Motion to Compel Discovery: General Template I am Using

Having seen the usual short version of a motion to compel, I have determined that a great deal more must be said in order to convince the trial judge and preserve your issues on appeal. Remember you must set down their objections for hearing IN ADDITION TO a hearing on your motion to compel.

To assist practitioners I am offering my own template, which ALWAYS requires editing because the facts in each case are different. THIS IS WHY THE FOLLOWING FORM SHOULD NOT BE USED BY ANY PRO SE LITIGANT WITHOUT CONSULTING WITH A LICENSED ATTORNEY IN YOUR JURISDICTION. Where it describes a party, put in the actual name.

  1. COMES NOW the Defendants by and through their undersigned attorney and moves this court to enter an order denying the Plaintiffs’ objections to discovery and compelling complete responses with respect to Defendants’ Interrogatories, Request for Production and Interrogatories and Request for Admission and as grounds therefor say as follows:
  2. This is a foreclosure case in which the Plaintiffs have alleged that a trustee is the party representing a REMIC Trust which in turn allegedly represents undisclosed creditors (Investors) with respect to a debt for which a promissory note is alleged to be evidence of the Defendant’s indebtedness. The promissory note was alleged to be lost when the case was initially filed. Now the Plaintiff says it has recovered the note and has filed what it calls the “original” note and mortgage with this Court.
  3. Published in academic surveys and testimony of multiple banks, including the banks involved in the alleged chain of documents relied upon by the Plaintiff in this case, and the alleged originator of the subject loan and the alleged servicer for the subject loan, shows that the industry practice was to shred the notes without certification, allege lost note, and then if the case is defended, they suddenly come up with what they allege to be the original.
  4. Defendants must be permitted to inquire into this issue inasmuch if the original note was destroyed or lost, the subsequent events and circumstances surround the destruction , loss or transfer of the note is essential to arriving at the truth in connection with Plaintiff’s claim for foreclosure and Defendants answer and affirmative defenses. The current  servicer and the former servicer or Master Servicer, are the ONLY source of information about these matters.
  5. The “servicer” has changed multiple times and Plaintiffs have changed without amendment to the complaint. This shows movement of rights or ownership that corroborates Defendants theory that this is a loan that is securitized or subject to claims of securitization where the result they seek is a Judgement that produces a violation of the Internal revenue Code and forcing a loss on investors who have no notice of these proceedings.
  6. Hence there might be an indispensable party missing from these proceedings.
  7. Plaintiff alleges it is the holder and does not allege that it a holder in due course, but the name of the holder in due course or “owner” of the loan remains undisclosed along with the source of authority to assert rights to enforce.
  8. Defendant’s theory of the case is that the “creditor” consists of a group of investors whose money was loaned in the name of an originator,  the alleged originator claimed to be the “lender” which Defendants denies.
  9. Defendant further asserts that the subject loan involved solely the Defendants and the investors and was undocumented and is therefor unsecured.
  10. Defendant further asserts that the subject loan is subject to claims of securitization and multiple claims of ownership.
  11. As corroboration for Defendants’ theory of the case, Defendant cites the allegation that the Plaintiff is a holder but did not allege its representative capacity, the source of its authority nor the identity of the actual owner of the loan, thus preventing a proper defense as well as any attempt to modify the loan in accordance with any Federal or State program.
  12. Based upon investigation by the Defendants, undersigned counsel believes the REMIC Trust that has NOT received payments (and that alleged “trust beneficiaries” have received payments) is neither the holder with rights to enforce nor the owner of the debt. The investors own the debt but were denied the promised protections of a note and mortgage in favor of the the investors as the source of money for origination and acquisition of loans.
  13. Defendants theory of the case is that the Trust was ignored, to wit: that the trust did not buy the subject loan, did not receive delivery as set forth in the trust document, and that the “endorsement” and “assignment” were false documents that were unsupported by any real transaction in which value was paid for acquisition of the debt or the note.
  14. Only the Defendants have the actual documentation to show the money trail, if any, in which the source of funds of the “lender” is disclosed and the transaction in which the note and mortgage were purchased for value.
  15. The note is alleged to be secured by a mortgage executed by the Defendants.
The Plaintiffs have not alleged a loan to the Defendant by the Plaintiff or anyone else in their alleged chain of “title” to the loan or loan documents.
  16. Defendants have denied the Plaintiffs’ allegations.
  17. Defendants challenge the alleged default, ownership of the debt and loan documents and the balance alleged in the complaint, and affirmatively defend with payment by way of servicer advances received by the trust beneficiaries from the servicer.
  18. Defendants also are inquiring as to the authority of the Plaintiff and possibly ______ Bank, who is not named in the Trust instrument (Pooling and Servicing Agreement) as the Trustee. If that Bank is not the Trustee then the trust has not received proper notice of an action that directly affects their economic interests as the only real party in interest.
  19. Defendants are entitled to pursue discovery for anything that might lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.
  20. Defendants point out to the court that the suit is brought as a holder and not a holder in due course. Hence all defenses of the borrower may be raised as though the trust was the originator of the loan.
  21. Even as “holder” Plaintiffs fail to allege and object to any information as to the basis of their claim or rights to enforce a claim on the alleged note and alleged mortgage.
 If the Plaintiff is merely a holder and not a holder in due course then the question becomes whether there was ANY transaction in which the Trust paid for the loan or if the trust or servicer is acting in a representative capacity for an undisclosed creditor.
  22. Or, if the reason that the Plaintiff is not alleging status as holder in due course, the other two reasons are potentially that the trust was not acting in good faith or that the trust had knowledge of the borrower’s defenses.
  23. Defendants investigation has led it to believe that at no time through the present have the loan documents ever been delivered to the trust or any other creditor or its appointed agent (Depositor) as expressly set forth in the trust instrument. Defendants have a right to know when such delivery occurred, if ever and to inquire as to the circumstances of such delivery or non delivery.
  24. These are all issues that Defendants are entitled to pursue.
  25. If the Trust owns the loan, as alleged, then it must have done so according to the terms of the trust instrument which is governed by New York State and potentially Delaware State law — both of which declare transactions outside the scope of authority of the Trustee to be void, not voidable.
  26. In order for the trust to have ever acquired an interest in the loan, the transaction must have occurred with the Trustee’s acknowledgement and consent.
  27. Defendants seek documents showing the actual money trail and the actual document trail — not  just documents the Plaintiffs wish to use at trial. 
Defendants seek documents that Defendants can use at trial to prove their theory of the case.
  28. As for the balance, Plaintiffs object to the Defendants getting confirmation that “servicer advance payments” were made to the trust beneficiaries and that all distributions required to be made to the “creditor” have been made. If such payments were made and the creditor(s) is or was, at the time of the declaration of default, not showing a default because the creditor had been paid in full, it is a matter of argument as to whether such payments negate the default and whether the payments gave rise to a different cause of action by the servicer against the Defendants for unjust enrichment that would not be secured by the mortgage unless this court is going to cut pieces off the security instrument and declare equitable part ownership of the mortgage in favor of the servicer or other third party payor.
  29. Defendants have a right to know the balance actually due to the creditor on account of the alleged property loan apart from any claims of the servicer or other third party who may have made payments that were in fact received by or on behalf of the creditor(s).
  30. In other words, if the creditor is showing a different balance due, why is that? If the creditor is not or was not showing a default, why is that?
  31. Or if their books started showing a default, when was that? The records offered thus far, show transactions (payments) between the alleged borrower under the note, but do NOT show the payments to the creditor(s). How can the payments to the creditors be irrelevant? If they received payment they had no default. If they didn’t receive payment then there is a default. But the question remains as to whether the default was under the PSA, the note or both.
  32. It appears that the Plaintiff wants to have this court assume that the records of the servicer are the records of the creditor, but this is not the case. The creditor(s) are paid in accordance with the terms of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and are not equal to the payments made by the borrowers. Defendants theory of the case is that neither the Plaintiff nor any trust nor any predecessor in interest ever participated in loaning money to the Defendants. If that is the case, it is something that could lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.
  33. Plaintiff is apparently attempting to have this court adopt a standard for discovery that would state that if the items requested might not be admissible in Court, then the the Defendants cannot be entitled to discovery as to such items. In fact, the standard for discovery is to prevent the necessity of long “investigation” at trial and pursue anything that MIGHT lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.

