Happy New Year: LivingLies Offices Closed for Rosh Hoshonah

The offices of the Garfield Firm and GTC Honors (which runs the LivingLies Blog) are closed today and tomorrow. This is a scheduled post. The Neil Garfield show will air again next Thursday before sundown when Yom Kippur (day of Atonement) commences. To our Jewish readers, we wish you a Happy New Year. To our readers who pray in other houses of worship, we support you and we give thanks for your support, your insight and your good wishes.

This is the beginning of the new year on the Jewish calendar. It culminates with a day of atonement in which we recognize our weaknesses and transgressions and atone for our misdeeds. My commitment is to redouble my efforts and seek the resources to do it — to create a vehicle for collaborative action as my friend Robert Needham has been writing and talking about on TV, radio and articles published all over the media. CollaborationUSA is a great model for recapturing governance for the people who have been largely disenfranchised by errors, misdeeds and other actions designed for self-aggrandizement, maintaining power, and ignoring the needs of the people over whom they purport to retain the levers of power. We all know that those levers were “purchased.”

Our economy and our society at large is dependent upon the success of the people acting in collaboration without regard to political alliances and using the power of their combined faith. Needham is a person of deep faith and a leader in bringing back people to living a life guided by faith. Whether your Hero is Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha or any other historical figure, my hope and wish is that we all ignore our apparent differences and band together as a collaborative group that legally, and non-violently recaptures government by the people and for the people.

This starts with voting — the ultimate weapon of each individual person and people who have common interests. I hope that people will stop voting for their “party” candidate and vote instead for an acceptable alternative who is committed to governance for the citizens and who oppose with all of their resources, the oligarchy of power emanating from Wall Street.

Their are now 5 banks who claim to be “too big to fail.” This is a claim to be above the laws of our government and the morals of our society. We should all reject that claim emphatically. If we want our economy to recover and if we want to recover a society that is based on Merit rather than pure Wealth and Power, we must end the complicity of government in failing to bring bankers to justice and the government cover-up that was required in order to justify the immunity deal offered by the Bush and Obama administration. The only way to do that is to vote people out of office who are effectively owned by Wall Street — and vote people into office who seek justice and freedom, privacy for our lives and our faith, and who seek a society in which the next generation is better at caring for each other than bullying or killing one another.

I have often offered the unsolicited advice to politicians to run against the banks. There is a deep reservoir of disgust that runs through all classes of society that is expressing disappointment and anger over the failure of two presidential administrations, several Congressional terms, and thousands of courts who have entered into co-venture with the Banks who directly and indirectly fund their campaigns and even the “government” operations. Memos and emails within the Florida court system have revealed that Judges are attempting to enter Judgments of foreclosure as quickly as possible, denying due process to homeowners with legitimate defenses, in order to retain funding that they fear will quickly disappear. The system and the Judges are trying to cash in on available funding before it disappears.

If you are a candidate seeking to serve in public office and you are behind in the polls, you probably have not received much from Wall Street. Whether you are down 5 points or 25 points, the votes are there to reverse the situation. Your campaign is sputtering. I say it again: run against the banks and the money and votes will be there. Have faith and be guided by your faith and moral standards of right and wrong. You will win, astonishing the pundits and political “experts.” Use this time between now and election day to wield your power of persuasion, and employ your courage and faith. People will join you in your quest not merely to send a message, but to reclaim the power vested in them by the 9th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.[1]

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  1. Happy New Year, Neil! The complicity runs through al levels of government, red or blue, legal system, and even our neighbors. I didn’t end up in jail in the LA area although a long shot but hopefully you received my message in your facebook page. For my motion for a continuance I was quoted $10,000 then $500. The $500 lawyer couldn’t make it (although was a quote for vacate plea) and I ended up paying $1,000 and about $500 court costs. These are the type of obstacles we’re facing with lawyers. My case reflects everything you talk about and is an extreme case and I have identified others. I may now have an opportunity to review with the LA City Attorney for a rational approach and case could be used for their lawsut against Chase for predatory lending. Someone like yourself or anyone you can recommend can help determine if the city is a “pretender mender”. Things are tight and I saw you posted a reference but if we can find a way to work together it can be very significant and be another step forward. Please contact me.

  2. Eric Holder resigned may be so that he doesn’t get personally sued or prosecuted for complicity with bankster lawyers like himself:

    Lack of Criminal Prosecutions Linked to Obama and Holder’s Wall St. Connections


    That was Eric Holders shortcut out of
    Holder, a coward & a traitor.

  3. Hey,Guest. Good for you. I agree that the mortgage and foreclosure mess is an illegal occupation. The servicers and/or trusts do not own our notes and mortgages. All phoney and criminal.

  4. And here is a message from a nice Jewish American girl documenting that the illegal occupation of American homes under phony Foreclosures is very similar to the illegal occupation of Palestine:

  5. Happy new year Neil, Second person I wished happy new year Jewish holiday. Thank you Neil for believing and for the forum you gave us to post hopefully helpful opinions as lay people and borrowers that got dragged into this because of our strong belief in truth and justice, and which sadly must be fought for against all odds. As lost as some of us are trying to get justice we do have things in common being that most on here are doing something as opposed to doing nothing. public awareness is on the rise I know this because my patients tell me by their own accounts and stories, and I have a lot of stories that would break your hearts. The suffering that this caused is still untold the collateral damage is ongoing. Heres to another year.

  6. Its really difficult some days to Wish Many Blessings to ” All “. Live, Laugh, Love and Learn.

  7. E.Tolle, good for you. I have reported MCJ as she is still stripes, yipes. Neil Happy New Year and many more.

  8. Happy New Year Neil Garfield and family. May you and your family have a sweet successful and healthy year.

    Be Strong and Courageous

  9. Happy new year Neil.

    To start the new year off right, would you kick this blithering idiot cookiejars off of your site once again? For good?


  10. Happy New Year to Neil and All!

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