney” from my house “closing” is a good friend of my soon to be ex husbands uncles. The 2 insurance fraud salesmen who secretly work for AIG and their PRISM Program.

    That fraudulent concealment of the Issuers paid receipt by the “closing attorney” would also mean the entire Fraudclosure fiasco is a vast criminal
    conspiracy by all of the investors in the Original loan you gave the Issuer that also involved massive counterfeiting of U.S. Bank Notes by your spouse vis a vis all of his criminal friends in banking. This is why the Plaintiffs attorney’s will not show you the day books, aka more specific Bill of Particulars which would be the Accounting Ledger.

    The reason being is, that Accounting Ledger would have to show the who, where, why, when, what, how regarding where all of those payments that you made, went was to your own spouse and his criminal friends who were investors in their own fraud,
    forgery and U.S. Bank Note
    counterfeiting racket. Then you may just uncover the truth is your spouse is a foreign espionage agent who works for the Russian Government and his entire family are in on it as well as some of your own family members. In my case they are after control of my Medici title which is worth an innumerable amount if money because I am in fact only one who could possibly claim Monarch status and they all know the reason for that is because I am a genuine and authentic good woman.

  150. When the “debt” is unsecured, that means the issuer of the original bill of credit did not pay the U.S. Taxpayers back the money they borrowed in your name. They certainly cannot come back and take the merchandise we paid for upfront with the money we lent them upfront.

  151. The question that I have for all of the members of Congress the U.S. Senate is . .. Where do they get off passing a Healthcare Bill into law in these United States that is based on Islamic Fundamentalism? They did that in our free republic, in our Constitutional Republic that was founded based soley on Christian fundamentals, derived from our own Christian beliefs. Those traitors did that in our great nation, whose laws are rooted
    in those beliefs, because they were
    derived from Christianity.

  152. Max Keiser spoke openly about this Nazi agenda by these reconstituted Nazi war criminals on his program entitled, “The Keiser Report.” He succinctly stated “if they can’t foreclose, they will gas the people in their homes.”

    That was not a lie. How many good, upstanding Christian American women as well as their children and their pets, have had their lives laid to waste by what can only be described as
    WW II style secret Nazi war tactics?
    The Russians work hand in hand with the Nazis. The Russians admitted the first thing they do when they invade is they rape all of the women after they take all of the hospitals over. That is what the Healthcare Law is all about though it used to be called Medicare and Medicaid. It is all insurance fraud by the PRISM Program that is run by
    Russian owned and controlled fraud insurance giant, AIG. AIG stands for Allah Is God.

    Wake up America, for the love of God.

  153. All we have to do is to take a look at this administration’s lacsidaisical immigration policy to know the Citizenry born here are under attack. This administration that is, make no mistake, being directed by the treasonous Bush family, gives more legal rights and more U.S. taxpayer funding to illegal immigrants than to the American people who foot the bill for everything. For example, why do we need Mexican interpreters in our tax payer funded courtrooms? Why are they given such grand privileges that were never afforded to our ancestors, many of whom fought and died so we would have the legal right to defend ourselves in these completely corrupt and useless courtrooms that are no more than secret war tribunals that want to send every U.S. Citizen born here to their U.S. Taxpayer funded Russian controlled, no pay option, FEMA
    CAMPS if the U.S. citizenry will not comply, conform and cooperate with all of their Felony fraud. That means quite frankly, all of the politicians and their Russian comrades they have inserted at every level of their fake, fraudulently induced, U.S. Taxpayer funded corporate Government need to be thrown into Guantanamo and never seen or heard from ever again.

  154. I do not agree my cookie jars, the Russians pitted many “husbands” against their own “wives.” They were all willing participants in this completely Russian manufactured “event.” This plot against our titles was to steal our U.S. Citizenship, our Birth Certificates took decades. This solely Russian plot began when they killed J.F.K. on the 22nd day of November, in the year, 1963. “Coincidentally,” that event happened exactly ten days after I was born.

    Contemporaneously when a deed of trust is signed, a Trust Deed is executed. However, that never happened because of traitors from within. That would include my ex husband who I found out I was never legally married to because there never was a legal contract between us.

    Pity the fool who tried to get between U.S. and our maker.

  155. The U.S. & its currency are never going to fall my cookie jars. However, the morally bankrupt, and spiritually corrupt, political and legal system in this great country of ours, are all going to be held Accountable for 5 decades of mental, physical and spiritual abuse they deliberately committed upon the American people. They are all in direct violation of all of the laws of this land, as well as International Law, red letter of the law involving the overseas transport of unregistered and uncertificated U.S. Government
    Securities. My soon to be ex is one of them.

  156. As I have stated in the past, there are no Attorneys fighting the fraud in fraudclosure. That is because the U.S. Taxpayer funded State Capital Building, as well as the State House of Representatives, in the State of Illinois are secretly being controlled by hostile forces. That means quite frankly, my cookie jars, the good people of this State are at war with the
    Russian Government inside of our own U.S. Taxpayer funded courthouses. That information is nothing to make light of because it was disclosed to me by the Federal Authorities.

  157. When I say signed, I do not mean that in the literal sense because you were fraudulently induced into signing a fraudulently derived lease contract. Because that one pertinent fact was not disclosed to you at the closing table not only means you never signed anything but that also means the U.S. Treasury Department owes you a ton of money. Like 3 times the face value of those counterfeit notes. That means the U.S. Treasury Department would quite literally have to sue the unregistered and uncertified broker/dealer who fraudulently induced you to sign. That would be the so called GSE’s as well as the entire Board of Directors of J.P. MORGAN/MORGAN STANLEY both past and present as well as the CEO/CFO/CIO’s of the reconstituted yet federally, morally and spiritually bankrupted, Lehman Brothers.

  158. Ivent, unfortunatly their misrepentations have caused havic on many relationships. They pitted husbands and wives against each other. You know how they did it now. You keep the taxes n ins paid as I had told you. Don’t let them suck anymore time and life out of you. Get up every morning and count your Blessings. Make everyday a Good Day. If you need a referral for an attorney up there in Crook County, I will help find you one. We will witness the fall of our country, our currency and our Gov. We will rise again a Better Country not run by crooks.

  159. I have court filings by plaintiffs (in both fraudclosure cases that I have been fighting tooth and nail against for almost 5 years now) with fake, phony fraudulent affidavits attached to them. There is a copy of a so called allonge, attached to their house filing along with a copy of the unindorsed/unendorsed Note. The “allonge” is stamped with the signature of a so called bank v.p.
    meaning, that allonge. is unsigned and that allonge is an unauthorized
    bank transfer. That allonge conveys nothing however, it does mean the plaintiffs and their attorneys as well as the judges, who are going along with them, as well as the Clerk of that courtroom, all need to go to Federal
    prison on both State and Federal Securities Fraud Racketeering
    charges. That along with the all of the Cook County Recorder of Deeds past as well as present. who allowed these crooks to record phony, fraudulent documents upon our public land trust records. Them along with all of the Secretary of States in Illinois past and present who knew full well no UCC 1 financing statements were being filed in their “offices” for decades regarding these so called “secured trust agreements” that were in fact, unauthorized lease agreements fraudulently derived by our Russian enemies. That was also Securities Fraud by these so called public officials who were also violating and abusing the public trust by blatantly ignoring all of the laws of this land as well as violating international law by ordering unauthorized overseas bank drafts drawn on the U.S. Treasury Department and dispersing U.S taxpayer money to their banking comrades in Russia.

  160. If the Attorney for Plaintiff did not attach the Bill of Lading to their original complaint, along with an affidavit, signed by a state licensed CPA who worked for that company at the time you signed that lease agreement, (these crooks call those lease agreements “mortgage contracts.”( they are in big trouble with the Federal Authorities. That
    affidavit must also have been sworn and attested to, meaning signed, in front of a state
    registered notary public who must reside in the State where your real estate is situated.

  161. Ms. Wynn, “audits” are scams. http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/prnewswire/press_releases/Georgia/2014/01/15/MN46923?ana=prnews

    Mortgage Fraud Examiners as you obviously know, exams the whole mortgage transaction, the contract and appraisal. If you didn’t use what they gave you, you should, its the ONLY methodology that works–the evidence is overwhelming.

  162. An attorney advised me back a few years ago not to even go to court and do not answer the complaint. He told me we either have a Constitution or we don’t. He told me he talked to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and asked her Lisa, what are you going to do about all of this? She was said to have replied “they have mortgages.” To which the attorney told me this is first year law stuff. Meaning, none of these fraud closures should be happening. He told me if the Judges (in the Cook County Chancery Court rooms) start getting to
    sympathetic to the people they are
    switched out or moved up.

    I have witnessed that first hand. I am a first hand witness who is more than willing to give testimony before the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in this land,
    that all of our U.S. Taxpayer funded U.S. courtrooms, every last one of them, are
    being used as war tribunals to collect infamous debts they themselves created by counterfeiting U.S. Government bank notes to fund their own illicit global drug running and drug trafficking shadow banking operations. Thetefore, all of the judges as well as all of the so called Attorneys for the Plaintiffs can only be considered corrupt , useless traitors to our country and all of us. These judges and plaintiffs attorneys are not only compromised but, are
    Russian operatives put in place to steal our Liberty.

  163. Mr Rock
    I totally understand ripoff report its a case of two sides to every story I guess it’s important not to ” piss off the cook”
    Whoever complained. I got the audit which was an opinion whether it can be brought into evidence is another matter, as I said I got it done under my ex councils recommendation I trust he knew what he was doing, that audit wAs not used for any benefit or to support discovery by ex council – so your right on that. Audits are great but only if you know how to use them to advance discovery and support your particular argument. Im so not discounting their worth.

  164. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae and their subsidiary, who are also their intermediary, Ellie Mae are all owned by the Russian mob. What that means for the American people is we own all of our properties free and clear. The reason? Just like 9-11, all of the faud, forgery, and destruction of evidence to fraudulently conceal all of their countetfeiting of U.S. Government Bonds, that lead to the creation of all of their fraudulently derived Securities Investments which they have uttered upon the U.S. Supreme Court as “the cost of doing business” could not have occurred
    but for the traitors from within.

  165. Christians are at war with a very evil and dark force. Tim Geithner stated that when he was U.S. Treasury Secretary.