WHEREFORE, Defendants pray that this court enter an order denying each and every objection raised by the Plaintiff with respect to discovery, compelling the Plaintiff to respond and that the Court award attorney fees and costs as sanctions for obstructive behavior on the part of the Plaintiff.

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  17. I am a POW not only because of all of the aforementioned reasons but, because I won a vast settlement in 2012 because the Issuer does not have the Notorial Certificate and could not possibly have it. The reason is no such certificate was recorded upon the public record in no less than 90 days from the delivery to the purported trust. That delivery to the Vault of the U.S. Treasury Department, or its subsidiary or its intermediary, must be done by the physical task. That physical task must have occurred in no
    less than 30 days from the closing. It is axiomatic that when a Mortgage/Note is signed, a trust is created. The two are therefore inseperable. The truth is no
    such Trust Agreements ever existed which means all of
    the notes are counterfeit securities and all of the mortgages are a nullity, null and void. Not only because we never signed any such trust agreements but because we were never given proper notice that the U.S. Treasury Department was hijacked by the Russians in 1982 under Ronald Reagan. The Issuer of the
    original fraudulent security in both fraud closure cases I am defending
    was, and still is, CHASE Bank who are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian mob.

  18. Allow me to make clear, the Issuer was issuing itself faulty credit and issuing us their fraudulently induced bills they call credit. It is all fraud in the securing if credit and fraud in the issuing of credit without the Issuer being in possession of the Notorial Certificate. Those are called The Assignment of Beneficial Interest. Those are the trustees receipts that the Attorneys for Putin don’t have.

  19. The reason why these Mortgage Notes are considered counterfeits is not just because the Russians were printing the paper. It is because they never paid good and valuable Consideration to the U.S. Treasury Department for the U.S. Taxpayers allowing them to issue themselves credit in our names. That was done without our express written knowledge or consent, our legal written signatures. That can easily be proven by the fact no Notorial Certificates were ever recorded upon the public record as required by law. Therefore, no UCC 1 financing statements could have ever been filed with the Secretary of State. That means that no legally enforceable liens exist. These mortgages are not
    unsecured debts, they are fraudulently induced debts. In legal terms that means all of these mortgages are a nullity, null and void. The issuer of the original
    contract must by law, pay good and valuable consideration to the U.S. Taxpayers for lending them our money and allowing them to issue us their faulty credit. Otherwise the issuer was not only collecting usury that is excessive and abusive but they were collecting payments from us that they were never owed to gain unjust enrichment from We The People of these United States.

  20. A few years back my second oldest son and I were discussing how bad things were becoming in this country. He was saying positive things about Putin to which I told him I think Putin is a communist. To which he told me you better hope not? To which I took with a grain of salt like I always do. I just figured my kid was talking b.s. so I let that remark slide. However, that remark did send up red flags in my head. Why would I hope not? How would that s.o.b. being a communist effect my life? Well all we have to do is take a look at all of those “red flag securities” that the U.S. Treasury Department are holding onto by their fingernails to know that we are all secretly being held hostage in our own
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  25. BTW, my ex burped at me as I was typing that last comment. He is such a rude s.o.b.

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  30. NY says Ocwen Backdated Thousands of Foreclosure Letters, Company Shares Slide ….

  31. Allow me to make clear, I am a Federal Agent who works for the Vatican police who was put
    here to investigate the felonious activities going on inside of these U.S. taxpayer/Federally subsidized courtrooms.

  32. What really bugs these Nazi judges is the fact they cannot throw me in their FEMA prison camp jail even if they wanted to. The reason being I am a Federal Agent investigating them.

  33. Since when is it “up to the judge” to determine whether a defendant is feeling well enough to go to court? I have never missed an appearance before today. Not only that but, it is a 2 hour car ride for me to get to that courthouse. That means virtually anything can go wrong along the way. Would that judge send out his militia to hunt me down for an alleged misdemeanor charge involving a peace officer if we got a flat
    tire along the way?

    There was obviously some very nefarious and evil b.s. planned today by these Nazi’s in Ogle County. Why? They do not like the fact that I am an undercover agent working an undercover sting for the Federal Government. They resent the fact the Federal Government are using me to spy on the illegal activities by these foreign nationals going on inside of our publicly funded courtrooms.

  34. Now mind you, what type of motion that attorney was filing was not told to me until today. That is illegal. In court last week the public defender told the judge in open court that there must be some sort of misunderstanding and he would like to file a motion. To which the judge replied “let me see it” … The judge glanced at it and said alright I want to get this over with. This was after the public defender asked the State Attorney if she wanted to hear this case today to which she said no. Talk about unfair surprise by that “Public Defender.” The judge set the date to hear the Public Defenders bogus motion for less than one week from the last court date. That is also not conforming with Supreme Court rules nor State or Federal Law. The court must give a defendant 28 days notice of the next court date in case there is a dispute between the Attorney and the Client. Well there most definitely is. After court last week on the 23rd day
    of October, the Public Defender told me he wanted to talk to me after he was done with his cases but if I could not wait for him that he would contact me by phone. I told him o.k. Well I had to leave because my ex who was told by the FBI not to enter the court room and not to even come into the courthouse however, of course, he came in there anyway because he really thinks he is above the law and mightier than God Almighty. He was obviously trying to get into the ear
    of the Public Defender. I saw him giving
    the evil eye to the judge from the back of
    the court room. Needless to say the so called Public Defender never called me.

  35. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s the Russian railroad. The Russians have infiltrated everything. Every level of our Government as well as every corporate and non corporate entity imaginable.

    I talked to the public defender who is repping this case, one Michael O’Brien who also is a member of a private law
    firm by the name of Smith
    and Morrow. That is clearly an unconstitutional and therefore illegal
    conflict of interest. So that begs the
    question, who does he really work for? I
    talked to him over my land line
    phone around noon. He was a complete
    rude jerk. He only returned my call after
    I called again and asked to speak with
    him to which his secretary replied he
    said to tell me that it is up to the judge.
    I told her that he should have returned
    my call and that was rude of him not to.
    This was not an arraignment today. This
    was a hearing on a motion the Public
    Defender filed regarding a misdemeanor
    charge involving a peace officer to
    which I plead not guilty. I told him that I
    was never even in Ogle County on that
    Evening. I asked him what type of
    motion he filed? He told me a motion for
    a fitness test. Say what? On a
    misdemeanor charge involving a peace officer? I told him I

    already was subject to that.
    To which he got ruder and asked me for details he had no legal right to ask. I
    asked him the reason for his motion. He
    said because my story did not jive. I
    asked him did he view the tape from the
    alleged incident? He said he had not
    seen it yet. I told him then you need to
    file a motion for discovery because you
    are obviously jumping to conclusions
    about not only this charge but, about me.
    I told him he needs to file a motion to
    dismiss after that. He told me that he
    guarantees me he will never
    do that. I asked him who do you work
    for me or the State of Illinois because
    you are obviously not working for me. To which he replied I am working for you
    but, but, but. I told him I am going to
    seek another public defender because he
    is obviously compromised to which he abruptly
    hung up the phone on me. I called him right back and asked the receptionist to
    speak to him because “we must have got
    cut off.” To which she replied he already
    left for court. To which I told her I just was speaking to him a moment ago. To
    which she responded his door is closed
    and she will see, she does not know if heis taking any calls. She came back on the phone and responded that he already
    left for court. I said o.k. I called back
    later and told his receptionist to tell him
    to notify me by mail about the next court
    appearance because by law, the court must
    give me at least 28 days notice in regard to a court order to appear. I also told her that I plan to seek a different attorney because he is obviously comprised. To which she said o.k.

