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  1. When a bank is on the wrong side of
    the law they divert it to MERS which is what Bank of America did when they issued an illegal mortgage to Frances Turner who never owned my property,since her fraudulent title came from being flipped by Fang li a straw buyer won at auction from Astoria Federal S and L who never owned my property since all they had was a void ab initio judgment a nullity.

    I was led in rhe back door to Title Resource Group to Patricia Byrnes a MERS workerWHO Bank of America used to flip Frances Turner;s B of A illegal mortage to.

    Which leads back to Nemo dat you have to own something to give it away a principal our country is founded on.

  2. as Bill Black says the more you look, the more you find. So much seems to go on that all of us are not aware of that is a driving force behind not caring that so many of us have lost property. Remember the Network of attorneys?

  3. JohnGault

    what do you know about Realology holding, that is the tip of the pyramid of title closings in the US and global.?

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