  166. DWIGHT NJ, you’d need to contact them for pricing, but to answer your other question,I do know that the FDIC found that 83% of the mortgages are bad, and 76% of the appraisals are bad, and if I understand math correctly, that’s way over 100%, and they examine every single document having to do with your mortgage transaction, including court paperwork because of the amount of malpractice by these so-called foreclosure defense attorneys using these stupid arguments regurgitated on this blog.

  167. By supernatural powers I mean the power to break curses. God gives everyone their own unique gifts. We can choose to use those gifts for good or evil. Take rock bands for an example. They can use their talents to inflict curses or to remove them. Kurt Cobain used his talent to remove them. He was a very gifted song writer and lyricist. However he used drugs that let the demons in. That is why I do not believe in drugs and I do not drink.

  168. You can be laid to waste by a fractured legal system by politicians who use the American people as reeds to rob us. They are all investors in their own lies, fraud and abuse. That means they are all in bed together and are completely corrupt and useless. They all need to resign.

  169. How unfortunate for him that he never knew how I would catch him trying to strip me of my titles, my wealth and my security. However, the FBI told me that I am the only person on the planet who thinks from right to left. That means I am not only smart but, I have supernatural abilities. What is known in certain circles as an all seeing eye.

  170. In my quest for discovery of the principal agent/agency who brought these 2 fraud closure suits upon me, I discovered that agent/agency was trying to bury the not yet dead womans gold (that women is moi), in one so called Sally Malyssa Trust. However, that Trust was merely a straw account, what is known as a pass through account set up by my soon to be ex to hide my wealth and my assets that he stole, and to tax evade. That “account” is what is known as an income tax diversion that gets drawn right from the U.S. Treasury Department under the alias of a stolen identity, a stolen social security number, mine. I could never have known about the deception. However when bills that I never had and lawsuits from unknown parties started popping up from out of nowhere the past few years, I became
    suspicious. One of those bogus suits brought upon me by Calvary portfolio Services L.P.S. I
    won. The case was dismissed by their attorney because they did not
    have the legal assignment.

  171. Woke up this morning had them Statesboro Blues because I found out about Sweet Melissa. Now there’s a man down stairs might be your old man baby I just don’t know.

  172. He said just a few months ago that he and my 2 kids who are grown adults but still live in my house want to tie me up in the closet and duct tape my mouth shut. My father told me several months ago when he walked out for a month that I should file a restraining order against him but not why. I talked to my father about his continued violence toward me and numerous death threats to which my Father who is a retired FBI agent told me not to talk to him and next time he threatens or touches me to call the cops and have him arrested. To which I told him the last time I called the cops on him for threatening to kill me the Oak Forest cops refused to arrest him and told me to go and sleep someplace else. I told them I have no where else to go and they did not care. The cops
    literally left me no choice but to sleep
    in my car. That was a trap set by my soon to be ex that lead to the night that very week that imposter cop cohort of his tried to kidnap me. My soon to be ex told me a couple of months before that I was going to be sleeping in my car. This is the thanks I got from him for defending 2
    foreclosures pro se.

  173. Allow me to clarify. He does not want an attorney to discover he hid all of my assets from me that would include a vast foreclosure settlement.

  174. The proof that foreclosure is a secret divorce proceeding is when my soon to be ex told me a few months ago that he already filed for a divorce yet I was never served any divorce papers. He has me held hostage partly because he does not want me to go seek a divorce attorney because he does not want the attorney to discover all of my hidden assets which would include my foreclosure settlements that he and his family are trying to
    squander from me. Luckily for me the Federal Authorities are on to them.

  175. One Evening a few months ago, my soon to be ex and I were driving back from Jewel Express in my hometown of Oak Forest, Illinois, a southern suburb of Chicago. He told me “you don’t even know who you are” and “you are worth a lot of money” and proceeded to poke his finger into my right eye. He nearly popped my eye out of its socket.

  176. The reason the Sicilian mob joined forces with the Russians is because they both hate our freedom and independence, our Constitution.

    On a more personal level, my husband and his Sicilian family hate my bloodline and more particularly, my Medici title.

  177. Correction in my last comment. He, meaning my soon to be ex husband and his criminal friends are holding me hostage in my own house. The reason? I was never supposed to find out he and his family are the investors fraudclosing on my titles to my person, papers, property and effects. They used me to defend their own fraud closure suits they brought upon me because they knew I would win. Then they all planned to lay me to waste by criminalizing me for their own heinous crimes against me. I was informed of this by a very reputable source.

  178. My soon to be ex told me this Evening that he is “not my cabin boy.” He has told me that numerous times over the last several months. As if I am hiding out from someone when and his criminal cohorts and minions are the ones holding me hostage in my own house. He also told me a few months ago “they have you tagged” but would not elaborate as to who “they are” or
    why “they” would have me “tagged.”
    That was in reference to the night of
    the attempted kidnapping of myself by his
    criminal imposter cop friend from
    Mokena who was out of his criminal
    subject matter jurisdiction the Evening
    he pulled me over and threatened my
    life without a badge on. My soon to be
    ex also told me several months ago
    that “they are going to burn the house
    down with you in it.” Again he would
    not elaborate about who “they” are.
    When I spoke with the closing
    Attorney from my house closing,
    Attorney, Dick Chisholm a few years
    ago, he told me “next time “they” call,
    ask them what they want.”

    I found out these remarks are based on the principles of Omerta aka The
    Omerta Code I spoke about in my
    comment on October 25th at 8:49 a.m.
    “They” are in fact the Sicilian mafia who work vis a vis the Russians.

  179. Rock .. what is the cost of using Mortgage Fraud Examiners ?

    Are there really that many cases of the banks screwing up the mortgage ?

    Give us an example of what might be found and how it would be presented to a judge in the middle of a foreclosure case.


  180. When I was talking with the Chief of Police of Crestwood around 5 years ago, who is coincidentally a friend if my Father’s. He was a cop on the Chicago Ridge Police force when my Father was Chief. Along with the State Investigator I told them that I had met with a couple of those “what do you call those attorney’s?” To which they looked at each other and laughed and said to me, “what do you call those attorney’s.” That told me that there were no attorneys who would be willing to fight for my legal rights. At least not in this State. The State Investigator told me to file a complaint with the State Attorney Generals office to which I told him I already did that and they never responded. He told me to file another one because they are really getting a lot of complaints and if I don’t hear back from them or they do not want to do anything about it for me to call him and he would see to it that they would. I never did file another complaint because I saw the writing on the wall. The corruption is out of control.

  181. Ms. Wynn, I’m familiar with ripoff reports. It’s known by scammers and unethical companies that want to demean legitimate concerns as the place to go to cause harm. Ripoff reports does not check the identifications of the authors that post there, thus allowing anyone basically anonymous to make up anything that want and post it. Pathetically, rip-off reports then wants to charge thousands to remove the garbage that’s been posted.

    BTW, anyone that reads the comments on the ripoff report you mention, if they can’t tell it’s made up, is the type of sucker the charlatans play to, and any legitimate concern probably wouldn’t want them as a client anyway, nobody wants idiots for clients.

    Obviously, your attorney had no clue what to do with the info they provided, because I personally know several of the attorney’s that use Mortgage Fraud Examiners, and they won’t even accept a case unless they perform one of their exams first. They understand examining mortgage transactions for errors, breaches, tortious conduct, set-offs etc. is the only remedy that works for homeowners, despite what the scammers, wishful thinkers, and legally deficient claim.

  182. Foreclosure is like secretly being given the date rape drug. You are never supposed to remember that you were gang raped at the closing table.

  183. I contacted the FBI white collar crimes division at the beginning of this fraud closure fiasco to complain about the fraud in these 2 foreclosures. I told that to my soon to be ex husbands cousin and she told me “what would you call them for?” Strange right?

    I also met early on in my mortgage fraud investion with the Chief of Police from Crestwood Illinois where my business property is located along with a state investigator by the name of Kevin O’Connell of the CHIEF INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION of the
    Illinois Attorney
    Generals office. We had an interesting
    discussion about the large box of mortgage fraud evidence that I brought into a private back office of the

    Crestwood Police Department. At the end of the conversation the State investigator told me that he might want to hire me when I am done with my own complicated mess. I told that to my husband who did not attend the meeting with me that day. I reminded him of that remark back a couple of years ago to which he told me, I think they already hired you.

  184. Attorney , past tense

  185. And you know what’s so NOT funny
    My attorney insisted I get audit by Storm Bradford.

  186. A little research and


    I fell for all of em. I’m not going to say it’s useless info but end of day it’s evidence solid reliable irrefutable evidence that wins cases. People San write whatever they want but I never take it as true until I’ve done my research, believe me I learned the hard way I trust first until a person gives reason not to trust, now I do not trust, until a person gives me reason to.

  187. Rock
    I had Storm Bradford review my documents our last conversation was and I quote ” I gave you the bullets it’s up to your attorney to fire them”
    Thanx for posting link.

  188. The FBI have disclosed to me that these politicians/investors/banksters as well as all of their minions and cohorts both close at hand and far away, who are invested in their own fraud, counterfreiting, sin and avarice, are such sick gamblers they have been gambling on every aspect of these fraudclosures. They have gone as far as to make bids in cyberspace aka “up on wall street” on our jewelry, our personal possessions, our DNA samples, papers, journal writings, legal papers,
    as well as our birth certificates.

  189. If some unknown party sends you a purchase agreement that you never signed, you can only assume they are racketeering with your unauthorized signature to gain unjust enrichment from you. I would call the FBI Mortgage Fraud Division on them.

  190. The straw lenders are Congress and the Senate, aka the Mortgage Bankers Association aka MERS.

  191. A purchase agreement is a fraudulent contract unless you signed it.

  192. We The People should send the Politicians in Congress, and their perps in the Senate, who are aka the Mortgage Bankers Ass. our Demand for Payment letter regarding all of the Taxpayer money we lent them to build this country that they never pay us back as well as a request they return all of the investment money they pocketed from the fraudulent investment practices committed by
    them, through their perps at J.P.
    MORGAN/MORGAN STANLEY. Then they should all resign in disgrace.

  193. The politicians then have the nerve to show up at election time, and ask all of us paupers they created for campaign donations.