    What a bunch of fascist crooks right?

  36. The FBI told me to call in sick to court today because there were some scurrilous things planned by my ex.

  37. The FBI told me that attorney Zaremba was told to never to contact me ever again.

  38. My idiot ex told me the other day that Obama called him on his cell phone and he wanted to talk to me. To which I told him to get his cell phone away from me. He told me Obama said I need to relax. WTF?

  39. That criminal piece of crap “attorney” that my husband hired tried to convince me to take the States plea and with no jail time and put multiple felonies upon my record. My control freak ex said I should go to trial and face a possible 5 year prison sentence for this mess that he and his criminal friends manufactured. This is how evil works. It is done by your enemies playing all sides of the coin to try and control you by controlling all of the possible outcomes by lying about the main event they use coercion and other fascist tactics. The attorney wants me to believe the Vatican will no longer want me or my papers if I have these felonies on my record. That is absolutely not true. My jerk off ex wants me in jail to suffer for his crimes against me and so he can steal everything from me while I am locked up. The FBI assures me that will never happen. This is a very tangled web of fraud, lies and deceit that my ex weaved with the full intent to permanently harm me. The reason is, he knew full well he was going to sell off all of his fraudulently induced debt to the enemy and I refuse to cooperate with him or them so now he
    is desperate to destroy my
    credibility and ruin my life.

  40. I was intentionally reminded that the intent is still there recently when my daughter colored her hair dark like mine. The other day she had one of my tops on. When I asked her why she had it on she would not answer me. That is how mind control works by trying to convince you that you are not safe.

  41. After I refused to cooperate with a wife swap of my life, liberty, property, person, papers and effects with my sister, the Russians decided they would use my 19 year old daughter to replace me. I was told by the FBI to destroy my birth certificate that I fingerprinted and put a blood smudge on because my ex was going to steal my birth certificate and use it and my daughter to replace me in order to collect my
    foreclosure settlement, my property titles, my identity
    and all of my personal possessions after
    he passed me off to the Russians by stealing my U.S. Citizenship paper, my legal Birth Certificate, Acknowledged by me.

  42. Last week when I went to court in Ogle County security would not allow me to bring my kindle into the courtroom and gave me no reason. I have never encountered that at any other courthouse. Last time I was at the Will County Courthouse they made me remove all of my jewelry which they have never done before and that has never happened to me at any other courthouse. To me that can only mean these thrives are after not only me but my personal possessions. My ex told me after the manufactured incident “they have you tagged” but would not elaborate if course about the who, what, where, when, why or how “they” have me tagged. I gather he meant the SUV I was driving that night that he said he destroyed. Yesterday on the way to court I told him you destroyed the evidence and destroyed your own case against me by destroying my car. To which he changed his story yet again and told me that my SUV is impounded. What a lousy liar.

  43. My oldest son stopped by one day a few months ago after the Evening of that manufactured event by the Russians. He asked me why didn’t I just cooperate? I told him that cop acted like a terrorist and that he scared me. I told my son you have no idea what it is like to be a woman out alone at night because your husband threatened your life, chased you out of your house in the middle of the night, and left you no choice but to sleep in your car. To which he told me,
    oh well this has always been about you.
    As if I am the selfish greedy one here. He
    then stormed out of my house in a huff
    and I have not seen him since. Last I heard from my ex is, he is in trouble for being involved in a hit and run accident.

  44. I am an American citizen born here who works exclusively for the Vatican. That is why Russians want me. My ex told me on the way to court yesterday morning that Putin works for the Vatican. I told him I could give a shit less and moreover, why would he be working for the Vatican he is not even Catholic. Then my ex started blurting out strange words and phrases like Wilbur and stuff. I told him he is a weirdo and to stop talking to me.

  45. Imagine a 2 hour car ride with that control freak. I can’t sleep at night just thinking about it. That is just what they want. They want you sleep deprived, food deprived and severely emotionally abused. They wear you down over time is what my FBI agent father told me. They are waiting for you to let your guard down so they can sneak attack you. It is all about forced compliance but in my case, it is about the russian nationals who are trying to kidnap me because I refuse to cooperate with those thieves.

  46. He has my third son held hostage down in the basement because he refuses to take him to get his drivers license. He has a seizure disorder however, when I took him to his neurologist over a year ago, he cleared him to drive. The FBI revealed to me that my ex is mind controlling not only him but all of my adult kids and using them to spy on me.

  47. He has my third son held hostage down in the basement because he refuses to take him to get his drivers license. He has a seizure disorder however, when I took him to his neurologist over a year ago, he cleared him to drive. The FBI revealed to me that my ex is mind controlling not just him but all of my adult kids and using them to spy on me.

  48. All of the money my ex has stashed away and there has been no food in this house in over 2 months. My kids are eating microwave food and macaroni and cheese for dinner. He refuses to get my oven fixed that has been broken ever since last christmas day. It is just a couple of hundred dollar job. never wants to give me a ride to get groceries
    things we need and when he does, he drives me around on an empty tank of
    gas. He gave my daughter a junk to drive to work that has bad tires.

  49. I have to be to court at the Ogle County Courthouse tomorrow at 1 p.m. That is quite suspiscious because usually court is at 9 a.m. at that courthouse. It is approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes, from my house. It is quite suspicious because the FBI told me that all of these phony cases against me are going to be dropped next week because of my husbands treason in the 2 fraud closure cases I have been defending pro se for nearly 5 years now.

    I also found out that my sister and her husband are working for the Russians.

  50. I have to go back to court tomorrow afternoon in Ogle County about a motion the public defender Michael O’Brien asked the judge to file just last week on the 14th. I told the attorney I was never in Ogle County. Ogle County is a full hour away from DeKalb County where the cops blew out my tires.

  51. That public defender from DeKalb County did not think that I noticed that everyone else discussed their cases out in the open yesterday and they were sent to a room inside the courthouse to review the tape. He also told me I did not have to go before the judge yesterday that he was going to get the judges order from the judge for me. Well the FBI sent me into the courtroom and who was in there but my ex who was told he was not allowed to come into the courthouse at all by the FBI. I told that attorney right in the court room he is not to discuss my case with him. To which he replied, I did not talk to him. Well he is a liar because I caught the two of them conniving
    together in the courtroom.

  52. As a result of my husbands treason I am living with the enemy. He has been crying broke for over 5 years now but the FBI tells me he has numerous bank accounts and he is absolutely loaded. He could have paid off his debts he created with no problem. Instead he chose to blame his crimes on me and bring those 2 fraud closure suits and those other criminal suits against me to try and force me to comply, conform and cooperate with the Russians who he works for. The FBI assures me he is not only not going to get away with it, but he is going to go to prison for it. I won big settlements in those 2 fraud closure cases and all of those other cases are going to be dropped.

  53. BTW, the FBI told me the Rusdians are absolutely not getting a blood sample from me so that attorney better not get any such wild ideas.

