Charles Koppa Team is Nailing It in Southern California

Charles (Poppa Koppa) has been a tireless investigator since the mortgage misery began. It was he who saw the correlation between the amount of the wrongful “credit bid” at auction and the amount reported to investors and regulators and insurers and guarantors. I just received the following from him. He and his team are focusing in on the plain fact that none of the transactions referenced or implied by “assignment,” “indorsement” or “power of attorney” ever happened. None of the “documents” are true. The courts are mostly running on the biased and completely incorrect underlying assumption or narrative that any of the foreclosing parties had any legal role in originating, transferring or even processing loans or payments on loans. The entire scheme is a fraud with pennies being sent out to keep “investors” pacified while their wallets are being purged of any value.

Here is what Charles Koppa wrote to me —–
We formed when I realized that “The Title Insurance Industry”, “MERS”, and “Foreclosure Attorney-Trustees” had co-conspired with loan servicers at the expense of both home owners and investors  “No paper trail, no government compliance, no knowledge of the REMIC investors, no knowledge of the borrower, etc”. 
SEVEN Potential crimes by a pattern of dozens of unethical financial services “players”:
          1.  CONVERSION of Loan Obligations into “unsecured” electronic lien securitizations.
          2.  FALSE CLAIMS using Bond Certificates as Liens to control “secured” Land Titles at 125% value of the original promissory note and First Trust Deed.
          3.  FORGERY, FABRICATION, FRAUD and PERJURY in many documents filed in Public Records and Court Histories.
          4.  MISREPRESENTATION of Wall Street liens (soft assets) as rights to Real Property (hard assets).
          5.  EMBEZZLEMENT of 20% homeowner real property equity at false public auctions of virtual and phantom liens.
          6.  RICO violations by virtual SPE/SPV families commandeered by a dozen Wall Street Banksters’.
          7.  COLLUSION between ALTA, ABA, MERS, UTA and most state Bar/Judicial associations.
COME ELEVEN “R’s” adding to Readin’, Ritin’ and Rithmatic for 50 million homeowners:
          1.  Recognition of the meaning of “Lien Foreclosure Tyranny”.
          2.  Recovery by distressed homeowners to improve current living standards.
          3,  Revelation of actual participants and “middlemen” in mortgage shell games and financial musical chairs.
          4.  Rebellion by anyone who was/is “Mad As Hell”…
          5   Repeal the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of December, 2000.  It gave “Legal Certainty” to unethical Bankster Pranks
          6.  Replacement of  MERS and automated creation/trading of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities.
          7.  Restitution for “stolen dreams” via treble damages to borrowers/claimants based on Discovery of Fraud in Land Title Records.
          8.  Return to a state of financial integrity and Clear Land Titles as a symbol of “The American Dream”.
          9.  Re-create balance between owning real property and the ability to support a loan obligation.
        10.  Restore ethics and pride in home ownership, financial services, Main St, Wall St, and Congress.
“9/11” saturated American consciousness.  Perhaps “7/11” is the “kernel” for the American Integrity Movement (AIM)   FYI:  We are copying undisclosed recipients for reactions and further discussions… CJK
ACTION: if you received this, we seek critiques of this outline, ideas, concerns, an interests in joining/supporting an IntegriTeam in your area.
Charles J. Koppa,  760-787-9966

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  1. Neil,
    Could you find out why im getting email from wells fargo re: Case 170625823 sent to me on 9/32/3014 @ 5:55pm. Then on 8/26/2014 I got email for daniel@westwind solar @4:33pm from wells fargo. Im not finding this amusing as wells fargo foreclosed on my home 4 years ago september 10′ 2010. Iv been homeless all this time living in my car wanting to go home but can’t because my home was stolen from me. Would you plesse see why im getting someone else email. Every time I see wells Fargo my nerves fray a little more.
    Laurie Mendoza

  2. I thought Koppa was Maher’s buddy?

  3. BTW, I attempted to link the admission of felonies by JP Morgan in the Kalicki case to the bid-rigging felony in my case by way of a “confession” by the trustee as a result of discovery. The appallant kourt presented a bizarre point about agency after briefs were submitted, and did not invite briefs about their contention, leaving only oral arguments available for argument. And at oral args the kourt interrupted our argument leading to bid-rigging to press their contention (that had no factual basis)..

  4. What Poppa Koppa is facing in CA is an appellate judiciary willing to create material facts to support a contention not presented at trial nor supported by parties to the action. And when the prejudice to the borrower of that breach of ethics is presented to the CA Suckpreme Court, review is denied without comment.

  5. Koppa’s a realtor trying to cover his tracks.

  6. mycookiejar, in reality Notes are never made into securities or bond or converted into as the securities and bond are by-products. They are total separate transaction and the homeowners are not even privy to what happen because, the point spread. It winning by 3 point or more, and has nothing to actual do with who won the game. Score 23-21 and the spread is 3 and you lose even if you picked the winner of the game.

    A securities and or bond is the same thing as they are betting on the performance of the loans, but they don’t own the loans. Best example is Ginnie Mae were it different than Fannie and Freddie who does not own loans. A Ginnie Mae investor is insured by the Federal Gov at 100% of the initial investment, which is the motivating reason to by Ginnie Mae MBS!

  7. gene, no worries
    After five long years I think we all go our own way since every case takes different twists n turns. Plenty of ways ( and I hate the expression) skin a cat.

  8. Cookie
    You are such a dudess. Ha ha.

  9. See related link above. CUSIP applications Converting notes to bonds. Scroll down to the comment section and Read Jans comments. Especially Deb. #5 of 11 in the above article makes for a good read. Especially for Charles.

  10. More b.s. designed to do nothing more than take advantage of homeowners and to separate them from what meager funds that they have left.

  11. Do we see the tables are turning? This has always been a RICO operation!

  12. Maybe someone will nail you Mr.Garfield for taking my $1000 and never giving my attorney the two hours of consulting.


  13. Aint Nuttin better than 11 R’s Except 11 Amens!

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