    Then there is the b.s. story that the policemen and firemen’s pension money was invested in this fraud. They play us all for dumb as if the U.S. Taxpayers do not know that everything related to pension funds is a ponzi scheme, a pay to play scam that benefits the rich fat cat politicians and all of their criminal friends who sit on the Board of Directors of CHASE/MORGAN STANLEY. The policemen and firemen’s pensions are grandfathered in and paid out by the U.S. Taxpayers. That type of corruption is precisely why nearly every dime we pay and spend is collected as a tax by the politicians who cry broke while they rob us.

  194. mycookie what stump me about your situation is if you got a contract with the estate for $140,000 and you send then a check for $140,000 plus a copy of the purchase agreement or if you borrowed $140,000 then you sent a certified check with the loan agreement with any interest owned, and if they don’t accept show this to the court and it should be done.

    I don’t get all the other stuff as in the end all somebody wants is there money. We missing part of what your trying to say. With what you even over the years I never hard of someone not accepting the amount due.

    Who is exactly trying to take your property and why? Has someone else in the family not agreed to the term and was not notified?

  195. The Note, The Mortgage and the Mortgage Note.

  196. Think about it, they didn’t record the note and there is no lien.

  197. I wasn’t on the note, how else do you think I became a borrower? The mortgage note perhaps?

  198. Charles, where did I say the money came from an illeagel source? What I did say was we were given a reverse mortgage, and title to our life estate was stripped from us irrevocably and placed into a trust. Thats a far cry from a mortgage lien wouldn’t you say? Can you say misrepresentation and fraud?

  199. mycookie I may have exaggerated the debt ratio, but when you had Stated Loan you could end up with ratio very close to that. People went to a mortgage company because they were not qualified at a or did not like the term or rate. They just did not stroll over to ABC because this was the best option.

    Mortgage companies were not lending under there own names but brokering these loans out. Who takes a 9% adjustable rate loan when they could have gotten a 5% FHA 30yr fix? People would have taken almost anything to get into a house, and knew the brokers or correspondent bank were not keeping these loans and had no clue who was going to end up purchasing the loan in most case.

    Borrowers knew that these loan could be sold plenty of times. So I don’t see getting far in the argument that the monies came from an illegal source, because now your going on some fishing expedition!

  200. Charles no one in their right mind would take out a $200,000 mortgage on $30,000 a year income with a $400 month car payment. If they did … ? And only a pretender lender who knew the loan would fail would do the loan and bet against its failure for profit.

  201. Here is why I don’t think that were the funding actually came from matters because had borrowers know (as if was the only game in town) they would have still borrowed the funds. We wanted to have a piece of the America Dream and the Federal Government was in on the program.

    Your story is that you went to ABC Mortgage to get a loan that was open yesterday and is not your bank and you borrowed $200,000 base on $30K wages and a $400 a month car payment, yet if you know the money was not coming from them tht you would not have borrowed the money!

    We are victims, just not victims of everything, but the battle is after the fact in how the Notes are traded or not!

  202. As a non borrowing homeowner I was obligated to defend the title … Against the sellers estate. I was made a creditor and debtor and warrantor all without my knowledge and consent. Now if my spouse would file BK, I’d get the gold mine and he’d get the shaft.

  203. Ivent, you need to be a federal prosecutor. You’re Good!

  204. I can not say this is the situation for all, but in our case the deceased sellers attorney had a trustee deed issued to his lawfirm and my spouse without a trustee agreement. You find out they have a CFD with the sellers estate who had been paid in full. You want the Trustee Agreement and a WD, right? Now about where the money came from. You find out the WD with you and your spouse as TIE with ROS was not granted to you BUT by you to the MERs funding member ( aka the straw lender). So to enforce the contract you demand a release from the sellers estate and the WD to be filed or you want your money back.

  205. Credit is not debt owed because the investors who were counterfeiting U.S. Government Securities like mad hatters and investing in their own Mortgage Note, counterfeiting racket, never lent the American people any money. The law says Racketeering with fraudulent U.S. Taxpayer funded Government Securities is Securities Fraud. The Act of Racketeereting U.S. Government Securities/Vatican paper would involve numerous felonies that
    are fully prosecutable under RICO.
    Therefore, those “Investors” could not lend you your own titles to your
    person, property or possessions now
    could they? How could they because
    you already paid them years ago
    when they stole your Social Security
    Numbers by hijacking our Birth
    Certificates, our U.S. Citizenship
    papers and fraudulently induced those into stocks and bonds without our knowledge or consent. That is how these “investors”
    allowed themselves to direct deposit our money into their “coffers” by
    committing identity theft and numerous other felony frauds. They did that by investing in their own fraud. They used “investing” from behind the scenes of their own crimes to fraudulently conceal their true

  206. If you borrow money from a family member you get money, not credit. Imagine your brother is a politician who counterfeited your own checks because he works for the Government, he had access to your “social security Number”. Slowly over time, he direct deposited small amounts of your money, aka bank fees, check writing fees, bank overdraft fees, identity theft insurance fees, etc as usury for money he never lent you. His political status, the fact that he is an “investor” allows his banking comrades to direct deposit those “fees” to be direct deposited into any number of his own secret hidden bank
    accounts. You could be none the wiser, although you might suspect wrongdoing by the bank, you would more than likely not suspect your own brother is an investor in everything that effects your life, liberty and
    property as well as your legal right to defend it. Then when you are broke and fighting him in fraud closure he may offer you credit by doing odd jobs for him around his mansion. What a great guy.

  207. Whose pension funds gained value because of the inflated appraisals? Who okays the funding to the homebuilders ? Who received those “funds” before we were ever brought to the closing table? Certainly not me. Moreover, there is no law in equity for the issuance of credit. The Mortgage Bankers received our money meaning we paid for our titles upfront before we were ever hoodwinked at the “closing table”. So that begs the question, What are these imposters
    fraudclosing upon? The politicians, judges, lawyers and all of their comrades are fraudulently invested in their own fraud, lies and abuse. Therefore they are all compromised. Obama’s pension fund is invested in Vanguard. Vanguard are one of the top 5 institutional investment firms in the world. Their Board of Directors are comprised of mainly Russian Generals. That can only mean quite frankly We The People are under siege by our enemy in the land many of our fathers fought and died for.

  208. The debt is owed, its unsecured. You can’t convey title via WD irrevocably into trust free n clear with a recorded lien now can you?

  209. mycookiejar maybe DwightNJ does not have a tax problem because it was behind a scheme to steal his property that the taxes where paid by another. Nobody made Wells pay the taxes as no agreement was between Dwight and that bank! Wells paid the taxes to keep the state from selling the property!

  210. mycookiejar I agree DwightNJ got a tough road ahead, and that why I suggested that he still pursue the modification that Fannie was offering because what it does is allows him to possible roll some of this into a 2nd mortgage payable at the end of the modification term. But you are right the 7yrs of taxes will be an issue.

    I am not saying there were no attorneys that handled foreclosure back in 2000, but I am saying that these are not the cream of the crop, because the homeowner is usually a no money having client. You said it best “You get what you pay for”!

    What the amount of monies for an attorney to win? What would you expect to be paid on saving a home with 7yrs of back taxes and insurance premiums and what the condition of the house? If the house payment was not paid and if would result in the home being taken, what the attorney going to do in order to collect his $5,000 in fees other than have the up front $2,500 and payments. What representation do you expect for $5,000? I here the attorney how….what do you expect for $5,000!

    Realistically what should if cost to defend yourself against Wells Fargo if your trying to win?

    But cookie you just given me an ideal that I been writing to the President about, and that is his first though that these thing should go through a bankruptcy court. I believe that DwightNJ case does fit what I said and that is since the debt cannot be proven as the Note is a blank endorsement (as they not presented a receipt) I would present these fact through a BK attorney to the BK court, and let the judge decide whether there is a valid debt owed?

  211. Now if Charles no longer owes his brother and if he still tried to collect from you, wouldn’t your friend Charles be unjustly enriched?

  212. Charles back in the early 2000s you couldn’t find an attorney to represent against FCs. That’s not true these days. Dwights issue is the taxes someone else has paid. 7yrs in back taxes is a lot of money.

  213. Charles files BK against his brother. Now Charles’s brother wants to collect from you. Can he? Think Coyle.

  214. mycookiejar look at were we are now in this mess where there are only a handful of attorneys in states were the crisis hit the hardest, that you will find knowledgeable attorneys in this area, because first there were only a few who dealt with real estate. I would agree if we all had capable attorneys to handle or cases would be that best, but what the reality is that we got abortionist with unclean operating rooms full of infection.

    DwightNJ has tried and there no attorney that will help and instead of taking the advice of the ones he contacted, who have advised him to quit fight and get a moving truck, he decided to fight.

    I don’t knew how much lending has changed but white Americans have a 70% home ownership rate and most everyone needed to borrow money to purchase a home, and regardless of what has happen still most 100% would sign the documents to purchase a home because it always been a part of the dream.

    I don’t believe this started out as some grand scheme to defraud most people, but as the more financial product were created it cause a weakness in employment and the only reason most people lost there homes is due to a lack of employment.

    Even all this year after the crisis we got a discussion of Bonds but we are talking about Securities being sold with are two different things. Even that titling been screwed up by MERS if the payment were made there was no problem homeowner would have ever notice, and the reason we got a lack of public support is that MERS was placed into the wording of most titling of all homeowners since 2000, and yet the overwhelming homeowners have not had an issue.

    The housing crisis as far as victims are few compared to the total market but the situation effect the entire country because it changed the availability to borrow monies, and this economy cannot recover without full ability to borrow monies to purchase homes. There were 7 million foreclosed and another 5 million waiting in the wings, and most all of these folks will not get helped and that because in Oct 2014 most all attorney don’t have the knowledge or the care to defend these case because they don’t see anyway to make money! These matter are being fought in State courts where there is no treble damage, an the opponent is a $1 trillion asset corporation, and the homeowner is a broke part-time worker or one that just returned to full-time employment that got zero for saving and is barely paying the new rent or living in parent’s basement!

  215. The problem is none of you can see the forest for the trees.

    For example, Charles and I are friends, I ask Charles if I can borrow 50K, Charles wants to help me out, but doesn’t have the dough. So he goes to his brother and tells him, “I want to help my buddy Storm, could you give me 50K,” so his brother does. I sign a contract with Charles for the 50K. Clearly, my contract is with Charles, not his brother, even middle schoolers understands this.