  54. I had court in DeKalb County yesterday morning where the cops beat the crap out of me. The court appointed Michael Grady as public defender in the case. I told him some of the horror story but he did not want me speaking about it out in the hallway where he met me to talk. He said that is because we were being taped? He told me he wants to have a
    private meeting with me in his office to
    look over 2 disc tapes he showed me
    that he had in the file. He told me I was
    accused of drunken driving to which I
    replied that I took the field sobriety test
    and passed it. I was accused by one cop
    (who I recognized was an attorney, his
    last name is Herbas, from Fisher &
    Shapiro dressed like a cop) of being on
    drugs. To which I replied I do not take
    drugs of any kind and I do not drink. I
    offered to take a blood test to which he
    replied they do not do blood tests there
    but he wanted an urine sample. I said
    OK. It took 6 cups of water for me to pee.
    He told me it would take 6 months to get
    back the test results. On the written
    order they gave me it said they gave me a blood test but that is an absolute lie.
    So that leads me to believe they may
    have swapped my urine with someone
    else and plan on using someone elses
    blood sample. I told that attorney I am
    willing to give another pee sample and
    do a blood test because I do not drink or
    take drugs and I never have. He told me
    OK. The FBI told me it is a frame job by the attorneys for Fisher & Shapiro who like my ex, work for the Russians.

    After that episode I was told at the last minute by my ex that I had to meet with the States Attorneys in Joliet Illinois because they wanted my story. The FBI told me that the attorney my husband hired to rep me in that case, Jack Zaremba is also an attorney for the Russians and a traitor to the U.S. who kind of works for the Secret Service but not really. He is a Russian front man. My life reads like a Russian spy novel. Anyways, the meeting was full of psychological warfare questions being waged at me by the Russians court appointed psychologist. The FBI told me I passed their test with flying colors and the States Attorneys, the lawyer and my ex are who have the psychological problems.

    The FBI also told me that my intuition about that cop being an imposter was correct. If I would have got out of my car that night
    the Russian national cop would have punched me in my head and knocked me

    The FBI also told me that I have an unique gift that no one else has. I think from right to left, and that is what the Russians are after. They want to know how my brain works like that.

  55. My ex destroyed my SUV as well from the night of his manufactured incident. Destruction of Evidence is a felony and not just that, just like in fraudclosure, if there is no evidence, there is no case.

  56. I was never formally federally indicted meaning served a warrant under a summons to appear to testify publicly as is the standard U S. as well as most basic Federal legal requirement. In a Federal Rico sting no formal legal requirements regarding subpoenas for indictment are required for first hand witnesses who could very well be victims of the criminals who are being Federally investigated . These criminals would include judges, attorneys, congress people, senators, politicians, as well as U.S . Citizens to the foreign nationals who were put here to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. These foreign nationals who are mostly Russian are planted and sub planted at every level of U.S. society from the Board of Directors of CHASE to the lowly store clerk down on Main Street . 9/11 was the intended cover up for the subsequent manufactured U.S. financial crisis in 2008 was the largest financial fraud by a hostile enemy with the full intent to put under our free republic in our own modern history.

  57. The FBI told me that I am only under Federal indictment in regard to questioning about my ex husband and his family and their wantonly illegal, felonious and nefarious activities that include the predicate act of Federal Racketeering to gain unjust enrichment with fraud based Federal and International Securities. The cause of
    action will be Violation of the Public
    Trust regarding counterfeiting of those
    U.S. Taxpayer backed bonds that were
    never entrusted with the U.S. Treasury
    Department for the Vatican as Consideration is the
    most basic legal criterion In regard to
    U.S. Taxpayer funded Securities. That means quite frankly, only We The People have the legal right to sue the Trustee for the Trust who would in fact be the head of the U.S. Treasury Department. The reason there can never be a lawsuit in
    equity regarding a publically funded trust
    is because We The People fully fund all of the operations in regards to banks and banking. We The People are quite frankly the only party who pays for everything upfront at the Origination
    and the banks as well as their banking subsidiaries and all of their intermediaries as well as their Corporate Cronies who are comprised of a Board of Directors who not only do not act in their own names but never pay back what they borrow from We The People. As a direct result of a pending Federal Rico
    suit against my ex husband and some of his family members I have agreed to cooperate with the Federal Authorities and testify against my husband as well as the head if the U S. Treasury Depaetnent on behalf of We The People of these now reconfederated United States thanks in large part to the manufactured events of 9/11 caused by the biggest players in the financial industry. Those players would include my husband and his criminal friends over at CHASE/MORGAN STANLEY/FANNIE MAE & FREDDIE MAC who are all fraudulently controlled by their investors who are all members of the Russian Parliament/Government.

  58. They also tried to cut me. The Vatican told me the E.R. doctor at Palos Community Hospital lied when he told me I had a 13cm fibroid that needed to be removed. The Vatican also told me they intentionally misdiagnosed me with anxiety because they could not find anything psychologicslly wrong with me. The nurse told my ex that a woman with
    no history of psychological problems
    does not suddenly get them. I never
    claimed to be depressed about anything
    to them because I wasn’t. I knew I won
    both of the fraud closure cases hands
    down and he walked out which made me
    extremely happy because he was
    treating me like crap. The reason why I
    went there was because I had a pain in
    my right side and I couldn’t piss and they
    put me through the psychological ringer
    at Palos Community Hospital all
    because I told the paramedics I thought
    that I was being drugged. To which they
    called the Oak Forest cops who laughed
    at me when I told them that many
    strange symptoms started after my
    husband walked out. What I found out
    later was I had symptoms of drug
    withdrawal. The Vatican told me that he
    was drugging my coffee. That is
    considered poisoning. I spoke with a
    Doctor after that at Ingalls Urgent Care in
    Tinley Park Illinois. I told him about the
    excruciating headaches that I had been
    getting and the extreme headache I had
    that night after my oldest son brought
    me a chicken sandwich from portillos in
    Tinley Park. The doctor told me it
    sounded like I was being poisoned.
    He told me to go over to Ingalls Hospital in Blue Island to get the proper blood tests for poisoning done and that I should file a police report. Yeah right. The FBI told me I won both of these fraud closure suits way back in the fall of 2012 when I asked the crooks to produce the notes which they could not. Yet I am still dealing with these crooks in my life everyday.

  59. What this all means according the UCC laws of banks and banking is I can take my plat of surveys to the Feds discount window and get like a gazillion dollars in exchange for my own blood oath.

  60. They tried to drug me and I refused. They are trying to criminalize me for their crimes and I plead not guilty. They tried to seduce me and I told them I can’t be bought. My ex told me if I lose he is going to kill me. So I guess that leaves me no alternative other than to send him to Federal Prison for life where he belongs. Not only because he uses deception wantonly to destroy me but he used deception wantonly to destroy the Vatican. My ex, as well as his cohorts and minions at the corporate level meaning the U.S. SUPREME COURT, used my unauthorized signature as a weapon of financial mass destruction to try and bring down the Catholic Church and destroy my family name. There is a place called prison for duckers who leave their cargo laying on the railroad. Meaning, their is a place called hell for those who aim to deceive with the full intent to do permanent harm to their intended target who is their innocent
    victim. That innocent victim just so happens to be moi.

  61. That’s right, the Vatican told me that President Obama is the Secretary of State of Illinois and he is the RPII who is trying to take down the Vatican by trying to take me down.

