Love South Florida: Car Stolen, Show Canceled

I woke up this morning to find an empty parking place where my car had been. In the back of the car I had just put about two dozen case files, most of which, fortunately, I have in electronic form. But the result was that I spent the day with the police, the insurance company and the car rental agency. I will say that State Farm seems to be doing what they should be doing, but I am stuck with the prospect of buying another car over the next week or so, and of course re-constituting the files that were stolen along with the car. No, I don’t think the banks did it. I think car thieves did it and that the car is either chopped into pieces now or on its way to South America. The files were most probably shredded or burned.

If by some weird chance you see a tan Lexus 400h SUV with a Florida plate 983 NGU, kindly call the police.

Since I have had zero time to prepare for the show after an exhausting day I am giving myself another night off. For those of you trying to reach me I have all day meetings scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Monday I am going to a deposition and then a hearing. So the first day I will have to breathe is Tuesday, when I will start redoing the paper files that were lost and preparing responses and notices in cases in which I am the principal attorney.

Thank you for your continuing support.

3 Responses

  1. Good luck with the car (it’s in a cargo container to Brazil now) and the insurance company… I wouldn’t discount what littlefolks2013 said either … I’ve been electronically violated twice by the opposition ,, physical theft by a operator connected to the banks would surprise no-one.

  2. Don’t just blow it off as car thieves, Neil. You would be amazed who follows our every move. This time maybe, but if this type of underlining inconveniences persists, know you have a tick.

  3. What year is the vehicle?

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