    Now, I gave all of you the key that unlocks the door–attacking the mortgage transaction. Question is, are you going to use it, or continue making arguments even a child understands are nonsensical? http://finance.yahoo.com/news/homeowners-receiving-multimillion-dollar-awards-155900638.html

  216. Charles, I know you meant Well, we all did. But the fact is they used us to do their dirty work without our knowledge. To the best of my knowledge they’ve known since the early 2000s. Its to my understanding this started after the S n L crises in the 80s. Banking as people our age knew it had changed. I truley understand the need to know the Truth, the Whole Truth. How are we as consumers supposed to make informed decisions if we were flat out lied to at origination? We can’t and as Neil said if we had known, most would not have signed the papers. There is a reason they started having people sign the homestead exemption waivers in 2010. We are a nation of renters not homeowners. Remember the comment by an attorney .. Its Free Rent? —————————————————————– Deb, you’re right on target ———————————– Dwight, your wife and children need an attorney even if you’re to stubborn to get one for yourself. My husband n I needed seperate attornies, Why? Deb n Ivent nailed it. ————Many Blessings to All —

  217. @ Ivent ,

    YOU SAID ” The inflated appraisals are good solid evidence of corruption by the politicians. ”

    In 2005/6/7 my courier business had 2 appraisers that were regular customers that the banks used (and also the “homebuilders”) when they needed the “right numbers” and the other appraisers balked … these were so toxic that they couldn’t wait 1 stinking day for the mail (local within the same city)… funny , they’re both long gone now… it’s not just the politicians ,, it was damn near everyone who was involved in banking or regulation and up to perhaps 2 steps removed from the initial fraud… the rot spreads and spreads fast … when the only way to survive is to cheat you cheat.

  218. Cookies, please stop harassing Charles on this message board. We all have problems that we are trying to find solutions to , Charles is here trying to give his opinion and advice as is others. We all appreciate any advice or help that we can find, and we all understand that it might not be the best advice or relate to our own problem. But can we stop with the personal attacks? Can you just leave Charles out of your posts and help keep these comments sections a place where we can all exchange opinions share ideas .. come on now, we’re all fighting against an evil criminal enterprise , lets not fight with each other. Can you agree to let go of the hard feelings and spread some love ? Say a prayer for all of us , say a prayer for Charles , will you do that? Thank you and God Bless You

  219. mycookiejar I don’t know what to believe about you because your all over the place, but if you have a child serve and die for this nation my condolences!

    I don’t know what your reasoning would be to talk a military person out a VA loan that provides the same or a lower interest rate than the best prime rate. Like any loan it dependent on what being made on the loan. But at the bank I worked at we gave the lowest rate available that day with zero points to buy down or point period. Now we would make something on the loan as we needed to be paid, and the total the bank would make of all loan would be 1.25% on everything under the conforming loan amount.

    However most other places made at less 2%!

    If you were a veteran with at least 10% disability there was no VA Funding Fee, but it was 3% for at the time for the Funding Fee but it was rolled into the loan and was tax deductible in the payments, but the loan was a 100% loan and the seller could pay up to 4% of the closing cost and VA default rate was almost the same as a Prime loan.

    I think you run into the wrong people in life and for myself and the other ex-veteran performing VA loan, The VA allowed you to make as much as 3 point on a loan in 2 point discount and 1 origination or the other way around but as we did loan as my boss was a Army Reservist and we just did not treat our military families as a bank account.

    I when looking to preform loan search for a bank with a that provided VA lender as not all bank do. I was station right outside the AirForce base.

    I am not saying that all veteran treat other veteran with the respect they deserve, but my goal was to help my fellow brother and sister obtain homes for their families.

    Your so mean and I don’t know why as you started this and even when I tried to let it go you came back and started again. If you right in your fight then that cool, but as you and your husband are worth $1.4 million, I am sure as with your house somebody got a problem with you having $1.4 million, but your problem with me seem to stem from the fact that Whistleblowing has an reward for useful information in recovering stolen US funds. I would like to recover any reward I have applied for and I would like to help military people get restitution, and if that bother you so be it!

  220. Think about the word ” beneficiary” stealing from the beneficiary does not make You the new” beneficiary”or the ” lender” but so far they got away with it – as far as the lil borrower thinking they were getting a home Loan and clear clean title goes, and yet the court is all ears if theres an investor suit.

  221. You’re the one in denial Charles. My safe contains Purple Hearts, something you know nothing about. You didn’t bury a 24yr old 2yrs ago, he gave all, something you also no nothing about. We just got home from a Memorial where half the attendees were Military where I talked one of them out of taking a VA loan. My youngest daughter works at the VA hospital. Shall I continue? Funny thing about the house is we agreed to pay full price even after the appraisal came in lower than asking price, something you also know about. Hell you sold VA loans and you still don’t know how you helped rob them blind.

  222. 1st Cookie I never been on the government welfare or any of that crap or unemployment, but unlike you or your husband who I am sure neither have served in the military but are the ones out there with flags while the brave serve and protect. You pay for other to protect you and then with your schemes you rip the same people off.

    If you net worth is $1.4 million it is $1.4 million as you can take your money out the market and realize your worth, but don’t give me all this wrap up in this and that. What are you worth today?

    Your involved in a situation where someone feels that you unjustly enriched yourself and what better way to take advantage of things in the job you were performing. Pay the $800,000 or $500,000 the property was worth and be done with it or continue to hope you can steal the property for $140,000!

    No one wants to here about you ripping off someone’s estate, and we cannot give you help with that crime! Neil’s new post is about you, and your denial that your a thief!

  223. 1st Charles, I have been with the same man my entire life. He is not a millionaire. He and I have worked our entire life. Nothing was handed to us. And we have never taken a dime of support from the taxpayors unlike you. We work to support you. If you understood naked short sales you would understand where the 1.49 million $ figure comes into play on the 2ndary market.

  224. The inflated appraisals are good solid evidence of corruption by the politicians.

  225. Mortgage loans cannot be purchased. They can be transferred. That can only occur legally if Good and Valuable Consideration was paid to the U.S. Treasury Department by the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit. There must be some physical task Performed by the Issuer of the Bill of Sale which is by and large the Sales Contract. The Creation of a legal binding Contract
    aka as an obligation, relied upon
    Performance by the Issuer of the
    Original Sales Contract who would by and large be the U.S. Taxpayers vis a vis the U.S. Treasury Department. All of those
    Provisions are clearly laid out and
    stipulated in Article 2, section 9 of
    the UCC. These were not Sales Contracts, they were 10 year Government bonds that were backed by our Birth Certificates as Security for the debt the Mortgage Bankers Ass. Created off of the backs of the U.S. Taxpayers. In other words, all of the so called mortgage bonds are frauds because that information was never disclosed to We The People at the
    issuance of the Bond/Stock as the law
    requires. That means the stocks are worthless because the bonds that were supposed to secure them were fraudulently derived. Therefore all subsequent transfers of title were fraudulent conveyances. Foreclosure is not only a cover up for Income Tax Fraud and another way for these crooked Mortgage Bankers to Income Tax Evade, fraudclosure is in fact, a fraudulent reconveyance of title because the Mortgage Contract was fraudulently induced at its inception. Fraudclosure is yet another hoodwink of the U.S. Taxpayers who pay for
    everything upfront in this country by
    the traitors from within being directed by our enemies both close at hand and far away.

  226. Re the inflated appraisals, when ever else in time have we seen median home price outstrip median income to the extent that it was. How else do you explain in excess of 400k drop in my new build home in just over 12 months and have the market described by the appraiser I had as ” stable.” I woke up on morning and was upside down to that tune, I bought at the height of the bubble market and we are ALL paying the price for not knowing all about it!

  227. And as the saying goes ” if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”

  228. Rock I agree there.., attack the appraisals. It can’t be missed really how else was the bubble created, sure they may plead ignorance and criss claim. The bottom line is public duty and public and secondary market participants right- to rely on the appraisals, the responsibility is huge. Same in my job – public confidence and my duty to them is second to none.

  229. So Charles I think we have slander of title and wrongful lien, well at the very least. Jmho. Not a lawyer.

  230. looneycookie it cool you called me the N-word as I suggested you were a H to the O. You should not start crap and you would not get crap. Now they way you feel about me is the way I feel about you and we can keep on going if you like. I don’t have to comment on your stuff and you don’t have to comment on my stuff!

  231. I know all about the settlements Charles, much more than you do, and long before you became the Biggest Loser. There is a name for people like you and its the equivlent of white trash. Dwight I suggest you follow the link Rock posted.

  232. Sloppy I meet women like you who were worthless and lucked up and married money, but you did what was best with what you had. But it not you that are out their fighting but your husband money since 2007 or 2008, so what is his money getting you right now? The reason you write here is there is no site for thieving estate sale people.

    You don’t add anything to anybody but negative issue about crap you have no idea of what your saying.

    Here the real deal that eating you up is that the issue that Neil writes this blog about is uncovering the crime of the financial crime, and as you see his thoughts revolving and the settlement of over $38 billion this year alone.

    You, Gene & Rock are on the outside looking in, because those other two clown like you are not searching for the money so you cannot find it. I am giving the government a reason to collect on a debt they are owned and I believe it to be over $250 billion to collect as Sen Warren has written to the US Justice about our failure to collect this amount from the banks for illegal foreclosure.

    You must not read the newspaper as to the settlements and were the information is coming from in Whistleblowers and not from some chick that paid attorneys over 8 years or so with nothing to show for it!

  233. Charles, were you dropped on your head as a child? You are so desperate to prove others wrong, Why? Oh right! If we are right your pipe dream would blow up into smoke. News Flash! You can make things up as you go, you can even convince yourself its true, but it doesn’t change the FACTS! FYI, I won long before you lost your house in 2011. You missed the bus, your chasing a pipe dream. Stop smoking cat nip and get a real life. Dwight, you know the old adage.. You Get What You Pay For.

  234. Here what occurred and that is your loan was originated by another lender and sold to WaMu as the Note indicates and WaMu endorsed the Note in blank and give it to Fannie Mae in a allege sell. Now come a filing by Wells Fargo in title, but only the owner of the debt can be in title as it is only reserved for the “holder in due course” and not some servicers.