  62. The nature of Lucifer, Satan’s alter ego’s game? To get humanity to surrender their free will to it. That is not just fraud with the intent to do harm to another but, fraud with the intent to do permanent harm to another. For example the States Attorneys b.s. plea bargains they offered
    me to admit guilt and have multiple
    felonies on my record with no jail time of
    course, wink, wink. Or go to “trial” and
    face a possible 4 and one half years in
    jail. That b.s. offer was made
    to me without the Illinois States Attorney,
    (aka President Obama), even hearing or caring to hear my side of
    the story. So that means the State of
    Illinois considers me guilty before
    Proven innocent. Or else I go to trial which I cannot because of the FBI sting operation I am under Federal indictment. All of this because I was told by the FBI to flee the scene of my ex husbands own crimes against me. The States Attorney of
    Illinois knows full well I am involved in an FBI sting operation and I am
    in Federal Protective Custody becaus
    my ex was counterfeiting U.S.
    Government Securities/Vatican paper in my name without my knowledge or
    consent. They also know from the top of Government
    down to the bottom
    that I am an FBI agent and I am

    on a special assignment doing
    investigative work for the Vatican.

    Therefore, not only were all of the cops involved in setting me up for an arrest
    violating Federal rules one in particular,
    the so called Mokena cop was clearly
    not only an imposter, a violent Russian
    national, a spy, an international terroris

    and quite possibly a rapist by the way he

    talked to me. The truth is, all of this, is an
    attempted theft of not only my free will,
    but my identity, my property, my wealth, my badges of honor,
    my U.S. Citizenship as well as an attempt to coerce all of my personal
    possessions from me as well as an
    attempt to destroy my human spirit by
    demonizing me through mind control in order to

    steal by fraud, lies and massive
    deception, the keys to how my mind works to gain complete fraudulent control of mind,

    body and soul. The reason, my ex who wants to first and foremost, make me
    his mind controled slave so I lose my
    faith in one God. These evil bastards want to use me to try and take down the
    Vatican, the Catholic Church
    and destroy the Medici
    family and their legacy. My ex wants me to allow CHASE BANK/MORGAN
    STANLEY, to
    Mark me with the permanent Mark of the beast by criminalizing me with
    manufactured felony convictions. That
    one act against me would bring on all sorts of
    abominations of the devil that would
    cause me and every U.S. citizen to lose their identity, their U.S. Citizenship and would usher in the permanent Mark of the Beast that is Obamacare.

    That would certainly lead us into the final battle of Armageddon right here on U.S. soil. The truth is God knows I am
    not a criminal and I am certainly not a
    felon. Therefore, my ex, can never drag
    me down to hell with him for all of
    eternity because even an attempt of the
    theft of my free will means my ex gets not only life in federal prison but all of
    eternity in hell for his crimes against me, God and all of humanity.

  63. Now I know why Batman and Robin always grossed me out. They always seemed like 2 wolves in sheep’s clothing who were secretly 2 arsonists.

  64. My ex thinks him and Putin, the fraudulently induced debt seller and the debt fraud buyer, run the courtrooms in these United States. Well that’s not true. The Vatican does .

  65. BTW, I told the jerk this Evening that I want all of my personal possessions he has stolen from me returned to me. He has stolen jewelry from me such as my wedding rings and my gold 10 year anniversary wedding band. He has also taken my gold and emerald earrings and several of my hand made silver soldered charms and my charm bracelet that I made with some of those charms on it. I spent innumerable hours making those charms. He told me I am out of hand for asking him for my own things back and threatened to call his Russian cop friends on me. Pffffft … What a freaking joker.

  66. Allow me to clarify just who my ex was counterfeiting innumerable amounts of U.S. Government Securities for. Unbeknownst to me, he was counterfeiting for the Russians because he is a KGB agent.

  67. My jerk ex keeps stealing things from me. He thinks all of his emotional and mental abuse has caused me to have short term memory loss. The FBI assured me that is not the case. However, being deliberately put into an extremely stressful situation by the thief who robbed you in the first place, filed 2 fraudulent foreclosure suits against you and left you no choice but to defend your own life, liberty and property, is using his own criminal friends at the local, county and state levels of government to hold you hostage in your own house even though legally, they cant do that because I am a POW under the Protocol 45 of the Geneva Convention because I am defending 2 fraudclosure suits pro se and I am involved in a FBI sting operation because my ex is a criminsl who was counterfeiting innumerable amounts of mortgage notes in my name without my knowledge or consent, can cause a person to not immediately notice they are being robbed right in front of their own eyes.

  68. The content of my previous comment has been confirmed to me by the FBI.

  69. All of this fraud, forgery and counterfeiting is one vast conspiracy that leads you right to the reason for it is not just to bring down God the creator and his chosen few, the pleyades, but to capture one in particular. The pleyades are of God and are of the high order of the Creator of all. The pleyades possess the higher knowledge because they are
    Gods chosen ones. The pleyades are but a few, this is why Gods chosen one is so
    sought after by Lucifer/Satan and all of that entities minions and cohorts. That chosen one is me.

  70. Correct error….. Ronald Reagan was a jed, a traitor. The insider meaning of the phrase Reagan used ……… Mr. Gorbachev “tear down that wall” ………. was in actuality a secret KGB code phrase from his CIA daze, for ….. “we are going to use wall street to plod the American people into plow shares.”

  71. All I can say is Ronald Reagan was a Jed. Insider meaning, he was a secret yet open traitor. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall was a KGB code phrase for we are going to use Wall Street to plod the American people into plod shares.

  72. Max Keiser called these counterfeit U.S. Government Securities “financial weapons of mass destruction.” He stopped short of calling all of those fraudulent Securities, counterfeits. He described the intended outcome of all of the fraud & forgery by the perps of CHASE/the U.N., over at Morgan Stanley who are all Russians in disguise, would be financial mass
    destruction for the American people. Though he speaks in world terms, the bottom line is, if the American people were to go down for the crimes of
    goes down with U.S. The reason being is the entire concept of supply and demand. The U.S. had a world GDP of $60+ trillion U.S. dollars when the financial crisis hit U.S. in 2008. Now, mainly because of this Russian manufactured financial crisis, the U.S. GDP is around half of that amount. That means the foreigners are feeling the pain of the manufactured crisis. By manufactured I mean this financial crisis was caused mainly by the large institutional investment houses, mainly russian owned and operated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s investors, demanding payments upon these counterfeits that they demanded their own comrades at Morgan Stanley create for them. The intended result of all of that deception is a financial 9/11 for the American people. By secretly, yet openly, financially raping and pillaging all of U.S. until we all wake up broke and homeless in the land our fathers conquered.

    Michael Savage was saying on his radio show the other Evening that Pres Obamas credit card was declined in I believe, it was a
    restaurant. That goes to show not only is nobody safe from these counterfeits but nobody is safe from these counterfeiters.

  73. Mortgage fraud is filth is what I have discovered. Sex, lies and videotape. That is what underlies all of these counterfeit Securities, counterfeit Security entitlements and counterfeit Security entitlement accounts. What I mean by sex, lies and videotape
    is all of those dirty filthy pledge
    agreements, all of those partial
    grant deeds that underlie these so
    called Mortgage Backed
    Securities. Where in the
    the hell did the Board of Directors
    at CHASE get off instructing their
    perps over at Morgan Stanley to
    pledge the life, liberty and
    property of their own wives, kids
    and pets as a
    Security for the debt they created
    by counterfeiting hundreds of
    trillions of dollars in mortgage
    Notes and a quadrillion dollars in
    investment/insurance fraud?
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    have the nerve to infer or state
    they funded all of these blood
    oath pledge agreements? That is
    not only Securities Fraud to
    misrepresent counterfeit
    Government securities as something of value, it is insurance
    and investment fraud of epic
    proportion. This was not only done to
    title swap our property titles with our
    enemies, but to dissolve our U.S.
    Citizenships. The Healhcare Act is how
    these felons planned to recollect money
    (money launder)
    money that is really owed to the
    U.S. citizenry. However, (of course) all of
    that money is going into the pockets of
    the very foreign nationals who have been
    pillaging the U.S. Treasury
    Department since 1982. These crooks
    are using mass counterfeiting of U.S. Government
    Securities to turn the American people into broke, homeless slaves. They used financial fraud as weapon to turn is into
    nation of immigrants all over again.

