Foreclosure Judge Get Voted Off the Bench — A Message from Voters

Voters are responding to the presumptions by Judges that all victims of foreclosures are deadbeats who deserve to be punished. Diana Lewis is the first casualty that I have heard about. Steamrolling over borrowers in the context of fraudulent loan closings, fraudulent assignments, and fake paperwork is producing a backlash — and not just from people in foreclosure. As I have repeatedly warned, people who are not in foreclosure are getting hit with the consequences of bank misconduct. Everyone has lost value in their single most important investment — their home. Over $10 Trillion has vanished from middle class wealth and gone straight to the banks.

As I have said before, this is an example of what most politicians are missing — if you are not running against the Mega banks, you will be seen as being bought by them. If you do run against the Mega banks you will strike a live nerve in voters across the political spectrum. And if you run against the banks, you will tap into sources of contribution that won’t compromise you once you get into office.

Think about it.

And don’t believe the myth that the banks are propagating that the foreclosure crisis is over. It is all lies:

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  1. Can someone help me out. Im just trying to figure out how WF can initiate a foreclosure on behalf of a Creditor that no longer exists. Below are the opening statements of the Foreclosure Letter:

    Dear Mr. Smith:

    Please be advised that this law firm has been retained by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (“Servicer”) regarding a default in your Deed of Trust/Mortgage Note payable to Mortgage Lenders Network USA, Inc.(“Creditor”) in the original principal amount of $135,000.00 (“Note”). Repayment of the Note is secured by a Deed ofTrust/Mortgage on the referenced property.

  2. As for land perhaps that’s different thing –

  3. The thing is homeownership is a flippin liability these days. Pun unintended.

  4. They have to produce on Monday the stuff that the judge wanted them to produce which should be interesting. As for settling, I will never do a loan mod or reup. They will have to file a satisfaction of mortgage and go away. I know they do not own anything, but maybe I can sell it and get out of it. I want to move.

  5. Thelma here. :/*

  6. Or “let the fact finders decide”. You can do it Louise

  7. Bets on they stop you at the ” trial doors” and come up with a settlement.

  8. Good work by attorneys who complained.

  9. Well, that is only one judge. When we get 50, then we will see something happen. I go to trial in Oct. Should be interesting.

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