    Remember where the confusion come into play is that the large banks in Wells, JPMorgan, BOA & Citi are also mortgage servicers of there loans. There are banks and any bank that originate loans can service what they originated as you do have to farm this out.

    Wells Fargo tricked the local land recorded by saying they were the holder of the Note and have MERS file the assignment, but the simple holder without owning the debt has no reason to be in title as they not lent any monies and are only holding the Note as the custodian.

    Wells Fargo can do the paperwork to process thing but they cannot do it as the owner of the debt because they don’t own the debt. Don’t fall for the working for, because just as the attorney is working for, they are not working AS Wells of Fannie. Wells is saying that Fannie owns the loan so what stopping Fannie name from being the Plaintiff? Their representation is there in the Attorney and Wells who handled the servicing and have possession of the blank Note.

    If it were legal that anybody that possess the blank Note to collect then Wells Fargo would not have to mention Fannie because Wells is in possession of the blank Note. Who is in possession of your Note? Wells Fargo is and that should show you that not anybody can foreclose or Wells would simply say that they are and that that!

    Because Fannie involved I don’t know what the Federal Government empowered them with, but because it 7yrs since you started this, there got to be some issue going on. The main part is that WaMu endorsed that Note and they are dead so maybe there is a problem with even showing the fact that WaMu actually had proof of purchase. Maybe that were you attack this problem is that since WaMu dead and it alleged to have purchase the loan it need to be proven. What record is there showing monies exchanged hands from that first lender in the originator? Now your attacking the Note and its right to exist because the originator not in court and a party too, so this is why UCC 9 comes into play!

  235. Reminder see http://www.sec.gov/answers/mortgage securities.htm
    ” mortgage backed securities (MBS) are debt obligations that represent a claim to the cash flows from pools of mortgages, most commonly on residential property. Mortgage loans are purchased from banks, mortgage companies and other originators and then assembled into pools BY ( caps mine) a governmental, quasi- governmental, or private entity. The entity then issues securities that represent claims on the principle and interest payments made by borrowers on the loan in the pool, a process known as securitization”
    In my motion I pointed out that therefore, with MBS there is actually no sale of real estate or purchase of real estate. It is backed only by mortgage securities.
    A question ( well most certainly in my case being from that point of view I write being not an attorney) arises here because I have a trustee of a mortgage backed securities that is also representing itself as a buyer of real property. Trustees generally are not real owners of real property but simply control mortgage payments in its distribution to BENEFICIARIES.

  236. There can be no second lender because the Original Contract was a fraudulently induced Contract. What that means in legal terms is the Original Contract never existed. What these traitors in the Senate, directed by the treasonists in Congress are really doing is, reconstituting non existent contracts that were never legally constructed. That is aka the Origination Fraud. As a result, there is Fraud in the Factum and therefore, there is fraud in essence of all of these so called Investment Securities. What that means for Wall Street is no less than catastrophic. The Board of Directors of CHASE/MORGAN STANLEY as well as all of their subsidiaries, intermediaries and the like such as those unregistered and unlicensed LLC’s (who are racketeering by operating unauthorized businesses solely to money launder fraudulent securities behind the guise of fraud closure)
    never formed any legitimate Investment Accounts. They were drawing the funds they needed to keep their Ponzi Scheme going directly from our own private tax payer funded Central Bank,
    the U.S. Treasury Department. That is not only criminal and involved multiple felonies being committed by our own elected officials but it was and is up to this very day an Act of high treason and an Act of War against We The People of these United States because we are a Constitutional Republic.

  237. Charles … yes, it is Wells Fargo who filed the complaint as plaintiff , the Assignment of Mortgage by MERS shows the mortgage being assigned to Wells Fargo ….. and yet Wells Fargo claims they are only holders of the note which is endorsed in blank by WaMu … Wells Fargo claims that Fannie Mae is the “investor” … Fannie Mae has our loan number listed on their website as “being one of theirs”.

    Next question .. many servicers who do not own the note come forward as mere holders of the note and file the foreclosure complaint.

    The judges are obsessed with the fact they have possession of the note in blank .. and these judges are convinced this is all that matters.

    Other servicers don’t have to prove they “own the note” .. but I do see your point about the AOM and how do they get MERS to assign them into title? If Fannie truly owns the note and transfers it to a servicer to foreclose .. they also assign the mortgage right?

    Does anyone really have to prove they paid for the loan? what if the originator simply sold it for a fee or a lesser amount to get away from the risk .. does the new owner have to pay full value for it ?

    And does a court care ? I need to make the court want to care that some entity must be the valid owner of the debt ?

    The court seems to be tunnel-visioned on the servicer holds the note.

  238. Hey Sloppycookiejar how are those 50 attorney’s your rich husband hired 100yrs ago to beat some little old estate attorney doing. Here we got some alleged rich chick writing here everyday fighting a attorney who job it is to handle some individual estate of let say a person of a net value of $1 million, and has yet to win, but she telling us about battling a Trillion Dollar corporation?

    First if I or my spouse were worth $1.4 million I would not be here writing about some $140,000 loan, and the fact that my team of attorneys cannot win the 200yr battle!

    Sloppy move out those people property and set yourself free, as it against the law to be a squatter.

  239. DwightNJ the mortgage follow the Note I would say is correct, however in your case it is Wells Fargo that has placed itself into that position and not Fannie if I am not mistaken in your case. If Wells Fargo is in title with an assignment from MERS the mortgage is invalid because only the “holder in due course” can be recorded in title! The mortgage which is the “security instrument” that the lender “holder in due course” uses to attach the debt to the property.

    Now invalidating the mortgage does not eliminating the debt. If Fannie believes that they are owned this money, and they always been a quasi-government entity and now are fully in the possession of the Fed Gov, means you fight is with the Fed Gov.

    You need to establish the error of the Note, which one is that it blank, however I not studied what powers are granted of Fannie to purchase these loan in the first place which until you understand that relationship, I don’t know what the agreement is.

    What I said before to you that what the end game that you want to achieve? Because what you want to achieve make your argument. What I actually saying is I know what you want but in your present condition of being in the home, represent you not at current been damage.

    Now who is it on the case that is bringing the foreclosure action? If if Wells Fargo then we know for a fact they cannot and it must be Fannie at this point as Wells did not purchase the debt from WaMu!

  240. I used their paperwork and exhibits to show what Neil said:

    If “they are alleging holder status, then for whom are they holding the paper? The issue of the paper being worthless comes from fact and logic. If they are not alleging HDC status they are admitting that something is missing”

  241. I read ivent and it made me think of an advert from my childhood to sell chocolate and the caption was ” all because, the lady loves milk tray” any Brits on here will get it, but all I wanted was a home to build equity as my nest egg and some hope of retiring – not all this! Where’s the chocolate

  242. So as Neil said:
    The debt a rises from the receipt of the money but it does not arise as an asset to anyone other than the source of funds — or someone in privity with the source of funds. That doesn’t exist in virtually all alleged acquisitions of debt by “trusts.” ”

    I asked the FDIC under FOIA the disposition of the assets sold, at time bankrupt party received it at time FDIC seized it and at time sold, also whether and when it was in a REMIC trust, at the time the bankrupt party received / assigned ( purportedly ” for value”) at the time of bankruptcy and at the time of selling to new debt collector. I did get admission from the FDIC that the buyer bought ” certain” assets one being ” servicing rights” now again ” this company is a debt collector”AnD per 1099a declare they are the lender. Problem here because there’s a bank NA in court in the mix posing as trustee for ALT a trust series 2007 ” for certificate holders” on the one hand and on the other a buyer of real property and a seller of real property thus going into court to remove my lis pendens – and were granted it.

  243. Ivent, your post at 1:06 a.m. Says a lot. Good for You!

  244. Charles … and on what grounds would I be arguing that the mortgage should be invalidated? How would I articulate that argument?

    So even if the court agrees that Fannie Mae owns the debt, you say there could be a problem with them owning the mortgage and the right to collect the collateral ? Please explain a little bit more ..

    Keep in mind, that most courts agree the mortgage follows the note.

  245. E-Tolle, She’s still in her home, can you say the same? Dwight, if you keep listening to Charles you will find yourself similairly situated. I’d like to talk to your wife! ROCK ON!

  246. In regards to an Article 8 Investment Securities Contract, standing is remarkable for the directorate who are the Board of Directors of the U.S. Treasury Department. There is a statute of limitations regarding the power of the directorate. Standing is only remarkable from the time of the creation of the U.S. Government Securities Contract until the time the
    Securities Contract expires and not
    thereafter. These so called stock
    certificates were never Secured
    Contracts because they were in actuality, backed
    by our Birth Certificates, our U.S.
    Citizenship paper. That was agreed to by
    traitors from within Congress and the Senate, directed by the head of the
    U.N. who was Gorbachev at the
    time. In other words, all of these
    foreclosures were and are illegal because we are at war with our enemy on U.S. soil. This war is being waged upon the American people from inside of our own tax payer funded
    courthouses and courtrooms.

    Furthermore, the party claiming a legal right to foreclose upon you and take your property is more than likely
    a Russian National pretending to be an American who works for the U.S. Treasury Department, the IRS or some other State run Agency. However, that is absolutely and unequivocably not the
    case. These Attorneys who are representing unknown and unregistered businesses are in fact, war criminals who are not only in direct violation of the 5th Amendment Takings Clause of the U.S. Constitutuon but are in direct violation of the U.S. Articles of Confederation.
    Because of their direct involvement in 9/11, the traitors from within violated the 42nd bylaw of the U.S. Constitution and destroyed it. As a result We The People of these United
    States are governing ourselves under
    the Original Articles of Confederation,
    directed solely by the first Ten
    Amendments of the U.S. Bill of Rights, the law of this land. That also means
    that foreclosure can
    only be considered an Act of War upon
    the American people by the Russian
    Republic. We The People are in fact at war with the Russians. Furthermore, We The People are all having our legal rights violated by being forced against our will to pay a mortgage to these human rights abusers and human rights violators. Any U.S. Citizen born here who are defending a foreclosure as a pro se defendant harbor
    POW status under the 45th Protocol of the Geneva Accords.

  247. DwightNJ here is my problem with Fannie & Freddie pooled deals is I more inclined to take Neil’s theory on this were the monies where first given to the lender to originate the loans. However what I find to be hard is getting the two agencies financial records and the bank foreclosing financial records.