  74. Secret oaths, secret meetings, secret code words and phrases like yeah-ya meaning, I want to have *** with your wife.

  75. Who I thought was my best friend Brenda is an investor and my father in law as well as his 2 insurance fraud salesmen uncles who work for AIG and their PRISM Program. The PRISM Program is an insurance fraud pyramid scheme that uses gang stalking to spy on its intended target. The gang stalkers are used to set up their intended target
    to have a bad accident so the investors in the pyramid scheme can collect like 10x the face value of the fraudulent insurance policy if the victim is left disabled or killed. They set me up for a bad accident several years ago when I was taking my third son to his neurologist appointment over at Christ Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. I went through an intersection and was slammed into on my rear side drivers door. I was intended to get blindsided on my drivers door but my son saw the car coming and told me mom look out and I was able to avert a tragedy. The car was a late model rendezvous and my asshole ex had GAAP insurance on that car. He bought it on credit he took out in my name. The car was totaled. He then tried to buy another car in my name through Rizza Cadillac but they could not get the loan approved. They dinged my credit so many times they ruined my credit.

  76. The FBI already did an investigation into the principals who brought these 2 fraud closure suits upon me because they were in direct violation of the 5th Amendment Takings Clause of the Constitution. What they found out is my ex husband, his mother, brother, two sisters and my own mother were invested in my exes own mortgage fraud.

  77. My dad told me he knew we were in trouble when they started the scientific method.

  78. I get burped at by my ex a lot. I get burped a by his cop friends as well. What that means is they know that I not only work for the Monarchy who directs the Vatican, I am a Monarch. I had one of my exes criminal cop friends imply that I am yellow because I work for the Vatican. What a freaking idiot right? The Vatican is the only reason that moron even has a job.

  79. Correct error. The shooting was at the 7-11 at 167th and Oak Park Ave. Just east of Harlem Ave.

  80. Last year there was a shooting in broad daylight in the parking lot of a 7-11 in Tinley Park right down the road from me at 167 th on Harlem. The young man who got shot was killed. I asked my dad if he heard about it. He told me yeah he did. He told me I want to tell you a little story about that 7-11. He said that back when he was a cop in Chicago Ridge a cop got shot and paralyzed at that 7-11. My dad told me that 7-11 is on an evil ley line and it is the black hand. That caused me to ponder what in the hell kind of an evil ley line my subdivision is situated on. I live but a couple of miles from bachelors grove, the most haunted site in the country. My second son caught apparitions and strange voices on tape one Evening when he was poking around in there with his buddies. Then of course there is the blue mason lodge just a mere few blocks away from
    my house. I read they do satanic rituals
    and human sacrifice in those particular
    lodges as well as they have sex orgies in
    there. Then there are the woods down
    the road where many have witnessed
    UFO’s shooting up from out of there in
    the Evening. This town is a real honest to
    goodness hell hole. My sister who is supposedly living by my mothers house just down the road from my house
    because she got fraudclosed upon was
    telling me that it smells like burning
    bodies over there at the same time every day. My mother lives behind St. Damian church. My sister said she wants to move back up north asap. I would too if I were her.

  81. I think Michael Savage is a pimp for Jamie Dimon.

  82. Listening to Michael Savage rip President Obama and the Federal Government tonight on the radio this Evening makes me really think he is a Russian national as well. With all of Savages talk about radicals taking the country over he may be the most radical one of all. He bad mouths Wall Street but says nothing bad about the biggest culprit if all, J.P. Morgan Chase or their Board of Directors at the U.N.

  83. The social security bonds are backed by the Birth Certificate bonds all dreamed up by the Board of Directors at CHASE who work for the U.N., who are the Russians. It is a business model based on the Roman numbers system that is not only control freak b.s., it is spoken about in the Book of Revelations as the signal or warning sign of the end times
    . The actual signpost, the blood on the doorpost so to speak, is the 13th coin, the bit coin. The bit coin is the real danger that every American must be aware of. When the Government starts
    issuing the citizenry who already paid for everything umpteen times over, store credits for their property, their food, their
    healthcare, etc. we are not only being lied to by these bank robbers but, we are
    secretly yet openly being made to
    believe we are all worthless credit slips.

  84. Allow me to clarify, the Russians and all of their foreign national counterparts and subparts here in the U.S. and around the globe have been receiving $85 billion dollars per month in U.S. Taxpayer dollars since Obama took office. They are siphoning off our wealth out of the front
    door of our Treasury Department
    and re-disributing our stolen
    wealth into the pockets of our
    enemies vis a vis their own
    cronies hiding within the Duma
    Congress and the Senate via all
    of the State houses in these
    United States. They are all
    falsely claiming to be drawers on our Accounts at the U.S. Treasury Department. These congress people and senators are largely foreign nationals who are put in these positions to rob our Treasury Department by
    posing as
    representatives who work for the
    Reserve Bank. The $85 billion dollars per month, an estimated total of $60 trillion in U.S.
    taxpayers equity these crooks have stolen
    does not
    even include the original TARP
    bailouts which were no more
    than a sex for hire scam. The
    reason being those illicit partial
    grant deeds that are underlying all of
    the counterfeit mortgages are actually human pledges that were used to fraudulently
    conceal the Board of Directors of CHASE bank were using those
    pledges to back the Social Security Bonds the U.N. created to use and to blame wall street
    for their own
    trafficking, human sex trafficking, wife swapping, etc.
    That Board of Directors over at
    CHASE are in fact, a
    global pedophile sex ring whose CFO back in the mid to late 90’s, Blythe Masters, created this entire Mortgage Derivatives
    funded by U.S. Taxpayers to use our stolen wealth to run their global drug trafficking ring and launder their drug money
    through the back door of Morgan Stanley by creating
    Mortgage Derivatives up in
    cyberspace, and dumping the
    majority of the remains of their
    fraudulent investment practices
    on mainly, the Vatican Bank via
    Vatican owned, Goldman Sachs
    and of course, Lazard/Lehman
    Brothers. These foreign
    national “investors” who
    fraudulently conceal themselves inside of the loan departments of the Banks who the U.S. Taxpayers fully fund, are
    directed by
    their own comrades who hide
    behind the walls of the
    Pentagon. That Board of Directors of CHASE Bank are the enemy from within who are the real terrorists we need to worry

  85. These Russian nationals have gone to great lengths to try and control me. They
    went as far as to have their own Nazi dentist, Gary Gunkel of south suburban Orland Park, headquartered a couple of miles due north from Morgan Stanley’s headquarters on 94th Avenue put transistor radio receptors in my gums without my knowledge or consent during dental work. Those implants cause an almost inaudible buzzing in the ears and at times, sore spots inside the mouth depending upon how hard they are trying to get inside ones ears and head. They are apparently trying pretty hard. That is why it is not wise to wear a lot of heavy metal jewelry, especially around the neck. They try to blow your brains out from the inside of your mouth.

  86. I would therefore like to Individually Acknowledge all of you foreign national slovens by sending all of you a big A-choo from the Illuminati/Vatican/SMOM.

  87. And what prey tell happened to Judge Reyes? He moved up to the Appellate level to fraudulently conceal his own fraud. Fraudclosure appeal denied, denied, denied slave! Like he unlawfully denied my Motion to Dismiss because he never gave a legal reason in writing. This is just some of the illegal crap and illicit law practices that are being conducted daily in the Cook County Courtrooms. These judges really think they are Above the red letter of the law, canon law, meaning, they really believe they are Above the Vatican. They really believe black is white and white is black. However they are not right. Black and white make black gold, a cheap knock off of Vatican gold. The truth is, Black is
    grey and grey is black and black and
    grey are representative of Vatican gold and myself because I do masterful work for the Vatican.

  88. Shadow cat was supposed working as a deep undercover agent for Attorney General Lisa Madigans office but is a traitor who was really working as an Attorney for the Russians at Aronbergh, Goldgehn and Garmisa. Right Jillian? Christine works for them too. Isn’t that right Angela? And when Angela is busy being chased around by my husband, the receiver, Susan Tjarksen and her sidekick Brenda, “fill in the blanks”.

  89. Oh that Ashley Ree ………… right Excelsior?

    What a shame you are so smart (you have the all seeing eye). You don’t even know who you are. Right UKG?

    My sister and my ex husband have been double teaming me on this website for a
    long time. Right shadow cat? That is why shadowcat and her russian comrade Christine were always attacking me like 2 schoolyard bullies. I saw what was going on behind the scenes because contrary to what they wanted me to believe, I am no imbecile.

  90. Allow me to clarify. The Vatican knows who I am. That is because I work for them.

  91. Then of course there is my husbands greedy little witch sister who would love to take credit for all of my journal writings and all of my legal work. That is why I put identifying markers on my most important work. The Vatican knows who in am and directed me to do that. I was also directed to flush my birth certificate down the toilet because these crooks were out to steal my identity so they could steal my settlements, my property titles, my Medici title and all of take credit for all of my legal work as well as try and use my journal writings as a way to seek the higher knowledge that I possess. That higher knowledge was a gift from God that they could never attain because I asked God to intervene. The reason my sister in law wants me out of the way is not only because she is a jealous bitch. My Irish Catholic Grandmother warned me about
    her and her sister years ago that they
    were extremely jealous of me. Though
    she never told me why and I never
    asked. Clearly this plot against me was
    well planned. My aunt, my fathers sister, told me right before this all began to be careful because there are a lot of jealous people in my life who would include my own sister who my Aunt said she has hated her since the day she was born.

  92. I believe the UFO story in my previous comment is relevant to fraudclosure. The reason being is, all of the technology that allowed CHASE/Morgan Stanley to counterfeit hundreds of trillions of dollars in mortgage notes and $60 trillion dollars in fraudulent Securities Investments was stolen from the Vatican
    from under their radar. That is precisely why the Russians cannot blame the American People for their crimes against U.S. They and the Chinese are the 2 main culprits who have been robbing, raping and pillaging our Treasury Department ever since 1982. The theft of incredible amounts of Vatican technology is a
    direct result of some very scurrilous
    foreign national government agents from various foreign national government
    agencies infiltrating the Vatican. There are you tube videos about this by an ex-KGB agent who describes in detail how Russia would try to take the U.S. down by secret infiltration. The UFO’s are undoubtedly, the powers that be. They not only very interested in what we are all doing down here on main street but were also warning us about these evils in the world . They are seeing if we are paying attention to Russia and China. Being Catholic I know we were warned about them by God. It is all written about in the book entitled “The Thunder of Justice” by Ted Flynn.

  93. A few years back, my third son was telling me that he and his friend (who lives across the street) were seeing UFO’s when they were driving around the woods out around 171st and Central Avenue. There had been many strange occurrences in and around the South Suburbs of Chicago in the Oak Forest/Tinley Park area at that time. Me and my
    kids saw some weird lights in the sky one Evening while my husband was
    away on a travel softball trip with my
    daughter. There was a UFO sighting in
    Tinley Park, Illinois on Oak Park Avenue that very night I believe. Then of course, there was the highly publicized UFO sighting at O’Hare Airport around that time. It was all kind of strange. Nearly every Evening my son would tell me he saw a UFO. One Evening he told me there was a UFO outside of our house. Unfortunately, I did not get outside in time to witness that one. The occurrences were becoming all too frequent. I told the story to my dad one day in a phone conversation. He is
    an FBI Agent so I wanted to see what he had to say about this. He told me “it’s the Government.” He told me to tell my
    my son that next time they
    see one, maybe they will get lucky and the UFO will pick them
    up and take them the hell out of here. Mwahaha ……… !

  94. Correction, I have been drug free my entire life and I do not drink. I was referring to the fact I have been drug free for my entire 32 year sham of a marriage.

  95. 2 months in jail for a misdemeanor involving a “peace officer” with no priors, 12 months probation, random piss drops for a woman who has been drug free for 32 years and is in fact An undercover Secret Service Agent who works for the Vatican who is part of an FBI sting involving my ex husbands counterfeiting of what amounts to hundreds of trillions of dollars in mortgage notes. The truth is if you counterfeit one Government
    Security, you counterfeited all of them. Investing in your own counterfeits vis a vis Morgan Stanley, no matter if the investment firm calls itself PHH Mortgage or First Midwest Bank, they are all owned and controlled by Morgan Stanley’s Board of Directors over at CHASE. Those fraudulent investments are an estimated $60 trillion dollars worth of fraud. Investing in your own fraud from behind the scenes of your
    crime spree so that no one would suspect it was you. Least of all, me, your spouse of 32 years would have ever suspected it was you who is a secret Russian National who brought 2 infamous fraudclosure suits upon me. You brought these 2 infamous suits upon me and left me no alternative but to defend myself as the pro se Attorney in both cases because you cried poor mouth even though you and your cronies got bailed out and you made
    innumerable amounts of money off of my back. You knew how intelligent that I am so you had me fight you in court
    to win you and your family a huge settlement and steal my identity. This was done by you directed by your father to swap out my Medici title with some whore you have been running around with who is more than likely my own sister who is jealous of me, my Title and my intelligence.

  96. I certainly do mean to imply that the entire fraudclosure attorney network which would include Aronberg, Goldgehn and Garmisa as well as Fisher & Shapiro are ran by the Russian mob. They are in reality not even Attorneys according to U.S. standards or anyone who has any moral standards whatsoever. They are in fact, all traitors to God as well as all of
    humanity. Anyone who could knowingly
    bring these crap lawsuits upon another
    human being are rotten to the core. That goes double for Any judges who would
    uphold these fraud suits without
    showing a shred of conscience. These are in
    fact, very dangerous war criminals. The
    likes of which have not been seen since WWII at
    the Nazi death camps in Warburg,
    Warsaw and all around the globe. They have been firmly entrenched on U.S. soil ever since 9/11.
    This so called attorney network are in fact, a highly skilled, highly trained terrorist organization who threaten to
    steal the life, liberty, wealth, property, U.S. Citizenship and the free will of every
    U.S. citizen born here. While blatantly ignoring the U.S. Bill of Rights, and the Articles of Confederation that are in full effect under the 42nd bylaw of the U.S. Constitution because of the treason by the traitors within who causes 9/11, these foreign nationals, most of them were born here, fully intend
    to pull the plug on Wall Street, the
    financial capital of the free world by and
    large through their fraudulent algorithm
    charts and graphs. Algorithms are no
    more than an illusion, smoke and
    mirrors, sneaky little satanic black majik
    tricks that fraudulently conceal the RPII
    are the Russians vis a vis their evil minions
    and cohorts over at AIG/FANNIE MAE &
    FREDDIE MAC. They are fraudulently concealing all of their
    counterfeits these so called “investment
    houses” tried to destroy under the guise of 9/11. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in reality, no more than fraud reinsurance
    agencies who work for Putin. They planned to hide behind the unlawful Healthcare Act and turn every U.S. citizen into a homeless, broke, drugged up Russian welfare case after we already paid for everything umpteen times over.