    What makes Fannie and Freddie so hard to me is that the deal is that it is the Fed Government’s money if you believe they fronted the monies to originate the loans, so at what point does the Fed Gov just take it in the shorts? You got Fannie Mae in your case actual claiming the own the loan.

    Now I do see there problem with title because WaMu no longer with us, and I see no way the way the case is currently present that they can foreclose. However as Fannie is taken over completely by the Fed Gov means your fighting the Fed Gov for this asset and would involve blowing up as many as 56% of the mortgages currently in place.

    I do see you winning on stopping the foreclose, however without being foreclosed, you need to get the mortgage invalidated to get permanent relief, but you can be assured if that happens there would appeal whatever.

    Here what I see with the Fannie or Freddie cases already foreclosed is the fact that they were illegally foreclosed because it was brought by the wrong party claiming to be the “holder in due course” but his is brought by a separate entity other than Fannie or Freddie, and they cannot authorize the banks to commit crimes to collect a debt!

  248. Regarding that link that was 404ed. That description is the letter of law in regard to international sales of U.S. Government backed securities. There cannot be any future sales, swap or trade of any U.S. Taxpayer backed bonds or investments in the stocks that are issued unless all conditions of the original contractual Agreement are met. All of the conditions of the Securities Contract must be met upon the creation of the stock/bond certificate, not at the offerring which would be described in the prospectus but under all of the terms and conditions of the PSA Agreement. The PSA Agreement is the Letter of the Law regarding the way a stock/bond certificate becomes a stock /bond offering. The PSA is strict in regard to the creation of a stock/bond offering. The creation of the stock/bond offering, depends solely upon the instructions of the directorate, (the board of directors of the U.S. Treasury Department). Those instructions are firmly set out in the PSA Agreement.
    The PSA Agreement, which follows
    New York Trust Law, directs
    the Trustee of the Trust precisely how
    the Trust is to be set up in regards to a U.S. Government Backed Security Contract.

  249. President Obama came out in Feb 2009 and said he was under the impression that the bankruptcy court could write down the principal of these loans. Obama was advised he was wrong and that the BK court did not handle 1st mortgage and that situation was outside of the courts scope and was handle through the bank.

    Obama was right that in these cases the BK court could handle these cases, when it came to the Federal Government collecting the debt as full due process must be conducted as to not violate the US Constitution were there was an illegal seizure of citizen property by the government!

    Ginnie Mae take possession of the blank Notes in accordance with the rules of the Ginnie MBS program that requires the relinquishing of the blank Notes in order to participate in the sell of the MBS. So what regulates blank Notes? Its UCC and charter 3 tell how the processing of these Notes are handled. Ginnie does not endorse the loans, and Ginnie does not purchase the loan or sell the loan as they are prevented from this activity as they are not a lender and are not authorized to purchase the debt and obligate the Fed Gov to this debt.

    So as a non originator of the debt, Ginnie possesses that blank Note and is owner of the Note because they were freely given the Notes. Ginnie Mae cannot act on the blank Notes as they are not owned anything from the borrowers as they did not purchase the debt. There is no option for Ginnie to transfer the Notes legally as they cannot endorse a Note that not been endorsed to them. Ginnie uses this method because without light on the issue they simply return the blank Note to the originator and there no questioning the originator who is in possession of the Note in court.

    However the fatal flaw in the program is that if the originator is not in possession of the blank Note the claimer of the debt must simply provide proof of sale according to UCC 9. Now what occurred in WaMu’s Ginnie issued MBS is we know for a fact that they are not in possession of the blank Notes because the bank was seized on Sept 25, 2008 and the FDIC declared it a “failed bank” and sold the bank’s assets on that day. The Ginnie MBS pooled loan were not assets of WaMu and were never claimed as assets during the BK of the bank.

    So we know that form the Jul 31, 2006 mortgage servicing agreement that Wells Fargo started servicing 1.3 million most government insured loan of WaMu and took physical possession of the document as they purchase the building housing all the loan files. We now at least on this day there was a know transferring of the blank Notes by the custodian of records in Wells Fargo, who did not purchase the debt.

    Now this call in question all Ginnie pooled loans currently in the securities, because the rule is that the blank Note without debt is relinquished to Ginnie. This exposes the transferring without purchasing the debt from bank to and back to without transferring of debt. So right now if we check all $1.4 trillion of loans their going to be all blank endorsed.

    The loophole for most of these loans was to allow the bank to physically possess the blank notes as the custodian, so that physical possession never occurred, however the loan not held by the originator in correspondent lenders or other purchase loans then the loan was not originated by the bank must provide full due process and part of that is proof of purchase.

    In the end Obama was talked down when he was right and this will be a point that going to be brought up after this election, because I believe the only reason at this point it cannot be brought up, is that it another embarrassment plus hurting citizens have a motive to go to the polls!

  250. Thank You for the support. My soon to be ex has sure put me through hell.

  251. Ian, doesn’t matter if the notes were deposited timely, the courts have rules so. Moreover, you say you have 3 attorneys who have ” handled over 1000 foreclosures;” well, I bet EVERY one of those homeowners lost their homes if those attorneys were making the types of stupid arguments regurgitated on this blog.

    The ONLY methodology that works is attacking the mortgage transactions to include the appraisals:

  252. Charles … read this link when you get a chance, and the readers posts in the comments section at the end too ..

  253. Hang In there Ivent, it will be over soon. You’ve always had a brilllant mind, just keep your emotions in tact. Im not who you think I am but that’s ok. Louise thinks I’m you, lol! Kathy

  254. Ivent ,,

    perhaps you meant http://www.uasc.net/en/global-bill-of-lading it’s an Arab shipping company site ,, seems to operate off US UCC rules in it’s contracts…


    It has no governor. It spews its mind. It’s filled with deceit and venom. It’s a huge waste of time.

  256. The basic principle of omerta is that it is not “manly” to seek the aid of legally constituted authorities in order to settle personal grievances.

    The suspicion of being a cascittuni (an informant) constituted the blackest mark against manhood. Each wronged individual had the obligation of looking out for his own interests by either avenging himself, or finding a patron – but not the state who will see to it that the job is done. Joe Valachi broke the omerta code in 1963. A more simplified definition of the code of omerta is: “Whoever appeals to the law against his fellowman is either a fool or a coward. Whoever can take care of himself without police protection is both. It is cowardly to betray an offender of justice, even though his offense be against yourself. It is dastardly and contempt able in a rounded man to betray the name of his assailant, because if he recovers, he must naturally expect to take vengeance himself. As a vendetta, (that goes all the way back to Adam and Eve), Sicilians use their wives as security for their debt.

  257. Hey, hey, my, my they 404ed that link. Try Google searching that link because it is a great read.

  258. When President Obama first took office he had a meeting with the heads of the Mortgage Bankers Ass. He reportedly told them that he was the only one standing between them and the pitchforks.

  259. The UCC was never followed from the issuance of the Original Bills of Credit. Therefore, we would need to request discovery of the Original Bill of Sale/ Bill of Lading as explained here …… http://www.usac.net/global-bill-of-lading. If they do not have the original receipt, and they don’t because they knew they were going to leave their cargo laying on the railroad then thereis a place called a prison. What they are really fraudulently concealing is these so called mortgages were fraudulently induced lease contracts as described in (810 ILCS 5/Article 2
    A-201) Formation and Construction of
    Lease Contract. In other words the Mortgage Bankers Association used the U.S. Citizenry and they should be held liable for the damage which was caused by the loss, reduction or damage to the goods since the acceptance for carriage was upon delivery to the purported trust aka the Destination station. The Mortgage Bankers Ass. are the duckers who caused the damage to the cargo by instructing their perps to let the goods rot on their railroad up in cyberspace.

  260. After all, Goldman Sachs does run the world now don’t they? Damned straight.

  261. DwightNJ as you mention these rules go way back and so a rancher purchased 1,000 acres but did not want people to know, so he took the Note in blank and everything was cool because he had a bill of sale. This is what UCC 3 about and if the 1,000 acres is never sold or resection or whatever, nothing has to be recorded but there would be sale taxes and property taxes to be paid.

    Now here is what UCC 9 covers, and that is the rancher could take the Note in blank and if in physical possession of was the owner of the Note. However if the rancher wanted to sale the 1,000 acres it needed to be recorded that there was a sale to him and now to who he is selling the 1,000 acres too!

    I can see now how people are getting the two part confused because in the mortgage world, the Note is in blank and if the originator never physically relinquish the Note then they don’t have to verify that they are the owner of the debt because they originated the loan.

    Now UCC3 says yes you can hold the Note in blank form if your not the originator because it was signed in blank by the originator, who has the right to grant possession of the Note. However if you want to act on the Note as the owner of the debt, then when asked you must be able to produce the a receipt of purchase. The point is simply do you have a financial interest it the debt!

    DwightNJ because Fannie & Freddie are this different animal than Ginnie Mae who we know for a fact that they cannot and don’t purchase the loans. I am not any help in the fact I have not invested anytime trying to figure out these two agencies and what is there authority to actually purchase loans not being a lender. From working at the bank knowing we would sell loan to Fannie and they would transfer fund, so I not sure in every case how that was all done.

  262. Yeah they really love my peaches and want to shake my tree in corporate board rooms up on wall street.

  263. Did you know that I am an undercover agent who works for the Vatican proper and as a result I am involved in a Federal Government sting involving my ex was counterfeiting mortgage notes and over issuing investments in my securities without my knowledge or consent. He was committing fraud in the issuance of credit.

  264. My ex is holding me for ransom in my own house that’s how I’m doing, shadowcat, as if you did not know that.

  265. The real estate contract is the original receipt. And the wind whispers Mary. Right my cookie jars?

  266. Ivent (Stripes), how are things going for you? We haven’t heard from you in awhile.

  267. IVENT .. Explain what you mean by “the original receipts” never left our possession.

    I’m new at trying to understand a lot of this, help break it down for me , thank you.

    Tell me about the receipts and how you would present the argument for a dummy to understand.