  97. The entire Corporate Board of Directors up on Wall Street of every major as well as minor business are Russian Nationals. They have infiltrated our entire legal system as well, by directing the Supreme Court Justices they appoint through the President they appointed. I am certainly not meaning to imply that the President is a Russian national but he was put there to work for Putin. I do not believe he is a fan of Putin however, his hands are handcuffed by him. There is no other logical explanation for the ongoing TBTF bailouts of Russian Mortgage Fraud giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Russian President, and his Corporate cronies have been receiving upwards of $85 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars since Obama took office. The Russian Corporate Board have extorted hundreds of trillions of
    dollars of the U.S. taxpayers wealth and
    property vis a vis their Global Corporate Attorney Network by claiming the American people are tax evading in order to steal money from the Vatican coffers. That is a boldfaced lie by these Russian liars who employ the CIA as well as M-16 and Sodessa to do much of their brainwashing and other dirty work. The reason being is the American people pay for everything upfront at the Origination as CNN revealed at the beginning of this completely manufactured Russian National created financial crisis. The Russians want to create a neo Nazi fascist communist satanic Corporate
    welfare state completely controlled by them through their Corporate Board of Directors at Morgan Stanley, Satan’s evil lair. Morgan Stanley are who counterfeited hundreds of trillion of U.S. dollars in mortgage notes to (a.) Screw the Vatican and blame the Vatican for their crimes against the U.S. citizenry and (b.) In order to secretly yet openly overtake these United States
    without ever firing a shot. However, the
    shot was never approved under Protocol
    45 of the
    Geneva Accords. The swiss bankers/
    Jesuiti aka the Black Nobility are none to
    pleased with Putin or any of his Ruskie Sicilian
    subparts or counterparts who would
    include the werewolves of London who
    are the Queen and her entire
    sadomasichistic asshole brood nor Frau Merkel who is s lesbian scumbag. Esp not that pig the
    Sultan of Brunei who is one of the most
    disgusting demons on the face of the
    earth. The Saudis are also up shits creek without a paddle for waging war on
    Baghdad in order to kill millions of
    innocent Iraqis. but mainly to free their
    criminal friend Saddam Hussein (the
    saudis faked his death) and reincarnate
    him as
    Barrack Hussein Obama. George W.
    Bush deliberately used the war in Iraq to
    try and enslave the minds of the
    American people into believing his fake
    war on terror is an actual threat when
    the only actual threat is 1 in 2 cops are Russian Nationals. The real threat to all of them is the
    day the black nobility comes to put a
    stick of dynamite laced with thermite up
    all of their satanic lying asses for
    counterfeiting hundreds of trillions of
    U.S. taxpayer dollars in mortgage notes
    those so called “Mortgage Derivatives”
    that Morgan Stanley was printing out like
    mad hatters holding 3-d guns. This was all done to try and bring down the Medici bloodline
    who own and control the Vatican, the
    Vatican Bank, the World Bank, the
    Federal Reserve Bank and every single
    Central Bank on the Planet which would
    include Hong Kong Shanghai Bank
    because of the “events” of 9/11. These
    evil bastards know the
    black nobility will make 9/11 look like a
    Golf outing with strippers and free food
    and drink if they don’t withdraw their
    troops from U.S. soil and stop terrorizing me and holding me, their innocent victim as a hostage in my own house.
    The jagoff who runs Morgan Stanley from behind the scenes is my ex husband. He is holding
    my drivers license hostage from behind the scenes of Morgan Stanley through
    Ruskie counterparts posing as the State, County and Local
    governments. They know full well the
    FBI trumps them and they are really
    pushing their luck sending bogus
    lawsuits upon me to try and threaten and
    control me. So says the Vatican. The
    Vatican also says they had better dismiss
    all of their bogus lawsuits against me
    and never make me return to their Nazi
    run courtrooms with that criminal jerk ex
    husband of mine who is soon going to
    be spending the rest of his sorry life in
    Federal prison. They better knock all of
    their manufactured shit off if they know what’s good
    for them. They all know what they are
    going to get vis a vis this ongoing
    Federal sting operation being conducted by the FBI for Vatican who all work for the SMOM. They better give me my titles back to both of my properties and a check for no less than $1 billion U.S. dollars backed by the gold coin they have hidden in our vault on Michigan Avenue in good and valuable due consideration of me saving this poor pathetic country of fraudulently induced sloven slaves that the ruskies at Morgan Stanley created by counterfeiting hundreds of trillions of dollars of Vatican
    Paper. I saved the world as well by working as an undercover secret service agent for the Vatican, I caught the Ruskies red handed trying to steal my Medici title for the Sicilian mob who my ex husband just so happens to be the giandon of. He works for his evil father Frank who is a huge tax evader just like his no good rotten criminal piece of shit kid.

  98. I knew that Mokena cop was a Russian national who fully intended to steal my person, papers, house and effects by inflicting severe emotional abuse upon me. He was trying to spiritually, emotionally and mentally rape me so that he could physically rape me without me even knowing it. That is how evil works, by secret yet open seduction. He told me he wanted me to give him something he could use and maybe I would not have to go to jail. That is not only highly inappropriate. That is extortion. He wanted me to come with him after I was finally released from the Russian FEMA CAMP they have disguised as the so called Will County Adult Detention Center. I refused. That place is a Nazi Concentration Camp. There is one of these hidden inside of Palos Community Hospitals ER as well. These are mini Russian internment
    camps and they are hidden at every level
    of this phony, fraudulent and highly
    abusive Corporate Government that has
    no legal right or authority to abuse the
    power of the states to force the natural
    born citizenry to comply, conform and cooperate with all of their highly criminal fraud, lies, abuse, sin and avarice. The FBI revealed to me that it is the Corporate Board of Directors of Russian owned and operated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who are the main culprits here. They need to be shut down and auctioned off just like Ron Paul said.

  99. One day you may wake up like me and realize you are a Medici, aka the illuminati, also known as the Sovereign Military of Malta/Italian Nobility/Black Nobility ….. and you are in fact, A U.S. Government mole. You were born in the United States specifically to do undercover work for the Vatican.

  100. JG, I hope you are well. Don’t hold your breath waiting on Neil, 7yrs and not a peep from Neil about Suretyship.


    *(sometimes aka a guarantee – think fnma fhlmc, maybe AIG, etc, etc)

    This may be critical, so I’m sorry I can’t provide any answer just now.
    Try google / yahoo / whatever the question: 1) When is a suretyship a real defense? or 2) When is a guarantee a real defense? 3) try suretyship as a key word in case law research (doesn’t necessarily have to be regarding foreclosure). Imo, suretyship or a guarantee is
    a (real) defense to a contract, probably any contract. Maybe Neil will address this.

  102. A Man- the title Insurance policies post-2008 all have exclusions, as do “special warranty deeds”, – on any securitized/MERS items in the chain of title for a home or raw land, clear title is only insured since the current “owner/lender/ bank took ownership. In other words, once the chain of title has been laundered.

  103. Article on florida Law Firm-forecosure defense

  104. Does this answer the question the some Judges claim that as long as there is a Title insurance company that is willing to cover the transfer of title the that there is no broken chain of title.


  105. Thank you. Yes adaptable. Just need case remanding ! As it should be.

  106. I like it ,, it’s a good starting point and a great deal of the verbiage is adaptable to many other situations.

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