  268. Article 8 governs how an Investment Security is created. What came first the chicken or the egg is the real question. An investment security cannot by law, be created without good and valuable Consideration being paid by the Issuer of the original bill of credit to the U.S. Treasury Department. That obviously never occurred because the Original receipts never left our possession because We The People pay for everything upfront at the Origination. So that begs the question, what were they creating in those Corporate Board meetings they were having out on the golf course? They certainly were not creating U.S. taxpayer backed Securities because we have the original receipts and they never left our possession as well as the deeds to our properties. So, what exactly are these parties foreclosing on with no receipts? Our U.S. Citizenship, our Birth Certificates that’s what. That is not just criminal it is high treason by these politicians in Congress and the Senate who claim to be working in our best interest when nothing could be further from the truth.

  269. Acceptance, Delivery and Consideration. Neither Acceptance. Delivery nor Consideration from another party can occur before good and valuable Consideration is exchanged with the Issuer who received the U.S. taxpayers money that was direct deposited into their Original Credit Account. The basics of Contract Law is the Original Contract must be paid in full for the Contract to be legally binding. The contract can only be made legal by some physical task being performed by the Issuer of the original bill of credit which is the bill of Sale that is the contract. In property law that would be the Real Estate Contract that “Joe the builder” gave you when you repurchased your own house. That real estate contract is also known as the bill of lading to which not the issuer nor the servicer nor their attorneys or some unregistered trust such as West End Trust could possibly have possession of because those paid receipts never left our possession. Which means even if the issuer or its subsidiary had a trust agreement it would be a fraud and those warranty deeds and the like are worthless pieces of paper. The deed is the plat of survey and that is what these crooks are hiding.

  270. Acceptance, Delivery and Consideration. Neither Acceptance. Delivery nor Consideration from another party can occur before good and valuable Consideration is exchanged with the Issuer who received the U.S. taxpayers money that was direct deposited into their Original Credit Account. The basics of Contract Law is the Original Contract must be paid in full for the Contract to be legally binding. The contract can only be made legal by some physical task being performed by the Issuer of the original bill of credit which is the bill of Sale that is the contract. In property law that would be the Real Estate Contract that “Joe the builder” gave you when you repurchased your own house. That real estate contract is also known as the bill of lading to which not the issuer nor the servicer nor their attorneys or some unregistered trust such as West End Trust could possibly have possession of because those paid receipts never left our possession. Which means even if the issuer or its subsidiary had a trust agreement it would be a fraud.

  271. How Is a Mortgage Note Transferred Under Article 9 of the UCC?

    The sale of mortgage notes is also governed, in significant part, by Article 9.

    Article 9 establishes
    (1) whether the interests of a transferee of a mortgage note have both “attached” and become “perfected” so
    that those interests will prevail over conflicting claims of third parties


    (2) the rights of the transferee in and
    to the underlying mortgage that secures the mortgage note.

    Article 9 addresses the sale of mortgage notes, regardless of whether they are negotiable or nonnegotiable.

    More specifically, Article 9 applies to “a sale of . . . promissory notes.”

    UCC § 9-109(a)(3). A “promissory note” is defined as “an instrument that evidences a promise to pay a monetary obligation, does
    not evidence an order to pay, and does not contain an acknowledgment by a bank that the bank has received
    for deposit a sum of money or funds.” UCC § 9-102(a)(65).

    Given this broad definition, residential mortgage
    notes in common use today are typically “promissory notes” for purposes of Article 9.

    Under Article 9, the sale of a mortgage note (whether or not the mortgage note is negotiable) is deemed a secured transaction and the transferee’s “security interest” is automatically perfected when it attaches (more on “attachment” and “perfection” below).

    See UCC § 9-309(4). While security interests are most commonly thought of as the liens obtained by lenders, the UCC defines the term “security interest” to also include “any interest of
    a . . . buyer of . . . a promissory note in a transaction that is subject to Article 9.” UCC § 1-201(b)(35) (emphasis 13 Article 9 also applies to the creation of a lien on, or a “less-than-ownership security interest” in, a mortgage note.

    Because most assignments and transfers of mortgage notes in loan securitizations are of the ownership of the mortgage notes, not a mere lien on or security interest in the notes, this paper addresses only outright sales of mortgage notes under Article 9.

    The principles discussed below regarding attachment of a buyer’s interest in a sale of mortgage notes are identical to those that apply in the context of the creation of a lien on mortgage notes, and the principles regarding perfection of the interest in the mortgage notes are likewise very similar. “Although . . . Article [9] occasionally distinguishes between outright sales of receivables and sales that secure an obligation, neither . . . Article [9] nor the definition of “security interest” (Section 1-201(37)) delineates how a particular transaction is to be
    classified. That issue is left to the courts.”

    UCC § 9-109 cmt 4. Under Article 9, the term “instrument” is defined broadly as “a negotiable instrument or any other writing that evidences a right to the payment of a monetary obligation, is not itself a security agreement or lease, and is of a type that in ordinary course of business
    is transferred by delivery with any necessary indorsement or assignment.”

    UCC § 9-102(a)(47). In addition, the definition of “secured party” includes “a person to which . . . promissory notes have been

    UCC § 9-102(a)(72)(D). Before a buyer’s “security interest” in a mortgage note can be perfected under Article 9, the security
    interest must “attach.” A security interest attaches when (1) value has been given for the sale, (2) the seller has rights in the mortgage note or the power to transfer rights in the mortgage note to the buyer and (3) either (a) the mortgage note is in the possession of the buyer pursuant to a security agreement of the seller or (b) the seller has signed a written or electronic security agreement that describes the mortgage note. See UCC § 9-203(b). Article 9 defines “security agreement” as “an agreement that creates or provides for a security interest,”

    UCC § 9-102(a)(73), which, in the context of a mortgage loan securitization, would include an agreement pursuant to which mortgages and mortgage notes are sold and transferred from one entity to another. Such an agreement, normally a pooling and servicing agreement or trust agreement, typically will provide that the transfer of
    the mortgage note pursuant thereto effects a sale of the mortgage note, which would thus, under Article 9, constitute a “security agreement.” Significantly, the attachment of a security interest in a mortgage note that is itself “secured by a security interest or other lien on personal or real property is also attachment of a security interest in the security interest, mortgage or other lien.” UCC § 9-203(g)

    Similarly, under UCC § 9-308(e), perfection of a security interest in a promissory note “also perfects a security interest in a security interest, mortgage, or other lien on personal or real property securing the right.” UCC § 9-308(e) (emphasis added). In other words, perfection of a security interest (which includes a sale to a buyer) in a mortgage note pursuant to Article 9 also perfects a security interest in the mortgage that secures the note.

    Perfection of the interest in the mortgage note is important because it provides the transferee of the mortgage note with a right in the mortgage note and mortgage superior to that of a subsequent lien creditor of the seller. And, perfection provides the transferee of the mortgage note with a right in the mortgage superior to that
    of a subsequent lien creditor of the mortgagee, which includes a bankruptcy trustee (see UCC § 9-102(a)(52)). See
    UCC § 9-308 cmt. 6.

    Transfer of Mortgage Notes: Conclusion
    In summary, under the UCC, the transfer of a mortgage note that is a negotiable instrument is most commonly effected by indorsing the note, which may be a blank or special indorsement, and delivering the
    mortgage note to the transferee (or the agent acting on behalf of the transferee). As the residential mortgage notes in common usage typically are “negotiable instruments,” this is the most common method of transfer.
    In addition, even without indorsement, the assignment can be effected by transferring possession under UCC § 3-203(a). Moreover, the sale of any mortgage note also effects the assignment and transfer of the mortgage under Article 9. The attachment and perfection of the buyer’s interest in the mortgage note attaches and perfects the buyer’s interest in the underlying mortgage that secures the mortgage note.

    Securitization agreements often provide both for (a) the indorsement and transfer of possession to the trustee or the custodian for the trustee, which would constitute a negotiation of the mortgage note under Article 3 of the UCC and (b) an outright sale and assignment of the mortgage note. Thus, regardless of whether the mortgage notes in a securitization trust are deemed “negotiable” or “non-negotiable,” the securitization process generally includes a valid transfer of
    the mortgage notes to the trustee in accordance with the explicit requirements of the UCC.3.

    Assignment and Transfer of Ownership of Mortgages

    As described above, when a mortgage loan is assigned and transferred as part of the securitization of the loan in the secondary market, both the mortgage note and the mortgage itself are typically sold, assigned, and physically transferred to the trustee that is acting on behalf of the MBS investors or to a trustee-designated document custodian pursuant to a custody agreement. The assignment and transfer are usually documented and performed in accordance with a pooling and servicing agreement.

    What is the Relationship Between the Transfer of a Mortgage Note and the Transfer of Ownership of the Mortgage?

    When a mortgage note is transferred in accordance with common mortgage loan securitization processes, the mortgage is also automatically transferred to the mortgage note transferee under the UCC and the general common law rule that “the mortgage follows the note.” See, e.g., Carpenter v. Longan, 83 U.S. 271, 275 (1873) (“The transfer of the note carries with it the security, without any formal assignment or delivery, or even mention of the latter.”); Mortgage Elect. Registration Sys., Inc. v. Coakley, 41 A.D.3d 674, 674 (N.Y. App.
    Div. 2d Dept. 2007) (“the mortgage . . . passed as an incident to the promissory note”); Restatement (Third) of Property, Mortgages § 5.4(a) (1997) (“A transfer of an obligation secured by a mortgage also transfers themortgage . . . . ”).

    The rule that “the mortgage follows the note” has been codified in the UCC, but the rule’s common law origins date back hundreds of years, long before the creation of the UCC. As stated in the official comments
    to UCC § 9-203(g), that section “codifies the common-law rule that a transfer of an obligation secured by a security interest or other lien on personal or real property also transfers the security interest or lien.” UCC §9-203 cmt. 9. All states follow this rule.

  272. OK we got Gene, Rock & this freaking sloppycookie nut who are here for our betterment to tells us to find these attorneys that don’t exist or are wanting us to plead guilty murders to crimes committed before we were born.

    A person go to a store and wants to return a item but does not have a receipt and the store demand that you must prove that you purchased it. All these clown are saying that proof of ownership is not needed in foreclosing on a property that the allege lender is not on the face of the Note!

    We got these in-betweens in servicers who are coming to court with a Note that got no name in the endorsement spot, that been endorsed by a bank that was shut down by the Federal Government and declared it a “failed bank”. So the bank no longer exist and cannot ever testify, yet another bank is in court claiming its the owner, when it know for a fact that the loans were relinquished to Ginnie Mae (FHA, VA, USDA) MBS as 95% of all government loans are. But we got these three clown talking about UCC 9 does not apply. I agree that UCC 9 does not apply if UCC 3 does not apply.

    You got a Washington Mutual Bank that after the fact is grilled by congress because they ran such a bad ship and lost $308 billion dollars.

    sloppycookie is here everyday with her sloppy self talking about her freaken lawyers for the last 7yrs over some property she probably stole from some blind kid that was worth $800,000 for $140,000 in there parent’s estate sale but the trustee (attorney) caught the theft and wants the $800,000 for the property and not the $140K of $180K the crooks are offering!

    Sloppy 7 YEARS you been allowing your paid for attorneys to do what? If they were doing anything you would not be here running your sloppy mouth!

  273. Rock, that’s just the problem, they aren’t paying anyone. They want it all for Free!

  274. Gene- as to whether or not the Notes were deposited into the trusts or not,
    the assignments are all made years after the closing date/cutoff date. This isn’t allowed under NY trust law, and imposes a 100% tax on the investors in each REMIC.
    The Va. AG was told by the IRS that “we (IRS) do not use the tax code to further social agendas”, which is of course untrue. So the IRS knows that there were no “2 true sales” of the notes before they were deposited into the trusts- because none of them were. I got 3 attorneys who have collectively handled over 1000 foreclosures and they have yet to see one ( 1) note which was legally deposited into any trust. Not assigned, which is an irrelevant procedure for a trust. That ain’t how trusts operate.

  275. Charie, Better a Clown than be a Dirty Minded Tuna Fish. Gene is right on Target! Thank You Gene!

  276. Gene, Garfield makes tons of ludicrous claims, but this one takes the cake. At least you know what posted on this blog is utter nonsense, and not afraid to point it out.

    BTW, trying to explain how things work, in the REAL world, to a bunch of legal illiterates and people scamming homeowners out of what money that have left is a waste of time.

    I’ve posted case after case, proving these arguments are totally absurd, and what is the response back, the “judges are getting paid off.”

    is there any doubt, the nut jobs are running the asylum.

  277. Gene here the argument and that is attorney are like you and think that its unreasonable if question how the requester of the debt became a party to the claim. UCC 9 says if challenged that the originator in possession of the Note does not have to provide proof of ownership and that because the originate it. Now this is how most lender are getting around blank Note issues, whoever if its not the originator all other must provide proof of purchase.

    As these are state court matters without treble damage and a couple of last in their class attorney that no firm are trying to handle, what you get as far as legal advice from these clown is on the same level as the sex advice you received from your 13yr old buddies.

    Now Gene must be on another planet as of late, as everyday another case is getting throw out of court because the lender pretender has not been able to prove that they have a claim to the debt.

    Why would Gene waste his time monitoring this site when it mostly only a handful discussing ideas, and now of us are claiming to be an attorney? People are hired by the bank to act as if they are some knowledgeable people of the matter, but they only want discourage what they know coming down the pike!

    I bet my life on the UCC 9, and no Gene or other clown going to change that!

  278. Ricco, if you are underwater, the reason that the 2nd is making no attempt to foreclose is because if they do foreclose, they become responsible for the first mortgage. And the rest of what you write about NG’s beliefs and statements is generally wrong as well.

    I see this stuff daily working with homeowners and have testified in State and Federal Court on this and I am 602 Certified.

    FYI, Charles Reed is incorrect when he says that the Note must be endorsed in “specific”. UCC Article 3 is specific on this point and Article 9 does not override in most cases.

    Here is a question to ask yourself. If the arguments presented here are correct, why are the Investor lawsuits not using those arguments? They have much more to lose (billions) and if the arguments were accurate, they could recover all their losses just by winning on the basis that the Trusts were unlawful.

    Are their attorneys just that dumb? Do only the people here know what really went on? If the people here are so smart, why haven’t they won yet?

    Just asking……

  279. James Smith,

    Good question. Many people here believe the 15-D to mean that the Trust is no longer in existence. But this is not necessarily true.

    Under SEC filing rules, a 15d is used if the trust is terminated, or if certain requirements are met for not having to file 8ks, etc, When those requirements are met, then the 15d is filed.

    To know whether the Trust is no longer in existence, you look at Bloomberg or other information providers to see if the payments are still going into the Trusts.

    What causes Trusts to cease operating is when clean up calls occur. When a Trust has generally 10% of less of the loans or assets left, then a clean up call is made, and that means the servicer or other entity buys back the remaining loans, and the Trust is terminated.

    Don’t believe any claim that the Trusts are all terminated, nor much of what you read here. Too much misinformation and theory is thrown out with no basis in fact.

  280. Can someone tell me what this type of filing means in laymans terms SEC 15d-6

    WASHINGTON, D.C. 20549

    FORM 15


    Commission File Number 333-122688-17

    Residential Asset Securities Corporation, as depositor for RASC Series 2006-EMX1
    (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

    8400 Normandale Lake Blvd., Suite 250,
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55437,
    (952) 857-7000

    (Address, including zip code, and telephone number, including area code, of
    registrant’s principal executive offices)

    Home Equity Mortgage Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2006-EMX1

    (Title of each class of securities covered by this Form)


    (Titles of all other classes of securities for which a duty to file reports
    under section 13 (a) or 15(d) remains)

    Please place an X in the box(es) to designate the appropriate rule
    provision(s) relied upon to terminate or suspend the duty to file reports:

    Rule 12g-4(a)(1)(i) |_| Rule 12h-3(b)(1)(i) |_|
    Rule 12g-4(a)(1)(ii) |_| Rule 12h-3(b)(1)(ii) |_|
    Rule 12g-4(a)(2)(i) |_| Rule 12h-3(b)(2)(i) |_|
    Rule 12g-4(a)(2)(ii) |_| Rule 12h-3(b)(2)(ii) |_|
    Rule 15d-6 |X|

    Approximate number of holders of record as of the certification or notice
    date: 3

    Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
    Residential Asset Securities Corporation, acting solely in its capacity as
    depositor for the above-referenced Trust, has caused this certification/notice
    to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned duly authorized person.

    Date: January 11, 2007 By: /s/ Mark White
    —————————— ——————————
    Name: Mark White
    Title: Vice President

  281. In California most of the homeowners are now above water. So who da deadbeats now? Taking away my due process WTF.


  282. dandienert1, proof of who owns the loan and who does not is easy by just having the Note and if your not listed on the Note as the originator and are claiming a debt due, you need to be endorsed on the Note and and have proof of monies being exchanged in that purchase.

    Ricco Pitts you wanted a modification of the original term in extending the years of the loan. Now 2nd mortgage are not going to try to foreclose on your property because they would have to payoff the 1st mortgage.

    So the 2nd lender files a default of the loan and play the wait game to collect as maybe you hit the lotto, or maybe the sell the loan to another lender or the holder of the 1st mortgage holder because there is a HAMP type program for second mortgage started in May 2009 because they found that most 1st mortgages had a 2nd behind them, preventing the refi of the 1st.

    What it sound like with you that is happening is if the 1st is current and the 2nd is not paying and there nothing they can do unless you paid off the first or the balance of the first was low enough that it would make since for the 2nd to foreclose and pay off the 1st and be able to get their monies back. So they might as well sell that loan or modify it to get revenue coming in because they got no other options until the 1st is small enough so that the 2nd can recoup its balance!

  283. http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2014/10/23/3583350/ocwen-faked-documents-lawsky/

    Check out Ocwen…anyone dealing with them

  284. During my attempts to modify my second loan, the servicer kept saying the owner of the loan would not give them the legal right to make any changes in the terms of the loan. I was not asking for a write down only a longer term to repay. After trying for two years I gave up, stop making any payments, went into default. Well guess what? The servicer who had already told me they were not owner gets mers to assign ownership to them. They are now more than willing to work with me on terms. After researching and reading Neil’s words it is all becoming clear. Why would a owner of a loan refuse to modify so that the loan could go into default and they then get to sell it for nothing? Something is just not right about this picture. It has been almost two years since the assignment but servicer has not taken any legal action to collect. I don’t believe they will because they don’t want the truth to come out. They paid nothing for my loan because the so called owner never paid or loaned any money. Yes I did get money at closing, but who from? It was damn sure not any of the players in this ongoing con game. You can bet the judge is going to hear this if they take me to court. I wanted to pay my debt, but I will never be a party to this on going fraud.

  285. Mycookiejars,

    Your two points are probably true and are a simple explanation of what actions (or inactions) created the mess we call Fraudclosure…

    Now, move forward and let us know how to prove your points in a court of law.

    Please do so and “tag” (as you logically chase down the truth,) each of the players.

    Tell us which players have “delegated” their roles to legitimate “pinch hitters,” and if there are “people on the field” of play who are “illegitimate non-players” (“intelopers”) who pretend to the “referees” that they have a right to be in the game, rather than their more accurate role as an onlooker.

    Have they simply “insinuated” themselves into the ballpark by bluffing or presenting counterfeit tickets at the admission gate?

    Are all the right (“authorized”) “referees” on the field? …Are these “referees” the multiple “controlled regulators”? Are there multiple “umpires” (judges)? Who wrote the “rules of play,” Wall Street investment banks, or professors of contract law?

    All this drama just to sort out what was supposed to be a “simple” financial transaction between two parties, a homeowner and a lender?

    (Which of the two principals involved “invited” all these other “players” to participate?)

    It seems to me that no “legitimate authority” is assuming the responsibility of “identifying” who has a right to be on the “field of play”…and ejecting usurpers who did not *pay* (HIDC) for a “non-counterfeit ticket” to enter the ballpark.

    Please prove your points, sir (or madame)! Someone needs to.

    ..Or maybe the “players” need to just acknowledge they were not prepared to “play the game” when they showed up at the closing table, walk off the field, and go back to their respective “homes.”

  286. The affidavit is from a party without personal knowledge, hear say is not admissable evidence. Object and request discovery.

  287. The investors got the mortgages but not the notes. And the assignor of the mortgage had no authorization from the investors to assgn the mortgage.

  288. How do we defend against the “affidavit” they throw in front of the Judges face http://libertyroadmedia.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/fannie-mae-by-its-own-admission-owns-nothing/

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